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Thursday, June 30, 2016


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Students off to South Africa

Sunday 9-11

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Early next month seven students and two teachers will embark on the trip of a lifetime. The teachers and students from St Catherine’s College in Kilbirnie will take part in a research expedition across South Africa. The expedition is in conjunction with an organisation called Operation Wallacea. Continued on page 2 Kathryn Prince, Zoe Williams, Amelia McMahon, Maya D’Sousa and Bella Churchward Woods are excited for their overseas adventure next month.



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Work on Mt Vic Tunnel completed Cheaper weekend bus fares

An extensive upgrade of the 85-year-old Mt Victoria Tunnel Wellingtonians in Wellingtonhave has cheaper been completed. weekend bus fares to look The tunnel, was carved forward towhich next month. through rockweeks in 1930 andNovem1931, For four from hasber now transformedbuses to 28,been Go Wellington include 21st Century tunnel will change to a $1 fare for one safety zonetechnologies. of travel and $2 adult fare Neil Wellington high-for andWalker, $1.50 fare for children ways for the New two manager or three zones of travel. Zealand Transport Agency, It is hoped this will encourthanked local residents and age people to use public transWellington motorists for their port to travel in and out of patience the city.while work on the tunnel place. City Council Thetook Wellington To impactforonthe hasminimise budgeted the $200,000 traffic the tunnel was closed initiative. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said the public transport initiative would help to get more Wellingtonians onto buses and into the central city during the busy weekends in the run-up to Christmas. “This initiative will provide

overnight from Sundays to Thursdays, however, it would now be open 24 hours, everyday, Neil said. He said to enable many of the new safety features a huge amount of electronic communication, mechanical and electrical engineering was undertaken. Most of the improvements were ‘behind the scenes’ in the tunnel infrastructure, he said. However, motorists would notice they could now continue listening to their radio due to the upgrade enabling the rebroadcast of 18 FM frequencies. They may also notice condi-

Students off to South Africa

a welcome boost for retail sales.” Councillor Iona Pannett, Chair of Wellington City Council’s Environment Committee, said the cheaper bus

tions for driving through the palette and glowing ‘cat’s eye’ tunnel have been improved markers along the sides and city and don’t want to with 1000 light-reflecting white central centreline. to worry panels beside the carriageway have Work began about on the congesupgrade in or parking which are fire proof, a new paint tion April 2015. time limits. “Wellington City Council first proposed this initiative Februaryinclude: this year and I’m Upgrades to the intunnel thrilled that it’s going ahead -Energy efficient LED ‘intelligent’ for safer driving in timelighting for Christmas.” -An updated pedestrian and cyclist path, with seismic The cheaper fares can be strengthening, new asphalt surface, new handrails paid by cash or with a Snap-Electronic cat’s eye markers on the road programmed per card. The changes will be to pulse and strobe in sequence toward the exits in effect from beginning of for emergency evacuation, a world-first use of this service on Saturday, Novemprogramming each through -Radio rebroadcast, thereber are28, now 18weekend FM frequencies to the last service on Sunday, available December 20.

fares bring multiple benefits to the city. “This shows support for an environmentally sustainable travel option for people who want to go shopping in the

 How do you feel about lower weekend fares on Wellington buses? Are you more likely to use public transport with these lower fares? Send us an email –

Continued from page 1 at damage to plants, GPS Operation Wallacea is an tracking of large prey and international research organi- predators and studying bird sation, which works at remote counts in the area. locations around the world Their second week would as part of ongoing research be spent at a marine reserve projects Continued into ecosystems and 1called Sodwana end of Bay. the year. from page bio-diversity. decidedPlasma I wanted do ato make around 13 wastoused Nicola said blood donors were“Ivery The organisation is unique biology trip,” Rebecca said. and because of this different medicines special. in“We the fact thatneed largemore teamsdonors. of “It givesthe some of ourforgirls demand plasma had increased always Curecologists, scientists, academan opportunity to meet people Nicola said. rently only four per cent of the eligible “hugely”, • About 1 per cent of the population ics and postgraduate research- that work in thathave field “You to and have given at least one population donates blood. (or 42,000 patients) are treated with ers, whoare arepart specialists in cent gives careerdonation aspirations in the last two years “If you of the 96 per cur-themblood various aspects of biodiversity and options not just within blood or blood products each year. rently sat on the fence thinking about it, before you can become a plasma donor.” or social andoff economic New Zealand and take part in using an apheresis That’s equivalent to 110 jumbo jets Plasma is collected please jump and joinstudin. ies, are concentrated at the some real research.” full of people or nearly the capacity Nicola asked people to think of the machine. The machine spins off the target study sites. The girls have spent the last red blood cells and keeps the plasma. “bigger picture” and said one donation of Eden Park. This gives volunteers the 18 months fundraising and The red blood cells are then returned could save three lives. opportunity to work on a range planning for the trip, learning to the donor. of all the little children whodifferent • People who have been in acciof“Think projects. about species, how Plasmabush has also earned the nickname have leukaemia who your blood is Teacher Rebecca Rapira- to track animals, safety dents and suffered massive blood gold” because of its colour, able to save… you’ve to go beyond Davies said they hadgotbeen skills and“liquid even learning to loss may need multiple transfusions Nicola said, “It really is so special, it yourself and of who your donation planning thethink trip for the past speak some Afrikaans. of red blood cells and other blood canKathryn be madePrince into so many different could save.with girls who put 18 months Head girl components. medicines.” “You’re helping ultimately to save their name forward for the said as the trip grew closer people’s lives and make a difference.” adventure. they became more excited. The New Zealand Blood Service“Iwas blood drive will take place next She said they would spend think The it is just an incred• The biggest use of blood products also hoping to have more people Thursday, November 19, at the ASB their fi rst week in northern iblesign opportunity to learn about is for the treatment of cancer at South Africa, donations, looking at Nicola the the culture and the scenery. up for plasma said. Sports Centre in Kilbirnie from 9.30am 26 per cent, with the next biggest impact elephant It’s a place never thought I Kathryn Prince, This year 240numbers people have have donated toI 2.30pm. Appointments are preZoe Williams, Amelia McMahon, Maya D’Sousa and being surgery at 19 per cent. in the area. would the and opportunity Bella Churchward plasma, however the blood service was have ferred will take priority. To book Woods are excited for their overseas adventure next month. Work would include hoping to reach 500 looking donations to bygo.” the an appointment call 0800 448 325.

Calling for your donation

ll Day Free A

Who receives blood?



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Thursday June 30, 2016

Seawall repair complete By Nikki Papatsoumas

inbrief news


Red Puppy Bikkie Day

Three years ago a storm The Blind Foundation’s Red Puppy battered Wellington’s southern Bikkie Day is on Monday, July 4 and coast, bringing down a seckeen bakers are encouraged to “bake tion of the iconic Island Bay a difference” for guide dogs by selling seawall. puppy-shaped biscuits to friends, T h is we ek , repa i r a nd work colleagues and classmates. The event will raise funds for the breeding strengthening work on the PO Box 37346, C FAX (03) 980 Art Dept: and training of Blind Foundation 350-metre long wall was comguide Everyone 8245 who| raises PO Boxdogs. 37346, Christchurch 112 Wrights R pleted. COMPANY: Hoults Doors ATTN: Tracie RE:03Peryer Construction Bunnings Art Dept: 983 go 5560 Email: art@waterfo more Lane than $100 will in |the draw to A 41-metre section of the name aDATE puppy. Visit www.bikkieday. DATE wall opposite Shorland Park + GST Full Bunnings Warehouse PRICE COLOUR COMPANY: Hoults Doors ATTN: Tracie $448.00 Lane RE: Peryer Construction Petone Feature00-00 ISS AD CORRECTED AD forMADE more08-04-16 information. collapsed completely in the DATE DATE June 2013 storm and a tempoSLE $448.00 + GST PRICE COLOUR Full AD MADE 08-04-16 AD CORRECTED 00-00-16 ARTIST Emma SGN: For any advert changes or corrections please cont rary rock barrier has been in place since. For any advert changes or corrections please contact: Sarah McQuilkin 03 As well as this, much of the upper part of the seawall that remained was on a lean and PRINT DATE NEARING The Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community needed to be realigned and Centre holds a drop in every day from PRINT DATE NEARING secured. .............................................10am to 2pm. Everyone is welcome to Island Bay resident and Sea- Paul Eagle, Dave Greco, Vicki Greco, Donna Yule and David Peacock at the historic pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat. Island Bay seawall. wall Action Group member, For more information, contact the ............................................. Vicki Greco, was among those Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre A new concrete support beam “It’s looking great, it will $12 million.” who fought to see the wall below the ground would also bring back memories for many on 387 7867. Wellington City Council’s restored to its former glory. help make the wall, which was and that is the reason the Team Leader Structures, Faiz “The community came to- built in 1937, stronger, safer council should have put it back Tawfeek, said although repair gether and fought for this and and more resilient to high seas straight away.” and strengthening work was they have the outcome they and storm surges. He said a separate process done, there was some weatherwant. It’s looking really great.” There have been delays with needed to happen to look at dependent tidy-up work still to Contractors Fulton Hogan repairing the seawall, as the Shorland Park and enhancing be done, including resealing Email: began restructuring work on Wellington City Council ex- it, which may have included the footpath, coating a section Phone: 4 567 0824 the seawall last November. plored other options, such linking it to the beach. of the wall and reinstating the Enerlogic is a revolutionary glass insulation Email: 232 Cambridge Terrace, Naenae Roughly rods were logic film that lives up290 to itssteel name; it applies as connecting the beach to “The other barrier has been sand below the wall. Phone: 4 567 0824 usedtotoensure secure the top sec- and to energy maximum efficiency neighbouring Shorland Park. funding, putting it back was Interior Doors • Entrance Doors • Timber Doo 232 Cambridge Terrace, Naenae tion of to family. the base, protection forthe you wall and your Councillor Paul Eagle, who straight forward. Doing any-  Are you pleased to see the • Interior Doors French Doors • Cavity Slider Doors • Le it to withstand major lives near to the seawall, said thing different was the differ- seawall Interior Doors • Entrance completed? Send us Doors • Timber Doors • Bi-Fold Doors • Sick enabling of poorly insulated windows? Wish you’d • Entrance Doors it had to gonestorms. for double-glazed? Enerlogic is proven to been a long three years. ence between $5 million and an email French Doors • Cavity Slider Doors • Leadlight Doors Proud to support Peryer Const

