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Sunday 9-12

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Berhampore School students are among those who will participate in a special ‘Orange Day’ celebration tomorrow. The annual Orange Day event is organised by Wellington City Council and New Zealand Police as a way to thank volunteer school patrollers who help keep the roads around their schools safe for their fellow students. More than 1000 road patrollers from Wellington’s primary schools will march through the city in the annual Orange Day street parade tomorrow, beginning at Parliament and ending at Civic Square. Continued on page 2 Eli Manu, Ollie Simpson and Lucia Hutson are school patrollers for Berhampore School.

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November 2015 Thursday August 25, 12, 2016

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Patrollers on parade for Orange Day

Cheaper weekend bus fares

Wellingtonians have cheaper weekend bus fares to look forward to next month. For four weeks from November 28, Go Wellington buses will change to a $1 fare for one zone of travel and $2 adult fare and $1.50 fare for children for two or three zones of travel. It is hoped this will encourage people to use public transport to travel in and out of the city. The Wellington City Council has budgeted $200,000 for the initiative. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the public transport initiative would help to get more Wellingtonians onto buses and into the central city during the busy weekends in the run-up to Christmas. “This initiative will provide

a welcome boost for retail sales.” Councillor Iona Pannett, Chair of Wellington City Council’s Environment Committee, said the cheaper bus

Alana Hagen


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Continued from page 1 responsibility and being a city and don’t want to School principal Markcentral positive influence in their to worry about congesPotter said Berhamporehave community.” or parking time limits. School prided itself on be-tion Wellington school comCity Constable Council ing recognised as the first “Wellington munity officer, proposed initiative school in the capital to offerfirstAaron Dann,this trained school in February road patrol services. patrols. this year and I’m going ahead According to Berhamp-thrilled He that saidit’s patrollers do a for important Christmas.”job for ore’s centena r y book ,in time vitally can be ‘Berhampore, Stories of a The theircheaper schoolsfares and communiby by cashimproving or with a SnapSchool and Suburb’, localpaid ties safety card. The will beon man George Huss is cred-perduring thechanges busiest times from beginning of ited with establishing roadin effect the roads. service on Saturday, patrol in the capital. “These kids withNovemthe help 28,teachers each weekend G e o r g e e s t a b l i s h e dberof and through parents on Sunday, school patrol on Adelaideto the arelast outservice there volunteering 20. to help make Rd in 1935 and the bookDecember their time explained how children Wellington’s roads safer for Howmates, do youand feelthis about would head to his store on their parade weekend fares on their St to pick up ts their lower faresBritomart bring multiple benefi is about celebrating buses? you white to the city.lab coats and lollipop Wellington commitment andAre thanking more public sticks. “This shows support for an all oflikely themto foruse their efforts,” Mark said sustainable to this day, transport environmentally he said. with these lower fares? email – to school remained travel optionpatrols for people who “It’sSend alsousaanreminder want“critical”. to go shopping in the us to be extra safe when “Around schools vehicles driving and parking near are far more common these schools, and to follow the days than they used to be. directions of the school “I think it is really im- road patrollers.” portant because it is one  The Orange Day street of the things we really parade will take place from believe in – a child taking 10am tomorrow.

Calling for your donation Ahead of the Field

end of the year. Continued from page 1 Enerlogic is a revolutionary glass insulation Plasma was to make around 13 Nicola said blood donors were very film that lives upused to its name; it applies logic different medicines and because of this special. to energy to ensure maximum efficiency and the demand forand plasma had increased “We always need more donors. Cur- protection for you your family. “hugely”, Nicola said. rently only four per cent of the eligible Sick of poorlypeople insulated windows? Wish you’d Commutersdonates may soon have transport and“You are good • About 1 per cent of the population enable have to haveroute givenchanges at isleast oneto population blood. gone for double-glazed? Enerlogic proven (or 42,000 patients) are treated with access to free WiFi in major but some passengers to work, anddonation play whilein the last two years blood “If you are part of the 96 per cent cur-study, have thesaid. same thermal will performance to that train stations and bus stops need to change commuting,” Sue blood or blood products each year. before youdouble-glazing can become aorplasma donor.” rently sat on the fence thinking about it, of standard Lowand E Glass, across the capital. freebut “We all want buses and buses, That’s equivalent to 110 jumbo jets Plasma is collected using an apheresis please jump off and join in. a fraction of the price that you would pay The sustainable transport trains to becosts on time, but when W i F i w i l l b e full of people or nearly the capacity to replace your current windows. machine. The machine spins off the Nicola asked people to think of the committee of the Wellington they aren’t, free WiFi will great for those red blood cells and keeps the plasma. “bigger picture” and said one donation of Eden Park. Enerlogic performs 4 times better wh thani le regular Regional Council has agreed lessen the inconvenience. people The red blood cells are then returned could save three lives. or standard solar window films, and in addition to a motion by councillor Sue “The big goal is free WiFi they wait for tokeeping the donor. “Thinktoofexplore all theproviding little children who and to out of solar heat, its Kedgley their next bus,” on buses trains, but huge hav- amounts • People who have been in acciprimary benefit is maximising heat retention – Plasma has also earned the nickname have leukaemia who your blood is free WiFi in all major train ing it in the bus and train Sarah said. dents and suffered massive blood creating a gold” huge amount of energy “liquid because able to and save… got to gostations beyondis an stations bus you’ve interchanges. “ S hofe lits t esavings rcolour, e d , and important first loss may need multiple transfusions value for said, money.“It really is so special, it Nicola yourself of who your donation Counciland offithink cers have been dry, safe transstep.” of red blood cells and other blood What’s Enerlogic Window Films are can bemore, made into so many different could to save. asked report back in Noport hubs with Meanwhile Wellington City components. internationally accredited with the Gold Plus medicines.” “You’re helping ultimately to save vember this year with an Councillor for the eastern f re e Wi Fi wil l proving theirpublic outstanding ecopeople’s lives andplan, makeand a difference.” implementation make transward, SarahGlobal Free,Green said Tag, WiFi performance. Whereas no othernext product toThe explore possibility port journeys more Newthe Zealand BloodofService was The take place would be afriendly majorblood draw drive card will • The biggest use of blood products in the window film or glazing industry has been commercial partners suchpeople enjoyable,” sheASB said. givensign proposed route changes also hoping to have more Thursday, November 19, at the is for the treatment of cancer at accredited, Enerlogic 35 and Enerlogic 70 have. as comthat will bring weekend uptelecommunications for plasma donations, Nicola said. Sports Centreand in Kilbirnie from 9.30am 26 per cent, with the next biggest This firmly establishes as the most panies. to areas that this productare This year 240 people have evening donatedservices to 2.30pm. Appointments prebeing 19 per cent. and technically advanced and eco-friendly window “Free WiFi willtheimprove currently them. Would you to see free WiFisurgery at majorattrain stations plasma, however blood service was lack ferred and will takepriority. To like book films on the planet. interchanges? people’s experience of public proposed callbus hoping to reach 500 donations “Many by the ofanthe appointment 0800 448 325. Send an email to

WiFi for commuters one step closer

Balayage technique Annette King available here!! MP for Rongotai

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Thursday August 25, 2016

Island Bay Presbyterian Welcomes a New Minister By Annabella Gamboni Massey Journalism Student

Island Bay Presbyterian Church now has an extra minister to boast of - Reverend Bruce Hamill has been appointed as a community minister. He was appointed after the church gave resident minister Nathan Parry a grant from the sale of the St James building in Berhampore. Bruce’s new role as community minister will be a very hands-on one. He is looking to engage with the community, along with his congregation, through events like community lunches. Although the church’s parish lies in Island Bay, Hamill’s role will be particularly concerned with the most vulnerable residents of the southern suburbs of Wellington, especially those located in Berhampore. Bruce moved up from Dunedin with wife Jan to take on the job. “I found the role inspiring, because it was the same vision of God’s work that I had,” he said. He stresses that he will not be working in the same manner as a social or charity worker - he thinks of himself as a liaison between his congregation and the community. “I want to bring with me the congregation, and the wider community. I want to get alongside people rather than offer them philanthropy… It’s not about throwing money about,” he said. Reverend Nathan welcomed Bruce to the church first and foremost as an extra pair of hands, but also as a talented and dedicated minister for the church.

