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Thursday, March 3, 2016

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Work underway on seawall By Nikki Papatsoumas

Construction work on a new seawall which will protect homes along the coast of Breaker Bay is officially underway. Work started on the seawall in midJanuary along a section of Breaker Bay Rd, to help protect the road, footpath and nearby properties from

damage in the event of large swells or a storm. President of the Breaker Bay Moa Point Progressive Association, Lester Goodfellow, said the association started lobbying the Wellington City Council for work to be done on the seawall following the June 2013 storm in Wellington. Continued on page 2

President of the Breaker Bay Moa Point Progressive Association, Lester Goodfellow, said he was pleased the council had begun work on a new seawall for the coastal community of Breaker Bay.


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Thursday March 3, 2016

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Work underway on seawall Continued from page 1 “We had a really big storm in 2013 which created a lot of damage and there were a lot of people who were quite fearful.” Lester, who has lived in Breaker Bay for 15 years, said the storm spilled water, gravel, rocks and debris up on to the road making it virtually unusable for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. Since then, other large storms and swells have also put homes and road users in danger. Lester said while most people

who lived on the coast expected a little bit of weather damage, many residents were concerned about the future of their homes if another big storm was to hit. The new rock seawall will extend along the coast from 160 to 171 Breaker Bay Rd. This section was identified by the council as most vulnerable because there was little natural protection between the coast and the road. Planned work will involve constructing a new rock seawall and installing timber plant

boxes on the inland side of the seawall. The seawall will be constructed out of 2300 tonnes of oversized rocks from the Wiremu Rd Quarry at Mt Taranaki and from Kiwi Point Quarry in Wellington. Lester said the council had done a fantastic job in liaising with the community throughout the process. “The consultation with us has been great… we are really pleased. “They have liaised with us

all the way through and sent information about what was going to be done through to all property owners.” Lester said following the completion of the seawall, there were other erosion issues in the community the council needed to address. Work on the seawall was expected to be completed by April.  Are you pleased to see a seawall being erected in Breaker Bay? Send us an email – news@

Local high school receives “concerning” phone calls Wellington High School was one of several schools across the country to receive calls of a “concerning nature” last week. Last Wednesday and Thursday it was reported that police had been called out to several schools across the country after threatening calls were made. Wellington High School, in Mount Cook, was among those schools to receive a phone call. In a statement on its website, Wellington High School said

“the threat was very quickly ascertained as a hoax and no evacuation was required”. “We would like to reassure all parents that we have worked swiftly with the New Zealand Police, the Ministry of Education and the Board of Trustees during this afternoon’s hoax threat to the school to ensure that all students were safe.” School resumed the following day as normal, the statement said. Meanwhile, police said fol-

lowing the threatening calls, officers attended each school and worked with the schools management team to decide on the appropriate response. Police said they believed Thursday’s calls could be linked to those received on Wednesday. In a statement released last week, Police said initial inquiries indicated these calls originated overseas and they were now undertaking a number of lines of inquiries to

establish the exact origin of the calls. “We understand the fear and concern that this will cause, however we reiterate that so far we have not established any actual threat to any school. “How a school responds to these calls is a matter for the schools management in conjunction with police. Schools will respond differently according to their individual circumstances and the information available to them.”

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Thursday March 3, 2016

Making fresh produce more accessible By Nikki Papatsoumas

It is now even easier for locals to get their hands on fresh fruit and vegetables at affordable prices thanks to a co-op running out of St Aidan’s Church in Miramar The Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vegetable Co-op gives residents the opportunity to purchase roughly eight kilograms of fresh fruit and vegetables every week, for just $10. The initiative is partnership between Regional Public Health and Wesley Community Action, who buy fruit and vegetables wholesale. On Tuesday mornings, a truck delivers in-season fresh fruit and vegetables to St Aidan’s Church in Miramar, before it is sorted and bagged by a group of eight volunteers. Households who are part of the co-op can then pick up their food on a Tuesday afternoon. Eight of these co-ops currently exist around the Wellington region, however, this is the first to be offered in Wellington city. The model was successfully piloted in Cannons Creek, in Porirua, in 2014 and has since

From left, Co-ordinator of Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vegetable Co-op, Bobbi Wilson, Sallie Calvert from Wesley Community Action, St Aidan's Anglican Church Community Worker Mel McKenzie, Public Health Advisor Chelsea Jacobs, and volunteer Sue Luxford.

been rolled out to other communities across the region. Co-ordinator of Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vegetable Co-op, Bobbi Wilson, said the Miramar based co-op was drawing strong interest with more than 60 households joining since it started. “Our members are really excited each week to see what fresh fruit and vegetables they have in their packs. We’ve been

really impressed by the quantity and quality of the produce – all for just $10. “The fruit and vege co-op ensure they get the best produce possible by buying seasonally. We get the best buys of the day. “We've had mangoes, peaches, kumara and the basics – apples, potatoes, something green and leafy, broccoli and carrots.” Bobbi said families were also

given a recipe each week which complimented the produce they received.  The Eastern Suburbs Fruit and Vegetable Co-op running out of Saint Aidan’s Miramar take orders through the Community Op Shop on Miramar Ave, from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm. People can pay the $10 in cash or by internet banking.

Public transport fares to stay put

The Greater Wellington Regional Council has announced that public transport fares will not increase this year.

