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Thursday March 24, 2016



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THE NEXT STEP FOR PLANET EARTH? Not only are Humans good at doing the work in the physical world for their parasite and converting physical food into spirit food for both sides, we seem to be at one with the universe. As life appears to be about learning are we the ultimate information sponges? As victims of selective informing we become programmed – in this case to an Earth and physical only reality. Added to this little problem, a lot of our best and brightest have gotten themselves qualified to an Earth and physical only reality, are definite they have been given the full story and will probably require the biggest kick in the bum to start thinking about how the universe actually works. We have to understand how it works to be aware of possible risks, threats, (especially parasites) or opportunities. Are we adult enough to do the reining in, to take control of, or responsibility for our planet? The information age has arrived. Insiders, (first person experiencers), women and men are gutsy enough to speak out. All we have to do is start listening to them and informing ourselves. Sitting in church being held to an Earth and physical only reality isn’t adult enough to be in charge of the destiny of a planet.

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The Human parasite story tellers responsible for the Earth and physical only stories. Came up with and oversee the King James and myriad of other versions spread around the planet. The Royals with the superior, class loving, born to rule and exploit mind pattern. And their bloodline relatives with the obsessively maintained knife edge, (oddball) genetics – the Blue Bloods. That we are being lied to is revealed on the Prison Planet website – videos and Gods or Spacemen? audio. How the genetic mix (hiding our parasite) came about is also on the website – Hidden History videos. For synthesized version of the whole kit and caboodle, check Prison Planet Revelations book. Fitness

Excerise in Disguise SPECIALISTS IN 22 CARAT & FINE GOLD JEWELLERY 30 years long term experience Licensed buyers and sellers of old Gold We do repairs We do remodelling Battery change $12 Jewelry evaluations Diamond and gemstone rings We do engagement rings to specification Layby is available. Trade-ins are available.

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It is widely acknowledged that if you enjoy your chosen fitness activity, you are far more likely to continue with it. And for millions of enthusiasts around the world have been enjoying the benefits of Zumba® Fitness for more than 10 years – not only fun, but good for you, and accessible to just about everyone. Local instructor Alison Childs says “It’s doesn’t matter whether you can dance, it’s about moving and having fun. Routines are designed to be easy to follow and modified to suit different people, fitness levels, and ages. There is no right or wrong way, just unexpected variations!” Alison shares her moves with a very diverse group of consumers and sees the benefits in her clients. A few years ago, Alison herself was diagnosed with arthritis, and weighed around 100 kgs. Combining regular exercise with a healthy eating plan, she not only lost a huge amount of weight, but gained mobile pain-free joints, as well as a passion and belief in the Zumba Fitness programme.


Of course there are the expected cardio effects, improved flexibility, balance and tone but Alison has noticed the positive effects on mental well-being too, with her clients reporting they are more self-confident and feel less stressed and anxious. One case in particular was a woman with limited movement after suffering a stroke, “I could see her in class, even though she was barely moving you could see her dancing. Then she came up to me, and she said ‘that’s the first time I’ve felt alive since my stroke’.” Classes come in many forms, Zumba® Fitness (exercise in disguise), Zumba® Toning (uses light weights for added resistance) and Zumba® Gold (modified for participants with physical limitations or the older adult).


If you would like to give Zumba® a whirl, check out the April Special Deal for new students ONE FREE CLASS and if you love it receive 15% OFF your first concession card - contact Alison via her website:

Baptist Church, 284 The Parade, Island Bay Mon/Tue/Thu 7.30pm Lyall Bay School, 2 Freyburg Street Wed 7.30pm / Sat 8am & 9am ZUMBA® and the Zumba Fitness logos are trademarks of Zumba Fitness, LLC, used under license

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