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Thursday, May 5, 2016

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Runway debate By Nikki Papatsoumas

Residents say information surrounding Wellington Airport’s proposed runway extension needs to be made clear ahead of this year’s local government elections. Last week Wellington Airport lodged resource consent to extend its runway by 350 metres to the south into Lyall Bay with both the Wellington City Council and the Greater Wellington Regional Council. It asked the matter be heard before the Environment Court as soon as possible and a hearing is forecast for November. Sea Rotmann is spokeswoman for the Guardians of the Bays, a group established in opposition to the Airport extension. Continued on page 2 Sea Rotmann, spokeswoman for the Guardians of the Bay, is fighting to see a proposal for an extension of Wellington Airport’s runway put to bed.



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Thursday May 5, 2016

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Runway debate Guardians of the Bays is made up of South Coast residents and recreational users as well as concerned residents from across the city. Sea lives on Moa Point Rd and has been fighting to see the proposal for a runway extension at Wellington Airport put to bed, since plans were first announced in 2013. She said when completed, the runway extension would be as big as the inside of the Westpac Stadium and she was concerned about its economic, environmental and social impacts. She said there were “dozens of issues” with the design and it was important that Wellingtonians were given all the facts, as rate payers money had been set aside for the extension. As part of its Long Term Plan, the Wellington City Council has set aside $90 million towards the project. “[Councillors] should front up and have a debate about it and also answer questions from the public because it is our money being spent on it.” Deputy Mayor Justin Lester agreed there should be an open and transparent discussion as plans for a proposed

extension move forward. “We want a fully transparent process, I have always been open and have provided Guardians of the Bays with as much information as possible and I have always been happy to meet with them. “I do acknowledge they are the most affected so I want to make sure they have the information available to them, however, sometimes we won’t always agree on the outcome.” Sea said it was important the issue was debated by councillors and mayoral candidates ahead of the elections, so when it came time to vote, locals could have their say. Following last week’s announcement Wellington Airport chief executive, Steve Sanderson, said the company had worked to respond to questions raised over some aspects of its draft proposals. “In particular, we have completely reviewed the construction traffic route, which will now involve significantly fewer truck movements per day and operate mostly through the Airport Rd and Onepu Rd in Lyall Bay,” he said. He also said further coastal assessments were conducted

Thursday November 12, 2015

How to reach us Phone: (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661


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and they were confident the runway would be resilient to the effects of sea level rise on the southern coast.

Collins  How do Sarah you feel about proposals to extend the airport’s runway? Send us an email,

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New chapter for libraries Library visitors will soon be able to self-issue up to five books in one scan. This is thanks to a new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) self-service book issuing system, which will be installed across all Wellington City Council libraries. The system will go live at the Central Library at the end of the month.

Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, said she was impressed with the RFID machines and said they would be quick and make using the library simpler. “Our libraries are focused on meeting customer needs and the new equipment will enable staff to spend more time answering customer inquiries and providing agespecific programmes for

pre-schoolers through to nology means they will be seniors.” able to focus on helping peoThe council’s community ple find specialised resources Delivered to Southern and Eastern suburbs facilities portfolio leader, or use library services. of Wellington City councillor Sarah Free, said “It will also help us keep the upgrade would offerABC Audit track2012: of our resources, and 25,456 copies weekly users the best of modern make the task of restocking Strait News technology. theCook shelves much faster.” The largest circulating newspaper in “I'm pleased to say there While the installation is Southern and Eastern suburbs. will be no staff reductionsWellington as underway, city libraries will a result of this upgrade. “Our be offering free replacement Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside librarians are incredibly library cards for use with the Wellington Newspapers Ltd knowledgeable and this technew Suburban machines.

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Thursday May 5, 2016

inbrief news

Local fruit sellers retire after 21 years By Kelly Hennessy COOK STRAIT NEWS INTERN

After 21 years of serving the Miramar community, Kim Chin and his family have sold Miramar Fruit Supply. The Chins first bought the store in 1994, with Kim’s wife Kay running the shop while Kim worked an extra job at the airport to support the fledgling business. Soon they were doing well enough for Kim to focus all of his attention on the fruit supply. In the past two decades, Miramar Fruit Supply has become a family business of the highest order, with two of Kim and Kay’s four daughters working with them. Their eldest Vanessa joined her parents five years after they took over, coming in to help with the flowers sold at the shop. Their second daughter Bronwyn works with her parents as well, while the family’s two youngest girls are still in school.

Kim believes the family atmosphere is what brought in and kept many of his customers. “I think the family aspect, the nice atmosphere, that’s what kept the business going.” These loyal customers were key in sustaining the thriving local business, especially in the midst of changes to the local scene. “It is a hard industry-with all the supermarkets and veggie markets popping up, it’s hard to survive.” The proliferation of other sellers was not the only change Miramar has undergone. Kim, who was born and raised in the town, says he’s gotten much busier with the influx of film studios and cafes in the area. “It used to be much quieterit’s a lot busier now, which is a good thing, and I get to sell to all the cafes, which is great,” Kim laughed. Leaving the business after two decades will be a hard adjustment for Kim, as he learns how to enjoy some downtime.

Newcomers events There are two Wellington Newcomers Network events happing in the Month of May. On Wednesday, May 11 a coffee catch up event will take place at Clarkes Cafe in the Wellington Central Library from 5pm. Another coffee and conversation catch up will take place at the Wellington Central Library on Thursday, May 26 from 2.30pm.

Drop in to community centre The Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre holds a drop in every day from 10am to 2pm. Everyone is welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee and a chat.  For more information, contact the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on 387 7867.

Kim Chin with his family- (from left) Vanessa with her son Hayden, wife Kay, and daughters Bronwyn and Natalie

“I enjoy meeting people. I’ll miss the people the most.” Fortunately, Kim will have some time to adjust, as he’s agreed to work part-time for a while to ensure a smooth transition to the new owners, Susie and Harry Sukhalal. “It’s hard to give up, after having been here all this time, and after putting so much work, I want to make sure the place is still successful.”

While Kim will work a few hours each day, he will have much more time for golf and his family. Kay will get a much-deserved break, Vanessa will get to enjoy being a full-time mum, and Bronwyn will be traveling to the United States for a few months.  The Chin’s final day at Miramar Fruit Supply was Saturday, April 30.

Playing in the centre of the city The Wellington Playcentre Association is celebrating turning 75-years-old with a special event at Civic Square this Monday. On Monday the association will host a ‘Big Play’ pop-up session in Civic Square. Preschoolers and their parents and caregivers are invited to come along and experience the

fun of playcentre in a centralcity setting, complete with activities such as carpentry, messy play, junk construction, playdough, blocks, music and clay. The first playcentre in Wellington was established in April 1941 in Karori after mothers commiserated with each other

over how difficult it was to raise their children with their husbands away at war. By 1943, there were 18 Playcentres in Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch. Today, there are 19 between Wellington and Otaki alone, with over 450 spread across New Zealand.

Playcentres run as volunteer parent cooperatives, with a philosophy that emphasises learning through play for babies to school-age children.  The ‘Big Play’ pop-up session will take place on Monday, May 9 at Civic Square from 9.30am to midday.

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Fairtrade ‘coffee break’ Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown and councillors Justin Lester and Iona Pannett will hold a ‘Fairtrade Coffee Break’ on Thursday, May 12 from 9am to midday. A coffee and tea stall will be set up at council reception, promoting fairtrade products. The Mayor and councillors will also be serving a fairtrade morning tea during the Governance and Finance committee meeting break. Wellington City Council buildings are located at 101 Wakefield St.




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Thursday May 5, 2016

inbrief news Africa Day Africa Day will take place on Saturday, May 14 at Shed 6, Queens Wharf from midday to 7pm. There is something for everyone so bring the family for an entertaining day of African culture, food, music, dance, poetry, fashion and arts and crafts.

Helping families Every day at The Salvation Army, the staff members see the desperation and emotional strain endured by many local and national people. Last year, over 300 families the Salvation Army had never worked with before came through their doors every week - distraught and seeking assistance. When Kiwis fall into desperate need, your donation will help them get back on their feet. To help out you can donate by calling 0800 53 00 00 or going to

Jazz Club concert Wellington Jazz Club's May gig on Sunday, May 15 at the Meow Event Venue in Te Aro will feature Wellington's The Kevin Clark Group with Fran Barton playing Jazz with a classical twist. The event will be an entertaining mix of well-known songs adapted and re-interpreted from the compositions of Bach, Borodin, Brahms, Chopin, Dvorak, Faure, Lizt and more. The show runs from 5pm to 7pm but people can go along early to hear a support band perform jazz standards. Public admission is $20 or $5 for students with ID.

FREE KARATE CLASSES! Come along this term and have a go! Meet Zoe Ashton, Gold Medalist, Karate NZ Nationals 2015. “I love training at Rembuden because I learn lots while training hard and having fun. I have learnt so much from Sensei Patricia.”