Drop in to community centre The Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre holds a drop in every day from 10am to 2pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. For more information, contact the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on 387 7867. Bruce Hamill outside of Island Bay Presbyterian Church. PHOTO CREDIT: ANNABELLA GAMBONI

“In this day and age more and more of a minister’s time is taken up with keeping on top of building issues, health and safety, and supporting other parishes.

“So it’s great to have someone on-board who can be free of the usual obligations, and can focus on getting alongside people, building community, and going deep,” he said.

So drop us a line, and tell us why you think your dad is great. Make sure to include your name, and the suburb you live in and keep letters to 150 words.

 Send your stories and letters to

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Selected responses will be published in the September 1 issue of the Cook Strait News.


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The community will have the opportunity to meet candidates standing for eastern ward in the upcoming local government elections. A “Meet the Eastern Ward Candidates” will take place on Monday, August 29 at the Gateway Baptist Church, 33 Park Rd, Miramar from 7.30pm.

The eastern suburbs community dance group will hold its next dance on Saturday, September 3 from 7.15pm at Wellington Girls College in Thorndon. Live band ‘Razzle Dazzle’ will perform. Tickets cost $20 per person and this includes a light supper. Drinks are BYO. To book a ticket call 3884 559 or email

Strait News readers are invited to send in messages and letters, which may be published on a special page in the paper, celebrating dads in our community.


Meet the candidates

Eastern suburbs community dance group

Say thanks this Father’s Day Next month local families will recognise and celebrate the role their fathers play in their lives. This year Father’s Day falls on September 4 and Cook

inbrief news


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Thursday August 25, 2016

inbrief news

Plans made available for the public

U3A discussion group

By Nikki Papatsoumas

U3A stands for University of the Third Age, and is a global organisation that supports learning and social activities for people in the third age. The Island Bay chapter of the group hosts a weekly social get together with different speakers each week on fascinating subjects followed by tea or coffee and discussion. Meet-ups take place every Thursday afternoon at the Island Bay Community Centre from 1.30pm.

Plans for a $30 million redevelopment of the Erskine College site in Island Bay are available for the community to look over. Earlier this month the project, which will include building a range of terraced houses and apartment units on parts of the site, refurbishing the chapel’s wedding and function centre, and building a new cafe and early Ian Cassels with plans for a proposed redevelopment of Erskine College.

Yoga for mums and babies Yoga classes targeted at mums and bubs take place at the Island Bay community centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 10.30am and every Wednesday from 8pm to 9pm. Mums and dads are encouraged to bring their babies along to develop strength, tone, flexibility, relieve tension and stress and learn to move with more awareness.

South Wellington celebration South Wellington Intermediate School will be celebrating its 70th birthday next month with a festival. Events will take place at the school between Friday, September 9 and Saturday, September 17. An art show gala event will be open to the public on September 10 and 11. For more information head to

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RUTHERFORD TENNIS Located at Miramar Tennis Club Visit us at or email *Lesson to take place during school holidays 28/9/16 – 9/10/16

Last week, Wellington City Councillors voted unanimously for a big, bold design to house Wellington’s movie museum and convention centre. However, with a new design comes a higher budget and the cost of the final proposal has increased from the $135 million originally outlined, to $150 million. The new iconic design is inspired by Maori mythology and will feature the head of Maui’s fish – Te Upoko o te Ika. Council said the key reason for a bigger price tag was the additional cost to deliver the aspirational facade design, together with other design enhancements. Last December the council announced it had agreed to purchase two parcels of land on Cable St opposite Te Papa, and Wakefield St to house the movie museum and convention centre in conjunction with The Movie Museum Limited. T he Movie Museum Lim ited (TMML) is the company formed by

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at The Lodge, Shelly Bay

suburb’s schools and roads. “There is lots of stuff going on in Island Bay that’s making it better and what is making Island Bay good is the increasing population – not a decreasing population,” he said. He said while some people were disappointed the convent would not be restored, it was not economically viable, whereas he was certain the chapel would be well used by the community. “It will be great to see the chapel turned into a long and valuable service and that hasn’t been an option for a long time. “It is very important that we get this thing organised.” He said a much fuller description of the project would be available at the pop-up shop in six to eight weeks. Ian said the community could expect to see progress by mid-way through next year, with the project expected to be completed by 2019.  Plans on the proposed redevelopment of Erskine College are available at 132 The Parade, in Island Bay.

Bold design for movie museum

Paula Muollo Open this Sunday, 28th August, 10am - 3pm

childcare centre, was announced. Property developer Ian Cassels, of The Wellington Company, said he believed the project would offer a significant boost to Island Bay’s economy and housing, while breathing fresh life into the former Catholic girls’ school. Last week, plans were made available to the public at a pop-up shop in Island Bay’s shopping village, giving residents an opportunity to have a more in-depth look at what was being proposed. As the site was designated as a Special Housing Area, there would not necessarily be any public notification, however Ian said he was keen to take suggestions from the community and see to what extent they could incorporate them in plans. Ian said feedback he had received to date had been almost “overwhelmingly positive”. He also quashed concerns that the suburb would not be able to deal with the added pressure 94 new houses and 200 or so residents would have on the

Living Local, Selling Local

Sir Peter Jackson and Sir Richard Taylor and is responsible for the fit out and operation of the museum component of the project. Mayor of Wellington, Celia WadeBrown, said the decision to favour the $150 million option over the more basic alternative, confirmed the council’s commitment to investing in the city and would drive economic growth and global recognition. “The operational costs over the first 10 years will be similar to what was consulted on, however the benefits will be far greater,” she said. “Wellington deserves an outstanding movie museum and convention centre facility. “Now we’ve confirmed it will be truly spectacular and globally recognisable. International visitors will take ‘selfies’ in front of this spectacular building, which will attract even more people to our city. “We’re creating the heritage of tomorrow.”

An artist’s impression of the new movie museum and convention centre. PHOTO CREDIT: Supplied

Project Director for The Movie Museum Limited, George Hickton, welcomed the council’s decision to proceed with the iconic design for the exterior of the combined facility. “Our team has been busy working on detailed plans, designs and costings for the content and fit-out of the movie museum and that will be our main focus for some time to come. “When we get to the end of that phase, we hope to share more about the vision for the museum interior of what will be a dynamic new building.”

