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27 Ju sday, Wedne

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the and all msung one, Sa lphones ws PC • Fix Iph brands’ cel Windo other tops and ds and ipa ple Lap • Fix Ap s including let LL • Fix tab ILLE MA NV SO JOHN

Loca urchill Dr: 7.30am-6am-6.00p 00 128 Ch y-Friday ay: 8.

.wsn www

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15 Jun

Is this for ? you 54z 454-6 0800 smowin

tom aisal Go to k Appr

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6 y 7-1 Toda


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m top Haupap ction We nts (fro de, Huia ool produ Stude Bri ng sch llege Sarah Mc w Co -comi Onslo ha Parrant, r in the up Wilson Natas an will sta Sharnahea : Workm PHOTOS Story.

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althe ch ing on e Story. lson n be tak st Sid ge ea Wi will soomusical Welsow Colle ir arnah dents ed On perfect the By Sh lege stu much lov has led the rch to ty ious col tasha Ambit performing Delahun since Ma ny, Na ls of ist To Anita, will lenge tor Sa rah rehearsa on Di rec through g protagupapa, as playin nts Ha e. stude rmances. Hampton, and Huia wd in Jun , perfo nts Cole ng Maria nt of a cro ge 2 Stude portrayi gs in fro ed on pa ton, nt, HampMills Cole Parra the big son Continu right) d James Side tackle st left to a an

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school py Pre • Pup ence g Obedi • Do




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Go to(Click Ap

y 10-16 Toda

26 nesday,

, storm n by gton llin llingto lson ing We year’s We ea Wi c is tak this ed to arnah fanati ected for nsferr d play By Sh ckey sel us tra old host player ra Du to study an -yearnt Ta A 15 the younge stude in February ting e ipa m. ng tea rtic ha ol being nal rep s pa an exc te Scho se I wa said. Regio 10 Germ Collegia Team n becau have rtswoma al Hockey Year Marsden terms. el would Samu for three er than I the keen spor 18 Capit 11 team. hockey e over lat rmany,” th the Unde rsden first “I cam nals in Geed for bo d the Ma ge 2 pa an to in natiowas select ion-wide, nued on ars up Conti , 15, ge ea Wilson Tara stems reg ah a Duus which nt Tar OTOS: Sharn stude ange ment. PH rna te exch llegia hockey tou l en Co Marsd a nationa in y pla


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29 Jun

day Thurs ard se on lson surpri d up to aw we ea Wi asant g t a ple cers sho arnah vellin By Sh hool go e offi l bus tra s to del Scnville polic schoo g the bu . ra Mo y. Maka ee Johnso ir braver March 18 a nk causin ver inside thr , the re ba dri when dents for of Friday went up a and a bus n saw a fi at six stu morningkara Road students land Brow ke a gre On the uth Ma pping six ld Cleve would ma it r-o So tra down to its side, eight-yea d thought escape. flip on -thinkingthe bus an in order to ge 2 Quick her on window ed on pa Archie uis 10, nu ve, for exting smash the Conti llbelo cates tool to Jack We e certifi wn, 8, 6, receiv d Bro n, velan Anderso n 9, Cle lloch, Antonio ea Wilso Gus Tu , 6 and : Sharnah ch Tullo ry. PHOTOS n brave tuitio


1 day 8-1 Satur

1 y 6-1 Frida

3 day 7-1 Thurs

4 y 9-1 Toda



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Johnso 453) Ave, 1679 08 224 nister 34 Ban Ph: 478 DCARE ( childc 2CHIL 0508 hnsonville ldc hone: @jo illechi Freep ail: info hnsonv Em

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Year in review www.


Dece ay, 7

ently. ville’s on sh rec , l Engli ited Johnselopment ce Bil uth dev ial work Finan English vis , a yo soc Mr e 2000 d family alleng an n ed Ch mmunityt Friday. Wilso ge 2. tch ea co on pa sna arnah sing ncy, lasContinued agency By Sh enge work discuss rai with age all ial Ch tor y to e age al soc of the 00 direc A loc opportunit uth justic nister of ckey Mi yo u Ma enge 20 up theZealand’s nister and , Wirem d Chall New ty Prime Mi KinleyEnglish an l ty Mc Depu er Kit nister Bil n Mi found Wilso 2000 ty Prime arnahea pu Sh enge Chall group, Der. PHOTO: 2000 O’Conno Steve


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Saturday 14-18

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09.85/N 245IH016-

Wednesday 11 January 2017

016-0 245IH


21 day 17Satur



Phone 04 04 939 939 0911 •• Fax Phone Fax0404939 9390072 0072 Ema o@cooperaw awcoconznz Ema n o@cooper


n a h ng dog

Dog Training in Karori! • Puppy Preschoo • Dog Obed ence

• O ead con ro • Home v s s

En oy a ca m obed ent dog!

www can neso ut ons co nz Ph 04 977 1110


Wednesday January 11, 2017

How to reach us

Telephone (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661


Sharnahea Wilson E: P: 587 1660 NATIONAL SALES :

Sam Barnes P: 587 1660

Year in review


David Lewis E: P: 587 1660 SALES

Steve Maggs E: P: 587 1660

Looking back over 2016


Local woman Dame Kate Harcourt was honoured with a lifetime achievement award sponsored by Ryman, while the Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand marked 400 years since the playwright’s death. While locals got passionate about protesting the TPPA, house prices in the capital continued to sky rocket.

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Independent Herald

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Zealandia welcomed 45 rare spotted skinks while Sevens Rugby Fever took hold of the capital. A new police kiosk was introduced in Karori and

Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside Wellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd


Amesbury School Children in Churton Park were delighted with the opening of their new adventure playground. MARCH:

Johnsonville School celebrated the refurbishment of their school pool thanks to EasySwim and St Ninian’s Church in Karori welcomed a new Minister Hana Popea. The Botanic Children’s Garden officially got underway and the Churton Park Toastmasters celebrated their first birthday. APRIL:

The Johnsonville St Vincent


Ph: (04) 478 4023 E: 16-18 Earp Street, JOHNSONVILLE We have Hospital, Rest Home and Respite beds available in a warm, loving family environment.

While local police reduced their office hours to spend more time out and about on patrol, Karori received a new wall mural painted by artists Ruth and Ian Taylor. In a tough year for the Johnsonville Shopping Centre Pacific Jewellers closed

RENTAL BIKES Have a mate visiting over the holidays? Take him for a bike ride. MUD CYCLES 424 Karori Road, Karori

(Drive on access from Makara Rd)

Ph 04 476 4961 Your Home Away From Home


Happy New Year to all our loyal customers!


“Our aim is to provide a caring Home for elderly people and to be a responsible employer to our staff.”

de Paul charity shop moved to a new location on Broderick Road while local woman Rhodora Jaminola raised over $7000 shaving her hair for cancer. It was also announced the iconic Wellington Cable Car would receive a $3 million upgrade.

their shop after 27 years. Victoria University had its biggest ever graduation and Bellevue School celebrated the opening of their new playground. JUNE:

Six locals were awarded for their hard work with Queen’s Birthday Honours while an initiative was passed which meant under fives would be able to swim for free. Marsden Collegiate School gained Confucius Classroom status while Newlands College dean Jerome Cargill won an Australian Scholarship Group National Excellence Award.

