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Wednesday, 4 May, 2016

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More parking needed By Sharnahea Wilson

The Johnsonville Community Association is calling on the Wellington City Council to sort out the lack of public parking in the central suburb. “Public parking in Johnsonville has been badly eroded by road widening,” Community Association member Graeme Sawyer said. Graeme pointed out how almost all of the parking in Johnsonville is privately owned by Stride who owns the mall, both Countdown supermarkets and the Warehouse. “Some of us believe the Wellington City Council has been utterly negligent in allowing a massive parking shortage to develop in central Johnsonville.” Johnsonville Community Association member Graeme Sawyer points out the parking issues on Frankmoore Avenue.

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Wednesday May 4, 2016

93-year-old walker rewarded for dedication

How to reach us

By Sharnahea Wilson

Telephone (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661


Sharnahea Wilson E: P: 587 1660

One Longview Rest Home resident has been going for walks most mornings since she moved into the home over a year ago, and last week a six year old girl decided this dedication was worthy of a present. Enliven Longview resident Aletta Strijdon moved into the home on April 5, 2015 and has been going for morning walks six days a week ever since. Each day Aletta walks up the hill which Longview is situated on and walks all the way around the block and back

up the hill. Last week the young Redwood Ave resident, Ferne Powell, said to her mother Sharlene, “mummy, I think that lady needs a present for all her hard work”. Sharlene agreed with Ferne and they bought Aletta a box of chocolates and went to visit her at the home. “I was quite surprised because I like walking. It’s a pleasure and it is necessary because I need exercise. “I am an independent soul,” Aletta said about receiving the chocolates. The devoted 93-year-old said

she enjoys walking because she likes seeing all the different gardens around Tawa, and the flowers that grow in them. Aletta grew up in Namibia where it was hot and dry, so she rarely ever saw flowers. “It is a bad climate and they don’t spread so easily over there.” Aletta migrated to New Zealand in 2001 and decided to move to Longview from her flat in Masterton last year. About one month ago a new resident, who also liked walking, moved into Longview. “Now I have someone to walk with,” Aletta said.


Ferne Powell, 6, with Longview resident Aletta Strijdon.


Community Association calls on Council to sort out parking issues

Sam Barnes P: 587 1660

David Lewis E: P: 587 1660

He said the issue would only worsen with the proposal of medium density housing in the area. “The Wellington City Council has started ignoring the rule in the district plan that specifically requires all residential developments to include at least one offstreet car park per dwelling. “WCC officers have ‘allowed’ these breeches of the rules in central Johnsonville on that basis that ‘the residents will live close to the town centre and will not need cars’,” he said. T h e a s s o c ia t io n wa s strongly promoting the idea of public / pr ivate partnership between the Wellington City Council, the Greater Wellington Regional Council and Stride. Stride currently has the resource consent to build a car parking facility that would provide 1200 more parking spaces in Johnsonville. Deput y Mayor Just i n Lester agreed something needed to be done about


Steve Maggs E: P: 587 1660 Classified Sales: Nicola Adams Distribution by: Genx Distribution (04) 970 0439

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Independent Herald

The largest circulating newspaper in Wellington West & Northern suburbs

Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside Wellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd


Johnsonville Community Association member Graeme Sawyer stands next to the lot where medium density housing dwellings will be developed. PHOTOS: Sharnahea Wilson

parking in Johnsonville with incoming medium density housing developments. “That’s one of the biggest issues around medium density housing therefore I’ve always voiced my concerns around the impact of medium density housing on existing infrastructure. “For the off street stuff it’s

a council consenting issue if new developments are being built and I want to see much stricter requirements,” he said. Mr Lester said it would make sense for the council to work with Stride. “It could be a great opportunity for Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council

to leverage off what they’re doing to get some more parking in Johnsonville. “I’d love to see park and ride in that facility too.”  Do you think parking is an issue in Johnsonville? Let us know your thoughts by sending a letter to the editor to

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4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville

157 Main Road, Tawa

Ph: 477 4025

Ph: 232 1588

Police station reduces office hours By Sharnahea Wilson

After more than 20 years of being accessible eight hours per day, Monday to Friday, the Johnsonville Police station has reduced its opening hours. As of Monday, May 2 the Johnsonville Police station will be open to the public for four hours each day, from 11am until 3pm. The decision to reduce the station’s opening hours came after a review of police stations across the country was conducted. “The review identified a lot of the stations weren’t quite up to spec in terms of health and safety, and that was the case here,” Senior Sergeant Daniel Hughes said. He said there had recently been a number of incidents at stations across the country, including a firearms discharge, which had been a danger to those working at the front desk. “There will now be constabulary staff manning the desk for the four hours,” Mr Hughes explained. He said the New Zealand police force was doing a lot to

upgrade security, and part of this was deciding where, and how best, to use resources. “We will be open for four hours now rather than eight because it is not a good use of resources to having a sworn officer waiting behind a desk for people to come into the station.” Mr Hughes said although members of the public could see this as the police reducing their services to the community, this would not be the case. “Instead of spending eight hours behind a desk, with potentially six of those not doing anything, we will spend four hours at the station. We want to be out there preventing crime.” The previous position of manning the desk was moved to the Wellington Central Police station as it is much busier than Johnsonville, Mr Hughes explained. “We haven’t lost any staff, the position has just been moved to Wellington,” he said. Mr Hughes stressed that there were other ways the public could get in touch with the police. He said people could call 111

continue to access all the postal services they do today - just down the road at Mobil Karori. “We are pleased to announce the agreement with Mobil Karori. Our franchise model, which is already up and running in over 140 communities around the country, allows New Zealand Post to continue to provide services locally, while ensuring our business remains in good shape for the future,” he said, Mobil Karori retail business agent John Duignan said the

Space and Science Festival

Youth awa

The Space and Science Festival 2016 will take place on May 14 and will be hosted by Onlsow College in Johnsonville. The festival is not for profit and aims to provide amazing experiences around space and science for people of all ages. You can find more details about the event as well as pre-event activities and competitions on the space and science website www. Book tickets now as they are selling out fast.

KHANDALLAH THESPIANS Women’s playreading group, meets monthly in members homes

New members veryreceiving welcome Charlotte Hollywood her award Phone Barbara Woods

971 5464

Senior Sergeant Daniel Hughes of the Johnsonville Police station. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson

for emergencies, call the general enquiries on 3812000, or visit the police website if it is less urgent. “We will also have an up-

graded phone system installed outside the front of the station so people can pick up the phone and speak to someone after hours.”

Karori Mobil to provide postal services As of July the Mobil petrol station in Karori will offer postal, courier, bill payment and PO Box services on behalf of the New Zealand Post. New Zealand Post announced in June 2014 it was seeking a local business to provide services on its behalf in Karori and following a lengthy search, an agreement was reached with the local Mobil service station. New Zealand Post General Manager for Retail Distribution, Tracey Berry, said Karori customers would be able to

4, 20164, 2015 3 4 Wednesday Wednesday May November

services would be a welcome addition to the business. “We are proud to be part of the Karori community and to be able to offer these New Zealand Post services to our customers. “We’re also committed to ensuring people receive a high standard of service,” John said. New Zealand Post’s Karori PO Boxes will be relocated to Mobil’s premises and the services will start on July 28. Tracey said New Zealand Post would write to their PO Box customers ahead of the move

but there would be no change to PO Box numbers. “Customers looking to access over-the-counter banking, as well as more complex banking services like opening an account or applying for a home loan, can visit the New Zealand Post and Kiwibank stores in Lambton Quay, Manners Street or Featherston Street.” The existing PostShop at 261 Karori will close at 5pm on Wednesday, July 27. “Until then it’s business as usual in Karori,” Tracey said.

Sri Lankan food fair

ROAR CAFE Johnsonville Rail Station

A Sri Lankan food fair will be held at the Johnsonville Community Centre on Saturday November 7 from 10am to 2pm. The local Sri Lankan dance academy is hosting the food fair in order to fundraise towards the cost of costumes for their dancers. On the day attendees can enjoy the taste of Sri Lankan rice and curry, string hoppers, kotthu, thosai, Sri Lankan savouries, Between 7-9amGotilalong 31st on May sweets and drinks. the day to support the dance Warm up before work withacademy a latte, fl at white, or americano. and enjoy cappuccino some authentic Sri Lankan Confectionary and convenience items in store. cuisine.





NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN OHARIU JOHNSONVILLE OFFICE Level 2, 29 Broderick Rd Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-3pm FOR APPOINTMENTS 04 478 0628 Authorised by Brett Hudson, 29 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville.


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Wednesday May 4, 2016

Students swear like Shakespeare By Eleanor Wenman MASSEY JOURNALISM STUDENT Petmedz: Dogs from $39.90 High profile pet shop: Dogs from $47.86

Loud swearing is not often encouraged in libraries, but a group of children were allowed to let loose at Ngaio’s Cummings Park Library last week. Half a dozen children and

their parents joined in a unique introduction to William Shakespeare’s work. Rather than watching one of his plays or reading his sonnets, the children took a crash course on how to swear like Shakespeare by using words like “urchin-snouted”.

Conditions Apply

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Available to constituents:

Johnsonville Saturday 7 May Johnsonville Monday 9 May For appointments phone 478 0076 (J'ville office) 3 Frankmoore Ave, Johnsonville 232 5381 (Tawa office) 220B Main Road, Tawa

Samuel Lewers, 7, practices using a quill. PHOTO: Eleanor Wenman

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mean-sounding name. Christine encouraged the children not to be afraid and really get behind the words. “You’ve got to be theatrical, this is Shakespeare!” she said. One that came up was “doghearted, tottering clodpole” which in modern English would mean a cruel idiot who couldn’t walk straight. The children also practiced their penmanship with quills and wrote out their name creations. Hemani Parmar, 7, was delighted with her newly-learned skill and was particularly proud of her insult “pox-marked, warped flax-wench”. “I’m going to say it to my best friend,” she said. Jersey-Rose Perrot-Lealamanua, 7, was equally enthusiastic. “I’m going to make my own ones now!” she said.

