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Speed limits Buses and Parking major problem for child care centres

Haircuts for a cause

Phone: 587 Phone: 587 1660 1660

By By Aaron Meredith Emma McAuliffe

Mallard for help. It is only since he got involved Speeding andis aoffering lack of freethehaircuts bus company has responded. A localbuses woman in exchange for new parking are for twofoster of thechildren problems The kindergarten has two signs pyjamas this month. facing teachers, resident, parentsTeand drivers theworking centre, Wainuiomata Arohawarning Tahu-Sinnott, hasof been children in early childhood but these were only put up after with Foster Hope for the past year. centres in Wainuiomata. a child wasinhitfoster by acare car know a few Foster Hope works to make sure children There little to nocares road about signs them. yearsThe back. their is community Wellington branch has outside manyfor centres in the “It is only a matter of time been of running five years. valley drivers to slow Aswarning a volunteer, Te Aroha opensbefore the doors to hergets home Waisomeone hitinagain.” down. nuiomata, as a drop-off point for people donateChris itemsMoses. to the says headtoteacher Jack and Jill Kindergarten organisation. Continued onhas page 2“I understand the drivers are been fighting with New Zealand on a schedule, but they are going Buses for many years, finally so fast.” asking Hutt Tahu-Sinnott South MP Trevor Te Aroha and Jess Anderson are taking Continued on part pagein2the pyjama drive for Foster Hope.

Jack and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Early Childhood Centre.

THE MARKET’S HOT THEDon’t MARKET’S HOT delay call Paul today.

If you’re thinking of selling, give me a call today

Paul Butcher Licensed Real Estate Salesperson P 04 564 5318 M 021 209 5645 E paul@redcoats.co.nz Paul Butcher Licensed Real Estate Salesperson


Wednesday April 06, 2016

How to reach us

Nurse visits Business breakfast By Emma McAuliffe

Phone (04) 587 1660 Address: 23 Broderick Rd, Johnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax: (04) 587 1661

Business owners in Wainuiomata were urged to consider donating a kidney by the

guest speaker at last week’s Development Wainuiomata Business Breakfast. Over 30 people attended the breakfast, which is held

Tony Stevens speaks to the crowd at Friday’s breakfast.


Anne Nicholas E: anne@wsn.co.nz P: 587 1660 REPORTER:

Emma McAuliffe E: emma@wsn.co.nz P: 587 1660

monthly at Louise Bilderbeck Hall. Before guest speaker Tony Stevens was introduced, Hutt City Mayor Ray Wallace gave a speech to celebrate the commitment given by committee member, Barry Renshaw, who was standing down from active service. Mr Wallace said Barry had been president of Development Wainuiomata and had dedicated a significant amount of time to the Community Patrol. He also said the breakfast showed the strong commitment the people of Wainuiomata had to the community. “It’s great that after all these years the team’s still going strong. Wainuiomata is a very

 The next Development Wainuiomata Business Breakfast will take place on Friday April 29. The guest speaker will be Mark Futter.

Wednesday November 4, 2015

for SportingHaircuts achievements recognised a cause SALES:

Wainuiomata Primary School Gala

Sam Barnes E: sam@wsn.co.nz P: 587 1660

By Aaron Meredith

school achievedin April, teer work for Foster Hope twohas weekends Production: ads@wsn.co.nzsays that theFor to a high Te standard this yearbein giving Gaylene Aroha will was close to her heart as she Wainuiomata High School’s top all sports. Rawiri-Patelo Published by haircuts from her home in had been a foster parent in athletes were recognised for their “Many teams have made finals, won the MVP Wellington Suburban the past. Holland St in exchange for achievements throughout the won championships or have for Hockey Newspapers Ltd She said she hoped the new pyjamas, which will year at last week’s sports awards. represented the school at regional Les & Katrina Whiteside Awards were handed out to ath- tournaments.” then be donated to foster pyjama drive would raise letes in all sports, many of whom Teams who won up their children to grades the age of 16. awareness of the organisahave represented Wellington and included theWellington girls cricket Coordinator team, tion’s existence in WainuioNew Zealand. the football fi rst XI, teams two Ander- mata and their work with for Foster Hope, Jess Sportsman of the year was and three in netball, the boys first son, it wasboys important Kokiri Marae and Child, given to Raymond Seumanu xv in rugby andsaid the junior foster children had pyjamas Youth and Family. for his achievements in boxing, league team. “If we can make people as it was coming up winning multiple national titles This year was also the first yearto winABCAustralian Audit 2012:Golden that Igniteter as well as the Sports presented many childrentwo had never aware [of us], maybe next Gloves. 6,456 copies weekly special awards, both recognising owned their very own pair year we can grow and get Wainuiomata He became one of theNews youngest character in an athlete and coach. more pyjamas and raise of new pyjamas. largest circulating winnersThe of the award. Trust co-ordinator Kevin awareness all year round.” She said it was exciting for newspaper in Wainuiomata The sportswomen of the year Goldsbury says that the awards Te Aroha said she had had the children to receive new award was awarded to Sieni are given to those that embodied a “large amount” of interest pyjamas. Samau for her achievements in Ignite Sport’s values. LOCAL NEWSPAPER“Despite the Teattention Aroha said the volun- so far, and Saturdays had aYOUR wide range of sports. that poor Sieni was also the top player in behaviour and bad sportsmanvolleyball, girls rugby, was the Fship attracts, there are great RE top scorer in football, was theQUOexamples of athletes who demonE TE best back in league, played for strate S positive character in sport their sports and teams, helping Wainuiomata in club rugby and and coaches who effectively their teams achieve their best. league, going on to represent model it,” Kevin says. Kalena Hura was also recogWellington in both sports. This year’s winners were Paa nised by the school, receiving the On top of that Sieni was also Mailangi who won the character principals award after 20 years’ or Dinner! selected for the New Zealand athlete award andLunch Ngaire Blake service to school netball. rugby league Kiwi Ferns side to who won the character coach Other award winners were play Australia next year award. Stephen Graham, Joel Carman, The MC, Phillip Kauika who Both showed great passion for Atiria Semmens, Jade Hum-

Eddy’s Bar & Cafe


been especially popular with bookings. “People have asked me if they can donate pyjamas even if they don’t want a haircut. The answer is, yes of course you can,” she said. Foster Hope r uns two ‘drives’ per year, one in April for pyjamas and a Christmas drive later in the year.  Haircut dates are April 9, 10, 16 and 17. Bookings are essential. To make a booking text Te Aroha on 021 746 668. Haircuts will only be dry cuts unless hair is already wet.

University of Otago Sheilah Winn phrey and Brooke Tauaneai. Shakespeare Festival

School Principal Martin Isberg says he was not surprised by the achievements of the students this year. “We have spent the last three or four years changing the culture of the school, and the results this year are recognition of this.”