The Greater Wellington Regional Council has announced public transport fares will not increase over the next year. Greater Wellington Regional Council’s public transport portfolio leader Paul Swain, said low inflation, low petrol prices and healthy rail patronage all combined to make a fare increase unnecessary this year. “Public transport users will be pleased to hear that this is now the third year in a row that a fare increase hasn’t been needed. “The rail patronage figures

continue to be a great return on the substantial investment that we and the government have put into Wellington’s rail network over several years. “We’re now planning to do the same for bus services, with a range of major improvements planned over the next few years to make bus travel more reliable, convenient and enjoyable,” he said.  How do you feel about public transport in Wellington? Send us an email –


inbrief news Wellington Zoofari Over the next few months 2,000 students from low-decile schools across the Wellington region will visit Wellington Zoo as part of The Warehouse Wellington Zoofari. The Warehouse Wellington Zoofari is a partnership between Wellington Zoo and The Warehouse, which began in 2013 with the aim of making zoo learning more accessible to as many children as possible. This year, Warehouse stores and its customers have raised more than $21,000 towards the programme.

Reinterpreting a pop song Wellington based artist Jhana Millers’ new project is turning a smash-hit pop song into a multilingual anthem for Wellington. Taking place in the Performance Arcade – which is a series of shipping containers along the waterfront – Shine asks visitors to record translations of the first verse of popular Rihanna single Diamonds. The translations of “Shine bright like a diamond” will be re-recorded on site to create new audio versions of the song. Shine runs until Sunday, March 6.

CubaDupa CubaDupa will take place this year on March 19 and 20. The vibrant street festival captures the creative spirit of Cuba St and the Wellington community. Among things to watch out for at this year’s event are the Moore Wilson’s Street Food Festival and the CubaDupa Bicycle Leisure Park. For more information, head to

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Thursday March 3, 2016

inbrief news Tattoo gifts sword to capital

Awareness for Rare Disease Day By Nikki Papatsoumas

In the wake of the record-breaking performances by the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo last month, Wellington City has been presented a ceremonial broadsword. At the full meeting of the Wellington City Council last week, Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, presented a ceremonial Scottish Officer broadsword bearing the Royal cipher, which was given to Wellington City, on the eve of Sunday’s final Royal Edinburgh Tattoo performance at Westpac Stadium.

On Tuesday, students from Berhampore School raised their hands in awareness of Rare Disease Day. Rare Disease Day takes place

on the last day of February around the world and is an annual celebration and fundraiser for ‘rare gems’ in the community. People are encouraged to raise awareness and money to

support those who suffer from rare diseases. Learning support co-ordinator at Berhampore School, Justine Henderson, said this was the first time the school had celebrated Rare Disease

Te Papa secures rare suffragette medal A rare bravery medal awarded to New Zealander Frances Parker has been secured by Te Papa in an auction. The Women’s Social and Political Union Medal for Valour was awarded to the suffrage activist for her courageous role in the campaign for the right of women to vote in Scotland. It was successfully purchased by Te Papa for approximately $40,000 from Auction House Dix Noonan Web in London. Te Papa is now working to transport the medal to Wellington.

Children from Berhampore School take part in a parade as part of Rare Disease Day on Tuesday.

Day. There were more than 7000 rare diseases and from this, Justine said she could list 20 rare diseases which impacted students from Berhampore School. “A parent suggested it and we thought it was a great idea to raise awareness with other lesser known diseases. “Most of the children brought a coin along and they are wearing jeans in support of children with rare diseases – it is something different for them to talk about.” Justine said by wearing jeans, the children were encouraged to learn about how many rare diseases were caused by “genes”. The whole school took part in a parade to show off their jeans, and placed money on a coin trail. Justine said students raised a whopping $290, which would be donated to a group which supports Costello Syndrome.  For more information head to

School gala to raise money for evacuation steps By Nikki Papatsoumas

Seatoun School students Charlie Rapson, Matthew Noble, Eve RoperCaldbeck, Bonnie May Hardy and Billie Nightingale with principal John Western at the school’s newly installed tsunami evacuation steps.

The Seatoun School community is fundraising for something a little different at their biannual gala which will take place next weekend. This year the school is hoping to raise enough money to cover the costs of the school’s newly installed tsunami evacuation steps. The steps, which were completed a couple of weeks ago, came with a price tag of $45,000. Principal John Western said the school was lucky enough to receive a grant of $11,500 from the Wellington City Council. “The difference the board has covered out of their reserves,” John said. “However, these reserves are really important so we

need to have a successful gala so we can replace those reserves.” The steps, located at the back of the school, lead up to a walking path which runs along the ridgeline, overlooking the entrance into Wellington Harbour. John said the tsunami evacuation steps would be of great use to not only the school, but the wider Seatoun community, in the event of an emergency. “Hopefully we never need to use them but knowing they are there gives peace of mind to not only the school but also the wider community.” He said gauging by popularity of past galas, he was confident that with the communities support, the school would be able to raise funds needed to cover the costs

St Mark’s Church School See St Mark's at our next Open Day Saturday 5 March, 10am to 2pm 13 Dufferin Street, Basin Reserve, Wellington • Phone: 385 9489

of the stairs. John said there was something for everyone at next weekend’s gala, including food, crafts, second hand books and toys, and as games for children. This year the silent auction boasted a range of amazing items and experiences, including a Phoenix experience which included an afternoon with the team prior to the game and a sketch of the Beehive drawn and signed by Prime Minister John Key. Fair goers would also have the chance to pose for photos with the Bledisloe Cup.  The Seatoun School Gala will take place on Sunday, March 13 from 11am to 3pm at Seatoun School, 59 Burnham St, Seatoun.

