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Thursday, July 21, 2016

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91 years young Secret to a happy, healthy life

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King are amongst the inspirational people 91-year-old Tanya Dyett quotes at her weekly yoga lessons. The nonagenarian has been teaching yoga since she was in her 20s and credits the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the discipline as the key to a happy, healthy life. Tanya arrived in New Zealand in 1946 after spending time as a prisoner of war in Japan. Although her family was Russian, Tania was born in China and spent time travelling around Indonesia, before the island where she and her family were staying was invaded by Japanese soldiers. Continued on page 2 Seatoun resident Tanya Dyett may be 91-years-old but shows no sign of slowing down


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Thursday July 21, 2016

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Secret to a happy, healthy life... Continued from page 1 When she arrived in New Zealand she became a registered yoga teacher, and despite her age, still teaches a class on Tuesday nights at St George’s Hall in Seatoun, which happens to be right across the road from her home. “I always have at least seven people show up who are my absolute faithfuls, but sometimes I get around 10 people.” Tanya said she always knew yoga was something she wanted to do, for physical and mental reasons. “It’s not just posture… it gives you other wonderful things. It’s about mind and body and spirit,” she said. When she’s not teaching, or practising her yoga Tanya enjoys taking a creative

writing class and is a member of the Wellington Theosophical Society. The former violin teacher also still gives weekly music lessons to two local students. Having experienced life unlike most, Tanya said she tried to keep a positive attitude and it was important to stay busy. “We are all the same, there are just good people and bad people everywhere,” she said. “But we have to start thinking differently. This tit-for-tat business is no good. War is not the answer or the misery it causes. As long as there are enough people wanting peace, we can achieve it.”

Nominations for local body elections now open Nominations for the 2016 local body elections have officially opened. Local Government New Zealand chief executive Malcolm Alexander said anyone wishing to stand as a candidate for their local council, local board or community board, should get their nominations in now. Those wishing to stand have until August 12 to get their nominations in. “Standing for local council is an incredible opportunity for people to have their say about the issues that affect their community directly and develop their leadership skills,” he said. “Standing for their local council is a great way to step up and have real influence over the key issues affecting

their families, friends and communities, and we encourage them to come forward now.” Meanwhile, more than 135,000 people had updated their enrolment details since the start of the Electoral Commission’s enrolment update campaign. However, according to the commission there were still tens of thousands of New Zealanders who would miss out on the chance to vote unless they re-enrolled to vote. Chief electoral officer, Robert Peden, said around 20,000 packs had bounced back to the Electoral Commission as ‘Gone No Address’. “If you are one of the 20,000 or so voters whose pack has come back to us

because you’ve moved house and not updated your enrolment details, you have been removed from the electoral roll, and won’t be able to vote unless you re-enrol,” he said. “Local elections are held by postal vote, so it’s really important that we get people enrolled at the correct address and ready to have their say.”  Voting papers will be sent out from September 16 and need to be filled in and posted in time to reach the electoral office by midday, on Saturday, October 8.  For more information, head to www.


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Thursday July 21, 2016

Safer speed for Berhampore By Nikki Papatsoumas

The signs are up and safer speeds are go in Berhampore. Cars travelling through the Berhampore shopping village will now be required to travel at a speed of 30km/h. Signs have recently been erected just past the corner of Adelaide Rd and Luxford St, and near to the Centennial Flats in Berhampore, warning drivers of the new speed limit. The southern suburb is one of five suburbs in the capital to recently have safer speed limits implemented. The Wellington City Council’s decision to lower the speed zones in these areas was in response to overwhelming support from the community. Out of 391 submissions received from the council, an average of 81 per cent were in favour of lowering the speed limits. Resident of Adelaide Road Curtis Nixon has campaigned to see the lowering of speed limits in Berhampore. “Lower speeds mean less serious injuries and people drive in a bit more of social way. “They benefit all road users - whether you're walking or running, on a bicycle or motorbike, or in a car. It’s part of addressing a number of road safety issues in the area.” He said feedback he had had from the community since the signs had been erected

Berhampore resident Curtis Nixon has campaigned to see the speed limit at the Berhampore shopping village reduced to 30km/h.

was positive. However, Curtis said he would have liked to have seen the slower speed zone extended up Britomart St, near Berhampore School. Southern ward councillor Paul Eagle said the lower speed limits had been a long time coming. “People do travel too fast and there are a lot of children around. With new businesses that have recently gone in there are a lot more people walking around. “However this is only a small step, and in the future there will need to be more investment, and we will need to look at ways to

enhance the whole village.” From 2007 to 2013, a total of 68 crashes resulting in injury were reported in, or near, these five shopping areas, 18 of which caused injuries to pedestrians. These areas are the latest in a line of shopping centres across Wellington to have slower speed limits implemented, and the council said this was one of the ways it was making local streets safer and more enjoyable for all road users.  Are you pleased to see the speed limit lowered through the Berhampore shopping village? Send an email to

inbrief news Drop in to community centre The Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre holds a drop in every day from 10am to 2pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. For more information, contact the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on 387 7867.

Safe augmented reality for young audience Since May, Wellington City Council has been trialling a new app, Magical Park, in collaboration with the game’s New Zealand developer Geo AR Games, in parks around the city. Magical Park uses GPS technology to get users moving around the park to play within a set boundary. The safe game has been designed with a younger audience in mind. For more information, head to www.