CLASSES in Kilbirnie, Island Bay, Mornington & Brooklyn

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Ghost of tunnel’s past By Kelly Hennessy COOK STRAIT NEWS INTERN

The light-hearted tradition of tooting in the Mount Victoria Tunnel has dark roots unknown to many who partake. In 1931, a man working on the excavation of the tunnel used the construction as an opportunity to murder his pregnant 17-yearold girlfriend, Phyllis Symonds. Underground History, a blog dedicated to the stories of those buried in Karori Cemetery, provides a detailed account of the tragic event. George Coats, a seaman who found temporary employment with the relief work parties during the Great Depression, was working the site outside the tunnel, where all the material excavated was dumped. Twenty-nine-year-old George and young Phyllis, who met when she served tea to his party at an earlier work site in the Aro Valley, were living in a rooming house on Adelaide Rd, struggling to get by. Near the end of June 1931 Phyllis disappeared.

George had lost his job at the excavation site by this time, but was later seen digging around. While he said he had to bury a dog, police were suspicious, immediately arresting him and beginning a massive search for Phyllis. After three days of over 100 men sifting through an estimated 2000 tons of excavated material, they came upon Phyllis’s body, face down with her head wrapped in a scarf. A pathologist speculated she had been forced to kneel before her lover hit her over the head with the shovel, knocking her unconscious into the hole. She died of asphyxiation after being buried. George insisted she committed suicide, jumping to her death, and he had buried her out of fear, but he was found guilty and sentenced to hanging on November 12, 1931. He was hanged on December 17, 1931 at Mt Crawford Prison in Miramar, one of four hanged there in the early 1930s. Today, thousands of cars pass by where she took her last

The Taurima Street end of the tunnel during construction. PHOTO CREDIT: Alexander Turnbull Library

breath. The tunnel is filled with the honking of horns, which many simply see as a fun tradition. However, legend has it that the practice began as a way

to ward off Phyllis's agitated ghost, who is said to haunt the tunnel. Phyllis was buried in Karori Cemetery.

Emergency preparedness programme for the community The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office is facilitating a series of emergency preparedness meetings to develop a community plan in the case of a disaster. Coordinators hope the programme will bring people and representatives of various Island Bay groups together to discuss how the

community would support each other during and after a crisis. This will be an opportunity for groups to share their individual emergency response plans, to discuss who has what resources, and to manage expectations as to what kind of assistance will be available at locations like schools,

churches, the medical centre and shops. Attendees can have a drink and snack while sharing personal disaster plans and networking with other local residents. Coordinators are learning from Christchurch, where anecdotal evidence suggests that communities that were already connected

recovered more quickly than others in the wake of the earthquake. Residents of Island Bay, Owhiro Bay and Houghton Bay are all welcome.  Meetings will be held on Thursday evenings, May 5 and 19, and June 2, at the Island Bay Bowling Club on The Parade from 7.30pm to 9.30 pm.

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Thursday May 5, 2016

Make a Meal in May This weekend, Wellington food rescue organisation Kaibosh kicks off Make a Meal in May, its annual fundraising appeal. The idea is simple – supporters make a meal with friends at home or work and donate what they would have spent on a meal out to Kaibosh. Kaibosh general manager Matt

Dagger said “People often ask how they can support Kaibosh’s work, and during May we’re happy to say that it’s as simple as getting your friends together for a meal”. The appeal runs throughout May.  See for more information and how to donate.

Jack McCarthy, Tiana Offner and Stella Reid will present Much Ado About Nothing.

Magic back into Shakespeare By Nikki Papatsoumas

This year theatre students at Victoria University are putting a modern twist on traditional Shakespeare. Budding young actors and actresses from Theatre 302, Conventions of Drama and Theatre and Theatre 308, Scenography at the university have joined together to present Shakespeare’s classic Much Ado About Nothing. Director and Theatre 302 lecturer Stella Reid said those expecting a traditional showing of the Shakespeare classic were in for a surprise. “Part of our journey is to figure out how early modern conventions can have the same effect today. “The important thing for us is taking those early modern conventions and making them readable for an audience who are used to Snapchat.” Stella said traditional Shakespeare relied on an audience to listen, but as part of their production they have cut the text and created a “visually arresting” stage to appeal to today’s audience. Four-hundred-years on from when the play was originally performed, she said “surprises” in Shakespeare were no longer as shocking, so they had also looked at ways to put “magic” back into

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the production. Among the cast members is Jack McCarthy from Newtown, who plays the character of Dogberry. “He often puts his foot in his mouth, he comes across as really confident but he is a bit of a fool really, but his heart is in the right place,” Jack said. When looking at ways to modernise the play, Jack said he was encouraged to take on his own personality traits and apply them to the character of Dogberry. Jack said this was easy, as certain elements of Dogberry shined through as “typical Jack characteristics”. “There is ownership there, it is just a lot of fun, I think we often get caught up in how we should play a Shakespearian character, it’s cool I am able to bring an element of my own personality to it,” Jack said. “That is the reason I took this paper, I wanted to play the character of Dogberry. It is a dream come true for me. “It’s so much fun, Stella from the beginning was talking about how Shakespeare is ‘bad ass’ and the show does that… it is so much fun to perform and I think for an audience that fun is infectious.  Much Ado About Nothing runs from May 17 to May 21 at Studio 77, 77 Fairlie Tce in Kelburn. Tickets are available from EventFinda.

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“Learning is an absorbing, creative, enjoyable process that builds confidence and self esteem.” Come and meet exceptional young women preparing for life and work in the 21st century. Explore our newly-completed Learning Studios and iCentre as well as the rest of the wonderful environment at Marsden Karori, Years 1 - 13 (girls) and Preschool (co-ed).


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Open Day, Sunday 15 May Tours between 2pm - 4pm



Thursday May 5, 2016

Cyclists harder than nails

Fair Trade Library Stall As part of the upcoming ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ the council will hold a ‘Fairtrade Library Stall’ at Wellington City Library between May 7 and 14 May, from 11am to 2pm. Locals are encouraged to head along and learn about why fairtrade is important and sample just how good fairtrade products really are.

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Public transport should be our top priority

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Last week, hundreds of small nails were scattered along the Island Bay cycleway, in what some have since labelled a “cowardly” act. The Island Bay cycleway was completed earlier this year and while some have praised its design, other members of the coastal community have called for the Wellington City Council to put the bike route back to its old layout. Last Wednesday news that small nails had been scattered across the cycleway circulated on social media. “Someone has deliberately scattered hundreds of these small nails at 4 or 5 different spots along the northbound cycleway between Humber St and Mersey St,” a post to the Island Bay Cycleway Facebook page said. “Watch out if you're cycling along there and we'll see if we can get the council to sweep it asap. Let us know if you find any more elsewhere.” According to the Facebook post, the nails were quickly cleared by locals and council staff. Patrick Morgan, from the Cycling Advocates Network, said he first questioned whether the nails were placed deliberately. However, as they were placed in five separate places he believed it was an act of vandalism. “It’s a bit sad really, it’s an act of a coward, someone who couldn’t get their way so they set out to

Nails were found scattered across the Island Bay cycleway late last week. PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook

vandalise a public facility.” Patrick said cyclists wouldn’t be put off riding their bikes because of a “few tacks on the road”. “Cyclists face a lot worse dangers than a few nails so it’s not going to have much effect.” Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle said despite opposition against the cycleway he didn’t want to see “reckless activity”

from anyone. “I certainly don’t want to see the unintended consequences of children and pets getting hurt. “The energy needs to go into resolving the issues that 87 per cent of local people have with the design. If all parties sit down at the table and work out a win-win solution I believe it will resolve everything.”

Common Unity Project Aotearoa 2014 Supreme Winners

COMMUNITY AWARDS Nominate a community group by 31 May

Art & Culture • Education & Child/Youth Development •Health & Wellbeing •Heritafge & Environment •Sport & Leisure • Rising Star

Thursday May 5, 2016

Artisan afternoon at the Roxy By Amy Harrison MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT

To celebrate and support local designers and artists, get along to the Roxy Cinema next Sunday. The Artisan Afternoon will be selling a range of products for adults, including jewellery and art. It is part of Craft Central, a regular market founded by Miramar seamstress Libby Dearnley. She was inspired to start the market to support local people, she said. “I just get people on board with true handmade, really good products.” One of Libby’s rules for her craftspeople is that they must run their own stalls. This allows customers to engage directly with those who made the pieces. “It gives people more of an appreciation for the product,” she said. Many of the stallholders are mothers and the craft markets have become a way of involving women in business again, after they have had children. “It’s a boost for their confidence.” Libby started sewing when her

young daughter started dancing and needed costumes for recitals. From there, Libby decided to try her hand at selling her products and that led to Craft Central.  Artisan Afternoon, from noon to 6pm, Sunday, May 15, Roxy Cinema, Miramar. Entry is free. For more details, go to Facebook and search for “An Artisan Afternoon”.

Artist in residence at the Roxy Cinema for the week leading up to the market, Joe McMenamin, standing in front of his work. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPPLIED

Let’s bake Members of the Strathmore Park community are invited to take part in Let’s Bake: A series of baking fun. The classes, run from the Strathmore Park Community Centre today and next Thursday, allowing locals a chance to learn to bake, help out and enjoy freshly made home-made baking. Classes take place from 10am to midday. Kids are welcome with a whanau member.