Thursday March 3, 2016


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Creating edible gardens By Nikki Papatsoumas

Locals will learn how to create their own edible gardens in small spaces at an upcoming workshop in Kilbirnie. The free ‘edible gardens – for pots or small gardens’ workshop, is run by the Sustainability Trust and will take place at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on Friday, March 18. The workshop is being held in conjunction with Wellington City Council events, Neighbours Day and Local Food Week, which will both take place later this month. Co-ordinator of the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre,

Rowena Bonne, said the goal of the workshop was for people to plant seeds, know how to look after them and have fun. It was also a good opportunity for people to understand how to be sustainable by growing their own food. “We’re hoping people who live in flats in the eastern suburbs will come along – beginners or experienced gardeners are welcome,” she said. Rowena said Michelle Whale, an educator and gardener from Sustainability Trust, would be running the workshop. Those who attended would learn how to plant and grow their own

edible gardens in small spaces and would also learn about reducing waste through composting and worm farms. They would also be given their own planted salad, stir fry greens and herb seeds in egg cartons to re-pot at home. As well as this, information would also be available about upcoming events as part of Neighbours Day and Local Food Week.  ‘Edible gardens – for pots or small gardens’ will take place on Friday, March 18 from midday to 1pm. The workshop is free. To register, contact Rowena or Beryl on 387 7867 or pop into the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre on


Monday-Friday: 9.00am-7.00pm Saturday: 9.00am-6.00pm Sunday: 10.00am-5.00pm 113 Tirangi Road, Lyall Bay Phone: 04 387 3663

Zero course fees Ph: 0800 876 4664 Web:

A rest home with spark Kilmarnock Heights Home An elder-centred community Kilmarnock Heights Home is special; it’s more than just a rest home. As well as providing daily living support we ensure residents have choice and control in their lives. We take every opportunity to bring companionship, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. Family and friends Kilmarnock Heights Home is like one big family. Residents are encouraged to invite their loved ones to visit at any time; there’s no set visiting hours. And, for the children - we have a fully stocked toy box to keep them entertained!

Pets welcome We believe pets can be both calming and energising. So, we welcome animals at our home. If you have a pet that’s part of your family, ask us about moving to Kilmarnock Heights Home with them. The social life At Kilmarnock Heights Home we support residents to continue doing the things they love in a way that’s right for them. The busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme certainly make for a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Rest home | Respite | Day Guest Programme | 0508 36 54 83


Thursday March 3, 2016

Kaibosh Food Rescue Heroes programme a success Since launching Food Rescue Heroes in November 2015, Kaibosh Food Rescue has raised the funds to provide the equivalent of 5,500 meals to Wellingtonians in need. The Food Rescue Heroes supporters’ programme sees Kaibosh teaming up with popular local businesses that offer special deals to regular donors. Kaibosh general manager Matt Dagger said he was delighted with the interest in the programme. “Food Rescue Heroes is the perfect chance for Kaibosh to partner with businesses we admire, while also rewarding our supporters with deals that mean they can enjoy our city even more. “The backing of the Wellington community is key to Kaibosh’s success, and we’re looking forward to welcoming many more Food Rescue Heroes on to the programme.” Food Rescue Heroes were welcomed into the programme with a delicious,

locally-sourced welcome pack, put together by Peoples Coffee, Wellington Chocolate Factory and Ideal Cup – all businesses which support Kaibosh’s vision of zero food poverty and zero food waste, Matt said. He said along with the welcome pack, supporters received a range of deals from well-loved Wellington establishments like Six Barrel Soda, Flight Coffee, Logan Brown, The Ramen Shop and Fidel’s. Wellington Chocolate Factory sales manager, Mona Zo Rayo, said the business was proud to be part of Kaibosh’s Food Rescue Heroes programme. “We don’t create surplus chocolate, so this is a different way that we can contribute to Kaibosh’s work and provide something a little special to their supporters,” she said.  Kaibosh will be promoting Food Rescue Heroes at Newtown Festival Fair Day on Sunday, March 6.

Food and fun at upcoming fair By Nikki Papatsoumas

No Stone Unturned Performance Artists Angela Kilford and Elijah Winter are partnering with the weavers of Te Roopu Raranga o Manaia for their latest work, No Stone Unturned. Based at the Performance Arcade, a series of architecturally arranged shipping containers on the waterfront, No Stone Unturned is a collaboration between the

David Fiamatai and Lillie Illingworth play on Lyall Bay School’s senior playground – which is set to undergo a much needed refurbishment.

artists, participants and the Manaia weavers. Audience members will be invited to participate in guided walks through the city. The walks, which are free and open to a maximum of eight people at a time, will be an opportunity to explore ecology and diversity in the urban environment. No Stone Unturned runs from March 3 to 6.

The Lyall Bay School community is busy planning its popular “Food and Fun Fair”, which will take place next Friday. Chair of the Friends of Lyall Bay School, Amy Thorburn, said the school held a “Food and Fun Fair” once every two years. She said the idea of the fair, which was always held on a Friday evening, was families would come along, have dinner and participate in some of the many activities on offer. “It is focused around the food and the fun activities for the kids, it is quite exciting for the children to come out in the evening and join in. “Families can come down, get their dinner up in the senior playground and once they have had something to eat, they can get up and take a walk around, play some games and browse the wonderful stalls we have.” Amy said among the food on offer

at this year’s fair was Greek, Samoan, Indian, Japanese and halal. She said the food reflected the school’s diversity. “A lot of the families from the school are running the food stalls and that is one of the lovely things about it. “The families who are part of the school community are sharing their culture with the school and the wider community. “We encourage people to come down, share in the school’s culture and support our fantastic school. It really is a chance to have some fun with the family.” Amy said this year all money raised would go towards the re-development of the senior playground. “The senior playground is extremely tired and is in need of redevelopment. The fair is our biggest earner of the year and we started planning months ago and working to get things ready.” Lyall Bay School’s Food and Fun Fair will take place on Friday, March 11 from 5pm to 7.30pm at Lyall Bay School, 2 Freyberg St, Lyall Bay.

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Thursday March 3, 2016


Bake sale for Fiji Island Bay Presbyterian is holding a fundraising bake sale this Sunday to raise funds for Fiji, following the devastation of Cyclone Winston. Anyone who would like to contribute some baking can bring a plate of goodies to the church, at 88 The Parade, any time before midday on Sunday. The bake sale will take place outside Island Bay Video on The Parade from midday. All funds raised will go to Save the Children and their Fiji appeal.