Thursday August 25, 2016

Happy 100th birthday Marjorie By Nikki Papatsoumas

A local woman celebrated her “amazing life” with family and friends last week. Marjorie Henderson, a resident at Ultimate Care Mt Victoria on Alexandra Rd, celebrated her 100 th birthday last Friday. Marjorie’s son, Dave Henderson, said his mother spent her landmark birthday with friends and family by her side. “It’s hard to believe we are celebrating such a milestone birthday,” he said. Dave said his mother was born Marjorie Douglas in 1916. Marjorie grew up in Napier and survived the Napier Earthquake in 1931. Dave explained that Marjorie was inside Napier

Marjorie Henderson and her son Dave Henderson

Girls’ College when the earthquake struck, and much of the building came down around her and her classmates. “Her family then hosted several families who had lost their homes. They camped out on the lawn and her family also helped to look after other homeless families,” Dave said. Marjorie then met Colin Henderson, a country school teacher. At the time Marjorie was practising as a dental nurse and the pair eventually married in 1946. They later had three sons. Together the fam ily moved all across the country because of Colin’s job. They spent time in Reikorangi, Ashburton, Colac Bay in Southland, Eltham in Taranaki and Pakaraka in the Bay of Islands.

Finally the family settled in Auckland when Colin became sick and he sadly died in 1971, Dave said. Dave said he believed the secret to his mum’s long and happy life was an understanding of inner peace and of what life was, ideals he said she followed well into her nineties. Karen Gear, facility manager from Ultimate Life Care Mt Victoria, said Marjorie was the second person this year to turn 100 at the Mt Victoria home. “Marjorie has had such an amazing life,” Karen said. She said staff and other residents helped Marjorie celebrate with a birthday cake and a performance from a group of ukulele players, who had travelled down from Wairarapa for the occasion.

Delicious opportunity to help animals in need Wellington City Council staff were among those to get behind the Wellington SPCA’s Cupcake Day fundraiser this year. Last Monday, the team at council once again took part in Cupcake Day by holding their annual ‘Cupcake Idol’ competition throughout the organisation. Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown said the Wellington SPCA was a much loved charity in the capital, and taking part in Cupcake Day was a “delicious opportunity” to help animals in need. Staff members were encouraged to whip up their signature sweet treats and cupcakes were then judged by Ms Wade-Brown and chief executive of the Wellington SPCA Steve Glassey. Categories included the “you must have spent hours on this award” and the supreme “can I please have your recipe award”. All up, the council raised $457 for the Wellington SPCA. All money raised from the SPCA’s Cupcake Day will go towards helping the organisation continue to help animals in need.

Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown and chief executive of the Wellington SPCA Steve Glassey with Chris Warner the puppy. PHOTO CREDIT: Supplied

Steve Glassey with Chris Warner the puppy.

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Thursday August 25, 2016

Visit Government House

Call to join esteemed choir

Tour the historic home of the Governor-General. Government House offers free public tours of the House and gardens. Visits can be tailored for schools and groups with special interests. Bookings are essential. Phone the Visitor Centre Team on 04-382-0837 or visit


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“I’ve never been so busy in my life. There’s always something for me to do. I feel I was meant to be here.” - Johnnie, Kilmarnock resident.

Greta Healy-Melhuish, Phoebe Robertson, Hector McLachlan and Alex WoodhouseAppleby. PHOTO CREDIT: Supplied By Nikki Papatsoumas

The call is out for aspiring teenage singers from across the country to audition for the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir. The esteemed choir is made up of 56 students between the ages of 13 to 18 from right across New Zealand. The current members of the choir are currently reaching the end of their two year contract and have just returned from the International Choral Kathaumixw Festival in Canada, where members performed as guest choir at the prestigious festival that featured choirs and soloists from around the world. Among members of the current choir is 16-year-old Strathmore resident Greta Healy-Melhuish. Greta said she became interested in

singing when she began college, and her music teacher had convinced her to audition for the New Zealand Secondary Students Choir. The Wellington East Girls’ College student thoroughly recommended anyone with an interest in singing audition for the choir late next month. “I have met so many people who I never would have met otherwise and people from all around the country which has been really cool.” Greta said being around such a high calibre of talent meant she also had a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve on her craft.  Auditions for the choir will take place between September 26 and October 4 right across the country, including Wellington. For more information, head to


until Saturday 10 September.*

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Rest home living. It might not be what you think. Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home An elder-centred community

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Social calendar We’ll support you to continue doing the things you love in a way that’s right for you. The busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme certainly make for a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Pets welcome We believe pets can be both calming and energising, so we welcome animal companions. If you have a pet that’s part of your family, ask us about moving to Kilmarnock Heights Home with them. Family and friends At Kilmarnock residents are encouraged to invite their loved ones to visit at any time; there’s no set visiting hours. And, for the children - we have a fully stocked toy box to keep them entertained!

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Suits, trousers, skirts, shirts, jackets, evening wear, corporate wear, overalls, lightweight leather or suede, manchester, curtains and cushion covers. We re-hem any unravelled blind hems free of charge. Come in and discuss with one of our qualified staff members for a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Sue and the team at Sue’s Repair & Alterations. at your fingertips in the CBD

*Conditions apply.

Phone 04 499 9336 Wellington: BNZ Shopping Centre, Foodcourt Level - Shop 2


Thursday August 25, 2016

Houghton Valley prepares for Great Debate By Nikki Papatsoumas

The Houghton Valley Playcentre community is gearing up for its biggest fundraiser of the year. The Great Debate, an annual fundraiser for the Houghton Valley Playcentre has been running for two decades. The fundraiser has been supported by Rongotai MP Annette King since day one, and Ms King said over the years they had had many well-known

people participate, including Duncan Garner, Barry Soper and Patrick Gower. “People have always been willing to be in the teams and it now has a nationwide reputation because my parliamentary colleagues know about the Great Houghton Valley Debate.” This year the subject to debate will be ‘is it good to have local bodies?’ The debate will be chaired by Grant Robertson, and Wellington City

Annette King officially opens Houghton Valley Playcentre’s new playground at a ceremony earlier this month.

Councillor Paul Eagle will MC the event. Among those to take part in the debate are Annette King, Pinky Agnew, Lynda McGregor, Chris Hipkins, David Townsend and Tim Jefferies. Ms King said the debate was created when a group of mothers approached her to ask what they could do to raise money for the playcentre. “I suggested a debate because debates were hugely popular in those days,” Ms King said. She said the inaugural debate was held at the Masonic Hall on Happy Valley Rd, but it quickly outgrew the space. It is now held at The Pines each year and Ms King said the owners generously offered the venue free of charge. All money raised through ticket sales goes directly back to the playcentre. Ms King recently opened the playcentre’s new playground – which was in part funded through ticket sales from last year’s event.

KILBIRNIE GRAND OPENING This weekend only, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th August 2016. We will be celebrating with exclusive specials and entertainment such as facepainting, animal guests and MORE!

 The Great Debate will take place today, Thursday August 25 from 7pm at The Pines, 50 The Esplanade, Hought on Bay. Tickets are $20 and are available at the door. There will be a cash bar and a light supper will be provided as well as prizes and raffles. For more information, contact Jane Gibson on 021747897.




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Tacy S

Excludes Dine Desire, Mornings and Elegant Medleys. Rd Rong


, Phone 385 9489


Meet the friendly team from Miramar Vet Hospital at the Animates Kilbirnie Grand Opening.








Mah ora S t

Onep u Rd

Bring along your pet for a COMPLIMENTARY dental check or flea treatment^.