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Catering for up to 28 children aged between two and five years old. A community based, multicultural centre.

• Activities are built on the children’s • current strengths, interests and needs • both individually and in groups.

SESSION TIMES available during school terms Monday - Friday 8:30am - 2:45pm or Monday - Friday 8:30am - 1:00pm 04 385 9432 or 021 158 4606 160 Tory Street, Wellington

LEFT: Baxter in his ontrend purple jacket RIGHT: Bella in her winter knitwear

Animates, which has one of the biggest ranges of pet supplies and pet products in the country, has just launched its Autumn Winter 2016 collection for dogs. The range, which includes fashion and bedding, is designed to keep your dog warm as well as stylish this winter. The looks include: • Cozy outwear – cute and comfortable ways to keep your dog warm and protect them from the wind, rain or snow. As modelled by Baxter, who loves frisbees, cuddles and farmlife, the range features the Good 2 Go multi-stripe knit with pompom dog hat and a selection of super warm jackets in a range of fabrics and colours including this season’s on-trend colour purple. In addition there are doggy beds to match your pup’s style! • Statement coats – compliment your outdoor look with a statement coat for your precious pup. The range features a selection of super stylish coats ranging from the Bond & Co polka dot bomber dog jacket to the camo shearling wrap dog jacket.

The Yours Droolly dog mattress or square sided blue dog bed are also guaranteed to be a hit. • Winter knitwear – perfect for a wintery weekend out and about. As modelled by Bella, a sassy fashionista who has her own wardrobe, the range features a selection of snuggly and affordable jumpers including the cable knot Bond & Co Henley dog sweater and on-trend Argyle dog sweater. The one stop shop for all your pet requirements, Animates also offers a range of grooming services at selected stores to ensure your dog steps out in style. If you’re not sure about sizing why not come in and see our friendly staff who are on hand to help you with all your pet care needs. The Autumn Winter 2016 collection is now available in the Lower Hutt, Coastlands, Porirua and Kaiwharawhara stores as well as stores nationwide and online. Fashion range prices start from $14.98.  To view the collection or find out more about the grooming services go to

Thursday May 5, 2016

Professional service with a smile

History behind the music Music Planet started as Mainline music in 1980 selling a wide range of pianos, organs and keyboards. The business now has 11 stores trading as Music Planet across New Zealand, selling a wide range of musical instruments and sound equipment. Owner Roger Smith said the Wellington store was established when we purchased Piano House of New Zealand which was in the old picture theatre in Riddiford St in 1995. Ross McKean was a valued team member for many years. “Our constant aim is to offer the most friendly, sincere and helpful advice while

presenting the best possible product range at the keenest prices and value,” Roger said. “Customer loyalty and satisfaction is the thing we strive for most. “We are New Zealand agents for many famous brands such as C Bechstein Pianos (Germany), Schimmel Pianos (Germany), Kohler and Campbell Pianos (Korea), Korg and Kurzweil keyboards, Vox Amps, Fender and Martin Guitars and we cover price ranges from entry level to professional.” Hope to see you soon! PBA

Shop 12, Kilbirnie Plaza 22 Bay Road, Kilbirnie Tel: 939 0951

Your local real estate specialist Marilou le Grand a GRAND move

P: 021 313 324

E: Licensed under REA Act 2008

Visit us online at

 158 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington Ph: 04-382 9030. Visit us online at Influenza. Don’t get it. Don’t give it.


Get your Flu Shot here. No appointment needed. (A charge will apply)

MIRAMAR UNICHEM PHARMACY Influenza Vaccine is a prescription medicine. Ask your Pharmacist for benefits and possible risks.

58 Miramar Ave

Relive the 70s for one night only as the Roxy transports you back in time to the age of Disco, Platforms, Flares & Farrah Fawcett hair-dos!

Hours: Mon-Fri 8.00am - 6.30pm, Sat 9.00am-4.00pm NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 10am - 3pm P: 388 8516 • F: 388 6587

158 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington Ph: 04-382 9030.



Thursday May 5, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street. Q: With winter approaching what is your favourite thing about the colder months?

Ellen Kerr Newtown

Sarah Litchfield Newtown

Imogen Wilson Newtown

Josh Wilson Newtown

Ravi Maisuria Newtown

“Hot chocolate and all the hot food.”

“I am pregnant so being able to sleep.”

“Winter coats, scarves and hats.”

“I really liked the snow back home in the UK, but I haven’t spent a winter here so I don’t know what to expect.”

“It’s another season to me, so I just get on with it.”

Luke Kelly Newtown “Open fires and hot chocolate.”

LETTERS to the editor Not Canons Creek

Heartfelt thanks

Dear Ed, Councillor Paul Eagle seems to have confused Strathmore with Canons Creek. We have excellent public transport in this suburb and already have a fully functioning community base. Strathmore is unusual with its juxtaposition of wealth and state housing and government policies that don’t encourage refugees to assimilate into New Zealand society by paying them to do nothing and giving them a house to do it in. We don’t need a new community base to tell people to have some pride in their neighbourhood; in fact if things deteriorate we will end up with a community police station. N D McCabe, Wellington

Dear Ed, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me when I fell in Bay Rd on Friday. I had no serious damage and am so grateful to those who gave their time so happily. Ann Harris Kilbirnie

Rate rises Dear Ed, It is heartening that an august, statistically driven authority is advising our local body authorities what they are worth and that an increase is warranted. The national provident fund advised me that there will be no increase in my pension this year as the CPI hardly moved. I realise that our favourable cost stability is partially due to the Reserve Bank deciding that the interest rate on my life savings had to be lowered on several occasions over the last few years. While these, apparently opposing forces

have me looking for food parcels, I’m reassured that those we elected to look after us are appreciated and awarded. They might see it as a good reason to justify rate rises. But that’s statistics. I think it was Mark Twain who quoted Disraeli as having two steps leading to statistics. Fortunately in my old age I forgot those steps. I propose that the remuneration authority’s salaries are pegged to the CPI. Paul Franken, Strathmore Park

N e E n OP La W ws O N he C n i

Thanh Giong Pho Tasty, fresh and healthy Vietnamese traditional food

Gluten free and dairy free options available


MONDAY 9TH MAY - 9.30 to noon*


Nau mai, haere mai


Visit us on Facebook to keep up with our specials/offers: Thanh Giong Pho

fo o d i n

POP-UP Playcentre

Beef Noodle Soup

carpentry • water • clay • messy play • construction • paint • big muscle play


Dine in or takeaway 9.00am - 9.00pm, Mon - Fri 10am - 9pm, Sat & Sun 16 Chews Lane, Wellington




Student’s will receive 10% off when they show their ID cards.

est Vie tn


eb Th

We are

(Rain day 16th May*)

Thursday May 5, 2016


Competition opens for the best in the food business The New Zealand Food Awards is asking all local food and beverage producers: do you think you are the best in the business? Entries for the 2016 New Zealand Food Awards opened on May 2. The awards, in association with Massey University, recognise the success and innovation of those within the food and beverage industry, giving them an opportunity to gain recognition for their excellence. Manufacturers large and small, primary food producers, food service providers and ingredient supply companies are all encouraged to enter. Massey University Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey sees the awards as a time for both competition and celebration. “The awards celebrate the best in New Zealand for food and beverage production manufacturing, nutrition, enterprise and food safety. It is an opportunity for companies to generate recognition for their brands in an industry that makes up New Zealand’s largest export earner.” Entrants present their products to an expert judging panel for review, allowing

them to gauge their work against their peers. Categories have been updated this year, with Chilled, Dry Goods, Beverages and Frozen for large manufacturers, and Artisan and Gourmet for small producers, along with a plethora of other awards.

A rest home with spark Kilmarnock Heights Home An elder-centred community Kilmarnock Heights Home is special; it’s more than just a rest home. As well as providing daily living support we ensure residents have choice and control in their lives. We take every opportunity to bring companionship, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. Family and friends Kilmarnock Heights Home is like one big family. Residents are encouraged to invite their loved ones to visit at any time; there’s no set visiting hours. And, for the children - we have a fully stocked toy box to keep them entertained!

Entries for the competition close on Friday, July 15.

Pets welcome We believe pets can be both calming and energising. So, we welcome animals at our home. If you have a pet that’s part of your family, ask us about moving to Kilmarnock Heights Home with them. The social life At Kilmarnock Heights Home we support residents to continue doing the things they love in a way that’s right for them. The busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme certainly make for a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

20 Morton Street, Berhampore, Wellington Visit: | Freephone: 0508 36 54 83

Smart cities cycle: easy riding in the east We want to make it safer and easier to cycle in the eastern suburbs – have your say on possible new routes.

