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Thursday, February 23, 2017

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Frustration over walkway closure By Annabella Gamboni

Island Bay residents near the closed walkway between Avon and Volga Sts are confused and frustrated with its continued closure. Resident of Bay Lair Grove Michael Reddell said that he and his children used the walkway almost every day as it was the quickest and easiest route down to the village and Island Bay School. Continued on page 2. Michael Reddell at the bottom of the closed walkway past Erskine Chapel. PHOTO: Annabella Gamboni


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Thursday February 23, 2017

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To lose Erskine Chapel would be a tragedy Continued from page 1. “I’ve used the walkway regularly for over 20 years. And yet not a word from the [Wellington City] Council, and still nothing to indicate how long the walkway will be closed,” he said. The closure is in part frustrating because it doesn’t seem to be in the best interest of Island Bay residents, Michael said. “It feels quite a lot like giving leeway to the owner of the building, at the expense of residents and walkway users.” The walkway was closed at the beginning of the month after a new engineering report on Erskine Chapel revealed extensive damage to the building after the Kaikoura earthquake last year. The Wellington Company’s Earl Hope said that they do not wish to frustrate residents. “The two chartered engineers’

reports determined that the chapel is in imminent risk of collapse in an earthquake. “The chapel has extensive horizontal cracking and has ‘moved out of place’, which is an engineering term for shifting so that the building is no longer level,” Earl said. The walkway will remain closed until the Wellington City Council can guarantee its safety to members of the public. The Wellington Company has received consent to strengthen the chapel, but cannot act as the Save Erskine College Trust (SECT) has blocked the beginning of construction with a submission to council. “It’s hugely frustrating for us, because we’re willing to just throw money at the chapel, but SECT block us at every new stage. It would be a tragedy to

lose Erskine Chapel.” Earl said. SECT member Maggie Kennedy said that the organisation offered no comment. Wellington City Council major projects officer Patrick Kymbrekos said they had received around ten inquiries about the closure but that

they had stopped once they had informed residents of the closure by letter and put up an information notice online. However, Southern Ward Councillor Paul Eagle said he had been inundated by questions and complaints from affected residents in Island Bay.

Children’s Ward receives not one, not two but 12 new playstations By Annabella Gamboni

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The sign at the bottom of the stairs which warns public of the hazard posed by the chapel. PHOTO: Annabella Gamboni

Wendy and Angus Little with some of the donations to the Children’s Ward. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Children’s Ward at Wellington Hospital has been inundated with donations since news of its stolen games console broke last week. The sole Playstation 4 that was stolen over Waitangi weekend has been replaced, at last count, twelve times over – along with 15 new games and $5000. Capital & Coast District Health Board general manager hospital and healthcare services Chris Lowry thanked everyone for the generosity they’d shown since the theft. “While it’s very disappointing that people would essentially steal from children undergoing treatment, it is extremely heartening to see so many people rallying around to make things right,” she said. “Distraction toys and educational equipment are essential for young patients who spend

long periods in hospital. The generosity shown this week means we’ll be able to make the children that much more comfortable while they’re here.” Nine-year-old cancer patient Angus Little was gutted when he showed up to three-hour treatment with nothing to distract him. “It made it feel so much longer,” he said. The massive donations had showed him that good always wins over bad, he said. Angus’ mother, Wendy Little, said she was in tears on Saturday reading comments on social media of people sharing their own stories. “It struck a nerve that somebody thought it was OK to steal from a children’s oncology ward.” But she was glad that with with the extra consoles, children would no longer have to wait to take turns in the ward, she said.

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Thursday February 23, 2017

Social media combats wave of bike theft By Annabella Gamboni

When keen cyclist Davide Conti spotted his workmates’ and friends’ expensive sports bikes getting nicked, he decided to take action. He set up the Facebook group Wellington Stolen Bicycles about six months ago, and has amassed about 300 members in that time. Davide has seen one to two highend bicycles stolen each week on the page, he said. The group have worked together to recover two stolen bikes so far. “It’s not so many. “The group, however, is more about creating a community of people that will look after each other. We have also created a database of stolen bikes that the police can use if they find a stolen bike,” Davide said. Newtown resident Maria Cotter had her brand-new bike stolen from the back of her property last Monday. It was given to her on Boxing Day and is worth about $650, she said. She reported the burglary to the police as well as to the Wellington

Cyclist David Conti and his own high-performance bicycle. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Stolen Bicycles. The group have reported to her two potential sightings of her bike in Newtown and Thorndon since Monday. “I don’t hold out a lot of hope for ever finding it. “But the group has shown me the importance of community,” she said.

Locals to Strathmore will soon have another community space at the Raukawa St reserve after extensive lobbying and community consultation. The resource consent has been granted by the Wellington City Council to allow the construction of a new community centre there to be ready mid-May this year. A building in Shelley Bay will be transported to the Raukawa St site in the next week. Once it is in Strathmore, the fit-out of the centre will begin, including the construction of a wheelchair ramp and acces-

sible toilets. Director of youth services at the Eastern and Southern Youth Trust Lorna Gray said she was excited for the centre to open, although she wasn’t sure exactly what the centre would be utilised for. “We’ve been desperately lobbying for it for about five years, so it’s nice to be listened to and to get this new facility,” she said. Team leader for Wellington City Council’s Neighbourhood and Community Networks team Donna Wilson said it was a satisfactory end to community consultation, and an exciting time for her team and Strathmore.

“I was just really disappointed when my bike was stolen. I love Newtown. The Facebook group is a good reminder of the importance of looking after each other.” Project manager for the Cycling Action Network Patrick Morgan said the best way to prevent your bicycle being

stolen was to use a good lock, and lock it everywhere – even when it’s on your own property, or if you’ve “just popped into the dairy”. He also recommended that commuters to the city lock their bike in a place heavy with foot traffic, so that thieves have less chance to act unnoticed.