Wellington wide electronic ticketing system on the cards Commuters will be able to use one card for any Metlink bus service throughout the Wellington region - but it won’t happen in the immediate future. This month, the Greater Wellington Regional Council announced it was in negotiations with Snapper Services Ltd to provide a common electronic ticketing system on all regional bus services. Chair of the council, Chris Laidlaw, said the system would be introduced through new partnering contracts for bus services that would begin to take effect from early 2018. “For customers, this will mean that wherever you choose to travel by bus in

the region, whether it’s from Johnsonville to Island Bay or anywhere within Wairarapa, you’ll use the same card. “One of the key factors in our decision to negotiate with Snapper was the ease of the transition to a single system for customers, due to Snapper already having high coverage in the region.” He said Snapper was used for about 70 per cent of bus journeys, people were familiar with it and found it easy to use. “Having just one card for all bus travel will be a huge improvement. It will make it more convenient and easier for people to transfer between various services to get where they need to go.”

SuperGold would continue to be the only public transport card senior Metlink customers would need, he said. Chris said the final outcome was subject to the finalisation of commercial negotiations which he hoped would be in a few weeks’ time. However, he said the electronic ticketing system for buses was an interim solution only. “The regional council is committed to introducing a fully integrated electronic ticketing and fares system for the entire Metlink public transport network of trains, buses and harbour ferries.”

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Thursday July 21, 2016

inbrief news Cable Car’s reopening delayed The return to service of Wellington’s iconic Cable Car will be delayed by two weeks. Cable Car Company chief executive Simon Fleisher said the time needed to upgrade the system’s two 1970s carriages had proved to be slightly longer than originally scheduled. The first trips for members of the public will now be on August 15.

Newcomers events The Wellington Newcomers Network invites anyone and everyone along to their July events. The group will meet for a coffee catch up on Thursday, July 28 at Clarkes Cafe in the Central Library for coffee and conversation from 2.30pm.

CORRECTION In last week’s edition of the Cook Strait News we misspelled Jane Fahy’s name. We apologise for the error.

Crafting Curls

Local collaboration By Nikki Papatsoumas

A budding young chef and a local potter have collaborated in a hope of presenting the perfect dining experience. Josh Ross, grill chef at Logan Brown will pack his bags and head to Melbourne later this month for the semi-finals of the San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition. There, he will compete against nine other chefs, who have made it into the semi-finals for the Pacific Region. Josh said in an attempt to take his dish of wild hare loin, shitake, mead gel, gingerbread, hazelnuts and pickled blackberrys to the next level, he got in touch with Nicola Dench from the Clay Pigeon Studio in Seatoun and collaborated to come up with a design. “The head chef at Logan Brown thought it would be a cool to talk to an artist about plates for a point of difference. “They are handcrafted and

have had a lot of effort put into them, I think it could really boost the level of the dish.” Nicola said she was excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Josh. “I am always excited to be involved in artistry that promotes pottery and young people.” Josh said in the lead up to the competition he was busy perfecting his dish. If successful, he will head to Milan and face those who topped their regional title to take out the competition. The young talent said he had always been excited by the idea of being a chef, and liked the concept of locally sourced, foraged food, with unique flavours. “I have always had a passion for food… when you cook for lots of people I like seeing the expression on people’s faces when I cook them something they haven’t had before.” He said when choosing a protein he wanted something

Nicola Dench alongside Josh Ross, who will head to Melbourne to take part in the San Pellegrino Young Chef Competition.

the judges wouldn’t expect so went with hare. “Lots of people will do beef, lamb or chicken, where hare

is a different kind of cut, so hopefully it will make my dish stand out a bit, pairing it with some different flavours.”

Amazing accolade for local carer By Nikki Papatsoumas

Michelle loves to create curls! From a loose curl perm to a firmer curl giving body and volume to fine hair!


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Fitness dance classes that whisper exercise and shout fun!!!! all classes at Shelly Bay, Miramar This creative and different form of exercise will energise you and leave you with the ‘after-glow’ of exercise and a sense of mastery and confidence. Using both new and older music it is unimaginable fun plus improves your cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance along with other important fitness components. Phone Lynne on 04 934 3920 or 0274 416 079 or email: Term 3 starts Tuesday 19th July 2016 Morning & evening classes Tues & Thurs Book now and get your first class free! Check us out at under 'Shelly Bay Fitness Dance' Or ‘Shelly Bay, Fitness, Fun and Body Changing” Late bookings welcome.

Manager of Rita Angus Retirement Village in Kilbirnie, Rik Dixon, with Nelson Tom, winner of the Ryman caregiver of the year award 2016.

Let’s Talk Property!

A male caregiver at a local rest home has taken away an accolade for his work. Nelson Tom, from Rita Angus Retirement Village in Kilbirnie won the caregiver of the year award at the 2016 Ryman Healthcare awards. Winners were announced at the company’s annual conference, which was held at Te Papa earlier this month. At the awards ceremony, Nelson was praised for his kind and caring approach and for always going the extra mile to make sure his residents were comfortable. Nelson said he loved his job, and he cared for his residents in the same way he would for his

own family, which was part of his culture. “I look up to the older people here and I treat them like my parents,” he said. He said he was thrilled to be recognised for his work. “I am really excited that I got this award, I didn’t expect to get it because I only joined the company two years ago. I really appreciate that I got this award.” Looking ahead, Nelson said he hoped to start studying nursing next year and wanted to continue working with elderly people. The awards are open to all Ryman caregivers from across New Zealand and Australia and this year more than 3000 staff members were nominated.

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Thursday July 21, 2016

POWERUP Through its ‘Power Up’ campaign the Cancer Society hopes to raise $70,000 to cover the costs of 115 solar panels, which will produce a 30kW capacity for The Cancer Society’s Margaret Stewart House accommodation facility. The facility provides daily accommodation for up to 40 out-of-town patients having cancer treatment at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre, and is located on the grounds of Wellington Hospital. For the next seven weeks Wellington Suburban Newspapers will follow the Cancer Society’s progress, so keep an eye out for the ‘Power Up’ barometer.