• Domestic & Light Served with fresh REGIONAL FESTIVAL WELLINGTON Commercial Glazing salad & tasty roast $ Students in the Wellington region are already • Caravan Windows vegetables busy learning their lines, rehearsing their scenes One sure sign of summer Also called the bronze shining the warbler eggs and chicks. I heard in the beech and preparinghowever, themselves for the 25thitSGCNZ • Cat Doors & Expel Air Holes arriving is the call of the shin- cuckoo, scientific name Chryso- The host then seems Wellington not to Regional tree University outsideofthe window, and Otago Sheilah Winn KARAOKE Shakespeare Festival. ing cuckoo,Window a series of upward coccyx lucidas, or in Maori the notice it’s parenting another looked out to see the cuckoo • General Repair Nights 8pm - 12pm Tickets: | SGCNZ Friends: $10 notes followed by one or more Pipi Wharauroa,Friday this sparrowspecies and continues to raise Adults: chick$12flitting from branch to • Wooden Frame Repairs Let’s hear you sing Wainui! $6 | SGCNZ Friends: $5 food long downward slurring notes. sized bird is usually not seen the chick. Fortunately for the Students: twig noisily demanding The birds have come back to due to its cryptic markings and grey warbler species,Buy it tickets has online: fromhttps://www.iticket.co.nz/ a smaller and very busy • Insurance Work or Door Sales - cash only Live

This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportunity to go the school camp this year. This will be taking place down the school between 2 and 6pm on Saturday.  For more information about this please contact the school.

Arakura says thanks Last week the Wainuiomata News reported that Lynette Stewart was in a phot with Bonnie MacBeth when it was Cherrie Tinetti. Cherie did a lot of hard work in the process of planning for the jubilee and the school would like to thank her for this.

Trevor MALLARD MP for for Hutt Hutt South South MP

trevor.mallard@parliament.govt.nz trevor.mallard@parliament.govt.nz 564 4988 4988 564 Electorate Clinics Clinics Electorate For any any issues issues you’d you’d For like to to talk talk about about like

The call of the shining cuckoo 20 Jazz

New Zealand to breed after its size. It’s New Zealand’s only usually already raised aEnquiries: brood grey warbler. First month wintering over in the Solomon iridescent green birdSunday and hasof each in August/September before major threats to the P: 04 384 1300 The M: 027two 283 6016 1stacross Mayits 2pmthe - 4pm Islands. They can be heard green and white bands cuckoo arrives back in New shining cuckoo are flying into E: shakespeare.et.al@gmail.com calling from forest, scrub and chest. The shining cuckoo lives Zealand. windows 12-14 April 2016, 7-9pm and being taken by LUNCH: Wed - Fri 11am farmland, which are also the on grubs and insects, including A few- 2.30pm years ago we heard a East cats. You canHall, hear its St, call and Wellington Girls’ College Austin DINNER: Wed - Satsound 5pm from - 8.30pm habitats of their host birds, the hairy caterpillars and ladybirds the bush thatMtcould learn more about it here. Victoria, Wellington Sunday: 5pmhave - 8pm Ph:warbler. 0274 468 (wk)that other birds avoid. grey Like 137 cuckoos been a bird or an insect,  www.radionz.co.nz/nationShake Alive 2016 - celebrating SGCNZ’s 25th anniversary & Shakespeare’s around the world the shining It lays a single~Takeaway egg in the nestor Dine-in but even ~ with the neighbours’ al/programmes/thiswayup/ Quattro Centennial 971 5235 (After Hours) cuckoo lays its eggs in another of a laying grey warbler, and help we couldn’t find what it collections/birdwatching/ 13 Queen Street, 564 6735 bird’s nest. the chick when it hatches ejects Ph was04coming from. One day shiningcuckoo

Prompt Service


inbrief news



special place. When people are in trouble the community rallies around,” Mr Wallace said. Tony then spoke about the importance of organ donation. Tony, a renal nurse at Wellington Hospital, said transplants were the best option for those with kidney failure. He said there were currently 640 New Zealanders waiting for kidney transplants. Tony, grandson of town founders of Wainuiomata, said around 150 living and deceased donors donated kidneys last year.

44274 44274

CHRIS BISHOP NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN THE HUTT VALLEY I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people to catch up with me. Please see www.chrisbishop.co.nz for times. HUTT VALLEY OFFICE 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 E: chrisbishopoffice@parliament.govt.nz F: Facebook.com/ChrisBishopMP T: @cjsbishop www.national.org.nz

Wednesday April 06, 2016


inbrief news Suburban Dreams for Dowse Gallery The Dowse Art gallery is running an exhibition called “Suburban Dreams” until May 29. The exhibition is described as ‘challenging stereotypes’ and draws attention to the hopes and

difficulties we experience in the places we find ourselves living in. There is a featured video on the lives of 21st century teenagers in Wainuiomata by Tim Barlow as part of the exhibition.

Customer Service Survey at Hutt Libraries Hutt City Libraries are looking for feedback on their customer service and what they can do to make it better. Complete the survey

The students outside Wainuiomata Marae. PHOTO: Supplied

Marae hosts students from Hawaii A local woman with assistance from the Wainuiomata Marae hosted High School students from across Hawaii earlier this month. Ginny Maxwell, who has had a decade long relationship with the people of Hawaii, said the group of 21 students and five teachers came through the Pacific and Asian Affairs Council [PAAC] for a cultural experience. They came over for cultural experience to learn about education systems within Maori culture. “They learnt about Maori culture in general… they learnt

about Maori dance… they learnt to do Maori medicine with Lynne at the Marae,” Ginny said. She said she organised the trip because she had a decade long relationship with the people of Hawaii after her cousin died there. She said her cousin’s teacher initially “planted the seed for the trip”. “We’ve been over every year (since my cousin’s death). Families look after us and we look after them.” She said as part of their week’s stay the students toured to Feilding and Porirua to see immersion

schools in action. Ginny said this was the first time PACC had brought students to New Zealand and they said they would be back. Ginny said out of the 21 students a “handful” were native Hawaii and the rest studied in Hawaii but were from Germany, Sweden and the America. She said some students found it difficult to settle in to their weeklong stay at the Marae. “They didn’t know what to expect but they loved it. They learnt pretty quickly. By the time they left they were crying.”