A Wellington first for education By Sharnahea Wilson


“Shakespeare can be a risk because of the age of the children,” librarian Eloisa Ascoli said. She said the dense language he used could be hard to understand but doing it this way was “a good introduction to Shakespeare”. As part of the library’s school holiday programme, the children got a brief introduction to A Midsummer Night’s Dream and to the history of Shakespeare’s life, before learning how to call each other names using Shakespeare’s words. Librarian Christine Bucklar explained the importance of beginning each insult with “thou art” or “thou”. Then the children picked three pieces of paper, each one containing a rude word from a Shakespearean play, and combined them to make a

For the first time ever, a Wellington school had the opportunity to host an education summit run by Google training partner EdTechTeam. Amesbury School in Churton Park hosted about 250 teachers and eight EdTechTeam members at an education summit over three days from April 26-28. At the summit teachers learned about technology and programmes they could use in the classroom with the help of EdTechTeam. EdTechTeam regional director for Australia and New Zealand Kimberley Hall said the team teaches educators about Google Apps for Education and why they make classroom life more exciting. “Google Apps for Education

replicates Microsoft Office but it is Cloud based so teachers can access anything from anywhere that has the internet,” Kimberley explained. She said one major reason teachers love Google Apps is that they provide a very collaborative form of learning. “When teachers use Google Docs they can have all the kids working on the same document at the same time – it challenges the way kids work together.” Over the three day summit Kimberley and the rest of the team talked educators through online tools they could use in the classroom, starting with a keynote presentation at the beginning of each day. “Teachers get encouragement out of being able to connect with others – they are brilliant at shar-

ing with one another.” The summits are run worldwide, including one in Auckland and one in Christchurch, but this was the first summit to be held in Wellington. Amesbury School was built around contemporary and flexible learning models, Kimberley explained. “This made it the perfect place

to hold a summit.” Kimberley explained how Google’s mission was to give back to education, and how each EdTechTeam member has their own experience with education which they can share at the summits.  For more information on the summits visit www.edtechteam. com.

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Wednesday May 4, 2016

Rallying against the TPP

The same suburb for seventy-two years By Sharnahea Wilson

After spending 72 years living in the same suburb of Wellington, a Karori man and his wife decided they needed a change of scenery. Henry Brittain was born in Island Bay but moved to Karori with his family at the age of four, and until last Friday, he had lived there ever since. Henry’s family roots in Karori extend back to having an aunty who farmed there in the 1880s. Having grown up on Gipps Street, Henry attended Karori Main School which is now Karori Normal School. He recalled playing with his friends at the Wrights Hill Fortress in the 1950s where they would run away from the farmer on his horse next door and explore the tunnels with torches.

“The guns were still there then and we used to sit on them. You could turn them around and everything. It was a great place to play.” Henry then attended Wellington Boys College, which his grandson now goes to. “He is the fifth generation of our family to attend Wellington Boys and is the fi rst fifth generation student ever.” When Henry married his wife Lorraine the pair moved to Cornford Street for about five years before living on Karori Road for over 40 years. He worked for many years in government administration and spent the last 20 years of his career in police administration. Henry has always been heavily involved in the Karori community. He used to volunteer at the

MECHANICAL REPAIRS local police station and is now a trustee of the Karori Events Centre and secretary of the Karori Historical Society. Henry still has many family members living in Karori including two children and three grandchildren. He has always been fascinated by trams – he recalled how Karori got rid of the trams in 1954. Henry is now Vice President of the Tramway Museum in Queen Elizabeth Park, Paekakariki. Lorraine, who worked as a nurse in the Karori community, just recently retired so the pair decided to move out to Waikanae, Kapiti. Due to his heavy involvement in the community and his family ties there, Henry and his wife will continue to travel back and forth between Waikanae and Karori. “I was happy there,” Henry said.


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Past Karori resident Henry Brittain sits where the Karori Events Centre will go. PHOTO: Sharnahea Wilson

TPP-Free-Wellington will mark the Select Committee’s reporting day with a “Binding Referendum Rally” at Parliament. May 4 is the expected “tabling” of the Select Committee’s Report on the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement in Parliament. The nation-wide “It’s Our Future” movement, which includes the local Wellington group, told the Select Committee, “Any decision to proceed with the ratification process must include a binding referendum”. TPP-Free-Wellington called for supporters to rally this Wednesday, May 4 at 12 noon at Parliament.

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Wednesday May 4, 2016

Piano genius to awe guest conductor, Gustavo Gimeno. The massive 45-minute concerto is a monument of the repertoire, showcasing Brahms at the height of his powers.

Britain’s greatest living pianist, a fast-rising conducting star and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra will join forces to present a titan of classical music in May. Virtuoso Stephen Hough, declared one of the 25 greatest pianists of all time, will perform Johannes Brahms’ mighty Piano Concerto No. 2 with the NZSO under meteoric

 The Wellington concert will take place at Michael Fowler Centre on Friday, May 13 at 6.30pm. For tickets visit

Basic fork and rear suspension service...

Wellingtonians crazy for Cranzacs

at ...something all riders should look thly mon (6 year a once doing at least for people who ride a lot).

By Sharnahea Wilson

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President of Wellington RSA Ron Turner (left), Reese Drake from Thorndon New World, and The Breeze Wellington morning show hosts Kath Bier and morning host for The Breeze Wellington Steve Joll.

The concept of cranzac biscuits started off with a father and his children, a grandmother’s biscuit recipe, and an innovative idea. Three years ago The Breeze radio host Steve Joll was making Anzac biscuits with his children and they decided to add some cranberries for a bit of extra flavour. “I got a phone call from Steve out of the blue – he had made the biscuits at home,” New World Thorndon store manager Reese Drake said. Steve decided to contact New World to see if they would help

him make and sell the biscuits with proceeds going to the Wellington Returned and Services Association. “We had no idea what it was going to turn in to. We thought it was just a 50 packet thing,” Reese said. The cranzac biscuits flew off the shelves with 2,300 packets sold in the first year alone. The biscuits have become more and more popular each year. Thorndon New World sold 3,200 packets in the second year which “just blew [them] away”. This year the biscuits were more sought after than ever, and with a new chocolate dipped option there

were 4,400 packets sold. On the morning of April 27, from the proceeds of the 22,000 biscuits sold, The Breeze and New World handed a $6000 cheque to a representative of the Wellington RSA. In the first year the team had handmade and weighed every biscuit individually before packaging them and tying a bow on each one, Reese explained. New World has now streamlined packaging with stickers. Reece said at the end of the day it is all for a good cause. “People just get behind it, that’s Wellington for you,” he said.

Smart cities cycle: easy riding in the east We want to make it safer and easier to cycle in the eastern suburbs – have your say on possible new routes. Drop-in sessions: 4.30pm–7.30pm Wednesday 4 May; 9am–3pm, Saturday 7 May ASB Sports Centre, Kemp Street, Kilbirnie Go to Feedback closes 5pm, Monday 23 May

Wednesday May 4, 2016

Young gardeners Audrey Lim, 8, Chloe Kim, 4 and Claire Xu, 5, proudly display the akeake plants they potted.

Keen young gardeners sow seeds By Sharnahea Wilson

Seeds were planted and dirt was a-plenty at during recent gardening holiday session at the Newlands Community Centre. For the second year running the Woodridge Planters group contributed to the Newlands Community Centre holiday activities. The planters ran a gardening session for primary school children, with some keen young kindergarteners joining in the fun too. The budding gardeners learned how to sow seeds,

prick out seedlings from trays and then pot them. Each child took home an ice-cream container sown with a salad mixture, a punnet with the seeds of the rengarenga (a native lily) and even two akeake trees which they had repotted themselves. Woodridge Planters’ Michele Rowe from, with help from Peter Gilberd, set up the gardening session and said the children loved gardening. “[They] concentrate like mad and do it extremely well,” she said. Michele said the chil-

dren were not daunted by the small size of the seeds but rather they happily placed each seed one by one in the right spot. Peter said it was great to see some familiar faces at the holiday programme. "It is good to see people returning from last year, and to hear that the plants they had taken home then are thriving, and still a source of pride.” Pippa Cubey from the Newlands Community Centre said she would like to see the programme continue as a regular event. "It is great fun," she said.

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Common Unity Project Aotearoa 2014 Supreme Winners

COMMUNITY AWARDS Nominate a community group by 31 May

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Wednesday May 4, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What do you think about the new mural in Karori?

Pip Tait, Karori

Gill Davenport, Karori

Henry Brittain, Karori

Margaret Taylor, Karori

Stella Carruthers, Karori

I love it, I was really surprised about how good it turned out – it’s just spectacular.

I think it is too pale from the road, it is not until you are walking past that you get to see the intricate details.

I haven’t quite adjusted to it, you can’t quite see the words on it when you drive past but I think it is something that will grow on us.

I love it – the bird theme fits right in with the sanctuary perfectly, it supported local artists and kids were involved.

It is beautiful – it’s colourful, diverse and the fact that they used a local artist as inspiration is really important.

Longest dwelling residents The Independent Herald newspaper is looking for the longest dwelling residents in each suburb our paper covers. If you or someone you know has been living in the same suburb in the Northern or Western areas of Wellington for

many years and has a great story to tell us about how that particular suburb has changed over that time, we would love to hear from you. Send an email to and tell us all about your life in the Independent Herald catchment area.

Do you know a Local Hero? The Independent Herald, in conjunction with the Johnsonville Shopping Centre will be running a new 'Local Hero' feature. In our up-coming issues we would like to celebrate those people in the community who might not be getting the recognition they deserve for the inspiring deeds they do. Each month we will choose one Local Hero from the local community who has done a good deed (sorry no volunteer groups as we want to recognise independent individuals). This can be anything from someone

Christoph Zintl, Karori It’s awesome, there aren’t many spaces for arty things like this so I think its sensational – there should be more.

Help us find some Local Heros

raising money for a sick child, to someone dedicating their time to helping people in need. The feature will give people the chance to thank those people in the community whose good deeds might go unrecognised. Each Local Hero will be interviewed for a story with a photo and will receive a voucher for the Johnsonville Shopping Centre.  If you would like to nominate someone who fits the bill, contact Sharnahea Wilson at or on 5871660.

Enliven’s homes are different.

Enliven’s homes include:

Enliven’s homes embrace an elder-directed model of care called the Eden Alternative. That means we take every opportunity to ensure our elders have companionship, fun and meaningful activity in their lives.

• Cashmere Home, Johnsonville • Cashmere Heights Home, Johnsonville • Huntleigh Home and Retirement Apartments, Karori • Kilmarnock Heights Home, Berhampore • Longview Home, Tawa • Woburn Home and Retirement Apartments, Lower Hutt

After all, some things make for a healthier, happier life, no matter your age or ability.