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Strathmore locals at the Raukawa St reserve last year for Christmas celebrations. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

She said the centre would act alongside the existing community centre on Rahui St, but it would not be as large, so would likely host pop-up classes and drop-in centres from organisations such as Plunket.

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Wellington in for a warm autumn Summer seems to have come late to Wellington, with the capital consistent sunny days in the mid-20’s this week and set to continue into early March. MetService meteorologist Lisa Murray said part of the change came down to the shifting gears of the Southern Annular Mode. The mode controls the ring of westerly winds that circle the South Pole so now that it was changing from a negative to a positive, the country’s western regions could be particularly warmer and drier as opposed to the cold and wet of its negative phase.

Raukawa Reserve community centre finally in motion By Annabella Gamboni

inbrief news

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Thursday February 23, 2017

inbrief news Growth in housing consents Wellington is making progress against its annual targets for new building consents, with 1204 new dwellings or sections consented in the last six months –over half the 1500 targeted for the year, the Wellington City Council announced. The 1500 target is part of the Wellington Housing Accord, which established special housing areas to fast track the building of new homes in the capital. Mayor Justin Lester said these figures will be a boost to Wellingtonians concerned about finding affordable homes. “For the last two years, growth in new consents has lagged behind our targets, but this year we are in a very strong position and tracking very well.”

Repair Café The Newtown Community Centre is hosting its first-ever Repair Café this Saturday from 11am-2pm. Run by Social Climate, a group dedicated to getting communities involved in stopping climate change, the Repair Café is all about reducing household waste by fixing things instead of throwing them out. Social Climate encourage locals to come down with anything broken – jewellery, small electrical appliances – to learn how to fix them up.

Summer Shakespeare The annual Summer Shakespeare, this year the comedy All’s Well That Ends Well, opened last week and is set to run until Friday, March 3 (excluding Mondays). For the first time in its 30-year history, the play will be at Civc Square instead of nestled in the Botanical Gardens. Seating at Civic Square is provided, and audience members are encouraged to bring cushions, blankets and an alcoholfree picnic. Tickets are available at

Former refugee takes the lead to help others By Annabella Gamboni

Eritrean refugee and Mt Cook local Ibrahim Omer has been confirmed as the new chair for Changemakers Refugee Forum, an advocacy and support organisation for refugees to New Zealand. He came to this country alone in 2008 from the small nation of Eritrea in the horn of Africa. Ibrahim escaped the fascist regime that has descended their since Eritrea’s independence from Ethiopia was declared in 1993. “There was no democracy – only one party ruled,” he said. In his nearly ten years in New Zealand, he has learnt English, graduated from Victoria University with a BA of Development Studies, International Relations and Political Science, and organised for labour unions as well as Changemakers. He has returned to advocating for refugees because he knows how hard refugee life can be.

“Moving to New Zealand when you don’t know the language or customs is not easy,” he said. “For many people it is important for them to retain their identity, their language and culture, while settling into New Zealand. I can help them with that.” Changemakers’ biggest priority is to ease refugees’ integration into New Zealand, but also to encourage New Zealanders to embrace them fully into civic life. “There is an employment issue. Many refugees struggle to work in the areas for which they are qualified,” he said. Ibrahim also would welcome a larger quota for refugees in New Zealand. “Absolutely. I would like to see it at least doubled. But I would also worry that organisations like us would need more resources from the government before we can comfortably welcome refugees,” he said.

Ibrahim Omer, the new chair of Changemakers Refugee Forum. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Roxy Cinema mixes it up By Annabella Gamboni

For this year’s Wellington Wine and Food + Craft Beer Festival, mixologist and coowner at The Roxy in Miramar Ray Letoa wanted to shake things up a bit and serve up some delicious drinks – all without alcohol. His mocktail stall at the festival will have a few mixtures to try, including his ‘Miramar Fizz Pop’, a combination of lemongrass and ginger syrup, lemon and lime juice and cranberry nectar topped with mango foam and freeze dried berries. They wanted to offer customers a tasty alternative to the alcoholic beverages that the festival will be heaving with, Ray said.

Dentists Dr. Matthew Cho BDS (Otago)

“But we thought that because the festival will offer such beautiful and complex wine, beer and food, we should offer something just as delicious and interesting,” he said. “We took some of our ideas from kids and their crazy, fresh ideas of what stuff should taste like... But a lot of it is just beautiful mistakes that we just fixed up and evolved with.” The Wellington Wine and Food + Craft Beer festival is now in its fourth year, and is still increasing in popularity. This year there are 22 stalls from some of Wellington’s favourite eateries, including The Crab Shack, Tommy Millions, and Newtown’s The Ramen Shop. Organiser Damien Hochberg

Ray Letoa, mocktail bartender and co-owner of The Roxy in Miramar. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

says the menus cater to both the adventurous taste testers, and those who prefer to play it safe. “We’ve incorporated a real variety of dishes. “The event is designed to have a casual street food vibe, and I think that really appeals to Festival attendees,” he said.  The Wellington Wine and Food + Craft Beer Festival is

being held on March 10 and 11 at Waitangi Park. Ticket information can be found at www.  GIVEAWAY: We have 2 x doubles passes to give away to the Friday March 10 evening session. Email annabella@wsn. with your name, phone number and address and tell us your all-time favourite food

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Thursday February 23, 2017

Chatty memorial for sports broadcaster Justin du Fresne By Annabella Gamboni

After his death in August last year, Justin du Fresne was described as a ‘gentleman of the airwaves’. Now, a group from Kapiti have come together to organise a debate in Hataitai’s Marist St Pat’s Clubrooms on Friday February 24 in his honour. They are also fundraising for the Our Lady of Kapiti Parish building project, to help the fund the building of a new church school and the renovation of the existing church there. The humourous debate’s moot

is “that cricket was a game invented by God to teach the English the meaning of the word eternity”. It will be chaired by former prime minister Jim Bolger, and features experts on the subject such as John ‘Mystery’ Morrison, Kathryn Ryan and Pinky Agnew. Justin’s brother Karl du Fresne will also be a contender, although he is not overly confident is his cricketing knowledge. “It’s not what I know about… I’m very impressed with how Bob [the organiser] has wrangled together a good amount

of speakers – and of course I’m glad to be involved, but I don’t really know much about cricket,” he said. Karl is a former editor of The Dominion Post and also wrote for The Evening Post, but the two brothers never worked together. Justin died after a short battle with cancer last year at his home in Raumati South.  Tickets for the debate are $125 and can be purchased through Ticketek or by emailing Bob Housting at