Drop in to URGENTcommunity centre


Hoults Doors Li Hoults Doors Limited

Ahead of the Field

•Check Timber Doors out our website www.houltsdo • Bi-Fold Doors Check out our website • French Supplying Quality Doors to Wellington sinceDoors 1987 Enerlogic performs 4 times better than regular • Cavity Slider Doors or standard solar window films,are andon in addition The local elections From Monday, enrolment need to do anything more,” “If you don’t get a pack by to keeping out huge amounts of solar heat, its their way, and Wellingtoni- update packs were sent out to said Robert. July 4, you’re not enrolled so • Leadlight Doors primary benefit is maximising heat retention – have the same thermal performance to that of standard double-glazing or Low E Glass, but costs a fraction of the price that you would pay to replace your current windows.

Proud to support PeryerSupplying Construction Quality Doors to Wellington s

Time to get ready for the local elections ans are now asked to check

the 3.1 million voters currently


said Robert Peden from the

health boards make decisions

on voting in the local elections.

creating a huge amount of energy savings and whether they’re enrolled and enrolled across the country, value for money.

What’sLocal more, elections Enerlogic Window Films areElectoral Commission. give locals internationally accredited with the Gold Plus the chance to have their say “We’re asking everyone to Global Green Tag, proving their outstanding ecoon who runs their local council check their packs to make sure friendly performance. Whereas no other product and district health board. that we have their details corin the window film or glazing industry has been Local councils and district rect, so that they don’t miss out accredited, Enerlogic 35 and Enerlogic 70 have. This on firmly establishes thislocal product as the most things like the envi“All you’ll need to do is check technically advanced eco-friendly ronment, rates,and parking, rub- window that your details are right. If filmsbish, on the planet. parks and health services. they are correct, you don’t As part of their commitment to the enhancement, preservation and protection of the environment the Gold Plus Global Green Tag Awards Certification adds to Energlogic’s already impressive array of prestigious awards.

Before we proceed to print, please confirm that this proof is correct.

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“If anything needs updating, you need to get onto it,” said make the changes and send Robert. Email: them back to us immediately.” “And if you get a pack that’s Phone: 04 567 0824 The local elections are held not addressed to anyone at your 232 Cambridge Terrace, Naenae by postal vote, so it is critical house, send it back.” that people are enrolled at the Check out our website  Enrolling or updating your right address. Only those correctly enrolled details is easy - go online at by Friday August 12 will get, free text IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARD Supplying Quality Doors to and address to their voting papers for the 2016 your name Please note: This is a low quality proof to use as a guide only. Imagery may be Wellington since 1987 local elections sent to them in 3676, call 0800 36 76 56 or go IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PRO to any post shop. the mail. Beforeproof we proceed Please note: This is a low quality to use to asprint, a guide only. Imagery may be blurry dueBOX to file ONLY: compression fo PLEASE TICK ONE


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Address Details (I approve the artwork for print after amendments made - I do not require Dates / Prices another proof. Please enter quantity of amendments in the box and indicateAS INDICATED 3:00PM, 7:30PM • MON: 1:15PM, 4:30PM, 7:15PM • TUE: 12:00PM, 3:50PM, PLEASE AMEND clearly on the proof) Names / Logos (I require another proof after amendments made) Signed Spelling / Wording 8:10PM • WED: 11:15PM, 3:50PM, 8:10PM Dates / Prices

4:20PM, 6:20PM • SAT: 10:30AM, 12:25PM, 2:20PM, 4:20PM, 6:20PM • SUN: 10:00AM, 11:55AM, 1:50PM, 3:50PM, 5:50PM • MON: 11:15AM, 3:15PM, 5:15PM • TUE: 2:15PM, 4:20PM, 6:20PM • WED: 2:15PM, 4:20PM, 6:20PM

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (PG) - THU: 11:15AM, 1:30PM, 6:00PM • FRI: 11:15AM, 1:30PM, 6:00PM • SAT: 1:15PM, 6:00PM, 8:15PM • SUN: 12:45PM, 5:15PM, 7:50PM • MON: 11:45AM, 2:10PM, 6:45PM • TUE: 11:15AM, 1:30PM, 6:00PM • WED: 12:00PM, 1:30PM, 6:00PM

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Thursday June 30, 2016

CORRECTION An article about a meet-up at the Strathmore Park Community Centre last week is open to all Wellingtonians, not just those in Strathmore Park. The Cook Strait News apologises for the error. For more information, head to www.

Local shines in competition By Nikki Papatsoumas

A hard working local has proven she’s top of her game at the regional Checker of the Year Competition.

The competition saw checkers judged by a team of eight senior Foodstuffs staff on their speed, presentation, customer service and accuracy as they scanned 30 items as fast as possible, while also staying friendly and composed. The top three checkers at this year’s event were Michaela Nobin, Tanvi Patel and Erica Cho all from New World Miramar. Michaela said she was blown away to take out first place at last week’s event after training hard and aiming for the top spot. The 21-year-old said she had been working at Miramar New World for almost four years. “It feels really great to win, it’s been overwhelming, but a really good feeling. With 90 people contesting coming first was a really good achievement.” The Checker of the Year Competition has been running for more than 40 years. There are 10 regional Checker of the Year competitions across the North Island throughout June and July. Mystery shoppers will then test each region’s winner to determine one overall North Island Checker of the Year winner and two runners-up, which will be announced at the Foodstuffs North Island Excellence Awards in November.

Last Monday, more than 90 checkout operators from Wellington New World and Pak’n Save stores tested their skills against each other at the competition, which took place at Te Papa.




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Erica Cho, Michaela Nobin and Tanvi Patel from Miramar New World.

One step closer for new reservoir A 35 million litre reservoir, enough to fill 14 Olympic swimming pools and planned for a knoll above the playing fields at Prince of Wales Park, is getting closer for Wellington city. The new reservoir will provide a significant increase in water storage available to nearby Wellington Hospital in the event that supply lines are disrupted. Mayor of Wellington, Celia WadeBrown, said a reservoir of this size would make a significant contribution to the city's resilience. “Planning and construction of water infrastructure is a fundamental part of local government and the region's resilience and engineering experts working well together.” Councillor Iona Pannett, Wellington city’s three waters portfolio leader, said

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the resource consent application to excavate, build and then bury the concrete tank will be lodged by this November, which could see construction starting mid-late 2017. Planning for the new reservoir first started in the 1970s. Preliminary design work to the latest infrastructure standards was completed in 2013. As with the recently completed 2.2 million litre reservoir on Mount Albert, the new reservoir is designed for a 100 year working life and to retain water after a 1000 year seismic event, similar to that of a Wellington fault event. The new reservoir is expected to cost around $25 million, including additional pipelines. Consultation prior to lodging the consent will begin next month.

On the evening of Friday July 15, a dreamlike cavalcade of lights and motion consisting of seven bicycle powered light floats, will make their way around the Wellington waterfront. The ‘Bicycle Festival of Lights and Motion’ is collaboration between Wellington bike shop Bicycle Junction and the Lucid Dreambike team of artists, Erika Grant, Stephen Templer, Kelvin Aris and Gerard Crewdson. The festival is a celebration of the creativity, ingenuity, joy and magic that bicycles can bring to the city.