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Fishers Corned Silverside

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Schweppes Sparkling Soft Wattie’s Canned Fruit 400-420g Drink 1.5L

By Emma McAuliffe

(Excludes Classic Dry)

A Lotto player who bought a ticket from Wainuiomata Pharmacy had more than just the short work week to celebrate after winning $1 million with Lotto First Division in last Wednesday’s Lotto draw. Ron Chin, pharmacist at the Wainuiomata Pharmacy, said the pharmacy was really excited to have sold the winning ticket. He said they the pharmacy found out who won the winning ticket last Friday and the winner was a local who Ron considered to be a “deserving recipient”. “It couldn’t have gone to a better person,” Ron said. Ron said the winner told him he would put it towards helping his family. Ron said this was the pharmacy’s first big win, since moving to The Strand late last year. “We’ve had a few smaller division winners since we’ve moved but this is the first big one.”

Dole Philippine/ Ecuadorian Loose Bananas



Big win at Wainuiomata Pharmacy

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Staff at Wainuiomata Pharmacy are excited to have sold a winning lotto ticket.

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doesn’t matter how many... only pay $80 once this season for all Common or German Wasp nests on your urban residential section. Exclusive Wainuiomata only offer!

Call your Wainuiomata Pesty on 04 938 3848

Website: www.pestproof.co.nz


By Emma McAuliffe

online at library.huttcity. govt.nz and go in the draw to win a $100 Westfield voucher. Survey runs from April 11 to 17.


Wednesday April 06, 2016

Travelling in style

inbrief news Community Law Clinics

By Emma McAuliffe

Community Law Clinics are held every Wednesday from 11am to 12pm at the Wainuiomata Community Centre. The legal advice is provided by the Wellington and Hutt Valley Community Law Centre to help residents with any legal questions.

World Scrabble Day Wainuiomata Library will be celebrating World Scrabble Day on Wednesday April 13. There will be scrabble events taking place throughout the day for all ages. A set of scrabble will be in the library all day for anyone to stop by and add a word.

Anzac Day Anzac Day will be celebrated on April 25. A dawn service will be held at 6am at the memorial on Queen Street. The Anzac parade will assemble at BP station at 10.55am followed by a service on Queen Street at 11am. Do you have a special Anzac story you would like to share? Email us at news@wsn.co.nz

Heinrich Burkhart rides his bike in the village

A local man is promoting his recumbent bike as a safer, more comfortable and faster form of travel. A recumbent bike is one which places the rider in a laid-back position with the pedals frequently positioned before the front wheel. Heinrich Burkart has owned his recumbent bike for 17 years. He constructed it with the aid of a mechanic in his home country of Germany and brought it with him when he moved to New Zealand a year-and-a-half ago. He said he became interested in

recumbent bikes after trying “a lot of different types” of bike throughout the late 80s and early 90s. He said he thought it would be great if more people rode recumbent bikes. “I always think it’s a good thing to recommend every recumbent bike. Every recumbent bike has [its] advantages,” Heinrich said. “[They are] more safe than normal bikes, you fall less far. They are more comfortable. ... there is no aching here and there. They are faster and more aerodynamic.” Do you own something others in Wainuiomata may be interested in? Email us at news@wsn.co.nz

Local man becomes a JP By Emma McAuliffe

A Wainuiomata man was sworn in as a Justice of the Peace at the Lower Hutt District Court last week. Rawiri Evans said he was happy to become a Justice of the Peace at a special ceremony last Wednesday, which was attended by his family and friends. He said the process to become a JP had taken about nine months. “I never thought I’d be able to fit that sort of rhetoric. It’s been a process [but] it’s certainly good,” he said. Rawiri said he thought it would be an important role

for him to take on to as it was a good way to give back to the community and he hoped to be able to support other Wainuiomata and Hutt Valley locals with the same title. “There is such a shortage of JP’s around and it’s all voluntary,” he said. He said he was grateful to have the support of IkaroaRawhiti MP Meka Whaitiri, councillors and family and friends who had helped him on his path to becoming a JP. “I never realised how involved it all was. It’s a whole new experience,” he said. Rawiri said he hoped to eventually set up an office clinic on a weekend day in Wainuiomata.

Rawiri Evans is sworn in as a Justice of the Peace. PHOTO: Supplied

WAINUIOMATA COMMUNITY BOARD The Board will be meeting on

Wednesday 13 April beginning at 7:00pm in the Wainuiomata Chambers, Wainuiomata Library, Queen St, Wainuiomata. You are very welcome to attend Keep up with what’s happening in your community

A life worth living at Woburn Home by Enliven An elder-centerd community At Woburn Home we take every opportunity to bring companionship, spontaneity, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. We’ll support you to continue doing the things you love in a way that’s right for you. And Enliven’s retirement apartments are right next door, a perfect arrangement for couples who need different levels of support. Positive ageing services We offer a full range of positive ageing services, including rest home, hospital and dementia care, as well as short term respite and health recovery care.

The social life Residents of Woburn Home enjoy the busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme, which make for a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Day activity programme Woburn Home hosts a day activity programme for older people living in the community. Activities vary depending on what the attendees are interested in, but popular ones include baking, woodwork, bowls, and board games. Woburn Home’s day programme runs every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10am-3pm.

Visit: www.enlivencentral.org.nz | Freephone: 0508 36 54 83

Wednesday April 06, 2016

Blind corner a dangerous space By Emma McAuliffe

A Wainuiomata resident is urging drivers to be more careful when travelling near Wainuiomata Marae. Ivan Olsen is concerned speeding and a lack of vision could result in an accident near the blind corner at the Marae on the Parkway extension. He said he had had two close calls with vehicles when pulling out of the Marae’s driveway over the past 15 months.

Ivan said he was worried one day some of the many children who were dropped off at the Marae would get hit by a car crossing the road on the way to school. “The roadway out of here is a dangerous spot. There’s nothing worse than when you can’t see,” he said. He said 15-months-ago he had approached the Hutt City Council with his concerns and they had cut part of the hill away, improving vision slightly. Ivan said an issue was with the emergency

service vehicles using the Parkway extension and going high speeds past the corner. “The speed of the cars, it blows you away,” he said. Ivan said he had approached the police with his issues and was eagerly waiting for the issue to be resolved. Wainuiomata News was unable to reach police for comment.  Do you think this blind corner is dangerous for the public? Email us at news@wsn. co.nz

Healthy homes for Wainuiomata families By Emma McAuliffe

With winter well on the way, Eastern Hutt Rotary Club and Hutt City Council are offering specific Wainuiomata residents free insulation for their homes. As part of the Rotary Club’s ‘Healthy Homes’ project, the club is informing those with a community services card, who have someone over 65 or under 12 in their household suffering from serious health problems are eligible for free or subsidise insulation under a government scheme. Eastern Hutt Rotary Club member and ex- Hutt City mayor, John Terris, and Hutt City Councillor for the Wainuiomata Ward, Margaret Willard, have been door knocking around Wainuiomata for six weeks and have managed to sign up around 100 residents so far. The pair said having insulated homes was especially important coming up to winter as living in cold, damp houses could lead to serious illness. “People can die,” John said. Margaret said she had been enjoying visiting the homes of Wainuiomata residents so far and the pair went out once or twice a week for about an hour each time. “It’s really important stuff. A healthy home leads to a healthy family,” she said. John said although Wainuiomata residents were aware of the necessity of home insulation, many households did not have it and could be entitled to it for free. “We’re not selling you something. We’re giving you something. We’ve got good news to bring,” he said. John said he was grateful for the support he had

The blind corner Ivan Olsen is concerned about.