Radio broadcaster Justin du Fresne in the studio. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Historical Society opens its doors for Island Bay Festival




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“They know it’s an old area, so they ask us who owned their house, or what happened there.” The society has about 100 members and meets four times a year to listen to speakers talk about a variety of historical topics. Any member of the club can submit historical materials and studies. They started out at the Island Bay Home of Compassion, but moved down to the community centre in 2005 to be more central for the community.  The Island Bay Historical Society has an open morning every Friday from 10am-2pm at the Island Bay Community Centre at 137 The Parade, Island Bay. They are currently looking for submissions on their community centre project – if you have any photos or memories of the community centre since 1987, please contact Marion


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Thursday February 23, 2017

Kilbirnie Festival to showcase New Zealand musical talent Local musical talent will abound on-stage at this weekend’s Kilbirnie Festival. One of the early perfomers is Matiu Te Huki and his back-up band, Golden Soul. Organiser Martin Wilson said he’s a big fan of Matiu’s sound. “No-one can enjoy Matiu’s uplifting music without feeling that their soul has become a little lighter, and more joyous, through his words and rhythms. If anyone wanted to start a world revolution through positive musical vibrations, Matiu could be the man to front it. Stirring soul messages indeed,” he said. Matiu’s songs are mainly original, using his voice as the primary instrument, backed by guitar, and more recently using a loop pedal to create layers of backing grooves. Matiu draws on his Maori heritage to

shape his sound, and includes haka, chants and traditional Maori instruments to create rhythms and melodies. Originally from the Wairarapa, and now living on the Kapiti Coast, Matiu tours extensively, including a recent one in Australia. Another performer for the festival is Warwick Murray, aka ‘Professor Blukulele’ – the ‘singing professor’ of the Geography department. Warwick is one of Wellington’s top blues performers, and leads his shows on both guitar and ukulele. He will perform with his family band, From the Ocean, during the early afternoon of the fetival and will also be performing songs from his recent Paehahariki Moon album.


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Musician Matiu Te Huki is to perform at the Kilbirnie Festival on Sunday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Miramar Central Fair a culinary trip around the world Miramar Central School is hosting an ethnic food fair early next month. Organsier Jill Lister-Morgan said the event was a big one on the school calendar. “It’s a huge part of the school’s fundraising,” she said. The main attraction will be over a dozen food stalls featuring food from around the globe, celebrating pupils’ multi-cultural heritage.

There will be a South East Asian stall, a Mexican one, Indian and Middle Eastern food, as well as a traditional Maori hangi. Kids and parents will also be able to enjoy a range of contests and games, including raffles. “There will be more fun than you can poke a stick at,” Jill said.  The Miramar Central School fair will be held on Friday March 3 from 5pm7:30pm at 38 Park Rd, Miramar.

Thursday February 23, 2017

PHOTOS: Masanori Udagawa / PhotoWellington

Kilbirnie Festival wants locals to participate, not just spend

Kilbirnie Park

heaps of money, it’ll be a great day for both you and the kids,” he said. The Cardboard Box Challenge invites children of all ages to come to the cardboard land and make whatever they’d like out of a box; the most creative will win prizes. Organiser of the 1000 Bands event Jess Bilton said it would

be “epic”. “If you’ve ever seen you’ve ever seen one of those Youtube videos where a thousand people with guitars and drums perform an epic version of a hit song and thought you’d love to be a part of a band that big, here’s your chance,” she said. She is aiming to get 1000 people to perform The Exponent’s

“Why Does Love Do This To Me” on Sunday, February 26 at 12 noon.  The Kilbirnie Festival is on Sunday, February 26 from 10am - 4pm on Evans Bay Parade between Kilbirnie Park and St Patrick’s College. The 1000 Bands event is BYO instrument.







Twilight Cinema


1000 Band

Competitions Stage Kids Rides

World Music & Food Stage


Cardboardbox Land Cardboard Challenge

Fairground Evans Bay Parade

create. imagine. play. discover

The Kilbirnie Festival launches this weekend with a day’s worth of accessible, interactive family activities. It will offer several music stages, food stalls, kids’ rides, and a wide range of market stalls. This year’s festival will also

host two major events: the kids’ Cardboard Box Challenge and the 1000 Bands event. Kilbirnie Festival organiser Martin Wilson said the creative interactivity of the Kilbirnie stood it apart from the rest. “It’s a bit boring if all the festival does is invite you down to spend money. So even if you don’t have

Evans Bay Parade

By Annabella Gamboni

1000 Band drop-off via Kemp St.

Kemp St

Kemp St








Thursday February 23, 2017


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Rebels v Blues / Melbourne KICK OFF: Thu 23 February, 19:45

Force v Reds / Perth KICK OFF: Thu 2 March, 18:30

Chiefs v Hurricanes / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 10 March, 19:35

Crusaders v Blues / Christchurch KICK OFF: Fri 17 March, 19:35

Crusaders v Force / Christchurch KICK OFF: Fri 24 March, 19:35

Highlanders v Rebels / Dunedin KICK OFF: Fri 31 March, 19:35

Hurricanes v Waratahs / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 7 April, 19:35pm

Highlanders v Chiefs / Dunedin KICK OFF: Fri 24 February, 19:35

Chiefs v Blues / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 3 March, 19:35

Brumbies v Force / Canberra KICK OFF: Fri 10 March, 19:45

Rebels v Chiefs / Melbourne KICK OFF: Fri 17 March, 19:45

Rebels v Waratahs / Melbourne KICK OFF: Fri 24 March, 19:45

Blues v Force / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 1 April, 17:15