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Thursday June 30, 2016

In your neighbourhood

Your people

Your story

Your city

Award a “beautiful compliment” By Nikki Papatsoumas

The man responsible for more than a dozen art installations strewn across Wellington’s coastline has been recognised for his talents. Island Bay resident Stavros Kyriakides received an Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian award last night, at a full meeting of the Wellington City Council. Initially inspired by the aftermath of the June 2013 storm which battered the capital, Stavros uses driftwood, stones and shells to create art along the beaches of the south coast through to Evans Bay. Stavros said to be recognised for his art work was a “beautiful compliment”. Everyday locals stop to admire and marvel at Stavros’ work. “It’s recognition for what people are continuously saying on the coast, I always get a “beep-beep” or “how’s it going”. “The people that have interacted with me, and the people who congratulate me and encourage me to keep going, are enough of an award already,” the artist said. As part of his work, Stavros balanced driftwood by creating grooves in the wood out of rocks.

He said he was always impressed his creations were able to withstand Wellington’s strong winds. “I just think it is so fantastic they can survive these conditions.” Absolutely Positively Wellingtonian awards are civic awards which show the council’s appreciation for people in Wellington who have made a significant (and usually voluntary) contribution to their community. Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown said his works of art drew attention to the local materials and the views beyond in a very Wellington way. “Inspired by the strong weather that sometimes pummels our wild South Coast and motivated to share a bit of fun with his fellow citizens, Stavros shapes, changes and maintains dozens of sculptures, without any other reward than the act of creation and our appreciation,” she said. Councillor Paul Eagle, who lives opposite one of Satvros’ creations, said he had become a “guardian” for the sculpture which was enjoyed daily by locals walking up and down the beach. “I feel bad if they get vandalised so I try to repair them so others can enjoy them as well. “

Stavros Kyriakides with one of his works near Island Bay Beach.


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AUTHORITY CREDIBILITY Let’s talk shop  Is there something interesting happening in your neighbourhood? Maybe you have lived in your suburb since you were born. Perhaps you know of a local group that goes above and beyond to give back to its community? Is your neighbour a shining star? Whatever the story, we want to hear it. Send an email to nikki@

Ty Dallas 027 248 4718

Incident in Central Park Police are investigating after a woman was grabbed and dragged into the bushes by an unknown male last Wednesday evening. Police said the incident took place in Central Park, Brooklyn, about 7pm. Police said the woman was

attacked on the walkway between Ohiro Rd and Brooklyn Rd; however, she managed to fight off the offender, who may have been disturbed by a noise. The offender then ran away on foot, police said. Meanwhile, police were

also called to the scene of an alleged sexual assault about 5.40am on Friday morning, along Taranaki St. At this stage, Police said they did not believe the incident was linked to last Wednesday’s incident. Police said they would like

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to hear from anyone who was in the Central Park area on Wednesday evening, who may have information relevant to this investigation.  Anyone with information could call 381 2000, or 0800 555 111.

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Thursday June 30, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: Do you think it is important to vote in the local government elections, and why?

Rowena Bonne Kilbirnie “I do, because the city council that we vote in makes decisions about issues that directly affect you, be it transport, rates, local housing or events.”

Bernie Pedersen Kilbirnie “Yes, if you don’t vote you can’t complain and if you want to influence what the council is about to do then you should select a council you want.”

Robin Boldairn Newtown “Absolutely, it impacts on us just as much as central government for example, what people think about paying rates. It affects our daily lives down to where we park our car.”

Rahul Gopinathan Island Bay “I am voting this year. Democracy is important because too often people in position of power do not abide by the opinion of the majority of people.”

Ian Logan Island Bay “I think it’s important to vote. There are some huge issues coming up in Wellington this year. Democracy is the best way for people to say what they think and change the course of the way things run.”

Jemma Escreet Island Bay “Yes, I do. I don’t have very strong political opinions but it is important to vote.”

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor

reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Design for roadside footlane Dear Ed, It's delightful to see people writing in supporting my solution to the dangerous footpaths in Island Bay. It's even better to see people mentioning the important points that there is no pedestrian tax or registration system in place. This is sorely needed. I have attached a design for a roadside footlane which I think it's important for people to see. The roadside footlane in my design is to accommodate

for the needs, as candidate Brendan Bonner has pointed out, of the dozens of people who use these dangerous footpaths on a daily basis. Being in between parked cars and moving cars more space is made for cars while giving pedestrians a safe footlane to walk on, if they insist on not using a car. James Barber Newtown

Help with Strathmore sign Dear Ed, I am delighted that Miramar and Mapuia have a new directional sign. It appears much more professional. If there is spare money floating around please can someone address the problem of the Strathmore Park sign, which sits in all its glory on the north-east corner of Ira St and Broadway in Miramar. How it ever got planning approval amazes me. It should be sited across the road on the rockery

Reversing camera and sensors 5.2m3 cargo capacity

Rear-wheel drive

Touch screen media centre and Bluetooth

2.4l petrol engine and 5 speed manual

04 568 2151 2 Wakefield Street, Lower Hutt

of Go Rentals where it can be seen by motorists and bus passengers approaching from the city and looking for Strathmore. The boundary between Miramar and Strathmore Park runs along the centre of Broadway and has done for over 20 years. We even had a referendum to approve the boundary. Josephine Gale Miramar

Due to the exceptional business growth this Jim's Mowing business the operator finds he needs to downsize his business giving you this Golden opportunity. This new business comes with a stable base of 60 clients and a cut value of around $2,200. These clients are primarily centred in the Northland/ Kelburn area, and have the potential to grow beyond the $100k turnover of the existing business. When you call 0800454654 for more information Quote 8DDA as our reference.

Thursday June 30, 2016

Recognising capital’s relationship with European nations Wellington City Council has recognised the capital’s shared history with European nations with the naming of Europe Lane. At last week’s regulatory processes committee, councillors agreed with a proposal that an unnamed pathway that runs adjacent to Bolton St Cemetery from Bowen St to Aurora Tce on the east side of the motorway be renamed Europe Lane. Ms Wade-Brown said Europe Lane acknowledged the long-standing relationship and shared history between Wellington and Europe dating back to the 19th Century, and the more recent relationship between the European Union and New Zealand. “This initiative highlights Wellington’s connection to the world as New Zealand’s capital city.”

In considering the proposal council staff consulted with local iwi, The New Zealand Transport Agency, and Friends of Bolton Street Cemetery. Staff will now ask Land Information New Zealand to update its national road name database and are arranging notices to all the other organisations that need to be informed. Work is under way to identify other opportunities to recognise Wellington’s international connections and sister cities. In 2009 a walkway from Bolton St to the Clifton Tce Cable Car station was named Tokyo Lane to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the establishment of the Embassy of Japan and the 50th anniversary of the Japan Society of Wellington.

Emergency water tank installed The Mt Cook community will now be more prepared than ever in the event of an emergency An emergency water tank was installed at Housing New Zealand’s Rolleston complex in Mount Cook last week. The tank will be able to be used by the community in the event of an emergency. The installation of the tank was part of a wider Wellington City Council plan to provide a number of tanks around the city. This is to ensure there is an alternative water supply if pipes are damaged following an incident, like an earthquake. Housing New Zealand asset manager, Chad Smith, said the Rolleston complex was an ideal location to use for the tank. “It has a decent sized green space and is centrally located so

it works in well with the council’s emergency response plan. “The tank is being installed over the next few weeks and will provide fresh drinking water to our tenants and the local community if they need it,” he said. “The council are the largest provider of social housing in Wellington so it makes sense for us to work together especially when it results in positive outcomes for our tenants. Chad said Housing New Zealand had recently supported council’s emergency response team by allowing use of the vacant Newtown Apartment buildings for search and rescue training. “We also link with them to deliver a range of support services for our tenants that might need it,” he said.

Kilbirnie BID formally started

From left, Kevin Lavery and Bruce Welsh sign the Kilbirnie BID agreement By Nikki Papatsoumas

The formal start of the BID was marked last Thursday, when representatives from the Kilbirnie Business Network and the Wellington City Council signed the BID agreement. Business Improvement District (BID) is a policy which allows local businesses to invest in projects and improvements that will support economic development in the area. The council will now collect a targeted rate from all commercial property owners in Kilbirnie. The amount collected will then be provided to a business association that has been set up to work on the area’s

behalf, and fund agreed objectives. In October last year, 64 per cent of Kilbirnie businesses voted in favour of a BID model. The council’s chief executive Kevin Lavery said the BID model was about getting local businesses to have more ownership and more say over their area. He said Kilbirnie was one of the city’s largest retail districts. “It is a reasonable size business community and has good local leadership. We are following the successful model Miramar adopted.” Chair of the Kilbirnie Business Network, Bruce Welsh, said it was an opportunity to

develop Kilbirnie, for both people coming shopping, as well as business owners and landlords. Councillor Simon Marsh said Kilbirnie businesses face a challenge in today’s retail environment. “Many of them are small retail and by uniting as a Business Improvement District they become a strong force with guaranteed funding to promote, run events and to work in partnership with council. “I would encourage other town centres to explore the BID model, it is working for Miramar and Khandallah and Tawa is keen to explore a local Business Improvement District.”