Don’t let the flu get you The flu doesn’t care how fit, active or healthy you are. As well as those in poor physical health it can also infect and strike down even the healthiest of people. Influenza is easily transmitted and everyone is at risk of catching it. The flu carries the risk of severe illness. No matter how fit, healthy or tough you are it may leave you unable to do just about anything, make you seriously ill and confine you to bed for a week. It has a sudden onset and is accompanied by some (or all) of the following symptoms: fever and chills, cough, body aches and pains, fatigue and headache. Influenza can cause pneumonia and can act as a trigger that makes existing medical conditions worse. Every year thousands of New Zealanders need the attention of their doctor or are hospitalised with influenza; some die. Prevention from the flu starts with a strong immune system through good diet and rest. Pay attention to hygiene. When coughing, cover your mouth, use disposable tissues, and wash your hands. If you are unwell stay at home to prevent spreading the virus. A flu vaccination offers proven, effective immunity against the virus. Immunisation is particularly important and is free for those at high risk from complications, and for those aged 65 or over. Talk to your doctor to see if you qualify. ‘We now offer the flu vaccination at the pharmacy as well’ says Clive. ‘It’s quick, convenient, and no appointment is necessary.’ Make sure you give yourself – and your family – the best protection against influenza by doing all you can before winter strikes.

John Terris and Margaret Willard visit the home of Glen Wright’s family, who called the work they were doing “awesome”.

received from the Hutt City Council and the Kokiri Marae in the Rotary Club’s valley wide mission. “The Hutt City Council and Kokiri Marae have done an excellent job at making people aware and enabling people [to get their homes insulated],” he said.

Clive’s Chemist, 20-21 Queen Street, Wainuiomata. (04) 564 8618 • clive@clives.co.nz • www.clives.co.nz







CRUMBLED SCHNITZEL Choose from Beef, Pork or Chicken


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Wednesday April 06, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: Do you think schools should stop selling sugary drinks?

Eddie Trask, Wainuiomata

Talyse Tipene-Sialava’a, Wainuiomata

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know. I’d just bring my own drink from home.”

Ron Chin, Wainuiomata “Yes I think so, because I know that New Zealand has [issues with] type 2 diabetes. It starts from an early age- these habits are formed over a lifetime.”

Kelly France, Wainuiomata “I think people should make their own decisions. People are quite capable.”

Jess Anderson, Wainuiomata “Yes. There are major issues with teeth and kids.”

TeAroha Tapu-Sinnott, Wainuiomata “Yes, definitely.”

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to emma@wsn.co.nz. Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Best wishes for the Raudnics Dear Ed, I would like to say a special thanks to two very special people and their wonderful staff on the retirement of Doctor Raudnic and his wife Margaret two lovely people, a wonderful Doctor and nurse, who have given a great service to this

community for 34 years and will be very much missed by me and anyone who had the privilege of being one of his patients. I wish them every best wish in their retirement, we will miss you all. Rosalie Bennett, Wainuiomata

Mall road rage a problem Dear Ed, Don't let your rage effect your driving. (chill out). I do believe that we can't afford to let road rage happen in a mall car park. You can get fined for road rage on the streets so it should happen anywhere that offends the public. Peter Wells, Waiunuiomata

CONSULTATION ON HUTT CITY COUNCIL’S 2016/17 ANNUAL PLAN IS UNDERWAY. We are continuing to invest in the rejuvenation and growth of Lower Hutt. This year’s Annual Plan continues work on projects like the Town Hall and Events Centre, upgrades to Avalon Park, and new learn-to-swim and hydrotherapy facilities for Huia Pool. Council’s draft budget shows we can continue the programme of rejuvenation with an average rates increase of 2.7%, expected to be the lowest in the region.



Pick up a copy of the Consultation Document at:

• One-hour free parking in time-restricted HC2 car parks in the CBD.

Any Hutt City Library, Council’s Admin Building on Laings Road, or visit huttcity.govt.nz/annualplan

TO SPEAK TO A COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE IN PERSON VISIT: Friday 8 April, 10am – 12 noon, the War Memorial Library Wednesday 13 April, 7:00pm, Wainuiomata Community Board Meeting, Wainuiomata Chambers, Wainuiomata Library Saturday 16 April, 8am – 1pm, the Riverbank Market

• The development of a Stokes Valley Hub to integrate community facilities. • Strategic conference and event promotion of new and existing Council facilities • Increased programmes and activities at Petone Settlers Museum • Community art and culture funding for a winter related programme of events


Wednesday April 06, 2016

Sweet delight for marmalade expert

Council begins consultation Consultation on Hutt City Council’s proposed Annual Plan 2016/17 is open with a proposed average rates increase of 2.7 per cent, expected to be one of the lowest in the region. Council’s Chief Executive Tony Stallinger said combining a low rates increase and staying within debt levels less than annual income is a continuation of Council’s excellent financial record. “Limits on rate increases and debt have for a long time been part of Council’s financial strategy. This approach to financial management has and will continue to serve us well. “Over the last two years our financial position has also allowed us to undertake a programme of revitalisation across the city while continuing to deliver services and fund projects and initiatives. “We want to continue this programme and the momentum we’ve built. The opening of the Walter Nash Centre is a great example of

By Emma McAuliffe

A local man has won gold in what many in his field refer to as the “Marmalade Olympics” after serving up a “gorgeous” jam to judges. Graeme Cunningham won a Certificate of Merit Award, two Bronze Awards, one Silver Award and one Gold Award at the World’s Original Marmalade Awards, which was held last month in Cumbria, England. His Gold Award winning jam, ‘Lime, Chilli and Coconut’, scored a perfect 20/20 with a judge referring to it as “gorgeous”. Graeme said he had been making marmalades for 10 years, first starting in Australia before moving back to New Zealand. He has lived in Wainuiomata for five years. He said it was the first time he had entered the Marmalade awards, sometimes known as the ‘Marmalade Olympics’, and would definitely enter them again. “It was stressful but it’s all been worth it. [I’m] up there with the best in the world. To get 20/20- that’s incredible.” His jams have also been recognised at the 2015 World Chutney Awards and local A and P shows. He said the A and P shows were good because he got judged by his peers in the New Zealand scene. “The ladies there have a wealth of knowledge. They’ve been making preserves all their lives,” he said. Graeme said he sold his jams at the Wellington Underground Market under the label JAM.it. He said he has 45 marmalades and 60 jams in his range.