Drop-in session: 9am–3pm, Saturday 7 May ASB Sports Centre, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie Go to Feedback closes 5pm, Monday 23 May


Thursday May 5, 2016

Piano genius to awe Britain’s greatest living pianist, a fast-rising conducting star and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will join forces to present a titan of classical music in May. Virtuoso Stephen Hough, declared one of the 25 greatest pianists of all time will perform Johannes Brahms’ mighty Piano Concerto No. 2 with the NZSO under meteoric guest conductor, Gustavo Gimeno. The massive 45 minute concerto is a monument of the repertoire, showcasing Brahms at the height of his powers.  The Wellington concert will take place at Michael Fowler Centre on Friday, May 13 at 6.30pm. For tickets visit

Pinaman OwusuBanahene is the founder of ADJOAA and executive producer of the festival. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPPLIED

Make things safer even if it delays traffic AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

NTA1633C A1

African fashion taking Wellington by storm Wellington is hosting its first ever African Fashion Festival on Saturday May 28. Six internationally known African designers and two New Zealand based emerging African designers will be featured at the festival, each showing collections to more than 300 guests. Africa Design Journey through AustralAsia, or ADJOAA, a social impact enterprise dedicated to economic and social development through fashion across Africa, hosts the festival. Pinaman Owusu-Banahene, who founded ADJOAA in 2011, has organised the festival to show all New Zealanders the incredible artistry of the African continent. “I hope the Africa Fashion Festi-

val provides an outlet for all New Zealanders to experience the cultural richness and incredible artistic talent from the diverse and vibrant continent of Africa,” Pinaman said. She also hopes first and second generation Africans will attend the festival and connect with, embrace and share their culture. Festival organizers hope that the event will serve both participants and attendees by promoting and highlighting the African creative industry while providing a new experience for Wellingtonians. The festival will support three social initiatives- a mentoring programme for young Africans in New Zealand to encourage engagement in their communities, a year internship for three design

graduates with ADJOAA and one of the participating designers, and support for education in Africa through a book club programme with schools in the countries of the participating designers. Pinaman believes this social mission sets her organisation and the festival apart. “A key differentiator of the Festival is the associated ethical initiative— think ‘fashion for development.”  The festival will take place at Level 1, the James Smith Building, and will include live performance by African artists. Tickets are available online at

GET IT SORTED After 12 years of loyal service with Kevin and Lorraine Bovey at Autocare Kilbirnie, local stalwart Diane Sergent is retiring. Diane has been working for the family owned and operated business since 2004. Before this, she had worked for previous owners, Bob and Eileen Byers and has more than 25 years’ experience in the business. Her last day on the job was last Thursday and she will now relocate to Paraparaumu to be close to family. Kevin said it was important to acknowledge 12 faithful years’ of service from Diane. “She has never missed a beat, she’s encouraging, loyal and has been a fantastic employee.” Diane said she would miss all the

customers the most. “I just like meeting people, I have formed some really good friendships with a lot of them. I have received flowers galore and lots of nice cards. “Thanks for all the patronage and friendships over the years and thanks to Kevin and Lorraine. They have seen me through a few things and have been very good bosses.” Meanwhile, Kevin said the business wanted to focus on extending its clientele base. “Want to quill a conception that just because we are in Kilbirnie we look after Kilbirnie people. “We are very accessible we can pick up and deliver if we need to. We can accommodate anyone from any area.” Kevin said they would like to provide for more customers from

4 - 12 Cruickshank St, Kilbirnie OPEN HOURS: Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.00pm

Miramar, Strathmore, Seatoun, Newtown, Island Bay and Wellington city come in and experience a top quality service. He said what set Autocare apart from the rest was the fact they offered a “personal service”. “It is about the customer as much as the car. We treat everyone as we would want to be treated ourselves.

“We strive for honesty, integrity and reliability, while just giving people what they really want for their car in the most economical way we can.” Kevin encouraged people to check out the testimonial section of Autocare’s website to hear from current satisfied customers, or for more information head to

PH 387-2105



Thursday May 5, 2016

Wellington Better Home & Living Show for sustainable home, garden and better living. 6 - 8 MAY 2016 Fri, Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm Solutions





Tomorrow’s Ideas, Today, at the Better Home & Living Show The Wellington Better Home & Living Show will throw open its doors this Friday, bringing with it the latest on how to improve our homes and our lifestyles. For three days, over 200 exhibitors will gather at the Westpac Stadium to showcase emerging trends, cuttingedge innovations and industry expertise. Five distinct sections will feature the best in homes, gardens, bodies and minds, transport and community groups. Even better, visitors will be treated to show-only bargains that they won’t find anywhere else. Director, Daniel Joll says, “This is a must-see event for those of us wanting to enhance our homes and improve our lives. Wellingtonians can look forward to a show packed with inspiration, innovation and expert advice. There will be a good range of heating options, plus a huge variety of beds and bedding. Kitchens, bathrooms, plants and garden equipment, furniture, home décor, flooring and solar solutions will be on display, as well as fuelefficient cars, health products, bee keeping, electric bikes – and everything in between. There really will be something for everyone.” One lucky show visitor will win “The Newstalk ZB Healthy You”, a fantastic home and lifestyle package worth $13,000. This comprises a Fujitsu e3 high wall heat pump and installation valued at $3,500 from Frost Industries; a Slumberzone Pandora queensize mattress and base valued at $3,699 from House of Beds; $3,000 worth of paint, wallpaper and/or curtains from Resene; plus home insulation from Insulmax to the value of $3,000. To enter, visitors only need supply their contact details on arrival. The winner will be drawn when the show closes on Sunday evening and will be announced on Newstalk ZB the following day. Winter is all about keeping the home warm and dry, so there will be a great selection of heating and insulation, along with more indulgent ways to keep warm. Saunas will be on offer, and for the first time at the show, Stoked Stainless Ltd will be featuring its stylish, wood-fired Hot tubs, electric spas and bath tubs. Each is handmade in New Zealand, using stainless steel and cedar - all will have an average of $300 discounted off it during the show. Just a few of the other stand-out show

specials can be found at the Kitchen Studio site, where they will be giving a maximum $5,000 giveaway with every kitchen booked at the show (conditions apply). The bulgari gold display kitchen, which will feature an alpine white benchtop, an island, corner pantry and double Smeg oven, will also be on sale for a super-special price. The team at the Gas Hub will be offering a free connection to natural gas if homes are within 40 metres of the gas main in the street, saving homeowners around $2,000. Meanwhile Mitre 10 will be taking 30% off the purchase price of Pink Batts and Green Stuff roof and underfloor insulation (both installed by Pink Fit). They will also be throwing in a free flue with every wood-burning fire bought at the show. In addition to a whole host of other showonly specials, the ‘Informed Living’ seminar series will provide hot tips and expert advice from industry professionals. The free daily talks will cover bathroom and kitchen design, renovating, maximising outdoor spaces, choosing colour and maintaining a healthy back. The show runs for three days, with the Sunday being Mother’s Day, so why not treat mum to a day filled with inspiration for the home and her wellbeing? In keeping with the occasion, the Wellington Floral Art Society’s ‘Designer of the Year’ competition is themed ‘To Mother With Love’. The popular show feature attracts entries from the region’s top floral designers and is always a crowd pleaser.

TOP: Amazing Pots will be showcasing their gorgeous range of indoor & outdoor pots, imported from Italy & South Africa. The pots are durable but light-weight & are so stylish that they don’t need plants to look good. LEFT: Check out the foldable electric bikes from Ezirider that fit in your boot and have a 60 km range. RIGHT: Stoked Stainless Steel Ltd will have their handmade, wood-fired hot tubs, electric spas and bath tubs on display.


The ‘Informed Living’ Seminar Series Free daily seminars - Fri, Sat & Sun (located downstairs, between aisles 4 & 5, on the left) 10.30 am 11.30 am 12.30 pm 1.30 pm 2.30 pm 3.30 pm

This is just a minute taste of what is on offer – for a full serving, head to the Better Home & Living Show and experience it for yourself!

Westpac Stadium, Waterloo Quay 6-8 May 2016 Fri, Sat & Sun 10-5 Adult $8, Senior Special (Fri) $5, Under 16 free

Painting Sustainably Resene Colour Expert Achieving Renovations In Budget & On Time Experts from Refresh Renovations Designing Your Dream Bathroom Jeff Barnes, Bathroom Direct Inspiring Kitchen Design & Latest Trends Debra & Tony DeLorenzo, One Ranfurly Ltd Maximising Outdoor Spaces Steph Smith, Big Mac Slabs Furniture How to Keep Your Back in Top Condition Dr Roz Griffiths, Chiropractic Balance

THE BETTER WAY TO FLOSS Floss with water. The New Aquapick AQ - 300 is quick, effective, and gentle. Perfect for those with implants, bridges, braces, retainers… See us this weekend at the Better Home and Living Expo at the Westpac Stadium.


For general enquiries you can email Should you have a more specific enquiry you can also contact one of the District Officers or Field Officers. Simply call 0800 PEOPLE (0800 - 736 753). Your call will be answered by one of our designated 0800 officers. Answer phones may be operating in some areas at certain times. Should this be the case, just leave your name and number and we’ll call you back.