Sunwolves v Bulls / Tokyo KICK OFF: Sat 8 April, 14:15

Reds v Sharks / Brisbane KICK OFF: Fri 24 February, 19:00

Hurricanes v Rebels / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 17:15

Sharks v Waratahs / Durban KICK OFF: Fri 10 March, 19:00

Bulls v Sunwolves / Pretoria KICK OFF: Fri 17 March, 19:00

Blues v Bulls / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 19:35

Chiefs v Bulls / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 1 April, 19:35

Highlanders v Blues / Dunedin KICK OFF: Sat 8 April, 19:35

Sunwolves v Hurricanes / Tokyo KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 13:15

Highlanders v Crusaders / Dunedin KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 19:35

Blues v Highlanders / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 11 March, 19:35

Hurricanes v Highlanders / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 18 March, 19:35

Brumbies v Highlanders / Canberra KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 19:45

Reds v Hurricanes / Brisbane KICK OFF: Sat 1 April, 18:45

Brumbies v Reds / Canberra KICK OFF: Sat 8 April, 19:45

Crusaders v Brumbies / Christchurch KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 19:35

Brumbies v Sharks / Canberra KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 19:45

Reds v Crusaders / Brisbane KICK OFF: Sat 11 March, 18:45

Waratahs v Brumbies / Sydney KICK OFF: Sat 18 March, 19:45

Sunwolves v Stormers / Singapore KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 18:55

Stormers v Cheetahs / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 1 April, 15:05

Sharks v Jaguares / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 8 April, 15:05

Waratahs v Force / Sydney KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 19:45

Sunwolves v Kings / Singapore KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 18:55

Cheetahs v Sunwolves / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 11 March, 17:15

Lions v Reds / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sat 18 March, 17:15

Kings v Lions / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 15:05

Lions v Sharks / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sat 1 April, 17:15

Stormers v Chiefs / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 8 April, 17:15

Cheetahs v Lions / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 15:05

Lions v Waratahs / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 15:05

Kings v Stormers / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 11 March, 19:30

Sharks v Kings / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 18 March, 19:30

Cheetahs v Sharks / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 17:15

Waratahs v Crusaders / Sydney KICK OFF: Sun 2 April, 16:05

Force v Kings / Perth KICK OFF: Sun 9 April, 14:05

Kings v Jaguares / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 17:15

Stormers v Jaguares / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 17:15

Jaguares v Lions / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 11 March, 16:40

Jaguares v Cheetahs / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 18 March, 16:40

Jaguares v Reds / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 25 March, 18:40

BYES: Brumbies, Jaguares, Kings, Sunwolves

BYES: Cheetahs, Crusaders, Lions, Rebels

Stormers v Bulls / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 25 February, 19:30

Cheetahs v Bulls / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 4 March, 19:30

BYES: Bulls, Rebels

BYES: FORCE, Stormers

BYES: Chiefs, Hurricanes








Crusaders v Sunwolves / Christchurch KICK OFF: Fri 14 April 19:35 Reds v Kings / Brisbane KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 15:05 Blues v Hurricanes / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 19:35 Rebels v Brumbies / Melbourne KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 19:45 Cheetahs v Chiefs / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 15:05 Stormers v Lions / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 17:15 Bulls v Jaguares / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 15 April, 19:30 BYES: FORCE, Highlanders, Sharks, Waratahs

Hurricanes v Brumbies / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 21 April, 19:35 Lions v Jaguares / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Fri 21 April, 19:00 Highlanders v Sunwolves / Invercargill KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 17:15 Crusaders v Stormers / Christchurch KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 19:35 Waratahs v Kings / Sydney KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 19:45 Force v Chiefs / Perth KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 19:55 Bulls v Cheetahs / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 17:15 Sharks v Rebels / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 22 April, 19:30 BYES: Blues, Reds

Highlanders v Stormers / Dunedin KICK OFF: Fri 28 April, 19:35 Chiefs v Sunwolves / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 19:35 Reds v Waratahs / Brisbane KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 19:45 Force v Lions / Perth KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 19:55 Cheetahs v Crusaders / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 17:15 Kings v Rebels / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 19:30 Jaguares v Sharks / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 29 April, 16:40 Brumbies v Blues / Canberra KICK OFF: Sun 30 April, 16:05 BYES: Bulls, Hurricanes

Hurricanes v Stormers / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 5 May, 19:35 Cheetahs v Highlanders / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Fri 5 May, 19:00 Rebels v Lions / Melbourne KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 15:00 Chiefs v Reds / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 19:35 Waratahs v Blues / Sydney KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 19:45 Sharks v Force / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 15:05 Bulls v Crusaders / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 17:15 Jaguares v Sunwolves / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 6 May, 18:40 BYES: Brumbies, Kings

Blues v Cheetahs / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 12 May, 19:35 Brumbies v Lions / Canberra KICK OFF: Fri 12 May, 19:45 Crusaders v Hurricanes / Christchurch KICK OFF: Sat 13 May, 19:35 Rebels v Reds / Melbourne KICK OFF: Sat 13 May, 19:45 Bulls v Highlanders / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 13 May, 15:05 Kings v Sharks / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 13 May, 17:15 Jaguares v Force / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 13 May, 18:40 BYES: Chiefs, Stormers, Sunwolves, Waratahs

Chiefs v Crusaders / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 19 May, 19:35 Stormers v Blues / Cape Town KICK OFF: Fri 19 May, 19:00 Hurricanes v Cheetahs / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 20 May, 19:35 Force v Highlanders/ Perth KICK OFF: Sat 20 May, 17:45 Sunwolves v Sharks / Singapore KICK OFF: Sat 20 May, 19:55 Kings v Brumbies / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Sat 20 May, 15:05 Lions v Bulls / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sat 20 May, 17:15 Waratahs v Rebels / Sydney KICK OFF: Sun 21 May, 16:05 BYES: Jaguares, Reds