57 Westminster Rd, Wainuiomata

Graeme Cunningham with his award winning jams

With Anzac Day approaching we would love to hear your local stories. If you have wartime memories to share, or have

Picture of the flying fox taken earlier this year when it was tied up higher by a member of the public

ing safe use by children. Council said this was not the reason repairs were needed.

13D Wellington Rd, Wainuiomata


OPEN HOME: Sunday 12:30-1pm 10 April

OPEN HOME: Sunday 11am - 1pm, 10th April

Phone: 5646336 or Text: 0274934492

organised an Anzac tribute, we would love to hear from you. Send an email through to news@wsn.co.nz

A word from

PRIVATE SALE - Price by Negotiation • Sunny 3 bedroom • Updated bathroom • Park-like fully fenced rear section, could be subdivided • Garage plus workroom • Needs some TLC loads of potential • A lick of paint will do wonders

 The Consultation Document is available online at huttcity.govt. nz/annualplan and can be picked up at local libraries, Council’s building on Laings Road and Hutt City i-SITE. Consultation closes 5pm, Friday 29 April.

Do you have an Anzac story to share?

Parkway Park’s missing flying fox Those concerned about the whereabouts of one of Parkway Park’s flying foxes need not worry. The flying fox has been removed by the Hutt City Council for repair and will return to its rightful position shortly. Hutt City Council’s Parks and Gardens team said “We are awaiting a specialised contractor for the repairs who is due in the next two weeks.” The popular piece of equipment has been at the park since 2001 for both adults and children to enjoy, however has recently been frequently tied up prevent-

what’s possible and is the first in an exciting line-up of rejuvenation projects such as the Town Hall, Events Centre, Riddiford Gardens, Huia Pool and Avalon Park. “There are other potential projects not included in the plan that we want to hear from the community about. These include free CBD car parking and how we could pay for it, a new community hub in Stokes Valley, funding to attract new significant events to the city… and a new community arts and culture festival for 2017. “I’d like everyone with an interest in the future of Lower Hutt to take part in the consultation and have their say on these unfunded projects and the direction of our city.”

OFFERS OVER $170,000

• Sunny 2 Bedroom Unit • Fully air conditioned • Security doors. Car Park Available • Bus stops for travel to “The Village” and Lower Hutt. • A short walk to the mall and shops. TradeMe Listing #1062615814

Phone 976 4169 or Text 022 698 6446

Mayor Ray Wallace Hello everybody... I write this column from the Council administration building on Laings Road. We moved back in just after Easter and I am really pleased to be back in the Civic Centre. There’s a lot of exciting development underway here, as the historic Town Hall is strengthened and the events centre is constructed. We will be inviting the public in for an open day to have a look, once we are all unpacked and settled - I will keep you posted. I want to wish Barry Renshaw all the best as he steps down from the Development Wainuiomata Committee and the Community Patrol. He has been involved in many community groups and it’s been wonderful to work with him over the years. He’s a terrific person with a real can-do attitude. A great example of the many wonderful people we have in our community; we are very fortunate to have him and his wife Nikki contributing so much. It’s great to see the development progressing on the Parkway extension. This quality housing will be a great addition to Wainuiomata. Professionals Wainuiomata will be marketing these sections soon.

Sadly, on a less positive note, I have been very disappointed to hear the Senior Citizens’ Club on Wainuiomata Road has been broken in to. This is not the way our Wainuiomata community behaves. Everybody, including our elders, deserves to feel they are safe and their property is respected. I ask all of you to be vigilant, report any suspicious and antisocial behaviour to the Police, and look out for one another. During the month of April we are consulting on the city’s Annual Plan for 2016-17. You can pick up the consultation document from the library, or the Council building. I look forward to hearing from you on the programme of work we have underway and those extra projects and policies we are looking at adding. It’s on the website huttcity.govt.nz/annual plan. With warm regards,

Mayor - Lower Hutt



Wednesday April 06, 2016

Contributor to realestate.co.nz


Contributor to realestate.co.nz


I would like to nominate:

We’re Searching for...

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Wainuiomata’s “Unsung HEROES!” Do you know someone in Wainui who has done something great for our community, a school, club or just someone that needed a helping hand??? We’re searching again for “Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes” & we want to show how much we really appreciate them! Shhhh... There’ll be fantastic prizes for our local Heroes too! We’re asking for nominations, from YOU (the public) for these fabulous people from 6th April 2016 - 15th May 2016 so, like our Facebook page – “Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes” and tell us about your Hero today (Written nominations can be delivered to: Lisa Black at our Harcourts office at 32 Queen Street).

Nominate someone deserving today!

N.B. By submitting this nomination, you agree that the details of the nomination may be published on “Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes” Facebook page. My Contact (Name, phone, address) details are:

Visit our Facebook page at:

“Wainuiomata’s Unsung Heroes”

Wednesday April 06, 2016


THURSDAY 7 APRIL 17 Kumeroa Grove 6.00pm – 6.30pm SUNDAY 10 APRIL 52 Frederick Street 11.45am – 12.15pm 50 Hyde Street 12.00pm – 12.30pm 17 Kumeroa Grove 12.00pm – 12.30pm 51 Moohan Street 12.30pm – 1.00pm 15 McKay Street 12.45pm – 1.15pm 5 Dunn Street 1.15pm – 1.45pm 5B Kilkenny Grove 1.30pm – 2.00pm 43 Hair Street 2.00pm – 2.30pm 15 Kowhai Street 2.45pm – 3.15pm 49 McKillop Street 3.30pm – 4.00pm

P: 04 564 7310 www.realestate.co.nz


We Want New Salespeople! • Salary/Retainer Available* • Industry leading Training & Technology • Fantastic Support - We’re with you all the way! *special conditions apply

Call Lisa Black from Harcourts Wainuiomata on 027 668 6477



Wednesday April 06, 2016



E.T. a “great success” despite rain


Despite the rain, nearly 200 people turned out to attend Hutt City Council and Professionals Redcoats ‘Films by Starlight’ showing of E.T. last Friday at the Queen Street Reserve. Rebecca Travers, City Events Coordinator for the Hutt City Council, said Films by Starlight had been a great success so far and having the events in March allowed for more families to attend. “We made a decision this year to have the films start in March to allow for an earlier start time, which should mean more families are able to join in. “While there was a bit of rain during E.T. in Wainuiomata, we were happy people stayed to enjoy the film as we unfortunately had to cancel last year’s due to high winds,” she said. There will be two more films shown around the Hutt Valley as part of the Films by Starlight series- Dirty Dancing at Williams Park on April 15 and Monsters Inc., at Avalon Park on April 29.