Annette King MP for Rongotai

July Mobile Office Clinics - 9.30am −11.00am

Luxford Street (near Adelaide Road corner) Mondays: 1st, 4th Friday: 8th

Cnr Raukawa & Tukanae Streets, Strathmore Park Mondays: 11th, 18th, 25th Fridays: 15th , 22nd, 29th Ph: 389 0989 - E-mail: 172 Riddiford Street, Newtown

Visit us online at



Thursday June 30, 2016


Local Principal Rongotai College When choosing a school for your son, a boy’s school can offer opportunities that other schools cannot. Research by NZCER on NCEA achievement provides compelling evidence that boys in New Zealand enjoy numerous advantages with an all-boys education because a boy’s school provides an environment that acknowledges their learning styles, embraces their differences and in doing so maximises their potential. Located in Kilbirnie and founded in 1928, Rongotai College is a boys’ school that is enriched by a proud heritage. However, the school is forward-looking and progressive, educating young men to meet the challenges of today. It has a culture that encourages boys to strive

for excellence in academic, creative, cultural and sporting pursuits. Achievement in NCEA has improved significantly in recent years, as students have responded positively to an engaging curriculum specifically developed for the way they think and learn, helping to build confidence and pride in their abilities. They thrive academically. Outstanding facilities including a campus-wide wi-fi and ultrafast broadband support and enhance teaching and learning. With a roll of 650 Rongotai College is small enough to know each boy well, recognising his individual character and needs but large enough to offer an extensive curriculum that meetings the academic and vocational

needs of individual students. Rongotai College provides a balanced education for its students, supported by an impressive co-curricular programme. A wide range of community service, creative, cultural and sporting activities are offered, with many activities performing to an extremely high standard. 04 939 3050

Kilbirnie School Kilbirnie School is a co-educational state funded contributing primary school catering for students from Years 1 to 6 in the Wellington suburb of Hataitai. The school opened in 1884, the first school in the eastern suburbs of Wellington. Our curriculum is designed to foster individual and group learning, and to give students the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to become life-long learners. Students are encouraged to take risks to develop their natural strengths and abilities, as well as to assume responsibility for their own learning. There is a strong emphasis on building children’s

self-esteem so that they will have the confidence to use their skills and talents in a positive manner. There is also a clear expectation that children will develop socially responsible attitudes through caring, co-operative group behaviour and service to the school. Families of children at Kilbirnie School are part of a vibrant community that looks out for each other and celebrates our diversity and achievements. This positive community spirit means we work together to create a stimulating learning and cultural environment which enhances our children’s educa-

tion. We also offer services and facilities that benefit the wider Hataitai and Kilbirnie communities. Website - Address - 72 Hamilton Rd, Wellington 6021 Phone - 04-939 2311

Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Mokopuna Ko Te Aho Matua te tahuhu o toku whare, Ko te reo me nga tikanga Maori nga heke whakamau, Ko te Whanau, te whanaungatanga nga pou, Tihe mauri ora! Nau mai ki Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Nga Mokopuna! Nga Mokopuna is the only Maori language immersion school in Wellington City, with currently 100 students from Years 1-13. Kura Kaupapa Maori are Whanau-led schools that have te reo and tikanga Maori as their guiding principles.

We are based on the Seatoun shoreline on the spot where Kupe, the great explorer, established the first Maori settlement in Aotearoa and are named after Nga Mokopuna, the island in the harbour that he named. Our Raukura Wharekura (Secondary School Graduates) continue to be successful at Tertiary level in either University, Polytechnic or Wananga. This year, on October 31st, we will host the Wellington Regional Primary School Kapa Haka Competition at the ASB Sports Centre in Rongo-

tai. We are a good choice for Whanau wanting a vibrant Kura community with a strong commitment to reo and tikanga Maori. Kia ora!

St Catherine’s College Mary Curran has been Principal at St Catherine’s College for the last 4 years. For Mary, St Catherine’s is about whanau/ family and Mercy traditions and values. St Catherine’s inclusive values and practices promote student wellbeing and success. Diversity is celebrated, and students have a strong sense of belonging, sisterhood and unity. This

underpins our academic success—we are proud winners of the O’Shea Shield for the 4th year in a row. 2016 brings St Catherine’s College a long-awaited and well deserved new teaching block. This project will provide the college with exciting 21st century teaching spaces and a new administration block.

Find us online at

Tracy Gundesen - Acting Principal St Francis de Sales school I am thrilled to be in the position of Acting Principal at St Francis de Sales School. I have been at SFDS for just over 4 years and absolutely love this community. I feel very much at home here, I grew up in Island Bay, am an ex student of the school, and I am now raising my family here. I am passionate about our place: I love the Bay, the people and working within our community – but most of all our students at SFDS. At SFDS we have students from a range of ethnic

backgrounds which adds a special cultural diversity to our school. Our goal is to provide a holistic education to meet the spiritual, learning, physical, social and emotional needs of all students. We have a strong emphasis on achievement in learning, particularly in English (Writing and Reading), Mathematics and Inquiry. Within this goal we ensure that all students have the opportunity to take part in arts and sports based programmes; areas in which the school has achieved success in wider

community activities. Part of our school philosophy is inclusive education which means that all students take part in all school activities to the best of their skills and abilities. Pop in for a visit – we would love to meet you.

Thursday June 30, 2016


Local Principal Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Jenny Williams, Principal since 2008, is well loved by students and the wider Marsden family. Her response “There is an extraordinary spirit in the school that I’ve felt nowhere else”. Jenny’s background is a cross-curricular and extensive one. Starting with a Science degree from Tasmania University she has held various teaching roles in maths, science and outdoor education and set up the Australian International School, Singapore. Before coming to Wellington Williams held roles as Head of Science at St Catherine’s Girls School, Head of School at Snowy Mountains Grammar School and of All Saints College. Australian born but

well settled into Wellington Williams wouldn’t swap, “I love Wellington” she says, “It’s small but edgy, with a fantastic vibe”. Since starting at Marsden Williams has focussed strongly on a service ethic and positive psychology and well-being. Top of her agenda now is 21st century learning, preparing girls for life and jobs that may not yet exist today, and a continued culture of care at school. Williams has played high-level netball, representing Tasmania, and playing state league volleyball. In her spare time she enjoys keeping fit, travelling, reading and cooking. That is when she is not encouraging Marsden girls.

“My message to our girls is that as well as being the best they can be academically it is important that they are good, kind, compassionate people. When they leave Marsden I want them to go out into the world not just to participate but to be leading contributors, and to find happiness in the dreams they pursue”. Visit Marsden at

Island Bay School Hello, my name is Perry Rush. Island Bay School is a special place where I am proud to be in my 12th year as the Principal. I love the modern vision of the school which seeks to nurture children for their unique talents. We approach students believing that ‘one size does not fit all’ and aim to meet individual learning needs. We also hold a diverse view of success. This can be seen in the

smorgasbord of exciting learning programmes designed to pique our students interests and provide challenge. Programmes such as ‘Philosophy for Children’, the ‘Freedom Friday’ options programme, and our ‘Reach’ programme for gifted learners, to name a few. I am very proud of my hardworking teaching team at Island Bay School who consistently challenge themselves to think

about the future and the competencies our students require to led satisfying and successful lives. Being Principal of Island Bay School is a great job. Do come and visit us!

At Mt Cook School we are building on the great work done by previous staff and school community members to create a warm, inclusive learning environment for all of our students. We aim to inspire and promote curiosity, creativity and individual growth through academic, cultural and physical achievements and the developing of social skills. We have about 265 students ( Y 1 – 8 ) and have an enrolment scheme in place that includes a

school zoning policy. Welcome to Mt Cook School. Website - Address - 160 Tory St, Wellington Phone - 04 385 9432

Mt Cook School For us Mt Cook School’s close knit community brings to mind such words as: diversity; support; vibrant; creative; multi-cultural; different; fun; This is a state school with a special approach to supporting our children to think for themselves, develop independence and confidence in their abilities as well as taking responsibility for their own learning. From our central city location we have easy access to many interesting activities the city has to offer.

Evans Bay Intermediate School My name is Louise Bray-Burns and I am privileged to be Principal of Evans Bay Intermediate School. I took up the position at the start of term 3, 2015 and was warmly welcomed by the EBIS community. This warmth of welcome is a real feature of the school for all who join the EBIS waka. Prior to EBIS I held the position of Principal at both Kapiti Primary and Hampton Hill

Schools, after leaving Tawa Intermediate as Deputy Principal. I have two children and once they were old enough, I attained my Higher and Advanced Teaching Diplomas and Master’s degree. Counselling and information technology papers were a significant part of my qualifications, and I use both extensively in my daily work. I believe professional development is

critical for staff in order to enable them to assist students to attain the capabilities they require to be successful 21st century learners.