Blues v Chiefs / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 26 May, 19:35 Reds v Force / Brisbane KICK OFF: Fri 26 May, 19:45 Sunwolves v Cheetahs / Tokyo KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 14:15 Highlanders v Waratahs / Dunedin KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 19:35 Rebels v Crusaders / Melbourne KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 19:45 Bulls v Hurricanes / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 15:05 Sharks v Stormers / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 17:15 Jaguares v Brumbies / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Sat 27 May, 18:40 Lions v Kings / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sun 28 May, 14:30




Blues v Reds / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 2 June, 19:35 Crusaders v Highlanders / Christchurch KICK OFF: Sat 3 June, 14:35 Chiefs v Waratahs / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 3 June, 17:05 Brumbies v Rebels / Canberra KICK OFF: Sat 3 June, 19:45 Force v Hurricanes / Perth KICK OFF: Sat 3 June, 19:55 Jaguares v Kings / Buenos Aires KICK OFF: Fri 30 June, 23:05 Lions v Sunwolves / Johannesburg KICK OFF: Sat 1 July, 14:30 Cheetahs v Stormers / Bloemfontein KICK OFF: Sat 1 July, 15:05 Sharks v Bulls / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 1 July, 17:15

Hurricanes v Chiefs / TBC KICK OFF: Fri 9 June, 19:35 Reds v Brumbies / Brisbane KICK OFF: Fri 7 July, 19:45 Force v Rebels / Perth KICK OFF: Fri 7 July, 19:55 Waratahs v Jaguares / Sydney KICK OFF: Sat 8 July, 19:45 Bulls v Kings / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 8 July, 17:15 Stormers v Sunwolves / Cape Town KICK OFF: Sat 8 July, 19:30 BYES (NZC only): Blues, Crusaders, Highlanders BYES (AC, SA1 and SA2 only): Cheetahs, Lions, Sharks

Highlanders v Reds / Dunedin KICK OFF: Fri 14 July, 19:35 Rebels v Jaguares / Melbourne KICK OFF: Fri 14 July, 19:45 Kings v Cheetahs / Port Elizabeth KICK OFF: Fri 14 July, 19:00 Sunwolves v Blues / Tokyo KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 12:05 Chiefs v Brumbies / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 17:15 Hurricanes v Crusaders / TBC KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 19:35 Force v Waratahs / Perth KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 19:55 Sharks v Lions / Durban KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 17:15 Bulls v Stormers / Pretoria KICK OFF: Sat 15 July, 19:30

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Oriental Rongotai Junior Rugby

Proud supporters of the Hurricanes for more information on teams, updates and results.

Mini Magpies Once an Orie, always an Orie!

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Thursday February 23, 2017

40 Years of Lions Service in Island Bay

Paniyiri: A Big, Fat Greek Celebration By Annabella Gamboni

It’s all Greek to most New Zealanders, but the Greek community in Mt Victoria want to share what is just normal for them with Paniyiri – their annual festival and celebration of Greek life and culture in Wellington. This weekend the organisers for Paniyiri are expecting as many as 6000 visitors, especially if the weather holds. Executive committee member at the Greek Community Centre Neove Christoforou said the festival is more than just about food; it’s a celebration of the Greek culture and community in Wellington. “For us a big part of our culture is about food. “But you will also be able to see our children dancing, and to celebrate with us,” she said.

“It’s a big social event, and lets us catch up with everyone and do something nice with the kids.” The food available at the event will be traditional Greek fare: souvlaki (similar to Turkish kebabs), lokoumades (Greek donuts), olive oil and Greek coffee, the large majority of which is provided by the community at the Greek centre. Neove said that all visitors are welcome to Paniyiri. “My favourite part is seeing people try new things – their faces when they eat a new food, or see something that is normal to us, but totally different for them,” she said.  Paniyiri: the Greek Food Festival is taking place at the Greek Community Centre at 1-5 Hania St in Mt Victoria on Saturday February 25 from 10am-3pm.

Hospi at the Island Bay Commuity Centre. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Lions Club of Island Bay has now been servicing the community for 40 years. To celebrate they hosted a weekend of activities, including a family fun afternoon on Sunday that fundraised for the Wellington Hospital Foundation. Lions Club secretary Anne Moffat said the weekend was very enjoyable for the club and members of the public alike. “The spirit of being active in your community anf encouraging young people was the focus of the celebrations,” she said. The celebrations for the children, held at the Island Bay community centre, included face painting, a bouncy castle and a visit from Hospi the lion mascot for the Wellington Hospital Foundation.

Noura the face painter and Heidi Jones. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Members of the Executive Committee for the Greek Community Centre with trays of baklava (a sweet Greek pastry). PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Dolphins take a swim in Owhiro Bay Owhiro Bay enjoyed some surprise vistors to their waters last week: a pod of common dolphins. The dolphins lingered around the bay for the week, returning three times to feed on the plentiful fish in the harbour. Owhiro Bay resident Selwyn Feary said this was the third year running that a pod of dolphins had come to Owhiro Bay sometime in late summer.

Oriental Rongotai Junior Rugby

Mini Magpies

Another resident, Maz Mace, said she was amazed by how long they stayed in the bay. “They’re awesome,” she said. Dr Nicola Phillips of the Marine Biology Education Centre said she had enjoyed seeing the dolphins in the bay also. However, she couldn’t provide any information about the dolphins or what they were up to in the bay.

Love rugby and want to follow in the footsteps of Ma’a Nonu as well as Julian and Ardie Savea Then come on down and register to play rugby for Ories

Nursery Grade – under 4 Rippa rugby (non tackle) – U6 & U7 grades Tackle Rugby – U8 – U13 grades

Registration day for this season is:

The dolphins swimming together in the bay. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Wednesday 2 March 5:30pm–7:30pm Hurricanes Night


At the Polo Ground 22 Park Rd Miramar For any further information, please email: A local swimming out to the pod. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


Once an Orie, always an Orie!


