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Wednesday, 5 April, 2017

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Rock n’ Rolling for 50 Years

Saturday 10-16

By Dave Crampton

Bob and Stella Pearce, are celebrating 50 years of marriage on Saturday. They will be having a party at their home with friends, family and their dog Alf this weekend, where they have a “significant selection” of rock n roll. Continued on page 2. Bob and Stella Pearce are enjoying married life after 50 years together.

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Wednesday April 5, 2017

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Bob and Stella Pearce are still going strong after 50 years together Continued from page 1. “No doubt there will be some jiving,” Stella said. The Pearce’s were married in England but have lived in Wainuiomata, near their daughter, for more than 45 years, apart from a brief spell in Upper Hutt where their son lives. Bob was 21, and Stella was 20 when they tied the knot. They bought a house for £3,150 in the days when you had to be of a certain age to get a mortgage. “He had to be 21 so he could buy a house and I had to get my parent’s permission as I was not 21,” Stella said. In 1971 they moved from England for work. Bob’s New Zealand employer, Feltex, pre-arranged accommodation. “It was on Coast Road and we thought, ‘Oh, we`ll get a sea view’,” Stella said. They moved in the year before the mall opened. All the shops were full – and the Wainuiomata Hill road was akin to a ‘two lane goat track’, Stella recalled. Between 1990 and 2003 Bob was self-employed. Stella was secretary for the National Rifle Association until 2010,

and has been made costumes for Wainuiomata theatre productions. “It’s nice to be involved and be aware of what’s going on in the community,” she said. They noted that there are only a handful of their friends their age that are still together, and say patience is a virtue in staying together. “I just tell people to try harder,” Bob said. Among family, they set the standard. Stella’s sister never married, her brother didn’t reach his 30th wedding anniversary and her parents divorced. One of Bob’s parents was widowed, and his brother married twice. Yet they are clear on the pros and cons of being married – and know how to disagree with each other. “The grass is not necessarily greener - it’s survival, believe me,” Stella said. “I wouldn’t put it like that,” Bob responded. “I enjoy it – I`d endorse it too. I have a permanent mate.” But this ‘permanent mate’ knows what to do when she gets annoyed. “I’d tell him to pull his head in if he was annoying me,”



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ebrating their golden wedding by going back to England for six weeks in September. It will be their first trip back home together.

A better and brighter welcome to the CBD Commuters and visitors to the central city travelling across Ewen Bridge and north along Queens Drive will soon see a multi-coloured geometric design replacing the Raine and Horne advertising sign on Laings Road. “Catchment” is the vibrant artwork’s work’s title, and details about it will be shown on a plaque that will be mounted on the side of the building. It will be created by Wellington

artist David Brown. Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace said it was time for the old sign to go, after 30 years. “We are proud of the work we have planned to liven up and develop the CBD and this is one part of it.” Resene is assisting with advice and free paint. Scaffolding will be constructed from within a neighbouring building and a mesh screen will surround the artist

as he takes an expected two to three weeks to complete his work on an 18m long and 8m high canvas. David is interested in how natural and human-made structures like fences, compartments, rooms, or rivers control the movement of humans and animals, and reflect or create power imbalances. He uses shapes and colours drawn from the environment around the artwork to explore

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this theme. One of the main challenges in developing the mural, aside from its height and size, was finding an artwork that would work with the wall’s six prominent windows. Brown has made these windows a feature in his design. Scaffolding began at the end of March and once cleaning and undercoating are completed the artist will begin work around Easter.

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Stella said. Would Bob do that? “Yeah, I`d pull my head in,” Bob humbly conceded. The Pearce’s are also cel-

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Wednesday April 5, 2017

House prices up, land availability down, more houses needed By Dave Crampton

Is your house valued at $500,000? It is not unusual for a Wainuiomata home to be advertised for more than $500,000. This week several are on the market for more than that. Wainuiomata has often been seen as having less expensive housing than many other parts of the Hutt Valley, but there is a big demand for property in the Hutt region due to a land shortage – which has led to increased prices in Wainuiomata.