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Public transport should be our top priority AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

NTA1 NTA N NT TA1 TA T A116 A 633E 633 63 33E 33 3 3E 3 E

Rest homes with spark

Wednesday May 4, 2016


Helping families Every day at The Salvation Army, the staff members see the desperation and emotional strain endured by many local and national people. Last year, over 300 families the Salvation Army had never worked with before came through their doors every week - distraught and seeking assistance. When Kiwis fall into desperate need, your donation will help them get back on their feet. To help out you can donate by calling 0800 53 00 00 or going to

‘Animals’ go on suburb safari “Wild animals” will be roaming around Wellington on a safari throughout the city’s suburbs and will make their way around iconic sites such as the Cable Car. The race to explore Wellington, as part of Orienteering Hutt Valley’s annual Metlink City Safari, will include over 700 participants. Contestants will be making their way around the city, by foot and with the use of all forms of public transport, as part of Wellington’s biggest navigation event. Metlink City Safari manager Kelvin Thiele said this year’s event would have a wild animal theme to acknowledge the new starting location at Wellington Zoo. “Teams will start the Safari ex-


ploring the Zoo and locating and identifying images of wild animals. They’ll then set off to explore the rest of the city, tracking down tigers in Miramar, meerkats in Petone and baboons in Kenepuru.” Each participant will be given a map book, which will tell them where the wild animal images are, and a day pass. The teams will then race to visit and identify as many of the wild animals as possible in the three or six hour time limit. The day pass can be used for all forms of public transport and teams can take the train to Petone, the cable car to Kelburn, the bus to Island Bay, or the ferry to Day's Bay. Greater Wellington Regional

Council and all of Wellington's public transport operators will support the event, regarding it as a great opportunity for people to experience Wellington's public transport. “Everyone is participating for the same length of time. This means it attracts a wide range of participants from families to serious athletes. Last year’s winner has gone on to win the recent Godzone Adventure Race,” Kelvin said. Categories include open, schools, young family, vets and older families.  To get more details and register for the Metlink City Safari, go to


REALISE YOUR SON’S FULL POTENTIAL Register your interest at


Wednesday May 4, 2016

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Just Cuts™ Johnsonville

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New chapter for City Council libraries The Wellington City Council run libraries will step into the future with a brand new, modernised issuing system. A new Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) selfservice book issuing system will soon be installed across all Wellington City Council libraries. Customers from all 12 branches will be able to self-issue up to five books in one scan.

The Central Library will go live with the new system at the end of May. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown was impressed with the RFID machines and said they would be quicker and would make using the library a more simple exercise. “Our libraries are focused on meeting customer needs and the new equipment will enable staff to spend more

time answering customer inquiries and providing agespecific programmes for pre-schoolers through to seniors,” she said. Councillor Sarah Free, Council’s community facilities portfolio leader, said the upgrade would offer users the best of modern technology. “I'm pleased to say there will be no staff reductions as a result of this upgrade.” She said the librarians at each branch were incredibly knowledgeable and the technology meant they would be able to focus on helping people find specialised resources or use library services. While the installation is underway, city libraries will offer free replacement library cards to use with the new machines.

‘Oversubscribed’ arts fund (Rain day 16th May*)

MONDAY 9TH MAY - 9.30 to noon*


Nau mai, haere mai

POP-UP Playcentre carpentry • water • clay • messy play • construction • paint • big muscle play

CFCI Bible College Wellington Campus

A significant expansion of Wellington City Council’s ‘seriously oversubscribed’ arts fund was proposed at a recent meeting of the council’s economic growth and arts committee. The committee agreed to allocate about $400,000 in funding to 26 organisations and events, including the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society and the New Zealand Portrait Gallery. A further $69,000 was allocated to an extra 20 organisations and initiatives for one-off projects. The majority of committee members agreed

an increase in the arts and culture fund should be considered as part of the 2016-17 Annual Plan deliberations. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown said all the organisations that applied to the council made “hugely important” contributions to Wellington’s ‘creative capital’ status. “These groups not only make the city compellingly attractive to Wellingtonians but they also enhance the capital’s reputation both nationally and internationally.” Committee Chair and

Onslow-Western Ward Councillor Jo Coughlan said all the organisations that have secured threeyear funding arrangements make contributions which provide opportunities for the city’s arts communities. “These organisations are critical to Wellington. They are considered a feature of Wellington’s unique sense of place.” Mrs Coughlan said it was a real priority for the Wellington City Council to put more focus on the arts funding and to strengthen the city’s creative capital status.




Apply now for 2017 CFC International Bible College launched a campus in the Wellington region in 2013. The College offers a Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor’s degree in Practical Ministries (internationally accredited TACI). Founder, Dr Theo Wolmarans from South Africa has been instrumental in planting over 300 churches and 47 Bible Colleges worldwide to date. To request more information contact: Classes are held one evening a week with live teaching and DVDs. CFCI BC Wellington Campus Victory Christian Centre 445 High Street, Lower Hutt P 04 5689 479

Got a story you think is news?

SUN 15 MAY 2PM FRI 20 MAY 9.30AM Register Online

Phone Sharnahea Wilson (04) 587 1660


Wednesday May 4, 2016

Wellington Better Home & Living Show for sustainable home, garden and better living. 6 - 8 MAY 2016 Fri, Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm Solutions





Tomorrow’s Ideas, Today, at the Better Home & Living Show The Wellington Better Home & Living Show will throw open its doors this Friday, bringing with it the latest on how to improve our homes and our lifestyles. For three days, over 200 exhibitors will gather at the Westpac Stadium to showcase emerging trends, cuttingedge innovations and industry expertise. Five distinct sections will feature the best in homes, gardens, bodies and minds, transport and community groups. Even better, visitors will be treated to show-only bargains that they won’t find anywhere else. Director, Daniel Joll says, “This is a must-see event for those of us wanting to enhance our homes and improve our lives. Wellingtonians can look forward to a show packed with inspiration, innovation and expert advice. There will be a good range of heating options, plus a huge variety of beds and bedding. Kitchens, bathrooms, plants and garden equipment, furniture, home décor, flooring and solar solutions will be on display, as well as fuelefficient cars, health products, bee keeping, electric bikes – and everything in between. There really will be something for everyone.” One lucky show visitor will win “The Newstalk ZB Healthy You”, a fantastic home and lifestyle package worth $13,000. This comprises a Fujitsu e3 high wall heat pump and installation valued at $3,500 from Frost Industries; a Slumberzone Pandora queensize mattress and base valued at $3,699 from House of Beds; $3,000 worth of paint, wallpaper and/or curtains from Resene; plus home insulation from Insulmax to the value of $3,000. To enter, visitors only need supply their contact details on arrival. The winner will be drawn when the show closes on Sunday evening and will be announced on Newstalk ZB the following day. Winter is all about keeping the home warm and dry, so there will be a great selection of heating and insulation, along with more indulgent ways to keep warm. Saunas will be on offer, and for the first time at the show, Stoked Stainless Ltd will be featuring its stylish, wood-fired Hot tubs, electric spas and bath tubs. Each is handmade in New Zealand, using stainless steel and cedar - all will have an average of $300 discounted off it during the show. Just a few of the other stand-out show

specials can be found at the Kitchen Studio site, where they will be giving a maximum $5,000 giveaway with every kitchen booked at the show (conditions apply). The bulgari gold display kitchen, which will feature an alpine white benchtop, an island, corner pantry and double Smeg oven, will also be on sale for a super-special price. The team at the Gas Hub will be offering a free connection to natural gas if homes are within 40 metres of the gas main in the street, saving homeowners around $2,000. Meanwhile Mitre 10 will be taking 30% off the purchase price of Pink Batts and Green Stuff roof and underfloor insulation (both installed by Pink Fit). They will also be throwing in a free flue with every wood-burning fire bought at the show. In addition to a whole host of other showonly specials, the ‘Informed Living’ seminar series will provide hot tips and expert advice from industry professionals. The free daily talks will cover bathroom and kitchen design, renovating, maximising outdoor spaces, choosing colour and maintaining a healthy back. The show runs for three days, with the Sunday being Mother’s Day, so why not treat mum to a day filled with inspiration for the home and her wellbeing? In keeping with the occasion, the Wellington Floral Art Society’s ‘Designer of the Year’ competition is themed ‘To Mother With Love’. The popular show feature attracts entries from the region’s top floral designers and is always a crowd pleaser.

TOP: Amazing Pots will be showcasing their gorgeous range of indoor & outdoor pots, imported from Italy & South Africa. The pots are durable but light-weight & are so stylish that they don’t need plants to look good. LEFT: Check out the foldable electric bikes from Ezirider that fit in your boot and have a 60 km range. RIGHT: Stoked Stainless Steel Ltd will have their handmade, wood-fired hot tubs, electric spas and bath tubs on display.


The ‘Informed Living’ Seminar Series Free daily seminars - Fri, Sat & Sun (located downstairs, between aisles 4 & 5, on the left) 10.30 am 11.30 am 12.30 pm 1.30 pm 2.30 pm 3.30 pm

This is just a minute taste of what is on offer – for a full serving, head to the Better Home & Living Show and experience it for yourself!

Westpac Stadium, Waterloo Quay 6-8 May 2016 Fri, Sat & Sun 10-5 Adult $8, Senior Special (Fri) $5, Under 16 free

Painting Sustainably Resene Colour Expert Achieving Renovations In Budget & On Time Experts from Refresh Renovations Designing Your Dream Bathroom Jeff Barnes, Bathroom Direct Inspiring Kitchen Design & Latest Trends Debra & Tony DeLorenzo, One Ranfurly Ltd Maximising Outdoor Spaces Steph Smith, Big Mac Slabs Furniture How to Keep Your Back in Top Condition Dr Roz Griffiths, Chiropractic Balance

THE BETTER WAY TO FLOSS Floss with water. The New Aquapick AQ - 300 is quick, effective, and gentle. Perfect for those with implants, bridges, braces, retainers… See us this weekend at the Better Home and Living Expo at the Westpac Stadium.


For general enquiries you can email Should you have a more specific enquiry you can also contact one of the District Officers or Field Officers. Simply call 0800 PEOPLE (0800 - 736 753). Your call will be answered by one of our designated 0800 officers. Answer phones may be operating in some areas at certain times. Should this be the case, just leave your name and number and we’ll call you back.

Empowering you to be a successful speaker Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is more than 332,000 memberships. Members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 15,400 clubs in 135 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations. We empower individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders. Toastmasters hold four annual speech contests and one contest goes through from club to international level. District 72 New Zealand takes pride in having had two World Champions of Public Speaking - David Nottage in 1996 and Brett Rutledge in 1998. David was the first New Zealander to win the World Championship, and has since established himself as a successful communication and public speaking trainer. When Brett joined a Toastmasters club he did not imagine that public speaking would provide him with a way of turning his unusual talent of imitating famous voices

into a full-time career as a corporate speaker and entertainer. In 2010, Robin Grieve was one of the nine finalists in the World Championship contest, although he was unplaced. In 2011, Kingi Biddle repeated Robin’s achievement as a World Championship finalist, but was also unplaced. In 2013, Kingi Biddle was runner-up to the World Champion. The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. Every Toastmasters journey begins with a single speech. During their journey, they learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback—and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership.

12 Wednesday May 4, 2016

LookingBack In this months Flashback segment we will delve into the archives of the Independent Herald and revisit some old issues to see what has changed between then and now. In this months Flashback, we go back to page 3, February 8, 1990.

A life time love of the theatre By Sharnahea Wilson

Melissa Armstrong 26 years later.

