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Thursday July 21, 2016

Safer speed for Berhampore By Nikki Papatsoumas

The signs are up and safer speeds are go in Berhampore. Cars travelling through the Berhampore shopping village will now be required to travel at a speed of 30km/h. Signs have recently been erected just past the corner of Adelaide Rd and Luxford St, and near to the Centennial Flats in Berhampore, warning drivers of the new speed limit. The southern suburb is one of five suburbs in the capital to recently have safer speed limits implemented. The Wellington City Council’s decision to lower the speed zones in these areas was in response to overwhelming support from the community. Out of 391 submissions received from the council, an average of 81 per cent were in favour of lowering the speed limits. Resident of Adelaide Road Curtis Nixon has campaigned to see the lowering of speed limits in Berhampore. “Lower speeds mean less serious injuries and people drive in a bit more of social way. “They benefit all road users - whether you're walking or running, on a bicycle or motorbike, or in a car. It’s part of addressing a number of road safety issues in the area.” He said feedback he had had from the community since the signs had been erected

Berhampore resident Curtis Nixon has campaigned to see the speed limit at the Berhampore shopping village reduced to 30km/h.

was positive. However, Curtis said he would have liked to have seen the slower speed zone extended up Britomart St, near Berhampore School. Southern ward councillor Paul Eagle said the lower speed limits had been a long time coming. “People do travel too fast and there are a lot of children around. With new businesses that have recently gone in there are a lot more people walking around. “However this is only a small step, and in the future there will need to be more investment, and we will need to look at ways to

enhance the whole village.” From 2007 to 2013, a total of 68 crashes resulting in injury were reported in, or near, these five shopping areas, 18 of which caused injuries to pedestrians. These areas are the latest in a line of shopping centres across Wellington to have slower speed limits implemented, and the council said this was one of the ways it was making local streets safer and more enjoyable for all road users.  Are you pleased to see the speed limit lowered through the Berhampore shopping village? Send an email to

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Safe augmented reality for young audience Since May, Wellington City Council has been trialling a new app, Magical Park, in collaboration with the game’s New Zealand developer Geo AR Games, in parks around the city. Magical Park uses GPS technology to get users moving around the park to play within a set boundary. The safe game has been designed with a younger audience in mind. For more information, head to www.

Wellington wide electronic ticketing system on the cards Commuters will be able to use one card for any Metlink bus service throughout the Wellington region - but it won’t happen in the immediate future. This month, the Greater Wellington Regional Council announced it was in negotiations with Snapper Services Ltd to provide a common electronic ticketing system on all regional bus services. Chair of the council, Chris Laidlaw, said the system would be introduced through new partnering contracts for bus services that would begin to take effect from early 2018. “For customers, this will mean that wherever you choose to travel by bus in

the region, whether it’s from Johnsonville to Island Bay or anywhere within Wairarapa, you’ll use the same card. “One of the key factors in our decision to negotiate with Snapper was the ease of the transition to a single system for customers, due to Snapper already having high coverage in the region.” He said Snapper was used for about 70 per cent of bus journeys, people were familiar with it and found it easy to use. “Having just one card for all bus travel will be a huge improvement. It will make it more convenient and easier for people to transfer between various services to get where they need to go.”

SuperGold would continue to be the only public transport card senior Metlink customers would need, he said. Chris said the final outcome was subject to the finalisation of commercial negotiations which he hoped would be in a few weeks’ time. However, he said the electronic ticketing system for buses was an interim solution only. “The regional council is committed to introducing a fully integrated electronic ticketing and fares system for the entire Metlink public transport network of trains, buses and harbour ferries.”

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