Hutt South Labour candidate Virginia Andersen said affordable housing in the Hutt used to attract families to settle here and raise kids, but that is now changing. Last month she cohosted a well- attended meeting in Petone on housing. She said there were sections of vacant land across the Hutt Valley that previously had houses on it, and that is driving prices up - including in Wainuiomata. “What worries me the most is that people have lost the hope that they can get ahead. For many families, no matter how

hard someone works, owning a home is just not possible.” Wainuiomata ward councillor Campbell Barry said sometimes living in a home is not possible. He cites people who are living in cars or with family after they are unable to pay rent and are forced to leave their accommodation. “I would certainly say that (is the case) in Wanuiomata - just like the rest of the Hutt. We are bordering on becoming unaffordable as well. Some of the rental costs are going through the roof – for some people it really is a crisis.”

It was standing room only at a recent housing meeting co-hosted by Labour’s Virginia Andersen.

One issue is that some are too rich for social housing from the Ministry of Social Development, but too poor to afford rents. “It’s a massive problem - people are living out of cars, and hot-bedding,” Mrs Andersen said. Residential property values have been increasing more rapidly than business property values and this is reflected in rates increases. While the average ratepayer increase for the 2017-2018 year is forecast to be 2.3 percent, residential rates increase are expected to average 5.1 per cent. The average increase is less than the 2.6 percent increase in the 20162017 Annual Plan approved last year, and is expected to be one of the lowest average rates increases in the Wellington region. Last week Wellington Mayor Justin Lester said Wellington’s average rates will increase 3.3 percent, down from a forecast of 5.1 percent, and that the Wellington council will provide social housing. Mrs Andersen wants the Hutt Council to follow suit. “I’d like them to do what Wellington has done in terms of providing social housing – there’s a clear demand for it.”

Free parking trial ends The one hour free parking trial in central Lower Hutt came to an end on Sunday and parking is now $1.50 per hour. The trial had been in place in the central city since January last year. For the first half of April parking wardens will provide a reminder to people that may

be unaware of the change. Hutt City Council consulted on the one hour-free parking as part of the Annual Plan consultation last year. It was decided the cost of making the trial permanent was too high, as lost revenue through parking charges was estimated at more than $900,000

per annum. If this cost was passed to ratepayers it would have added about $17 to the average residential ratepayer bill each year. Data collected for the first ten months of the trial also did not demonstrate that one hour-free parking was an effective strategy to stimulate

retail spend in the central city. Council confirmed in December 2016 the trial would end in early April 2017. Hutt City Council is currently undertaking a citywide parking review. The findings of this review will be presented to Council later in 2017.

inbrief news

GIVEAWAY To win a family pass for the match, simply email with the answer to this question: Which two football club teammates captained their countries last week in Wellington?

Grave Concern This week is Cemeteries Week. On Thursday April 6 there will be a public talk, ‘Dead End Job’, from 10 – 11am at the Petone Library and all are welcome with any questions they have about the end of life planning, cemeteries and plot maintenance. A trend nowadays is people wanting to organise their own or their loved ones funeral. They want more of a say in the service, choice of coffin and other details and these should be raised with the provider they choose for the funeral. Many people also do not know councils are only responsible for general maintenance at cemeteries, while the maintenance of covered plots and headstones is the responsibility of living descendants.

Lucky ticket Did you buy a lotto ticket in Alicetown last week? If so you could be in the money. A ticket worth $2,024,394 was sold at Masala’s Superette and Lotto store in Alicetown last week, one of four that split the weekend’s $8million Powerball jackpot. The jackpot rolled down to division two as there was no first division Powerball winners. However, it has yet to be claimed. Masala’s Superette has had a good run with lotto wins, with ticket sales collecting more than $10 in prizes after co-owner Bhavish Patel became a Lotto operator five years ago. The other three tickets we sold in Methven, Clive and Waiheke Island.



Wednesday April 5, 2017 Victoria Nelson and Kieran Kydd are in the latest Wainuiomata Little Theatre production.