Following the original article in the Independent Herald, in 1991 Melissa Armstrong attended the National Theatre Ballet School in Melbourne. “At the time the school was directed by Ann Jenner who trained me one-on-one to return to Wellington to take part in the AHA awards, where I made the top 11. At the end of the year I was awarded a scholarship and an award for excellence,” Melissa explained. At the end of that year the keen dancer auditioned for the Australian Ballet School and was accepted. She then spent three years at the school being taught by Australia’s best teachers. “At the end I was lucky enough to guest with the Australian Ballet in their production of La Fille mal Gardee,” Melissa said. “Sadly, at the end of my training I received a bad injury. I took a year off back in Wellington to recover, but never returned to ballet.” After Melissa’s ballet career ended she moved to Sydney to study Information Technology at university. “During this time I was working full time for some large

corporations, but the theatre was still in the back of my mind.” In her late 20s Melissa attended the Sydney Theatre School, got a Diploma in Performance and has since worked in film, television and theatre. “My love for [the theatre] is hard to explain. It’s sometimes terrifying – auditions are horrendous – but when I’m performing, whether it be dance or acting, I feel nothing but joy.” Melissa has performed in several independent plays in Sydney as well as television commercials, shows such as Home and Away and Love Child, and a couple of American crime shows. “My acting career has slowed down [over] the past few years after having my son (now two and a half) and I now have another on the way (due in July),” Melissa explained. She said acting takes 100 per cent commitment, which is something she now gives to her family. “Currently when I’m not caring for my son I am working as an illustrator/designer, represented by a London and New York based art agent, with my art being used for products and fabric all over the globe.”

Community working bee The Onslow Enviro Group welcomed members of the local community to help with a planting and weeding Johnsonville Community Garden working bee on June 5 from

AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

(adjacent to Bannister Ave).  To RSVP to the working bee visit https://www.neighbourly.

Want to improve your child’s confidence and equip them with skills that will help them in whatever their future holds?

NTA1633C A1

Make things safer even if it delays traffic

10.35am to 12pm. The native trees they will be planting will help to provide a wind break for the community garden that is being established on Table Mountain at Onslow College

At Kids 4 Drama we create a safe and encouraging environment for students to learn strong acting and performance skills, with unique lessons packed with fun games, challenging exercises and exciting performance opportunities. We have classes suitable for all ages and also offer a Professional Development class for older students wanting to grow as a performer. Join us for a full scale production where we re devise the classic tale of Peter Pan. Auditions will be held in Term 2, contact us to book your audition space.

To book a free trial class or contact us about our production call 0800 BASTAR or email

Wednesday May 4, 2016

The friendly staff from Johnsonvale Home.

“We’re like one big family” With 60 friendly and dedicated staff members, you can rest assured your loved ones will be well looked after at Johnsonvale Home. Clinical operational manager Brenda Wright said all of the rooms have been renovated recently. “We pulled out all of the old infrastructure and replaced it – every room got a makeover.” The friendly, homely nature of Johnsonvale sets the home apart from the rest. With a welcoming environment, residents get to know the staff as well as each other which creates a

family-like atmosphere. “The staff here treat the residents as if they were our own relations – we’re like one big family.” As the head of activities, divisional therapist Dee Wilkinson, ensured the residents are always happy and entertained with activities running eight hours a day, six days a week. “We have a lot of themed nights where we decorate the home, residents dress up and family members come along.” Johnsonvale Home hosts themed nights on special occasions including Easter, Valen-

We have limited space available! Call now and chat to Brenda

Ph: 04 478 4023

tine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and birthdays. “If there’s something to celebrate, we will do it,” Dee said. The residents also go out on regular trips to farms, museums and the movies as well as having regular entertainment from talented pianists and Irish dancers. Some residents will be taking a trip to a nearby rest home for a bowls tournaments while others will enjoy a fancy high tea for Mother’s Day. Brenda said the home has a fantastic Chef on hand who changes the menu on a regular

basis and caters for all residents nutritional needs. The Home provides Rest Home beds as well as Hospital beds for residents who may need extra care and a Registered Nurse is on-hand 24 hours a day. She said there are day care and respite care options for people who may need to go away for a week and want to rest easy knowing their loved ones will be well cared for. Brenda encouraged people who are looking for a nice home for their family members to come to Johnsonvale and have a personal tour.

16-18 Earp Street, Johnsonville Email: cm.johnsonvale



Wednesday May 4, 2016

Keeping it

supporting your community






Petcurean GO!



Melissa Jane Flower Studio has a busy week ahead preparing for Mother’s day this Sunday, 8th of May. We have put together some beautiful gift packs which are available on our online shop and there is lots more to choose from in store. We will be delivering

flowers all over Wellington this weekend and our shop in Ngaio will be open this Saturday and Sunday 9AM-4PM. Order your Mum a beautiful gift now by visiting, 55B Ottawa Road, Ngaio or phoning 04 390 1087

CARTRIDGE WORLD Bill Swan – the owner of Cartridge World says, “it just makes sense to reuse or recycle cartridges instead of throwing them away. Cartridge World can save you money while also saving the environment. Current information

suggests that cartridges that end up in the local landfills, take up to 450 years before they begin to break down!” For more information about Cartridge World, go to .

Putting more “life” into everyday dogs.



• help your dog stay strong and fit • for dogs with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs • providing preventive care to keep dogs healthy for life




Johnsonville & Karori

DanceXercise is a unique and quality community dance fitness project for adults, developed by dance teacher and choreographer Tania Kopytko. Using different dance and movement techniques we explore movement, posture, breathing, suppleness, strength and relaxation. We have great fun and leave happy and exercised. Term

two starts with some jazzy, rhythmic dance as we explore the roots of dance. Since starting in March more and more enthusiasts are enjoying the mix of music and dance styles. “It’s so much fun”, “it’s therapeutic”, “great variety”, “lovely friendly people”, say our dancers! Term 2 runs 3 May to 7 July.

ANIMAL MEDICAL CENTRE Make your pet healthier, happier and more alert on GO!™. The Go!™ range includes high protein, lower carb recipes that help your pet stay strong and fit, recipes formulated for animals with food sensitivities and specific dietary needs, and recipes that provide preventative care to keep your pet healthy for life.

Petcurean’s GO!™ formulas are prepared with a balanced blend of premium quality protein from chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, and trout; plus fruits, veggies, herbs, and berries. GO!™ is available in whole grain and grain free recipes, and has zero growth hormones, by-products, or artificial preservatives.

10 Burgess Road (1st left next to KFC)


Ample off street Parking




REFILL & SAVE! Johnsonville Store Open: Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm Saturday 10am – 2pm 21 Burgess Road, Johnsonville Tel: (04) 478 2832 Karori Store Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am – 1pm 274 Karori Road, Karori Tel: (04) 282 0154 Why Pay more to print?

With local experience behind him in the garden maintenance sector Grass-Man is the person to contact when you need that advice and extra hand. Autumn is the time of year when lawns (and weeds) are growing strongly – sometimes it can become a bit of a chore and this is when you

wish you had someone to provide that help to free up the afternoon to get on with other pursuits. Grass-Man also does window cleaning so why not call him and have both things done together. He can be contacted on 027 800 9132 and currently offers at least 20% off any quoted price.

SMAQ FASHION SMAQ is a new fashion and accessories shop located in Johnsonville Shopping Centre near Muffin Break. We provide a unique style of fashion for men and women. Our style is classic because it is handpicked from different places in Southeast Asia. We try to help poor villages in countries like the Philippines by buying their unique creations.

Handmade, crafted by their innate talent, and a labour of love are just some of the aspects we want to share on every product sold in our shop. We value the talent of less privileged people. By buying their creations, you are putting a nice meal on their table. We keep our advocacy by selling other products to provide more funding to our mission.



Grass-Man and Weeds Cut Grass at a Cut Price


DanceXercise is a tailored, innovative, quality dance fitness project for adults

20% OFF

If you like different styles of dance and music, plus exercise in a friendly, fun atmosphere – this is for you

If you like to have your lawns mowed, but think it’s too expensive, we will beat any quoted price by at least 20%.

Call us

027 800 9132

Bring something new and fresh into your life - DanceXercise When and where – Term 2 now underway Tuesday: 9.30 to 10.30am at Karori at St Ninian’s Church Hall Wednesday: 9.30 to 10.30am Khandallah Presbyterian Church Thursday: 9.30 to 10.30am at Ngaio Town Hall

Information and registration Tutor: Tania Kopytko, Mob 027 631 0105;

Shop 9 Johnsonville Shopping Centre Ph: 04 478 2534

Ph 04 479 5084


Wednesday May 4, 2016

Voix de Femmes prepare for their May 19 concert in Wadestown.

An enchanting choir concert By Sharnahea Wilson

A Wellington chamber choir will be singing a repertoire of French and English music at their upcoming concert in Wadestown. Wadestown choir director Marie Brown MNZM will be leading Voix de Femmes in their concert at St Lukes Anglican Church. Wellington’s chamber choir for women was formed with the support of the Alliance Française Wellington – a French language school. The choir’s broad repertoire specialises in choral works by both French and New Zealand composers, and they sing in a variety of musical styles. “My purpose is to focus on New Zealand and French music so it is quite specialised,” Marie said. “It’s really lovely to focus on the

two countries.” The singers have been putting on three concerts per year for the last four years and have sung regularly at French Embassy and Alliance Francaise celebrations. “Last year’s theme was ‘post cards’ which was based on World War I. It was a wonderful exploration of music,” Marie said. She said a highlight of the programme for the first concert of 2016 would be Les Sirenes by famous French pianist Lili Boulanger. The piece was first performed in one of Lili’s élite salon concerts in 1912. The sirens, described as mythical seductive sea creatures, had the power with their beautiful voices to lure sailors to destruction on the rocks. “Everything in the concert

Thinking of Buying or Selling?


has a sea theme which ties the programme together nicely.” Marie, who was honoured last year for her services to choral music, will be joined by pianist Janey Mackenzie and soprano soloist Alicia Cadwgan. There will also be a French poetry reading during the concert which Marie said is a regular component of the choir’s concerts. Tickets for the concert on May 19 cost $20 and are available from the choir or at the door. Voix de Femmes will also be singing a selection of the programme in a one-hour free concert in the Marae at Te Papa on Sunday, May 8 at 3pm.

Success with Steve! Steve Fejos - Auction Manager

M: 027 562 1777 P: 04 803 1768 F: 04 803 1750

Team Wellington Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008 Level 1, 54-56 Cambridge Terrace Te Aro


this month on listed produc ts offered

Products we offer:  Venetians  Verticals  Rollershades  Sunscreens  Honeycomb  Whispershades  Verosol Pleated  Masterwoods  Countrywoods  Awnings

We are your local agent for Weathermaster and products. Please contact us at Mob: 027 508 7724 | Ph: 04 235 7744 Email: See our showroom at 21 Kenepuru Drive Porirua (inside Bathroom Direct) Open Tuesday to Friday 10am till 3pm. Saturday 9am to 1pm.