South Wellington Intermediate School South Wellington Intermediate School is a specialist year 7 & 8 school focusing on the very specific needs of early adolescents. We retain a homeroom atmosphere with a strong link to one teacher. The homeroom teacher is responsible for Integrated Studies (English and Social Studies curriculum’s) and for maths. For other subjects students may move around the school, being taught by several teachers during the week. In this way teachers are able to teach to their special strengths, and this increased specialisation is an ideal preparation for the child’s secondary education.

All classes are arranged as mixed Year 7 and Year 8. Students will be challenged with opportunities to participate in a range of academic, cultural and arts programmes. At South Wellington Intermediate we don’t see these two years as solely a time to prepare students for High School, but rather see it as a unique and special time where the journey into adolescence is valued. Students are supported to become independent learners, thinkers and actors, and the apron strings of Primary school are loosened to allow greater autonomy, exploration, inspiration and self management. We can’t wait to share

the next two years of your child’s learning journey with you. Website - Address - 30 Waripori st, Wellington 6023 Phone - 04 9399 872



Thursday June 30, 2016


Local Principal St Anthony’s, Seatoun. Small School; Strong Spirit Jennifer Ioannou, Principal since Term 4 2015, certainly has the background credentials (qualifications and wide-ranging experience) to prove her educational expertise, but what is truly distinguishing is that she actually knows how to make things happen to create a modern flexible learning environment. Jennifer leads by example, getting stuck-in to help wherever necessary, and she listens to

the community with a focus on solutions and continuous improvement. Jennifer actively leads our strong and professional teaching team so that they meet clear and high standards, regularly up-skill and know their students and individually tailor programmes to their needs. This shows in above national average results, local colleges confirming how well prepared our students are, and students having fun!

Perhaps though the last word is best left to a Year 6 student: “I feel l belong here and that doing my best matters. When I leave school I want to be like Mrs Ioannou”.

Mirimar Central School: Empowering our Children An effective school is one which has a clearly articulated and understood vision ‘Empowering our Children’. This is our core purpose. At Miramar Central School, everyone knows what the school stands for as our values ‘Mana - Respect, Maia - Confidence, Success -Tutuki and Whanaungatanga - Community’ are to the fore. This vision and values are reflected in the consistent behaviour of the people in the

school. This reinforces and affirms them. Miramar Central School promotes excellence in the principles, values and key competencies in the National Curriculum, provides opportunities for students to be confident in using words and numbers, recognises and celebrates diversity and fosters strong connections between home, school, and the community. Learning must be grounded in the present but

be future oriented. I love being a principal, it is a privilege to positively touch the lives of the people to and for whom I am responsible.

St Mark’s Church School Kent Favel is the Principal of St Mark’s Church School, the only co-educational independent school in Wellington, which educates boys and girls from Preschool right through to Year 8. Based at the Basin Reserve, St Mark’s is an International Baccalaureate World School offering the Primary Years Programme. St Mark’s has always been a co-educational school, and this is something which

Kent proudly believes in. “Co-educational schools reflect the diversity of our society. This is boys and girls, learning and working together just like the world we live in”. St Mark’s is such a special place to Kent that this is his second time working at the school. He was Deputy Principal from 2002 to 2006, and then returned as Principal, a role he has been in since 2011. “It’s not just a job for me,” he says. “I love

St Mark’s. I couldn’t think of a better job in the world”.

Holy Cross School Kia ora, I have been the proud principal of Holy Cross Catholic School for nine years; it is a school I love and a school with great heart. I endeavour to truly live our school’s Vision, Mission, Motto and Values; to model what I expect. As a passionate learner, having recently completed my Master of Educational leadership, I take every opportunity to review and strengthen my own practice and to enhance all aspects of teaching and learning at Holy Cross. I take a special interest in knowing every learner

in our school, to understand his or her strengths, needs and interests. We have so much to learn from our families too; their stories touch and inspire us. I am passionate about making our vision a reality through our various programmes that are structured to provide learning in ‘real-life’ authentic contexts; they are innovative and exciting whilst having a sound research base and place literacy and numeracy within a meaningful context.

I feel blessed to be part of such a supportive community and to work with a skilled and dedicated staff, committed to inspiring each student to ‘Achieve more than he or she ever dreamed possible’.

Meet Neal Swindells the Rector – St Patrick’s College, Kilbirnie It is a great privilege to lead St Patrick’s College. the oldest Catholic Boys school in New Zealand. My background is 20 years of teaching in the state system which included 5 years as Deputy Headmaster at Napier Boys High. I became Principal of St John’s College in Hawke’s Bay in 1998 before moving to become Rector of St Patrick’s College in 2014. I love Marist education where we work

closely with our families, focus on developing the whole person and on helping our students to develop the talents God has given them. At St Pats we provide strong academic programmes and a huge range of spiritual, sporting, cultural and social activities. We emphasise community, humility and service to others. Our students love to perform, to succeed and to help each other. They will be the lead-

ers of the future. Sectare Fidem: Hold firm to the Faith.

Thursday June 30, 2016

Project Energize

Cotton Top Tamarins arrive at their new home in the capital

Capital and Coast District Health Board has unveiled its new initiative to combat childhood obesity – Project Energize. “We’re very excited to be working with the Heart Foundation to deliver a healthy eating and exercise programme that we know works,” said service integration development unit acting director Sandra Williams. “Project Energize will help reduce obesity rates among children in the Wellington region. It will teach kids how to be healthy through exercise and good eating, and give schools practical support to implement health and fitness programmes.” The board aims to have 30 Wellington region schools enrolled by 2019. Nine have enrolled so far.

Two critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarins have arrived at Wellington Zoo with the hopes of saving their species from extinction. The two mini monkeys travelled a great distance to live at Wellington Zoo. Esteban, a four-year-old male Cotton Top Tamarin came from Blackpool Zoo in the UK, while Celeste, a fiveyear-old female, arrived from Bratislava Zoo in Slovakia. The two have been introduced to each other over the last two weeks and they are now settling in their new home. They will not be introduced to the existing pair of Cotton Top Tamarins at the zoo, as the new pair will establish a family group, and they are territorial. Harmony Wallace, Wellington Zoo senior keeper for

primates, said introductions between Esteban and Celeste had gone well and together the pair was settling in their new home. “The breeding programme for Cotton Top Tamarins is vital for their survival as a species, and good zoos work collaboratively to make conservation breeding programmes like this successful. “We hope t he duo will contribute to the breeding programme and help with the conservation efforts for their species.” Cotton Top Tamarins are only found in Colombia and they are one of the most critically endangered primates due to habitat loss and the illegal pet trade. It has been estimated that there are only 6,000 Cotton Top Tamarins left in the wild.


Critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarins Celeste and Esteban settling in at Wellington Zoo

‘Power Up’ the Cancer Society project 70k

60k 50k 40k 30k 20k 10k

The Cancer Society Wellington needs your help. Through its ‘Power Up’ campaign the Cancer Society hopes to raise $70,000 to cover the costs of 115 solar panels, which will produce a 30kW capacity for The Cancer Society’s Margaret Stewart House accommodation facility. The facility provides daily accommodation for up to 40 outof-town patients having cancer treatment at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre, and is located on the grounds of Wellington Hospital. The Cancer Society’s chief executive, Michael Smith, said the campaign came on the heels of a need to expand services in the face of an increased demand for them. “The upgrade to solar panels will save over $300,000 over the 25 year warranty period freeing up money for the Cancer Society to be spent on other essential cancer services. “We are asking the public for general donations or for businesses to buy a panel for $600 - buy three and with your 30 per cent tax deduction/rebate you really only pay for 2,” said Michael. Supporters of the project include Mayor of Wellington Celia WadeBrown, who said it was a great

project, both environmentally and socially. “It will enable the Cancer Society to save money and redirect some of its operational funds to expand supportive care and health promotion services to the people of Wellington. “Solar panels also fit well in our Low Carbon Capital,” Ms WadeBrown said.

 The Cook Strait will be tracking the Cancer Society’s process throughout its ‘Power Up’ campaign. Check in each week to see updates on fundraising efforts.

How you can help: Use the donate button at

Send a cheque to the Cancer Society Wellington, 52 Riddiford St, Newtown 6021. Or visit

Supervisor for patient accommodation, Helen Hiko, at Margaret Stewart House launching the Power Up campaign

SolarKing is proud to be supporting the Power Up the Cancer Society project. For every solar power system sold in the Wellington region this month SolarKing will donate $100 towards the project. SolarKing Special Cancer Society package, install a 6 panel 1.5kW Solar Power system for $4995 save $800 and $100 goes towards the project, or for the larger home install a 10 panel 2.6kW system for only $7995, saving $1000 and $100 goes to Cancer Society. For a FREE solar power analysis and detailed proposal contact SolarKing 0508SolarNZ


Thursday June 30, 2016



ert p x E e ll th


fiel r i e h t in


Cellphone & Computer Experts

Cellphone & Computer Expert

Private Trainer 04 8019287

WE CAN HELP! • Cellphone Repair • NEW Desktop Build Up • Computer Repair

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Adrenal Fatigue

Where health is greater than fitness

SALES iPhone Screen repair from $80

Stress is well known to have impact on our emotional well-being, blood pressure, sleep cycles and weight management.

