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Looking back over 2015


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Double glazed windows & doors, locally manufactured in Wainuiomata

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GET CASH NOW! Up to $999* for any small vehicle For any Van, Ute, Truck, 4WD From $500 - $10,000*



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Damaged, Mechanical, De-registered, Crashed, No WOF No Problem “ALL WELCOME”. *For selected models only.

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Wednesday, 28 October, 2015

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World Series bound

Buses and Parking major problem for child care centres

the school Haka after their victory

Friday 7-12

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By Aaron Meredith The Wainuiomata High School 1st XV are rugby champions after a strong first half performance was enough to see off Newlands

College. The team went into the game after being unbeaten in the premier third grade of the Wellington Secondary Schools rugby championship.






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By Aaron Meredith


The year began with Wainuiomata doing what Wainuiomata does best, getting behind a good cause and helping Krystal Nikara and her family raise money for her daughter Ataahua Journey, who suffers from



(text to request a call)

By Aaron Meredith

Wainuiomata celebrated the 100th anniversary of battle of Gallipoli, with bigger the crowds than has ever been seen before in the valley. Around 500 people attended the Dawn Services at the War Memorial Community Hall and the Memorial Gardens on Hine Road. Then well over 1000 people and Service back at the War attended the Anzac Parade Memorial Community Hall at 11am. The parking on Queen at a premium, as it seemedStreet at Fitzherbert Road was everyone wanted to come see the service. and Continued on page 2 REMEMBERING: Jade Humphrey (head girl) and Joey Owen (deputy head boy) carry a wreath to the Cenotaph.


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Mak a sp

Mallard for help. It is only since he got involved the bus company has responded. The kindergarten has two signs warning drivers of the centre, but these were only put up after a child was hit by a car a few years back. “It is only a matter of time before someone gets hit again.” says head teacher Chris Moses. “I understand the drivers are on a schedule, but they are going so fast.” Continued on page 2

We are delighted that Jason Taylor a local lawyer from the Wainuiomata has joined our practice. Jason is available for appointments at our Wainuiomata office and at our main office in Lower Hutt.

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Speeding buses and a lack of parking are two of the problems facing teachers, parents and children in early childhood centres in Wainuiomata. There is little to no road signs outside of many centres in the valley warning drivers to slow down. Jackdisease and Jill Bronchiectasis. Kindergarten has chronic lung fighting with New Zealand Ataahuabeen needed a new oxygen tank so she could leave house for longer Buses for the many years, finally periods asking of time.Hutt January also saw the South MP Trevor announcement of Wainuiomata’s first Water festival, taking place on the last day Jack of February. and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Continued page 2 Centre. Earlyon Childhood

Trevor MALLARD 564 4988

Friday 11-16

vehicle For any Van, Ute, Truck, 4WD From $500 - $10,000*

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By Aaron Meredith

MP for Hutt South

Thursday 8-14

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Wainuiomata was extremely busy in 2015, from achievements on the sporting field to the community coming together to help families in need. Arakura School celebrated turning 50, the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day was celebrated and money was raised for two children who needed life changing medical help. After many years of discussion, Wainuiomata finally got a bridge on top of the Wainuiomata Hill. We look back at some of the top stories in what was one of the busiest years Wainuiomata has experienced.

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We will remember them

Arakura’s Kapa Haka group perform at the opening to the school 50th Jubilee

Mentoring Fatherless boys

a male role models. Justs Grove Boys without dads need on takes allSiitmm our mentors is 9a few hours a week from life choices and give to help boys make better Being a mentor is them hope for their future. contact us to find out how. easier than you’d think, most welcome. are mothers from Inquires Morrison, Ph (04) 384 4888 coordinator , Andrew

Wednesday, 29 April,

Current and former students converged on Arakura Primary School last weekend as the school celebrated its 50th jubilee. School Principal Mark Kibblewhite is very happy with how the weekend went. “It has all gone very well, everyone is having a great time.” The festivities started on Friday night, with from the school’s Kapa Haka group, speeches a performance and a mix and mingle night. Continued on page 2

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Zealand been selected for the New BATTER UP: Joel Evans has travelling to Canada in June. Black Sox World series team


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In the first half Wainuiomata showed why, dominating on attack, especially from deep in their own half. Continued on page 2

ta local is coming and Wainuioma The Softball World Series ticket booked. his Joel Evans has already had Black Sox team to travel to the the Joel has been selected in held in Saskatoon, Canada, the World Series which is being this year. June tournament will be held in he has been selected to play in the Valley This will be the first time three players from the Hutt of one is and Series, World to be selected. Continued on page 2

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on Saturday.