Showroom: 29 Hutt Road, Thorndon BLINDS FOR YOUR HOME AND OFFICE


Classified Sales: Nicola Adams

• Exciting new fabrics • Wide range of blinds • Colour consultancy • Installation - Repairs • 3 year guarantee

FREE measure and quote Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm JUST DEDICATED TO YOUR SATISFACTION Ph: 04 472 9920 -

Wednesday January 11, 2017


Local wins top prize

Year in review

Johnsonville local Lulu Quayle was presented with a brand new iPhone7 for Christmas by Domino’s New Zealand as part of a Facebook competition in the lead-up to Christmas. In the “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways” Domino’s Facebook fans were asked to enter each day for prizes, giving responses to a question posed, and as each day progressed the value of the prizes increased, with the ultimate prize – a brand new iPhone7 being awarded on the final day. Lulu received her prize from the Domino’s Johnsonville store manager personally, and was thrilled to get a new phone saying “it was the best end to 2016/start of 2017 that she could have asked for”.

Looking back over 2016



The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email

Johnsonville Senior Citizens Club Inc JULY:

Victor ia University announced new accommodation for their 2017 students and the Johnsonville Lions raised $15,000 for a new freezer at the Gillies McIndoe Research Institute. Safer Speeds were implemented in Ngaio, Northland, Khandallah and Wadestown and the Predator Free 2050 scheme launched at Zealandia. AUGUST:

The closing of Wellington’s beloved Kirkcaldie and Stains saw the opening of the new David Jones department store and the city celebrated 75 years of women in police. While the Challenge 2000 team hit


the streets for their annual appeal, the 1909 Karori Chapel was restored. The Greater Wellington Regional Council unanimously passed motions for more Park’n’Ride and better bus hubs locally.

While Makara Model School celebrated 150 years in existence, the Greater Wellington Regional Council voted unanimously for the Living Wage. Wellington City became more accessible to blind people thanks to Kontakt. io beacons. The capital had the highest local government voter turnout since 2002 when the city elected a new Mayor – Johnsonville’s Justin Lester.


Ot a r i-Wilton Bush was awarded a G-Star Garden of International Significance and the Newlands Kapa Haka festival saw the Newlands College hall overflowing with keen spectators. New plans were revealed for a $150 million Johnsonville Shopping Centre upgrade and Karori residents expressed their concerns over the closing of the Victoria University Karori Campus.


An official turning of the sod ceremony marked the beginning of the Karori Event Centre and Newlands College student Finn Lewis claimed the bragging rights for being the




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While the team at the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden raised funds to repair the historic site after it was damaged in the November quake, the Campbell Kindergarten group were fighting to save their space on the Karori Campus site. Wellingtonians celebrated a Very Welly Christmas in the city and locals enjoyed a sunny Johnsonville Christmas Parade thanks to the Lions.

MP for Ohariu

For appointments phone 478 0076 (J'ville office) 3 Frankmoore Ave, Johnsonville 232 5381 (Tawa office) 220B Main Road, Tawa Email: Ohariu.MP

Accredited Nutrition Courses


• 375L Frost Free Cooling • Unique Crispa Drawer & Ice Maker • LED Interior Light & Door Alarms






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country’s top speller after taking out a national spelling bee. A magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook the capital which caused the building at 61 Molesworth Street to be deconstructed.

Johnsonville Senior Citizens Club Inc invites new members 55 years and over for monthly outings. The 9th February outing will be at Empire Restaurant/Cinema in Island Bay. Ph Pat or Dave 2375737

6-8 Broderick Road Johnsonville 478-4988 • Easy Parking

12 Month Interest Free *condition apply

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Certificate of Nutrition & Health Coaching Course Become a Recognised Nutrition & Health Coach

Our Courses: • Accredited Certificate of Nutrition • Certificate of Childhood Nutrition • Certificate of Sports Nutrition • Principles of Physical Activity • Motivational Techniques

• Certificate of Weight Loss • Meal & Menu Planning • Foundations of Food Coaching • Nutrition Psychology • Pregnancy Nutrition

- and many more -

Ph 07 574 6499


Wednesday January 11, 2017

inbrief news Summer Star Trek Four years into their five-year mission, the crew of the Enterprise is back for another fantastic season of Summer Star Trek for a Journey to Babel. Summer Star Trek is a live, outdoor theatrical performance of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode “Journey to Babel”. Summer Star Trek is a great chance to bring a picnic and enjoy the best of Wellington’s summer. The shows in Aro Park are January 11-14 and 18-21 at 6.30, with pre-show entertainment from 6PM. All shows are koha.

Reading carpark demolition Demolition of the Reading carpark started on January 4 after it was significantly damaged in the November 14 earthquake. Moana Mackey, from Wellington City Council’s earthquake recovery team, said there was a lot of preparation to get the site ready for the high-reach crane. Reading International, the building owner, said the demolition was due to take through to the end of March to complete to ground level.

Brett Hudson

National list MP based in Ohariu JOHNSONVILLE OFFICE Level 2, 29 Broderick Rd Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-3pm 04 478 0628 for appointments WADESTOWN CLINIC Fri 2-3pm. Le Maquis, 11 Sefton St, Wadestown Authorised by Brett Hudson, 29 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville.

New Year Honours 2016 Ma ny resident s of t he northern and western suburbs of Wellington have been recognised in the 2016 New Yea r Honou rs l ist. The New Zealand Royal Honours system thanks and congratulates people who have served their communities.  Dame Companion of The

New Zealand Order of Merit

Honourable Frances Helen Wi lde, C N Z M, QSO of Thorndon for services to the State and the community.  Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit Honourable Marion Anne Frater of Kelburn for services to the judiciary.  Member of The New Zea-

land Order of Merit

Ms Karen Lorraine Fifield of Karori for services to business and animal welfare. Miss Katherine Horan of Paparangi for services to paralympic sport. Mr Hewitt Royden Humphrey, QSM, JP of Northland for services as a broadcaster and to the community.

 Companion of The Queen’s Service Order

Mr Alastair Miles Bisley of Kelburn for services to the State.  Awarded The Queen’s Service Medal Mr William Bruce Johnston of Karori for services to Scouting and the community.