Value PC: Intel G4400 Dual core 8GB 1Tb USB3.0 $499

But now, more than ever, Stress, through various internal and externally imposed forms is slowly beating us, breaking us, killing us.



We repair Apple and Samsung cellphone

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PERSONAL COMPUTERS We do upgrade and repair computers

Emotional anxiety, hormone abnormalities and dysfunction, leading to limited rest and recovery and adrenal hyperactivity - causing weight gain, sleep deprivation, reactionary gut and digestion issues, increases to blood pressure, reliance on stimulants and medications.

LIFE UNLIMITED Program of Assessment designed to highlight the negative bodily issues of the individual and the pathology that is causing them. Using testing to breakdown the underlying issues through  adrenal sensitivity testing  food sensitivity testing  outline of DNA structure  fundamental movement patterns  lifestyle stress assessments

Let us help you understand your own current bodily state, by providing personal knowledge from your own test results. Giving you the confidence and plan to change your lifestyle and habits for the better.

Email: 160A Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington


Restaurant & Bar

Nurturing every child’s potential. • A community based, multicultural centre. • Operating for over 25 years. • Catering for up to 28 Children aged between 2 and 5 years old. • Activities are built on the children's strengths, interests and needs both individually and in groups. • Redevelopment of new outdoor area currently in process!


available during school terms Monday - Friday 8:30am - 2:45pm or Monday - Friday 8:30am - 1:00pm 04 385 9432 or 021 158 4606 160 Tory Street, Wellington

Our customers say we have the best steaks in the Miramar Penisular?

Why not try for yourself? LUNCH Grilled Sirloin, eggs, salad, fries and herb butter

DINNER 300g Sirloin, potato cake, green beans, mushroom ragout

Trades and Services

Public Notice

Chef Hannah Thornton has Real Estate used local, seasonal Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015 produce provided by Worser Bay School children, friends and family to put together Our summer pools were built by us. a tasty array Blends in well did cause no fuss. of treats that will be on With hydro slide will cause a splash. sale at the And to it many people dash. schoolsuburbs fair For buyers in the Southern and Eastern Through native bush we twist andonwiggle. Sunday, From the children brings a giggle.November 8. Phone Mehlhopt Severn days a week the placeLana is open. Hot summer hopen! 383are 7008 | 027 28 33 904 Licensed Underdays REAA 2008we all


Council organisation in the Wairarapa PROPERTIES WANTED There’s still time to tell us what you think

Array of goodies at local fair OF THE D AY FACT Wainuiomata Squash Club Hataitai School The Local Government Commission has been holding meetings and dropin centres to hear your views about councils and their services.

Public Notice Public Notice



Interior LAWNS, gardens, Thursday Juneall30, 2016 13 LICENSED Builders types18, of work undertaken. rubbish removal November 2015 13 Painting & Wednesday Phone 3838274. and section To Lease Firewood Wallpapering clearing ava. in GROUND COVER GARDEN MAIN your area. Member $42 Master Painters SECURE STORAGE 14sqm per week. T E N A N C E . C a r i n g fo r yo u r g a r d e n : Ph. V.I.P. Home NZ 2m seasoned pine $180 • Weeding • P run• General maintenance Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St,John 0274805150. Contact 388 3862 Trades Services Tuition Services on and ing4m• Split Planting • One-Off jobs • Regular care pine store for

or 027 4466 371 PH. 0800Trades 846484and PAINTING Decorating forServices all Painting Services John's Decorations Ltd

by competent and considerate Tradesmen. Realistic FORPhone ALL repairs and rates. NeilELECTRICAL 388-7518

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GRAHAM’S PAINTERS REG yourDRAINLAYER House Exterior Friendly, reliable Situation Vacant Exterior/Interior Graham paintedPlumbing before the& Drainage Ltd and effi cient. Experienced Tradesmen summer rush. Call John - Interiors too. Exterior of Houses 970 2409 ~ Pensioner Discounts or 027 457 4999 ~ 44236 PhLAWNS, 934 0842 orgardens, 021 183 9492

rubbish removal and section clearing ava. in your area. Ph. V.I.P. HomeN Services on

383 7076 Painted in Winter 027 451for5623 Available ALL Interior work.

~ Pensioner Discounts ~ Ph 564 9202 or 021 183 9492 References Available

Children from Worser Bay School have school’s own pizza ovens, Thai fishcakes delved intotime theirtobackyards to make this and many otherAGM food stalls will be keepThere’s still fill in a questionnaire, year’s school fair something special the day. 51. J.K. available on by 8 July.- and ing everyone fed onBoard of Trustees very local. The theme for this year’s fair is “Our Rowling Jase Roofing & PH. 0800 846484 Using produce the children have scav- Secret Garden”. 7.00pm chose the Scaffolding Monday 30thprincipal November Penteenged from their backyards and with a little Worser Bay School For all your residential electrical needs, Casual Vacancy for an Elected Jude Trustee. unusual Palmerston At the Clubrooms help from local suppliers, chef and school cost says this ties in well with the learning Situation Vacant from repairs to design to installation. North name A casual vacancy occurred on the mum Hannah Thornton has put together an the children have has been doing this year. client revisions: Interior Experienced Scaffolders & Free quotes, no job too big or small. board of trustees for parent ‘Hermione’ amazing array of goodies to stock the popu“Relationships areanatelected the heart of1 our Roofers required earn up 2 3 4 5 Corner of Main Road $0 $0 $25 $50 $75 Painting & representative. $75,000 per year. lar at the fair on Sunday, November 8. school and strongly reflected in our cursodeli young Contact the teamtoat andboard Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata The has resolved under section “We really wantedand to closing use as much This year's inquiry, 'What105 and Immediate start. Stewart and Rogers on girls ck URL, email address date local riculum. of theisEducation Act PLEASE 1989 to fiNOTE: ll been the that vacancy produce as we could as it came into season. Who in Our Backyard' has full of preparedWallpapering we have wouldn’t Ph Rob 022 1322668 0800 800 949 this advertisement proof based onaour “The their parents learning experiences and provides by selection. e: 10 be x 3colchildren andformat: mono have rich for Scaffolding and understanding of the instructions received.Contact John or book a job online at Areteased you looking forfriends an and family great brought in lots, as have to the fair.” If tenlink percent or more of eligible voters on Bringing local Joe 027 5244515 In approvingnews the advertisement, it is the on 388 3862 for being and Kim [Chin] from Miramar Fruit Supply Money raised from the fair will go towards the school roll ask the board, within 28 days opportunity to position sell advertising client’s responsibility to check the accuracy run date for Roofing. or 027 4466 371 nerdy! to the community supplied the rest.” basis for various schoolbeing projects. Call us now! of this notice published, to hold aand the media and of both the advertisement on a part-time www. Hannah hasStrait assorted a tasty range inIn the past to these have included position nominated. by-election fill the vacancy, thenhelp a by-with The Cook News? cluding preserves, chutneys, mustards, digital additional staffing, electiontechnology, will be held. Cancellation of adverts booked Vacant Email your CV(aand a cover letterSituation to cordials, kimchi Korean pickle), relishes teacher professional development and the Any eligible voter who wishes thea media with mediato willask incur Island Bay Plumbing and tell us why you and even a pizza sauce. engagement ofaaby-election writing specialist. board to hold should write cancellation fee of $ are best fit for this role.start there are The Forthe those wanting an early Chairperson A solid Worser Bay School Fair - 168 Seatoun also Christmas cakes and mince meat for Heights Hataitai School Board of Trustees Rd, Sunday, November 8, from This opportunity would suit a person your contact: Vanita Christmas pies. Hataitai School 11am to 2pm, rain or shine. Some Eftpos looking to get back into the workforce Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the available. 2 Arawa Road with 20 to 25 hours a week. Hataitai, Wellington 6021 Hours open to negotiation for the Public Notice right candidate. By: Thursday 28 July 2016.

g proof 2015 Part Time Sales

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Notice WANTED of Public Required in F A C T Deliverers Community Meetings

Miramar Rangers AFC Inc

109th ANNUAL Area 1: Momona, Kawatiri - Kaponga. A Mohaka, bolt of lightning isGENERAL six OF THE MEETING Housing Choice and Town Centre Planning

times hotter than Monday the 23sun. Nov 2015

W E E K Sandra on 587 1660 Contact Miramar Rangers

Wellington City Council is currently engaging with the local communities of Island Bay, Khandallah, and Newlands regarding a proposal to enable medium-density housing in these suburbs.