Evans Bay Intermediate School students enjoying the high ropes at Adrenalin Forest in Porirua last month.

Students participate in outdoor activities ferry to Matiu Somes Island, hitting the high ropes at Adrenalin Forest in Porirua and a trip to Kaitoke Regional Park. Marie said the weather was perfect for the whole week meaning all activities could go ahead. “The parent helpers we had were fantastic. They did a great job of accompanying every group and helping to ensure that the students were supervised and

Years 1 to 13 for girls, Preschool for girls and boys

safe.” “Physical education coordinators Colin Thompson and Ed Trotter arranged a good variety of things for the students to do over the five days which gave them a valuable time of learning. “On returning to school the students shared many stories of the things they did. This will give them a great deal to talk about for a long time to come,” Marie said.

music in the village


Evans Bay Intermediate Students started the new school year with a bang, spending a week exploring some of the activities Wellington has on offer. Deputy Principal, Marie Okeby, said both years 7 and 8 students spent five days participating in different outdoor activities last month, as part of a biannual programme run by the school. Activities included catching a

Marsden School See us in Action Visit our Karori campus on Friday 11 March between 1pm and 3pm to experience the Marsden school spirit. All welcome. 04 476 8707

Ê 0 s , 4 5 e 0 h Ê t s , a g n n i t d a r 60Ês le eb

Monday 7 March, 10am

Rita Angus Retirement Village Please join us as we relive the magic of three decades of timeless tunes. Presented by four artists who have collaborated on concerts such as Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park, and Skycity Starlight Symphony, you’ll be blown away by their musical talents. Tickets are just $15 and include afternoon tea.


Hurry – seating is limited so book your tickets by calling Catherine on 04 387 7625.


Thursday March 3, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What is your favourite fruit or vegetable?

Fiona Soffe Kilbirnie “My favourite fruit would have to be mangoes and I like all veggies.”

Joan Martin Newtown

Sue Maifi Newtown

Shaylee Biskowiak Kilbirnie

Madh Raj Kilbirnie

“My favourite fruit are cherries and favourite vegetable is kumara.”

“Probably an orange and I like watercress.”

“Watermelon. It’s the goto fruit.”

“Mandarins, they are easy on the go.”

Grant Beattie Kilbirnie “I love roast pumpkin.”

LETTERS to the editor

Sad to see festival “canned” Dear Ed, It does seem sad that Kilbirnie’s Bay Road festival in March has been canned this year (Cook Strait News, February 25). It gave the local shops a chance to set up little stalls outside their premises and offer specials. It also gave groups who use the community centre a chance to demonstrate their skills to local residents. Especially sad, though, is that one year (2015) someone decides to wrest control of an annual fair from a long-standing organiser, then the following year has to admit he can’t ‘handle the jandal’. Why did he try to fix something that ‘wasn't broke’? Last year I went to both festival and fair and

both had their good points. This year there is likely to be just one generic fair which just happens to be located at St Pats - but, so what - St Pats is a brilliant venue in itself. Recently the Island Bay Festival took place and many local residents along The Parade put little trading tables at their gates and entered into the spirit of the occasion. Kilbirnie could have done something similar. Maybe the Kilbirnie Business Network is something of a dysfunctional animal (my educated guess) and this is the real reason for the canning of this year’s Bay Road event, three weeks ahead of its scheduled celebration. Christine Swift, Island Bay

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to

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Basic fork servicing from $50, Rear shock’s from $35 !

Keep you ride performing at it’s best

MUD CYCLES 424 Karori Road, Karori

(Drive on access from Makara Rd)

Ph 04 476 4961

Safe on bike Dear Ed, I recently biked the length of Island Bay’s new cycleway. I can honestly say it’s the first time I’ve felt safe on a bike in Wellington. Thanks to the cycleway I can now confidently take my children out riding without worrying about whether they’ll be blown into a car lane, blasted from the draft of a bus or a truck, or have a car door opened on them. The cycleway is a great contribution to Wellington’s reputation as a progressive and innovative city – congratulations to those councillors who have the vision and guts to make this change for the better. Give people time to get used to the cycleway, make some adjustments where they’re needed and let’s get on with enjoying this great new community asset. Mark Lindsay Island Bay

Working together Dear Ed, Your headline last week (February 25), ‘End of an era?’ was surely premature. Between Martin Wilson and the Kilbirnie businessmen, a good concept could be worked out. After all, Mr Wilson is organising a “World Food Day’ for Sun, 13 March this year at St Pats. The Kilbirnie Festival will never be as good as the Newtown Festival but still worthwhile. Last year it came out that The Businessmen’s Association had not even talked to Mr Wilson, the organiser of all previous

Kilbirnie Festivals, prior to starting to organise their own plan. That was never going to work well then. It has not worked well this year either. But next year can be another try and between them surely something good can be achieved. If the association will not talk to Mr Wilson about next year, it would look like they would rather let the Bay Road version of the festival fail than talk to Mr Wilson. What’s behind that? Sincerely, Richard Keller Lyall Bay

Stavros' Statues Dear Ed, I'd like to say a huge thank you to Stavros for making all the wonderful gravity-defying stone and wooden statues along the south coast. They are a pleasure to view and they delight me and my young fam-

ily when we see them. I am amazed by your dedication to remaking them - after storms, human destruction and the likes. Please continue to make them - they are fantastic! Frances Ryan Wellington

Thursday March 3, 2016

New food laws in place A new law for stores that sell food will affect about 1800 businesses across the capital. Wellington City Council’s public health manager, Helen Jones, said the Food Act 2014, which came into effect on Tuesday, “aims to modernise and simplify food safety procedures”. “It will make it easier for businesses to make sure their food is safe,” she said. Helen said anyone who started a business that involved food had to follow the new law. This included anything from restaurants to corner dairies, market stalls, craft brewers, food trucks or internet cake sellers. Existing businesses also needed to make changes under the new law although they would have longer to do so, Helen said. She said the new law was designed to