(1) The film screening at the Queen Street reserve. (2) Isaac Baron and Tia Willis enjoy the film. (3) Mikaere and Peggyann Smith snuggle up. (4) Nikara, Brown, Rihari and Edwards Families

Wellington is one of the best places to live, work and visit. Let’s talk about planning our transport system to fit with how we want our city to look, feel and function.


getwellymoving.co.nz #getwellymoving NTA1633

Wednesday April 06, 2016


Japanese exchange at High School By Emma McAuliffe

A Wainuiomata High School Japanese class had the opportunity to learn rhymes and dance from the school’s Japanese exchange students last week. Japanese teacher, Daiji Kataoka, said the six or seven students were in New Zealand studying at the high school for up to three years. As part of this three of the Japanese students were volunteering their time teaching Japanese at the Japanese Embassy every week, he said.

Last week’s Daiji’s combined years 11, 12 and 13 Japanese class had work stations around the room with each station having a different activity being taught by an exchange student. “They love teaching their own culture,� he said. Activities in last Thursday’s class included learning Japanese hand games, learning Japanese foods and taking part in a Japanese quiz. Student, Eddie Trask, said the hand games were “ pretty hard to learn� but he eventually got the hang of it.

School holiday Activities The April school holidays are coming up and soon it will be time to find the kids something to do. Wainuiomata has a lot to offer outdoors with many parks and bush walks for all abilities to explore. As the weather gets wetter, discover the history of the community at the Wainuiomata Museum, open every Sunday from 2pm-4pm or by arrangement. Hutt City Libraries will be offering events throughout April including a chance to design a planet and the Wainuiomata Library is hosting a board game day and mini Olympics.

The Design a Planet Competition will be open until April 30. Entries can be submitted at the Wainuiomata Library or via email at librariesevents@ huttcity.govt.nz. Teenagers have the opportunity to play giant Chess at the Wainuiomata library on Saturday April 23 and younger children will have the chance to take part in a Mini-Olympics on Wednesday April 27. No matter the weather Wainuiomata has you covered these holidays. ď Ž How will you be spending the April school holidays? Let us know at news@wsn.co.nz

Helping young people make good choices The Students Against Dangerous Driving workshop will be happening in the middle of April and students from Wainuiomata are being encouraged to get involved. Students Against Dangerous Driving (SADD) is a charity that operates throughout New Zealand. However, schools in the Hutt Valley and Wellington are not as well represented as students from other areas. The Wellington Community Trust has helped fund the students getting to the lower North Island training conference running from April 18-20 where they will learn how to give workshops and run programmes in their schools to help reduce injuries and deaths involving young drivers. Fundraising Manager for SADD, Michelle Bouton, said

“We’re aiming to get two students from each active school in the area to attend. The funding ensures that no one has to meet the full cost of the conference and it will really help us to get more Hutt Valley schools involved in our programme.� In early May, ‘X-roads’, a fiveday expo being organised by Safe Hutt Valley, will reinforce the same messages. Chair of Hutt Safe City Trust, a contributing organisation, Graham Smeaton, said “Drink driving in the Hutt Valley continues to be a concern to our community.� “Drivers under the age of 20 make up 24 per cent of the all driving offences where alcohol or drugs has been a factor. The expo will encourage students to make sensible and safe choices whether they are the passenger or the driver in a car.�

Hutt Valley students at a previous SADD workshop

John Martin and Eddie Trask with Japanese exchange student, Sakiho.

Come and share your ideas with us! You are all invited!

We have a great opportunity to work together to develop a Community of Learning in Wainuiomata. We would like to have a conversation with you about the possibilities and opportunities for learners in the Wainuiomata Community.

7pm-9pm Tuesday 12th April 2016 Wainuiomata Community Centre

Connected Community, Successful Learners! Hosted by: Arakura School, Fernlea School, Konini Primary School, Pukeatua Primary School, St Claudine ThĂŠvenet School, Wainuiomata High School, Wainuiomata Intermediate School, and Wainuiomata Primary School

“Be the change you want to see in the world� - Mahatma Gandhi



Wednesday April 06, 2016


Fernlea gets freaky WHATS ON...

installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just summer pools were built by us. phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email nds inBy well did cause no fuss. Aaron Meredith lins, staff at the school say the costumes jack.powell@outlook.com h hydro slide will cause a splash. were some of the best they have ever seen. Fernlea Primary School got a little bit In this photo, teacher11th. Anthony Kleinjan d to it many people dash. The Community Noticeboard is for Composed non-profi tbyorganisations. For Nov. $15.00 Tony Watling 2015 Situation Vacant last week, holding awiggle. spooky disco and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie oughscary native bush we twist and you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special raise money fora giggle. the school. Neary, Lily Carr and Prashvi Shankar m theto children brings meetings. Community Notices pre-paid. Students dressed up as ghosts andmust gob-be show off their costumes. ern days week theoffi place open. (04) 587 1660 or email classifieds@wsn.co.nz Callainto our ce, is phone



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Our summer pools were built by us. Bereaved bywell Suicide? We can Blends in did cause nohelp, fuss. a grief education programme for those Composed by Tony Watling 28th. touched 2015 With hydro slide will cause a splash.by grief & loss associated with Suicide. The group of And to it many people dash. 10 people is facilitated by professional Wainuiomata Squash Clubmax Through native bush we twist wiggle. counsellors and educators andand runs over 8 Oasis Network can offer AGM From the children brings a giggle. weeks. The group allows Peer Support or represent N members to * share Youth soon willaand adults be.place Severn days weekfeelings the is open.what’s thoughts around you on issues with HVDHB, Ourtheir Their future, will the world decree. Hot summer days we all are hopen! happened * discuss the nature of suicide * WINZ and 7.00pm other agencies. So they must pick which field to plough. gain information & ideas about how to care Visit us every Wednesday Monday 30th November When to start it could be now. for themselves & others, including children & between 10am and 12pm, At the Clubrooms At Hub thepeople, Centre after they will learn. young suicide. Course located in at the Wainuiomata ComPublic Notice To play it fair, and -feel concern. Wainuiomata to learn more contact Phoenix munity Centre. Phone 04 When to reap and when to sow. Corner of Main Road Hepi 566 8214 ext 244, 8822 914 589 5897 OF THE DSoon AY must choose what seedorto022 grow. and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata Wainuiomata Squash Club



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Trades and Services FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and

installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email 46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm jack.powell@outlook.com Formerly cpa spares

Funeral Director

next winter $330

Large Bags Kindling $13 Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14

Free Delivery in Wainui


Trades and Services

Situation Vacant Funeral Director Firewood



51. J.K. Bringing local news Rowling the community choseto the unusual name n Vacant ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t beC teased R OS SWO for being nerdy!