Rong Rong

Meet Dr Allan Probert


& the team

9-15 Mahora Street (04) 387 8360

Bay R d

Open 7 Days. Visit for store hours.

Onep u Rd

1 2 7 4 0 LIVES SAVED


ora S t

ts St



(or the Cardboard Cathedral as it is commonly known). The tour also included some downtime, with the opportunity to take part in some sightseeing around Christchurch, including visits to the Antarctic Centre and Quake City. “It’s always a pleasure to take our children on tour” says Principal Kent Favel. “We always receive compliments from the families who billet our students and the schools who host us, that the children are polite and gracious guests. I’m always very proud of them”. Tours such as these are a real highlight for our senior students and provide them with a unique opportunity to travel independently from their family, see new places and make new friends - all important during those pre-teen years.

Good pets deserve great rewardst. ts S


35 Year 7 and 8 students from St Mark’s Church School spent three days in Christchurch last week on a Sports and Cultural Exchange. Hosted and billeted by families at The Cathedral Grammar School, the trip was a great opportunity to showcase the musical and sporting skills of our senior students. As well as netball and football games against Cathedral Grammar, we also played sport against St Andrew’s College Prep School. Undoubtedly the most exciting game of the trip was a hard fought netball game our Netball A team played against St Andrew’s A team, with St Mark’s winning by just 1 point! The Cathedral Grammar School is well known as the school that Christchurch Cathedral choristers attend, so it was with pleasure that we combined with their chapel choirs to sing Evensong in the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral

otai R

Bay R d

St Mark’s on tour







We proudly support and work with the SPCA & animal rescue charities to find forever homes for animals.

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Thursday August 25, 2016

Daffodil Day

Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out.

Friday August 26th

How a donation can make a difference The Cancer Society’s major fundraiser, Daffodil Day, takes place this week on Friday August 26. Volunteers will line the streets of the capital collecting donations from locals. Daffodil Day raises awareness of cancer and is the biggest generator of funds for the Cancer Society.

Need a new bed?

cambridge terrace Sign up for our loyalty card and let us start rewarding you!


PH 473 5505

All money raised is used to help the one in three New Zealanders affected by cancer each year. Donations received as part of Daffodil Day go towards vital research into the causes and treatment of all types of cancer. Donations also go towards providing a range of support services,

information, health promotion and education programmes to reduce cancer risk, awareness campaigns and programmes for people affected by cancers. The daffodil is chosen as the symbol of hope for all touched by cancer because of its reputation as a hardy annual flower, pushing its way

through the frozen earth after the long winter to herald the return of spring.  People wanting to donate can do so by donating directly with a street collector on Daffodil Day, at any ANZ branch, by texting 469 to instantly donate $3, or online at

BIG or SMALL... BIG or small… Steve SELLS them ALL! Steve SELLS them ALL!

List with Steve this month to receive 400 Free full colour 12 page Leading Market P: 04 212 6772 Freephone Brochures M: 0275 on 621 Your777 property!

Steve Fejos

Spring time means Daffodil Day


The only Beds R Us in Wellington


VERSION ONE Newtown Laundrette

Daffodil Day 2016, 26th August


• Off Street Parking • Visit our website online for more information: OpenSteve 7 days Fejos A Will requires just a few pen strokes, and yet can have such a massive effect on • Mink Blankets • so many lives. By leaving a bequest to the Cancer Society you’ll be helping P: people’s 04 212 6772 Freephone or w Ironing, pressing us reduce incidence and impact of cancer in Wellington for years to come. a ne E in M: the 0275 621 777 ing U • Bedding • e! Duvets E: Sett MARQ stat• E Contact us in confidence today by calling the CH eal Sports BEN gton R Bequest Gear Co-ordinator on 04 Leaders Real Estate 1987 Ltd389 8421 or by in Licensed Act 2008 MREINZ • Big washers and REA dryers Well emailing Under and we’ll

• Student Discounts (includes tertiary students) • Street Talk defensive driving courses • Restricted and Full Licence Training • Test Preparation • Refresher Courses • Gift Vouchers

talk you through the simple bequest process. • OPEN 7 DAYS • 0800 536 536 0001 CAN Bequest Press (50x150)_1lb.indd 4 Wilson Active Street,Feet Newtown, Ph 04 389 8156 Podiatry

04 387 7480 • 021 224 3441 •



“Caring for walkers of all ages!”

Family Foot Care ••Verrucae Verrucae •• Skin and Nail problems Services We Offer Services We Offer Include: •• Orthotic Services Skin and Nail problems Include:

Proud to be supporting Daffodil Day

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Ph: 04 473 8696 | Level 2, 85 The Terrace, Wellington www.acti v efeetpodi atr

Harbour City Tower, 29 Brandon Street (opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace).

Wellington & Ngaio Medical Centre

Ph: in 04treating 473 Phone: 8696children 04 473 8696-• - We have a special interest Email: 8007641AA 72.H

Newtown Dental Surgery has been providing dental care for families at the Lychgate Centre for over 25 years.

LYCHGATE CENTRE Level 1, 100 Riddiford St, Newtown Ph 389 3808 | Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 6.30pm

Services We Offer Services We Offer Include: Feet Podiatry Active Include: • Sports injuries “Caring for walkers of all ages!” SportsFoot injuries •• Family Care

8007641AA 72.H

Value • Care • Service

Tina Goodwin Goodwin Tax and Accounting P: 027 270 5685

Level 2, 85 The Terrace, Wellington

(opposite Solnet House and Aurora Terrace). - We have a special interest in treating children -

We have a special interest in treating children

Small Business Specialists

Proud to support Daffodil Day

Affordable Accounting Focus On Your Business

P: 04 387 3808 • E: Level 1, 35 Bay Road, Kilbirnie W:

www. a c t i ve f e e t p o d i atry .com

It's quick and easy to donate from your cell phone - simply text "daffodil" to 305 to make an instant $3 donation. Please note texts can be sent from Telecom and Vodafone cell phones.

Thursday August 25, 2016

Hospice’s proposal upsets neighbours By Nikki Papatsoumas

A group of Newtown residents are upset at a proposal which would see a block of apartments built in their neighbourhood. The Mary Potter Hospice has announced plans for a five-storey 37 unit apartment complex adjacent to its hospice building in Mein Street, Newtown. The project has been flagged as a Special Housing Area, which means consultation with the public may not be necessary, causing red flags for neighbours who are concerned with potential noise, increased demand for parking, issues with privacy and effect on neighbourhood character. The hospice said it must fundraise over $5 million every year to provide its free-of-charge services and hoped the apartment complex would help ease financial pressure. “This is a new-build that will create long-term sustainable revenue for the hospice and its future services and will provide extra accommodation in the Newtown area,” the hospice said in a statement. A public meeting has now been organised for Saturday, in an attempt to give residents an opportunity to air concerns with representatives from the hospice. Resident Alex Granville said

Residents Alex and Mia Granville and George Michael, with Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle.

nearby residents were supportive of the hospice and its services, and many volunteered their time to helping the charity. However, she said she did not support the hospice’s proposal. “It’s not part of their core business…. all of a sudden there is a great big block of flats going in and so many of us have boundaries shared with them.” Wellington City Councillor

Paul Eagle said while the hospice was within its rights to build, he hoped developers were prepared to show good faith by listening to neighbours valid concerns and doing what they could to accommodate them. Mary Potter Hospice board member Malcolm Bruce said the hospice was grateful for community support, which enabled the hospice to continue to operate.