Top jumping

Musical thriller with a close shave What does a Victorian barber shop and pie shop have in common? Well you are about to find out with the latest show from the Wainuiomata Little Theatre. The group’s next production is the musical thriller Sweeney Todd – The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Set in 19th century England, it is the tale of barber Sweeney Todd who returns to London after 15 years of exile. He resumes work in his barber shop above Mrs. Lovett’s struggling pie shop after being wrongfully sentenced to life imprisonment by the corrupt Judge Turpin. After swearing vengeance against the judge that tore his family apart, Todd and Lovett plot a unique plan that helps them both and leads them down a dangerous, thrilling path with deadly consequences. People may be familiar with the 2007 film version which starred Johnny Depp as Sweeney Todd. The musical, with music

by Stephen Sondheim, will give local audiences the chance to see a show that is not performed that often by amateur groups. “It’s been an exciting and challenging experience doing a show which is a little different from what we usually do”, said director Barry Paterson. “The challenges have come on a number of levels from the music through to the set.” “The cast and crew have been hard at work since February and I have hugely impressed with the efforts they’ve put in so far. We are lucky to such a talented bunch and it’s great to see some new faces. All of our shows take a huge effort from a team of people, not just those on stage, and this has been no exception.” The show runs from May 24 to June 3 at the Old Wainuiomata College Hall, Moohan Street, Wainuiomata.  Tickets will be on sale from early May.

A word from

Mayor Ray Wallace Hello, We have begun consultation on the proposed Annual Plan 2017/18. As we enter into these discussions, it’s important to understand the financial aspects of our plans. For many years Council’s focus was solely on keeping rates and debt as low as possible. While this was a sensible approach at the time given the city was not in strong financial shape, it meant some facilities were neglected and Lower Hutt’s growth was stunted. Now, we are in an excellent financial position and we can invest in growth and rejuvenation. It’s important we balance investment in the city with careful financial management and responsible levels of debt. This year we’re planning on making changes to our financial strategy so we can continue to invest. These changes mean borrowing more as a percentage of our income, which our continued strong financial position allows us to do. The borrowing will be capped at 150 per cent of our income with a contingency in case of natural disaster. However the proposed Annual Plan sees debt peaking at 121 per cent in 2020-21 – well below the proposed policy limit. This also means we won’t need to fund new projects in this year’s plan by increasing rates. Investment now pays off in the future, for example the riverside promenade as part of the RiverLink project shows fantastic economic, as well as social, gains such as growth in development, activity and population in the

city centre. There will be average rates increases to account for inflation and existing investment, but we remain committed to keeping these as low as possible. Our forecast average rates increase of 2.3 per cent will affect residential and business rate payers differently. This year some residential rate payers will see higher increases, on average 5.1 per cent, because property values in some suburbs have increased by as much as 35 per cent, growing in value at much faster levels than commercial property values. In contrast, some business rates will decrease. We are looking at an option to reduce this impact on residential ratepayers by looking at the way we determine the difference between residential and business rates. If you missed a copy of the proposed Annual Plan consultation document in the Hutt News make sure you pick one up from a Council facility or visit to have your say online before 28 April. Until next time, take care

Wainuiomata High rider Tayla Hutchinson on her way to three top 20 placings.

Riders from Wainuiomata High School have done their school proud at their first ever inter-school equestrian competition, with one participant almost getting a prestigious ribbon. Held on March 28 in Waikanae, three girls competed as individuals, instead of a team of four, as one competitor, Jamie Nash had a horse that went lame. Competition among the 24 schools was fierce with one class having over 80 riders. Placings were awarded to the top 10, with the top six getting ribbons. Tayla Hutchinson,16, riding her horse Keyara, was top 20 in the 60cm height, in the 70cm speed round she was 14th out of 81 riders, and in the 80cm she was pleased to place 7th out of 48 riders – just one place off a ribbon. “I`m really happy. It was a really good competition,” she said. “The school did really well, as it was the first competition as individuals.” Toni Williams riding Willow Creek

REFORMED CHURCH OF WAINUIOMATA Hutt City Uniting Church (Methodist/Presbyterian)

Wainuiomata Union Church

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Resurrection–Sunday Service Mayor - Lower Hutt

Cascade was placed 11th in the 50cm height out of 42 riders, and in the 70cm speed round, was 24 out of 81 riders. Also riding was Abby James, on Fortem Blue. She was placed top 20 in the 60cm optimum time round and was the closest to time of the three riders. In the 70cm speed round she was 2 out of 81 and in the 80cm round which they had to jump a course and then if clear do a fast jump- off of several more jumps she came 13th out of 48 riders. Tayla’s mother, and the schools team manager, Katana Hutchinson, said while the girls expected to have a good day, their results were impressive in such tough competition. “All the girls rode fantastically and we ended up with each girl doing three rounds at three different heights. Not one of them dropped a rail.” “It was so great to see them out there calling out there support for each other.” Wainuiomata Highschool is now a team to look out for in future equestrian events.