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by joining Playcentre we've found that village." - Anya & Simon, Playcentre Parents

At Playcentre:

help businesses and consumers. “It also offers businesses greater flexibility. People can sell food they have made at home, for example, but must meet the same food safety standards as other businesses. “By focusing on what’s most important to food safety, the law will help ensure safer food for consumers. At the same time, keeping costs down for businesses will also keep costs down for consumers,” she said. “The new law also introduces other measures to help businesses keep time and costs down. For example, those who manage food safety well will need lessfrequent checks.”

children attend part-day sessions with theirAWARENESS parent or caregiver, WEEK NATIONAL PLAYCENTRE with older pre-schoolers able to have some independent sessions 6-12 March 2016

Celebrating 75a years since the first children enjoy play in family environment, withPlaycentre siblings andopened other local children from birth to 6 years OPEN DAYS parents/caregivers receiveNgaio free training in early childhood Playcentre education andSaturday parenting 5 March, 12.00 pm to 3.00 pm

50 Silverstream Road, Crofton Downs high ratios and child-led play support children to grow as competent and confident learners and communicators Newlands Tamariki Playcentre

Saturday 12 March, 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

families build strong relationships through working as a 134 Newlands Road, Newlands co-operative, learning together and supporting each other. Or contact a Playcentre near you to arrange a visit any time.

Whanau Tapu ngatahi - families growing together

 Head to for more information

St Catherine’s College provides exceptional education for girls in Year 9-13 2016 brings St Catherine’s College a learning and school tone. Our academic long awaited and well deserved new results for 2015 are outstanding, and well teaching block. The project will provide worth the celebration held at our Academic the college with new teaching spaces, a Mass. See the graph below . Our curriculum promotes opportunities St Catherine’s College’s Mercy tradition, and high expectations guide teaching, learning and new administration block and a sheltered for student choice and success. Tailored Inclusive promote school tone. practices Our academic resultsand for celebrate 2015 are outstanding, and well worth the celebration courtyard for our students. held at our Academic Mass. See very the graph . learning and vocational pathway courses diversity. Students achieve well below in Inclusive promotesuccessfully and celebrateindiversity. Students achieve very well in NCEA and are developed in all subjects to match Inclusive values and practices promote NCEA practices and participate a participate successfully in a range of academic, sporting and cultural activities. students’ interests, abilities and aspirations. student wellbeing for success. Diversity range of academic, sporting and cultural is celebrated. Students have a strong activities. In 2015 we introduced Āwhina Roopū, an sense of belonging, sisterhood and unity. academic and pastoral mentoring system 120% with weekly targeted support for individual High levels of family and community 100% involvement in school life promote a students. All students are affirmed in 80% positive tone and reinforce school values. their languages, cultures and identity SCC% 60% through curriculum, leadership, sport and St Catherine’s College’s Mercy tradition, Girls Decile 4 - 7 40% performing arts. and high expectations guide teaching, Girls Decile 8 - 10 Our School Leaders for 2016 are: 20% The College is founded on Mercy traditions. These inform our Special Character teaching and co-curricular programmes.

Head Prefect: Kathryn Prince

0% Level 1Level 2Level 3 UE

Deputy Head Prefect: Elisha Prasad Spirit Captain: Toa Fifita Community Captain: Daniella Emer-Barbalich

Leota We are planning 2 Open Day’s in 2016, keep an eye on ourCultural websiteCaptain: for moreMoana information

International Captain: Shaynell Barboza Sports Captains: Ina Sola, Diana Foliaki

Our senior leader ship team is made up of two former students, (from right) Senior Leadership Halina McDonald, Deputy Principal (Pastoral) and Mandy Page Deputy Principal (Curriculum). Our Principal Mary Curran

St Catherine’s College

14 Upper Bourke Street, Kilbirnie, Wellington Ph (04) 939 8988

Board of Trustees Student Representative: Lauren Simpson

We are planning 2 Open Days in 2016, keep an eye on our website for more information



Thursday March 3, 2016

Mural in Miramar Wellington Art club artist Phil Dickson has been busy creating a design for a mural for the north east wall of the Miramar community center. Depicting an earlier Miramar scene the mural is to be made up of 42 tiles and each tile is to be painted by a different person and locals are invited to help paint tiles or just come to watch. The individual mural tiles will be painted next door at the Wellington Art Club 27

Most classes are held in Island Bay.

Contact Chloe on

027 305 1075

E: for more information.

Have a go with local artists or just come and watch at the Wellington Art Club... Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016 in conjunction with Miramar Peninsula Arts Trail

Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016

The mural is made up of 42 tiles to be assembled next door on the wall in conjunction with Miramar Peninsula Arts Trail of the Miramar Community Centre, 27 Chelsea Street, Miramar

EAD LICE E Hsale... Hfor T There will be art by club members CY K LETE 1 MIS C P EA27 S M and refreshments served at Wellington Art Club, Chelsea St, ED O E TC ST





Your Local City




EN Miramar. For more information phone the club 388 7733 or Olympia 3883 825, 021 255 3724


2 nd









Hygienist Now Available

Kilbirnie Dentists 62 Rongotai Road Ph: 387 9392 or 027 774 4755 Visiting Orthodontist







ed to carin Committ g

No.1 selling No.1 selling for our community Pesticide-Free Head Lice brand Pesticide-Free Head Lice brand* in Pharmacy in Pharmacy*

HOT Stand Offer! Kill Ki . y ll t hem quickl them

ad He OV MO

Call now for an appointment and enrolment


823 99

New patients welcome


pr ofe ssi on al.

Free off the street parking available

ED .

Lic e

ca re

FREE dental care: Year 9 – aged 17yrs








Jazz | Ballet | Tap

Want to help PAINT A MURAL?


