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Thursday January 21, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Q: What do you enjoy most about summer?

Ashley Gibbs Kilbirnie

Vito Loiacono Kilbirnie

Jimmy Q Kilbirnie

Sarmid Oshana Kilbirnie

Julio Dossantos Kilbirnie

“I enjoy the beach the most.”

“Summer to me means three months of warm weather.”

“The weather – it has been good this year.”

“Having a holiday.”

“The weather and being in the sun.”

Siobhan McGahan Kilbirnie “I love the heat, it’s been alright this year but could be better.”

LETTERS to the editor Concerned reader Dear Ed, I always read the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down column to see what is making readers happy (or otherwise). I was a little concerned to read the comments made in this week’s Cook Strait News by the 78- year old council flat tenant about the frequency of

inspections made of his/her flat by council representatives. I hope this tenant would be aware of those living-alone flat dwellers in the past who have died in their homes and not been discovered for some time. It should be reassuring for older people to know people

spect my flat to give a critique on my housekeeping skills - for example, imagine if photos were taken of dirty dishes and unmade beds and uploaded onto a ‘name-and-shame’ Facebook page - it was actually very reassuring to be made aware that such checks are being made on

Wellington’s vulnerable tenants on a regular basis. Better by far than reading of yet another unexpected dead body discovered in a Berhampore or Newtown council flat. Christine Swift Island Bay

Cycleway fantastic

Cycleway makes commute pleasant Dear Ed, I've been riding my bike on the completed sections of the Island Bay cycleway most days since they opened. It's made the southern section of my daily commute so much more pleasant – it's a relief to feel protected from the buses and dump-trucks. And I no longer have to play 'leapfrog' with the buses as they stop to pick up or drop off passengers. Thanks so much to everyone for adapting to the new road layout. I've been impressed with how quickly everyone's learnt to park in the new spaces and merge with people on bikes at the shops.

are coming to check on their welfare. Perhaps this tenant is under the impression that his/ her housekeeping standards are coming under intense scrutiny, and that this is the real reason for these visits. Although I personally wouldn't be overly keen on people coming to in-

People driving and passengers getting out of cars have all been really courteous so far. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the cycleway extended all the way to the CBD at some stage, so that the rest of my commute is as stress-free as the Island Bay section, and so that more people feel safe enough to bike to work if they want to. Eleanor Meecham Wellington

Dear Ed, I've been commuting from Island Bay to the city for work by bike for over five years. The new cycle way is fantastic. I feel much safer - no more car doors opening suddenly or impatient

and dangerous drivers to deal with. I am out of the way of the traffic which is good for me and them. Lesley Hanes Wellington

Cycleway means better health Dear Ed, It might comfort Heather Bevan (letter January 14) to know that the successful implementation of the Urban Cycleway Programme for Wellington will mean that today's children (her grandchildren

perhaps?) are likely to have better health. Many people have had the 'nimble' abilities stolen from them, by society's growing dependence on cars. As the Kiwi found millions of years ago, limbs not used tend to

stop working. Perhaps in 2066, fewer people will need to use an accessible car park, as they have taken advantage of active transport - walking and cycling. Steve Cosgrove Newtown

I will never know. I have even heard complaints from cyclists saying they feel they are unsafe on the cycleway. What a mess they

have made of our Parade. Denyse Cortes Island Bay

Cycleway a mess Dear Ed, Any resident in Island Bay other than cyclists will tell you they are unhappy with the cycleway. How this was ever passed

Disappointed Dear Ed, As one of the special voters along with many others whose final count got Celia Wade-Brown into office, and then

re-electing her a second term, I am very disappointed that she has sold-out to local big businesses, just like previous so called

Labour predecessor Fran Wilde. Celia Wade-Brown has failed to increase council pensioner flat demand and now her residue

Cycleway an inconvenience Dear Ed, I don’t know anyone who likes the Island Bay cycleway. Why was a large amount of rate-payers’ money wasted on this? What was the council thinking? The Parade was previously perfectly safe for cyclists; I used it without a thought. Now it is not

only inconvenient but also more dangerous for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Motorists have a narrow road that is hardly adequate for 2 buses passing; cyclists have to worry about confused pedestrians, and whether to deviate along the pavement where

directed or not, if there is a person in the way; pedestrians when crossing the road have to look out for cyclists, then cars then cyclists again, as they can’t easily see with the parked cars in the way. A Forrest Wellington

cycle-lane ship has grounded. But does Paul Eagle have the balls to take it on by himself? If he listens to us - then he could make

it. Otherwise local big business stalwart Lester may win. Martin Beck, Mornington

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right

to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

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