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Wednesday April 26, 2017

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Children shine a light on those who have fallen at the Dawn Service.


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By Dave Crampton

Three years ago, Wainuiomata Historical Society president Gavin Wallace published a book on the 23 young men remembered on the cenotaph in Queen Street. All 23 were called to serve their country in World War I, which we remembered yesterday, on Anzac Day. The book notes that at the time in 1915, just 200 people lived in Wainuiomata, so those called to war represented around 10 percent of the population. Many families had to cope with their absence. But for some, that absence became permanent. Five of these men – Walter Evelyn Bulliman, Ernest

Frederick Evers-Swindell and brothers Robert Burrow, William Burrow, and John Burrow, never returned from World War I. All three brothers, who were born in Wellington, lost their lives in different years; William, the oldest, was the first brother to be called to serve, and was the first to die. He was killed in action in 1916. Robert was killed in action in 1917, and John died of malaria in 1918. Another brother, John Burrow Jnr, was also called in 1917 after the first two of his brothers had died, but did not serve in the war. Ernest Evers-Swindell was also killed in battle. One of his sons later became the grandfather to the Evers-Swindell



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ick Evers-Swindell and brothers Robert Burrow, William Burrow, and John Burrow - never returned. Bart said he was encouraged that the crowds attending Anzac gatherings in Wainuiomata, particularly the 11am one were getting larger as more people come to remember the fallen. He noted that when the servicemen left between 1915-1917, there were only 200 living in Wainuiomata. Hutt Mayor Mayor Ray Wallace said our servicemen, both returned and otherwise, are a good example to the rest of us. “The examples of our service men and women – past and present – their duty to others, of uniting under a common cause, of selflessness, of moral courage and, sadly, of great sacrifice are high ideals that can guide each of us in times of great adversity and in our daily lives.” A further remembrance was held at the Wainuiomata Rugby clubrooms before yesterday afternoons rugby game.

The boys of Wainui-O-Mata


12 – 14 MAY 2017

Continued from page 1. A brief dawn gathering at the cenotaph on Queen Street was attended by nearly 100 people, including children before preceding to the cemetery. The New Zealand flag was also raised to the bugle of “the Last Post” and “The Valley”. This preceded the main service at 11am after a procession from the BP service station to the War Memorial near the Community Centre. The main speech was delivered by Clive Cannons, owner of Clive’s Chemist. Anzac Day is big day for Wainuiomata Valley Returned Services President Bart Bartlett. He said it was a big deal having a cenotaph and a cemetery in Wainuiuomnata. “It’s very significant,” he said. “The people [depicted on the cenotaph] that have gone ahead of us have given us the life we have today.” Five of the 20 men - Walter Evelyn Bulliman, Ernest Freder-

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twins, Caroline and Georgina, identical twins who won Olympic gold medals in both 2004 and in 2008 in the double sculls in rowing. The oldest man named on the Wainuiomata memorial who served is Nathaniel Willoughby. He was 41 when called up. His father, Alfred, was the first teacher at the first school in Wainuiomata in 1862. The memorial of those who served, currently situated near the community centre, was erected at the school in 18 August 1921, and dedicated to ‘the boys of Wainui-O-Mata’. It was relocated to its present position in DecemThe book published by Gavin Wallace. ber 1961.

Wainuiomata News 26-04-17  

Wainuiomata News 26-04-17

Wainuiomata News 26-04-17  

Wainuiomata News 26-04-17