Honour for Khandallah local By Sharnahea Wilson

A local man who helped New Zealand secure the position of Rugby World Cup host in 2011 says he is honoured to be recognised for his hard work throughout his extensive career. Khandallah resident Brian Roche was appointed a Knight Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the State and business in the 2017 New Year Honours list. “It comes as a complete surprise... I was surprised and honoured at the same time.” Brian has been chief executive of New Zealand Post since 2010 and has both overseen a significant transformation of the organisation and contributed to the expansion of Kiwibank. He was head of the Bid Project Team for the 2011 Rugby

World Cup and was subsequently chair of the company which ran the tournament. “I was working on the New Zealand Rugby Union at the time and the opportunity came up.” Brian said he was “one of the few people” who believed it would be possible for New Zealand to be the host of the 2011 world cup. He played a key role in bringing stakeholders together to achieve the successful bid to host the World Cup in New Zealand. “It was a huge honour for New Zealand,” Brian said. One of the things that had the biggest impact on Brian’s career was his secondment to the Prime Minister’s Department in the late 1980s and early 1990s as it “opened up a lot of opportunities”. Brian subsequently became Chair of the WWI Centenary

Khandallah resident Brian Roche was appointed a Knight Companion of The New Zealand Order of Merit. PHOTO: Supplied

Panel and contributed to the successful running of centenary events throughout New Zealand.

He was chief Crown negotiator on Treaty of Waitangi settlements in the 1990s and is recognised as having been a major contributor to the successful outcome of the Ngai Tahu settlement, which laid the framework for subsequent Treaty negotiations. The local man was also the inaugural Chair of the Auckland Regional Transport and the first Chair of the New Zealand Transport Authority when it was established in 2008. Among his many achievements and positions, Brian has been an Independent Chair of Hurricanes Rugby since 2013 and currently Chairs Antarctica New Zealand, Tait Electronics, and the Wellington Gateway Project. With retirement nearing, Brian said he was now looking forward to spending more time with his wife and family.

Wednesday January 11, 2017


Top 5 photos of 2016 Dancing delight: A local ballerina shone with the receipt of a national ballet scholarship. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson


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Save our kindy: Four-year-old girls fighting to save their beloved West Side Story: Onslow College students Campbell Kindergarten in Karori. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson wowed their crowds with a fantastic rendition of the classic play. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson


11 Burgess Road, Johnsonville Turning of the sod: Much to the delight of locals the Karori Event Centre was officially City festivities: Wellington welcomed in the Chinese New Year, the year of the Red Fire Monkey. PHOTO: Bella Photography underway. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson

Ph: 478 2477 Fax: 478 3505 Owner operated & personal service is guaranteed Pick up and delivery in and around the Johnsonville area.


Wednesday January 11, 2017

School Holidays Go out of this world with Capital E's Great Scavenger Hunt

You’re off to great places! Today is your Day! Your mountain is waiting, So... Get on your way! Dr Seuss

Wellington's favourite family day out is going interstellar this Wellington Anniversary weekend. Capital E's Great Scavenger Hunt is back for its seventh edition, with more destinations than ever. Intrepid explorers will visit the final frontier as they hunt for clues and complete missions. Wellington's waterfront will be taken over by young astronauts, armed with Capital E's special maps, to explore the different 'planets' – exciting organisations that celebrate the region's spirit such as Space Place at Carter Observatory, SPCA and Te Papa. The hunt, which has been a popular feature of Wellington Anniversary weekend since 2010, runs from 10am-4pm on Saturday 21 January. Entry to the Great Scavenger Hunt is by koha, and it takes off with a map, which can be collected from Capital E Central at 4 Queens Wharf or printed of f online beforehand from w w w. Scavengers then visit

the destinations, complete the stellar challenges and collect stamps. Each challenge has two difficulty levels, with a 60-minute or 120-minute course to choose from. Budding astronauts are encouraged to dress in their best intergalacticinspired costumes - there'll be spot prizes on the day for the best dressed and a costume parade at Queens Wharf at 12:45pm. Scavengers who complete all the challenges will go in

the draw to win the ultimate prize pack. There will also be a lunchtime extravaganza under the sails at Queens Wharf from 12pm-1:45pm, complete with entertainment, local food trucks and prizes for the best dressed. In case of rain, the Great Scavenger Hunt will be postponed until Sunday 22 January – keep an eye out on Capital E's Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to their e-newsletter for notification.

Marvellous Magical Musical The Pantoloons present the award winning 'Sleeping Bertie'. Written by Roseneath resident Amanda Stone, Musical Theatre NZ Merit and Theatre Fed NZ Merit holder. The cast includes several Wellington actors including Johnsonville resident Tanisha Wardle.  Enjoy this marvellous magical musical at the Gryphon Theatre, Wellington. Jan 17 - 20. Tickets $10, text 0273282997.

ROOF RACK CENTRE • Kayaks – Family Packages Available • Bike Racks • Roof Racks • Roof Boxes

Phone (04) 477 6911 | 2 Centennial Highway, Ngauranga |

Wednesday January 11, 2017

Dancers bring classic fairytale to life



New Zealand’s No.1 Kitchen re-face company THE AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE TO A NEW KITCHEN.



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282 HIGH STREET, LOWER HUTT Serving: Greater Wellington

(Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt & Porirua)

ABOVE: Maya Shiraywa of Karori wows the crowd as Cinderella. LEFT: Fairy Godmother, India Gee, dances with a bunch of pumpkins. PHOTOS: Amber Griffin photography By Sharnahea Wilson

Local dancers wowed two full crowds at their end of year show for 2016 at the Memorial Theatre in Kelburn. Students of all ages from the Fiona Haines Dance Academy in both Karori and Brooklyn performed a full production of the classic fairytale Cinderella. An influx of boys over the last few years has meant Fiona needed to create more roles for males in her popular end-of-year productions. Fiona offers boys-only ballet classes where dancers from different grades get together for a class run by a male dance teacher. “It’s so important for the boys to have the opportunity to have a male tutor,” Fiona said. “I also combine the boys every year in the fourth term for our production so they can play a part they’ll love, like the ‘Prince’s Guards’ in Cinderella.” Fiona also runs Fairy Ballet classes for

pre-schoolers where she incorporates different themes with stories using props and imagination. All students are involved in yearly examinations and a full production, Fiona explained. “My senior students are already asking me what show we will be doing in 2017 and trying to work out which part they may get a chance to play. “Dancing is all about getting out on stage and it’s the favourite part of the year for them.” She said the academy had achieved 100 per cent pass rates in all exams for over 20 years in both Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance) and NZAMD Jazz and Contemporary. Past productions include Pinocchio, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Snow Goose as well as many Christmas themed stories.  Enrolments are now being taken for 2017. Contact Fiona on 021721020or at



Wednesday January 11, 2017

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What is your New Year’s resolution?

Ana Leaupepe, Johnsonville

Howard Biggs, Ngaio

Glen Fisher, Johnsonville

Karen Janssen-Bould, Johnsonville

Cole Hampton, Johnsonville

“The usual – to lose weight. I have been going to the swimming pools three times a week. Also to be more giving.”

“To get more sleep. I make resolutions as I need them.”

“To lose some weight.”

“I don’t have any, I don’t see why you should – it’s just another day.”

“To smile at everyone I see on the streets.”

Natasha Parrant, Johnsonville “To be healthier, be nicer to people, and to try out new things and see where I can get.”