Tuesday 10 November 2016 Wednesday April 06,2015 2016 13 7.00pm - 8.30pm Wednesday November 18, 13 Wainuiomata Bowling club, Free Delivery in Wainui To Lease Firewood 1 Moohan Street,Wainuiomata. 0220831542 N All Welcome SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. 2m seasoned pine $180 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. Trades and Services 4m Split pine Funeral store for Director Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14

A solid

- 2m seasoned pine $180 - 4m Split pine store for next winter $330 - Large Bags Kindling $13 - Large Bags Dry Pine/ hardwood mix $14 - Bagged Manuka $20

Free Delivery in Wainui N 0220831542

46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares

Funeral Director

Lost Cat

MISSING Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. all Contact grey, 5yr old neutered male Moggy Barry 472 7987 or 021named 276 6654.

Dearly loved family pet missing since Wednesday (16 March) Missing from Kim St area

~Cash reward offered~

Wanted to Buy

By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters WE BUY WAINUI HOMES - Any house, any

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Prime Minister 36. 36. U.S. state (4) 19. Agricultural. (5) ... Falloon (4)tablet, 20. Accomplices(inf) (7)... 37. Stimulating ... pill. (3) 1975-84 Robert Biblical vessel 1975-84 SirSir Robert ... (7)(7) 37. 37. Biblical vessel (3) (3) 20. Accomplices(inf) (7) 37. Stimulating tablet, ... pill. (3) 22. Loyal. (7) 39.39. Estimated 22. Boils (7) Curve (3)time of arrival 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) 22. Loyal. (7) 39. Estimated time of arrival 24. Hiatus. (3) (abbr) (3)(4) 24. Catch Cupid 24. Catch (3)(3) 41. 41. Cupid (4) 24. Hiatus. (3) (abbr) (3) 26. British person(sl) (3) 41.43. female red deer. (4) 26. Group of whales Exposed to air (7) 26. Group of whales (3)(3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 26. British person(sl) (3) (5) 41. female red deer. (4) 29. Small enclosed field. 43.45. Reproached sarcastically. (7) 29. 29. Topic (5) Female relatives (6) Topic (5) 45. Female relatives (6) Small enclosed field. 43. Reproached sarcastically. (7) 29. 31. Uninvited (4-7) An endless time(Lat) 31. Tending to guest incite. (11)(5) 45.48. Not harsh. (6) 31. Uninvited (4-7) 48. An endless time(Lat) (9) (9) 31. Tending toguest incite. (11) 45. Not harsh. (6) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 32. Agent(abbr) (3) 48. City in England. (9) 32. 49. City Left in handed people(inf) (9) 32. Deoxyribonucleic Agent(abbr) (3) acid 48. England. (9)

The book fair made a bob or two. And Willard hopes her job renew. Less fat bums and swollen belly. Situation Vacant If we all stopped watching Telly.

Wainuiomata ka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.

Newspaper FACT OF THE WEEK Deliverers a on 587 1660

WANTED Mouse, an animated

@wsn.co.nz In 1933, Mickey

Deliverers Required in Puzzle ORD ORD cartoon character, Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.

received 800,000 Contact fan letters.Sandra on 587 1660 accounts@wsn.co.nz



Wednesday April 06, 2016


Wainuiomata Hockey back on the turf The hockey season started at the weekend and Wainuiomata had three teams taking to the turf. The Premier 3 Womens Team opened the season with a tight game against Victoria in round one at the Fraser Turf. Victoria scored early in the first half and despite a strong attack from Wainuiomata won 1-0. This year the Premier 3 team is coach by Rongo and Nicky Downes. The club added a second womens team this season and this is a true celebration for the club but and the women returning to a sport they love.

The Reserve 3 team after their game on Sunday. PHOTO: Supplied.

The team had 8 players take to the turf on Sunday, returning to hockey after a long time away from the game. The Reserve 3 team opened their season playing at Maidstone on Sunday versing Upper Hutt 3. They were defeated by Upper Hutt 1-0. Wainuiomata High School will field a Girls Hockey Team for this season. Training starts this week and games are to start in early May.  The Junior teams are looking for a couple of coaches, please email wainuihockey@gmail.com.

Wainuiomata hosts indigenous Australian squad By Emma McAuliffe

Wainuiomata played host to an indigenous Australian rugby team last month. The Lloyd McDermott U-17’s development squad is one of the many Lloyd McDermott development squads aiming to raise indigenous participation in rugby in Australia. The team came to Wainuiomata to play rugby against the

Wainuiomata High School team and had the opportunity to watch the Hurricanes play at the stadium. Ex-president of Wainuiomata Rugby, John Morrissey, organised the week-long trip and said it was the second time a Lloyd McDermott development squad had come over, the first time being in 2011. John said the team of 16 and 17-year olds were “very nice

boys” and were very grateful to the hospitality they received in Wainuiomata during their stay. As part of their visit, the team travelled to Palmerston North and won 55-5 against Palmerston North Boys High School. Last Tuesday they took on Wainuiomata High School’s 1st XV team and won 27-0. John said it was a “very good effort” by both teams.

The Lloyd McDermott Development squad playing the Wainuiomata High School 1st XV.

Great year for trio

Ethan Price, Tane Mumu, Leon Mcleod-Venu have had a good year. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Wainuiomata softballerEthan Price, Leon McleodVenu and Tane Mumu had a busy softball season this year travelling to Hastings for the U15 Central Regional softball tournament. Their team came out on top and won the trophy. Leon and Tane were selected to play in the tournament team. Their team placed 4th our of 12 at the U15’s North Island Champs held in Whanganui and Captain Leon made the Res. team. Tane captained the U13s at the central Regional held at Fraser Park. The U13’s won the trophy

under his leadership and Tane made another tournament team. Ethan and Tane finished their year by playing in the final of the U15s Hutt Valley championship, and won in the final 11-4 over Totara Park. Unfortunately, Leon was injured during the North Island champs and finished his season early. All three boys had a great year on the diamond and showed true maturity and leadership by helping out with other players.

The boys were grateful to their sponsors for all their help and support throughout the season.

Wednesday April 06, 2016


Jake Whitaker on the way to Romania

Sports talk with…

with Jacob Page

By Emma McAuliffe

Kholi keeps his cool

Jake Whitaker has received a grant which will aide him in his attempt at the Romaniacs in three months’ time. The Romaniacs is considered to be one of the most challenging off-road ‘Extreme Enduro’s’ in the world. Jake, who has now been doing off road riding for a couple of years, said he was really happy he received the grant. “I’ll put it towards my flights,” he said. He said he had been training harder in preparation for the motocross event. “It’s going to be a bit of a challenge. I’ve got three months- I plan on going pretty hard until then. “I’ve been doing plenty of riding, spending a lot of time at the gym and riding my mountain bike at the bike park.” As part of his training he had been taking part in the National Enduros and would be taking part in the Wellington round later in April. Jake said there was a team of about 32 riders going to Romania this year for the Romaniacs however, he would be the only Gold Class rider in attendance. He said he was grateful to the sponsors who had jumped on board with him this year and helped him with everything from travel, to a bike in Romania.

