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Wednesday November 2, 2016




Death Notices

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PEARSON, Cory Ian (Man): October, 2016.

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Notification of Aerial Control Works Application of a Vertebrate Toxic Agent

RURAL FEST Saturday 19 November 10am - 3pm Queen Street, Wainuiomata. Country Comes To Town! Animals, food, music, market stalls and more! ruralfestwainuiomata. com

Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project POSSUM CONTROL OPERATION The Greater Wellington Regional Council’s BioWorks Unit wishes to advise the public of its intention to aerially apply the toxin Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080) for the purpose of controlling possums in the Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project operational area. The operation is being undertaken on behalf of TBfree New Zealand, with support from the Department of Conservation to protect local farms from tuberculosis infection and to enhance native biodiversity. Control Area: The Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project operational area is divided into two treatment areas

Wainuiomata Playcentre’s 60th Celebrations Wainuiomata Playcentre is celebrating its 60th year on Saturday 19 November 2016 from 12pm - 3pm at Wainuiomata Playcentre, 25 Lees Grove Wainuiomata. All past and present members welcome! For all queries please contact Mel on 021 151 0689 or check out our facebook page Wainuiomata Playcentre.

Block One: Includes East Harbour Regional Park and adjoining private land. The area extends between Rata Ridge track in the north and the Parangarahu Lakes area in the south and is all situated west of Coast Road. Block Two: Includes the Rimutaka Forest Park (RFP) and some adjoining private land, south of Wainuiomata. The northern boundary includes the Wainui Trust Boys Brigade Camp, the East Whakanui track and the Papatahi Crossing. The western boundary runs along Graces Stream, the RFP access road at the Catchpool, highpoint Boyo trig 433m and Coast Road near Plumbago Stream. The southern boundary passes through Orongorongo station. The eastern boundary runs parallel with the Rimutaka cycle trail between Turakirae Head and Corner Creek, extending northwards to Wharepapa hut.

Public Notices

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Toxic bait: Cereal based pellet, approximately 30mm long, dyed green with a toxic loading of 1.5g/kg Sodium Fluoroacetate (1080). Deer repellent will be applied to all prefeed and 1080 baits. Precautions: The public are reminded of the danger that toxic baits and possum carcasses pose, particularly to children and dogs. Children should be kept under strict supervision in the operational area. Dogs should be kept under strict control at all times and not have access to, or be taken into the operational area as they are particularly susceptible to 1080 and poisoned carcasses. Poison warning signs will be erected at all points of public access and the public are reminded that it is an offence to remove any of these signs. Please follow instructions on the signs. Further Information: For further information about the Southern Rimutaka Aerial Project operation, please contact: BioWorks Team Leader at Greater Wellington at 34 Chapel Street, Masterton or by telephone on 06 3782484 during normal working hours.

Firewood - 2m seasoned pine $180 -4.5m Split Pine - now only $340 - Large Bags Kindling $13 - Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14 - Bagged Manuka $20

Funeral Directors

Free Delivery in Wainui


The 85 richest people in the world own as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity (some 3.5 billion people)


TEL 0800 333 309 13-15 Parkway, Wainuiomata

Our prices for funerals For a direct cremation $1900.00* For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by cremation $3995.00* For a full funeral service at a local venue or church followed by burial $5950.00*

Composed by Tony Watling 26th. Oct 2016

Colleen Hira wrote a book. about our oldest Church. And maybe lifted many stones. To aid her in her search. Those that died can say no more. Than what is on their grave. They leave it to Historians. To see what they can save.

A detailed map of the treatment area may be viewed by appointment at the office of Bioworks (see below), or on line at Commencement Date: The operation will commence with the application of non-toxic cereal pre-feed pellets beginning on the first day of favourable weather after 8 November 2016. Following completion of pre-feeding, the application of cereal pellets containing 1080 will commence from 15 November 2016 onwards, providing suitable weather conditions exist. Bait Description: Pre-feed: Cereal based pellet, approximately 20mm long, coloured brown.

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*Some conditions may apply. Phone us now for full details. PRICES VALID UNTIL 31 DECEMBER 2016 MEMBER OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION OF NZ

William Nobelen

Wainuiomata News 02-11-16  

Wainuiomata News 02-11-16