For more information or to purchase tickets phone 04 476 9062 or visit

*Conditions apply.




Want to know your Home’s value in today’s market? Phone 803 1768 today for










SO or

64 Barnard Street, Wadestown Open Homes: Sunday 8th May 1.00pm to 1.30pm




Calling all first home buyers and property investors! This is a great opportunity to get onto the property ladder or to add to your investment portfolio. • 3 Double Bedrooms • Eat in Kitchen • Living Room with small Deck • Bathroom with combined laundry • Rateable Value $390,000 • Floor Area 110 m2, Land Area 577 m2 • 1960’s - Traditional Weather Board Construction. While the property is below the road, the walk down is well worth the effort to what can only be described as your very own sanctuary overlooking the Harbour and Wellington City. Tenders close at 1.00pm on Thursday 19th May 2016. (If not sold prior) For further information including 8-page brochure & interactive floor plan view &

Steve Fejos M 0275 621 777 A/H 04 212 6772

149A Washington Avenue, Brooklyn




A modern home built in the 1990’s to capture the views and sun. Located in the traditional suburb of Brooklyn the property is currently tenanted and has the potential to add value. Double Garage and North-west facing deck. - 3 Double Bedrooms - Large Open Plan Kitchen/ Dining/- Lounge which opens to a Deck - Main Bathroom with shower & bath - Separate toilet - Double Garage Plus 2 further Car pads - Floor area 133m2 - Land area 337m2 - Built 1990’s - Sloping section, partially fenced. - Views over Brooklyn & western hills. For further information including VIDEO 8-page brochure & interactive floor plan & &

Steve Fejos M 0275 621 777 A/H 04 212 6772


Wednesday May 4, 2016

Mothers-day A mother will walk the extra mile just to see her children smile. She'll work her fingers to the bone to make a house into a home.

Ideas Gift Store

Mother’s Day Special $10 off your

purchase, enter MDAY10 online

Merino Fingerless Gloves Made in NZ Mention this ad for a free gift with purchase

Visit us at 188b Main Road Tawa Phone 232 8918

We deliver Wellington-wide!



Mother’s Day this year is May 8th, and we have a very special day planned for mums! Join us from 10am here at The Salvation Army Johnsonville.

Open Saturday AND Sunday Mother’s Day weekend

Twisted Willow Florist 188A Main Road, Tawa | (04)232-3115



Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day Style Cut, Blowave, luxury treatment, and an eye trio (eyebrow shape, tint and eyelash tint) for $80.00 valued at $140.00 With every $50 voucher we’ll give her another $25 FREE

29 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville | 477 6455 |

a free Mother’s Day


Five manicures to be won daily

4-8 May

* Terms and conditions apply. Excludes spend at Countdown.

Spend $20 in store and


Relax with Mum over a cuppa this Mother's Day Harney & Sons wishes you a special Mother's Day

Wednesday May 4, 2016

Dinner party themed dance collective Two women from the northern suburbs have choreographed dance pieces and will be performing in the upcoming Crows Feet Dance Collective work ‘Hakari - Dinner Party’. Crows Feet Dance Collective will take Judy Chicago’s famous 1970s art installation Dinner Party as inspiration for its latest show. The collective is for women aged 35 plus who wish to dance and perform. Co-directed by Jan Bolwell and ex-director of Toi Whakaari, Annie Ruth, the performance is set to be an exhilarating combination of dance, language, visual imagery and music. “Judy Chicago, in her art making, celebrated famous women almost entirely within the Western tradition. We wanted to focus on famous women from our part of

the world, Asia and the Pacific,” Jan said. The directors have chosen 10 inspiring women who were controversial, loved, revered, loathed and vilified. Among those 10 were Kate Sheppard and Dame Whina Cooper. Khandallah Ballet Academy teacher Carolyn McKeefry and dance exercise teacher Tania Kopytko have been members of the dance collective for 10 years. The pair contributed their teaching, choreographic and performance skills to the group. Four Crows Feet groups will combine for this major production. Carolyn’s group will present a contemporary Indian style dance inspired by Indira Ghandi and Indian dance styles. Tania’s group on the other hand will present two dance pieces that will celebrate the tennis champion Evonne Goolagong.

Churton Park Community Centre There are all sorts of fun and interesting classes taking place throughout the coming month. Regular classes are back in action as of May 2. From Tuesday May 3 until Tuesday June 21 there will be a new term of painting classes from 10am-12pm. There will also be a few one-off events at the centre such as ‘Detox Your Life’ where people can learn how to identify and avoid toxins in their food, body care and cleaning products. For more information on the goings on at the community centre visit the Wellington City Council website.

Crows Feet Dance Collective members Tania Kopytko and Carolyn McKeefry. Three performances will take place at Whitireia Performance Centre in Te Aro, from May 27-29. To book tickets visit

History behind the music Music Planet started as Mainline music in 1980 selling a wide range of pianos, organs and keyboards. The business now has 11 stores trading as Music Planet across New Zealand, selling a wide range of musical instruments and sound equipment. Owner Roger Smith said the Wellington store was established when owners purchased Piano House of New Zealand which was in the old picture theatre in Riddiford St. “Our constant aim is to offer the most friendly, sincere and helpful

advice while presenting the best possible product range at the keenest prices and value,” Roger said. “Customer loyalty and satisfaction is the thing we strive for most. “We are New Zealand agents for many famous brands such as C Bechstein Pianos (Germany), Schimmel Pianos (Germany), Kohler and Campbell Pianos (Korea), Korg and Kurzweil keyboards, Vox Amps, Fender and Martin Guitars and we cover price ranges from entry level to professional.” PBA

We all need our own space AGREE DISAGREE

158 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington Ph: 04-382 9030.


Animates introduces its Autumn Winter 2016 collection for dogs


158 Victoria St, Te Aro, Wellington Ph: 04-382 9030.

LEFT: Baxter in his ontrend purple jacket RIGHT: Bella in her winter knitwear

Animates, which has one of the biggest ranges of pet supplies and pet products in the country, has just launched its Autumn Winter 2016 collection for dogs. The range, which includes fashion and bedding, is designed to keep your dog warm as well as stylish this winter. The looks include: • Cozy outwear – cute and comfortable ways to keep your dog warm and protect them from the wind, rain or snow. As modelled by Baxter, who loves frisbees, cuddles and farmlife, the range features the Good 2 Go multi-stripe knit with pompom dog hat and a selection of super warm jackets in a range of fabrics and colours including this season’s on-trend colour purple. In addition there are doggy beds to match your pup’s style! • Statement coats – compliment your outdoor look with a statement coat for your precious pup. The range features a selection of super stylish coats ranging from the Bond & Co polka dot bomber dog jacket to the camo shearling wrap dog jacket.

The Yours Droolly dog mattress or square sided blue dog bed are also guaranteed to be a hit. • Winter knitwear – perfect for a wintery weekend out and about. As modelled by Bella, a sassy fashionista who has her own wardrobe, the range features a selection of snuggly and affordable jumpers including the cable knot Bond & Co Henley dog sweater and on-trend Argyle dog sweater. The one stop shop for all your pet requirements, Animates also offers a range of grooming services at selected stores to ensure your dog steps out in style. If you’re not sure about sizing why not come in and see our friendly staff who are on hand to help you with all your pet care needs. The Autumn Winter 2016 collection is now available in the Lower Hutt, Coastlands, Porirua and Kaiwharawhara stores as well as stores nationwide and online. Fashion range prices start from $14.98.  To view the collection or find out more about the grooming services go to

NTA1633A 633A A

By Sharnahea Wilson



Wednesday May 4, 2016


Exp e h t l l Ca


fie r i e h t n ts i


Lawn & Garden Services

Glass Experts

Relax and enjoy your weekends Let us take care of your Lawns and Gardens



We are a locally owned and operated business offering quality and affordable lawn and garden care Call us today for a free no obligation quote

• Lawn Maintenance • Rental Property Care • Garden Maintenance • Pre-sale grooming • Hedge/Tree Trimming • House/Pathway Washing Oliver Stent • 027 349 7731


All Insurance Work and WINZ quotes welcome. Members of Window Assoc. of NZ Ltd

Free quotes, advice and consultation ALL WINDOW REPAIRS



PORIRUA 237 0120 WELLINGTON 472 2663




LOWER HUTT 570 1596 UPPER HUTT 527 0121

Email: Website:  Home Glazing  Commercial Glazing  Double Glazing  Picture Framing  Shelves & Sliding Doors  Sound Reduction  Crystal Repairs  All Mirror Work

 Glass Splashbacks  Rear Vision Mirrors  Coloured & Heritage Glazing  Cat Doors  Firedoor Glass Aluminum  Table Tops Window & Door  Glass Blocks Maintenance  Reputtying

Mower & Heating Services

See us for all your chainsaw and heating requirements! We specialise in: TAWA CHAINSAWS from $329 Element Roofing are committed to providing great quality corrugated metal roofing to all of it’s clients throughout Wellington. Whether you are looking for a new roof or to re-roof, Element Roofing specialises in top quality roofing. Working only with quality products including COLORSTEEL®, Marley, Earthwool & more, Element Roofing ensures that all work completed is of excellent quality. Element Roofing prides itself in providing only the best service for all of their clients. With over 10 years experience in the Residential and commercial building industry, Element Roofing are the people you call for all of your Roofing needs. No job too big or too small.

Goals and values We use only top quality colour steel products

Provide exceptional customer service

Guaranteed work

100% watertight home

Solid work, solid service

Professional quality service

Mark: 021 0811 9993 Kyle: 027 687 7557 0508-roof-roof

We stock quality Husqvarna and Echo chainsaws. Our showroom has a wide range for you to choose from.

FIREPLACES We have a range of fireplaces on display both inbuilt and freestanding. We are agents for Masport, Osburn, Magnum and Wagener and can provide quotes for the supply and installation of fires as well as repair services.


242 Main Rd, Tawa. Ph 232 8266 Email: |

Wednesday May 4, 2016


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Hair and Beauty


Introducing your #1






Don’t undersell your biggest asset! Call us on 04 477 4450 for the best results, best service and award winning results.

Team YIP

Value up to $260

Receive: - In depth consultation - Shampoo service & head massage - Global Colour or Half Head Foils * - Goldwell Colour Lock Treatment - Style Cut & Blow Wave

William YIP Fei Corey Carleen

* Global colour is permanent or semi-permanent colour. Foils can be both highlights or lowlights. One or several

colours. Extras: Long/Thick hair from $10 extra. Upgrade to Full Head Foils or Balayage from $35. Colour in between foils from $30. Toner (if needed with foils) from $20. CALL

Licensed Salesperson REAA 2008

04 499 0000 or 0800 400 300 TO BOOK

William YIP

37 salons nationwide | 7 Wellington Salons | Offer valid for new clients or clients who have not visited a Vivo salon in over six months. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher. Offer valid at Vivo Dixon Street only.

