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Speed Time to limits Buses and Parking major problem for child care centres

reflect Hundreds gather for Anzac Day By Emma McAuliffe

Comradeship and mates were the themes of this year’s Anzac celebrations in Wainuiomata. Hundreds of people turned out atfor thehelp. cenotaph on Queen By Aaron Meredith Mallard Street to commemorate Anzac day on It is only sinceMonday. he got involved The and celebrations marked year since the Anzacs Speeding buses a lack of thethe bus101st company has responded. originally landed at Gallipoli. parking are two of the problems The kindergarten has two signs It alsoparents marked and the centenary of the first Anzac facing teachers, warning drivers of the service, centre, one of which was held over the hill in Petone. children in early childhood but these were only put up after The commemorationsa in Wainuiomata a centres in Wainuiomata. child was hit bybegan a car with a few parade of veterans and groups around Wainuiomata who There is little to no road signs years back. marched to show respect for the fallen. outside of many centres in the “It is only a matter of time Wainuiomata Valley president, Bart Bartlett, gave valley warning drivers to slow RSA before someone gets hit again.” an opening speech and introduced some of the Wainuiodown. says head teacher Moses. mata Choir who sang as members of the Chris Wainuiomata Jack and Jill Kindergarten has “I understand the drivers are community laid wreaths at the cenotaph. been fighting with New Zealand on a schedule, but they are going Buses for many years, finally so fast.” asking Hutt Kauri SouthMahuika MP Trevor marched inContinued the paradeonholding page 2 the photo of his great grandfather who fought in WWII. Jack and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Early Childhood Centre.

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Wednesday April 27, 2016

How to reach us

WWI boys remembered

Anzac Day has given Wai- came home. was 21-years-old when Robert, William and John he volunteered for the nuiomata the opportunity to Phone (04) 587 1660 WIR. remember those who never were brothers. Robert and William were returned from WWI. He had been charged with Address: President of the Wainuio- farm hands before they were absence without leave in 23 Broderick Rd, mata Historical Society, called up and John was 1916 and had been given 21 Johnsonville Gavin Wallace, published a believed to be a shepherd. days Field Punishment no. 2. William was killed in acbook two years ago on the He was killed in action P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Wednesday November 4, 2015 3 in 1917. tion in 1916, Robert in 1917 men remembered on the Fax: (04) 587 1661 and John in 1918. cenotaph. Source: “Who were the Walter was married to a Boys of Wainui-o-mata?” Twenty three young men from Wainuiomata are re- woman named Doris and by Gavin Wallace. The book SALES: membered on the cenotaph had a young son before is available at the WainuioAnne Nicholas on Queen Street for their he went to war. Doris was mata Museum and WainuioE: mata Library. pregnant at the time. efforts in WWI. Walter was given leave to Five men named on the P: 587 1660 This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary cenotaph - Walter Evelyn meet his new child however School is hosting a School Gala. By Aaron Meredith Bulliman, Robert Burrow, died on the way to meet her says that the school has achieved The school is fundraising so that all this Burrow, year in JohnGaylene William Bur- from Spanish Influenza in REPORTER: to a high standard the senior students get the opportuThe cenotaph with the Wainuiomata High School’s top all sports. Rawiri-Patelo 1918. nity to go the school camp this year. row and Ernest Frederick boys remembered Emma McAuliffe athletes were recognised for their “Many teams Evers-Swindell have made finals, – never won the MVP This will be taking place down the The last of the men, Ernest, achievements throughout the won championships or have for Hockey E: school between 2 and 6pm on Saturyear at last week’s sports awards. represented the school at regional day. P: 587 1660 Awards were handed out to ath- tournaments.”  For more information about this letes in all sports, many of whom please contact the school. Teams who won their grades have representedNATIONAL Wellington and included the girls cricket team, New Zealand. the football first XI, teams two Sportsman ofSALES: the year was and three in netball, the boys first given to Raymond xv in rugby and the junior boys Sam Seumanu Barnes for his achievements in boxing, league team. E: winning multiple national titles This year was also the first year P: 587 1660 as well as the Australian Golden that Ignite Sports presented two Last week the Wainuiomata News Gloves. special awards, both recognising reported that Lynette Stewart was in Continued from page 1 a phot poem; by Duncan Butler, He became one the youngest character in an athlete and coach. with ‘Mates’, Bonnie MacBeth when it Production: Wreaths were laid in honour was of Cherrie which celebrated winners of the award. Tinetti. having mates in Trust co-ordinator Kevin lot of hard in the those who fought and died forCherie the did fieldaduring timeswork of war. The sportswomen of the Published byyear Goldsbury says that the awards process of planning for thethe jubilee New Zealand in all wars by the award was awarded to Sieni Following the address comare given to those that embodied Wellington Suburban and the school wouldunder like to Samau for Newspapers her achievements in Ignite Sport’s values. Community Board, the Scouts, munity gathered thethank sun to Ltd her for this. a wide range of sports. Girl Guides and Council among sing both the New Zealand and “Despite the attention that poor Les & Katrina Whiteside Sieni was also the top player in behaviour and bad sportsmanothers. the Australian national anthems to volleyball, girls rugby, was the ship attracts, there are great Bart said $1261.10 had been celebrate the comradeship formed top scorer in football, was the examples of athletes who demonraised in Wainuiomata during over a century ago. best back in league, played for strate positive character in sport their sports and teams, helping phrey the Poppy Appeal the and national Brooke Tauaneai. MP for Hutt South Wainuiomata in club rugby and and coaches who effectively their teams achieve their best. previous week. School Principal Martin Isberg league, going on to represent model it,” Kevin says. DonnabyLaban Kalena Hura was also recog- says he Inspector was not surprised the gave Wellington in both sports. This year’s winners were Paa nised by the school, receiving the achievements the annual Anzac and of the students 564 4988 On top of that Sieni was also Mailangi who won the character principals award after 20 years’ this year. referred to courage and comradeABC Audit 2012: selected for the New Zealand athlete award and Ngaire Blake service to school netball. being important “Weship have as spent the last three or parts of 6,456 copies weekly Electorate Clinics rugby league Kiwi Ferns side to who won the character coach the Kiwi lifestyle and in the wars. Other award winners were four years changing the culture Wainuiomata For any issues you’d play Australia next yearNews award. She said courage was important Stephen Graham, Joel Carman, of the school, and the results this ThePhillip largest Kauika circulating like to talk about The MC, who Both showed great passion for Atiria Semmens, Jade Hum- year are at all times; not time at war. recognition ofjust this.” newspaper in Wainuiomata “Courage [can be] the good old kiwi way of giving everything a go.” YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER She ended the address with a The cadets guard the cenotaph One sure sign of summer Also called the bronze shining the warbler eggs and chicks. however, I heard it in the beech arriving is the call of the shin- cuckoo, scientific name Chryso- The host then seems not to tree outside the window, and ing cuckoo, a series of upward coccyx lucidas, or in Maori the notice it’s parenting another looked out to see the cuckoo notes followed by one or more Pipi Wharauroa, this sparrowspecies and continues to raise chick flitting from branch to Mark your diaries! NATIONAL LIST MP BASED long downward slurring notes. sized bird is usually not seen the chick. Fortunately for the twig noisily demanding food The birds have come back to due to its cryptic markings and Thursdays - grey warbler species, it has from a smaller and very busy IN THE HUTT VALLEY New Zealand to breed after its size. It’s New Zealand’s only usually already raised a brood grey warbler. I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people wintering over in the Solomon iridescent green bird and has in August/September before The two major threats to the to catch up with me. Fridays Islands. They can be heard green and white bands across its the cuckoo arrives back in New shining cuckoo are flying into Please see for times. calling from forest, scrub and chest. The shining cuckoo lives Zealand. P NEW windows and being taken by al t lis ago o HUTT VALLEY OFFICE farmland, which are also the on grubs and insects,Under including A few years we heard a cats. You can hear its call and e 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 habitats of their host birds, the hairy caterpillars andthe ladybirds Sunsound from ther bush that could learn more about it here. E: grey warbler. Like cuckoos that other birds avoid. have been aN bird or an insect,  T: @cjsbishop Pa EW the neighbours’ al/programmes/thiswayup/ around the world the shining It lays a single egg in the nest but even with lli to Rainbow se cuckoo lays its eggs in another of a laying grey warbler, and help we couldn’t fi nd what it collections/birdwatching/ r Family bird’s nest. the chick when it hatches ejects was coming from. One day shiningcuckoo