We have classes available in Tap, Jazz and Ballet from 3 years of age upwards.

Chelsea St, Miramar, then assembled on the Community center wall over the weekend of the 12th and 13th of March, as part of the Miramar Peninsula Arts Trail There will be and exhibition of art for sale and refreshments available too. Interested people can phone the Art club 3887733 OR Olympia at 3883 825 or 021 255 3724

So luti on .K ills he ad lice and egg s. Al ways read

lth ea rh ou ty tac on ec eas t pl s i rs s pe tom symp ed. If the label an d use only as direct

Kill them Opening hours: quickly. 8:00am - 5:30pm Mon - Fri Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist please contact your healthcare professional. 82394



suA lart rb s’ai na oN ik ot d . 1 l lles h l gni il dae .ec zA* cet ahP lA mr yaw yca r s cS dae ep ,na l eht tsisr aeH ba elp iL d a le esa ,ec dn oc aV su atn eul o e tc hS yln uoy era id sa aeh r 28 TAM cer htl 293 30 .det erac 50/ s fI orp 02/ my sef .51 motp anois s .l

HOT Stand Offer *

33 Rintoul Street, Newtown


Shelf 1

Hours: Mon-Fri 3 months extended credit + 6 months sale or return8.00am - 6.30pm, Sat 9.00am-4.00pm 25% Shelf Order Pharma Doug NOWNormal OPEN Disc SUNDAYS 10am - 3pm Code Code Product CTR Qty Qty P: 388 8516 2211750 31642 Moov Head Lice Solution 200ml $13.51 $10.13 • F: 10 388 6587

Shelf 2





Moov Defence Spray 120ml Moov Head Lice Sensitive 200ml



Moov Combing Conditioner 200ml

Ph (04) 389 9955 Shelf 3 2211750 31642 Moov Head Lice Solution 200ml Shelf 4

$10.22 $10.75

$ 7.66 $ 8.06

9 6





$ 9.08


Professional service with a smile

Your local real estate specialist Marilou le Grand a GRAND move

P: 021 313 324

E: Licensed under REA Act 2008


Thursday November 5, 2015


Thursday March 3, 2016


• All Insurance work • Structural repair specialists • Electronic chassis machine • Low Bake Oven • Rust repairs tick in• Mums book, and they taste great.” Dent Removal & Restoration Mike says the last nine months have For all your panel beating requirements gone quickly for him and his team, exincluding structural repairs. plaining the business has had Our experienced team of professionals great have growth as the people in Newtown and the solution for you. surrounding suburbs find the store. We once provide He says they solutions come in they alPopcome in now for a free estimate while you wait ways back. said another area that has 7Mike Majoribanks St, Mt Victoria • Ph: 384grown 5461 is catering - Pita Pit can provide a

Healthy eating at your convenience After a 25 year career in financial services Mike Neilson gave up his suit and tie for shorts and a t-shirt when he purchased Pita Pit in Newtown nine months ago. Mike says that a focus on healthy eating has made Pita Pit a popular choice for customers. Pita Pit offers a low carbohydrate pita shell, which can be filled with a wide

range of vegetables, grilled meat or vegetarian options. It is then cooked in front of the customer on a grill. Mike says he laughs when he thinks about his mother talking about having five servings of vegetables a day. “I look at Pita’s as I wrap them and I can see more than five vegetables in most so I always think that would be a

Fixing co healthy catering Local businessoption Gentlefor PCany aimsgroups to build, with business meetings, kids birthday teach and fix computers gently. parties, andofsports being Owner Gentleteam PC, catering Kaeli Bunt, said particularly popular.towards her diploma in she was studying engineering fiveStore years can ago when network The Newtown Pita Pit be she ended in a wheelchair. found on theupcorner of Riddiford and that point I decided to set up a Hall“At Streets in Newtown. Customers computer repair shop at home, originally can also make orders online through working from my bedroom. the Pita Pit website

“I’m no longer in a wheelchair or working out of the bedroom, and the business is growing.” Kaeli now has a small team working with her out of the company’s Miramar office. “Luke, my sidekick, is an independent contractor and a boy genius. He’s a tiny person with a brain the size of a planet. “I also have Kate who comes and tidies my world a week. Sheachieved. was a good happy with theonce results we have friend who initially volunteered Providing you are the right candidatetowetidy the work space and do filing for me, but can permanently reduce unwanted body I’m now pleased to say I can pay her.” hair from anywhere on thePC body. Kaeli said at Gentle the aim is to Another popular Laser treatmentgently. is build, fix and teach computers… Photo Rejuvenation which can remove unwanted pigmentation from the face, décolleté and backs of hands, this treatment also stimulates collagen production which has a long term rejuvenating effect on the skin. >> Coffee by ‘Old George’ To complement treatments >> Blackboardour menulaser changing daily Selection of local & imported we use>>Nimue Skin Technology which cheeses and small goods can halt>>the ageing process, rejuvenate, Take home meals >> Fresh squeezed juices damage in repair and reverse existing >> House smoked fish and meats the skin.>> Functions and catering available. SherylTUESDAY and herTOteam of internationally FRIDAY 9am - 6pm & qualified therapists would to meet WEEKENDS 9AM love - 4PM you, all 469 consultations are free to ensure ADELAIDE ROAD BERHAMPORE WELLINGTON you are provided with the best care and Telephone: 04 389 5659 advice.