Thursday February 23, 2017


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Thursday February 23, 2017


Digging for gold at Oriental Bay By Annabella Gamboni

The Rotary Club of Courtenay Place is once again holding a Big Dig this weekend at Oriental Parade. The proceeds from this year’s Big Dig is going to Heart Kids, a charity that supports children with congenital heart disease. The charity is going to use the funds raised to produce a short educational film to show children and families living with congenital heart defects. Heart Kids branch manager for Wellington Angela Haddon said the film would also aim to raise awareness of congenital heart defects in the community.

Last year’s Big Dig at Oriental Parade. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

“It’s more or less finished, but the fundraising from the Big Dig will help us get the film out there to schools and hospitals,” she said. “The Rotary are amazing. We really appreciate the support, and the event on Sunday is ideal because it will be all about children.” President of the Courtenay Place Rotary Club Jean Phipps said they chose Heart Kids because they had a “great need” for funds. “They’re not funded at all by the government, but the work they do is very important,” she said. The recent run of good weather bodes well for the weekend, Jean said. “It’s always great to see the

Berhampore residents report burglaries on social media Berhampore residents have reported several acts of trespassing on a community social media site in a bid to keep each other safe. The posts about trespassers go back to mid-January, when concerned residents started reaching out to others about these small break-ins. Some reported that cigarette butts and small change was stolen, while others said that they suspected individuals were ‘scouting out’ their properties. Resident Lucy (who would like to

keep her surname private) reported a break-in to Police after she woke up from a sleep last Friday afternoon to a man she didn’t know walking through her house. “I was home alone. “Once I realised, I asked him to leave and he went without any fuss,” she said. “He had broken in by pulling the slats off our bottom window.” Resident Emma Bell also reported a break-in to her car. “Nothing of value was stolen, just some spare change.

The NZ Police and Wellington City Council want young people in the city to stop and take a moment before doing anything stupid, risky or downright dangerous. They have launched a new campain, Check Yourself, to encourage young people to think about the consequences of their actions. It aims to reduce anti-social behaviour in young people, especially around alcohol and drugs. Massey University of Wellington’s Student Union president Adam Cairns said their union is embracing the idea and is holding a couple of events to support it.

“Alongside the welcome party for first-year students, we’re also holding a more chilled-out space where there will be no alcohol... Because not everyone wants to drink to excess, and we want everyone to feel safe,” he said. Research from the Metro Neighbourhood Policing Team (the CBD’s Community Police) indicates that young adults in Wellington are overrepresented in anti-social behaviour (criminal and non-criminal), and one third of 18-24 year olds drink alcohol to a level that carries a risk of harming the drinker’s physical or mental health, or having harmful social effects on the drinker or others. Mayor Justin Lester said this cam-

 The Rotary Big Dig for 2017 will take place on Sunday February 26 from 11am-1:30pm at Freyburg Beach (the smaller section of Oriental Beach right next to Freyburg Pool).

Keep warm with free curtains

It doesn’t make me feel much safer though as I’m home with my baby son in the day,” she said. The Police say they are aware of the break-in at Lucy’s property, but said that incidences of this kind had not increased in the Berhampore area. Trespassing and burglary feel very invasive to home-owners and so feel very distressing, they said. The Police encouraged anyone who witness a burglary, trespass, or anything suspiscious to report it to the proper authorities.

Cold home? No curtains? We can help.


Check Yourself: a new campaign for young Wellingtonians By Annabella Gamboni

children, and see them frantically digging and bringing up their tokens.” The Big Dig has been running for about fifteen years, and usually attracts about 500 children and young people. This year, the club have over 40 prizes to win, including some worth over $200. But every token – and there will be 550 buried – is worth a prize worth at least $5.

paign aligns with the Wellington City Council’s Local Alcohol Policy. “We want to find the right balance in promoting efforts to reduce alcohol-related harm while making sure the city continues to be a vibrant and safe place, and maintain its coolest little capital reputation,” Mr Lester said. Acting Area Prevention Manager Inspector Clint Walker said that it’s usually only a loud minority of young people that ruin things for the majority. “Police are working closely with Wellington City Council to reduce the incidents of alcohol harm as we strive towards everybody being safe and feeling safe,” he said.

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14 Thursday February 23, 2017

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Casual Vacancy for an elected trustee A casual vacancy has occurred on the board of trustees for an elected parent representative. The board has resolved under section 105 of the Education Act 1989 to fill the vacancy by selection. If ten percent or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held. Any eligible voter who wishes to ask the board to hold a by-election should write to: Chairperson Board of Trustees Holy Cross School Miramar 2 Athens Street Miramar Wellington 6022 by: Thursday 23rd March 2017 at 12 noon

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This role involves delivering and setting up essential equipment to help relieve pain and suffering for people in your local hospital. It’s a casual 24/7 service that pays well when busy, but also gives you a lot of down time.

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• Pleased to hear from anyone including semi-retired or older persons keen for an interest or second job who lives in close proximity to Wellington Hospital • Some knowledge of hospital like equipment is beneficial • Moderate lifting involved • Must be able to use a Smartphone confidently and have great attention to detail Please forward your Application along with CV to

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Journalist Position Available Wellington Suburban Newspapers is looking for a new journalist. To be considered for this exciting opportunity, candidates must have a positive, can-do attitude. You will need to hold a tertiary qualification in journalism, be accurate, and have excellent grammar and writing skills. We are looking for a hungry, energetic, and ambitious journalist who loves nothing better than to chase and break great stories and tell interesting yarns to our readers. The core role is gathering and writing local news for our weekly newspapers. Other editorial tasks can be expected, including taking photographs. Please include a resume and examples of published work with your application. All applications should be addressed to; The Manager Stephan van Rensburg Wellington Suburban Newspapers P.O.Box 38776 WMC 5045 or email:

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We are looking for reliable, flexible cleaning superstars for our busy motor lodge located near the airport 10-20 hours per week - hours and days will vary. If you love to clean and have an eye for detail please call us on 04 380 6044.