You are invited to attend one of the following public meetings to discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb. Island Bay Thursday 12 November - 7pm Wellington South Baptist Church 284 The Parade, Island Bay


Clubrooms 7.30pm Dave Farrington Park

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• Experienced Phone Julie on 0273324896. $330 next winter Gardeners. SINGING LESSONS Small groups, modern Large Bags Kindling $13 songs, inspiring and fun. Lyall Bay. E: geoff@ PAINTING all Painting Services Large BagsDecorating Dry Pine/ P:for021565750., byhardwood competentmix and$14 considerate Tradesmen. Realistic rates. Phone Neil 388-7518 To Let

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“A & D Decorators did a fantastic of preparing and painting our weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team was professional, friendly, and completed Public Notice the job to a high standard. The work was also done at a competitive price and we would not hesitate to use them again.”

ROSENEATH SCHOOL In Conjuction with NZMP we offer a 5 year warranty. See website for conditions.

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Application for Out of Zone Public Notice Enrolments for Terms 3 and 4 2016 Details are posted on the school website Kaiarahi i te Reo We have 2 places available at Kei te kimi mātou itētehi tangata hōriri Year 3 and 2 at Year 5 kia mahi hei kairahi i te Reo itā mātou whanau kei te kura o Newtown. Mē mohio Contact te tangata kit e korero i te Reo Māori me ōna tikanga. Ka taea e te tangata tem ahi tahi me ngā tamariki, e rima kit e tekau mā Applications 8 July 2016 toru ō rātou tau. Kaclose timata tēnei tunga ā te timatanga o te tau 2016. Tono mai tou Out of Zone enrolments are tātai pumanawa i mua i te 20 o Whiringaa-Rangi, 2015. by the provisions of governed View the Wainuiomata News theanEducation Actto1989 We seek energetic person be


Kaiarahi i te Reo in our Whanau at Newtown School. The successful applicant must know and speak Te Reo ona Tikanga and have some Byme Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters knowledge in working with children By McQuarters aged 5-13 years old. The position starts ByRussell Russell McQuarters at the 32. beginning of 2016. Applications Evening meal (3) Evening meal close32. on 20 November 33.Friday Come first (3)(3)2015.

49. Live a country life (9) ACROSS 49. Live country life (9) ACROSS 51.Angry List aof jurors (5) 1. Rope dancer (11) (abbr) (3)first 51. (5)jurors ACROSS (abbr) (3) (3) 51. Angry (5) (5) 33. Come 51. List of 1.7.ACROSS Rope dancer (11) 38. Anticipates (3-5) 52.Solidify His works include’Madam Nourish (7) 33. Sphere (3)(3) (3-5) 52. by by cooling (7)(7) 1. Result (5-6) 33. Sphere 52. Solidify cooling 1. Result (5-6) 38. Anticipates 52. His works include’Madam 7. Nourish (7) Advertise your Please send your CV with of two 40. Simplicity (8) names Butterfly ‘ & ‘Tosca’(7) 11. On the move (5) 38. U.S. horse race; ... ... Derby (8)(8) 53. Anaesthetic (5) 7. Scoundrel (7) 38. U.S. horse race; Derby 53. Anaesthetic (5) 7. Scoundrel (7) 40. Simplicity (8) Butterfly ‘(5) & ‘Tosca’(7) 11. On the move(7) (5) referees and letter of(7) application to 42. Matured 53. Number 12.11. Exhausted 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness (7) 11. Pulls (5) notices here. 40.Matured Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness (7) Pulls (5) (7)To SELL in the Southern and Eastern Suburbs 42. (7) 53. Number (5) 12. Exhausted The42. Principal, Newtown School, 44. Small quantity (7) 54. Tolerates (7)(11) 13.12. Swift (5) Casual (7) 55. Friendship (11) 12. Deviousness (7) (7) 42. Casual (7) 55. Friendship Deviousness 44. Small quantity (7) 54. Tolerates (7) 13. Swift (5) 04 587 1660 Mein Street, Wellington or(6) email to 46. Bank worker 55. Interpret wrongly (11) 14.13. & 30 ACROSS. Minor mistake 44. Annual calendar (7) 13. Excellent (5) 44.Bank Annual calendar Excellent (5) Minor mistakePhone 46. worker (6) (7) (6) 55. Interpret wrongly (11) 14. &(speech) 30 ACROSS. Lana Mehlhopt 47. Greenland inhabitant (4,2,3,6) 46. Scoffs (6)(6) inhabitant (6) DOWN 14. 14. Alert (9) (9)(4,2,3,6) 46. Scoffs DOWN Alert 47. Greenland (speech) 48. Abundant (5) 15.15. Implored (9) Licensed Under REAA 2008 47. Manservant (6)(6) 1.DOWN Sound (5)(5) 15. So (9) (9) (9) 383DOWN 7008 | 027 28 33 904 47. Manservant 1. Sound So 48. Abundant (5) 15. Implored 49. Spoils (5)expression 1.Sent Droops (5) 16.16. Laboured (6) 48. Form of expression (5)(5) 2. (11) 16. Directs (6) 48. Form of 2. Sent (11) Directs (6) 49. Spoils (5) 1.2.Droops (5) (11) 16. Laboured 50. Weird (5) (5)(5) Nourishing 18.18. Difficult to(6) catch (7) 49. Water vapour 3. Shy (8)(8) (11) 18. Skull (7)to 49. Water vapour 3. Shy Skull (7) 50. Weird (5) 2. Nourishing 18. Difficult catch (7) Abandoned (8) 21.21. Lazy (4) 50.50. Gambol (5)(5) 4.3.Abandoned Of public revenue 21. Disorder Gambol 4. Of public revenue Disorder 3. (8) (6)(6) 21. Lazy (4)(3)(4) (4) SOLUTION 4.Turn Modernize (6) 23.23. Delve 5. outwards (5)(5) 23. Racket (3) 5. Turn outwards Racket (3) SOLUTION Solution last week, 23 June 4. Modernize (6) 23. Delve (3) For March 2, 2005 SOLUTION SOLUTION 5.Constrict Icon (5) (7)(7) 25.25. Finish 6. 25. Take by (3) sipssips (3) (3) 6. Constrict Take by Forlast March 2,112005 5. Icon (5) 25. Finish (3) Solution week, November For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 6. Has Offers (7)morals 27.27. Hypocritical 7. high 27. Stake (4) (4) speech (4) 7. Has high morals(8)(8) Stake Offers (7) 27. Hypocritical speech (4) 28.28. Ceased to occupy(house) (7) 6. 8.7.Reduce (6)(8) 8.Calming Reduce (6) 28. Artlessness (7) (7) Artlessness (8) 28. Ceased to occupy(house) (7) 7.8.Calming (6) 30.30. SEE 14chair; ACROSS. 9.Endure Sanction Low Chaise ... (6) 9. Sanction (7)(7) 30. Low chair; Chaise ... (6) 8.9.Endure (6) 30. SEE 14 ACROSS. Warned (7)(5) 32.32. Sheep in year (3) 10. Audacity Expert; ... hand 10. Audacity (5) 32. Expert; ... 2nd hand (3) (3) 9.10. Warned (7)(5) 32. Sheep in 2nd Famous 33.33. False hair (3)year (3) 16. Arrange in steps Strange 16. Arrange in steps (7)(7) 33. Strange (3) (3) 10. Famous (5)Eyes’ 33. False hair(6) (3) 17. ‘Old Blue Frank ...(7) Zealous 16. Diplomatic (7) Frank 34.34. Hesitate 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ ...(7) 34. Zealous (6) (6) 16. Diplomatic (7)(5) 34. Hesitate (6)time(music) 19. Competitor In brisk 17. Varied (7) (5) 35.35. of class (7) 19. Competitor 35. InCharacteristic brisk time(music) (7) (7) 17. Varied (7) Minister 35. Characteristic of class (7) 20. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state 19. Rent (5) 36.36. Cease (4)(4) (4) 20. N.Z. Prime 36. U.S. state 19. Rent (5) 36. Cease (4) 1975-84 Robert 37. Biblical vessel (3) SirSir Robert ... ... (7)(7) 37. vessel (3) 20.1975-84 Lures (7) 37.Biblical Snake (3) 20. Lures (7) 37. Snake (3)(3) 22. Boils (7) Curve 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve 22. Example(pl) (7) 39.39. Born (3) 22. Example(pl) 39. Born (3) 24. Catch Cupid 24. Catch (3) 41. Cupid (4) (4) 24. Joke (3)(3) (7) 41.41. Bait (4) 24. Joke (3) 41. Bait (4) torecluse 26. Group whales Exposed to air 26. Group of of whales (3)(3) 43. Exposed air (7) (7) 26. Cur (3) 43.43. Christian (7) 26. Cur (3) 43. Christian recluse (7) 29. Topic Female relatives 29. Topic (5)(5)(5) 45. Female relatives (6) 29. Choose 45.45. Sacred place(pl) (6)(6) 29. Choose (5) 45. Sacred place(pl) (6) (9) (9) 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless time(Lat) 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) 48. An endless time(Lat) 31. Unwelcome party guest (11) 48.48. Arrest (9) 31.32. Unwelcome party acid guest 48. Arrest (9) Deoxyribonucleic acid (11) handed people(inf) Deoxyribonucleic 49. 49. LeftLeft handed people(inf) (9) (9) 32.