The amazing thing about India's premier batsman, Virat Kholi is he succeeds where so many have failed. When he is sledged and taunted by Australian cricketers, he responds in sublime defiance where others have folded. Former Aussie pace bowler Mitchell Johnson took to Twitter on the eve of the World Twenty20 do-or-die match between the two nations claiming Kholi went missing in big games. Kholi's response - a match winning unbeaten 82 from 51 balls. It's likely the new king of sub-continent batsmen will have the bests limited overs batting record ever when he retires, which could still be over a decade away. Whether he reaches the dizzying, hero worship status of Sachin Tendulkar in cricket mad India is yet to be seen. Australia have targeted Kholi all summer, and with good reason. In their series in Australia he at Aussie all rounder James Faulkner went at each other verbally for months both on

Jake on his bike. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

and off the field. Kholi won time and time again. India are a weaker side than those fans on the subcontinent believe. Take Kholi out of their team and their players are woefully inconsistent or living on past glories. Kholi is one who embraces the pressure, clearly thrives on being called out. Being verbally berated clearly fires him up and gets the best out of him. I'm sure the Aussie's are none too pleased with Johnson's tweet now. With Kholi, India have a chance to win the T20 title on home soil. That's a special player when one can make such a big difference in an 11-man team.

Virat Kholi

Wainui women’s on top after round 1

Wainuiomata Rugby League club to celebrate club day

A great crowd turned up to support the Wainuiomata women’s rugby team last Friday, with local MP Trevor Mallard running touch and Greater Regional Councillor and Sky Sport commentator, Ken Laban, cheering from the stands. The team won 82-0 against Upper Hutt at Maidstone Park at Friday night’s game. Wet conditions and repeat infringements from the less experienced Upper Hutt meant it was a faltering first half. The Wainuiomata women’s side sent a signal to the rest of the women’s competition and are now top of the table on point’s differentials. Alice Soper crossed the line first for Wainui, picking a loose ball from just outside the 10metre and fighting to cross

The Wainuiomata Rugby League Club will be hosting a club day next Saturday April 16 at Wise Park in Wainuiomata. Events Manger for the Wainuiomata Rugby League Club, Taz Buchanan, said the club day will provide an opportunity for all of the league games to be played on their home ground in Wainuiomata. He said the juniors will play from 9am until 12pm

the line. Chanelle Skipper then scored the first of her four of the day, catching Upper Hutt flatfooted and showing great pace out wide. Later in the match, Davina Lasini scored alongside Jackie Patea, Kiri Mei and Maria Alesana. A late break by Wellington Pride prop, Sunema Tupuola, running 60m to score, sealed the match for Wainui. Wainuiomata will be joined this week by Wellington Lions coach, Earl Va’a, this week as they look to prepare for a tougher match against OBU. The next game will be Wainuiomata vs. OBU and will take place at William Jones Park , Saturday April 9 at 11.30am.


By Emma McAuliffe

and the seniors from 1pm to 6pm. The day will end with buses transporting people to and from the Bulldogs vs. Warriors game at the stadium later in the evening. Taz said some buses would be for “mothers and fathers to take their kids on separate from those wanting to have a few drinks at the stadium”. He said the day would be a family day and would have food stalls and competitions for the children between the games and the travel to the

stadium. The day would be “open to anyone” including nonleague club members, he said. There will be a continued membership drive for the Pukeatua Maori Rugby League throughout the day.  To sign up for the buses or for more information contact Taz Buchanan through his personal Facebook page or the Wainuiomata Rugby League Club Facebook page.


MP Trevor Mallard joins the celebrations after running touch for the women’s game

5 Fitzherbert Rd, Wainui

Phone: 04 576 2009

Welcomes all patients to our new quality family healthcare centre in Wainuiomata We have relocated our Wainui practice to 5 Fitzherbert Road

Appointments now available from 8.30 am – 6 pm Monday to Friday

Daily ‘walk-in’ clinics open to anyone with urgent medical needs – just walk in… Weekdays 9-10 am or 3-4 pm

Our Wainui patients can also see their doctor at our Lower Hutt premises


Wednesday April 06, 2016

redcoats limited licensed under the REAA

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

ARAKURA 11 Wellington Road



Online redcoats.co.nz/RED17110

3 Bedroom home featuring modern kitchen and bathroom, and heated by woodburner. Outside is a blank canvas, so choose a colour and do it your way.

For sale by Negotiation

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e paul.butcher@redcoats.co.nz

Wainuiomata 3/3a Faulke Avenue





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Buying a home in such a central location guarantees you excellent sun all year round. The property offers 4 bedrooms, lovely modern kitchen and a large lounge opening out to a private garden setting. One run carpet throughout, 2 heatpumps and a pellet fire for the winter months. Situated at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac.

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The owner of this tidy brick unit has enjoyed living here, but needs it gone so she can move onto the next stage of her life. Heated by 2

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heatpumps, this 2 bedrooms home enjoys a private, sunny and fully

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fenced yard with internal access garaging. A great opportunity for rental investment, first home or someone wanting an easy care, affordable base. Stop renting, and secure your future today!

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CENTRAL 2 Short Street



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If you are a first home buyer then this should be your first choice. Large lounge opening out to deck. Offering 3 bedrooms. Kitchen has been upgraded, separate shower box and separate toilet. Large garaging on flat well fenced sunny section.

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3 Bedrooms Quiet Parkway Street Fully Fenced Woodburner

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Wow! Come have a look at this great 120m2 4 bedroom home which has been totally renovated. Compact kitchen with dishwasher. New lino, new paint inside and out, new carpet. Separate laundry, separate toilet and separate shower and bath. Very large lounge. Separate dining. Great location, walk to Bowling Club or Mall. Single garage.

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PARKWAY Sensational in Parkway Brick and Tile Roof 112m2 in Size (Very Large) Large Garaging

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Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 Tui Reid p 04 212 6797

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Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e wayne@redcoats.co.nz p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e tui.reid@redcoats.co.nz Tui Reid

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Donna Tschurtschenthaler

Donna Tschurtschenthaler

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ARAKURA 120sqm Home 3 Bedrooms Modern Kitchen Large Lounge


GLENDALE Doer Upper Cul-De-Sac 3 Bedroom Single Garage

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10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

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