Sporting achievements recognised

inbrief news

Wainuiomata Primary School Gala

A time to remember Arakura says thanks


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Wednesday April 27, 2016

Not in our neighbourhood By Emma McAuliffe

A new liquor store is set to open on the Strand and some members of the community are not happy about it. After the news broke last Tuesday that a new liquor store was set to open, residents took to Facebook to complain about the decision calling the idea “stupid”, “ridiculous” and the “last thing Wainuiomata needs”. On Thursday morning around 30-40 people from organisations in the area had a meeting to discuss their options surrounding the issue. Wainuiomata Pharmacy co-owner Evan Choie said many business owners were disappointed in the decision. “Obviously we’re all opposing the new bottle store. We don’t need another bottle store. It could cause more problems for the Strand. Would this fuel the problem? It’s a huge concern for everyone.” Bottle-O store owner Hayden Wilby, acknowledged his viewpoint was biased due to being in direct competition with the potential new store but nonetheless had his reservations. “I think we’re over saturated with bottle stores. The margin is already tight. Eventually it’s going to put someone out of business.” Hutt South MP, Trevor Mallard, said it was a question of having too many

bottle stores already. He said there would be a public meeting on May 9 to discuss the issue further. Hutt City Councillors for the Wainuiomata Ward also expressed concern. Councillor Campbell Barry said he thought there were already too many bottle stores in the valley and questioned the location of a potential new store. “The location is questionable because there’s a medical centre across the road, a chemist next door, two churches across the road and a quite new playground there as well.” However, he said the any new business owner had a right to open a new store without attacks from the community. “[They’re] entitled to put an application in. [The community needs to] respect this person is allowed to apply.” Residents are able to have their say on whether they think there should be another bottle store in the community by making direct submissions to the district licensing committee. Trevor Mallard’s office on Queen Street has templates for submissions currently available. Submissions must be received by early May.

inbrief news Running Event The Wainuiomata Harriers will be hosting the Wainuiomata Classic Mountain Run this Saturday. Pre entries will remain open on the website until Thursday April 28. The event starts at Parkway Park and takes on the hills between Wainuiomata and Lower Hutt. Headquarters and check in will be at Wainuiomata High School. Registrations will be from 11.30am at Wainuiomata High School on Saturday, first event starts 1pm. For more information or to enter visit the Wainuiomata Harriers website.

Do you want better places in Wainuiomata? Wainuiomata 2035 are hosting a talk by social entrepreneur David Engwicht at the Wainuiomata Library on May 2. David Engwicht is known for adding magic to public spaces and shopping areas both in New Zealand and overseas. He has been named one of the world's most inventive thinkers on creating vibrant public spaces. Event starts at 6pm and is set to finish around 8pm. To RSVP email breatheeasywainuiomata@gmail. com or phone Esther Venning on 021 060 3514.