How you can help:

Jo Morris is the new owner of Wellington Sewing Centre, located in the Kilbirnie Plaza.

New owner for local sewing shop By Nikki Papatsoumas

A local woman has traded in report writing for her lifelong love of sewing and crafts. After dipping her toe into retirement, Miramar local Jo Morris took over Wellington Sewing Services in Kilbirnie four months ago. With a new owner has come a new name – Wellington Sewing Centre – and Jo now hopes to inject some new life into the local business. Jo said she had always had a passion for crafts from a young age, but her professional life had kept her busy. Jo had a career to be proud

of; she spent many years in the public sector, where she served on the Law Commission, the Waitangi Tribunal and as Chair of the Broadcasting Standards Authority. While she was thankful for her successful career, Jo said she finally felt like she was in her dream job. “A lot of stuff I was doing was quite depressing, where this is a very happy place. I get into the wool room and it’s my happy place. “Being in this environment, for me it’s not writing reports on big social issues, it’s choosing buttons for babies. “I am leaping out of bed at 6am

full of enthusiasm – I haven’t felt like this in a long time.” Jo said she hoped to inject some new energy into the business by promoting the store to a wider demographic, and running classes for children, adults, beginners and experts in everything from knitting to sewing. She said she was lucky to have a team of staff who were all able to offer their expert advice to the store’s devoted customers. “I am delighted to be here, I am really enjoying it.”  Wellington Sewing Centre is located in the Kilbirnie Plaza. For more information, and for information on classes, head to the stores Facebook page.

Makeover for nocturnal experience The Twilight Te Ao Mahina, the nocturnal experience at Wellington Zoo celebrating Kiwi and Tuatara, has had a makeover and is now open to visitors. Spokes-

woman Amy Hughes said the attraction had a revamp to create a rich experience for visitors and animals. “Kiwi and Tuatara are iconic New Zealand native

animals, and now our visitors can discover what makes them unique and why we think they’re true conservation rock stars.”

70k 60k 50k 40k 30k 20k 10k

Use the donate button at Send a cheque to the Cancer Society Wellington, 52 Riddiford St, Newtown 6021 Or visit www.give.everydayhero. com/nz/powerup-thecancersociety-margaret-stewart-house

New push to cope with winter need The Salvation Army is launching its first ever winter appeal as front line staff prepare for one of their busiest times of the year. Head of social services for the Salvation Army, Major Pam Waugh, said during winter, people’s needs were worsened by the additional costs of seasonal illnesses, cold homes, inadequate bedding and clothing, and compounded by overcrowded and substandard living conditions. “In response to this reality, we have launched a winter appeal, with funds raised helping meet seasonal demand for the basics of food, warmth and shelter.” Pam said social workers, budgeters and other personnel were now busier than ever helping clients and the appeal would help staff provide much needed services. “We’re hoping Kiwis will realise that winter is harder for those already in need – and do their part to help.”  Donations can be made at WinterAppeal or by phoning 0800 53 00 00

The facts of winter: • • •

Number of Kiwis homeless during winter: 41,700 Number of people who typically approach The Salvation Army for help each winter: 55,000 Food parcels distributed to families in need this winter: 14,100

WINTER IS HARD ON BIKES... Due to the exceptional business growth this Jim's Mowing business the operator finds he needs to downsize his business giving you this Golden opportunity. This new business comes with a stable base of 60 clients and a cut value of around $2,200. These clients are primarily centred in the Northland/ Kelburn area, and have the potential to grow beyond the $100k turnover of the existing business. When you call 0800454654 for more information Quote 8DDA as our reference.

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View the Cook Strait News online



Thursday July 21, 2016

Generous donation from late local artist A late local artist has made a generous donation to Wellington Hospital. This month chair of Wellington Hospitals Foundation, Bill Day, presented an ultrasound machine to the cancer wards at Wellington Hospital. This comes following a donation from the late Maurice Bennett, and Wellington Hos-

pitals Foundation, of $42,000. Maurice sadly died earlier this year. The well-known ar tist was also k nown as ‘Toastman”, as a result of his exploration in using toast as an artistic medium. Mr Bennett was a longstanding cancer patient at Wellington Hospital. Mr Day said he hated nee-

dles and wanted to donate the Ultrasound machine to help other cancer patients who also disliked needles. Maurice’s daughter Sonya Kooiman said her father was happy he was able to help others in the cancer day ward. “We are happy that this machine will be put to amazing use,” she said.


Chair of Wellington Hospitals Foundation, Bill Day, medical oncologist Brendan Luey, charge nurse manager Paul Smith and nurse educator Katie Whytock with the hospital’s new ultrasound machine.

Soaking up the sun these school holidays

The sun was shining at Shorland Park in Island Bay these winter school holidays. Local families flocked to enjoy the rays and reporter Nikki Papatsoumas was there to capture the action. PHOTO CREDIT: Nikki Papatsoumas

Mia and Phoebe Kluge soak up the sun in their onesies.

Levi Harrison-Whale, Cotton McFarlane, Jaxon McFarlane and Tyler Harrison-Whale run around the park.

Sky Morgan-Conroy, Kailah Morgan-Conroy and Peyton Reihana grab control of a fire truck.

Matilda Elliott shows off her gymnastic skills.

Sophia Muaulu Todd and Olivia Grace Muaulu Todd take a turn on the slide.