Empowering you to be a successful speaker Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is more than 332,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations. We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Toastmasters hold four annual speech contests and one contest goes through from club to international level. District 72 New Zealand takes pride in having had two World Champions of Public Speaking - David Nottage in 1996 and Brett Rutledge in 1998. David was the first New Zealander to win the World Championship, and has since established himself as a successful communication and public speaking trainer. When Brett joined a Toastmasters club he did not imagine that public speaking would provide him with a way of turning his unusual talent of imitating famous voices

into a full-time career as a corporate speaker and entertainer. In 2010, Robin Grieve was one of the nine finalists in the World Championship contest, although he was unplaced. In 2011, Kingi Biddle repeated Robin’s achievement as a World Championship finalist, but was also unplaced. In 2013, Kingi Biddle was runner-up to the World Champion. The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback—and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership.

14 Thursday May 5, 2016

Your local community centre:

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Over the next few editions, the Cook Strait News will profile local community centres dotted across the southern and eastern suburbs. This week we chat to Lisa Cunningham from the Island Bay Community Centre.

Late last month the Wellington City Council announced that the capital’s gross greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 2.1 per cent between 2001 and 2015. This bodes well for council’s ambitious target to reduce emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, a target set in the 2016 Low Carbon Capital plan. Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown said, “Wellingtonians have made good efforts in recent years and the positive result shows that the capital is leading the way in mitigating our carbon emissions.”

AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

NTA1633A 633A A

We all need our own space

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Nestled away behind Island Bay’s shopping village is the Island Bay Community Centre. The Island Bay Community Centre is a bustling hive of activity, with a range of community groups using the centre and hall throughout the week and weekends. Lisa Cunningham has been community centre advocate at the centre for the past three years. “My job is mostly a connector of the community, connecting people to activities and services or other groups in the area. I find I do a lot of that kind of work,” she said. Lisa said the centre’s hall was completely booked out during the school term and there were only limited spots available in the centre’s lounge. Despite this, she was able to help connect groups with other nearby spaces if necessary, she said. Lisa said there were plenty of exciting things coming up at the centre and in particular she was looking forward to upcoming Ni Hao Children Community Classes. “They are total immersion Chinese Mandarin classes. It’s for kids they just do fun games and activities that help them learn the language and the culture.” Lisa welcomed all members of the Island Bay community to pop in and see what the centre had to offer. “We have had an increase in our

Lisa Cunningham from the Island Bay Community Centre.

people coming through the door. More and more people are getting interested through Facebook and our newsletter numbers keep climbing. “It’s such an amazing place, I always have such a wide variety of things to do, I never get bored and it’s always fun and interesting.”

The Island Bay Community Centre is located at 137 The Parade in Island Bay and is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. For more information on classes or activities head to the ‘Island Bay Community Centre’ Facebook page or call Lisa on 383 7464.

Things to watch out for at the Island Bay Community Centre: 1. Southern Bays Historical Society Open Day: Display commemorating the centenary of Gallipoli with images of local WWI memorials and displays of storyboards and projects made by children from four local primary schools. Friday, May 6 from 10am to 2pm 2. Carolyn McKeefry dance classes for mature women: Classes with an experienced, qualified tutor that includes contemporary movement, strengthening, building core stability, flexibility, and some ballet technique. No experience necessary. Fridays from 10.30am to 11.30am 3. Rhythms Movement Meditation: A series of six classes that introduce you to the five rhythms and the ‘wave’ they form when danced in sequence. Five rhythms is a philosophy, perspective, performance art, and dynamic movement practice. Classes run every Sunday, until July 3 and the cost is $15 per class.

CENTREPORT CHANNEL DEEPENING PROJECT CentrePort is proposing to deepen the shipping channel in Wellington Harbour/Te Whanganui a Tara to enable visits from bigger ships.

We want your feedback. Come along to one of our open days to find out why this project is so important for Wellington’s economic prosperity and what it means for you.

PUBLIC OPEN DAYS Wellington Waterfront Te Wharewaka o Poneke

Saturday 7 May 10am – 3pm

Monday 16 May 6pm – 8pm

Eastbourne The Pavilion, Days Bay

Tuesday 10 May 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 14 May 12pm – 5pm

Seatoun Seatoun RSA

Thursday 12 May 6pm – 8pm

Saturday 21 May 10am – 3pm

Lower Hutt The Little Theatre

Wednesday 18 May 6pm – 8pm

Or visit us at:

Thursday 26 May 6pm – 8pm

Work underway Work on the Island Bay Seawall continues to steam roll ahead. The Island Bay seawall was partially destroyed following a storm in June 2013 which battered Wellington’s southern coast. A 41-metre section of the wall opposite Shorland Park collapsed completely and much of the upper part of the seawall that

remained was on a lean and needed to be realigned and secured. Those to visit Island Bay Beach may have noticed that the missing section of the wall has started to take shape. Work on the wall was expected to be completed by the end of June. PHOTO CREDIT: Nikki Papatsoumas

Thursday May 5, 2016


Over 100 new homes for those in need Vilson and Robyn, northern white-cheeked gibbons at Wellington Zoo.

Wellington Zoo committed to conservation Northern white-cheeked gibbons have a new champion - the Wellington Zoo. Last week, the zoo announced a new partnership with the Fauna and Flora International Vietnam Programme dedicated towards saving the critically-endangered gibbons in the wild. The partners work together to improve protection of key areas in Pu Mat National Park in Vietnam, which, with 445 gibbons, is the home of the only viable population. The number of wild northern white-cheeked gibbons has decreased by 80 per cent in the last 45 years, primarily due to habitat loss and hunting. The species is severely depleted in Laos PDR and Vietnam, and functionally extinct in China. Without conservation efforts, like those undertaken by this partnership, most of these Vietnamese and Laotian populations will probably disappear. Daniela Biaggio, Conservation Manager at Wellington Zoo, believes it is the duty of conservation organisations to unite to save endangered wild animals.

“By collaborating with Perth Zoo and Taronga Zoo as the main funding consortium for this targeted project, our collective efforts will make a difference for the animals and the community surrounding Pu Mat National Park,” Daniela said. “The area is a hotspot of biodiversity, so protecting the park will save not only gibbons, but also other endangered animals like Indochinese tigers and Indian elephants.” The project will work with the government, park rangers and surrounding community to reduce hunting and enforce protection of the forest. The programme, led by Doctor Ben Rawson, Vietnam Country Director at Flora and Fauna International, will establish a smart patrol system that will equip park rangers and managers with information technology. The team will provide technical support, helping the park use SMART, an open-source software developed by the conservation community to supply advanced analysis and reporting of patrol

data and intelligence. The goal is to make conservation efforts efficient and effective, through technology and the involvement of the local community. “Engaging local communities living in the ‘buffer zone’ of the protected area with forest protection activities like forest patrols and snare removals will create job opportunities, which will also be supported through environmental education in key villages,” says Daniela. Daniela hopes this programme can allow locals in Vietnam to enjoy the same song she and her colleagues hear every morning. “The morning chorus of our two gibbons, Robyn and Vilson, is an iconic feature at Wellington Zoo, and it will now be a cheer for the efforts we are making to save their species in the wild.” “We’ve committed to a long-term investment to make sure that the numbers of wild northern whitecheeked gibbons can increase and be brought back from brink of extinction so that the gibbons’ song can be heard in the wild for generations to come.”

Annette King MP for Rongotai

May Mobile Office Clinics - 9.30am −11.00am Hanson Court flats, Hutchison Road, Newtown Mondays: 2nd, 9th Fridays: 6th, 13th

Newtown flats, Mansfield Street Mondays: 16th , 23rd, 30th Fridays: 20th , 27th Ph: 389 0989 - E-mail: 172 Riddiford Street, Newtown

Housing New Zealand is planning to build around 120 much needed one bedroom homes in Wellington. The units are part of four proposed redevelopment sites in Wellington that are close to amenities and transport. The four proposed redevelopments are on sites at Britomart St in Berhampore, Ha nson St in Mt Cook, McLean Flats on The Terrace and Owen St in Newtown. Acting general manager for asset development at Housing New Zealand, Patrick Dougherty, said the organisation was excited about the new developments, which would be built to modern standards, fully insulated with carpets and curtains and designed to maximise the sun. An expression of interest for construction partners for the four proposed projects was released last week. All four sites were owned by Housing New Zealand and once had or still had old housing units on them, however, a number of the units suffered weather tightness issues and were assessed as being earthquake prone.

“Wellington has ongoing demand for social housing, particularly for smaller one bedroom properties. The proposed new homes will offer a much better standard of living for those people,” Patrick said. “We are making sure we have the right homes in the right places to meet demand. These developments are a great example of how we are making big scale changes to reconfigure our portfolio so that it better meets the needs of future tenants. “The four proposed developments mark a major investment in the Wellington Region totalling over $40 million.” Patrick said Housing New Zealand had ensured neighbours, businesses and other groups in each of the communities were informed about plans and given the opportunity to have their say. “We are also making sure that we really consider the existing built environment and community in our planning as well as making sure that disruption to any neighbours is kept to a minimum.”

