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Thursday May 26, 2016

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Q: What is your favourite thing about Wellington?

Sara Quilter, Lyall Bay

Maria Papp, Kilbirnie

Dylan Evans, Kilbirnie

Harley Overton, Kilbirnie

Alisa Leaupepe, Kilbirnie

“Lyall Bay is my favourite thing because it’s got the beach and great cafes and it’s a really pretty place to hang out.”

“Diversity, Wellington is full of different cultures and so much diversity.”

“I like the fact everything is really close together.”

“The people. Everyone is relaxed and laid back.”

“There are so many great things about Wellington, the friendly people, clean environment and the close communities. I just love Wellington.”

Jack Tully, Kilbirnie “The weather, the coffee culture and the general happy vibes.”

Council learns from Island Bay cycleway controversy By Emma Moody WHITIREIA JOURNALISM STUDENT

The Wellington City Council says lessons have been learned from the Island Bay cycleway controversy. A proposal for cycleways in the eastern suburbs is in the works, and the first stage of public consultation ended on Monday. Councillor Sarah Free said following controversy surrounding the Island Bay cycleway, council had approached things differently with communities in

the eastern suburbs. “We have had in-depth consultations with community working groups. Our engagement officer has been has been talking to school groups and other groups that could benefit from this,” she said. The Island Bay cycleway project began last year and faced major backlash from the public. The Eastern Bays cycleway has faced less backlash than the Island Bay cycleway, which Sarah said was due to the lessons the council learned from the Island

Bay controversy. Sarah said the council was planning to make small changes in the area with the implementation of cycleways, which she hoped would make a big difference. “The islands in the middle of Broadway are quite a problem,” she said. She also said the council would like to find a safer way for the public to cross Cobham Dr. The Wellington City Council has dedicated $6 million to cycling lanes in Wellington’s

eastern suburbs and two preferred corridors have been identified. The first runs from Kilbirnie to Miramar and the second runs from Kilbirnie to Seatoun. In each corridor, there are two preferred routes. The Kilbirnie to Miramar preferred routes are the ‘Cobham option’ and the ‘Hobart option.’ The Kilbirnie to Seatoun preferred routes are the ‘Broadway option’ and the ‘Strathavon option.’ Apart from Island Bay and

Eastern Bay cycleways, there are two more proposed Wellington cycleways. One is proposed to run through Wellington’s CBD, while the other runs from Wellington to the Hutt Valley. The Hutt Valley cycleway is proposed to run from Melling to Bunny St and would be 12km long. The Wellington CBD cycleway is proposed to link to the major commuting corridors in Wellington and the waterfront shared path.

LETTERS to the editor Pandemic

Local political concerns Dear Ed, In regards to your May 19 edition focus item on suburban Community Centres – one wonders if the new chairman of the Kilbirnie/ Lyall Bay Community Centre, Bernard O’Shaughnessy, actually knows what the community members’ desires are for a Light Rail between the airport and the city station through Kilbirnie

or on the propagated future tourist statistics being used by big business to support an unwanted airport runway extension? Surely Bernard O’Shaughnessy must have some idea or feeling on the communities’ local political concerns? Martin Beck Wellington

Shocked Dear Ed, I was shocked to read Curtis Nixon’s bitter and opinionated letter (CSN May 19) regarding Paul Eagle and the formation of the Berhampore Residents Association. I actually attended the inaugural meeting as I knew that Paul Eagle would be in attendance. We supposedly have two Southern Ward representatives on council but the other doesn’t live in the ward and I’ve personally never seen him. Paul Eagle has done much for Berhampore. Mr Nixon – to

name several examples: He saved the playground at Jeypore St, he helped reestablish the golf and bowling club and made sure that our new community centre got funding. These matters have zero to do with a political party and in fact the only one here being political is you Mr Nixon. You may want a cycle way in Berhampore but you do not speak for our wonderful suburb. Please stop pretending you do. Rick Toogood Berhampore

Further to my letter (CSN May 19) about misuse of prepositions, etc, I must now mention one misuse that is not just an epidemic, but a pandemic, since it first appeared only four or five years ago: saying "around” instead of the traditional "about". Yes, in the literal sense, they both mean the same, but I refer to the latter word in its sense that means "relating to" or "to do with". An example, not very long ago, was when the principal of one Wellington secondary school said, "We don't have any rules around hairstyles.” I don't

think this misuse is an Americanism, but just a bit of Kiwi ‘smartspeak’. Everyone feels obliged to parrot it, so as to appear "contemporary" and "with it", if you will permit an old man to mention those silly expressions that got a thrashing during the approximate era of 1957-72, before they died a natural death, or from exhaustion. I hope this one will soon do the same, as nearly all vogue-words and buzzwords finally do. Hector Westfold Miramar

Delighted Dear Ed, We are pleased to see your broad article on the Kilbirnie/Lyall Bay Community Centre. I have been there for different events. We are also delighted that the centre is now under the stewardship of Bernard O'Shaughnessy. He will

bring a lot to the future as I have seen him before in a number of community and social minded groups and always puts peoples’ interest first. Rosie Wu Kilbirnie

Paranoid? Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear Ed, Referring to the letter written by Curtis Nixon (CSN May 19) I am amazed, Curtis, how you grant Councillor Paul Eagle with so much power over cycle ways. If I am right, Mr Eagle is one person in a council of approximately 15 councillors and also does not have voting power over specific cycle ways

as he was not on the transport and urban development committee at the time of any of these decisions. So, how did he personally stop the proposed cycle way in Berhampore? Either you are misguided or just plain paranoid. Anna Jones Berhampore

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