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Thursday June 23, 2016

New lease of life for Coutts St By Nikki Papatsoumas

Locals may have noticed Kilbirnie’s Coutts St is looking bolder and brighter than ever. Over the past year, locals and councillors have slowly worked on giving the street a much needed ma keover, following in the footsteps of neighbouring street Bay Rd, which underwent repairs several years ago. Council lor Si mon Ma rsh said this was possible thanks to $150,000 of funding, which

was secured two years ago, as part of the Wellington City Council’s annual plan. Simon said the money was set aside for murals, planting, footpath resurfacing, regrading of crossing points, cycle furniture and civic banners. The latest addition to Coutts St is a planter box, which Simon said had replaced an overgrown garden. Simon said a lick of paint, extra seating and some new planter boxes had encouraged shop owners to spruce up their

own buildings and do their bit to brighten up Coutts St. “It’s great to see what a little bit of love can do. “Places have painted themselves up and are looking much better. “We’ve just shown it some love a nd p eople se em re ally happy with the cosmetic changes. It didn’t look nice and I think it looks a lot tidier now.”  Do you think Coutts St looks tidier? Send an email to

Wellington Zoo’s red panda, Sundar

Zoo helps save red pandas Wellington Zoo is helping to save red pandas in the wild. Last week the zoo announced it would be supporting Red Panda Network’s Forest Guardian Programme through the Wellington Zoo Conservation Fund. The programme focuses on addressing deforestation – the main threat to the survival of red pandas. Local people are employed to organise awareness building workshops within their villages and schools to promote habitat protection. They also undertake red panda population and habitat monitoring to support the Red Panda Network’s research.

About Red Pandas: • Females are only in breeding season one day a year.

Conservation manager at Wellington Zoo, Jenny Lynch, said the conservation classification for red pandas had recently been changed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature from vulnerable to endangered. “Red pandas are a unique species, and with their populations in decline, it is important to act now. “Their habitat is also an important resource for surrounding communities. “The Red Panda Network works directly with the Nepalese people to create a new system in which protecting the prime habitat of red pandas will actually benefit the people sharing the resource.” • Red Pandas make their homes in the mountains of Nepal, northern Myanmar (Burma) and central China.

Red pandas are primarily solitary animals that form pairs during breeding season, however, this is short-lived. Females are only in season for one day a year, making cubs rare and precious. Sundar, a male red panda, moved to Wellington Zoo from Auckland Zoo last year to be paired with female Khusi. Life sciences manager at Wellington Zoo Paul Horton said Sundar and Khusi were getting on well. “…our focus has been making sure they’re comfortable in their habitat. The plan from here is to pair them up for the 2017 breeding season.”

SeniorNet Wellington

Visitors’ Session Thursday 30 June, Level 1, Anvil House, 138 to 140 Wakefield Street, at 10am A great opportunity to join us for tea or coffee and learn how we can help you to enjoy and understand evolving information technology, and manage your computers, tablets, smart phones, and apps, for best results and benefits.

• The deforestation of these habitats is the biggest threat to their survival, and they are classified as endangered.

Museum acquires Peter Snell’s singlet At an auction on Tuesday morning at Cordy’s auction house in Auckland, Te Papa purchased the singlet worn by Peter Snell at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. The hammer price was $122,500. With buyer’s premium the museum will pay a total of $140,875 for the iconic garment. Te Papa’s chief

Simon Marsh perches besides the newest addition to Coutts St, a new planter box.

executive Rick Ellis said he was thrilled to acquire the singlet for New Zealanders. “It’s a great thrill for New Zealand and an item that has so much to tell us about our history, and the history of sport.” Te Papa would look to put the singlet on display, but it is too soon to say when and how.

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