The meeting taking place. PHOTO: SUPPLIED  Have your say - What are your opinions on Wainuiomata potentially gaining another liquor store? Let us know at

Mall revamp plans again By Emma McAuliffe

The Wainuiomata Warehouse may be set to close in February following a staff meeting last week. Following the rumours the Oyster Group, who manage the mall on behalf of the owner, announced their plans for redeveloping the entire Shopping Centre in 2017. A spokesperson for the

Centre said the owners were “confident the redeveloped centre will provide a better trading environment for all tenants, including The Warehouse, and is positive the redevelopment work will enable The Warehouse to revisit its current decision to close.” Hutt City Councillor, Campbell Barry, said while this was promising, Wainuiomata had been let down


by promises for redevelopment before. “I won’t be convinced until it’s a done deal,” he said. Hutt South MP, Trevor Mallard said he was “forever hopeful” in redevelopment plans. “But I want to see builders on site before I accept that it’s going to happen.” Oyster Group development manager, Richard Taffe, said the group was close to

Submissions for bottle store

securing an agreement with the existing anchor stores which will be followed by a requirement to get a minor variation to the existing resource consent and the required building consents. “Once these are in place the owners are confident that redevelopment works can commence,” he said. The Warehouse group was approached for comment but did not respond.

Submissions to the DLC about the potential new bottle store are open for another week. Residents can make a submission if they have a ‘greater interest’ in the area. Trevor Mallard’s office outside the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre is providing template letters to make submissions to the committee. To find out more contact Keri Brown on 564 4988 or email:



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Wednesday April 27, 2016

Meka’s trip over the hill Wainuiomata had a visit from a special member of parliament last week. Meka Whaitiri, Ikaroa-Rawhiti MP, visited Wainuiomata last Tuesday as part of her time in Lower Hutt. The Ikaroa-Rawhiti electorate extends from the East Cape of the North Island to the Wellington region, and it includes Gisborne, Hawkes Bay and the Wairarapa, as well as most of the Hutt Valley and Wainuiomata. As part of Ms. Whaitiri’s trip she had breakfast with the community

centre whanau to kick start their holiday programme. She then helped prepare and distribute ‘Whanau in Arms’ kai boxes to Whanau. Following the breakfast she visited the Upoko A Urunga Te Kohanga Reo in Wood Street and the Kokiri Marae holiday programme. Her visit finished with a meeting with Ash Hauwaho, Police Iwi Liaison Officer for Lower Hutt, in the afternoon.

Kids take part in a fun animal quiz

Kids astounded at holiday scavenger hunt By Emma McAuliffe

Kids had the chance to scavenge for clues about the natural world at the Wainuiomata Community Library last Thursday. Around a dozen children turned up to “be astounded” at the library and learnt about different animals as part of the free event. The event started with a story time

before moving on to a quiz, a jigsaw, a guess who and then the scavenger hunt. The librarians said it gave the children the chance to learn about animals and the natural world. Children and Teens Librarian Alexia Herrera said the event was one of a few the library was hosting these school holidays as part of their “Be Astounded” programme.

Kaibosh officially launched its Lower Hutt branch on Thursday evening. With the help of 40 dedicated volunteers, Kaibosh Lower Hutt works with eight regular food donors and supports 12 community groups, including Kokiri Marae, Lower Hutt Food Bank and Refu-

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Meka helps prepare ‘Whanau in Arms’ kai boxes with the community centre whanau. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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Wednesday April 27, 2016

Queen visits the stroke club

Volunteers sought for youth By Emma McAuliffe

YOUth Inspire are looking for volunteers as they move forward with plans in 2016. The organisation is based at the Wainuiomata Library and works to support young people who are struggling to find work or tertiary education during their high school years and beyond. Manager Bronson Wharehinga said the organisation provides support and connections and helps young people help themselves.

Bronson said the organisation had a few plans going forward to engage with the community and said the whole community could benefit from young people gaining work and feeling confident with themselves. “It’s way bigger than getting this person a job,” he said. New youth pathways coordinator Awhina Valiama agreed and added, “it’s bigger than the individual”. “We want them to add value to their community. They’re our

By Emma McAuliffe

The Wainuiomata Stroke Club had a royal surprise during their celebrations for the Queen’s birthday last Thursday. The Queen herself made an appearance during their high tea birthday party to dine with the “commoners”. Queen Elizabeth, sometimes known better as Hutt City Councillor Margaret Willard, said the birthday celebrations in Wainuiomata were wonderful and she was very lucky to be able to spend her 90th with the Stroke Club.

future,” she said. They said they needed volunteers to help engage with the community at events and plans going forward. These events include Whanau days and weekly catch ups in the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre. Bronson said this was to ensure there would be “an entire network” supporting youth finding their future. Awhina and Bronson said anyone who wanted to volunteer could do so by visiting them at their office in the library.

Deadline approaching on proposed Annual Plan 2016-17 The clock is ticking for Lower Hutt residents to have their say on Hutt City Council’s proposed Annual Plan 2016-17. Submissions close at 5pm on Friday April 29. The proposed Annual Plan includes a proposed average rates increase of 2.7 per cent, expected to be one of the lowest in the region. To date 565 submissions have been received but Mayor Ray Wallace said Council is keen for more by the April 29 deadline.