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Thursday July 21, 2016

Thieves targeting construction sites and trade vehicles

From left Jay Whipps, Marian Evans, Jess Charlton, Michael Potton, Cameron Langdon and Kathleen Winter. PHOTO CREDIT: Dionne Ward

Exploring minimum wage workplace By Nikki Papatsoumas

An aspiring young film maker is delving into the lives of women in the workplace for her latest project. For her first feature length film Brooklyn director Kathleen Winter is working on Minimum, a documentary which explores the lives of women across New Zealand who work in minimum wage jobs. Currently, 68 per cent of those on minimum wage were women. “Working as a film maker I have had to hold down a lot of bad jobs,” Kathleen said. In fact, the idea for the film was derived from her own experiences working in a minimum wage workplace. Kathleen said she was now

working on gathering stories from women in the workplace, from all walks of life, right across New Zealand. So far she has had 20 stories submitted anonymously through the film’s website, and has interviewed a dozen other women on camera. “Most people don’t have any idea what these women put up with in the workplace, in terms of how they are treated,” she said. “We have a massive amount of content already, all made up of really amazing stories. Now we have to find a way to share these stories.” The young director said she was moved and shocked by the stories that had been shared. “It’s crushing that so many

 For more information, or to share your story, head to http://



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CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY Girl Powered Programming

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to target construction sites. “Our advice to any company with valuable tools and equipment is to make sure they are not left in unattended vehicles that aren’t kept in secure premises overnight and at weekends. “This same crime prevention principle extends to construction sites where owners and contractors are encouraged to assess the risks of leaving valuable equipment and tools at vulnerable sites. At a minimum, make sure keys are removed and vehicles locked.” He said recording serial numbers and photographing tools would assist police in recovering stolen property.

people are affected and they can’t even speak up without it affecting them getting jobs in the future. “It is just every day stuff that is ongoing and it is hard to talk about or find a way to talk about it.” Kathleen is able to work on the film thanks to a small grant from the Emerging Artists Trust, and is now hoping to gather even more interviews for the project. “When people hear about the project they are really keen to support it… it is harder to get people to speak and be involved in the project… It is clear acknowledgment that there is a need for this.”

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Police are warning Wellington contractors and tradespeople to be vigilant with security after an increase in thefts targeting sites and vehicles. Since April there have been 96 reported vehicle break-ins with a majority involving trade vehicles. One third of those break-ins occurred in Wellington City. There have also been 49 burglaries of mainly tools from commercial building sites and homes in the period from May to July. Wellington District prevention manager, Scott Cooper, urged contractors and tradespeople to take steps to reduce the opportunity for offenders

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Thursday July 21, 2016






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Speak up and have your say on The Parade Consultation over what The Parade should look like has officially begun – and the community is being urged to speak up and have their say. At the last meeting of the Wellington City Council’s transport and urban development committee, councillors voted to begin consultation with the public over the design of the Island Bay cycleway as soon as possible. President of the Island Bay Residents Association, Vicki Greco, said with this in mind, there was no longer a need for a notice of motion to be put forward in August, as was previously reported. She said following last month’s meeting, a steering group set up by the Wellington City Council and New Zealand Transport Agency, to oversee cycling across Wellington, was formed. The review of Island Bay would sit under this, she said. Vicki said in order to now communicate with the Island Bay community, a noticeboard had been installed in the suburbs shopping village.

With a steering group established, Vicki said the residents association now wanted to know: 1. How The Parade should look and feel. 2.  The safety needs of all users of The Parade. This includes cars, trucks, buses, pedestrians, disabled, emergency services, cyclists and businesses. 3. Whether bus stops are the right places. 4. Whether pedestrian crossings/ traffic islands/ speed humps are in the right places or are there better alternatives. 5. Is there sufficient lighting, parking? 6. Does the community want more green spaces? 7. What would the community like to see in the shopping area? 8. The Parade includes Shorland Park, what would residents like to see there? She urged members of the community to keep an eye on the noticeboard for updates on what was happening along The Parade. Vicki said as well as this, community work-

shops would be held throughout August which everyone was welcome to attend, and from there, designs for The Parade would be developed. “We need to all come together and design a space that is ‘Our Parade’. “We have an opportunity to have something better than what we had before and what we have now, ensure you are involved come to the workshops and have your say,” Vicki said. Councillor Paul Eagle, who donated the new sign, said it was another way for the residents association to update the community. “This is a good old fashioned approach, having a sign in the village square, where people meet is really important. “This helps all those who don’t have social media and may not know what is going on in their local community.”

 The next meeting of the Island Bay Residents Association will take place on Monday, July 25 from 7pm at the Island Bay Bowling Club.

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Members of the Island Bay Residents Association, Dave Greco, Yvonne Curtis and Paul Eagle, with the residents association’s new sign which is located in the shopping village.

New World Island Bay Caring for the community! Here at New World Island Bay we think it’s important to care and support our local customers and are taking steps to ensure the safety of our shoppers

We’ve recently installed a new AED unit located at the Service Desk

Did you know… Each year more than 2,000 New Zealanders will suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital. For 64% of cardiac arrests a bystander will perform CPR People may show no warnings or prior symptoms and 15% survive to hospital discharge following a cardiac arrest Use of an AED within 3-5min of collapse can increase the chance of survival by up to 40%

Thursday July 21, 2016


Applications for $1 million fund open

Keeping their community safe By Nikki Papatsoumas

A group of local women are doing their bit to keep their community safe and friendly. The Pasifika Mamas are a group of women from across Wellington, who together patrol Cuba Mall and Manners St in the capital’s CBD on a Friday night. The group is an off-shoot of the Wellington Pasifika Patrol, which was established to promote and encourage



good behaviour and look for at risk and vulnerable people with a view to offer support and guidance, especially to young people. Co-ordinator Lafulafu Ekenasio said the Pasifika Mamas started patrolling on a Friday night, between 3pm and 6pm, a couple of months ago. “We are working with the police and the council, as well as other wardens to keep our communities safe and friendly.

