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Thursday January 28, 2016

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Birds of a feather flock to Wellington By Nikki Papatsoumas

Next month, Wellingtonians will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the capital’s most misunderstood creatures – the common grey pigeon. Local artists Kedron Parker and Adam Ben-Dror will present their performance piece, Hello Pigeons, as part of the Performance Arcade – a free live art festival which will take place along Wellington’s Waterfront next month. The pair said the presentation will allow Wellingtonians an opportunity to gain new insights on the omnipresent pigeon. As part of the performance, Kedron and Adam will lead guests on a tour of spots around the city where pigeons are known to mingle. Participants will then meet a pigeon, hold it, and let it go – upon which it will fly home. The pigeons involved in the performance have come from a breeder in Paraparaumu and roughly 70 birds will be re-

Environment Court ruling

leased as part of the act, Kedron said. She said she hoped the pair’s performance would encourage Wellingtonians to be more conscious of pigeons. “Hello Pigeons is a performance piece that asks people to take another look at the common grey pigeon – a creature that shares common spaces with us.” Kedron said the birds had more in common with us than people might realise – they were loyal towards their mates and could recognise their own reflections in a mirror. The pair said the performance was made possible thanks to the support of the Wellington City Council’s Public Art Fund, and presented in conjunction with The Performance Arcade 2016 and the NZ Fringe Festival. Hello Pigeons will run between February 29 and March Kedron Parker and Adam Ben-Dror are encouraging Wellingtonians 6 with performances taking to be more conscious of pigeons through their performance piece, place at 1pm daily. Spaces are Hello Pigeons. limited and participants will be recruited through social encouraged to make an advance tion head to the Hello Pigeon media, so those interested are booking. For more informa- Facebook page.

New air route an exciting development A new air route linking Wellington to Singapore is being applauded by locals, who say it is an exciting development with enormous potential. Last week, Singapore Airlines announced its ‘Capital Express’ route, which would link Singapore, to Canberra, to Wellington. The flights will be operated four days a week on a Boeing 777. Wellington’s Deputy Mayor, Justin Lester, said improving Wellington’s international connectivity has been a priority for the city for some time.

“This new route provides the most direct and seamless link between Wellington and Singapore, one of the world’s largest air transport hubs. “We welcome Singapore Airlines to Wellington and look forward to a long-term relationship that will benefit us both. “There are huge benefits from improving international access for business and tourism with Asia. “The ability to book an international ticket on a wide-body jet from Wellington to Singapore will be extremely beneficial for

both Wellingtonians and visitors to our city.” Justin is leading the council’s response to the announcement, due to the Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown’s position on the board of Wellington International Airport Ltd. Justin said the new route provided the first direct air link between New Zealand and Canberra. “While it’s symbolically important that there’s now a direct link between the capital cities on both sides of the Tasman, there is significant movement of gov-

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ernmental people between the capitals and so the new service will cut out the need for a twoflight trip between the cities.” Meanwhile, Rongotai MP Annette King said Wellington Airport should be applauded for securing a new international link. “Attracting Singapore Airlines to the city is a feather in their cap. “Plans for a four-day a week service between the capital and Singapore via Canberra is a message to naysayers about the future of our airport.”

The Wellington City Council has welcomed an Environment Court decision. Last week, the Environment Court ordered the removal of a fence and ‘play structure’ at the centre of a longrunning dispute between neighbours in Roseneath. The court has given David Walmsley one month to remove the structures that block out most views from an apartment on a slope above his property. The council’s city planning manager, Warren Ulusele, said the council has always held the view that the structure built by David was unacceptable – even though it complied with the District Plan – which is why the council initiated the court action.

Man arrested at Wellington Airport Last week, a 49-year-old man was arrested at Wellington Airport after he was found to be carrying approximately 1.5kgs of methamphetamine. The man had travelled from Hong Kong via Sydney and was profiled, questioned, and his baggage searched by Customs officers who located the methamphetamine hidden inside two neck pillows. Customs said this amount of methamphetamine had a street value of around $1.5 million. The man later appeared at Wellington District Court charged with importing class A drugs and possession for supply.


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