“However, to meet future demand we know we will need to substantially increase our income above that which we already generate through our retail shops, fundraising programmes and government contracts.” A public meeting will be held this Saturday, August 27 from 10am at the Newtown Community Centre, 71 Daniell St.

Te Papa opens its doors after sprinkler malfunction Te Papa has opened its doors again after sprinkler activation last week closed the museum last Thursday and Friday. Spokeswoman Kate Camp said sprinklers activated in Te Papa’s ground floor and first floor foyers for a short period around 8pm last Wednesday. There was no fire, and no one was harmed in the incident, she said. Collection stores and exhibition areas were also not affected by the water. Kate said the delay in re-opening was due to the need to check the museum’s systems. “An incident that sees water in the museum is something that we take very seriously,” she said. “We are happy to report that everything has been checked and double checked, and we are ready to open our doors.” “We do regret the inconvenience caused by the closure, and we really appreciate everyone’s patience as we worked to get Te Papa back up and running.” Kate also thanked staff who had worked day and night to get Te Papa ready to open on Saturday morning. “Te Papa is a complex machine with lots of specialist staff – not just art and history experts, but electricians, chefs, carpenters – you name it, there’s probably one at Te Papa. “Everyone has pulled together to get the museum open. We are very grateful for the support we’ve had from our visitors and our clients.”  Te Papa is open from 10am to 6pm, seven days a week.

TOO GOOD TO MISS SOUTH WELLINGTON INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL “Challenge, Engage, Inquire, Inspire” Prospective students and their parents are invited to our

Open Evening

Why South Wellington Intermediate School

Tuesday 25th October 6:00pm Prospective students are invited to attend

Open Day Friday 16 September 8.45 - 12.30 Contact the School Office for more details. 30 Waripori Street, Newtown | Tel: (04) 939 9872 Email: | Web:


At South Wellington Intermediate we don’t see these two years as solely a time to prepare students for High School, but rather see it as a unique and special time where the journey into adolescence is valued. Students are supported to become independent learners, thinkers and actors, and the apron strings of Primary school are loosened to allow greater autonomy, exploration, inspiration and self management. We can’t wait to share the next two years of your child’s learning journey with you.


Thursday August 25, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What do you love about the suburb you live in?

Lorraine Alison, Melrose

Edward GlennonSakaira, Newtown

David Duro, Newtown

Sam McCarthy, Newtown

Max Wollerman, Newtown

“I like Newtown it is vibrant, the coffee is great, the cafes the culture. I love the veggie market too.”

“I used to live in Strathmore but Newtown is good I like the mixed culture and it’s not too hustly and bustly like the CBD. I like them both.”

“Everything is accessible, you can just live here and not go anywhere else. A lot of people say Newtown has a lot of gangs but in the eight years we have been here it has been very safe. I like that it is friendly and multicultural.”

“The diversity. I like how relaxing it is, Newtown is pretty chill.”

“The diversity, I like how it is small and compact it is.”

Emma Bullara, Island Bay “The beach, the Empire Cinema and that it’s flat so I don’t have to walk up hill.”

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Experience with public transport Dear Ed, I was reading your article on Wellington bus service, I don’t drive so regularly use the bus service, and my experience has been as follows. I have been abused by a lot of grumpy bus drivers for no reason. I have had a child in my care stuck in the door of the bus with me on the other side with her screaming. I have witnessed a foreigner ask where the university was to hear the driver

yell “well did you look at the front of the bus”, it doesn’t say to university how would they know and that is part of their job. It says please remain seated for your safety, but the drivers take off before you sit down, I have had a kid go flying, seen a lady with a baby in her arms go flying and an elderly man. An elderly man got on the bus and asked where a place was and bus driver yelled and

said what you think this is a taxi service. A child I was with was terrified to go on the bus after a driver yelled at us both. The list goes on, it absolutely appalling, some out of towners have been horrified by the service and these drivers need a new career - maybe prison officers? In saying this, there are a few amazing helpful drivers. Laureen Porritt, Wellington

Britomart St traffic woes Dear Ed, Yes “the signs are up and safer speeds are the go in Berhampore” and well done to Curtis Nixon and all of the others who campaigned for this long overdue traffic management. However, while I am pleased to see the signs and road markings in the Berhampore shopping village announcing the lowering of

the traffic speed limit to 30km/h this is only three quarters of the problem and I am concerned that nothing seems to be happening about reducing traffic speeds in lower Britomart St around the corner. Britomart St is the fourth leg of an offset crossroads that is equally as busy as Luxford St as it is the western part of an east-west connector between

Preparing your home For Sale? When to sell? Which sale method? What will it cost? GAEL VAN HATTUM M: 027 443 5830 P: (04) 803 1709 E:

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the Brooklyn hill suburbs and Newtown and beyond. In its lower section as well as narrowing as it approaches the Adelaide Rd intersection it also contains Berhampore School with its signed school zone. Also in this area parked vehicles are losing their rear vision mirrors from vehicles travelling downhill too close to the left and too fast. This

has the effect of vehicles being parked on the footpath to escape losing their rear vision mirrors and causing inconvenience and a danger to the many pedestrians who use Britomart Street. During the public consultation process a large number of the submissions highlighted this situation and the traffic committee resolved that the traffic

engineers should review their findings and recommendations and report back to the traffic committee and the Berhampore community. So my question is: where is the report, what are the solutions and when can we expect to see some action? Peter Frater, Berhampore

Indulge in a Gatsby High Tea (bookings essential)



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Fri & Sat 6.30-8.30pm, Sun 12-2pm

Rare Beef on a Creamy Riso GATSBY TAPAS

354 Lambton Quay 04 4996499

04 568 2151 2 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt

31 Poplar Ave, Gatsby Tapa 31 Poplar Ave, Rauma Raumati South Tel: 04 299 264 Tel: 04 299 2642 HOURS: Mon-Fri 5pm–11pm 5pm-11pm& Sa Hours: Mon–Fri & Sat, Sun 11am-11pm

Thursday August 25, 2016


Shared cycling and pedestrian pathway secured

Wellington City Councillors Simon Marsh and Sarah Free, and Chris Calvi-Freeman who is running for a spot on council in this year’s local government elections.

Funding has been secured for work on a $7 million shared cycling and pedestrian pathway between Miramar Cutting and Waitangi Park. The pathway will trail along Oriental Parade, Evans Bay Parade, and Cobham Drive and will be part of the Great Harbour Way, a proposed cycleway the Wellington City Council wants to create which will wind along Wellington’s coastline. Wellington City Councillors Simon Marsh and Sarah Free, and Chris Calvi-Freeman who is running for a spot on council in this year’s local government elections were all part of a working group which was established earlier this year to look at cycling in the eastern suburbs. Sarah Free said this was the option

Dress for success empowers women

Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Jo Goodhew with Dress For Success stylist Susanne Milcairms. PHOTO CREDIT: Laura Shipley By Laura Shipley MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

Dress For Success is changing the community one woman at a time. The charity organisation, based in Boulcott St, empowers women to achieve economic independence, by offering advice to women who are entering the workforce and providing clothes for their job interviews. Last Thursday, Community and Voluntary Sector Minister Jo Goodhew visited the Dress For Success team for morning tea, to learn more about how the organisation was helping the community. Dress For Success president Jane Fanselow-Price said the organisation’s work was about building confidence.

