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Thursday January 12, 2017


Interpreting: An immensely satisfying job working with people at very vulnerable times in their lives, mostly in quite undesirable circumstances. Japanese people don’t often need interpreters for everyday communication, so this work is both critical and extremely rewarding.” With Interpreting NZ’s support, Mariko has recently gained an international qualification as a Japanese interpreter, because she enjoys the challenge

of the job and wants to perform at her full potential. Training is essential, because although being fully competent in language is a necessity, the skill of transferring a message accurately between languages requires great mental dexterity as well as a good knowledge of terminology in a wide variety of settings. In addition, interpreters must remain neutral, and keep things confidential – being signed up

to a code of ethics is part of the job. If you are fully proficient in English and at least one other language, is this is a job for you? You’ll find that you’re never bored – every assignment is different, so you could be working at the doctor’s one day and a lawyer’s office the next.  Check the advertisement below for details of our next training – we are recruiting now.

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Interpreters Needed Recruiting now for our next introductory interpreting course starting in Wellington in March 2017. We offer full training and an excellent hourly rate. You should be: 1. Available during working hours. 2. A NZ citizen or holder of permanent residence status. 3. Proficient in English and any of the following languages: • Arabic • Hindi • Sinhalese • Assyrian • Karen • Sri Lankan Tamil • Burmese • Khmer • Somali • Chin • Korean • Tagalog • Cook Islands Maori • Lao • Thai • Dari • Nepali • Turkish • Farsi • Punjabi • Tuvalu

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Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine and is a close cousin to the better known Tai Chi. Unlike that practice, Qigong isn't based on martial arts, instead, it uses a variety of gentle movements, says Sabine Tuohy, who teaches Yuan Gong - Qigong classes at her Pilates Synergy Studio in Lyall Bay. Its motions are simple and repetitive, making Qigong very accessible so anyone can do it, Sabine adds. She is convinced of it’s effectiveness in increasing energy levels, prevention and reduction of aches and pains and increased wellbeing. For more information check out her website;

Our boutique beachside studio at Lyall Bay has stunning views over the ocean and offers professional Pilates Ph 04 293 2705 instruction in a relaxing and beautiful environment.

For more details and dates check out our website: or contact us: 021 2070664

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Successful applicants will be required to complete the introductory interpreting course and pass an assessment before being employed on a casual basis. To find out more and to fill in an application form, visit or call (04) 916 2462 or 384 2849. Applications open until Friday 10 February 2017.




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Mariko Hummel-Jibiki started working as a Japanese interpreter for Interpreting New Zealand in 2011, after completing their Introductory Interpreting course. She finds her role incredibly satisfying, not least because by removing the language barrier, she is enabling people to make their own decisions with full understanding. In Mariko’s own words, “This job is so meaningful for me because I am




One-On-One Classes

Introductory Mat Courses

Equipment Classes

If you have back problems this course is for you. It increases mobility and “wakes up” the deep stabilising muscles of the spine. It stretches, strengthens and mobilises the body. It can be effective at alleviating back pain and strengthening muscles post-pregnancy. • Monday 10.30am, Start: 30th January 2017 • Thursday 8pm, Start: 2nd February 2017

These one-on-one sessions allow the instructor to guide the participant directly and tailor the class to their needs. The participant will receive individual attention and will be able to make use of our equipment. Please contact us to book.

This course familiarises participants with the principles, vocabulary and fundamental exercises used in Pilates. It reveals and explains correct posture, breathing and movement control. • Wednesday 8pm, Start: 1st February 2017 • Saturday 11am, Start: 11th February 2017

A maximum of four people ensures that you get constant attention from the teacher. The class consists of equipment exercises and mat work. Please contact us to book.

PILATES SYNERGY & QIGONG SYNERGY | Corner of Kingsford Smith St and Lyall Parade Level 1 (above Real Surf) | FREE PARKING AVAILABLE

Qigong is a 5000 year old Chinese health care system, focusing on the cultivation of Qi (energy) using consciousness, the body and breathing. When these elements work together in harmony they become powerful tools to improve health and wellbeing.

B R E AT H E - R E L A X - M O V E For more details and dates check out our website: or contact us: 021 2070664

Release tension Prevent aches and pains Meditative Uplifting Feel good Easy to learn For everybody Yuan Gong Qigong is a prevention and healing system that is wasy and fun! Come and try it – you will like it!

Tian Yuan and Di Yuan Introductory Workshop Sunday 15th January 2017 9.30am – 12.00pm Pilates Synergy Studio, Lyall Bay

Tian Yuan and Di Yuan Practice Class Start: Tuesday 22nd January 2017 8pm - weekly Duration: 60–90 minutes Pilates Synergy Studio, Lyall Bay

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