For all your beauty needs... Established in 2001 by Sheryl Dench, QUALITY Glow Beauty Therapy has always been FOOTWEAR ATan owner/operated and has evolved into Eastern Suburbs icon. CLEARANCE ‘We contribute our success and longevity to the PRICES extensive and on-going training we undertake to keep up with the industry’s ever evolving technologies; along with our drive to give our clients the upmost professional treatments in a relaxed friendly and comfortable environment. Glow has the only and latest SHR/IPL OwhiroinBay Ph 3834350 Laser machine the Eastern Suburbs, which was developed and built in New Zealand for our harsh ozone depleted environment, which vastly effects the way lasers are used on the skin and is delivering amazing results. Most of our laser clientele have been recommended by our existing clients who are extremely

3 Bata Place

Opening hours :

Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm


2 FOR 1!

Buy any regular pita and get another one FREE Between 5-9pm daily *Offer is available only at Newtown store. ** Only valid with presentation of this coupon. Offer ends 30/04/16 We are opposite the hospital! 88 Riddiford St, Newtown | Ph: 8910885 Opening Hours Mon-Sat 10 am to 9 pm, Sun 11 am to 9 pm or order online at

Book your kids into our 2 day Karate Holiday Programme Mon/Tues 21/22 December, 9am5pm and get your Christmas Shopping done! They will learn cool karate moves, karate tag, kata and kumite, finishing with fun tournament on Tuesday afternoon with prizes! Limited spaces, book now! $60 per day or $100 both days (1/2 days available).

The Roxy Cinema

Try our new state of the art IPL/SHR laser machine.


Book your spot now in our January Summer School Beginners’ Karate classes, including NEW separate Preschool Beginners Karate class and advanced training for experienced karate-ka. Classes start from Sunday 10 January 2016. You can book 2, 4 or 6 classes starting from $25!

SELF DEFENCE WORKSHOPS/COURSES: TEDxWellington is a conference event bringing together a group into Dec 18orminute) Jan 2016 Defence ofBook speakers whoour giveNov, short (max talks orSelf performances JUST $20! and happenings from the 2 hour workshops showcasing amazing stories, individuals We havecommunity. daytime & evening Self Defence Courses Wellington (4 sessions) running Dec are 2015 2016’s theme is ‘trust’ and mostindetails beingand kept athroughout secret but 2016.USMake great presents! Book by 30 Nov TRUST - it’ll be worthChristmas checking out. 2015down payand ONLY $120! Come join our Livestream Event for free. We’ll be showing the~talks andvouchers have a few funavailable activities too. for Comeall along for the ~ Gift classes whole day, one part or just 10 minutes - whatever works for you.

Read more about TEDxWellington at

CLASSES in Kilbirnie, Island Bay, Mornington & Brooklyn

SCREENING TIMES: Call 3839371 or 0272976049 11am - 12.30pm, 1.30pm - 3pm, 4pm - 5.45pm



Fantastic results with pigmentation after only one treatment. See us to get a beautiful face, neck and décolletage for summer! For all your beauty needs... Phone: 939 6766 32 BAY ROAD, KILBIRNIE

14 Thursday March 3, 2016

Wednesday November 18, 2015

Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

A summer safety barbecue will take munity groups, would be “spreading place in Strathmore tonight in an ef- the safety word” in different ways. fort to spread safety messages to the This would involve real kitchen fire suburb’s residents. demonstration from the fire service, The event, which is organised by as well as a variety of other events for Our summer pools were built by us. Housing New Zealand in partnership adults and children. Blends in wellwill did also causebenocovering fuss. with the New Zealand Fire Service, Po“We off things With hydro slide will cause a splash. driveway lice and the Wellington City Council, like paddling pool safety, And tosafety, it manybeing peoplesun and home is part of a wider summer safety camThrough nativetips bush we twist andAlice wiggle. paign which has seen similar events security from police,” said. children brings a giggle. take place in Lower and Upper HuttFrom the “For Housing New Zealand we really Housing New Zealand area manager, tenants and their families to Severnwant daysour a week the place is open. Alice Daniel Kirk, said people often be safedays overwe theallsummer – if the safety Hot summer are hopen! forgot about their own safety. messages prevent even one accident we “Barbecues are such a Kiwi way of will be happy.” bringing people together. We are hopPublic Notice ing the event will bring the Strathmore  The summer safety barbecue will community out in full force.” take place today, Thursday, March 4 OF THEevent, D AY each from 4pm to 6pm at Taiaroa Park in Alice said at tonight’s Squash Club agency, along with other local com- Wainuiomata Strathmore.



51. J.K. WHATS Rowling chose the unusual name The Community Noticeboard is ‘Hermione’ for non-profit organisations. For so$15.00 youngyou can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices girls or special meetings. Community wouldn’t beNotices teasedmust be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 for1660 being or email classifieds@wsn. nerdy!



7.00pm Monday 30th November At the Clubrooms

Wellington Corner of Main Road and Moohan Art ClubStreets, Wainuiomata Come help paint the Mural for Miramar community center atlocal Wellington Bringing newsArt club exhibition and sale. 12th and 13th March. to theArts community Part of Peninsula trail.

Situation Vacant Situation Vacant


Wainuiomata Newspaper Part Time Sales “A & D Decorators did a fantastic Deliverers Position Available job of preparing and painting our


Are you looking for an opportunity to sell advertising on a part-time basis

weatherboard house in Ngaio. Their team was professional, friendly, and completed the job to a high standard. The work was also done at a competitive price and we would not hesitate to use them again.”

Deliverers Required Inin Conjuction with NZMP we for The Cook Strait News?

Email your CV a cover letterMohaka, to Area 1: and Momona,

Kawatiri - Kaponga. offer a 5 year warranty. See website for conditions.

PH WN 801 7753

Contact Sandra on 587 1660

This opportunity would suit a person looking to get back into the workforce with 25 to 30 hours a week.