Sunday 16th April, 10:30am

Reformed Church of Wainuiomata 98-100 Wainuiomata Road 04 564 7788

EASTER SERVICES Good Friday Service 14th April 2017, 10 am with Rev. Ali Cable

Easter Sunday Service 16th April 2017, 10 am with Rev. Bill Ingley


106 Main Road, WAINUIOMATA

Wednesday April 5, 2017


More than 100 homes could be built in Wainui – is that enough? By Dave Crampton

The Hutt City Council has invested $1m to open up housing at the end of Wise Street that could see up to 50 homes being built. A further 58 homes are under construction in Parkway Rise, but for some, these houses are unaffordable. Wainuiomata ward councillor Campbell Barry said more land needed to be opened up to build affordable houses. “That’s the biggest opportunity. We need to do more. “That’s why we need bold action.” Wainuiomata Professionals real estate agent Wayne Barton agreed. He said people were coming to Wainuiomata as its still one of the cheapest places to buy. “I`d like to see them free up more land. Wainui is taking off – people are coming where they can afford,” he said.

Parkway Rise homes are getting snapped up.

The Hutt City Council’s Urban Growth Strategy has some ambitious targets for the next 16 years. It provides for residential development on approximately 24 hectares in the Upper Fitzherbert area above Wise Street, instead of pursuing the Greenfield development for the entire Upper Fitzherbert area, which would have the potential for 1500 new homes over 60 hectares of land. This latter proposal initially had the support of Mayor Ray Wallace, but not the rural land-owning community. The proposal also included a roading link to Naenae and was costed at more than $40 million. Urban Plus Limited, a CouncilControlled Trading Organisation that provides low cost rental housing, has also come under fire for providing just under 200 homes in the Hutt, most of which are currently occupied. “They have dropped the ball,” Mr


A fantastic fortnight for football in Wellington It’s been a massive few weeks for football in the capital with the game on a roll from grassroots to international level. Over 10,000 people were at Westpac Stadium to see the All Whites defeat Fiji 2-0. This cements a place in the final of OFC Stage 3 qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The All Whites will now play the winner of Group B in a home-and-away play-off between August 28 and September 5 for a place in the intercontinental play-off against

the fifth-placed South American team. Last Saturday also saw the local club season commence, with thousands of junior players taking the field in early morning starts. The growth of junior football in Wellington continues and has been a shining light in the game in New Zealand. On Sunday, Team Wellington took on perennial favourites Auckland City in the final of the Stirling Sports Premiership in Auckland in a repeat of last years Grand Final.

A committed and cohesive capital side emerged worthy 2-1 winners to follow up last year’s victory, capping off a fine year for new coach Jose Figueira. The last two weeks has also seen a remarkable turnaround in the fortunes of the Wellington Phoenix. After demolishing Newcastle Jets 5-0 at Westpac Stadium, with seven players away on All Whites duty, the team then travelled to second-placed Melbourne Victory where few gave Wellington much of a chance. What followed was

a tremendous 3-0 away win, inspired by a lovely Roly Bonevacia double strike and a late Shane Smeltz goal. This Saturday the Phoenix host the recently-announced Hyundai A-League Premiers Sydney FC at Westpac Stadium at 7.35 pm. A win keeps the Phoenix in the hunt for playoff spots – so there is plenty at stake. Kids go free this Saturday so tell your neighbours and your friends to make a real day of it and come roar on the Phoenix! PBA

Barry said. But urban housing chief executive Craig Walton said the biggest owner of vacant land in the Hutt is Housing New Zealand and a co-ordinated approach is needed to free up land in Wainuiomata. Hutt South Labour candidate Virginia Andersen said the quicklymoving housing market is leaving people behind, which affects other aspects of people’s lives. “You have kids out of school - that’s a big worry.” By 2023 – just six years away - the average household size is expected to be 2.5 people, down from 2.7 in 2008. This alone requires homes to be built even if the population does not increase. But, as Mrs Andersen said, we have a more immediate problem. “Right now, we have 20-30 families who have got nowhere to live. What are we going to do about that?”