Wellington donates generously at Christmas The Wellington City Mission has once again been blown away by locals’ response to the annual Christmas Star Appeal. Individuals, businesses, teams and families across Wellington have been getting involved in different ways including filling 420 Christmas Star Boxes with food and toys, taking part in the iconic ‘Pack the Bus’ and purchasing close to 200 stars on The Mission’s Walk of Fame.

Generous private and business donors also contributed financially, enabling The Mission to continue offering their programmes and services into the New Year. “We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported our Christmas Star Appeal this year,” Wellington City Mission chief executive officer Michelle Branney said. “It’s incredible to know that this support has touched the lives of

thousands of people this Christmas.” Because of the generous support of Greater Wellington, during December The Mission gave out close to 900 Christmas food parcels – food for approximately 3000 people. This is on top of the 300 regular food parcels which they also distributed during November and December. Approximately 1700 children

from throughout Wellington also received new gifts at Christmas. Recipients of the food and gifts are Mission clients, as well as those of 31 other community service agencies The Mission collaborates with, such as Kokiri Marae Maori Women’s Refuge, Porirua Whanau Centre, Red Cross Refugee Services and Challenge 2000. Some of the Christmas parcels were delivered with the help of players from the Hurricanes, the Phoe-

nix and the Firebirds, and included items such as chicken donated by Tegel Foods, sausages from The Mad Butcher, hams from Hellers, and other Christmas goods from local businesses and individual donors – plus gifts for children. In the lead-up to Christmas The Mission also held three sittings for a Hakari (feast) in their drop-in centre – the first for volunteers, then two sittings for guests – catering for 140 people in total.


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Wednesday January 11, 2017

Bringing in the New Year with Onslow-Western Ward Councillors  DIANE CALVERT

“Happy New Year and one, I hope, that holds new opportunities for you all. The mid to long ter m i mpacts of t he recent earthquake will require us to rethink what is most important and how we can be more resilient for the future. Connected and engaged communities, such as we have in Onslow-Western, are critical to our resilience. For me, as a new councillor, I’m looking forward to driving improvement in my specific portfolio community planning and engagement. The council usually ‘consults’ near the end of a process but I want to see real engagement with citizens much earlier on and before solutions are presented. There are good opportunities to do just that on key projects such as Karori development, cycleways, commuter parking, and new infrastructure.”  SIMON WOOLF

“Wishing all in Onslow Western a happy safe and fruitful 2017. Last year saw the Resource Consent being approved for the Terawhiti Artificial Turf, the first sod being turned on The Karori Event Centre and the formation of The Khandallah Residents Group which were three highlights of 2016. In 2017 I will be encouraging a positive resolution to the Victoria University Teachers Training College site,

where community facilities are retained. This includes the courts, the green spaces the childcare centres, and if possible the halls. Further aims and objectives for 2017 would to be to encourage a more resilient Onslow-Western, and especially in light of the floods and earthquakes we already have had. It would also be great if we could all make an effort in making our area predator free as soon as possible too. Retaining and encouraging our nature is important, as is enhancing quality of life opportunities in our suburbs.”  ANDY FOSTER

“ C h r i st m a s New Year is a time to reflect on what is important and where your focus will be in the coming year(s). In 2017 the big opportunities for our ward include resolving the future of the College of Education and developing a comprehensive long term Karori Plan. We’ll launch an ambitious programme to get rid of pest predators (rats, stoats, possums) to help native birds and lizards thrive. We’ll see Karori Events Centre and Terawhiti artificial turf built, and significant building programmes at schools across the ward. I’ve always liked this quote, inscribed at Mount Arthur Hut in Kahurangi National Park ‘I expect to come this way but once. Any goodness therefore that I do, Or any kindness that I can show to my fellow creatures, Let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, For I may not pass this way again’. There will only be one 2017 so let’s use it well.”


Longview Home diversional therapist Marlene Bowles, her granddaughter and Longview Home volunteer Emmelia Stevenson, volunteer Becca Ritchie and her grandmother, Longview Home enrolled nurse, Angela Ritchie.

Volunteer this New Year If you have free time on your hands this year, why not donate it to people who have already given a lifetime of skills and knowledge to our communities? That’s what students Emmelia Stevenson (15) and Becca Ritchie (14) do. Every school holidays the pair can be found volunteering at Enliven’s Longview Home in Tawa helping out where they can to enhance the lives of the elders that live there. While they were both introduced to Longview Home by their grandmothers who work there, they are encouraging other people in the community to consider becoming an Enliven volunteer. “I started volunteering when I was four and a half – I’d come in to see the residents and spent time with them. Now when I volunteer I help out with the activities and any other little jobs,” Emmelia explains. “I like the people. They’re really nice and they have really interesting stories to tell.” Volunteering with Enliven is helping Emmelia with her Duke of Edinburgh Award community hours, as well as giving her the opportunity to give back to her elders. “I finished my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award last year and now I’m looking to do silver and gold, so volunteering here helps with my community hours, and I really

enjoy it,” says Emmelia. Becca says volunteering at the home is giving her invaluable work experience as well as being fun at the same time. “My grandma works here and has for a long time so I started coming along for visits when I was five,” says Becca. “When I volunteer I mostly help out in the office. It’s great to help me with my community hours for Girl Guides and it’s good work experience.” Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, is looking for volunteers of all ages to bring more variety to their homes, including Longview Home in Tawa, Cashmere Heights Home and Cashmere Home in Johnsonville, and Huntleigh Home in Karori. Volunteers can help by gardening with the residents, painting nails, visiting with animals or young children, playing music, helping with the men’s group or other activities like crafts, board games, or simply spending one-on-one time with the residents.  To express your interest in volunteering with Enliven, email or visit To find out more about Enliven’s homes and services in Wellington, freephone 0508 ENLIVEN.

Enjoy life with Enliven

Some things make for happier, healthier living, no matter what your age or ability.

At Enliven, we provide more than just boutique independent retirement villages and vibrant rest homes; at Enliven we work with you to achieve the things that are important to you. Independent retirement living Huntleigh Apartments offers a modern retirement lifestyle in the central Wellington suburb of Karori. From the great social life to the fantastic community spirit, right through to the perfect location, purpose built facilities and friendly staff, Huntleigh Apartments by Enliven has it all. Rest homes with a difference Enliven’s homes are different. As well as providing quality clinical care and practical daily living support, we create elder-centred communities.



Retirement Apartments 1pm to 2pm, Wed 18th January

Our homes are filled with family and friends, fun, variety and spontaneity. For example, we believe pets can be both calming and energising, so elders often move in with their beloved pets. Talk to us about the Enliven difference, or come to see for yourself!