“Now the businesses know us, we just walk around and wave and smile.” Lafulafu said in particular they focused on offering support to young people, and generally they found youth to be respectful and friendly. “Most of them are really respectful but others just walk away, maybe they’re scared of us,” Lafulafu said. Lafulafu said anyone was invited to join the group – women or men – and they

Wellington’s Pasifika Mamas, Nofoaga Lafoga, Pipii Hunt, Marie Matheos, Lafulafu Ekenasio and Uputaua Laumatia.

hoped to expand their numbers. She said not only was it a great feeling to help local communities, it was also a great feeling to get out and get some exercise. “This is just our beginning and hopefully we will get a lot bigger.”  If you would like to join the Pasifika Mamas email Loretta, at Loletta.Hunt-Tevaga@

Applications for the $1 million Wellington Regional Amenities Fund are now open. The fund, chaired by Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown, supports regionally significant organisations that help achieve strategic priorities including economic growth, regional connectedness, and competitive advantage. The five-year-old fund encourages collaboration across the region, and is a partnership between the Wellington City, Hutt City, Upper Hutt City, and Porirua City councils and the Kapiti Coast District Council. The fund is focused on arts, culture, and environmental organisations, which contribute to the attractiveness of the Wellington region as a place to live and visit, as well as adding to the vitality of the region and the wellbeing of the population. In last year’s funding round, more than 10 initiatives were supported, including the hugely popular New Zealand Festival, which celebrated its 30th birthday this year, and the Matariki Festival, a regional celebration of Maori culture. According to Fund Manager Katie Taylor-Duke the grants enable organisations to do more to contribute a more connected, diverse, accessible setting for the region’s arts, culture and environmental sectors.  For more information, head to



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Thursday July 21, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: Have you been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze?

Shirang Patel, Newtown

Piper Biswell, Newtown

Seth Eelen, Newtown

Joel McQueen, Newtown

Audrey Jatle, Newtown

Niall Holden, Newtown

“I play, I was just playing it now and looking around for Pokemon, it’s fun.”

“I never watched the show but I really enjoy the game.”

“Not really, but I have played a little bit. Not as much as most Kiwis, but if I have some spare time I play it.”

“My daughter does but it is not for me.”

“I don’t know anything about it, but I have seen it on Facebook.”

“Yes because it gets people out of the house and it makes people get out and meet new people. It makes you interact.”

LETTERS to the editor Cycleway has plenty of fans Dear Ed, It's great to see the community working together on improving the Island Bay cycleway design. As recommended by the safety audit, removing carparks that hinder accessing driveways is a sensible step. While it's true not everyone loves the cycleway, plenty of people do. Until the cycleway was built, I had never seen kids cycling along The Parade. Now I see them riding to Wakefield Park, the skate park and the bike track. Change

can be hard but people get used to it. Remember smoke-free bars? With the council and community now taking a fresh look at cycling plans, we have an opportunity to continue the cycleway through Berhampore and Newtown to the city. Let's build this popular and much needed community asset. We'll all be better off. Patrick Morgan Te Aro

Kilmarnock Heights Home recreation officer Eillen Lara, resident Ruth Murray, volunteer Ange Hart and resident Dorothy Johnson at Ohariu Farm.

Community connection: Kilmarnock Heights Home and Ohariu Farm The owners of a popular event venue are encouraging other local businesses and community organisations to get involved in life at Berhampore’s Kilmarnock Heights Home. The residents of the Enliven home were treated to a special high tea at Ohariu Farm recently, marking the beginning off a budding relationship between the rest home and the owners of the venue. Ohariu Farm venue owners Nick Hart and Zena Thomas say their relationship with Kilmarnock Heights Home formed because Nick’s mother, Ange Hart, volunteers there. Zena says the couple has enjoyed getting to know the residents. “All of these people are so special and they deserve it. They are incredibly interesting – it’s amazing hearing their stories. People can often forget that they have lived such wonderful lives,” Zena says. “I think it’s amazing what they do at Kilmarnock Heights. I always thought rest homes were dreary places until I visited Kilmarnock.” Nick says the couple plan to invite the residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home is visit Ohariu Farm on a regular basis “We thought we would do them a nice high tea and get them out into the country.

They live in a very nice home but it’s nice to get out and do something both stimulating and memorable,” says Nick. Kilmarnock Heights Home recreation officer Eillen Lara says Enliven believes that maintaining connections to the community is very important. Kilmarnock Heights Home takes up any opportunity to visit places out in the community. “We take every opportunity we can to provide elders with the opportunity to get out and about, to maintain their community connections, to make new ones and to experience a different environment and a change of scenery,” Eillen explains. “The owners of Ohariu Farm went to such trouble to give us a wonderful treat. We had a lovely drive out there and we enjoyed beautiful food and a view. They are very generous to do this for us,” says Eillen.  Kilmarnock Heights Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and provides rest home and respite care as well as a popular day guest programme.  For more information about Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, or to invite the residents to visit your local business, call 04 380 2034 or visit


Thursday July 21, 2016

LETTERS to the editor Bouquet to nice bus driver Dear Ed, While I guess some of your readers will regret that I wasn't killed, I got an unwanted birthday surprise on Tuesday July 12, the day I turned 81. But all's well that ends well; so I'm giving a bouquet to a nice young Go Wellington bus driver of a Number

