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Thursday March 24, 2016


y a w a t Ge Marton Harvest Fair is on again The Marton Harvest Fair will take place next Sunday, April 3. Come and celebrate the harvest season in true country fashion with over 160 quality stalls, food, music and fun. The event, which takes place each year, this is an opportunity for the Marton community to celebrate its history, heritage, culture and identity as a rural New Zealand town. Sights and sounds on offer this year include a wood chopping demonstration, vintage displays of machinery, pumps and tractors and a musical performance by Bluegrass band Winsome Lost. Special celebrity chef Annabelle White will also be giving live cooking demonstration and judging the town’s Pumpkin Pie Baking Contest. There will also be a home brew competition as well as a geese herding display in true country fashion.

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 The Marton Harvest Fair will take place on Sunday, April 3, at Marton Park from 10am to 4pm.

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Enjoy your boating safely.

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