Huntleigh Home & Apartments 221 Karori Road, Karori

Longview Home

14 Sunrise Boulevard, Tawa

Cashmere homes

Helston Road, Johnsonville

Visit: or Free phone: 0508 36 54 83

221 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington

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Pet friendly around New Zealand Pet friendly accommodation holiday around New Ne Zealand properties Pet friendly accommodation

Interpreting: An immensely satisfying job

PetPet friendly accommodation friendly accommodation around New Zealand

around New Zealand

Pets Can Come Too has a long list of holiday homes throughout If your family includes a dog, cat, bird or New Zealand that a then other furry creature have If your family includes dog,we cat, birdsome or will give your good news other furry creature thenfor weyou. have some Petsfamily Can Come whole a Too good news for has you.a long list of If your familyNew includes a dog, cat, bird or holiday homesToo throughout Zealand warm welcome. Pets Can Come has furry a long list of we have some other creature then

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other furry creature then we have some good news for you. Ph 04 293 Pets Can Come Too2705 has a long list of Ph 04 293 2705 Ph 04 293 2705 holiday homes throughout New Zealand Ph 04 2705 that will give your whole family a warm welcome.

Pets Can Come Too is a website that helps pet-loving travellers to find pet friendly accommodation throughout New Zealand. It lists over 500 pet friendly holiday properties ranging from Hotels & Motels, B&B, Home & Farm Stays, Lodges and private holiday homes and batch’s with prices ranging from motor-camps at $19 a night for a tent site to up-market lodges and holiday homes costing as much as $3000 a night.

Fun, Friendship & Exercise

Ph 04 293 2705 Scottish Country Dancing JOHNSONVILLE  No partner required  Toe-tapping Celtic music BEGINNERS’ CLASSES Monday 6, 13, 20 & 27 February, 7.30 pm Johnsonville School Hall Morgan Street, Johnsonville Low cost: $4 per class or $12 for all four Monday club nights run from 6 March to end of November For more information contact John 022 659-0759 Rod/Kristin 478-4948


Mariko Hummel-Jibiki started working as a Japanese interpreter for Interpreting New Zealand in 2011, after completing their Introductory Interpreting course. She finds her role incredibly satisfying, not least because by removing the language barrier, she is enabling people to make their own decisions with full understanding. In Mariko’s own words, “This job is so meaningful for me because I am working with people at very vulnerable times in their lives, mostly in quite undesirable circumstances. Japanese people don’t often need interpreters for everyday communication, so this work is both critical and extremely rewarding.” With Interpreting NZ’s support, Mariko has recently gained an international qualification as a Japanese interpreter, because she enjoys the challenge of the job and wants to perform at her full potential. Training is essential, because although being fully competent in language is a necessity, the skill of transferring a message accurately between languages requires great

mental dexterity as well as a good knowledge of terminology in a wide variety of settings. In addition, interpreters must remain neutral, and keep things confidential – being signed up to a code of ethics is part of the job. If you are fully proficient in English and at least one other language, is this is a job for you? You’ll find that you’re never bored – every assignment is different, so you could be working at the doctor’s one day and a lawyer’s office the next. Check the advertisement below for details of our next training – we are recruiting now.

Interpreters Needed Movement - Balance - Life A boutique Pilates studio in the heart of Johnsonville offering Pilates, yoga and functional movement exercise. We offer: Personalised equipment sessions. Small group courses in Pilates mat and yoga. SPECIAL OFFER: Book using our online system to receive special offers - see the website for more information.

4 Broderick Road, Johnsonville E: P: 027 309 4921

Recruiting now for our next introductory interpreting course starting in Wellington in March 2017. We offer full training and an excellent hourly rate. You should be: 1. Available during working hours. 2. A NZ citizen or holder of permanent residence status. 3. Proficient in English and any of the following languages: • Arabic • Hindi • Sinhalese • Assyrian • Karen • Sri Lankan Tamil • Burmese • Khmer • Somali • Chin • Korean • Tagalog • Cook Islands Maori • Lao • Thai • Dari • Nepali • Turkish • Farsi • Punjabi • Tuvalu Successful applicants will be required to complete the introductory interpreting course and pass an assessment before being employed on a casual basis. To find out more and to fill in an application form, visit or call (04) 916 2462 or 384 2849. Applications open until Friday 10 February 2017.

KARORI BOWLING CLUB A community asset

Have your year 8 & 9 pupils got a summer sport? JOIN IN one afternoon a week after school for training and fun games to learn the skills and join a competition in 2017. Ring Edna Collingwood: 938 4986

Bowls is a game where the basics are easy to learn so it is enjoyable from the start. It can be played in many different formats: • • • •

As a game with friends & family for an hour or two As a weekend pastime As an after work game particularly in summer evenings As a regular sport with weekly interclub games.

10 Lewer Street, Karori

Telephone 476 7369

OUTDOOR BOWLING Stroll on by if anyone is bowling come in enjoy an hour in these long evenings at KARORI BOWLING CLUB. Details at:

Wednesday January 11, 2017


12 Wednesday January 11, 2017


& OUTDOOR Wellington Gardens Ltd

LIVING Jon Muller


Handy hints for having a water-wise garden over summer Wellington Gardens Ltd Jon Muller AWARD WINNING LANDSCAPE DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION

Wellington Gardens Ltd Jon Muller

PO Box 13-402, Wellington 6440 Phone: (04) 477 - 4744 AWARD WINNING Mob: (027) 479 - 4195 email: LANDSCAPE DESIGN website: PO Box 13-402, Wellington 6440 Phone: (04) 477 - 4744 Mob: (027) 479 - 4195 email: website:

Gardening in Wellington

If you want a successful outcome when constructing your landscape garden, or house for that matter, there are three components you need to get right. They are good quality design, good quality materials and good quality workmanship. For example, when looking at what planting is best for your garden, you need to design your planting to achieve a good balance of plants to hard surfaces like paving, using plants that will grow well in the environment and for their intended purpose, and only use quality plants grown locally. When planting you want to use quality garden mixes, and plant firmly in the ground. At this time of the year it wouldn’t be sensible


to plant unless you had an irrigation system, as people are away on holiday. If you are laying or sowing a lawn at this time an automated irrigation system is essential. Landscape construction includes hard construction such as walls, fences, paving, and concrete as well as garden lighting and irrigation which have become part of most landscapes now. To get a successful outcome good design, materials and workmanship are essential to get a Box 13-402, Wellington 6440 good long termPOresult. Phone: Ltd., (04) 477 - 4744 and At Wellington Gardens we design Mob: (027) 479 - 4195in build landscapes with those three things mind but alsoemail: consider your budget as well as website: your wish list. For further information, contact Jon on 027 479 4195.