“Residents’ views are essential in shaping the Annual Plan as it will have a significant impact on the future of our city”, he said. “Lower Hutt is a great place to live, work and play and we are committed to making it even better. To ensure we are meeting our communities’ aspirations and dealing with any issues we need to know what people think. The Annual Plan submission process is an important way to do this.” The consultation document

“It is so nice to be here in Wainuiomata. It’s good to see all the voluntary work that goes on here. It is very good.” Members of the stroke club celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday with their finest china and hats and reminisced about of the real Queen Elizabeth II’s past visits to New Zealand. Secretary of the Stroke Club Noeline Colman said the day had been “lovely” and the group had Gabriel Tupou in to sing for them earlier in the afternoon. “It’s been so lovely. People have been telling stories all day,” she said.

The Queen does not require a passport to travel or a licence to drive. Queen Elizabeth II collected rations during WWII to pay for her wedding dress. She has owned over 30 corgis. Her first dog was named Susan.

About the Queen

‘Growing Our City’, which includes a submission form, is available online at huttcity. or the Wainuiomata Library, Council’s building on Laings Road and Hutt City i-SITE.  Residents can also make a submission online at huttcity., email feedback to annualplan@, write to Council and deliver or post comments to Wainuiomata Library or Council’s building at 30 Laings Road, Lower Hutt.

Nola Garrod with the “Queen”

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Wednesday April 27, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What does Anzac Day mean to you?

Isiah Foa, Wainuiomata

Sagar Sami, Wainuiomata

Bethany Scarlet, Wainuiomata

Kauri Mahuika, Wainuiomata

Bronson Wharehinga, Wainuiomata


Remembering people who fought for our country.

I think it’s a sad day.

Anzac is all about supporting the Anzacs from Australia and New Zealand went to fight at Gallipoli.

Remembering the past and forging the future.

Esther Venning, Wainuiomata Honouring the sacrifice they made that made our families and New Zealand safe.

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

We all need a voice Dear Ed, Never, since Trevor Mallard has been MP for Hutt South has our Labour MP faced a serious challenge from a National candidate. Chris Bishop is working hard to win Hutt South and I have no doubt to get as many votes for the party list for National. What is not known to

Campbell, Trevor and Josh would like to thank everyone across the Wainuiomata Community who attended our....

neighbourhood ‘s

They were a great success with hundreds of people turning out to enjoy some lunch with their friends and neighbors. We plan on hosting some more once the weather gets warmer again, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Campbell on 027 216 0364 if you would like to help host one. Authorised by Campbell Barry, 55 Parkway, Wainuiomata

many voters about the lobbying that is going on is an arrival of Australian Barton Deakin which Chris Bishop’s partner Jenna Raeburn is one of the founding directors of... In a democratic Society there needs to be strong laws about electoral spending so things are done on an equal basis

so we all have voice in parliament. Chris Bishop has told me he is running an election campaign and a question I like to ask Mr Bishop is, Barton Deakin behind Chris Bishop Campaign to oust our local Labour MP Trevor Mallard? Mike Grigg (abridged)

Wednesday April 27, 2016

Free Activities at Westfield

Making stuff happen Wainuiomata has a new champion and her name is Esther Venning. Esther started her role as Wainuiomata’s ‘Making Stuff Happen Champion’ for the Wainuiomata Development Plan Steering Group two weeks ago. She said so far her job had entailed familiarising herself with the people and places within the community and was delighted people had taken to her so quickly. “I feel so at home here. I’m delighted to be included,” she said. She said she was keen to take on her role as champion. “[The title] really fits in with what we’re all about and what Wainuiomata is

Westfield Shopping Centre will be hosting free activities for kids during the last week of the school holidays. Events will run 10.30am-2.30pm at the centre until Friday April 29. The activities are free and for children aged 5-10 years old.

all about. Wainuiomata is a community that goes out and makes things happen. [I’m here to] get my sleeves rolled up.” She said she was keen to hear from members of the community about what their vision for Wainuiomata was and how she can help them make it a reality. “We’ve been asking people what they love about Wainuiomata and what they can do to make it better. We’re really keen for people to get involved and find out what they’re keen to collaborate on.”  What do you love about Wainuiomata and what could you do to make it even better? Get in touch at the ‘Wainuiomata 2035’ Facebook page or contact Esther on 021 060 3514.

Public transport should be our top priority AGREE DISAGREE Esther Venning is ready to roll up her sleeves as their Making Stuff Happen Champion


CONSULTATION ON HUTT CITY COUNCIL’S 2016/17 ANNUAL PLAN IS UNDERWAY. We are continuing to invest in the rejuvenation and growth of Lower Hutt. This year’s Annual Plan continues work on projects like the Town Hall and Events Centre, upgrades to Avalon Park, and new learn-to-swim and hydrotherapy facilities for Huia Pool. Council’s draft budget shows we can continue the programme of rejuvenation with an average rates increase of 2.7%, expected to be the lowest in the region.



Pick up a copy of the Consultation Document at:

• One-hour free parking in time-restricted HC2 car parks in the CBD.