2 bus from the central city to the Miramar Shops bus-stop. As the bus neared that stop, I had risen to my feet, to alight; but there is an uncontrolled pedestrian crossing over Park Rd; and someone walked out in front of the bus. Quite rightly, not to run them

down, the driver slammed on the brakes; so the abrupt stop flung me on to my back in the aisle. A teenage girl, probably in her school holidays, shouted to the driver, "the old man is knocked down!" The driver came back, and kindly helped me on to my feet, while

the girl repeated something about the sudden stop. Quite politely, he replied, "thanks for pointing out the obvious." I'm sort of okay, except for a bruised and slightly sore back and bum, anyway. Hector Westfold Miramar

them negotiating past vulnerable cyclists on a return to the old design? As a parent of two children raised in Island Bay pre the cycleway, my kids and other local kids did not cycle on The Parade. The old painted line was mostly unused by cyclists and mostly ignored by motorists driving all over it. I walk, drive

and cycle The Parade and it now feels much safer in all these modes, as I imagine it does to the parents of children that now use it along with the almost 10,000 other users that pass through the parade every day without incident. Simon Edmonds Island Bay

The Parade much safer In (CSN 14.07) Dr John Robinson asks that the Island Bay cycleway be restored to its previous design. He claims the parade now unsafe even though accident figures show there has been no increase in accidents and if anything a decrease. Secondly he says the road is now too narrow. The road is the same

width as it always was, only the cycle-way is on the kerbside not between moving traffic. Do we want to encourage inexperienced cyclists? Are we going to do this by putting them within inches of fast moving traffic? If motorists like Dr Robinson are uncomfortable driving closer to parked cars, how would we trust

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Drivers aren’t bullet proof I don't think it is enough to go sit your test get your license and then think you’re bullet proof. At the intersection at Adelaide Rd and Hospital Rd travelling towards the Basin Reserve I see so many cars driving through and it is clear that they have no intention of stopping if the light turns orange. I believe a car is as safe as a rifle and it’s safe use is up to the owner/driver. By my recall of the law if you can stop safely you must do so and on that intersection no one does it. I think the fine should be $500. Paul Wellington

Red light runners Dear Ed, I can't believe how often during the day I see this. The current fine of $150 is absurdly low. It's one of the most dangerous things someone in a car can

do. I believe it should be an instant three month loss of licence. John Wilson, Roseneath

‘Arts Extravaganza’ a success St Anthony’s recent “Arts Extravaganza” evening was an unequivocal success and achieved the aim of showcasing a huge variety of student talent within the Seatoun school. The fast-paced hour-long show, which took place late last term, included a rousing Kapa Haka segment, the school's outstanding choir lamenting their ‘Leaky Boats’, individual performances from students, a fantastic array of dance and floor routines and show-stopping individual and group numbers from the Wellington Music Academy Singers. Principal Jennifer Ioannou said the evening was a true celebration of the diverse talent at St Anthony’s School. PHOTO: Supplied.

Falaknaz Rana opened Mahi Garments in Island Bay earlier this year.

Unique clothes on offer to locals A new clothing shop in Island Bay is offering a range of unique women’s garments to local customers. Island Bay local Falaknaz Rana opened Mahi Garments at the end of April. Falaknaz said she had always found it difficult to find the right clothes, so she decided to open up her own store. “I used to buy them from India or get my sister to send them from America, so I thought why not bring it all together. People can stay local and get everything at one place. The clothing shop, based in Island Bay, sells a wide range of women’s clothing, jewellery and accessories.

She said when the empty shop popped up in Island Bay’s shopping village, she pounced at the opportunity. “I knew this shop was closed for many years, it was close to home and school and I thought lets go for it,” Falaknaz said. “This is my first store. I have always wanted to do something but never thought I would because my kids were too small, but now they have grown up.”  Mahi Garments is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm at 133A The Parade. For more information, head to

‘Give back, Shift forward’ fund open The first round of funding for the ‘Give Back, Shift Forward’ fund is open. A partnership between the Wellington City Council and the Boys and Girls Institute,

Shift is a project that aims to increase the physical activity levels and wellbeing of young Wellington women aged 12 to 20. For more information, head to


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Thursday July 21, 2016


Miramar Peninsula stands to be affected by channel deepening project

Join in July and bring a friend for FREE for 1 month * Open from 4.30am 11pm everyday

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The long settled summer of 2016 saw many residents and visitors enjoying the beaches and bays of the eastern suburbs. The area has been a destination for day trippers since the early 1900’s and throughout that time there has been considerable change to the environment – both natural and engineered. It was no surprise that this popular eastern coastline of the Miramar Peninsula was the main focus of community consultation sessions regarding the project to permanently deepen the Wellington Harbour shipping channel. This will allow vessels with draughts of up to 14.5m to cross through the channel. The proposed channel dredging has a real impact and relevance to local residents, property owners close to the shoreline and recreational users of both the land and sea. CentrePort commissioned

independent reports on the potential effects of a deeper trench stretching 7km from the harbour entrance off Pencarrow Head to west of Makaro/Ward Island. One report, prepared by Tonkin and Taylor, attracted particular interest from local residents. The report highlighted the projected effects on selected beaches from Breaker Bay to Kau Bay as a consequence of changes in wave direction and energy. One of these suggested effects was an increased movement of sand from the centre of Worser Bay to the northern part of the beach along with possible increased erosion at the southern end of that bay. It also predicts that sediment presently creating a gravel “bulge” at the southern end of Seatoun Beach would be transported along the shoreline and deposited towards the centre of

the beach. Seatoun and Bays Progressive Association acknowledge CentrePort for efforts to initiate consultation and to inform residents. The informal consultation process has been completed but CentrePort has yet to lodge a resource consent application. Residents have a right to present submissions in the formal consultation for the resource consent to the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Details of the channel deepening project and all the reports can be found on the Port’s website, Any resident who would like to be kept further informed about the resource consent process or contribute to any submission that may be made following the consent application, is welcome to email the association at