Situations Vacant

RETAIL SALES ASSISTANT REQUIRED Multiple Full-time and Part-time positions available at Simply New Zealand pop-up store located at Wellington Airport.

Good Natured Garden Services Ltd

Shift times: 4.30am - 11.30am 11.30am - 7pm

Gardener required, great job, lots of benefits! Call or email Mike to arrange an interview

Free parking space provided

021 1777 854

For more info email: or ph: 027 484 4336

Funeral Directors

0800 333 309 Our prices for funerals

 For a direct cremation $1900.00*  For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by cremation

 For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by burial



*Some conditions may apply. Phone us now for full details. PRICES VALID UNTIL 30 JUNE 2017


Servicing the entire Wellington Region

William Nobelen

Thursday February 23, 2017


Wednesday November 18, 2015

Young Surf Lifesavers claim victory for 5th year running To Lease

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

POOLS OF SATISFACTION Our summer pools were built by us. Blends in well did cause no fuss. With hydro slide will cause a splash. And to it many people dash. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!


Public Notice

Wainuiomata Squash Club AGM

51. J.K. Rowling 7.00pm chose the Monday 30th November Maranui Surf Lifesaving’s winning Under-14 squad. PHOTO: unusual At theSUPPLED Clubrooms name ‘Hermione’ Corner of Main Road Sports talk so young and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girls wouldn’t be teased Bringing local news for being nerdy! to the community

with Jacob Page

The curious case of Ross Taylor

It is a shambles to think Ross Taylor Williamson, the experience of SituationKane Vacant isn’t an automatic selection for the Taylor in the pivotal No 4 position is Black Caps regardless of the format. more important than ever. His exclusion from the Twenty20 Besides, it’s not like there is a better game against South Africa on Friday option going around. was a huge mistake. Colin Munro has been appalling, Not only because New Zealand suf- Corey Anderson has barely contributed fered a humiliating loss but because the of late and the same could be said for tour is so vital and momentum in the Jimmy Neesham. first match all went to South Africa. If there are political currents against Taylor is arguably in some of the best Taylor, then these must be put aside for form of his career. the sake of the team. Centuries against Bangladesh and He’s still one of our top two batsmen Deliverers Australia in recent months prove that. Required and is on the cusp in of equalling his late There still seems to be some un- mentor Martin Crowe’s test century Area 1:theMomona, - Kaponga. easiness with former captainMohaka, and haul ofKawatiri 17. the powers that be at New Zealand He’s earned the right to equal and Cricket. eclipse that record and ensure he At a time where the national team is leaves the game as New Zealand’s most rebuilding, under a new leader in prolific batsman.

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers


Contact Sandra on 587 1660


15 13


2m seasoned pine $180

Trades and Services

4m Split pine store for next winter $330


Large Bags Dry Pine/

Large Bags Kindling $13

hardwood mix $14 It makes us both betBy Annabella Gamboni together. installations by top-qualifi ed electrician with ter,” he said. record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui Maranui’s Under-14 Squad Next stop for the juniors at lowest cost “around-the-clock” just at Wel- Maranui is for their national have cruisedservice, to victory Capital phone 977-8787 orlington’s 021-0717-674 or Coast email Junior tournament squad (aged 10-14) Championships for the fifth time toTrades compete the National andinServices in as many years. Under-14 New Zealand Surf TheVacant team, who range from Life Saving Championships Situation seven to 13 years old, claimed (Oceans 2017) in Mt Maunganui their win on Sunday at Lyall Bay on March 2. with a lead of 400 points over Last year they came 6th in closest rivals (and neighbours) the event, which hosted about the Lyall Bay Surf Lifesaving 800 young surf lifesavers from Club. around the country. Head coach for the junior “We46hope toStimprove on sixth, Waione Petone squad Chris Mark said he was but it’s to say. go up Ph:hard 5685989 OpenWe’ll Sat 9am-3pm very happy with their reasonably and try our best,” Formerly cpa Chris sparessaid. comfortable win. “Some of the squad are feeling “It was another great win for a bitFuneral nervous because Directortraditionally the mount has pretty decent Nthe squad. “And Lyall Bay are getting surf. stronger each year... It’s great “But they’ll be fine once they for both clubs, I think, to have get in and get a race under their this rivalry as we’re so close belt,” he said.


Record showing for Round the Bays scorcher By Annabella Gamboni

The Cigna Round the Bays running event for 2017 was the biggest yet with over 14,500 people taking part. The 6.5 kilometre event – the traditional ‘roundA the bays’ course – started at Frank solid Kitts and wound its way round Oriental Parade and Evans Bay, and ended in the middle of Kilbirnie Park. Cigna New Zealand CEO Lance Walker was delighted with the turnout. “Helping our communities maximise their health and wellbeing is a huge priority for us and it was fantastic to once again see the community come out and get involved,” he said. Cigna presented the events official charity, Achilles New Zealand, with a cheque for $20,000 during the events prize-giving. “To reach our goal of raising $20,000 for Achilles was terrific,” Lance said.  TheApplications official Round the Bays are are available at ourresults recruitment officeat or at the security gate based in the now online Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

Sunday 26th February 2017 Marine Gardens, Raumati Beach Join the fun at the 2017 Kapiti Women’s Triathlon. There’s something for everyone with the range of options available: Triathlon Full Course: 400 metre swim - 12 km cycle - 4 km walk or run Triathlon ½ Course Distance: 200 metre swim - 6 km cycle - 2 km walk or run Duathlon Full course: 500 metre run - 12 km cycle - 4 km walk or run Duathlon ½ Course Distance: 200 metre run - 6 km cycle - 2 km walk or run Swim cycle event: 400 metre swim - 12 km cycle Swim Run event: 400 metre swim - 4 km walk or run Have a go - Fun Run/Walk: 5km walk or run Sprint distance: 750m/18km/5km Sprint distance Duathlon: 400m/18km/5km

Every woman who gets to the start line is a winner.