Furniture Experts

Home Service Specialists

GrassPro Synthetic Turf


Why not have the best?

Seeing & Feeling is BELIEVING!

From Wellington’s specialist outlet, supplying beautiful furniture for over 30 years including Dining Suites, Buffets, Entertainment Cabinets, Bookcases, Bedroom Suites and more

We will make to measure, any wood, any colour.

GrassPro is a new division of The ProGroup. We can transform those areas on your property that just will not grow, or perhaps grow too well, and are hard to access and keep maintained. Synthetic Turfs have come along way since the 80s, we have a range of high quality, realistic looking and feeling turfs, that are designed for our harsh UV conditions. We specialise in the Residential and Inner City market, so don`t be shy about enquiring, even if its just a small area you need help with.

We can have your existing wooden furniture resurfaced, repaired, repolished. Phone us with your requirements. Visit our NEW Showroom: 47 M Kenepuru Drive Porirua (Opposite ESR) Open Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon - 10am to 4pm or by appointment - Ph: 237 2182 - FREE DELIVERY greater Wellington area -

No allergies, mowing, trimming, watering, weeding, just enjoy a perfect lush green lawn 365 days of the year!

Perfect for inner city apartment decks and balconies, residential lawns, townhouse complexes, playgrounds and conservatories.

GrassPro Dura Turf is the perfect option for any areas where natural grass simply will not grow, or those frustrating patches of grass that are either too difficult to mow or just not worth getting the mower out for!

Convenient & practical, you will be amazed at how incredibly natural the turf looks and feels – just like the real thing! Safe, family and pet friendly, lead free, easy to maintain, highly engineered & UV stabilised.

PH: 04 2327133 or MOBILE: 0275 822133

20 Wednesday May 4, 2016

David Lewis E: P: 587 1660 Trades and Services

“We are doing a rehash of the Wednesday May I4,put 2016 very first show on, but 21 we are also including ‘To the Public Notice Directors Circus’ Funeral which we have never done before. Raffle Results for the Johnsonville BUILDING/PAINTING prompt service, reasonable “We have strong men, tightCORD Group rates. Free quotes. Phone 04 977-7850 or 027-451SALES rope walkers, lion tamers and 1st - F16 Red Hearts 5005. Steve Maggs more, Dip. FDand it will be a very full 2nd - E70 Blue Circles E: entertaining show for all CRAFTSMAN Cnrand Burgess & Johnsonville Rds, 3rd - F40 Yellow Hearts ages,” Fiona said. PLUMBER P: 587 1660 Johnsonville Qualified for: 4th - F65 Yellow Hearts REG DRAINLAYER Students aged three to 18 Alterations, Additions Ph: 04 477 6855 5th - A50 Orange Circles NEWLANDS INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL Graham Plumbing & years from both Karori and Drainage Ltd Raffle was drawn on May 2nd, 2016 by the John- Refurbishment, Repairs PARENT ELECTION NOTICE Brooklyn Studios are busy Ph Allan Johnstone: by: Genx Distribution Call John Distribution sonville Police. preparing for the up-coming 970 2409 973 1239 Board of Trustees’ Election or 027 457 4999 production. 027 450 3239 2 Wednesday November 18, 2015 Nominations are invited for the election of 5 parent representatives (04) 970 0439 Senior students not only get to the board of trustees. to show off their dance skills How to reach us A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be but also have to learn how to posted to all eligible voters. Motorists can expect more The closuresact will begin attell Walker detourswith would bebody “We’re doing Board of Trustees’ and a said story Toeverythi the You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you closures along State Highway 10pm and the motorway will in place and everyone would be can to minimise disru 1 next weekend. re-open at 7am on Sunday able to get where they wanted which is why we’re doin language and mime, Fiona Telephone (04) 587 1660 can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both parts of the form). T h e h ig hway b e t we e n morning and 5.30am on Mon- to go at all times. the middle of the night d Election wonde Ngauranga and Thorndon was day morning. All lanes in both However, he said people said. the weekend.” Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school closed last weekend and wash will directions will be closed. should allow more time for He said the last moto • Exterior soft Johnsonville “You “I am to have close copies once againweekly on Saturday Despite the closure, Wel-very their lucky journeys during these my closures took place in A office. P.O.ABC Box 38-776, Nominations are invited for the election of 3 parent •WMC Lawns • Hedges Audit 2012: 24,456 clean lington 28• andSpouting Sunday 29 of November. Highway Manager, Neil times. and went like clockwork 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661 them w mother, Katie Haines, on board representatives to the Board of Trustees. Nominations close at noon on Friday, 20 May 2016 and may be Independent Herald • Sections • Gardens • Gold card discount SALES accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. to four as she was not only a ballet The largest circulating newspaper in A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations MANAGER: SMARTWASH SYSTEM Ph: 499 9919West & Northern dancer and teacher but was or so y The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be Wellington Stephan van Rensburg will be posted to all eligible voters. The Safe suburbs Low Pressure Clean or 0800 586 008 viewed during normal school hours. “I lov also a drama and mime tutor so CALL ERIN You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate 587 1660 FOR A P:FREE QUOTE There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, pop in the girls are lucky to have her 0800 86 77 27 or you can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both for inspection at the school. in on w expertise during rehearsals,” REPORTER: Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside parts of the form). Sharnahea Wilson Voting closes at noon on 3 June 2016. Continued from page 1 Fiona she said. E: Wellington SuburbanTwenty Newspapers years ago Fiona,Ltd from Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the Glennis Cashmore P: 587 1660 All Painting Fiona said she has had great many Haines DanceServices Academy, @ PAINTING TEAM Fiona school office. put together a show based on Returning Officer pleasure in teaching over the time a Exc. Refs. Comp. the classic fairy tale Pinocchio, GRAHAM’S PAINTERS YOUR LOCAL and NEWSPAPER this year’s show is set to be Nominations close at noon on 20 May 2016 and may be SALES Rates. All work past 20 years and has had some that are betterExterior/Interior than ever.

Dana Brown



Churton Park School

State 1 to close H UHighway SE


An old fairy tale comes back to life

Board of Trustees’ Election Nominations are invited for the election of 3 parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both parts of the form). Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 3 June 2016. Carolyn Hull Returning Officer

“We are doing a rehash of the very first show I put on, but we are also including ‘To the Circus’ which we have never done before. “We have strong men, tightrope walkers, lion tamers and Steve Maggs more, and it will be a very full E: and entertaining show for all ages,” Fiona said. P: 587 1660 Students aged three to 18 Johnsonville: 4 Moorefield Road years from both Karori and Registered Electricians Brooklyn Studios are busy Distribution by: Genx Distribution preparing for the up-coming ~ Pensioner Discounts ~ production. (04) 970 0439 Senior students not only get Tawa: 157 Main Road show off their dance skills but also have to learn how to Ph 934 0842 or 021 183 9492 act and tell a story with body To the Circus: Strong men show off their muscles. PHOTOS: Sharnahea Wilson language and mime, Fiona References Available wonderful students. of life. work pays off when the Over 20 years experience said. “You form quite a bond with “Along with the obvious ers get to perform in the “I am very lucky to have my ABC Audit 2012: 24,456 copies weekly mother, Katie Haines, on board them when you see them three posture, confidence and enjoy- of year production. Independent Herald Over 10 years experience in property   ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO ytareweek porpover ni ten ecnement, irepxcomes e srathe eyskills 01 ryou evOget “Every year we put as she was not only a ballet to four times The largest circulating newspaper in overcoming nerves from dancer and teacher but was or so years. production which only locally owned Directors Wellingtonmaintenance...from front gate to back fence  West & Northern suburbs Funeral Directors ecnef kcab ot etag tnorf morf...ecnanetniam eJohnsonville’s citnJohnsonville’s ef kcpast ab students ot etagonly tfrom norflocally m f...eowned cand nansitting etnFuneral iamlarge “I love when going onorstage also a drama and mime tutor so highlight for all students pop in to say hello and fi ll me exams dedication, discipline, the girls are lucky to have her M: 027 BA PUMPS expertise during rehearsals,” in on what they are now doing.” reliability, time management,  ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘To th Published by: Les & Katrina Whiteside Fiona said her dancers learn punctuality and giving every- cus’ will be performed on she said. P:Suburban 04 802 5555 Ltd Wellington Newspapers Fiona said she has had great many skills throughout their thing your all and your best, day, November 29 at 1 time at the dance academy she said.” pleasure in teaching over the 3pm and 6pm in the Mem YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER Fiona said this all the hard Theatre in Kelburn. past 20eed Spraying  years and has had some that are beneficial in all walks Gardening  W

Board of Trustees’ Election

notiomorP yluJ

KARORI NORMAL GNINAELSCHOOL C RETTUG Board ofgTrustees Election niwollof eht od osla eW

Nominations close at noon on 20th May 2016 and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. There will be an election box in the office to post these into, or post to the school by this date, late nominations will not be counted. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 3rd June 2016 Signed Susan Trembath Returning Officer

Ph: 477 4025

P h: 232 1588

Advertise your services here. Spring Lawn Mowing  04 387 7160 Lawn Mowing 

A nomination formlaand of this notice vomaecopy R ssoM gnwill immirT egdeH be posted to all eligible voters. gntisalB retaW

gniraelC noticeS

notiomorP yluJ

GNINAELC RETTUG gniwollof eht od osla eW


Trades and Services gninedraG

Hedge Trimming Over 10 Myears oss Removal 

gniyarpS deeW

experience in property Water Blas�ng  maintenance... from front General Pruning  End of tenancy cleans  gate to back fence


Sec�on Clearing 

Removal of Trees 

Additional nomination forms can be obtained from snaelc ycnanet fo dnE gninurP lareneG Over 10 years experience in property   ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO the school office.

gntisalB retaW

Carpet Cleaning 

Lawn Mowing

ytreporp ni ecneirepxe sraey 01 revO ecnef kcab ot etag tnorf morf...ecnanetniam

ssenisuB lacoL gniyarpS deeW


snaelc ycnanet fo dnE

gninurP lareneG

There will also be a list of0candidate’s as e4 pra0 C :rO seerT fo lavomeR 224 8gnin7ae4lC tnames, they come to hand, for inspection at thehslschool. aW lyraD

mnoon oc.lion amFriday g@t3uJune od ssen nia sun B liae cov L fihgih The poll closes at 2016. Vicki Lewington Returning Officer