Any Hutt City Library, Council’s Admin Building on Laings Road, or visit

• The development of a Stokes Valley Hub to integrate community facilities. • Strategic conference and event promotion of new and existing Council facilities • Increased programmes and activities at Petone Settlers Museum • Community art and culture funding for a winter related programme of events


NTA1 NTA N NT TA1 TA T A116 A 633E 633 63 33E 33 3 3E 3 E

By Emma McAuliffe


Wednesday April 27, 2016

Chinese markets

Technology valley on the cards

Lower Hutt has renewed its memorandum of understanding with the sister city Taizhou, China. Both cities will develop mutual trade and economic development opportunities - specifically in education, new technologies and tourism. Mayor Ray Wallace and Taizhou Deputy Mayor Mr. He Rong signed the agreement on Thursday 21 April. Mr Wallace said, "Taizhou have been good friends of Hutt City for over a decade now and we're excited to have made this connection with local businesses and start-ups, giving them the opportunity to explore global markets. "

Make things safer even if it delays traffic AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

By Emma McAuliffe

NTA1633C A1


The Hutt Valley could become a ‘Technology Valley’ if the community gets on board with an upcoming public meeting. National List MP Chris Bishop is hoping to raise the profile of technology in the Hutt Valley with a public meeting next month. Mr Bishop said he had been a big supporter of technology growing businesses in Lower Hutt since his election in 2014. “Lower Hutt is a bit of a hidden secret. The aim of the public meeting is about raising the profile. It’s all about valley jobs and growth,” he said. He said Lower Hutt had a range of high tech businesses few people knew about- including Callahan Innovations just over the hill in Gracefield. Mr Bishop said he would encourage anyone to attend his meeting and he hoped to get at least two speakers from the technology industry to be there. “We’d like to get some ideas from the community on what they think Technology Valley should look like,” he said. The meeting will take place at the Mind Lab in Petone which is only the second of its kind in

Chris Bishop puts up his sign on the Wainuiomata Hill

New Zealand. Mr Bishop said it had been built as a hub for teaching students and teachers how to use technology in the classroom.

 Technology Valley will take place on May 16 from 7pm at The Mind Lab by Unitec, 25 Victoria St Petone

We’re Searching for...

Wainuiomata’s “Unsung HEROES!” Do you know someone in Wainui who has done something great for our community, a school, club or just someone that needed a helping hand??? We’re searching again for “Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes” & we want to show how much we really appreciate them! Shhhh... There’ll be fantastic prizes for our local Heroes too! We’re asking for nominations, from YOU (the public) for these fabulous people from 6th April 2016 - 15th May 2016 so, like our Facebook page – “Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes” and tell us about your Hero today (Written nominations can be delivered to: Lisa Black at our Harcourts office at 32 Queen Street).

Nominate someone deserving today!

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“Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes”

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Wednesday April 27, 2016



43 Hair Street 50 Hyde Street 132 Hair Street 27 Fraser Street 22 Coniston Street 17 Bexley Grove 15 Kowhai Street

P: 04 564 7310

12.00 – 12.30 12.00 – 12.30 12.45 – 1.15 12.45 – 1.15 1.30 – 2.00 2.15 – 2.45 3.00 – 3.30


Wednesday April 27, 2016

Petone Anzac Day By Julie Iles, Massey Journalism Student

The Lower Hutt Memorial RSA hosted their annual breakfast at the Petone Club on Anzac Day where people came in for a bit of rum in their coffee and some food between services. Over five hundred people attended the breakfast, waiting in a long line to get their hands on hash browns and bacon, following dawn services. Lower Hutt Memorial RSA President, Alison Sexton said, "There weren't as many at dawn parade as last year, but it was still great attendance." Major General Anthony George remembered growing up spending Anzac day in Dunedin with his father, a veteran of the Second World War. “My son wears his grandfather’s medals today. They’re pretty standard issue for the Second World War… and like a typical serviceman these

were just thrown in an old cigar box,” George said. The medals are mounted stiffly in ‘court style’- George had them put together at the National Army Museum in Waiouru. After breakfast, many guests headed out to the Petone Railway Station to see the recently restored steam train, Passchendaele AB 608 on its way to Wellington. The Petone Station was the site of the first Anzac commemorations held on April 25, 1916, and hosted by the Petone and Hornsby Railway workshops in honour of the fallen railway men that were killed in the First World War. A hundred years later, services for Anzac day are still held at this historic site. Services speaker David Gordon said it was just great to see such a turn out from people around the Hutt Valley. Several blows of the whistle later, and a billow of grey smoke, Passchendaele’s side rods began to turn

its wheels and the train began to leave the station. Decorated members of the armed forces walked about the train platform, their medals catching the light. Some older veterans wore their medals ‘swing style’, pinned freely to their uniforms. Major General George said, “I’ll always remember when soldiers were marching you could hear the medals, jangling as they marched down the street.” Over one third of New Zealand veterans alive today are pre-Vietnam war heroes. With a new generation of veterans coming through, Mr George said he expected Anzac commemorations to start reflecting on more modern campaigns. “The next focus I’m sure will be the Second World War and we’re rapidly running out of those veterans,” said Mr George, though their medals may be uncovered in cigar boxes for years to come.

Lieutenant-General (Ret’d) Don McIver, former National RSA President, and his wife, Margaret at the Petone Train Station to watch the departure of Passchendaele in honor of the Anzac Day. PHOTO: Julie Iles

Locomotive Engineers Larry Lavin and Stephen Brabender of the Passchendaele AB608. PHOTO: Julie Iles

Earth Day celebrations at the park By Emma McAuliffe

The crowd begins their walk to Catchpool valley

A very special Earth Day took place at the Rimutaka Forest Park last Friday morning. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 every year to take action on important issues like climate change and take time to do good for the environment. On Friday, the American Embassy visited the park for the second time to celebrate the nature and experiences the park had to offer. Around 30 people turned up on the day to plant trees in the Catchpool Valley and take part in pest trapping.

The day was extra special for the American Embassy as it tied in with the United States celebrating 100 years of National Park Services. Member of the Rimutaka Forest Park Trust, Peter Cooper, in his welcoming speech said it was “wonderful” to see everyone. “We’ve got a smorgasbord of the natural world on offer today,” he said. Hutt City Councillor, Margaret Willard attended the event and thanked the Trust for all of their hard work over the years in maintaining “Lower Hutt’s top tourist destination”.

