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Thursday May 12, 2016

Hunt through haunted hospital By Nikki Papatsoumas and Kelly Hennessy

Thrill seekers who want to connect with other worldly spirits will have an opportunity to do just that later this month. Wellington psychic medium Kathy McBride has the gift of connection with the other side, bringing messages from loved ones and guides in spirit. On May 28, Kathy will host her ‘Messages from Beyond’ show at the Wellington SPCA, which is based at the old Fever Hospital on Alexandra Rd in Mount Victoria. Following this, those interested can take part in a ghost tour of the grounds and have first-hand experience connecting with some of the spirits who grace the hospital’s corridors. Following her ‘Messages from Beyond’ show, those taking part in the ghost tour of the old Fever Hospital would be split into groups of three or four people. Smaller groups would allow people to have a better experience, Kathy explained. Groups would explore the old Fever Hospital grounds, including hospital wings, hall, offices where the hospital’s caretaker was known to have hanged himself and the basement. Kathy said you could never be sure how the spirits would respond on any given night, but in the past revellers have experienced bangs, the shutting of doors and alarms

An unexplained figure, which appeared at a previous Ghost Hunt on the old Fever Hospital site.

being set off. “Most people should experience something, whether it is feeling ‘cold spots’, sounds or noises we can’t explain,” she said. Kathy said her well trained team would always look for a “scientific answers” before assuming noises or movements came from spirits. She said locals should not fear Fever Hospital’s supernatural inhabitants.

“They are very happy for what it is now being used for.” Tickets for Kathy’s show ‘Messages from Beyond’ on May 28 are available on www.eventfinda. or at the Wellington SPCA reception. Anyone interested in taking part in a Ghost Tour of the old Fever Hospital should bring a torch, camera, comfy shoes and refreshments.

ABOUT FEVER HOSPITAL: The old Fever Hospital is perched imposingly on the edge of Mt Victoria. Its isolation was intentional; the hospital was originally built in the 1918 to treat patients with infectious diseases. Most patients had tuberculosis, though the hospital also took in soldiers returning from World War I with influenza. The hospital became known as the Chest Hospital in 1969, and closed in 1981. The building was listed in the New Zealand Historic Places Trust in 1980. It remained empty until 1987, when Wellington Polytechnic’s School of Music began using it for rehearsal

and performance spaces. It was again empty, with the musicians moving out in 1998, until the SPCA moved into the internally renovated building in December 2013, where they still are today. Many believe its earliest residents never left, spending their evenings haunting the halls. One of the most notorious ghosts is a nurse, Sister Slippers, who, as the name implies, used to make her nightly rounds in a pair of slippers. The musicians and veternarians who’ve occupied the building since have reported feeling cold spots and hearing unexplainable noises.

CBD Grows Wellington’s Central Business District is thriving, with its GDP growth in the past year outperforming that of Auckland and the national economy. Figures from an Infometrics Wellington CBD annual economic profile, commissioned by the Wellington City Council, show the area’s GDP grew by 3.8 per cent for the year to March 2015, compared to a year earlier. This was higher than in Auckland (3.4 per cent) and across the country at 3.6 per cent. Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown said confidence among the CBD’s businesses, workers and residents was high.


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