583 553 120 :enohP

0224 874 40 :rO moc.liamg@tuodnanievfihgih

St Brigid’s School

Board of Trustees Election Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the Board of Trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on Friday 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by a signed candidate’s statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on Friday 3 June 2016. Victoria Cramer Returning Officer

gniwoneeded llof eht od osla eW Maintenance

Weed Spraying 

Call Phone: 021 355 385  Daryl Walsh today

Lawn Mowing 


Hedge Trimming 

Moss Removal 

gniyarpS deeW


Sec�on Clearing 

Water Blas�ng 


gniwoM nwaL

General Pruning 

End of tenancy cleans 

Removal of Trees 

Carpet Cleaning 

LocalOr: 04 478 4220  businessgnBNI tisalB reMember taW gniraelC noticeS lavomeR ssoM

gnimmirT egdeH

snaelc ycnanet fo dnE

gninurP lareneG

gninaelC tepraC

seerT fo lavomeR

Phone: 021 355 385 or 04 478 4220 Daryl Walsh  high  Local Business BNI member  hslaW lyraD Phone: 021 355 385 

Or: 04 478 4220  high 

ssenisuB lacoL

583 553 120 :enohP 0224 874 40 :rO moc.liamg@tuodnanievfihgih




• All Mechanical & Electrical Work Undertaken

We Service All Vehicle Makes & Models • Supply / Fit / Balance All tyres & Wheel Alignment

24/7 Breakdown Service 107 Pembroke Road, Northland Ph 475 7571 or 021 031 6023

Pembroke Motors



Got News?


gniraelC noticeS

snaelc y•cComputer nanet fo&dLaptop nE Repairs gninurP lareneG

and all your General GNINAELGarden C RETTUG Local Business BNI member 


gniwoM nwaL

Hutt Road, Thorndo lavomeR ssoCOMPUTERS M gnimmirT egde29H

maintenance...from front gate to back fence  ef kcab ot etag ts noe rfe mr oT rf...f eco nanla etnviao mmeR gninaelC tepraeCcn  Daryl Walsh  notiomorP yluJ  Spring Lawn Mowing 

Nominations close at noon on Friday 20 May notio morP yluJ NlIy Nr Aa ELD C RETTUG 2016 and may be accompanied a Gcandidate’s hsby laW gniwollof eht od osla eW statement.

A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters.

Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office.

• Heat Pumps • Solar • Electrical

Nominations are invited election of five gninedraG gniyarpfor S dthe eeW  parent representatives tognthe isiltiboard reF of trustees. gniwoM nwaL

Nominations are invited for the election of 5 vacancies of parent representatives to the board of trustees.

You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both parts of the form).

Experienced Tradesmen

Exterior of Houses Painted in Winter Available for ALL BA Heatpumps Interior work.

w w h .c o .n z

siltirethe F school gniwoM nwaL The voting roll is open for inspectiongniat lavomeR ssoM mirT egdeH and can be viewed during hours. 583 normal 553 school enggonniimrah g1 ntis2 alB r0 etaW:  elC P noticeS

Rewa Rewa Primary School

David Lewis guaranteed. E: FREEP: QUOTES 587 1660 Marcus Ph: 973-4343 or Mb 021 SALES764-831


accompanied by a signed candidates’ statement. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on 3 June 2016 P Bemrose Returning Officer

• iVirus Recovery gn naelRemoval, C tepraCData  seerT fo lavomeR • Printing, Laminating, Internet Cafe hslaW lyraD • Website Design and Hosting • PassportsPhotos senisuB lacoL

Contact Sharnahea 045891 83040755or 3021162020122:enohP on 166 02Court, 24 8Newlands 74 40 :rO 04 587 22 Mcmillan FREE measure and quo

• Exciting new fabrics • Wide range of • Colour consultancy • Installation - R • 3 year guarantee oc.liamg@tuodnanievfihgHours: ih Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm, Sat 10


Public Notice Ph: 04 472 9920 - www.justblind

BOARD OF TRUSTEES’ ELECTION Nominations are invited for the election of five parent representatives to the board of trustees. A nomination form and a notice calling for nominations will be posted to all eligible voters. You can nominate another person to stand as a candidate, or you can nominate yourself (make sure you sign both parts of the form). Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on Friday 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by signed candidates’ statements. The voting roll is open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. There will also be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. Voting closes at noon on Friday 3 June 2016. Amanda Beauchamp Returning Officer


Wednesday May 4, 2016

Wednesday November 18, 2015

Lease International orchestra – and all thatToJazz



SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. A local university student has tour the international jazz circuit. discipline at the same time. It’s a2m seasoned definitely spent pine $180a lot of hours at Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. become the first New Zealander The Orchestra is also directed really rewarding genre if you put4m Split school practising.” pine store for to be accepted into the prestigious by many international musicians in the hard work.” Louisa will perform as tenor $330 next winter Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015 Trades and Services JM Jazz World Orchestra. as it tours the world. Louisa was selected from overLargesaxophone under the orchestra’s Bags Kindling $13 Saxophonist Louisa Williamson Louisa began studying earlier 120 applicants for the Orchestra, artistic director Luis Bonilla FOR stuALL ELECTRICAL andUni-Largewho BagsisDry of Victoria University is in her that most other university and said her timerepairs at Victoria anPine/ acclaimed trombonist, hardwood mix $14 installations by top-qualifi ed electrician with second year of a Bachelor of Mu- dents, leaving high school in versity had been important to her composer and arranger. sic majoring in Jazz performance. Taupo after completing sixth because oflocals the ongoing meet the orchestra record of oversuccess fifty years of giving the Free Louisa Delivery will in Wainui The JM Jazz World Orchestra form to study musiclowest in Welsupport her tutors provided. in Germany in June, and will tour cost “around-the-clock” service, just has been running sincepools 2012 were and built lington. “They put a lot of pressure on Europe in July before returning to Our summer by us. 977-8787 021-0717-674 or encourage email brings together young jazz “I have a passion forphone jazz be– inor a good way. They Victoria to complete her studies. Blends in well didmusicause no fuss. cians fromWith around the world to cause it combines freedom and me to practise and work hard. I’ve Trades and Services hydro slide will cause a splash. And to it many people dash. Situation Vacant Decorators Decorators Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!



“A & D Decorators did a fantastic job of preparing and painting our weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team was professional, friendly, and completed the job to a high standard. The work was also done at a competitive price and we would not hesitate to use them again.”



In Conjuction with NZMP we

51. J.K. offer a 5 year warranty. Rowling See website for conditions. chose the PH WN 801 7753 unusual Mobile 021 446 802 name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!




Each month, there Public Notice is at least one report of UFOs from each Club Wainuiomata Squash provinceAGM of Canada. 7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms Corner of Main Road and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata

Bringing local news to the community

The Community Noticeboard is for Lions Club Johnsonville non-profit organisations. For $15.00 Situation Vacant you can publish up to 25 words. INTER-COLLEGE DEBATE between Onslow and Newlands CollegNo AGMS, sporting notices or special es, Onslow College staffroom, meetings. Community Notices must 6.00pm, Thursday 26 May. Topic: be pre-paid. “That NZ should double its refugee quota.” All welcome; free entry. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 Contact Rosemary 9722036. 1660 or email

Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers


Newlands Table Senior Net North WelTennis Club Deliverers Required lington in Table Tennis: and join in the Wellington-SeniorNet’s next Area 1:Come Momona, Mohaka,North Kawatiri Kaponga. fun and get fit at Centennial Hall Open Session is at 10am on Friday 6 (opp. New World) where Newlands May in the Trust Room, Johnsonville Table Tennis Club meet every TuesCommunity Centre. Phone Christine day from 7.30pm. on 04 478 9570

Contact Sandra on 587 1660


299 Karori Road, Karori, Wellington

2016 TRIENNIAL BOARD OF N TRUSTEES ELECTIONS Nominations are invited for the election of three (3) parent representatives to the St Teresa’s Board of Trustees for a three (3) year term. A nomination form and a more detailed version of this notice will be posted to all eligible voters. Additional nomination forms can be obtained from the school office. Nominations close at noon on Friday, 20 May 2016 and may be accompanied by a candidate’s statement. There will be a list of candidates’ names, as they come to hand, for inspection at the school. The voting roll is also open for inspection at the school and can be viewed during normal school hours. The roll will close on 18 May 2016. If there are more nominations than vacancies for parent representatives, eligible voters will be posted solid and candidates’ statements (where a voting Apaper provided) on or before Wednesday, 25 May 2016. The poll closes at 12 noon Friday, 3 June 2016. The highest polling candidates will be elected to the board of trustees. The results will be made available at the school and also published in a local newspaper. Jenny Grainger Returning Officer St Teresa’s School (3024) 299 Karori Road, Wellington

View the Independent Herald online Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Johnsonville an attempt was made to Formerly cpa spares

In enter a house in Bould Street by jemmying a rear window. The owner arrived home in time to preventFuneral entry andDirector the offender ran off. In Moorefield Road a rear window of a house was forced open but no entry gained. A pot plant was stolen from the window sill. A house in Burgess Road was entered, means not known, and a large quantity of household and kitchen items were stolen including a fridge, washing machine and television. A Yamaha scooter parked in the Countdown carpark was stolen. In Newlands a Toyota Hilux Utility parked on the front lawn of a house in Link Road had two of its tyres slashed and deflated. The garage of a house in Cheltenham Terrace was entered and a black Mitsubishi Lancer was stolen. Padlocks on the door had been cut off. The vehicle was on stands and under repair with all wheels removed. A quantity of mechanic’s tools were also stolen. In Khandallah a vehicle parked on the roadside in Benares Street had its left side wing mirror broken off. In Grenada Village a jemmied window allowed access to a house under construction in Grenada Drive. A new cook top and some builder’s tools were stolen. Another house under construction in Grenada Drive was entered via a forced rear aluminium window and some plasterers tools were stolen. In Trelawny Terrace glass was smashed in a ranch slider door at View the Wainuiomata News the side of a house under construction but online no entry was gained.