Late entries onsite 25 Feb. 2-3pm and event day 7.15-8.00am View the Wainuiomata News Email: online Phone 06 362 6438.

By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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Rough wool fabric. (5) 40. (8)(8) 54. (7)(7) (9) 11. Pulls (5) 40. Restrained 54. Humbleness 11. Pulls (5) 46. Hot sauce. (6) 59. Last day .(9) 12. Baffle. (7) 46.Casual Hot sauce. 59. Friendship Last day .(9) 12. Baffle. (7) 42. (7)(7) (6) 55. (11) 12. Deviousness (7) (7) (5) 42.Colourless,odourless Casual 55. Friendship (11) Deviousness 48. Colourless,odourless gas. (6) (6) 13.12. Terra dryland. land. 48. gas. 13. Terra ......, ,dry (5) 44. Annual calendar (7)bottle. 13. Excellent (5) 44.Small Annual calendar (7) Excellent (8) (5) 50. Smallmedicine medicine (5) DOWN 14.13. Unwanted. (8) 50. bottle. (5) DOWN 14. Unwanted. Scoffs (6)(6) 14. Alert (9) (9) from society. (10) DOWN 46. Scoffs Alert 52. Joins (5) Easingofofhostility hostilitybetween between 46. 17.14. Excluded 52. Joins (5) 1.1.DOWN Easing 17. Excluded society. (10) 47.53. Manservant (6) 1. Sound (5)(5) 15. So (9) (9) from 47. Manservant 1. Sound 15. So Haughty. (5)(6) nations. (7) 18. Auspicious occassion, ... 53. Haughty. (5) nations. (7) 18. Auspicious occassion, ... 48.54. Form of of expression 2.2.Sent (11) 16. 16. Directs (6) (6) 48. Form expression 2. Sent (11) Directs Catch sight of. (4) (4)(5)(5) Male ruff. (5) -letter day. (3) 54. Catch sight of. 2. Male ruff. (5) -letter day. (3) 49.49. Water vapour (5)(5) 3. Shy (8)(8)(6) 18. Skull (7) (7) (4) Water vapour 3.Cheat. Shy Skull 20.18. Whirlpool. 3.3.Cheat. (6) 20. Whirlpool. (4) 50.50. Gambol (5)(5) 4. Of public revenue 21. Disorder (4) (4) Gambol 4. Of public revenue Disorder Morning star (5)(6)(6) 22.21. Loss memory. (7) Solution 4.4.Morning star (5) 22. Loss ofofmemory. (7) 5. Turn outwards 23. Racket (3) (3) 5. Turn outwards Racket 5.Fast Fast time (4) (5)(5) 24.23. Strictness. (6) last week – 16 February 5. time (4) 24. Strictness. (6) For November 10,2004 2004 SOLUTION SOLUTION 6. Constrict (7)(7) (7) 25. Take by by sips (3) (3) 6. Constrict Take sips 6.Large Large statue(pl). (7) 26.25. Australian bird. 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N.Z. bird. ... ice.(3) 35. Eggs. (3) 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 34. Zealous (6) 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 34. Zealous (6) ... ice.(3) 35. Eggs. (3) 16. Dutch cheese. (4) 36.35. Saunter (5) 19. Competitor In brisk time(music) 19. Competitor (5)(5)(4) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) (7) 16. Dutch cheese. 36. Saunter (5) 19. Disprove. (6) 37.36. Facial feature. (7) 20. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state 20. N.Z. Prime Minister 36. U.S. state (4) (4)(7) 19. Disprove. (6) 37. Facial feature. 21.1975-84 Lasting. (7) 38.37. Impish dwarf. (5)(3) 1975-84 Sir Robert Biblical vessel Sir Robert ... ... (7)(7) 37. Biblical vessel (3) 21. Lasting. (7) 38. Impish dwarf. (5) 23. Collection peacocks.(6) (6) 39.39. Prosecute. (3) 22. Boils Curve 22. Boils (7)(7) ofofpeacocks. 39. Curve (3) (3)(3) 23. Collection 39. Prosecute. 25. Rhetoric. (7) 41. Delirium. (6) 24. Catch (3) 41. Cupid (4) 24. Catch (3) 41. Cupid (4) 25. Rhetoric. (7) 41. Delirium. (6) 26. Theft byan anwhales enployee. (12) 42.43. 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16 Thursday February 23, 2017






Island Bay Welcome to Erskine THE GARDENS Inspired by the beautiful historic Erskine Chapel, Erskine offers town houses and apartments of the highest quality in a wonderful leafy environment just ten minutes from the City. The Gardens offer a mix of architecturally designed two and three bedroom town houses, beautifully framed around the community gardens and lawn area.

Only the best and highest quality materials, fixtures and appliances have been selected for each home in Erskine.

Priced from $675,000 - $950,000


and as a wedding venue.

the space it will inhabit.

You will have the choice of four material palettes for your interior, each complimenting the design and enhancing the living space in their own way.

A pathway through the historic Reverend Mother’s Garden guides you directly to the Chapels front door. Terraced houses surround a central community lawn. Trees at the perimeter give the whole development a sanctuary feel.

This is your chance to be part of the future of Erskine.

The Erskine Chapel will be redeveloped to be used for functions

With the utmost respect for the land, the Erskine development compliments

ANDREW BRODIE: 021 465 869 | PANO FOCAS: 027 477 9559 | NICOLAS REEVE: 027 443 7907 For all enquiries regarding the Erskine development, please contact: Stathis Moutos | Mob: 021 433 575 | Email: For all general enquiries, please contact: Danielle Warren | Mob: 027 963 6633 | Email:


Erskine Showroom, Ground Floor, 46 Willis Street ( SPARK Building), open Monday – Friday 10:00am3:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-2:00pm or contact one of us today to make a time to view or visit

Cook Strait News 23-02-17  

Cook Strait News 23-02-17

Cook Strait News 23-02-17  

Cook Strait News 23-02-17