Earth Day Facts:  The first Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 1970 in the US.  There have been celebrations across the globe since 1990.  It is estimated 1 billion people would take part in Earth Day in 2016.

Hutt Citizens at last We all need our own space AGREE DISAGREE #getwellymoving

NTA1633A 633A A

By Emma McAuliffe

Over a hundred people were granted New Zealand citizenship at a special ceremony in Lower Hutt last week. The ceremony for the 153 new citizens to Lower Hutt took place at Hutt City Church. Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace, who officiated at the ceremony, said the new citizens had come from 31 different countries. He said Lower Hutt had always embraced its multiculturalism. “We very much encourage you to take part in the life at Lower Hutt. We’re all enriched by your presence here,” he said. He said he commended everyone for wanting to become New Zealanders and the new citizens were “extremely intelligent” for choosing to reside in the suburbs around Hutt City. Wainuiomata resident, Gabriel Tupou, sang the National Anthem following the ceremony.

The new citizens take the oath

Wednesday April 27, 2016



Wednesday April 27, 2016

Anzac’s Remembered

The parade marches along Fitzherbert Road. CREDIT: Dan Taylor

Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard presents his wreath. CREDIT: Dan Taylor

Wainuiomata Fire Brigade presents their wreath. CREDIT: Dan Taylor

Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace lays a wreath with the members of the Hutt City Council. CREDIT: Dan Taylor

President of the Wainuiomata Valley RSA, Bart Bartlett, presents a wreath. CREDIT: Emma McAuliffe Wainuiomata High School students lay their wreath. CREDIT: Dan Taylor Cadets after the ceremony. Credit: Emma McAuliffe

The crosses for the boys killed in the first world war. CREDIT: Emma McAuliffe

Gabriel Tupou leads the Australian and New Zealand national anthems. CREDIT: Emma McAuliffe

The cenotaph with wreaths. CREDIT: Emma McAuliffe

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Our summer 1.30pm. pools were built by us.Speaker 2pm Guest Oasis Network can offer Peer Support Blends in well did cause no fuss. Gerald Davidson : Petone or represent you on issues with HVDHB, hydro slide will cause at a splash. WW1 photos the Museum, WINZ and other agencies. Visit usWith every to it many people dash.Primary School Wainuiomata Wednesday between 10am and And 12pm, Grounds. at the Wainuiomata Community Centre. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. Phone 04 589 5897 From the children brings a giggle. By Aaron Meredith lins, staff at the school say the costumes Severn days a week place open. were some of thethe best theyishave ever seen. Hot summer days we all are hopen! Fernlea Primary School got a little bit In this photo, teacher Anthony Kleinjan scary last week, holding a spooky disco and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie to raise money for the school. Composed by Tony Watiling 20th.Lily April 2016 Neary, Carr and Prashvi Shankar Students dressed up as ghosts and gob- show off theirPublic costumes. Notice ANZAC DAY

Fernlea gets freaky FACT

This a day we view with pride.

OFThough THE D AY fate to us, it did not side.

Squash Our young men were, soWainuiomata very brave. Three thousand men sent to their grave. AGM With Fever Flies and shells abound. Composed by Tony Watling 28th. 2015 They listened for the bugle sound. Brave men all did fight and Die. 7.00pm Together now their bodies lie.


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Fernlea School Nominations are invited for the election of five

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Topic (5) Female relatives (6) 29. Topic (5) 45. Female relatives (6) 29. Of the nose.(11) (5) 43. Single eyeglass. (7) 45.48. Fragment. (6)time(Lat) 31. Eminent. 31. Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless 31. Uninvited guest 48. An endless time(Lat) (9) (9) 31. Eminent. (11) (4-7) 45. Fragment. (6) 48. Logic. (9) 32. N.Z. Consumer tax 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 32. acid 49. Logic. Left handed 32. Deoxyribonucleic N.Z. Consumer tax 48. (9) people(inf) (9)


All of theBoard clocksof Trustees Election in the movie Wainuiomata Newspaper Pulp Fiction are OF THE D A Y stuck on 4:20. Deliverers


Deliverers Required in

Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.

Contact Sandra on 587 1660




Wednesday April 27, 2016


National tournament for Wainui lad By Emma McAuliffe

Awatea Randall has made the national team for underwater hockey

A young Wainuiomata resident will be taking on the National stage in underwater hockey this year. Awatea Randall has been selected to play in the New Zealand Under 18 national underwater hockey team. The HIBS student said he found out a fortnight ago he made the team after three tough trials in Auckland and Wellington. Awatea, 16, said he had been playing underwater hockey for five years and he was excited to have made the national team. “It feels really good knowing all my hard work has paid off,” he said. He said he played for his school team and the Wellington team as well as the national team.

Awatea said there were six boys selected for the national team from Wellington. He said his interest in underwater hockey came from his history of free diving off the Coast Road beach with his dad. “I’m a free diver. We all free dive off the coast so the interest came from there.” He said he currently trained four days a week on top of trainings and games he plays for his clubs. Awatea said the first tournament would be a trans-Tasman tournament in Hobart in a few months’ time and his next task would be to fundraise for it. His mother, Hannah, said she was very proud of what her son had achieved. “He’s sacrificed lots of time.

He’s made that commitment and he’s just stuck at it which has been great.”

Under Water Hockey Facts The British Navy invented underwater hockey in the 1950's to keep their divers fit and to improve their ability to move and work efficiently under water.  Similar to regular hockey, Under water Hockey involves getting a puck to the goal using a “pusher”, its main difference lies in the game being played under water.