By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters By By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters

43. Rubbish container. (7) 55. Of sight. (5) ACROSS ACROSS 55. sight. in(5)blood. (7) 43. container. 44. Rubbish Snow runner. (3) (7) 56.Of Soaked 1. Inundate (9) 1. Inundate (9) 56. Soaked in blood. (7) 44. Snow runner. (3) (abbr) (3) 51. Angry (5) ACROSS 45. (abbr) Ornamental screen 57. up. (5) 6.ACROSS After birth. (9) (3) 51.Cooped Angry (5) 6. Result After birth. (9) 57. Cooped up. (5) withdrawing 45. Ornamental 33. Sphere (3)(3) 52. Solidify cooling (7)(7) 1. behind altarscreen (7) 58. Act of by formally 11. Rate in(5-6) music(pl) (5) 33. Sphere 52. Solidify by cooling 1. Result (5-6) 11. Rate in music(pl) 58. Anaesthetic Act of the formally withdrawing behind altar (7) ... Derby (8) 38.46. U.S. horse race; 53. (5)(5) 7. (7) (7) Star sign. (6) church. (9) 12.Scoundrel from wool.(5)(7) 38. U.S. horse race; ... Derby (8) 53.from Anaesthetic 7.Grease Scoundrel 12. Grease wool. (7) from the church. 46. Star sign. (6) soldier. (6) 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness 11. Pulls (5)from 48. Early cavalry 59. Loathes. (9)(7)(7)(9) 13.11. Disturb. 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness Pulls (5)(5) 13. Disturb. (5) 59. Loathes. (9) 48. Early cavalry soldier. (6) 42.50. Casual (7)(7) 55.55. Friendship (11) 12. Deviousness (7) (7) (8) Garret. (5) 14.12. Make less severe. 42. Casual Friendship (11) Deviousness 14. Make less severe. (8) 50. Garret. (5) Furnish. (5) (7) DOWN 17.13. Hackneyed (10) 44.52. Annual calendar 13. Excellent (5)convention. 44. Annual calendar Excellent (5) 17. Hackneyed (10) DOWN 52. Furnish. (5) (5)(7) 53. Dusk, ...fall. 1. Most favourable. (7) 18.Alert Pounds,shillings & 46. Scoffs (6)(6) DOWN 14. (9) (9) convention. 46. Scoffs DOWN Alert 18.14. Pounds,shillings & 1. Most favourable. (7) 53. Dusk, ...fall. (5) Geisman, Real name Ella Ant. (5) 47.54. Manservant (6)(6) 1. 2. Sound (5)(5) 15. 15. Sopence(abbr)(3) (9) (9) 47. Manservant 1. Sound So pence(abbr)(3) 2. Ant. (5) 54. Real name Ella Geisman, actress ... Allyson. (4) Twists. (6) 20.16. Heavy wooden hammer. (4) 2. 3. 48.48. Form of of expression Sent (11) 16. Directs (6) Form (5) 2.Twists. Sent (11) Directs (6) hammer. 20. Heavy wooden (4) 3.4. (6) (5) actress ...expression Allyson.(5) (4) Splendour. 22.18. Sets fire to. (7) 49. Water vapour (5) 3. Shy (8) 18. Skull (7) 49. Water vapour (5) 3.Splendour. Shy (8) Skull (7) 22. Sets fire to. (7) 4. (5) 5. Of Covering for horse’s head, 50.50. 24.21. Halo round heavenly body. (6) 4. Of Gambol (5)(5) public revenue (6)(6)head, 21. Disorder (4) (4) Gambol public revenue Disorder 24. Halo round heavenly body. (6) 5.4.Covering for ...-sheet. (4)horse’s 26.23. Consumed. (3) 5. Turn outwards (5) 23. Racket (3) 5. Turn outwards (5) Racket (3) 26. Consumed. (3) ...-sheet. (4) Solution last week, April Artist’s paint board. (7) 28.25. Papal letter. (5)(3) For December 22,27 2004 SOLUTION SOLUTION 6.6.6. Constrict (7) 25. Take by sipssips (3) 6.Artist’s Constrict (7)board. Take by 28. Papal letter. (5)(7) paint (7) For December 22,November 2004 Solution last week, 11 7. Girls name (6) 29. Cotton fabric. For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 7.7.Has high morals (8)(8) 27. 27. Stake (4) 7.Girls Has high morals Stake (4) (7) 29. Cotton fabric. name (6) (12) Of the nerves. 32.28. Accustom. (5) (7) 8.8.8. Reduce (6) 8.Of Reduce (6) (12) 28. Artlessness (7) Artlessness 32. Accustom. (5) the nerves. 9. Sapid. (5) 33. Parson-bird. (3) 9. Sanction chair;Chaise Chaise ... (6) 9.9.Sanction (7)(7) 30. 30. LowLow chair; ... (6) 33. (3) (5) 10.Sapid. Professional writer. (11) 34. Parson-bird. U.S. Intelligence agency 10. Audacity (5) Expert; ... hand (3) 10. Audacity (5) 32. 32. Expert; ... hand (3) 34. U.S. Intelligence agency 10. Professional 15. Ailing. (3) writer. (11) (abbr) (3) 16. Arrange in steps Strange 16. Arrange in steps (7) (abbr) (3) 15. Ailing. (3) 33. Strange (3) (3) (3) 16. Mine entrance. (4)(7) 35.33. Facial twitch. 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ ...(7) Zealous 35. Facial twitch. (3) 16. Mine entrance. (4)Frank 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank 34. Zealous (6) (6)(5) 19. Husband-to-be. (6) ...(7) 36.34. Ingenuous. 36. Ingenuous. (5) 19. Husband-to-be. (6) 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7) 21. Use. (7) 37. One who urges wrongdoing. (7) 20. 21. Use. (7) 20. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state N.Z. Prime Minister 36. U.S. state (4) (4) 23. Friendly. (6) 38.36. Muslim title. (5) 38. Muslim title. (5) 23. Friendly. 1975-84 Sir Robert Biblical vessel Sir(6) Robert ... ... (7)(7) 37. Biblical vessel (3) (3) 25.1975-84 Rich. (7) 39.37. Electric fish. (3) 39. Electric fish. (3) (6) 25. Rich. (7) 22. Boils (7) Curve (3) 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) 26. Consequences. (5-7) 41.39. Tributary stream. 41. Tributary 26. Consequences. 24. Catch Cupid (4) 24. Catch (3) 41. Cupid (4) stream. 27. Right of(3) access. (5-7) (6) 42.41. Embellished. (7)(6) 42. Embellished. (7) 27. Right of access. (6) 26. Group of (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 26. Group of whales (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 28. Well-doers.whales (11) 44. Agitate. (4) 44. Agitate. (4)relatives 28. Well-doers. 29. Topic Female 29. Topic (5)(5) 45. Female relatives 30. Outfit. (3) (11) 47.45. The same. (3) (6) (6) 47. The same. (3)time(Lat) 30. Outfit. (3) 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless (9) (10)31. 31. Cafe. (6)guest 49.48. Paid motor-car driver (9) (fem) Uninvited (4-7) 48. An endless time(Lat) 49. Paid motor-car driver (fem) (10) 31. Cafe. (6) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid (4) 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 40.Deoxyribonucleic Prepare for publication. 51. Left Valet. (8) people(inf) (9) 32. acid 49. handed 51. Valet. (8) 40. Prepare for publication. (4)


Wednesday May 4, 2016



Generous grant for community facility By Sharnahea Wilson

One generous trust has given a gamechanging $139,000 toward the new Alex Moore Park development in Johnsonville. The development of the detailed plans, for a community and sports complex on Alex Moore Park, will soon be underway thanks to this significant contribution from the Johnsonville Charitable Trust. The complex was designed to improve community support and services as well as sporting facilities for the local area. Chairman of the Alex Moore Park Board Hadyn Smith was overwhelmed by the generosity of the grant from the charitable trust. “There are defining moments in every project and this is one of them. Without plans we couldn’t take that next step and receiving this grant from [the] Johnsonville Charitable Trust is the start of the road towards the start of construction in

2017,” he said. The 2100 square metre facility will incorporate a hall-meets-gymnasium, meeting rooms and function areas. It will also be configured to cater for a large variety of sporting, recreation and community uses. Johnsonville Charitable Trust Chair Tracy Hurst-Porter presented the cheque to Haydn. She said the trust was pleased to back key community projects such as the Alex Moore Park development. “The Trustees of Johnsonville Charitable Trust have a proud history of funding essential community facilities in the local area and has committed over $350,000 to local initiatives. “We look forward to the completion of this much needed community facility at Alex Moore Park," she said. The Alex Moore Park Board will be focused on finalising plans over the winter months with input from key partners, the community and the Wellington City Council.

Cheque presentation (from left) Chairman of the Alex Moore Park Build Hadyn Smith and from Johnsonville Charitable Trust, Jim Candiliotis, Tracy Hurst–Porter (Chair) and David Evans.

Dress for Success on Wellington’s Waterfront Dress for Success invited Wellingtonians to take part in their annual Power Walk in support of Wellington women getting into work. The walk will be five kilometres along Wellington’s waterfront on Saturday, May 14. Quality spot prizes and raffles will be up for grabs including a

night for two at Rydges Hotel, a three month membership to Les Mills, a lifestyle pack from Jeff Gray BMW and a subscription to Capital magazine. “Often changing your life is about putting one foot in front of the other and taking the fi rst step. Signing up for our Power Walk is a good way to

show support for women who want to do this,” Dress for Success Wellington President Jane Fanselow-Price said. The power walk is now in its fourth year and prides itself on being a fun, family-focused activity that people of all abilities can enjoy. “Funds raised make a real

difference to the lives of Wellington women on their journey to economic independence. We help them to be well presented and confident, as well as with interview and career skills,” Jane said. Registration starts in Frank Kitts Park from 9am with the walk starting at 10am. Entry is

From professional rower to proud coach By Sharnahea Wilson

Marsden Rowing Coaches Rachel Gamble-Flint and Tom Mann.

The new Marsden Collegiate College rowing coach had to make a big transition in a very short amount of time. When she was rowing professionally in the UK, now Marsden coach Rachel Gamble-Flint suffered from an injury which cut her sporting career short. “It was a very sudden finish,” Rachel said. The keen sportswoman wanted to stay involved in rowing in some form so she decided to become a rowing coach. After coaching in Australia at Melbourne Girls Grammar, Rachel went to Karori in July last year to work as the coach for the under 17s, under 16s and a few under 15s rowing girls. “It was a tough transition. I had a huge change in routine and life style in general,” Rachel said. When she was rowing professionally, Rachel would train three times per day, six days a week. “Coaching has been a good way of staying involved in rowing – it has really ignited my enthusiasm and

$20 per person or free for kids aged 12 and under.  Participants can register in advance on Eventfinda http:// dress-for-success-charity-5kmpower-walk/wellington or by emailing

passion for sport.” Rachel said the Marsden girls were incredibly hard working and enthusiastic throughout the season. “They had to do a lot of technical work. Training was very intense because we trained four mornings a week.” She said a highlight from the season was making four A finals and one B final in the North Island Secondary Schools rowing competition. “We were up there in the mix,” she said. The first thing that caught Rachel off guard was how windy Wellington could get. She said she was used to rowing on lakes so transitioning to rowing out on the sea where there is much more water traffic was a whole new experience. “The girls really wanted results so they stepped up to the challenge.” Rachel and the girls will start back with training toward the end of July this year. “Hopefully this year set a good foundation for next season. We need to keep building on the progress we have made so far.”

24 Wednesday May 4, 2016


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