Irrigation is important in your garden especially over the summer months, but equally important is reducing your water usage. Your garden needs plenty of water to stay healthy and to ensure your plants and lawn stay green, the right watering is essential. A top tip for saving water is to water your garden in the morning and your pots in the afternoon. The timing of when you water pot plants during the day can have a significant effect on plant growth. Watering container plants in the afternoon may lead to healthier, stronger growing plants compared to container plants watered early in the morning. It is also a good idea to harvest water-ways to

Twigland Gardeners World We’ve got your complete garden solution inspiration, problem solving, advice, a great range of plants, garden care products and tips to make landscaping easy and simple. Wellington’s climate and soils can be challenging,

Megason Irrigation Matti Givon, owner and primary consultant of Megason Irrigation, is passionate about the benefits of irrigation, and also the need to use modern designs that avoid water waste. This means selecting a general system appropriate to need, and choosing individual items that are efficient and cost effective. The systems are up

save and reuse water. Install a water tank rather than wasting rainwater to maximise roof runoff. The second is to save your cooking water. If you steam or boil vegetables, save the water – it’s full of nutrients and when cooled makes a free fertiliser for watering your plants. Another easy way to save water is to make a water-wise pot choice if container gardening. For example, metal heats up quickly so raised galvanised garden beds and metal containers will draw moisture out of the soil and these gardens will need more watering. Clay pots will lose moisture through their porous surface and the soil will dry out faster than glazed pots. It’s vital to use a quality potting mix that holds moisture. but can be readily mastered with a little care, attention, advice and knowledge. The Twigland’s team can help you with garden styles, plant selections and garden care products to suit your conditions. Talk with one of them when you next visit. to date. For distant automated systems, modern controllers can signal that action is needed. Given ‘the summer of drought’, more people are now considering installing tanks to harvest rain when it does fall. Downflow from a garage can deliver useful reserves. Better some rainfall doled out to your lettuces than all wasted down the storm water drains.

Don’t let your Garden dry out this summer! MEGASON are specialists in irrigation We design, install and service Irrigation Systems using: Gear Driven and Spray Pop-up sprinklers • Rainwater harvesting tanks – from your roof – 1000-30,000L • Irrigation controllers Sprinklers and Driplines • Filters valves and other irrigation accessories

04 528 9522 • 027 447 0132

With just a little help from Twigland your garden will overflow with an abundance of fresh flowers, herbs and veges. Before planting create a rich base by digging in Twigland Super Compost Then regular liquid feeds with Ican Fast Food will get those plants pumping! Cover bare surfaces or the tops of pots with some Tui Mulch & Feed. It adds a little food each time you water and traps moisture in the soil. Keeping your plants well fed and watered will make them more bug and disease resistant. Happy plants = Happy gardener!

twigland gardeners world middleton road - glenside open seven days - 9:00am to 5.30pm

Wednesday January 11, 2017




Using Bokashi in your garden Bokashi (fermented grain) Buckets are mini indoor compost systems which are fantastic and efficient ways to compost food scraps and add moisture to the soil. Bokashi is inoculated with beneficial microbes that flourish in anaerobic, acidic environments but do not smell as bad as those in unfettered, natural anaerobic conditions. They are available commercially but if you are a thrifty gardener you can easily make your own at home. All you need are a couple of buckets the same size – one fitted inside the other with holes drilled in the base of the top one to allow the liquid, or fermented juice, from the scraps to drip into the base of the lower bucket. Finally, fit the lid to the top bucket. You can then just dig the scraps into your garden or add to the compost and dilute the juice to use as a fertiliser. After collecting your food scraps in the bokashi bin, you can dig them into the compost to feed soil microorganisms and build soil health. Bokashi sprinkled into the compost acts as an accelerator and speeds up decomposition. Watch your food scraps disappear in a week in this active compost pile. Bokashi can be added to an aerobic compost pile, added

Ace will keep your garden beautiful Ace Lawns specialise in all aspects of garden maintenance and have the experience and equipment to do a cost-effective job to let you sit back and enjoy it.They offer tailored services to fit in with what is required from basic to comprehensive lawns and garden services. Ace Lawns offers full lawn maintenance packages including regular lawn mowing and regular treatment of weeds in lawns and fertilizing.

Relax and enjoy your weekends Let us take care of your Lawns and Gardens

directly to soil, or used to create compost tea for watering plants. Bokashi needs to be kept as free from oxygen as possible. Compress each day’s waste flat into the container so as to eliminate any air pockets and avoid stirring up the previous day’s waste when putting in new garbage. Drawing off liquid regularly helps maintain the environment needed by the bacteria that break down the organic materials. That liquid needs to be used within a day or so. Ace Lawns also offers Pre-Sale Grooms. They come in and blitz the property, tackling lawns, hedges, gardening and waterblasting paths and driveways to bring the property up to the best standard for re-sale. Ace lawns also specialises in taking care of rental properties working with landlords to achieve a regular programme which keeps rental properties in top shape - from regular lawn and garden maintenance.

Groundplanz - Landscaping around the Wellington region With the BBQ season underway it’s time to start thinking about outdoor entertainment areas – courtyards, decks, seating and pergolas. At Groundplanz we work with you to create the kind of outdoor living area you will love to spend time in. If the bout of very wet weather in spring highlighted the need to fix drainage problems in your garden, then now is the time to do something about it. Anything requiring earthworks

SimplySteel SimplySteel is proud to be Wellington based, for over two decades. SimplySteel has been synonymous with the highest quality wrought Iron gates, fencing, balustrades, hand rails, garden products, Custom Furniture and other madeto-order products. Today, we continue to proudly deliver excellent standards of craftsmanship together with our famous

is best done during the drier summer months. Groundplanz is a professional landscape design and construction business servicing the Wellington region. Our focus is on providing the right solutions for your needs and the environment you live in – solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We are a locally owned and operated business offering quality and affordable lawn and garden care Call us today for a free no obligation quote

• Lawn Maintenance • Rental Property Care • Garden Maintenance • Pre-sale grooming • Hedge/Tree Trimming • House/Pathway Washing Oliver Stent • 027 349 7731

personal service. We take pride in our personal service, and we are happy to work with you, your Designer, Architect or Engineer. We can help you create individuality and style by mixing our manufacturing expertise and your creative skills. We also have an extensive range of catalogues, to provide you with ideas in creating your own Wrought Iron Art.

Landscaping your garden?

Herb Bowls

Use our experience and knowledge to get it right


Right ideas – Right plants – Right places Expert plant and garden advice Garden layout & design solutions Paving, Decks, Planters, Pergolas Retaining walls, Fences, Gates Shelter and screening Courtyards and patios Planting For professional service and attention to detail Follow us on

Groundplanz - Landscaping

Laurie Gallagher B. Hort 04 904 7804 • 029 201 2204 •

Designers & Manufacturers of Quality Wrought Iron Furniture, Gates, Handrails & General Steel work 210 Thorndon Quay, Wellington Tel: 472 0896 Mob: 027 449 8226

Providing a broad range of quality gardening and hydroponics products. Tel 472 5265 62 Kaiwharawhara Rd, Ngaio


Wednesday January 11, 2017 Situations Vacant

Situations Vacant

Trades and Services

Wednesday November 18, 2015 Death Notices

To Lease prompt service, BUILDING/PAINTING

Otari School

Rewa Rewa Primary School Otari School has two positionsComposed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015 available starting Term 1