Rugby wins for Wainui By Emma McAuliffe

Wainuiomata Rugby had a few successful games over the long weekend. On Saturday afternoon the Wainuiomata Premier Rugby team battled Petone for the Darren Larsen Cup as part of the Swindale Shield. Petone did not benefit from playing on their home ground as Wainuiomata won 33-27. After six rounds the Wainuiomata premier team stands third on their table. Their next game will take place on Wednesday against Avalon at the Hutt Recreation grounds. Wainuiomata Women’s conquered Poneke earlier in the morning with a final score of 81-0. The win has the team placing third on the Fleurs Trophy table. Their next game will take place on Friday night against Hutt Old Boys Marist at Fraser Park Artificial. Other games over the weekend did not turn out so well. The Reserves played Petone and lost 21-19. The 85’s played a close game against Upper Hutt on Saturday and lost 12-13. The Colts played Johnsonville at William Jones park and lost 22-29.

Paris Coleman beating her defender for a run down the field. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Hockey win for Wainui The Premier 3 women's team took to the field against harbour city on Saturday. The team said they knew this was going to be a tough encounter and this was proved from the very beginning of the game. The team was rewarded for their strong attack from with a goal by Kirsten O'Donnell. Soon after Wainuiomata’s goal

Harbour City scored their first and only goal. The score remained 1-1 right up until the last minute of the game when Kazmia Morgan-Rako scored a great goal from the post giving Wainui the win, 2-1. Team captain, Jo Martin, said she was “really proud of how the team never gave up and kept playing hard till the end”.

Wainuiomata Lions result The Premier team play Petone on Saturday afternoon

“The team was really pleased to take away the win and the vital 3 points. We'd like to thank the supporters who come out and watch our games and support our club. “The team faces Karori next weekend which will no doubt be another tough game.” The Reserve 3 team had the weekend off as the opposition had defaulted.

The Wainuiomata Lions Premiers lost their game against the Te Aroha Eels Premiers on Saturday with a final score of 34-12. The game was played at Te Whiti Park. The Lions’ next game will be on Saturday against the Porirua Vikings Premiers at Wise Park.


Wednesday April 27, 2016


Volunteer rewarded By Emma McAuliffe

One of Wainuiomata High School’s best loved volunteers was rewarded for all her hard efforts last week. Moana Kuma was nominated by Wainuiomata High School’s Sport Coordinator, Peter Cowan, to receive the award from Sport Wellington for the hard work and time she dedicated to various sports at the school including rugby and netball. Moana was awarded a $2000 voucher to spend on sports gear by Lotto and Sport Wellington as part of their monthly Local Sport Makers initiative. She was surprised with a makeshift ceremony at the pre-season tournament for Lower Hutt high

school rugby teams. The award was given following the Wainuiomata First XV’s win against HIBS, 17-12. Presenter of the award was volunteer strategy senior advisor for Sport Wellington, Ken Allen, who told the group “sport would be lost without people like [Moana]”. She said the award was “unexpected”. “It’s great. So unexpected. It’s really humbling. Thanks so much guys,” she said. Peter was also given a certificate for nominating her and the team was given a pack of goodies. Moana Kuma poses with the Wainuiomata High School 1st XV

Sports talk with…


with Jacob Page

Sports Hub Update

Kobe and Curry throw out scripts The NBA showed why sport is so magical. On one day, Kobe Bryant bows out after 20 years as the leading man of the Los Angeles Lakers with a magical 60-point curtain call. Just down the road, the Golden State Warriors broke a single season winning record many thought would never be beaten. The Warriors beat the Memphis Grizzlies at home to finish a regular season with a 73 win, nine loss record, beating the 1995/96 Chicago Bulls 72-10 season. Both games were played at the same time so I had to multitask as best a man can to keep up though I was initially more interested in the Warriors pursuit of history than Kobe’s farewell. That was until Kobe got the hot hand as they say in basketball. Kobe’s Lakers had been awful this year - a stark contrast from their rich, successful history.

The 37-year-old turned back the clock at the Staples Center, surrounded by A-list celebrities like Jack Nicholson and David Beckam and former team mates like Shaquille O ‘Neal. A more fitting ending could not have been written by Hollywood writers just down the street. The chance to see Kobe has come and gone but if you’re a casual basketball watcher, make an effort to see Golden State in the playoffs. Their leading light Steph Curry is the first man to make 400 three-pointers in a regular season. The feat is even more impressive considering no man before Curry had ever made 300 before the season. Just for a little bit of life symmetry - The Golden State coach, Steve Kerr was a key player for the Bulls in the 1995/96 season that his team has now eclipsed. You can’t write this stuff.

Next Steps

What's happened thus far Feasibility study is complete

Global leisure Group have completed our full feasibility study on the types of facilities, the location and recommended approach. the outcomes are: - One new clubrooms and social space able to accommodate 300 people divided by fold away operable walls, various other spaces. - Location on Frederick Wise Park. - Number one fields, greens courts on Frederick Wise surround the facility. - Enclosed and open artificial turf space. - Outdoor synthetic bowls green.

The plan explained WHAT IT WILL BRING - A modern new facility will mean shared use more community and family friendly environments and a hive of activity for sport. Key playing spaces will be close by, more people watching the play. we are now finalising the concept plan, meeting with stakeholders and becoming clear about funding processes, planning and time lines. there will be sharing of social space across a greater number of sports but still space set aside for each clubs prize giving. WHAT WILL IT COST - the total project cost initially is $6 million

dollars and to achieve this as part of our deal with the Hutt City Council we need to show that some clubrooms will be retired and land released.

