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Thursday July 21, 2016

Thieves targeting construction sites and trade vehicles

From left Jay Whipps, Marian Evans, Jess Charlton, Michael Potton, Cameron Langdon and Kathleen Winter. PHOTO CREDIT: Dionne Ward

Exploring minimum wage workplace By Nikki Papatsoumas

An aspiring young film maker is delving into the lives of women in the workplace for her latest project. For her first feature length film Brooklyn director Kathleen Winter is working on Minimum, a documentary which explores the lives of women across New Zealand who work in minimum wage jobs. Currently, 68 per cent of those on minimum wage were women. “Working as a film maker I have had to hold down a lot of bad jobs,” Kathleen said. In fact, the idea for the film was derived from her own experiences working in a minimum wage workplace. Kathleen said she was now

working on gathering stories from women in the workplace, from all walks of life, right across New Zealand. So far she has had 20 stories submitted anonymously through the film’s website, and has interviewed a dozen other women on camera. “Most people don’t have any idea what these women put up with in the workplace, in terms of how they are treated,” she said. “We have a massive amount of content already, all made up of really amazing stories. Now we have to find a way to share these stories.” The young director said she was moved and shocked by the stories that had been shared. “It’s crushing that so many

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to target construction sites. “Our advice to any company with valuable tools and equipment is to make sure they are not left in unattended vehicles that aren’t kept in secure premises overnight and at weekends. “This same crime prevention principle extends to construction sites where owners and contractors are encouraged to assess the risks of leaving valuable equipment and tools at vulnerable sites. At a minimum, make sure keys are removed and vehicles locked.” He said recording serial numbers and photographing tools would assist police in recovering stolen property.

people are affected and they can’t even speak up without it affecting them getting jobs in the future. “It is just every day stuff that is ongoing and it is hard to talk about or find a way to talk about it.” Kathleen is able to work on the film thanks to a small grant from the Emerging Artists Trust, and is now hoping to gather even more interviews for the project. “When people hear about the project they are really keen to support it… it is harder to get people to speak and be involved in the project… It is clear acknowledgment that there is a need for this.”

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Police are warning Wellington contractors and tradespeople to be vigilant with security after an increase in thefts targeting sites and vehicles. Since April there have been 96 reported vehicle break-ins with a majority involving trade vehicles. One third of those break-ins occurred in Wellington City. There have also been 49 burglaries of mainly tools from commercial building sites and homes in the period from May to July. Wellington District prevention manager, Scott Cooper, urged contractors and tradespeople to take steps to reduce the opportunity for offenders

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Cook Strait News 21-07-16  

Cook Strait News 21-07-16

Cook Strait News 21-07-16  

Cook Strait News 21-07-16