Part-time teacher aide position available

at Rewa Rewa School, Newlands. Teacher’s Aide required for 12 hours per week. Energy, empathy and Start date 7 February 2017. Applicants need to experience working with children have thepools skills for managing a school were built by us. library and essential, as well as the ability to work Our summer will also work with English language learners Blends in well did cause no fuss. as part of a team. and a high health needs student. Commencing With hydro slide will cause a splash. Teacher (.1) required to support ORS hours are Mon - Fri 12.5 hours. The successful And to it many people dash. student. Experience working with candidate will be available for on-call / additional Through native bush wePlease twist and hours as required. send wiggle. a cover letter students with complex learning needs From the children brings ayour giggle. and brief CV outlining experience, relevant essential. Position could be worked Severn qualifi days cations a weekand thecontact placedetails is open. for 2 referees, as a half day per week or one day per one should recent school employer. Hot summer daysinclude we all aare hopen! fortnight. Email applications to: Applications for both positions close Applications close on 19 January @ 9 am. on Wednesday 25 January. Contact Public Notice Susan West by email susan@otari.


FACT OF THE D AY Decorating

51. J.K. Rowling chose the unusual “A & D Decorators did a fantastic name job of preparing and painting our ‘Hermione’ weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team professional, friendly, and completed sowas young the job to a high standard. The work was girls also done at a competitive price and we wouldn’t not hesitate to use them again.” bewould teased for being In Conjunction with NZMP we offer a 5 year warranty. nerdy! See website for conditions.

reasonable rates. Free quotes. Phone 04 9777850 or 027-451-5005. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.

Trades and Services FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and Duncan Smith

installations We provide: by top-qualified electrician with • High quality materials painting record of over fifty years•• Interior of giving locals the • Exterior painting Colour advice • Restoration • Full Paint Stripping Service lowest cost work “around-the-clock” service, just • Weatherproofing and • FREE QUOTES! phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email protection from the elements 25 years experience! Reliable, honest & trustworthy - References available.

Situation Vacant

P: 234 1667 - C: 027 221 4455 -

BA Heat Pumps Ltd Registered Electricians

• Heat Pumps • Solar • Electrical • Eftpos is Now Available • Finance Available

Over 20 years experience


Wainuiomata Squash Club RE-HOMING: AGM 7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms


(027 22 78677)

P: 04 802 5555 N


Firewood Rodda- Julian Neville. Peacefully at home on 6th January 2017. Messages for familypine may be left in Julian’s 2mthe seasoned $180 online memorial book at www.tributes. 4m Split pine store for or may be posted c/- 4 Moorefield $330 next winter Rd, Johnsonville. funeral service has Large Bags Kindling A $13 been held. Large Bags Dry Pine/ $14 Home hardwood mix Guardian Funeral Johnsonville – Tawa Free Delivery in Wainui Locally Owned North, Jason, on 6 January 2017 at his home in Linden, Tawa. Messages may Trades andeld Services be sent c/4 Moorefi Road, Johnsonville. A service has been held. Guardian Funeral Home Johnsonville – Tawa Locally Owned LEASK, Mary Patricia (nee Naughton) On 2 January 2017. Very much loved wife of Ian. Mum of Peter, Craig, Yuzin, 46 Waione Petone Sarah and Matt. NanaStof Elise, George Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm and Henry. Any messages can be sent Formerly cpa spares c/- 4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville, 6037. A service for Mary has been held. Funeral Director Guardian Funeral Home Johnsonville – Tawa Locally Owned


Dana Brown

Corner of Main Road and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata

Dip. FD

Frankie, 7 year old needs a lovely new person Bringing news and home. He needs local to be your only cat. If you thehecommunity are a cat to person can offer you hours of love and companionship. Call Sue 0220953477.

Cnr Burgess & Johnsonville Rds, Johnsonville Ph: 04 477 6855

PH WN 801 7753Situation Vacant

Mobile 021 446 802

View the Independent Herald online

A solid

Wainuiomata NewspaperFuneral Directors Deliverers


0800 333 309

 For a direct cremation $1900.00*

 For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by burial

Deliverers Required in Our prices  For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by cremation Area Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga. for 1:funerals $3995.00*

Contact Sandra on 587 1660


*Some conditions may apply. Phone us now for full details. PRICES VALID UNTIL 31 DECEMBER 2016



Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngaurangathe George in Wellington. Servicing entire Wellington Region Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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View the Wainuiomata News online William Nobelen

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P: 587 1660

Wednesday January 11, 2017



The top 5 sporting moments from the northern and western suburbs in 2016 SALES

David Lewis E: P: 587 1660

By Sharnahea Wilson

 A Kelburn woman achieved her ultimate goal of qualifying for an international Ironman championship and made her way to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii late last year. Sierra Ryland achieved an impressive feat on March 5 2016, managing to land second place at the New Zealand Ironman triathlon held in Taupo.  Two keen sportswomen set an Onslow College record after returning home from a national rowing championship with a bronze medal. Olivia Clark and Constance Stirling were part of a team of six who participated in the Maadi Cup – the largest school sports event in the Southern Hemisphere. Prior to the competition which began on April 2, the team was practicing nine times per week to perfect their skills.  A young rising tennis star helped get her team of three qualified for the world finals held in Hungary late last year.

Dedicated 15-year-old Onlsow College student Tamara Anderson helped the New Zealand under 16 girls’ Junior Federation Cup tennis team qualify for the world finals in October 2016.  Waterside Karori football club’s top side claimed the Capital Premier title when they won 2-0 against hosts Victoria University. Wharfies were the star side for most of the season and were chased hard for the title by Whitby side Western Suburbs who kept the pressure on right up to the end with a final 3-1 win at Island Bay. Wharfies then narrowly missed out on a Central League promotion.  The Johnsonville Rugby Club Colts team grabbed some silverware for the club last season when they downed Wainuiomata 26-3 at Helston Park in June to keep their unbeaten run intact. In doing so they secured the JRD Cup for first-round supremacy in the colts B division and gained promotion to the A division for the next round.


