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Wednesday February 8, 2017


With Adrian Workman, Vietnam

By Emma McAuliffe

After over 30 years Wainuiomata band, Vietnam, will be reuniting to celebrate the re-release of their rare 1985 selftitled EP by record label BFE with a one off show as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival. The Wainuiomata News caught up with bassist Adrian Workman ahead of the show, “Indie Redux- WLG 1985” which will take place on Saturday, February 18 from 6.30pm until 9pm at Meow in Wellington. For tickets and more information head to

What’s Vietnam’s history, when did you guys form? “ We a l l a t t e n d e d Wainuiomata College. At the time there were a lot of students playing music together and experimenting with line-ups. Our music t e a c h e r, B e r y l Wr i d e , fought for us to get musical e qu ipment (a mps a nd a drum kit) purchased by the school. Jenny Morris was also teaching there, so we reaped the benefits of having strong advocates for music on the staff. Vietnam eventually formed from the pool of musicians. “Pete and I wrote a lot of songs at his parents’ house, often with just a piano and acoustic guitar. The band

rehea rsed in ga rages all around the valley, often to the disdain of neighbours and dogs, and started playing gigs in 1982, flying under the radar of being significantly underage. In fact, this will be our first legal show.”

When did BFE approach, hoping to do a re-release of your record? “ N e w Yo r k b l o g g e r Frankie Teardrop reviewed o u r E P o n h i s we b sit e ‘systemsofromance’ in 2013. BFE approached us in mid 2015 after reading the review, asking if we’d be interested in a re-issue. James Moss from Jayrem records (our original label) gave the re-release his blessing.”

Vietnam in 1985. L-R Peter Dransfield, Leon Reedijk, Shane Bradbrook, Adrian Workman. Photo: Karen Downes

What made you guys want to get the band back together for this release? “ T he ba nd never act ua l ly performed again after the original release in 1985. We disbanded and I moved to Australia, with Pete following soon after. It’s a great opportunity after 32 years to finally have a launch gig so we

can give something back to all the people that have supported us, and celebrate the EP getting a second life.”

Is there a particular reason you wanted to do it as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival?

“It made sense for us to create

a show that reflected the 1980’s Wellington Indie scene. We did a bit of a ‘search and rescue’ to locate other artists from that era to include on the bill. The people at Fringe Festival were genuinely excited to support the idea from the outset, and they’ve been a dream team to work with. Plus there’s a bit of prestige that comes with being part of such a cool festival.”


Wainuiomata News 08-02-17  

Wainuiomata News 08-02-17

Wainuiomata News 08-02-17  

Wainuiomata News 08-02-17