A family home in the heart of Island Bay Sitting proud on Avon Street is this spacious, well-maintained family home in the heart of sought after Island Bay. Private and peaceful with an easy and short walk to the main shopping area on the parade. Exceptionally sunny and warm, boasting well proportioned living areas, new kitchen, two bathrooms, four bedrooms, gas heating and heat-pump, HRV system, LED lighting and ample storage with double internal garage. Completing the package is an excellent flow to and from an easily maintained garden and fully fenced section that’s perfect for children and pets. RV $630k. Tenders close 12pm Thursday 19th May 2016 at the Leaders’ Khandallah office on Ganges Road. Open home times: Open home times:

Wed 4 May, 5pm - 5:30pm Sun 8 May, 12pm - 12:45pm Or viewing by appointment

Stan Kalafatelis Ph: 021 813 035

“Friends and good manners will carry you “where money won’t go” – Margaret Walker

16 Thursday May 5, 2016

Mothers-day A mother will walk the extra mile just to see her children smile. She'll work her fingers to the bone to make a house into a home.


Are your nails up to scratch?

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! From the Cook Strait News family

Enjoy free dessert from us on

Mother’s Day. DINING ONLY.

Best Curry - Best Prices Best Dining Experience See website for more details

23 Coutts Street, Kilbirnie - Ph (04) 387 7040 Fully Licensed Indian Restaurant & Takeaway

You Were There When I am sad and feeling blue When I lose hope and nothing to do When I stumble and fall When I couldn’t carry it all, You were there. When I needed a hand When I couldn’t stand When everything is wrong When I couldn’t sing a song, You were there. Thank you for everything for unconditionally loving you made me realize I can do anything Happy Mother’s Day from your little darling.


Vouchers make a great Mother’s Day gift (Just Sayin!) Terry Binding Text or Call 0211-126-528. E: Unit 19, Kilbirnie Plaza, 22 Bay Road, Kilbirnie 6022 -

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KILBIRNIE UNICHEM PHARMACY 37 Bay Road, Kilbirnie Ph: 387 9254

Using produce the children have scav- Secret Garden”. enged from their backyards and with a little Worser Bay School principal Jude Pente- Thursday For all May your residential electrical needs, 17 5, 2016 help from local suppliers, chef and school cost says this ties in well with the learning from repairs to design to installation. mum Hannah Thornton has put together an the children have been doing this year. client revisions: Free quotes, no jobNotice too big or small. Services Death amazingTrades array ofand goodies to stock the popu“Relationships are at the heart of1 our 2 3 4 5 $0 $0 $25 $50 $75 lar deli at the fair on Sunday, November 8. school and strongly reflected in our curContact the team at JC Plumbing and property maintenance AFKE NISSEN RESIDENTIAL CLEANING. LICENSED Builders all types of work undertaken. AUBERSON, Bronwyn Elspeth: April 21, “We really wantedand to closing use as much Stewart and Rogers on REMINDER: Please check URL, email address date local riculum. This year's inquiry, 'What and 2016 Bathroom upgrade specialist Drainlayer Property Professional Get your back and Phone produceservice. as we could as itweekends came into season. Who3838274. is in Our Backyard' has beenthatfull of prepared PLEASE NOTE: we have 0800 800 949 this advertisement proof based onaour “The children and their parents have rich learning experiences and provides upgrades and maintenance Inside and out Pre propmaintain the value of your home. Weekly/fortnightly Trades and Services job: WN23893 size: 10 x 3col format: mono understanding of the instructions received. or book a job online at brought in lots, as have friends and family great link to the fair.” erty sales cleanups Contact Jesse: 0278445500 cleans. Move out cleans. Spring cleans. Phone Afke CRAFTSMAN In approving the advertisement, it @ is the AllfairPainting Services PAINTING Decorating for all Painting Services and Kim [Chin] from Miramar Fruit Supply Money raised from the will go towards on 0274625877. PLUMBER client’s responsibility to check the accuracy publication run dateWeb: position supplied the rest.” various school projects. Call us now! by competent and considerate Tradesmen. Realistic of both the advertisement and the media and GRAHAM’S PAINTERS REG DRAINLAYER see cost estimate Tuition Hannah has assorted a tasty range in- Graham In the Plumbing past these included position nominated. help with rates. Phone Neil 388-7518 & have Public Notice Exterior/Interior Drainage Ltd cluding preserves, chutneys, mustards, digital technology, additional staffing, Cancellation of adverts booked Experienced Tradesmen SINGING LESSONS Small groups, modern cordials, kimchi (a Korean pickle), relishes teacher development anda media the Callprofessional John with media will incur Island Bay Plumbing songs, inspiring and fun. Lyall Bay. E. geoff@ 970 2409of a writing and even a pizza sauce. engagement specialist. Exterior ofofHouses cancellation fee $50. or 027 457 4999 For those wanting an early start there are  Worser, P. 021565750. Bay School Fair - 168inSeatoun 44236 Painted Winter also Christmas cakes and mince meat for Heights Rd, Sunday, November your contact: 8, from Vanita Christmas pies. 11am to 2pm, rain or shine. Somefor Eftpos Available ALL Public Notice PAINTING TEAM Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the available.

advertising proof



Exc. Refs. Comp. Rates. All work Worser Bay School Board Public Notice guaranteed. of Trustees Election FREE QUOTES Nominations are invited for the election of Marcus Ph: 973-4343 five trustees to the Board of Trustees. A or Mb 021 764-831 nomination form and a copy of this notice will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school website – LAWNS, gardens, rubbish removal Nominations closeand at noon 20 May 2016 Housing Choice Townon Centre Planning and section and may be accompanied by a signed Wellington City Council isand currently engaging with the local candidate’s statement candidate clearing ava. in communities of Island Bay, Khandallah, and Newlands regarding photograph. your area. a proposal to enable medium-density housing in these suburbs. The voting roll is open for inspection at the Ph. V.I.P. school and can be viewed during normal You are invited to attend one of the following public meetingsHome to school hours. Services discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb.on A list of candidates’ names will be notified Island Bay following the closure of nominations. The poll closes at noon -on Friday 3 June Thursday 12 November 7pm 2016. Wellington South Baptist Church Public Signed, Dennis Thompson 284 The Parade, Island Bay Returning Officer

Board of Trustees Election Nominations are invited for the election of seven trustees to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form, and a copy of this notice will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms will be available from the school website – Nominations close at noon on 20 May 2016. Nominations may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement and candidate photograph. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. A list of candidates’ names will be notified following the closure of nominations. The poll closes at noon on Friday 3 June 2016. Signed Dennis Thompson Returning Officer


BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ ELECTION The Parent Election Notice which was printed in the Cook Strait News on Thursday, 28 April, 2016 advised that voting would close at NOON on Wednesday, 25 May 2016. This date was in error, and should have read: “Voting will close on Friday, 3 June 2016. Signed Carolyn Marshall Returning Officer

Notice of Public Community Meetings

PH. 0800 846484

ROSENEATH SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES ELECTION 2016 Returning Officer Nominations for Roseneath School are invited for the election of 5 parent representatives for a three-year term. A nomination form accompanied with a cover letter will be distributed to all eligible voters during the week of 6 May 2016. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 20 May 2016 and should be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement (about half an A4) The voting roll has been open for inspection at Roseneath School. Please contact the school office if you have any questions re this roll. There will also be a list of candidates’ names made available, as they come to hand. If an election is necessary, voting papers will be posted around 25 May and the poll will close at noon on 3 June 2016.

2016 BOARD OF TRUSTEE PARENT ELECTIONS Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nominations forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at 12 noon on 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidate’s names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school Voting closes at noon on Friday 3 June 2016. Sally Taylor Returning Officer

Interior work.

~ Pensioner Discounts ~ Ph 934Miramar 0842 or 021 183 9492 ReferencesAFC Available Rangers Inc

109th ANNUAL GENERAL Interior MEETING& Painting

Monday 23rd Nov 2015 Miramar Rangers Clubrooms 7.30pm Contact John Dave Farrington Park

Your Local Plumber

Ring Paul on: M: (027) 4433-535 P: 0800 383 752


24/7 Service Real Real Estate Estate


on 388 Cnr Weka3862 St & Miramar North Rd or 027 4466 371 - All Welcome www.


Advertise your notices here. 04 587 1660

PROPERTIES WANTED PROPERTIES WANTED For buyers in the Southern and Eastern suburbs

To SELL in the Southern and Eastern Suburbs Phone Lana Mehlhopt Phone Lana Mehlhopt 383 7008 | 027 28 33 904 Licensed Under REAA 2008 383 7008 | 027 28 33 904 Licensed Under REAA 2008 Decorators

Miramar Christian School 2016 Triennial Board of Trustees Election Nominations are invited for the election of 4 (four) parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be sent to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on Friday 20th May 2016 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school office. The poll closes at noon on Friday 3rd June 2016. Yvonne Small Returning Officer

“A & D Decorators did a fantastic job of preparing and painting our weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team was professional, friendly, and completed the job to a high standard. The work was also done at a competitive price and we would not hesitate to use them again.” In Conjuction with NZMP we offer a 5 year warranty. See website for conditions.