MP for Hutt South 564 4988 Electorate Clinics For any issues you’d like to talk about


Visit us at






Wednesday April 5, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What shop would you like to see when the Mall is redeveloped?

Kiriana Habib, Wainuiomata

Dre McLeod, Wainuiomata

Ronin Takawe, Wainuiomata

Jake Harman, Wainuiomata

Harrison Julius, Wainuiomata

“KFC – because it’s delicious.”

“A casino -so I can get all the cash.”

“A Chinese takeaway – I like rice, noodles and wonton noodle soup.”

“Rebel Sports – there’s no proper clothing shops here anymore.”

“A scooter shop - so if people need to fix up their scooter they have a scooter shop to go to.”

Margaret Mitchison, Wainuiomata “It would be some sort of clothes shop – a reasonably priced clothes shop.”

LETTERS to the editor

Council consulting on disability strategy

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear Ed, One of the issues that the Hutt City Council is consulting on is accessibility in relation to the New Zealand Disability Strategy. In December 2016 at the Hutt City Council meeting a member of the Disabled Person Assembly told HCC




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we see


Enliven creates elder-centred communities that recognises the individual and supports people in a way that’s right for them. We offer companionship, choice, variety, meaningful activity and independence. Our retirement villages and rest homes are different to the rest. Come and see!

Woburn Home

Woburn Apartments

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he started the project in 2014. After doing a lot reading and research and after two amicable meetings with Mayor Ray Wallace, I find the council term of Accessible Design comes from none other than Wikipedia. The Disability Strategy states universal is distinct from ac-

cessible design and the comment made in Hutt City Council made out they are similar. Accessibly is one of the outcomes of the disability strategy and council is consulting on a definition from Wikipedia . The New Zealand Disability Strategy say that accessibility is minimum and has schedules

of implementation which started 2017 to 2027. My point is though you should not be consulting on something that come from Wikipedia you should work with framework in the New Zealand Disability Strategy. Mike Grigg

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protection when it suits best! The Pharmacists at Clive’s Chemist have been specifically trained to give the influenza vaccine! That means you can have your flu injection without an appointment.

Your influenza vaccine might well be free! Ask at Clive’s Chemist for criteria.

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FREE FLU VACCINATIONS What would your superpower be and why? I would quite like to be able to fly – I could avoid traffic – it would be great. What would Wainuiomata News readers be shocked to know about you? I don’t like sharing my Lego collection with my kids, because they lose the pieces. What meal do you never get sick of eating? One of my mother’s country chicken casseroles - it’s an old family ritual – it’s amazing and I love it.

You are eligible for a FREE flu vaccine if you have the following: • Are Pregnant • Anyone over the age of 65 • Those who have certain long term medical conditions (talk to your nurse about this) Please ring the clinic to make an appointment

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Wainuiomata Community Board Chairman Who is one person, dead or alive, you would love to have a meal with? Ed Sheeran – I think he just comes across as a really interesting bloke. Who is your best friend, and why? My wife – she’s the person that I talk to about everything. If you could be somebody for day, who would it be? It would be quite fun to be Superman – I could fly around - it would be interesting. What is the best thing in your life right now? It would have to be my kids, they motivate me to do what I believe to be good things in the community. What would you change about the world? It would be nice if people were just nice to each other – it would be good to fix that.

Palliser Hotel

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Wednesday April 5, 2017

12.00pm – 12.30pm 53 Holland Street 18 Kumeroa Grove 12.15pm – 12.45pm 83 Wellington Road 12.45pm – 1.15pm 20 Edmonds Street 261 Wellington Road 1.00pm – 1.30pm 20B Hine Road 1.30pm – 2.00pm 7 Karaka Street 1.45pm – 2.15pm 61 Sunny Grove 2.15pm – 2.45pm 73 Wainuiomata Road 2.30pm – 3.00pm 60 Sunny Grove