5 Raroa Rd, Lower Hutt

5 Fitzherbert Rd, Wainui

Phone: 04 576 2009

Welcomes all patients to our new quality family healthcare centre in Wainuiomata We have relocated our Wainui practice to 5 Fitzherbert Road

Appointments now available from 8.30 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday Daily ‘walk-in’ clinics open to anyone with urgent medical needs – just walk in... Weekdays 9-10 am or 3-4 pm


Our Wainui patients can also see their doctor at our Lower Hutt premises

WHAT IT WILL MEAN - Our feasibility study company recommendations are to move Rugby, Squash, Rugby League, Football and Bowls (with on site changing room facilities) into the new expanded facility with fields and greens close by. To demolish (and or sell) the rugby clubrooms, Squash facility and to keep and enhance the Football Facility on Richard Prouse Park as an indoor training space, and the Rugby League facility as change rooms for all sports on Fred Wise Park.

WATCH OUT FOR THE SECOND UPDATE! Please contact Penny Hargraves to make a comment on the plans or to get further information, or talk to your club board. email Penny on

Contact Details:

Finalising the plan, concepts areas and spaces. Fingers Crossed we can expect to meet the challenge of providing a Sports Hub by 2018. Come back to your club committees with an implementation plan showing how we transition the clubs, explaining changes nothing will change until facilities are built and there are new facilities to go to. Submit the proposal to Hutt City Council annual planning process.

The Benefits

The are many benefits with Sportsvilles/hubs. - Clubs will have new facilities and two organisations focused on maintaining and developing them (The Community Funding Trust set up by Hutt City Council and Wainuiomata Sportsville Inc) this will allow each club to focus on their sport, programmes for example. - New facilities will focus on training spaces, new surfaces and better quality fields. Where things are new number always increase.

What you can do We need your help to make this project a reality. Ask all the questions you need to ask, fully understand what the Wainuiomata Sportsville Inc/Sports Hub will bring to Wainuiomata and get behind the initiative. Have the conversations with other club members, we appreciate there are some big changes ahead and some people don't like change. Consider the following comments: 1. With this proposal we are looking to our Sporting future. 2. Your Club boards are clearly saying that a new model is needed and facilities as well to be sustainable. 3. We need to do more for our young people.


Wednesday April 27, 2016

redcoats limited licensed under the REAA

Sunday 2:15-2:45pm

CENTRAL 1 Holland Street


Wainuiomata 20 Konini Street






A cute 3 bedroom home that is currently rented with tenants who would be happy to stay on. This home is insulated top and bottom to keep you warm in the winter months, and a large corner section for the kids to play on during summer. As well as a single garage for storage and hobbies. Call today for a viewing.

Paul Butcher

Located close to primary, Intermediate and high school this lovely 4 bedroom family home must be seen! Polished floors throughout and DVS system. Good size family lounge. Modernised kitchen with dishwasher. Dining room captures the afternoon sun with doors opening onto a fantastic deck area. Bathroom with shower over bath and seperate toilet. Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Tui Reid

For sale by Negotiation

For sale by Negotiation

p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

ARAKURA 11 Wellington Road


VILLAGE 71 Peel Place






3 Bedroom home featuring modern kitchen and bathroom, and heated by woodburner. Outside is a blank canvas, so choose a colour and do it your way.

Paul Butcher

Located in the popular area of Homedale is this well cared for 3 bedroom home. Modern kitchen/dining, new carpet with neutral colour throughout, this home will appeal to all families. Spacious lounge, modern athroom with shower over bath. Never run out of hot water with a gas infinity system. The roof has been replaced 2 years ago. Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Tui Reid

Asking price $240,000

p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e

Sunday 12:00-1:00pm

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

ARAKURA 258 Wellington Road FABULOUS FIRST HOME! This well presented 3 bedroom home is ready for you to move in. Modern decor with the exterior repainted February 2016. Open plan living/dining opens onto a private decked area and the back yard is flat and fully fenced for children and animals. The remodelled bathroom has a separate shower box and there is a separate toilet.

Wainuiomata 51 Berkeley Road





For sale by Enquiries Over $250,000

Here is a great first home for anyone wishing to escape the rental treadmill. This 3 brm home has a spacious open plan dining/lounge warmed by a heatpump. Separate galley style kitchen. Nice bathroom with shower over bath. Separate toilet and laundry. If it's extra space you need then how about 2 rooms in the sleepout!

Sharyn Paaka-Palelei

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

.. ..

4 Bedroom Plus Two Living 2 Bathrooms/Ensuite Big Master Bedroom Double Storey




Donna Tschurtschenthaler p 04 564 5315 e

Tui Reid

For sale by Negotiation

p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e

.. ..

VILLAGE 3/3a Faulke Avenue

PENCARROW 178 Wise Street Calling first time home buyers or investors, this is a great time to get onto the property ladder. This tidy home has 3 good size bedrooms with aluminium joinery. Spacious lounge/dining warmed by heatpump. Compact kitchen and separate laundry. Bathroom has shower over bath and separate toilet. The property sits on a fully fenced section. Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e

For sale by Negotiation Online

For sale by Negotiation

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid

p 04 830 2160 m 027 858 2199 e

ARAKURA 11 Matthews Road

For sale by Negotiation

2 Bedroom Unit Internal Access Garage Heated by 2 Heatpumps Private, Fenced Yard

For sale by Negotiation Online

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 Tui Reid p 04 212 6797

10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

Wainuiomata News 27-04-16  

Wainuiomata News 27-04-16

Wainuiomata News 27-04-16  

Wainuiomata News 27-04-16