Dress For Success clients were given the opportunity to spend an hour with a stylist, where they would pick an outfit that was appropriate for their first job interview, from a variety of donated clothing, she said. After they were hired, they would come back for a second dressing where they would be given enough work clothes to last a week, Jane said. Dress For Success also ran a retention programme. Women liaised with volunteers at the organisation to ensure they had support they needed while in the work place, Jane said. “We teach the unwritten rules of the work force for women who have been out of work for a long time,” Jane said. Jane said most clients were re-

ferrals from Work and Income and a lot of the women they helped were in debt. “Twenty-five per cent is about putting the clothes on the rest is about building confidence.” Dress For Success relied on clothing donations from the public, and clothes not suitable for job interviews were sold at the Frank Kitts Market and all money raised goes back to the charity. Dress For Success Wellington was set up in 2001 and is part of a global organization that spans across 20 countries. The Wellington branch interacts with around 1,000 women a year.  For more information, head to the Dress For Success Wellington Facebook page.


which was considered to be most popular when the community was consulted on plans for cycleways in Wellington’s eastern suburbs. “This a very exciting project and I believe we can make this a very successful project. Nobody wants to get this wrong.” She said residents were also interested in safer pedestrian crossing across Cobham Drive, and money was still set aside to revisit this project in the future. Chris agreed, and said a route into town was what was identified as most desirable from members of the community. Simon Marsh said while the pathway would initially be both a tourist and commuter route, if a second Mt Victoria tunnel was built they could look at including a commuter route.


Thursday August 25, 2016



Happy Fathers Day

Sun 6 Sep

He is a top Kiwi bloke

Ten ways to make your Dad smile this Father’s Day.  Surprise Dad with a top notch fry up in bed! This will give you extra brownie points and keep him grinning from ear to ear all day.

my fath“I know that I will never find es into com o er in any other man wh my life in d my life, because it is a voi .” him that can only be filled by - Halle Berry

“My father, he was like the rock, the guy you went to with every problem.” - Gwyneth Paltrow

 Leave the telly on the sport’s channel all day. Do not touch the remote. For extra points sit with him during this time and pretend to listen to his ranting about All Blacks matches from the 1980s.  Laugh at Dad’s Dad jokes all day. All day!  Take Dad fishing somewhere around the south coast. We live in a stunning area so get out there and enjoy it. We suggest somewhere on the Miramar Peninsular.

 Offer to give him a foot massage. Bare through the potential smell of this one as it will certainly put you ahead of your siblings in the ‘best child’ stakes.  Load up the chilly bin with ice and keep a few beers ready for Dad to enjoy throughout the day. You may need Mum’s assistance with this one to keep it legal.

“My Dad is my hero.”

 Take Dad to the movies and let him pick the flick. Be prepared to watch a war movie or something about a band you have never heard of.

 Place in front of Dad the latest copy of the Cook Strait News to read. This will be a highlight of his day. Watch his joyful face as he reads the enlightening local articles.

 Fire up the barbeque and show Dad how good you are at cooking him a steak for tea. Be careful as this could go badly wrong. Men are very protective of their barbeques, you may cook his steak a fraction too long, you may burn the house down.

- Harry Conn

ick, Jr.

For the Dad who has everything A Luxury gift set of premium teas from Harney & Sons On Sale now at

“Without my dad, I wouldn’t be here.” - Maria Sharapova

 Tell Dad he is the best Dad in the world!

Active Feet Podiatry “Caring for walkers of all ages!” ONE OF THE BEST INDIAN R E S T U RA N T S I N W E L L I N G TO N



M UGHLAI FOOD - N ORTH I NDIAN I NDO C HINESE - S OUTH I NDIAN Tandoori Heritage is a reflection of Punjabi culture & traditions with authentic Punjabi ambiance since 1994. We focus on providing good service, authenticity and real North Indian food to our customers. 23 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie - Ph (04) 387 7040 Fully licensed Indian and Mughlai Restaurant and Takeaway

Services We Offer Services We Offer Include: Include: Services We Offer Include: • Sports injuries Sports injuries • Sports injuries •• Family Foot Care Family Foot Care • Family Foot Care ••Verrucae • Verrucae Verrucae •• Skin and Nail problems • Skin and Nail problems •• Orthotic Services Skin and Nail problems


Warm welcome ,cold beer, great food

• Orthotic Services • Orthotic Services Dr. Tim Halpine Dr. Tim Halpine Caring for your feet Dr. Tim Halpine Caring for your feet Caring for your feet

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Bookings recommended

8007641AA 72.H


Spoil dad this Father’s Day!

04House 473 and 8696 (oppositePh: Solnet Aurora Terrace). Phone: 04 473 8696 • We have a special interest in treating children Email: Level 2, 85 The Terrace, Wellington

(opposite House and Aurora Terrace).children We have aSolnet special interest in treating

array of goodies to stock the popug amazing proof 2015 lar deli at the fair on Sunday, November 8.

the job to a high standard. The work was “Relationships are at the heart of1 our 2 3 4 5 $0 $25 $50 $75 also done at a competitive price and we school and strongly reflected in our$0curContact the team at Thursday August 2016again.” 13 would not hesitate to25, use them “We really wantedand to closing use as much Stewart and Rogers on Wednesday November 18, 2015 ck URL, email address date local riculum. This year's inquiry, 'What and 13 In Conjuction with NZMP we produce as we could as it came into season. Who is in Our Backyard' has beenthatfull of prepared PLEASE NOTE: we have 0800 800 949 off er a 5 year warranty. this advertisement proof based on our their parents have rich Situations Vacant TradesToand Services Death Notices learning experiences and provides a Lease Firewood e: 10 “The x 3colchildren andformat: mono See website for conditions. or book a job online at brought in lots, as have friends and family great link to the fair.”understanding of the instructions received. In approving the advertisement, it is the PAINTING Decorating for all Painting Services LEECH, Raymond Gordon: AUgust 22, andrun Kim [Chin] from Miramar Fruit Supply Money raised from the fair will go towards STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. client’s responsibility to check the accuracy date position PHpine WN 801 7753 2m seasoned $180 competent and considerate supplied the rest.” various school projects. Call us now!Tradesmen. Realistic 2016. of both the advertisement and the mediaby and Mobile 021 446 802 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. Hannah has assorted a tasty range inIn the past these have included position nominated. help with rates. Phone Neil 388-7518 4m Split pine store for Ronald (Ron): August 20, 2016. NELSON, cluding preserves, chutneys, mustards, digital technology, additional staffing, $330 next winter LOIBL, Steven Michael: August 21, 2016. Composed by Tony WatlingCancellation 11th. Nov.of2015 adverts booked Trades and Services cordials, kimchi (a Korean pickle), relishes teacher professional with development anda media the media will incur Large Bags Kindling $13 LEWIS, Dr. Arthur William (Bill) MB ChB, Island Bay Plumbing and even a pizza sauce. engagement of a writing specialist. cancellation fee of $50. Large Bags DryPublic Pine/ LL.M: MNZM, Dip. Ven, August 20, 2016. Notice For those wanting an early start there are  Worser Bay School Fair - 168 Seatoun FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and $14 hardwood mix Maureen Anne: August 19, HORNER, also Christmas cakes and mince meat for Heights Rd, Sunday, November 8, from installations by top-qualified electrician with your contact: Vanita Christmas pies. 2016. 11am to 2pm, rain or shine. Some Eftpos record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the available. BEATTIE, Patricia June (Pat): August lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just 2016. Our summer pools were built by us. phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email Public Notice LIS, Mieczyslaw: August, 2016. Blends in well did cause no fuss. Kaiarahi i teand ReoServices Ring Paul on: Trades CAMERON, Alec John: August 8, 2016. With hydro slide will cause a splash. M: (027) 4433-535 PATTISON, Ian Robert: August 12, 2016. And to it many people dash. Miramar Kei te kimi mātou itētehi tangata hōriri Situation Vacant kia mahi hei kairahi i te Reo itā mātou Through native bush we twist and wiggle. P: 0800 383 752 Rangers AFC Inc whanauNotices kei te kura o Newtown. Mē mohio Public Situations Vacant From the children brings a giggle. te tangata kit e korero i te Reo Māori me th Severn days a week the place is open. ōna tikanga. Ka taea e te tangata tem ahi 109 ANNUAL PARTkitTIME tahi me OPPOSING ngā tamariki, e rima e tekau mā MEETING Hot summer days we all are hopen! 44465 GENERAL