Wednesday April 5, 2017

Former dux gets prestigious scholarship Last year’s dux of Wainuiomata High School, Harrison Leach, has received a prestigious Maori Academic Excellence Scholarship to attend the University of Auckland. Of Ngati Porou descent, Harrison received $20,000 towards tuition fees towards his four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) degree, which he started this month, and a guaranteed place in the sought after University Hall student residence. He said he was grateful to the university for this opportunity. “The scholarship has alleviated a lot of financial pressure so instead of looking for part time work to cope with university expenses I can focus on studying and building my CV.” “I hope to make the most of it by becoming a top-tier engineer in my field.” Only 25 of the scholarships are awarded nationwide each year to New Zealand Maori students who demonstrate excellent academic achievement and active participation

in community, cultural and other activities. Harrison also received a scholarship from the Fletchers Employee Education Fund. He has joined the Auckland University Engineering Society and the Engineering Sports Club to pursue his interests in futsal and football. Shanelle Smallman, last year’s head girl at St Joseph’s Maori Girls College in Taradale, also received a scholarship. Shanelle (Ngati Kahungunu ki Wairarapa me Ngati Tuwharetoa) is following her passion to be a broadcast journalist and is studying toward a Bachelor of Arts with a Communications Major. “Having the scholarship gives me that extra bit of determination to continue pursuing my dream,” she said. Harrison also received a scholarship from the Fletchers Employee Education Fund. He has joined the Auckland University Engineering Society and the Engineering Sports Club to pursue his interests in futsal and football.

Wainuiomata High 2016 dux Harrison Leach and Shanelle Smallman have won prestigious scholarships.

School Holidays April School Holidays at Capital E Capital E’s April School Holidays features a variety of frivolity and full-on experiences for Wellington’s families and children. From Tuesday 18 - Saturday 29 April Capital E will showcase their latest theatre shows, digital experiences and creative play space all of which keep the holidays filled with creative goodness. The Wellington region embraces Capital

E’s theatre shows as Songs of the Sea kicks off at Southward Car Museum in Kāpiti for families with littles ones on Thursday 20 & Friday 21 April, before heading to Expressions Whirinaki Arts & Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt on Saturday 29 April. Ideal for 2+ years. For bookings and a full school holiday programme, have a look online at You haven’t experienced Wellington till you’ve sailed on the Harbour Ferry!

Holiday Sessions Create Your Own Bookmark Tuesday 18 April, 2pm, Ages 3–13

Connect the Dots Challenge Friday 21 April, 2pm, Ages 13–18

Connect Four Challenge Friday 28 April, 2pm, For all ages

Up to 16 return sailings daily between Queens Wharf / Matiu Somes Island / Days Bay

Our regular sessions will still be running at their normal times

Also weekend Round Harbour Explorer tours calling at Petone / Matiu Somes Is / Days Bay / Seatoun / Queens Wharf For timetable and fares ph Metlink 0800 801 700 or check out our website Office ph 499 1282, daily status line phone 494 3339

Sessions held in the Library building of the Community Hub 1 Queen Street, Wainuiomata

Greater Wellington’s public transport network Wellington harbour Ferry - part of the Metlink network

Wednesday April 6, 2017



Wednesday April 5, 2017

CLASSIFIEDS Trades and Services To Lease

From the

Reporter’s desk

Wednesday November 18, 2015

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.

Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Trades and Services FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and

Every day our roving reporterPOOLS Dave OF SATISFACTION Crampton breaks news and meets Our summer pools were built by us. locals throughout Wainuiomata. Blends in well did cause no fuss. With hydro slide will cause a splash. Each week he shares a few tales And to it many people dash. from his travels. Through native bush we twist and wiggle.

installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email Situation Vacant

From the children brings a giggle.

Severn days a week the place open.innings Whenever I speak to locals in Wainuia sporting analogy, it’s aisgood Hot summer we all are hopen! omata and discuss issues, one invariably for the days Pearces; they are not looking comes up: housing. We all need a roof like getting out. They are still batting over our heads but housing is increas- strongly and running well between the ingly unaffordable. In Wainuiomata wickets withPublic a few stumbles Notice here and houses are regularly marketed for more there – with cheers from the sidelines. than $500,000 which is not exactly They are having a party this weekend; OF THE D AY affordable for a first-home buyer who hope the noise-controlSquash officers stay well Wainuiomata Club is bringing up a family and has being away and leave them and their guests to paying rent for more than 10 years. do their jiving inAGM style. 51. J.K. house values lead to higher rates Higher Another person who is running well Rowling and higher rents – and consequently for is Rylee Watt. In fact this 12-year-old 7.00pm some, the less of other things – like, for Wainuiomata chose has broken WelMondaystudent 30th November example the hope of ever owning your lington and North Island records and is unusual At the Clubrooms own home. the top junior athlete in the Wellington name How can you send your children off region – and athletics is not her top ‘Hermione’ Corner of aMain Roadsoftball to young organised sport like swimming or sport. She`s also talented so and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata cricket and pay coaches fees when the player at a regional level. We will be girls priority is paying rent, power and food profiling her next week. Her sister Jorja wouldn’t over cricket bats and pads and swim- is a regional athletics representative -but be teased ming coach’s fees? Let’s not forget is also pretty handy local with a hockey Bringing news stick. for being costs, clothing, then school These girls transport are two who have benefited nerdy! the community costs. The list goes on. from the to privilege of being involved in This week we talk to a couple who organised sport. have been married 50 years. Many  As always, if you have any news, Situation Vacant reporters who have worked for the views or significant achievements, Wainuiomata News in past years do drop us a line at dcrampton@wsn. haven’t even lived half that long. To use