Steve Maggs E: P: 587 1660


Distribution by: Genx Distribution 2 Wednesday November 18, 2015 (04) 970 0439 How to reach us

State Highw

Motorists can expect more closures along State Highway 1 next weekend. Telephone (04) 587 1660 T h e h ig hway b e t we e n Ngauranga and Thorndon was Address: 23 Broderick Rd, closed last weekend and will Johnsonville close once againweekly on Saturday P.O.ABC Box 38-776, Audit 2012: 24,456 copies 28 and Sunday 29 of November. WMC 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661


Independent Herald


The largest circulating newspaper in Wellington West & Northern suburbs Stephan van Rensburg SALES MANAGER: P: 587 1660


An old fa comes b

REPORTER: Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside Sharnahea Wilson Continued from page 1 E: Wellington SuburbanTwenty Newspapers years ago Fiona,Ltd from

P: 587 1660

Fiona Haines Dance Academy, put together a show based on the classic fairy tale Pinocchio, and this year’s show is set to be SALES better than ever. David Lewis “We are doing a rehash of the E: very first show I put on, but we are also including ‘To the P: 587 1660 Circus’ which we have never done before. “We have strong men, tightSALES rope walkers, lion tamers and Steve Maggs more, and it will be a very full E: and entertaining show for all ages,” Fiona said. P: 587 1660 Students aged three to 18 years from both Karori and Brooklyn Studios are busy Distribution by: Genx Distribution preparing for the up-coming production. (04) 970 0439 Senior students not only get to show off their dance skills but also have to learn how to act and tell a story with body language and mime, Fiona said. “I am very lucky to have my ABC Audit 2012: 24,456 copies weekly mother, Katie Haines, on board Independent Herald Over 10 years experience in property   ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO as she was not only a ballet The largest circulating newspaper in dancer and teacher but was West & Northern suburbs ecnef kcab ot etag tnorf morf...ecnanetniam Wellingtonmaintenance...from front gate to back fence  also a drama and mime tutor so the girls are lucky to have her expertise during rehearsals,” Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside she said. Wellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd Fiona said she has had great pleasure in teaching over the YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER past 20eed Spraying  years and has had some Gardening  W


Sports talk with Jacob Page...

The curious case of Ronda Rousey “Forget about Ronda”. Those were the words of UFC bantamweight women’s champion, Amanda Nunes after she stopped the former pin-up girl of MMA with a 48-second TKO in Las Vegas. I was fortunate to be in Vegas for the event thanks to some complimentary tickets. The reaction for Rousey was enormous from the 20,000-strong crowd inside the T-Mobile Center. That’s as good as it got for the hometown girl. I was once fully on the Rousey bandwagon, who doesn’t find a good looking woman who kicks butt attractive? However, I lost respect for her

after her first loss because of how she carried herself post-fight. The 29-year-old was making her comeback after losing her title and her vaunted undefeated streak more than a year earlier in a one-sided contest against Holly Holm. If that defeat was embarrassing, this one proved Rousey had become human proof of the phrase “hero to zero” in 12 months. Rousey had 12 months to prepare for her redemption and failed spectacularly. No head movement, no guard, no answers. Despite getting her head punched in, she will pocket $3

ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO ecnef kcab ot etag tnorf morf...ecnanetniam

Lawn Mowing

Over 10 years experience in property   maintenance...from front gate to back fence 


Weed Spraying 

Lawn Mowing 


Hedge Trimming 

Moss Removal 

Sec�on Clearing 

Water Blas�ng 

ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO ecnef kcab ot etag tnorf morf...ecnanetniam

Daryl Walsh

gniyarpS deeW



gniwoM nwaL

lavomeR ssoM

gnimmirT egdeH

General Pruning 

End of tenancy cleans 

Removal of Trees 

Carpet Cleaning 

gniyarpS deeW



gniwoM nwaL

lavomeR ssoM

gnimmirT egdeH

gntisalB retaW

gniraelC noticeS

snaelc ycnanet fo dnE

gninurP lareneG

snaelc ycnanet fo dnE

gninurP lareneG

gninaelC tepraC

seerT fo lavomeR

gninaelC tepraC

seerT fo lavomeR

0224 874 40 :rO moc.liamg@tuodnanievfihgih


gntisalB retaW

gniraelC noticeS

0224 874 40 :rO moc.liamg@tuodnanievfihgih

MiB’s at Karori Bowling Club Contact

Edna Collingwood to register your interest or for more information: ednacollingwood@ or 938 4986 or Jan: 976 4999

Register your team now! The more teams the more fun. Starting on Thursday 26 th January 2017. For six Thursdays of competition 6.00pm–7.30pm

Ends Thursday 2 nd March 2017.

• Teams of three players (individuals may vary but 3 always required). • Most teams need one or two extra people able to fill in occasionally. • $10 per person, per night.

Hope to see you there!


To the Cir

wonderfu “You fo them wh to four ti or so yea e “I love pop in to in on wha Fiona s many sk time at that are b

5 million minimum for the effort. Rousey put women’s MMA on notiomorP yluJ Spring Lawn Mowing  the map. She is beautiful, articuTrades and Services G N I N A E L C R E T T U G late and initially she won. That’s the ultimate triple threat gniwollof eht od osla eW Lawn Mowing  Fer�lising  for any organisation. gniyarpS deeW gninedraG Hedge Trimming Over 10 Myears oss Removal  However, UFC 207 proved in property gnisiltireF gniwoM nwaL Sec�on Clearing  experience Water Blas�ng  women have caught up and surfrom front lavomeR ssoM gnimmirT egdeH General Pruning  maintenance... End of tenancy cleans  passed Rousey who is a judo gate to back fence gntisalB retaW gniraelC noticeS Removal of Trees  Carpet Cleaning  exponent by trade. snaelc ycnanet fo dnE gninurP lareneG Nunes suggested she should gninaelC tepraC seerT fo lavomeR Daryl Walsh  retire. rP yluJ notiomorP yluJ • Lawnsnotiom•oHedges  Spring Lawn Mowing  and all your General Rumours of Rousey going to G N I N A E L C R E T T U G GNINAELGarden C RETTUG Local Business BNI member  hslaW lyraD • Sections gniwollof eh•tGardens od osla eW gniwoneeded llof eht od osla eW Maintenance professional wrestling will only ssenisuB lacoL intensify now. It’s hard to see Call Phone: 021 355 385  today where her MMA career goes 583 553Ph: 12499 0 :e9919 nohP LocalOr: 04 478 4220  business BNI Member from here. or 0800 586 008 Phone: 021 355 385 or 04 478 4220 Daryl Walsh  high  0224 874 40 :rO The aura has gone and so has her Local Business BNI member  FOR A FREE hslaW lQUOTE yraD hslaW lyraD moc.liamg@tuod ssen nia sun B liae cov L fihgih ssenisuB lacoL Phone: 021 355 385  drawing power. 583 553 120 :enohP 583 553 120 :enohP Or: 04 478 4220 

Yep it’s that time again!!! Skills and thrills for social bowlers.

The clo 10pm an re-open morning day morn direction Despit lington H

Telephone 476 7369

10 Lewer Street, Karori

Details at:


Wednesday January 11, 2017


pa we tien lc ts om a e lwa


Putting a smile on your face is our primary focus



All aspects of dentistry, including a full range of cosmetic and surgical treatment EASY CARPARKING AND ACCESS

• All Crowns

under $1000 • All Root-canal treatments under $1000 • Implants + Crown from under $4000

• Emergency appointments at short notice • Free Adolescent Care (Year 9 to 18 year olds) • Kind, non-judgemental approach


John Singleton BDS (Otago) Joanne Pei BDS (Otago)

294a Karori Road, Karori. Ph: 476 6252 • Email:

Independent Herald 11-01-17  

Independent Herald 11-01-17

Independent Herald 11-01-17  

Independent Herald 11-01-17