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Thursday July 7, 2016


Best year yet for Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo visitors exploring new walk-through experience Meet the Locals

After 110 years, Wellington Zoo is thrilled to have had its best year ever, clocking in its highest ever number of visitors. Wellington Zoo chief executive, Karen Fifield said since becoming a charitable trust in 2003, visitation had grown over 62 per cent, or by about 100,000 visitors. “We’re thrilled to have had such an amazing year. We have welcomed 260,809 visitors this year, beating our target by more than 11 per cent,” she said. “This is a testament to the hard work our team have put in to ensure our visitors have a fantastic meaningful experience every time they come to

the zoo.” Karen said the success of the year came hot on the heels of opening the new walk-through experience, Meet the Locals. “The area has proved a hit with visitors, with 93 per cent of visitors rating their experience as good or very good,” Karen said. Karen said over the past year the zoo also added an additional three new conservation partners, who were working in the field with endangered animals cared for at the zoo. “Globally, zoos make the third largest financial contribution to field conservation. Our new partnerships are another great step for us in con-

necting our community with conservation projects around the world to save animals in the wild.” Wellington Zoo was also excited to welcome a new species in April - with four Capybaras arriving from Paris, Karen said. As well as Capybaras, the zoo also welcomed a one year-old Giraffe, a young male Red Panda and a breeding pair of Cotton Top Tamarins. Karen thanked Wellingtonians for their support over the last 110 years. “We’ve achieved so much in the past year, and our approach of continual improvement across the Zoo means we are looking forward to an even bigger and better year when we turn 111.”

OUT&ABOUT Roseneath School

Students show off entrepreneurial and enterprising skills Children from Roseneath School showed off their enterprising skills at a special market night last week. The students were taking part in PrEP, a programme that explores financial literacy and teaches children about learn about earning, spending, saving and sharing. The programme ran over nine weeks, and throughout this time students learnt about taxes and laws, and set up their own banks Rebecca Powell, Ruby Nolan, Olive Simister-Northrop, Grace Pointon and Abigail Graham.

Sunny Saul Yarrow, Addison Kwing and Cameron Powell.

Sasha Wilde, Luke Clausen and Ana Jane Leatigaga

and treasury and developed their own currency. The programme culminated in a market night, which took place last Thursday, where students sold their wares to their peers. Ahead of market night students had to plan, design, cost and create new items out of recycled materials, while being as innovative as possible. Teacher Anne Crewdson said in today’s world it was impor-

tant students were prepared to be entrepreneurial and enterprising. “It’s a whole community; they start up their own business and run their own business. They are learning how to run a business to make profit, managing themselves and working together. “They get really excited to find they can be independent and they can do it for themselves. It’s a great challenge for them.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Nikki Papatsoumas

Amelia Bachler and Alysha McGrath

Isla Bradley and Maya Owen.

Connery Gulow and Dylan Middleton

Theo Houghon, Liam Melvin and Harris Thomson

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