14 Thursday June 30, 2016

Maori melodies for Matariki By Amy Harrison MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

The Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre hosted several Maori performers last Saturday night as the community gathered to celebrate Matariki. About 100 members of the community turned out on the cold evening to sing Maori songs and share a hangi, in celebration of the Maori New Year event. The first performer of the evening was local man Brannigan Kaa, a Maori singer and songwriter, of Ngati Porou and Ngati Kahungunu descent. Brannigan performed several songs in Maori and English and encouraged the audience to sing along. The second performer of the evening was 17-year-old Sianne Dougherty, of Tuwharetoa and Ngai Tahu descent. Sianne sang a range of songs, including some Maori songs,

Brannigan Kaa and Toni Huata perform Maori songs for their audience

some of her own composition and some current pop songs. Grant Ellen, the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre organiser, said that the event was for everyone in the community to celebrate. “It’s about building up our community and whanau, it’s good to have these events. “For us, it’s a New Zealand event… it’s in the middle of winter, so we can warm people up by providing community space,” he said. The MC for the evening was Toni Huata, a Maori singer and performer who has performed both nationally and internationally. Matariki is increasingly becoming an important national celebration and a time for community gatherings, Toni said. “Matariki means the beginning of a new time, the harvesting of food… a time for all communities to come together,” Toni said.

Hypnosis sessions now on offer in Strathmore By Nikki Papatsoumas

Strathmore locals have the opportunity to change their state of mind at special hypnosis sessions on offer at their local community centre. St rat h more Pa rk resident Andrew Hardwick is offering free ‘taster’ hypnosis sessions on Monday mornings at the Strathmore Park Community Centre. Participants can choose to have a free 15 minute session on either changing pain to comfort, letting go of stress, mindfulness or

confidence and relaxation. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which hypnotists can suspend disbelief. Andrew, who is also trained as a nurse, said he was first introduced to hypnosis in 1981 when he was working in an emergency department. He said he witnessed hypnosis work successfully on a young girl who had broken her arm and thought, “I have to learn how to do that”. Andrew said since then he has been successfully helping people through the art of hypnotherapy.

He encouraged locals to pop into the community centre and give a free session a go to see if hypnosis could work for them. Andrew also runs Not Strictly Tai Chi classes on Tuesday nights at 7pm at the centre. Free 15 minute hypnosis sessions run from the Strathmore Park Community Centre every Monday from 10.30am to midday. Andrew Hardwick is offering free ‘taster’ hypnosis sessions at the Strathmore Park Community Centre.

Brush up on your first aid skills By Nikki Papatsoumas

Rowena Bonne is inviting locals to attend an upcoming first aid course at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre.

Eager locals are invited to pick up first aid skills at an upcoming workshop. A fi rst aid course for carers of babies and young children is taking place at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre next month. The course will teach participants about how to cope in the event of an injury, how to deal with choking, burns, or seizure and will also involve a CPR demonstration. As well as this the course will cover a variety of other first aid training for different scenarios. There will also be time for

questions and discussions at the end of the workshop. Community centre coordinator, Rowena Bonne, said Kate Nickson, who was taking the course, was a respected and popular first aid consultant. She said the course had proved popular in previous years. “We like to do it every few years because there’s quite a turnover in the community. It has been awhile since we have done it so we thought it was the perfect time to provide it again. “The course is great for a wide variety of people, in fact anyone who is at times in sole charge of a child or baby, so grandparents, teenage babysitters as well, of

course, as parents,” Rowena said. “Doing such a course gives peace of mind. People really enjoyed the last one, speaking highly of its relevance, how interesting it was and how much they learnt.” First aid course for babies and young children will take place at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on Monday, July 11 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Cost is $10. To sign up contact Beryl or Rowena on 387 7867 or klbcc@clear. for an enrolment form.

Thursday June 30, 2016



Sports talk with Jacob Page... Warriors win NBA battle, lose war

Reuben Va'a, Esi Komaisavai, Karl Brownlie and Denny To'o have been selected for the Hurricanes Under-18 Coaching Camp

Squad chosen for Hurricanes coaching camp Some of Wellington’s rising rugby stars have been selected for the upcoming Hurricanes Under-18 coaching camp. Sixty players will attend the camp, which will take place in Masterton from July 10. The four-day camp will include sessions with a range of top provincial coaches as well as the Hurricanes Investec Super Rugby coaching staff headed by Chris Boyd and John Plumtree. The squad chosen for the four-day camp represents a wide spread of talent from across the Hurricanes region. Nineteen students from across schools in Wellington will be represented, including four boys from Rongotai College, three from St Patrick’s College Town, three from Wellington College and three from Scots College. Hurricanes Under-18 convenor of selectors Darren Larsen said it was an extremely tough job trying to sort through 257 nominations. "We are very lucky with the amount of

talented young players in the region and we've been impressed by the quality of the rugby we've seen this season, but it certainly makes it tough for the selectors. "Every provincial union in the region has a selector and I am confident they've been very thorough in identifying our best young talent. "But I would also say that this squad is only one pathway and history has shown that players who miss out at this stage can still achieve their goals and make it to New Zealand representative teams or Super Rugby by continuing to push their case on the field. Following the camp, 23 players will be selected to travel to Christchurch to play the Crusaders Under-18s at AMI Stadium on Saturday, July 16 as the curtain raiser to the Hurricanes-Crusaders Investec Super Rugby match. "It's also worth noting that players who do not attend the camp can still be selected in the final team."

It's fair to say the Golden State Warriors will feel like that impatient girlfriend waiting for a proposal from a clueless boyfriend. For all of their time, effort and sacrifice in 2016, it doesn't mean a thing if you haven't got that ring. A history-making 73 wins and nine losses evaporated into obscurity after they failed to win the title on Monday, losing a seven game finals series to the Cleveland Cavaliers. It's the first professional sports title for Cleveland since the 1960s. The city is a proud sporting hub but it's sports fans have been subjected to choke acts and bad luck for half a century. That was until Monday.

Golden State Warriors were the best NBA team in history – now, not so much. How can you be when you don't win the championship? Instead those championship rings go to Cleveland, a team who timed their run to perfection to beat the perfect team. The best team goes back, in my opinion to the 1995/96 Chicago Bulls. They lost one more regular season game than the Warriors but ultimately won the championship. Sport is about winning battles, but more importantly, wars. The Golden State Warriors won 73 battles but lost the one war they needed to win most.

Sports inbrief Poneke Fundraiser The Poneke Colts Rugby team will be holding a fundraiser this Saturday. The Horse Racing Fundraiser will kick off at 6.30pm on July 2.

Head along to watch the exciting Hurricanes vs Blues Game on the big screen at the Poneke Club Room and support your local sport.

Upcoming Netball It will be an exciting Monday for WelTec’s Division One netball in the city with Wellington Girls’ facing off against Wellington East at 4.30pm. The regional draw has the two teams battle it out at Wellington East. It will be a tough game for Wellington Girls after sitting on one draw and one loss three weeks into the season.

Wellington East is sitting at the top of the table with eight points along with St Mary’s and Sacred Heart. The leaders had a convincing win against St Oran’s in the first week with a 45-22 finish. But it was a nail biting finish when East played Aotea last week, finishing just one point ahead with a 29-28 result.

Surfs up in Kilbirnie The Wellington Regional Lifeguard Competition was held at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre in Kilbirnie on Saturday. The Tawa Titans took out this year’s event,

qualifying to represent the Wellington region in the New Zealand National Lifeguard Sports Competition in August 2016.

Wakefield Park users urged to take care By Nikki Papatsoumas

Users of Wakefield Park in Island Bay are being warned to be cautious, after an 8-yearold boy was involved in an accident earlier this month. Junior club captain at Island Bay United Football Association Gary Scott, said the young child was involved in an accident with a car, while

trying to cross the road after training at the park. He said while the young child was fine, it served as an important reminder for people to be careful around cars when using facilities at Wakefield Park. Gary said there were 55 junior teams at the club and on a busy weekday night there could be between 150 and

200 children using the park. On a Saturday morning there could be as many as 300 kids using facilities at Wakefield Park, he said. “It’s a difficult environment around Wakefield because of the number of kids and adults trying to get in and out of the park,” Gary said. “At peak times people need to be really cautious, both

motorists and users of the park and be aware of the difficulties that exist there.” Moving for wa rd, Ga r y urged people to use designated crossing areas surrounding Wakefield Park. “It happens all over the city people are just crossing where they are standing. It’s not always safe and it’s not always sensible.”

He said they were now in discussion with Wellington City Council about the potential of installing formal pedestr ian a reas a round Wakefield Park.  Do you think there needs to be more formal crossing areas around Wakefield Park. Send us an email at news@

16 Thursday June 30, 2016

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