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HACCHE, Patrice14sqm (nee $42 McLaughlin): SECURE Mary STORAGE per week. July, 2016. Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. CANTY, Neil: July 14, 2016. and Services GAMBLE,Trades Elizabeth Anne (nee Sturrock): July 17, 2016. FOR Lambert ALL ELECTRICAL GEE, July 16, 2016. repairs and installations by top-qualified electrician with Letof giving locals the record of over fiftyTo years lowest dry costand “around-the-clock” just2 Clean secure storage service, units to rent, sq meters977-8787 to 18 sq meters. Tel 387 4478. or email phone or 021-0717-674 Situations Vacant

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Emergency services expo be teased

Bringing local news There was plenty of action for the public for being to see both on and off the water at Te nerdy! to the community Papa on Saturday when police joined with other emergency services and Te Papa for a special school holidaysSituation expo. Vacant Flexible Teaching Wellington District’s mobile police base were parked up on the Te Papa forecourt Opportunities in Wellington for the day, along with the Police National Dive Squad truck, the AOS command unit We're looking for primary and and a police dog ute.

13 13



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Carpet repairs & Carpet cleaning, Wellington • Carpet repairs • Broken Seams • Re-Stretching • Carpet Cleaning • Domestic • Commercial • Free Quotes We want to help you look after your carpet... get the best out of it... so we’ll do whatever we can to keep your carpet going and going. So we do re-stretching, patching, repair damaged seams & carpet fixing generally.


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C himney R emoval C ompany

Enerlogic is a revolutionary glass insulation film that lives up to its name; it applies logic to energy to ensure maximum efficiency and protection for you and your family. Sick of poorly insulated windows? Wish you’d gone for double-glazed? Enerlogic is proven to have the same thermal performance to that of standard double-glazing or Low E Glass, but costs a fraction of the price that you would pay to replace your current windows. Enerlogic performs 4 times better than regular or standard solar window films, and in addition to keeping out huge amounts of solar heat, its primary benefit is maximising heat retention – Take the amount risk out of your lives. creating a huge of energy savings and value for money. What’sCall more, Enerlogic Window today Films are Kev Giles internationally accredited with the Gold Plus Global Green Tag, proving their outstanding ecofriendly performance. Whereas no other product in the window film or glazing industry has been accredited, Enerlogic 35 and Enerlogic 70 have.

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This firmly establishes this product as the most technically advanced and eco-friendly window films on the planet.


As part of their commitment to the enhancement, preservation and protection of the environment the Gold Plus Global Green Tag Awards Certification adds to Energlogic’s already impressive array of prestigious awards.


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Wellington Fireplace Wellington Fireplace is a concept design store with a unique range of products designed to heat and individualise your home. These include wood fires, double sided fireplaces, gas fires and outdoor fireplaces. Their team covers all aspects of the fireplace installation process, from design through to completion. Whatever your requirements and budget, they have an unbiased approach and will ensure that you get what you want. Located in kaiwharawhara. The Wellington Fireplace professional showroom houses an impressive array of some of the most efficient gas and wood appliances, including the Pyroclassic IV. Pyrroclassic Fires have lead the market inefficiency and clean air excellence for more than 30 Years. What makes a Pyroclassic IV unique is its cylindrical ceramic fire chamber, which at 35mm thick, retains heat like

a kiln. This is a game changer from the industry standard fire bricks, which are incapable of this level of heat storage. As a result, this is the only clean air approved fire to provide a genuine 12hour+ overnight burn. A Pyroclassic IV is suitable for homes up to 250m2 and provides both radiant and convection heating. Pyroclassic Fires are capable of more than just heating with a 10mm steel top plate perfect for cooking and an optional output 3.7kw wetback , providing a sustainable and affordable solution for water heating. Another reason customers gravitate towards us is our colour range . “We have more than 100 colours available so there is no shortage of choice! “says Managing Director of Pyroclassic Fires Ric Chalmers. Wellington Fireplace would love to see you at 3 Pickering Street to discuss your requirements and talk things over.

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Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Kapiti areas. We for Get a your warmer house today TV reception problems fixed by our experts. Free TV reception have over 15tests vansononyour the system road. to ensure you have the Equivalent thermal performance to double best available using Get your TV picture reception test equipment. problems fixedour byprofessional our experts. Free THERE ISpossible NOW A WINDOW FILM TV reception tests on your system to ensure • FREEVIEW DIGITAL/SATELLITE TV you have the glazingbest but almost 1/3available OF THE PRICE possible picture using our professional test equipment. WITH ENERGY SAVING BENEFITS. We can provide you with local and around the world • WE COVER THE GREATER N AREA Get your TV reception problems fixedequivalent by our experts. Free TVWELLINGTO Enerlogic film gives you performance reception tests ontelevision your system toradio ensure you have the and stations with no monthly charges. Wellington, • Porirua, WE COVER Hutt Valley THE and Kapiti GREATER Adds up to 92% MORE INSULATION areas. WeNhave WELLINGTO over 15 vans on the best possible AREA picture availablethe using our professional without huge price tag! test equipment.