PH WN 801 7753

Mobile 021 446 802

Public Notice

Island Bay School Board of Trustees Election

Board of Trustees’ Election Nominations are invited for the election of three parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both parts of the form). Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 3 June 2016. Adam Levy Returning Officer

Returning Officer J Leggett

St Francis de Sales School, Island Bay Board of Trustees Election Nominations are invited for the election of 5 parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office or the school website www. Nominations close at 12 noon on 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at 12 noon on 3 June 2016. Suzanne Lek, Returning Officer

Nominations for Owhiro Bay SCHOOL are invited for the Trielection of 3 parent representatives for the three-year term and staggered election of 2 parent representatives for an eighteen month term. A nomination form accompanied with a cover letter will be disrupted to all eligible voters after 6 May. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 20 May and should be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement (no larger than half A4). The voting roll has been open for inspection at Owhiro Bay school. Please contact your school office if you have any questions re this roll. There will also be a list of candidates’ names made available at the school office, as they come to hand. If an election is necessary, voting papers will be posted around 25 May and the poll will close at noon on 3 June 2016.

18 Thursday May 5, 2016

Wednesday November 18, 2015

Meerkat mob grows To Lease

Public Notice


SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.

Holy Cross School

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Parent Election Notice

OF SATISFACTION St Patrick’s Primary School, Kilbirnie Board of Trustees ElectionPOOLS BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ ELECTION

Nominations are invited for the election of five (5) Our summer pools were built by us. Nominations are invited for the election of 5 parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. Blendsparent in well did cause no fuss. representatives to the board of trustees. A Nomination Form and a Notice calling for With hydro slide will a splash. A nomination formcause and a notice calling for nominations has been posted to all eligible voters. nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. And to it many people dash. If you have not received a form please contact the You can nominate another person to stand as a Through native bush we twist and wiggle. school office. candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make You can nominate another person to stand as a From the brings surechildren you sign both partsaofgiggle. the form). candidate, or you can nominate yourself. SevernAdditional days a week the place is open. nomination forms can be obtained Nominations close at noon on Friday 20th May, 2016 Hot summer from thedays schoolwe offiall ce. are hopen! and may be accompanied by a signed candidates’ Nominations close at noon on Friday 20 May 2016 statements. and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school The voting rollPublic is open for inspection at the school office and can be viewed during normal school hours. Notice and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as come to hand, for inspection at the school. they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at Noon on Friday 3rd June 2016. Voting closes at noon on Friday 3 June 2016. Signed Kathleen Hughes Lynley Ellen 51. J.K. Officer Returning Returning Officer


Rowling chose the unusual name Miramar ‘Hermione’ North School so young girls wouldn’t Board of Trustees be teased for being are invited for the election of five Nominations nerdy! parent representatives to the board of trustees.


Wainuiomata Squash Club AGM 7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms

FACT OF THE DAY Bringing local news

Corner of Main Road and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata

the community Eachtomonth, there is at A nomination form and a notice calling for least one report of UFOs nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Situation Vacant from each province of You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make Canada. sure you sign both parts of the form).

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers

Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 20th May and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements.


The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours.

Deliverers Required in

Voting closes at noon on 3 June 2016.

Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.

Anna Kibblewhite – Returning Officer

Contact Sandra on 587 1660

View the Cook Strait News online


2m seasoned pine $180

The pups are still on a diet of milk for a 4m Split pine store for few more months, though at six weeks old next winter $330 they will begin learning how to hunt and Large Bagsmostly Kindlingbugs, $13 from their parents. eat solids, Large Bags Dryanything Pine/ A mob has from three to 50 $14a dominant female. hardwood led mix by meerkats, The zoo’s mob has two males and three Free Delivery in Wainui females.


Trades and Services

Have your say at cycling sessions Wellington City Council will host public drop-in sessions this week at the ASB Sports Centre as part of the consultation now on for potential cycling Ncorridors and routes in the eastern suburbs. Locals are invited to attend the sessions to find out more and talk to council staff about the options now being put forward to the public. The council has allocated $6 million towards developing a safe cycle network in the eastern suburbs as part of investing $34.7 million in cycling in Wellington over three years. The investment in the eastern suburbs is a combination of local share from the council, the New Zealand Transport Agency from the National Land Transport Fund and the Government’s Urban Cycleways Fund. Business owners in Kilbirnie are also encouraged to attend a meeting this Thursday, A solid hosted by the Kilbirnie Business Network. The Business Network has invited the council to talk to its members about the suggested cycle routes and to seek input from

46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares business community.

the local Business people in Kilbirnie who are not part of the Business Network group are also Funeral Director welcome to attend. The equivalent business group in Miramar, Enterprise Miramar Peninsula, will also host the council at one of its regular meetings, next Tuesday at the Oriental-Rongotai Rugby Club, although details are to be confirmed. Public consultation on cycling in the eastern suburbs runs until 5pm on Monday May 23. People can go to cycleways.wellington. to make a submission online or download a copy of the submission form. Alternatively, for a printed copy of the submission document and form, phone the council on 499 4444 and arrange for one to be posted.  A session will be held at the ASB Centre in Kemp St from 9am to 3pm this Saturday, May 7.  The Kilbirnie Business Network meeting will be held at 5.45pm today, Thursday, May 5 at the Brentwood Hotel in Kemp St.

Situation Vacant

Part Time Sales Position Available

There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school.

Four Self new meerkats have joined Wellington Wainui Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. Zoo’s ‘mob.’ and old, Services At onlyTrades three weeks the curious pups are just beginning to discover their world; FOR ALL opened ELECTRICAL repairs they have their eyes and begunand to venture outside the den. ed electrician with installations by top-qualifi It is of still toofisoon to telloftheir sex,locals but they record over fty years giving the will soon learn their roles within the group, lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just with the males learning sentry duty while phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 the females practice parenting. or email Sentry duty, with one meerkat standing on its hind legs acting as a lookout for the rest of the mob, is essential to keeping Situation Vacantthe mob safe. The guard alerts the rest of the group with a special bark if a predator approaches, allowing the rest of the meerkats to hunt or sunbathe without fear.

Are you looking for an opportunity to sell advertising on a part-time basis for The Cook Strait News? Email your CV and a cover letter to and tell us why you are the best fit for this role.

Applications are available at our recruitment theinto Wainuiomata This opportunity would suit a person looking toView get back the workforceNews with 20 ce or at the security gate based in the to offi 25 Ngauranga hours a week. Hours open to negotiation for the right candidate. online George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

