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Thursday March 10, 2016



Children get involved for annual sports day Last week, children, teachers, parents and whanau from Adelaide Early Childhood Centre participated in their annual sports day at Newtown Park. The centre celebrates its sports day every March and kids are encouraged to participate with the Adelaide motto “try you best” in mind. Last Friday’s event kicked off with children and teachers marching to the 'Adelaide anthem' before children participated in a number of races, including running, sack, hurdle and tyre races. This was followed by long jump, ball throwing a tug-of-war, marathon and shared kai. Children from the centre practiced in the weeks leading up to the highly anticipated day and were encouraged to cheer for each other, with the focus of the day on everyone giving it a go to the best of their abilities and Otto Childerhouse and Pelle Price cross having a great time. the finish line in a sack race.

Eloise Grainger shows off her best long jump.

Brooke Hutton moonhops her way to victory. PHOTO CREDIT: Via-Dolorosa Tugaga

Resuscitation wins surf lifesaving award The successful resuscitation of a heart attack victim earlier this year has won a national surf lifesaving award. Each month, Surf Life Saving New Zealand selects a winning rescue from each region as well as an overall national winner for the title of BP Rescue of the Month. Event safety lifeguards at the Capital Classic Ocean Swim won the central region award for the month of January and were also crowned the overall national winner. Around 20 lifeguards on pad-

dleboards and in Inflatable Rescue Boats were providing event safety for the Capital Classic Ocean Swim in Wellington on January 31. A 72-year-old male competitor was completing the 3.3km swim when Worser Bay lifeguard Louise Brett witnessed him face down in the water. She immediately paddled over to him and got him onto the front of her board and signalled to the closest boat for assistance. He was unresponsive and not breathing. Anna McDonnell and Ben

Teusse from the Maranui Inflatable Rescue Boat then arrived on scene to help retrieve the patient from the water. Once in the boat, Louise gave the patient two rescue breaths and began compressions while proceeding to an emergency rendezvous point on Freyberg Beach. Meanwhile, Ben was coordinating the on-water resources, ensuring that there were sufficient lifeguarding resources to cover the rest of the swim. Fellow water safety coordinator

Vandals cause damage to park Residents sur rounding Wakefield Park in Island Bay are being asked to keep a watchful eye out for vandals who have caused thousands of dollars in damage trying to set fire to the park’s artificial turf. Wellington City Council’s team manager of sport fields, Julian Emeny, said police and a fire truck were called to the field just after midnight on Saturday after a member of the public spotted a fire. “The fire was lit in the goal area of the pitch on the Town Belt side of the field. “While the burnt area seems small, contractors are going to have to repair a wider section of the turf, which is going to cost between $5000 and $10,000.”

The Wakefield Park artificial turf is funded through rates and community groups including Island Bay United AFC. Island Bay United AFC president, Nick Goodall, said despite the fire none of the weekend’s activities at the park were cancelled. “We are lucky the park is in-between seasons at the moment and we could shift a few pre-season football matches to Field Two. “There would’ve been some disappointed children and sports people had this happened a few months later. “I just can’t understand the reckless stupidity that would make someone want to try and set a community sports

field on fire." Julian said this was the second weekend in a row that vandals had attempted to set fire to a part of the pitch. “Last weekend a section of turf around two metres long was burnt. Because the area was to the side of the playing field, the impact to users was minimal but the repair bill for that section came to around $5000. “At the end of the day these mindless, moronic actions are costing everyone. We are asking the community to be our eyes and ears, particularly in the evenings when the field is not being used by sports clubs.” Julian said the council would also be upping security checks.

Brent Harvey was coordinating with St John and clearing the beach for the incoming boat. Lifeguards removed the patient from the boat as soon as it hit the shore and he was carried approximately five meters up the beach. Brent then commenced compressions and Worser Bay lifeguard Jack Malin set up the bag mask with assistance from St Johns who also set up the defibrillator. Lyall Bay lifeguard Abby Palmer arrived onshore to offer assistance. Abby is a qualified

nurse and assisted with getting a line into the patient to monitor his condition. The patient eventually started breathing on his own and slowly regained consciousness. He expelled a significant amount of water and was able to talk to the paramedics and lifeguards. BP New Zealand managing director Matt Elliott said all lifeguards involved in the rescue were awarded for their work as it was unlikely the patient would have survived if it wasn’t for their quick actions.

Roller derby sweeps into Kilbirnie Wellington’s Richter City Roller Derby league will host its first competition of the year on Saturday March 26 at Kilbirnie Recreation Centre. A curtain raiser will see Richter City’s new crop of skaters in their first ever public bout. This year’s new intake of rookie skaters is the largest the league has seen in several years, demonstrating the ongoing attraction of women of all ages and sizes to the sport of roller derby. Later in the evening fans will see Vagine Regime Aotearoa – a team of skaters from around the country making up the New Zealand contingent of an international community of

proud queer roller derby folk – will play for the first time ever in Wellington against Richter’s development travel team the Convicts. Now in its eighth year of public competition, Richter City is the premier derby league in New Zealand and has a packed schedule for 2016. Richter’s three home teams will kick off their eighth annual round robin on May 28 with the hotly-contested final on September 24.  Tickets are available at roller-derby-rcrd-convictsvs-vagine-regime-aotearoa/ wellington

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