Mobile 021 446 802


Firewood Death Notices

Play Mahjong. Seatoun Bowling every DOUCAS, Margaret: February 25, 2016. SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 Club per week. 2m seasoned pine $180 MondaySelf 1-4pm. Beginners welcome. Contact JOYCE, Edith Margaret: February 27,2016. Wainui Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. 4m Split pine store for Barbara 387 8874 or Meg 388 2981. WYNNE, Gerald $330Peter: February 27, 2016. next winter Trades and Services

Large Bags Kindling $13


installations by top-qualifiGROUP ed electrician with AGM AND COMMUNITY UPDATES record of over fifty years of giving locals the 7 highlights for 7 minutes each lowestTuesday, cost “around-the-clock” service, just 8th March 2016, 7.00pm start at the Clubhouse,or 16021-0717-674 Dundas Street, Seatoun phone 977-8787 or email A social evening for all residents Contact

Situation Vacant Situations Vacant


LICENSED Builders all types of work under-

taken. Phone 3838274.

Trades and Services

G ROUN D COVE R GAR D EN MAIN T E N A N C E . C a r i ng fo r yo u r ga r d e n :

Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm

BUILDING/PAINTING prompt service, reasonFormerly cpa spares

able rates. Free quotes. Phone 04 977-7850 or 027-451-5005.Funeral Director


N Miramar Community Creche Inc. has an immediate opportunity available to provide effective, timely and accurate financial services and management support. The position focuses on payroll and invoicing systems, banking activities, payment of PAYE and GST and reporting and budgeting. The ideal candidate will: Hold an AT/CA/ACA qualification or equivalent experience. Have an ability to develop systems to provide financial monitoring, budgeting and reporting. Demonstrate previous experience in managing MYOB, payroll, accounts payable and receivable. Have good judgement, tact, honesty and integrity and understand the community philosophy of our crèche. Please call 04 380 6547 between 10am-2pm or email to request a job description and an employment application form. A solid

LAWNS, gardens, rubbish removal and section clearing ava. in your area. Ph. V.I.P. Home Services on

PH. 0800 846484

Interior Painting & Wallpapering Contact John on 388 3862 or 027 4466 371 www.


AGM Wellington Canine Obedience Club


REG DRAINLAYER Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999

References available



PAINTING TEAM Alexandra Road Exc. Refs. Comp. Club Rooms Rates. All work Mount Victoria guaranteed. 6thApplications March 2016 are available at our recruitment FREE QUOTES offi ce or at the securityMarcus gate based the 11am Ph:in973-4343 Ngauranga George in Wellington. 764-831 Contact Barry 472 7987or or Mb 021 021 276 6654.

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by competent andinconsiderate Free Delivery Wainui Tradesmen. Realistic rates. Phone Neil 388-7518

HANDYMAN/TRADESMAN. Exterior painting, decks, gates and fences, paving, concreting and 46 Waione St Petone repair work. FREE QUOTES. PH 022 033 6764


Public Notice

Trades and Services

Large Bags Dry Pine/ $14 hardwood mix PAINTING Decorating for all Painting Services

• General maintenance • Weeding • Pruning • Planting • One-Off jobs • Regular care • Experienced Gardeners. Phone Julie on 0273324896.


Sausages and safety bring Strathmore together

To Lease Public Notice


SINGING LESSONS Small groups, modern

songs, inspiring and fun. Lyall Bay. E. geoff@, P. 021565750.

Wanted to Buy

View the Wainuiomata News Kelly Jewellers, 163 Riddiford St, Newtown. online

OLD GOLD and Estates every Wed 9-5pm, Lloyd


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Thursday March 3, 2016



Wellington College wins McEvedy Shield Wellington College have won the McEvedy Shield for the 50th time. The annual athletics meet, which pits students from Wellington College, Rongotai College, St Pat’s Town and St Pat’s Stream against each other, took place at Newtown Park

on Tuesday. Wellington College won the title with a whopping 222 points. In second place was St Pat’s Town with 160 points, then St Pat’s Silverstream with 112 points and finally Rongotai College with 56 points.

Situation Vacant


Velodrome hosts premier track cycling event The capital’s premier track cycling event, the Laykold Cup, was held at the Hataitai Velodrome at the weekend. Junior scratch race World Champion, Campbell Stewart, from Palmerston North, out-sprinted George Jackson, from Island Bay, to victory at Sunday’s event. Campbell is the latest in a long line of high calibre riders to have won the 88-year-old cup. Previous winners include Commonwealth Games medalist Graeme Millar and Olympic medalist Gary Anderson. The 17-year-old won two gold medals at the 2015 Junior World Championships in Kazakhstan, and the under 19 scratch race at the National Championships in Cambridge in February.

In the women’s event, Sophie-Leigh Bloxham retained the Poneke Plate, winning the 6.5km Scratch race surging ahead on the last lap ahead of Kapiti’s Grace Saywell and Vogeltown’s Lisa Hunkin. Bruce Cook, from Eastbourne, took out the Masters Stayers’ Cup 8km Scratch with a fine sprint after an attacking race over Jonathan Leonard and Aaron Anderson. In the junior Wheelrace Grand Prix, a 4.5 lap handicapped event mixing under 13s, 15s and 17s, Boston Bright took a fine win with Josh Turnbull in second. Boston and Josh had worked well together to overhaul the front markers and stave off the chasers, Louis Hodgkinson the best of the under 17s in fourth behind Dylan Reid.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic motivated salesperson with skills to sell advertising solutions to both existing and new business clients for our community newspapers. A positive can do attitude with the drive and motivation to be the best at what you do. Strong communication, sales and planning skills with a good attention to detail. Our sales team loves working with people who have the energy to reach personal targets and team goals, but who also have integrity, and the work ethic to deliver these outcomes. The perfect candidate will have: • Excellent phone manner • Highly motivated • Well presented • Driven and target oriented • Computer literate • Full driver’s license • Team player • Good sense of humour • Previous sales experience is a plus A good remuneration package consisting of a base salary plus commission after a qualifying period. Please forward a current CV and covering letter to: Wellington Suburban Newspapers Stephan van Rensburg. email:


TR AV E L E XP O Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit of at least 6 months.

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16 Thursday March 3, 2016

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