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Pulls (5)from 48. Early cavalry 59. Loathes. (9)(7)(7)(9) 13.11. Disturb. 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness Pulls (5)(5) 13. Disturb. (5) 59. Loathes. (9) 48. Early cavalry soldier. (6) 42.50. Casual (7)(7) 55.55. Friendship (11) 12. Deviousness (7) (7) (8) Garret. (5) 14.12. Make less severe. 42. Casual Friendship (11) Deviousness 14. Make less severe. (8) 50. Garret. (5) Furnish. (5) (7) DOWN 17.13. Hackneyed (10) 44.52. Annual calendar 13. Excellent (5)convention. 44. Annual calendar Excellent (5) 17. Hackneyed (10) DOWN 52. Furnish. (5) (5)(7) 53. Dusk, ...fall. 1. Most favourable. (7) 18.Alert Pounds,shillings & 46. Scoffs (6)(6) DOWN 14. (9) (9) convention. 46. Scoffs DOWN Alert 18.14. Pounds,shillings & 1. Most favourable. (7) 53. Dusk, ...fall. (5) Geisman, Real name Ella Ant. (5) 47.54. Manservant (6)(6) 1. 2. Sound (5)(5) 15. 15. Sopence(abbr)(3) (9) (9) 47. Manservant 1. Sound So pence(abbr)(3) 2. Ant. (5) 54. Real name Ella Geisman, actress ... Allyson. (4) Twists. (6) 20.16. Heavy wooden hammer. (4) 2. 3. 48.48. Form of of expression Sent (11) 16. Directs (6) Form (5) 2.Twists. Sent (11) Directs (6) hammer. 20. Heavy wooden (4) 3.4. (6) (5) actress ...expression Allyson.(5) (4) Splendour. 22.18. Sets fire to. (7) 49. Water vapour (5) 3. Shy (8) 18. Skull (7) 49. Water vapour (5) 3.Splendour. Shy (8) Skull (7) 22. Sets fire to. (7) 4. (5) 5. Of Covering for horse’s head, 50.50. 24.21. Halo round heavenly body. (6) 4. Of Gambol (5)(5) public revenue (6)(6)head, 21. Disorder (4) (4) Gambol public revenue Disorder 24. Halo round heavenly body. (6) 5.4.Covering for ...-sheet. (4)horse’s 26.23. Consumed. (3) 5. Turn outwards (5) 23. Racket (3) 5. Turn outwards (5) Racket (3) 26. Consumed. (3) ...-sheet. (4) Solution last week, April Artist’s paint board. (7) 28.25. Papal letter. (5)(3) For December 22,28 2004 SOLUTION SOLUTION 6.6.6. Constrict (7) 25. Take by sipssips (3) 6.Artist’s Constrict (7)board. Take by 28. Papal letter. (5)(7) paint (7) For December 22,November 2004 Solution last week, 11 7. Girls name (6) 29. Cotton fabric. For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 7.7.Has high morals (8)(8) 27. 27. Stake (4) 7.Girls Has high morals Stake (4) (7) 29. Cotton fabric. name (6) (12) Of the nerves. 32.28. Accustom. (5) (7) 8.8.8. Reduce (6) 8.Of Reduce (6) (12) 28. Artlessness (7) Artlessness 32. Accustom. (5) the nerves. 9. Sapid. (5) 33. Parson-bird. (3) 9. Sanction chair;Chaise Chaise ... (6) 9.9.Sanction (7)(7) 30. 30. LowLow chair; ... (6) 33. (3) (5) 10.Sapid. Professional writer. (11) 34. Parson-bird. U.S. Intelligence agency 10. Audacity (5) Expert; ... hand (3) 10. Audacity (5) 32. 32. Expert; ... hand (3) 34. U.S. Intelligence agency 10. Professional 15. Ailing. (3) writer. (11) (abbr) (3) 16. Arrange in steps Strange 16. Arrange in steps (7) (abbr) (3) 15. Ailing. (3) 33. Strange (3) (3) (3) 16. Mine entrance. (4)(7) 35.33. Facial twitch. 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ ...(7) Zealous 35. Facial twitch. (3) 16. Mine entrance. (4)Frank 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank 34. Zealous (6) (6)(5) 19. Husband-to-be. (6) ...(7) 36.34. Ingenuous. 36. Ingenuous. (5) 19. Husband-to-be. (6) 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7) 21. Use. (7) 37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7) 20. 21. Use. (7) 20. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state N.Z. Prime Minister 36. U.S. state (4) (4) 23. Friendly. (6) 38.36. Muslim title. (5) 38. Muslim title. (5) 23. Friendly. 1975-84 Sir Robert Biblical vessel Sir(6) Robert ... ... (7)(7) 37. Biblical vessel (3) (3) 25.1975-84 Rich. (7) 39.37. Electric fish. (3) 39. Electric fish. (3) (6) 25. Rich. (7) 22. Boils (7) Curve (3) 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) 26. Consequences. (5-7) 41.39. Tributary stream. 41. Tributary 26. Consequences. 24. Catch Cupid (4) 24. Catch (3) 41. Cupid (4) stream. 27. Right of(3) access. (5-7) (6) 42.41. Embellished. (7)(6) 42. Embellished. (7) 27. Right of access. (6) 26. Group of (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 26. Group of whales (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 28. Well-doers.whales (11) 44. Agitate. (4) 44. Agitate. (4)relatives 28. Well-doers. 29. Topic Female 29. Topic (5)(5) 45. Female relatives 30. Outfit. (3) (11) 47.45. The same. (3) (6) (6) 47. The same. (3)time(Lat) 30. Outfit. (3) 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless (9) (10)31. 31. Cafe. (6)guest 49.48. Paid motor-car driver (9) (fem) Uninvited (4-7) 48. An endless time(Lat) 49. Paid motor-car driver (fem) (10) 31. Cafe. (6) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid (4) 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 40.Deoxyribonucleic Prepare for publication. 51. Left Valet. (8) people(inf) (9) 32. acid 49. handed 51. Valet. (8) 40. Prepare for publication. (4)



Thursday May 5, 2016


Cigna signs on with Round the Bays for two more years Sport Wellington has renewed its major partnership of its award-winning event Wellington Round the Bays. Leading insurance provider Cigna has signed on as principal sponsor and naming rights holder for the Wellington Round the Bays events for another two years until 2018, which will include next year’s 40th anniversary of the fun run. Sport Wellington delivers the event each year as part of their vision for everyone in the Wellington region to have a lifelong involvement in sport and active recreation. Wellington-based Cigna has a strong affinity with the communities in which Round the Bays operates, and the partnership fits well with the company’s focus on health and wellbeing. Cigna chief executive, Lance Walker, said after becoming the principal sponsor in 2014 and experiencing first-hand what a great event Round the Bays was for Wellington, it was an easy decision to renew Cigna’s partnership with Sport. “Round the Bays continues to be Cigna’s biggest sponsorship. The event sits well with our commitment to empower Kiwis to live well and stay well.” Sport Wellington chief executive Phil Gibbons said the partnership with Cigna was outstanding because of their commitment to making a difference in the community. “Both Cigna and Sport Wellington want to provide the best experience we can for all 14,000 participants and the 300 volunteers who help us deliver the event.” Sport Wellington has organised the iconic event since 1999 and the continued growth in participation has seen Round the Bays become one of New Zealand’s largest community sporting events.

Members of the Parafed Wellington Team at the Junior Disability Games.

Parafed Wellington Team on top The Parafed Wellington Team thrived at the recent Junior Disability Games in Cambridge, winning the Best Team Performance, along with individual awards. The Halberg Junior Disability Games is an annual three-day sports tournament for eight to 21-year-olds with a physical or visual impairment. This year the tournament was held in Cambridge, Hamilton from April 22 to 24. The tournament offered 15 sports and gave athletes the opportunity to experience the games’ village environment, try new sports, and excel on their own. The Parafed Wellington team

GOT SPORTS NEWS? Contact Nikki with your stories or sport results 04 587 1669

had 14 athletes from across Wellington region travel to Hamilton to compete. Parafed Wellington Sport Coordinator, Melissa Pepler said she was excited about the team’s participation and success in the games. “The Wellington team competed in a range of different sports during the two-day event and gave 110 per cent to everything they tried. “We are so proud of the group and can’t wait to take on more events and activities this year.” Three team members won individual awards, Melissa said. Libby Leikis won the ‘Overall Female in Athletics’ award, Mitchell Lang won the ‘Overall Male in

Swimming’ award and Keziah Ross took out an athletics award. Melissa thanked the committed parents and families who invested time and energy into making the opportunity become a reality for their children as well as Parafed Wellington’s funding partner, the Four Winds Foundation. Parafed Wellington’s goal is to provide a pathway into sport for people with physical disabilities, through a range of sport and recreation opportunities and an active youth group for five through 18-year-olds. For more information, head to

T H I R ST Y L I Q U O R C a m b r i d g e t e r ra c e


Thirsty Liquor Cambridge Tce

These prices only available at Thirsty Liquor, Cambridge Terrace... Specials valid until 31st May 2016 Billy Maverick 7% 18pk

Jim Beam 1L, Canadian Club 1L (Spiced or Original), St Remy 1L VSOP, Jack Daniels 700ml (Fire, Honey or Whisky)


27.99 ea


Ranfurly 18pk 440ml cans



24 ea


Canadian Club 10pk cans, Jim Beam 10pk cans, Smirnoff 5% 12pk cans, Cruiser 7% 12pk cans, Jack Daniels 8pk cans, Dark Horse 7% 12pk cans, Billy Maverick 7% 12pk


Seagers Gin 1L

Heineken 12pk


23 ea




30 ea




19.99 ea

37.99 ea



Long White 10pk Btls

Mount Gay Rum 1L


21 ea



OPEN 7 DAYS I Ph 385 1743 I 63 Cambridge Terrace


43 ea



Woodstock 7% 6pk 330ml cans

Smirnoff 1L


33.99 ea


Tui or Export Gold 15pk Btls


12.99 ea



22.99 ea


Management reserves the right to refuse sale of liquor products to under age and those deemed unfit for purchase thereof. Offers and specials are subject to stock availability, and can be retracted at the discretion of management.

20 Thursday May 5, 2016

ABOUT Seeking treasure in Mt Victoria

Children take part in a bunting activity at Crossways Community Creche.

Locals try and decipher their treasure hunt map.

CLU tiv B A e wit CTI h VE

Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown with local children at the unveiling of a sculpture

Treasure hunters flocked to the streets last month, partaking in the second annual Mount Victoria Treasure Hunt. Coordinated by the Crossways Community Centre, the event drew over 200 people from the local community. Participants gathered at Crossways Community Centre to register, before dispersing into the community to search for their treasure. Locals scurried about with bunting flags and stars on maps, making wishes on the

rou pe x

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FR 10 EE tri day al


wishing tree, flying around on scooters and participating in games and activities all over Mount Victoria. Artwork, kept under shrouds for the past year, was unveiled at Innermost Community Gardens by sculptor Grant Lyon and Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown during a barbeque which took place after the treasure hunt. Crossways Community Centre thanked everyone involved including sponsors, stations, groups and volunteers who helped on the day.

Redeem me at Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, 63 Kilbirnie Crescent, Kilbirnie





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Crowds gather for a barbecue following the successful treasure hunt.



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Cook Strait News 05-05-16  

Cook Strait News 05-05-16

Cook Strait News 05-05-16  

Cook Strait News 05-05-16

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