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Thursday June 2, 2016

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How do you feel about the expansion of smokefree areas in Wellington?

Chris Nicola, Kilbirnie “I don’t smoke, so I don’t care.”

Olivia Numia, Kilbirnie “Yes, I think it’s a good thing for the kids, people who don’t smoke, or are sick.”

Karen Sale, Kilbirnie

Craig Webster, Kilbirnie

Allan Douglas, Kilbirnie

Bogdan Krauchuk Kilbirnie

“I don’t support it. I think we have enough now.”

“I think when there are children involved fair enough. Smokers aren’t able to smoke most places anyway I think it’s a good idea.”

“It’s a good idea. Everybody knows the side effects of smoking and people inhale second hand smoke.”

“I think it’s good. Some people don’t smoke and there are often kids around.”

Lack of conservation funding leaves whales at risk The dependence on corporate sponsorship has put endangered whales in the Cook Strait at Risk, politicians claimed this week. The Green Party announced the decision to cancel surveys of endangered humpback Whales in the Cook Strait this year showed National’s reliance on corporate sponsorship was failing the country’s endangered species. The Department of Conservation acknowledged on Wednesday that a survey of humpback whales would not take place

LETTERS to the editor

this year, after oil and gas exploration company OMV New Zealand decided to pull funding for the project. “Relying on corporate goodwill to protect our endangered and threatened species means they’re at risk when that funding is pulled,” Green Party conservation spokesperson Kevin Hague said. “Corporate sponsorship is incredibly helpful, but it needs to be the icing on the conservation cake. The National Government needs to stump

funding from DOC’s Kakapo recovery programme. “Under National, DOC’s spending in real terms has been $55 million less every year than it was under the Labour-led government in 2008-09.” Mr Hague insisted Doc should be guaranteed consistent and reliable funding from the Government to do its core conservation work, such as the protection of endangered humpback whales.

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In response Dear Ed, It is really a bit rich of Rick Toogood in his letter (CSN May 26) to have a go at me on the basis of me being opinionated and pretending to speak for the suburb of Berhampore. In a free country we have a right to our opinions and the free expression of them. The kind of political system where that right has been removed is called fascism. Anna Jones is just as bad with her 'just plain paranoid' com-

up with the core conservation funding that our precious wildlife need or more species will inch closer to extinction.” Mr Hague said rebuilding the number of endangered humpback whales in New Zealand’s oceans was a long term goal which would need consistent funding year-on-year. “This is the third high profile corporate funded project to stop when funding dried up. In 2015 BNZ ended its sponsorship for Kiwi conservation and Rio Tinto pulled

ment, another method of trying to shut down anyone who doesn't agree with her. She and Toogood deliberately avoid speaking to the facts which is that anyone who followed the news last year was aware of Paul Eagle fronting the cycleway opposition brigade. This had the outcome of no cycleway for Berhampore. Curtis Nixon Berhampore

Dear Ed, In regards to your article (CSN May 26) I was staggered to see an article on page 3 concerning Celia Wade-Brown and the protection of the little penguin on Tapu te Ranga island offshore from Island Bay. It states that she is part of the 'penguineering team', and talks about how nice it is to live in a city with penguins. Is this the same Celia Wade-Brown who is pushing so hard for a runway extension into the Cook Strait at Moa Point? A runway extension that will need to

dump millions of tonnes of rubble into the sea in an area that is known as a haven and nesting site for the same little penguin. Perhaps she is unaware that the little penguins also live at Moa Point, or are the Island Bay variety more in need of her protection? I am not aware of any new runways being built in Island Bay so I guess she is just being very hypercritical indeed. Are you really green Celia? Matt Weight Strathmore Park

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