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Thursday June 9, 2016

Become a ‘yogi’ at Island Bay Community Centre Local residents are invited to join Dakota Blue, a local instructor, to discover the myriad benefits of yoga, including increased core strength, flexibility, balance, range of motion, improved sleep habits, reduced blood pressure, tension relief, weight-loss and mindfulness. Dakota receives

funding from Compass Health, to ensure accessibility, and the classes are gentle and focused on slowly recovering from injury or returning to a fitness regime. Classes are Wednesdays from 9.30am to 10.30am at the Island Bay Community Centre. Entry by gold coin donation. 

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Island Bay’s motto: always be prepared By Kelly Hennessy COOK STRAIT NEWS INTERN

The community that plans together, stays together, so Island Bay residents are busy putting the time in. Residents of Island, Owhiro and Houghton Bays just finished a series of workshops, facilitated by Wellington Region Emergency Management Office, devoted to community resilience. The Bays Disaster Response Plan Workshops were a great success said Jason Paul, the facilitator of the workshops and an advisor on community resilience. “People were able to come together, and there was a very positive vibe. We were lucky to have a great cross-section of the community, and different groups were wellrepresented.” The workshops were intended to bring the community together, not just in planning their actions in a crisis, but to build relationships and foster connections. Working on these links consistently, prepares a community to work together efficiently and successfully in the case of a disaster, Jason said. “Strong communities are the ones that have a history of working together,” he said. The first two workshops focused on cataloguing and addressing the strengths and vulnerabilities of the community in four areas: networks and groups, places and spaces, infrastructure, and services. These sessions discussed how to act in the days following a disaster like an earthquake and how the community would address food, water, shelter, access to medical assistance for both those injured in the disaster and those with chronic issues, and how to ensure the physical and mental well-being of residents.

The third and final session emphasized the consistent work that goes into building a resilient community. “It is good for people to come together, building relationships, so they know each other and know how they work together. Then, if an earthquake hits, people are prepared because they have already met each other, worked together,” Jason said. To facilitate this, the group worked on ‘community visioning’ where they discussed what they would like to see in their community, and ideas of how to achieve it. Over a 100 ideas were lobbed about, with the group settling on a few to pursue following the sessions. These ideas were all focused on getting people out and interacting, such as rethinking how green spaces in the area are managed, and a winter film festival. Jason believed these workshops were about more than just possible earthquakes. “It is not just about disasters. It is about how Island Bay can grow, and how as a community we can make this place better.” The plans discussed at the workshops will be completed and accessible on the Wellington Region Emergency Management Website and at locations around town.

Community members work together at one of the Bays Disaster Response Plan Workshops.

Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Betty Gidley (85) agreed with Maggie Cessford (2), and Edward Werry (3) that you’re never too old to play.

Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Doreen Hearfield and 3-year-old Mahlia Brown practice their ball skills.

PORSE play at Kilmarnock Heights Home

Time for play: Kilmarnock Heights Home resident Sybil Reed plays throw and catch with the children.

It’s child’s play at Kilmarnock Heights Home whenever the children from PORSE childcare come to visit. The Enliven rest home in Berhampore and the in-home childcare organisation have established a strong relationship which sees the children and their carers

Residents had the opportunity to meet a dinosaur during the PORSE visit, 3-year-old Joe Lawrie.

visiting the home for an activity every few months. A dozen children, along with caregivers, visited the home recently to make creations with playdough and play ball games with the home’s elders. Take a look at what they got up to.

For more information about Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034 or visit

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