Notice of Public Community Meetings


Monday 23 Nov 2015 Wellington City Council is currently engaging with the local Public Notice Miramar Rangers communities of Island Bay, Khandallah, and Newlands regarding Clubrooms 7.30pm a proposal to enable medium-density housing in these suburbs. rd

Wainuiomata Squash Club Dave Farrington Park Cnr Weka St & Miramar North Rd AGM

You are invited to attend one of the following public meetings to discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb.

- All Welcome -

Island 51. J.K.Bay Thursday 12 November - 7pm Rowling Wellington chose the South Baptist Church 284 The Parade, Island Bay unusual name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!


24/7 Service

Housing Choice and Town Centre Planning


Your Local Plumber

7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms Advertise your

notices here. Corner of Main Road 04 587 1660 and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata

Bringing local news to the community

Real Estate All Painting Services @ Interior Painting & GRAHAM’S PAINTERS Exterior/Interior Wallpapering

Experienced Tradesmen

Contact John N on 388 3862 or 027 4466 371 www.

Exterior of Houses Painted in Winter Available for ALL CRAFTSMAN PROPERTIES WANTED Interior work. PLUMBER To SELL in the Southern ~and EasternDiscounts Suburbs~ Pensioner REG DRAINLAYER Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Phone Lana Mehlhopt Call John Ph 564| 027 9202 or2802133 183904 9492 383 7008 Licensed Under REAA 2008 970 2409 References Available or 027 457 4999 44236


Situation Vacant

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers Tuition



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tional teachers. Fun, modern, mobile lessons. P. 021565750 E.

To Let

Deliverers Required in Contact CLEAN DRY AND SECURE STORAGE

units Kawatiri to rent, 2 sq meters to 18 sq meters. Tel Nikki1: Papatsoumas Area Momona, Mohaka, - Kaponga.


387 4478.

04 587 1660 Trades and Services Contact Sandra on 587 1660

LICENSED Builders all types of work undertaken. Phone 3838274.


“A & D Decorators did a fantastic A solid

job of preparing and painting our weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team was professional, friendly, and completed the job to a high standard. The work was also done at a competitive price and we would not hesitate to use them again.” In Conjunction with NZMP we offer a 5 year warranty. See website for conditions.

PH WN 801 7753

Mobile 021 446 802

Applications are available at our recruitment

Visitoffi usce online at or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

toruPOTTER ō rātouHOSPICE tau. Ka timata tēnei tunga ā MARY PERSONAL INFILL o te tau 2016. te timatanga Tono mai tou ASSISTANT PUBLIC MEETING i mua i te 20 o Whiringatātai pumanawa THE HONORABLE a-Rangi, 2015. personal 46 Waione StExperienced Petone ANNETTE KING, MP assistant needed to Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Rongotai & Paul Eagle, City We seek an energetic person toimmediately. be start work Formerly cpa spares Councillor Southern Ward Kaiarahi i te Reo in our Minimum Whanau at invite you: PublicSchool. MeetingThe successfulthree years admin Newtown experienced required. Saturday, 27 August. applicant must know and speak Te Monday, Thursday, Funeral 10:00am Newtown Hall. 71 Director ReoDaniell me ona have some St.Tikanga and Friday – 5 hours knowledge in working with children Topics PARKING • daily. $18/hour aged 5-13 years old. The position starts TRAFFIC • PRIVACY • at the beginning Applications SHADING • EFFECT ONof 2016. email Peter close on Friday 20 November 2015. NEIGHBORHOOD

Please send your CV with names of two Public Notices referees and letter of application to The Principal, Newtown School, Mein Street, Wellington or email to ADVERTISING TERMS


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14 Thursday August 25, 2016

Latest exhibition for local artist The curator of a local art gallery is excited to unveil his latest exhibition. Local artist and co-curator of the Tapu Te Ranga Gallery in Island Bay, Ian Logan has created a survey exhibition of his work, which will open at the gallery later this week. The exhibition covers Ian’s travels between Scotland and New Zealand, and also looks at painting subjects from when the artist ran his own gallery at the exact same location in the early 1990’s. Ian said he was interested in what caught his eye with amazement, seizing the moment to seize the motif - then recapturing it on canvas or paper. “I like to call my style ‘heightened realism’ as I usually need to exaggerate and distort to get the initial buzz

of what I see across in paint,” he said. Ian said over the years his subject matter had changed, and he now painted the rugged south coast as opposed to New Zealand bush. He said the exhibition would include work from across a wide variety of mediums – something he said kept art fresh and interesting for him. Earlier this year the gallery moved to its new location in the Island Bay shopping village. “It’s fun to come full circle and be back running a gallery here on The Parade so having my first solo show here since then is very exciting,” he said.  Ian’s exhibition opens on August 28 and will run until September 14. For more information head to www.

Heritage buildings to have promising future Eleven heritage buildings around Wellington have received grants totalling more than $300,000 from the Wellington City Council. Grants will go towards earthquake strengthening work such as geotechnical and seismic assessment or structural work, as well as repairs and maintenance to keep built heritage characteristics. Among the 11 buildings to receive a grant was the prominent St Gerard’s Monastery, which overlooks the city from Mt Victoria. The building will undergo a detailed seismic assessment and development of a design for strengthening. The building owners from the 11 heritage buildings have benefitted from the latest round of the council’s Built Heritage Incentive Fund, with the Transport and Urban Development Committee approving applications earlier this month. Grants are allocated to projects that conserve, restore, protect and care for Wellington’s heritagelisted buildings. It is one of several council initiatives to help building owners seismically strengthen their buildings. Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, said a significant funding increase in the 2015 long term plan meant council could collectively help more heritage buildings tell their stories to the public. “Wellington’s character is made of such a variety of small cottages and large commercial, public and religious buildings from many different decades. This fund helps our physical and cultural resilience and our capital city’s attractiveness to residents and visitors alike.”