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Composed by Tony Watling 29th March 2017

DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL Deliverers Required in Keep abreast, what’s going on?

survivors are on song!- Kaponga. Area 1: Momona, Cancer Mohaka, Kawatiri They paddled hard on their Canoe. Won a cup! Three medals too. Next year to Florence hope to go. 5000 teams out there will show. Breast paddlers all will row away. But we hope, to win the day.

Contact Sandra on 587 1660


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View the Wainuiomata News CATTERY Casa de Wootton, home away online from home. surroundings. 187 Moores Valley Road. Phone Jane 5644310 By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By 43. Russell McQuarters Rubbish container. (7)

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Wednesday April 6, 2017



Ale-gargling golden oldies start their 30th season By Dave Crampton

The Wainuiomata WAGS are gearing up for another fun-filled rugby season – but if they are caught training, they`ll be in trouble. So said Willie Gemmell, a 52-year-old prop. “We don’t practice. If you get caught training or practicing, you get fired,” he said. WAGS – or Wainuiomata Ale Garglers Society - is an over 35’s rugby team who play Golden Oldies rugby in the greater Wellington region, based at the Wainuiomata Rugby Club. While playing in the Wainuiomata colours, different age groups wear different coloured shorts. The team, celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, compete in a 14-team competition in the greater Wellington and Wairarapa areas, but don’t take themselves too seriously. “There’s a bit of tongue and cheek

going on,” Willie said. The oldest player, hooker Brian Hefford, is 82, and as a player older than 70, plays in purple shorts. Those up to 50 wear red shorts, and the rest play in gold shorts. The Golden Oldies ethos is based on ‘fun, friendship and fraternity, for those who have retired from serious competitive play, but wish to participate in their favourite sport for sheer enjoyment. “We are like-minded people who enjoy being able to run around on a paddock,” Willie said The team was formed in 1987 after a group of more mature rugby players had been watching a sports programme on how Golden Oldies Rugby was becoming increasingly popular. In 1987 after a major fundraising drive, they travelled to Toronto for the World Festival, some of these original members, including Brian, still play today. Golden Oldies rules are slightly different than competitive rugby rules. For a start, each half is 30

WAGS are looking forward to another season of playing, eating and drinking

minutes long, except for tournament play, when each game is two 10 minute halves. No tries are converted, and all games end in a draw.

Cycling up Mt Everest - Wainui style

Everybody wins – and then enjoys the post-match events. “We always go out for a beer and a meal, Willie said. But do they gargle ale?

“Oh yes, in copious quantities,” Willie said. The WAGS season kicked off last Sunday at the Wainuiomata Rugby Club.

Harriers season starts Wainuiomata Athletic and Harrier Club held its start of season Chocolate Run last Saturday afternoon. There was a great turnout of adults and kids participating in the 2km, 4km and 6km run/walk. Before the run/walk started every participant had to guess a time they would complete the course in. The closest participant to their guessed time won some yummy chocolate treats. There was also a spot prize draw so no one

missed out. A massive thank you goes out to Rhi from Whittakers for helping to sponsor this event. The next event is the Wayne Tucker Memorial club race on Saturday April 8 at 2pm held at Rimutuka Forest Park. If you would like to know about the coming harrier season and would like to get involved then feel free to give Nikki a call on 021 023 48292.

