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Thursday June 23, 2016

All your carpet needs covered

RETRO DOUBLE Retro Retro Double Double Glazing Glazing GLAZING SPECIALISTS Specialists Specialists

Double Glaze your existing single glazed timber & aluminium windows retaining the original look. DO DO ONE ONE ROOM ROOM OR OR THE THE WHOLE WHOLE HOUSE HOUSE Double Double Glaze Glaze your your existing existing single single glazeed glazeed timber timber & & aluminium aluminium windows windows retaining retaining the the original original look. look.

Clearshield Clearshield Glass Glass Treatment... Treatment... for for non-stick, non-stick, easy easy to to clean clean glass glass


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Clearshield Glass Treatment...

Call Call today todayfor for for anon-stick, a free, free, on on site siteeasy to clean glass assessment assessment and and quotation quotation

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Ahead of the Field

Call today for a free, on site assessment and quotation Enerlogic is a revolutionary glass insulation

R R& &B B Glass Glass & & Glazing Glazing Ltd Ltd

film that lives up to its name; it applies logic

to energy to ensure maximum efficiency and Phone: 934 0948 protection for you and your family. Sick of poorly insulated windows? Wish you’d


gone for double-glazed? Enerlogic is proven to BEFOREto that have the same thermal performance of standard double-glazing or Low E Glass, but costs a fraction of the price that you wouldhelps pay its customers Carpetech to replace your current windows. look after their carpet – so they

really get the best out of it. Enerlogic performs 4 timescan better than regular or standard solar window films, and in addition The business, based in the city to keeping out huge amounts of solarhas heat,been its maintaining, centre, primary benefit is maximising heat retention – repairing and cleaning carpets creating a huge amount of energy and acrosssavings the capital for almost value for money. 30 years.

SOME PEOPLE LOOK FOR Owner Jenner said his What’s more, Enerlogic Window Films Boyce are A BEAUTIFUL PLACE jobthe was extend the life of internationally accredited with GoldtoPlus Global Green Tag, proving their outstanding ecocarpet. friendly performance. Whereas no otherare product “People quite quick to say OTHERS MAKE A PLACE in the window film or glazing industry hasisbeen that carpet “shot” because it


accredited, Enerlogic 35 and Enerlogic 70 have.or doesn’t look has a few ripples

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new anymore,” This firmly establishes product as the mostBoyce said. magenta magenta yellow yellow this black black technically advanced and eco-friendly “My jobwindow is to do everything films on the planet. that can be done to get a few


As part of their commitment to the enhancement, preservation and protection of the environment the Gold Plus Global Green Tag Awards Certification adds to Energlogic’s already impressive array of prestigious awards.

Get your TV reception problems fixed by our experts. Free TV reception tests on your system to ensure you have the best possible picture available using our professional test equipment.



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We can provide you with local and around the world tests ontelevision your system ensure you have andtoradio stations withtheno monthly charges. reas. We have NGTON over 15 vans on the AREA

road. • WHOLESALE RETAIL SALES reas. We have over 15/vans on the road.


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more years out of our customers carpet.” “It is just like having a linen suit dry cleaned. We can make carpet look fresh again.” Boyce said he “accidentally” fell into the job while working as a carpet cleaner. “I think carpet is a wonderful invention and it’s not that long ago that carpet was not a wall to wall item, it was usually a carpet square that sat in the room. “Now it is something that is expected and taken for granted. “Even t hough it is not as

expensive now it is still a reasonably costly outlay and with some ca re you can get full value.” Technicians at Carpetech do ever ything from alterations to repairs, and even re-stretch carpet, removing ripples and wrinkles, Boyce said. “It is the sort of work that carpet layers don’t really like to do. It’s fiddly, it’s a small job which requires a bit of patience but it’s what we love to do.”  For more information, call 021 434 232 or 385 4085, or visit

Insulate your windows for a warmer house today

So why wait? Enjoy leading innovation, phenomenal energy savings and complete THERE IS NOW A WINDOW comfort with Enerlogic window films. FILM WITH ENERGY SAVING


Enerlogic lm gives you equivalent performance your windows without the huge price tag!

for a warmer house today

Equivalent thermal performance to double THERE IS NOW A WINDOW FILM glazing but almost 1/3 OF THE PRICE WITH ENERGY SAVING BENEFITS. Enerlogic film gives you equivalent performance Adds up to 92% INSULATION without the MORE huge price tag!

to your windows

Equivalent thermal performance to double glazing but almost 1/3 OF THE PRICE Window film for both WARM AND

15 vans onTV2, • television TV1, TV3 and TV4 the and road. eerworld


COOL Adds up CLIMATES to 92% MORE INSULATION to your windows No other film will perform like Enerlogic Window for- (Roll both NOfilm JOINS width 1830). Beware of other filmsCLIMATES that require joins WARM AND COOL your certified installer 0800 113 901 Glasshield Wellington Ltd

C himney R emoval C ompany Take the risk out of your lives.

Call Kev Giles today

0508 CHIMNEY (0508 2446639)

Carpet repairs & Carpet cleaning, Wellington • Carpet repairs • Broken Seams • Re-Stretching • Carpet Cleaning • Domestic • Commercial • Free Quotes We want to help you look after your carpet... get the best out of it... so we’ll do whatever we can to keep your carpet going and going. So we do re-stretching, patching, repair damaged seams & carpet fixing generally.


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