Wellington, Hutt Valley and Kapiti areas. We • WHOLESALE RETAIL SALES have over 15/vans on the road. to your windows Porirua, • FREEVIEW DIGITAL/SAT thermal performance toELLITE doubleTV Aerials, satellite dishes, receivers and accessories • WEEquivalent COVERWeTHE GREATER WELLINGTO • can FREEVIEW N AREA DIGITAL/SAT provide you with ELLITE local and around TV the world television and glazing but almost 1/3 OF THE PRICE Wellington, Porirua, Hutt Valley and Kapiti areas. We lm can have over provide you 15 vans with local onTV2, • television TV1, TV3 and TV4 the and andWe road. around the world with no WARM AND Window for both monthly charges. ption problems fixedradio by fi ourstations experts. Free TV reception tests on your system to ensure you have the radio stations with no monthly charges. Not only do we provide a full warranty, but we also • FREEVIEW ture available COOL CLIMATES DIGITAL/SAT using our testELLITE equipment. TV Adds up toprofessional 92% MORE INSULATION • WHOLESALE / RETAIL SALES We can provide you with local and around the world television and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results! • WHOLESALE / RETAIL SALES to yourAerials, windows

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222 222Cambridg CambridgeeTce, Tce,Naenae Naenae www.aer ialmaster www.aeri 0800 113 e901 Tce, Naenae 2,222 TV3 Cambridg and TV4 Glasshield www.aeri provide a full warranty,almaster.c but we also guarantee that Wellington Ltd


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More than 30 years as the cleanest, most efficient wood fire in New Zealand! With more than 100 colours to choose from, you’ll find a colour you love!

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3 Pickering Street Kaiwharawhara Wellington

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Gym makeover more than skin deep By Rosel Labone MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

Kilbirnie Aquatic Centre’s Club Active has had a makeover, and it’s paying off, with more senior citizens on board to get fit. As the gym nears its tenth year, members nearing their 90th are out in force for fitness classes for over 50s, held on a Tuesday and Friday each week in Kilbirnie. They participate in a mix of cardio, aerobics, and strength training. Last year the gym added new machines and relocated to overlook the pool. Club manager Gavin Stoddart said the 50 plus demographic were surpassing the younger demographic to the point where new classes were being added. He said the growing uptake of the classes had disproved any concerns about how older people would react to the changes. “Aqua hydro classes have all overtaken younger classes – some to beyond capacity,” he said. Gym instructor Gillian Christian was one of the original staff that started Club Active in 2007. She felt it was a combination of the social aspect and the rewards of hard work that kept people coming back. “It's a privilege to be among these living wonders,” she said. “They’ve done it all, had fabulous lives, and it’s the opportunity to contribute to their ongoing wellness so every time they come along they can contribute to the club.” “They are vital. It’s necessary for people to see ageing does happen, but it doesn’t have to happen in the way we see it happen. “Not everyone has to be a health statistic or

have a health problem, they can have a health solution. A lot of this is tied up with regular exercise.” The recently-formed Activate social club offered a central point of community for the older members, she said. “We want to build an environment where you can create, relax, and interact with other people. “Our first event went well with a local singer doing a Paul Simon set. The cake, coffee and tea flowed as fast as the conversation.” Gym instructor Loren Martin’s oldest circuit class participant was aged 90. The older participants made her week, she said, and the sense of community meant the classes were about much more than exercise. “Many have friends dying off, it’s too painful for them to get close to one person any longer. Here they can be friends with everyone, but not so close their hearts will be broken when that special person dies.” “There’s so many moments where I’ve felt what I’m doing is so much more meaningful than other jobs I’ve had in the past. “

Loren teaching Hydromotion class for seniors.

Wainuiomata team takes home trophy A well-deserving Wainuiomata women's club rugby team has won the 2016 Wellington Division One championship. Captain Mary Ann Collins led her Wainuiomata

team to victory beating OrientalRongotai (Ories) 24-12 in Saturday’s Victoria Tavern Trophy final on home turf of William Jones Park, Wainuomata.

Sports talk with Jacob Page...

Stale, old Super Rugby Four New Zealand teams in the eight-team Super Rugby playoffs shows how dull the competition has become. The Kiwi franchises are so far ahead of their Australian and South African rivals, that with the exception of the New Zealand derbies, the competition is boring and stale. There were four Trans-Tasman matches last week, all won by Kiwi teams with a points differential of more than 200-60. I long for the days of strong competition, when a trip to face the Brumbies in Canberra was a formidable prospect, when getting a win in South Africa was treasured. It feels like now you can miss all those games and not miss much. There is too much rugby, too many teams who simply can't foot it.

Like most things, more teams equals more money but a watered-down product. The answer - Australia and South Africa need to lift their game and work harder at grass-roots level to keep players. Argentina and Japan need time. The Jaguares have potential to be contenders in a few years, Japan I doubt will ever amount to much. It's important to understand that New Zealand is dominating this competition while playing each other regularly and taking competition points off each other as a result and it comes during a transition in All Blacks rugby. Great players have retired, yet there's been no stopping the New Zealand wave of dominance. Competition creates cash, the sameold, same old creates disinterest.









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pa we tien lc ts om a e lwa


Putting a smile on your face is our primary focus

All aspects of dentistry, including a full range of cosmetic and surgical treatment EASY CARPARKING AND ACCESS

• All Crowns

under $1000 • All Root-canal treatments under $1000 • Implants + Crown from under $4000

• Emergency appointments at short notice • Free Adolescent Care (Year 9 to 18 year olds) • Kind, non-judgemental approach


John Singleton BDS (Otago) Joanne Pei BDS (Otago)

294a Karori Road, Karori. Ph: 476 6252 • Email:

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