By Dave Crampton

At 5.30am on Saturday Tim Caughley started cycling up the Wainuiomata hill. By 9.30pm he had gone over the hill 47 times without stopping; a total of 182 km. His total cumulative climb was 8910m. That climb is longer than the height of Mt Everest. The Lower Hutt 45-year-old was doing an Everest cycle challenge, where you ascend a hill multiple times until you have cumulatively climbed 8848m, the height of Mt. Everest. Tom was also raising funds for Te amanga Hospice, and training for a 24-hour world endurance mountain biking event in Italy in June. “I was doing this challenge as part of my training, and taking the opportunity to give something back by gaining support for Te Omanga Hospice,” Tim said “Te Omanga provide support for family and friends across our community, so it was a privilege to combine the challenge and a fundraiser for them.” “The hill I chose, the Wainui hill, has an elevation of 189 meters with an average 10.3 per cent gradient.” Tim has been a keen mountain biker for many years and for the past 18 months has been doing endurance mountain biking in preparation for Italy. It took him an average of 19 minutes to cycle up the western side of the hill each time. His partner, Steph Weller, herself a keen hockey player, was parked at the lookout all day with a collection box as well as refreshments, such as coke, ginger beer and bananas, as Tim passed the summit. While Tim was cycling for 14 hours, he is used to 24 hour endurances events, but not as much hill work, so the hill was good practice.

Sports talk

with Jacob Page

The records Taylor made for the Kane Train Tim Caughley at the halfway point of his epic ride.

“It’s three times the ascent of a normal 24-hour race,” Steph said. “It’s the experience of a 24-hour race, but its only over 15 hours.” However, the task got tougher after darkness, and he was exhausted afterwards. “I could hardly move (afterwards),” he said. “The last seven laps were painfully slow.” Her managed to raise $1300 for Te Omanga Hospice. “We had a friend who went through Mary Potter Hospice – so we have got a commitment with the hospice,” Steph said.  They have set up a Givealittle page, https://, which is open until April 8.

In a perfect world it would be nice for Ross Taylor to beat his late mentor Martin Crowe’s New Zealand record of 17 test centuries but it’s likely the Kane Train will steamroll that before the chance is there. Williamson, now the undisputed leader of the Black Caps, equalled Martin’s mark with a stellar century against South Africa to close the home summer. At 26, Kane is the youngest Kiwi ever to 5000 test runs and with potentially another decade to go, it appears all sorts of batting records will be his before it is said and done. He also won back-to-back Sir Richard Hadlee Medals for the best New Zealand cricketer. Taylor, who’s been out with leg issues, is on 16 test centuries. While his body is starting to slow, his form over the past two seasons has been stunning. The Taylor/Williamson duo in the

heart of the batting order has kept New Zealand more than competitive in a time where there are plenty of holes to patch up. New Zealand is missing a genuine all-rounder. James Neesham has failed in the role, Corey Anderson is constantly doing a Jacob Oram impersonation (being forever injured) and while Mitch Santner’s spin bowling has improved, his batting has regressed. Henry Nicholls is still an unproven commodity at No 5 also. There have been plusses. Neil Wagner has been a star with the ball. His constant hustle and desire has willed wickets his way. Had it not been for a rained out final day, which cost New Zealand a drawn test series against South Africa, New Zealand could be well satisfied with their summer’s work.


Wednesday April 5, 2017


136 Wellington Road, ARAKURA

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Immaculately presented 4 bedroom home renovated kitchen/bathroom and bedrooms. Spacious lounge with woodburner and new carpets throughout. Master bedroom has extra space for dressing room or later date for ensuite. French door opening to a sunny balcony. Double garaging within a 894sqm flat section that possibly could be subdivided for that extra income. Perfect for first home buyers or investors.





33 Moohan Street, CENTRAL



This 3 bedroom family home is ready for you. Already tidy, but it needs some style! Situated in a nice central location on a large section, with a huge garage out the back. Decorators dream! Call now to view.


Supporting the Child Cancer Foundation for over 20 years.


Sun 9 Apr 2.15-2.45pm Negotiation Donna Tschurtschenthaler - 027 220 7495

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By Appointment Only Negotiation Paul Butcher - 021 209 5645

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Wainuiomata News 05-04-17

Wainuiomata News 05-04-17  

Wainuiomata News 05-04-17