Ian Logan at Tapu Te Ranga Gallery in Island Bay. PHOTO CREDIT: Fritz Schone

Keeping comfortable Every now and again you meet a couple like Graham and Noelene Hood. Salt-of-the-earth, hardworking types, people who exude positivity and leave you with a better, clearer view of the world. Graham and Noelene travelled to the Margaret Stewart House - the Cancer Society’s onsite accommodation for outof-towners needing cancer treatment - from Renwick, Blenheim. “I’m over this time for my myeloma,” Graham said. He said he and his wife were fighters, as Noelene has secondary breast cancer which has now spread to her bone. The couple said they felt comfortable at the Margaret Stewart House because of its family atmosphere. “When we were here in February and March, we both had a birthday around the same time as another fellah,” Graham said “So we cooked up a big feast and everyone sat

round for the birthday party. It was really nice. You never feel alone here.” Noelene agreed, and said you learnt a lot from other patients using the facilities. “One woman – her husband is going through what Graham is - we were able to share our story,” she said. “We just can’t fault this place, we are so lucky to have it. When you fly in from far away, like us, you can just unpack and crash out. The Cancer Society is currently running a special campaign with the goal of putting solar panels on the roof the Margaret Stewart House. The solar panels will help the Cancer Society save more than $300,000 in power over the next 25 years.

Power Up’ campaign Through its ‘Power Up’ campaign the Cancer Society hopes to raise $70,000 to cover the costs of 115 solar panels, which will produce a 30kW capacity for The Cancer Society’s Margaret Stewart House accommodation facility. The facility provides daily accommodation for up to 40 out-of-town patients having cancer treatment at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre. 70k

60k 50k 40k 30k

 For more information on how to donate, visit the Cancer Society’s Everyday Hero page at


How you can help: Use the donate button at www.wellington.cancernz. Send a cheque to the Cancer Society Wellington, 52 Riddiford St, Newtown 6021 Or visit www.give.everydayhero. com/nz/powerup-thecancersociety-margaret-stewart-house

WorkerBe Oasis looking to build on business By Nikki Papatsoumas

Sheldon Levet and Kelly-Ann Barrett with a Kaicycle trailer.

Urban farm, WorkerBe Oasis, is asking the community to help with its most recent fundraiser. WorkerBe Oasis is an urban farm based in Newtown with an aim to share food with those who need it. Half the food grown goes to food banks like Kaibosh to give to needy Wellington families. The incorporated society also hopes to create a zero waste local food system by creating urban farms that regenerate land and reconnect

local communities to learn, grow, eat and share good food. WorkerBe Oasis was now looking to raise $ 6000 through a PledgeMe campaign for its newest arm, Kaicycle. Kaicycle is a bicycle-powered food waste collection service, pedalling people’s food scraps into compost. Volunteers travel around the capital, collecting buckets of food waste, which is then taken back to the Newtown farm and converted into compost.

Volunteer Kelly-Ann Barrett said money raised would be used to build a shelter at the Newtown base to house Kaicycle bikes, trailers and tools. She said the structure, which would be made out of recycled materials, would also double as an education centre. T h e o r g a n i s a t i o n ’s PledgeMe campaign ends on August 31 and pledges will only be confirmed if the $6000 target is reached.  To pledge, head to w w w. p le d g e m nz / projects/4718-kaicycle

Thursday August 25, 2016


Clubs launch sports hub

Sports talk with Jacob Page...

By Nikki Papatsoumas

A group of foundation clubs have joined together to launch an eastern suburbs sports hub. In 2014, it was announced the Poneke Football Club rooms in Kilbirnie would be redeveloped into a modern facility, known as the Toitu Poneke Community and Sports Hub, which would be used by sports clubs and community groups across Wellington. Representatives from seven clubs signed a memorandum of understanding last Tuesday and will now share clubrooms and the site at Kilbirnie Park. The hub now represents 1690 members, including 720 children. Clubs to sign the memorandum at last week’s meeting were American Football Wellington, Capital Sports Performance (Triathlon), Capital Swim Club, Poneke Kilbirnie Softball, Poneke Rugby, Wellington Darts Association and the Wellington Diving Club. Project manager of the Toitu Poneke Community and Sports Hub, Ross


Fingernail fears with the Olympics

Community engagement officer for the hub Cara Robson, Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle, Chairman of the Poneke Football Club Kevin Jenkins, Don Eddie from the Wellington Darts Club and project manager for the hub Ross Jamieson.

Jamieson said it was a pleasure to have “seven such high achieving and high profile clubs as part of the initial foundation group of the hub”. He said sports clubs across the country were under pressure with a lack of volunteers and community grants, and hoped the project would prove itself as a way of securing the future of sports clubs.

“Our vision has always been to be an exemplar hub of New Zealand sport,” he said. “We still have a way to go… but it’s really positive and promising so far.” Stage one works on the hub were completed last year and work on stage two of the project would begin in September. All things going to plan, the hub would be completed by April 2017, and the project was expected to cost $2.2 million.

WHATS ON... Brooklyn Community Market

Public Meeting Miramar

This Saturday 27 August from 9.30am to 1pm. Brooklyn Community Centre, 18 Harrison Street. Great stalls, delicious food and face painting for the kids. Details online:

Public Meeting - Miramar. Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Democracy under attack. Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre, 27 Chelsea St. 6.30pm Thursday 25 August. All Welcome.

Hataitai Community Market Saturday 3 September 2016 10am - 1pm Hataitai Bowling Club CD’s, Books, Plants, Handmade Food and Crafts, Baby Clothes, Family Garage Sale

The difference between agony and joy at the Olympics comes down to centimetres and split seconds. Mahe Drysdale’s second gold medal in the single sculls rowing event by two centimetres - that’s the length of your fingernail. Julian Matthews missed the semi-finals of the 1500m by 0.39 of a second - snap your fingers and that’s how much time that is. Valerie Adams lost her bid for a third shot put gold by 21cm or two thirds of the length of your average school ruler. Four years of effort came down to the smallest of margins. So enjoy every medal, even if it is expected like Hamish Bond and Eric Murray in the rowing or Lisa Carrington in the kayaking. Just because those two gold medals were made to look easy does not mean they were. Take the New Zealand women’s hockey team for example. They seemed like a team of destiny for a medal in Rio after their dominant performance in the last eight against Australia but it has not always been this way. In the past two Olympic campaigns the team has floundered under pressure, unable to handle penalty stroke situations and finishing fourth both times. This year was no different. I’ve bemoaned our amount of silver medals, it seems like second is always a little deflating. Silvers from trap shooter Natalie Rooney and Luuka Jones in the kayak are the exceptions since they weren’t fancied to medal but coming up one short can often hurt just as much as finishing fourth.

s n o i t a l u t a r cong

! s r e n n i to our w the 3 x $5,000 Tripintnoers: Gold Coast w J. Lenifer

A. Crundwell

M. Smith

9 x Weekly $20n0ers: NW Gift Card win Week 1

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S. Kennedy

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all that entered. New World Wellington City, 279 Wakefield St. Tel: (04) 384 8054 Hours: Mon - Sun 7.00am - 11.00pm

16 Thursday August 25, 2016

Ne w

pa we tien lc ts om a e lwa ys

Putting a smile on your face is our primary focus

All aspects of dentistry, including a full range of cosmetic and surgical treatment EASY CARPARKING AND ACCESS

• All Crowns

under $1000 • All Root-canal treatments under $1000 • Implants + Crown from under $4000

• Emergency appointments at short notice • Free Adolescent Care (Year 9 to 18 year olds) • Kind, non-judgemental approach


John Singleton BDS (Otago) Joanne Pei BDS (Otago)

294a Karori Road, Karori. Ph: 476 6252 • Email:

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Cook Strait News 25-08-16

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