By Aaron Meredith


Thursday 7-14

1st XV are Rugby champions

SCHOOL PRIDE: The First XV performs

SKILLS: Joshua Onekawa sums up the defence on another Wainuiomata counter attack

Joel Evans selected for Black Sox team

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Wednesday January 13, 2016

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Wednesday November 4, 2015

Sporting achievements recognised SALES:

Anne Nicholas E: P: 587 1660

By Aaron Meredith says that the school has achieved REPORTER: to a high standard this year in Gaylene Wainuiomata High School’s top all sports. Rawiri-Patelo Aaron Meredith athletes were recognised for their “Many teams have made finals, won the MVP E: achievements throughout the won championships or have for Hockey year at last week’sP:sports awards. representedContinued the school atfrom regional 587 1660 page 1 Awards were handed out to ath- tournaments.” letes in all sports, many of whom Teams who won their grades The 100th anniversary of Anzac have representedNATIONAL Wellington and included the girls cricket team, Day dominated this month, and New Zealand. the football The first second XI, teams twoof the year was a busy month Sportsman ofSALES: the year was and three inone, netball, the boys firstheading back to school Wainuiomata got behind the Children started celebrations. Record numbers turned Sam Seumanu Barnes given to Raymond xv in rugbyand andWainuiomata the junior boys continued to try and out to the annual Anzac parade, schools for his achievements in boxing, league team. E: raise funds for Ataahua, the Wainuiomata all around the valley paid tribute winning multiple national titles This year Motorcycle was also theClub first helped year out by organising P: 587 1660 toward those who had given so much in as well as the Australian Golden that Ignite Sports presented two a bike ride and classic car drive around the fight for freedom. Also this month Gloves. special awards, both recognising the valley gathering donations to give to it was announced the Post Shop was He became one of the youngest character in an athlete and coach. Production: Ataahua’s family. The first Wainuiomata leaving its premises in the mall, moving winners of the award. Trust co-ordinator Water Festival Kevin took place, proving to be a in with United Video on The Strand. The sportswomen of the year Goldsbury says that the awards Published by popular hit with everyone in the community. award was awarded to Sieni are given to those that embodied Wellington Suburban Samau for Newspapers her achievements Ltd in Ignite Sport’s values. a wide range of sports. “Despite the attention that poor Les & Katrina Whiteside Sieni was also the top player in behaviour and bad sportsmanvolleyball, girls rugby, was the ship attracts, there are great March saw Wainuiomata once again jump The fifth month of the year proved to top scorer in football, was the examples of athletes who demonto support another child in need. Mila behelping as eventful as those proceeding it, best back in league, played for strate positive character in sport their sports and teams, phrey and Brooke Tauaneai. Gardner suffers from Spastic Quadreplegia Susan O’Brien went missing after the Wainuiomata in club rugby and and coaches who effectively their teams achieve their best. School Principal Martin Isberg Cerebral Paulsy and parents Nathan and XTERRA Wainuiomata race, she was league, going on to represent model it,” Kevin says. Kalena Hura was also recogsays he was not surprised by the Melanie Gardner needed to raise $100,000 found the a day achievements later. New Zealand Post Wellington in both sports. This year’s winners were Paa nised by the school, receiving of the students to get their daughter to America for life On top of that Sieni was also Mailangi who won the character principals award afterannounced 20 years’ not thisonly year.would they be changing surgery. People from all around ABC Audit 2012: moving the post ce,spent they the would be or selected for the New Zealand athlete award and Ngaire Blake service to school netball. “Weoffi have last three the Wellington region got behind the 6,456 copies weekly taking away the post box in Homedale rugby league Kiwi Ferns side to who won the character coach Other were four years changing the culture Wainuiomata cause, getting the fundraising off toaward an winners Village, a move created anger in this play Australia next yearNews award. Stephen Graham, Joel Carman, of thethat school, and the results The largest circulating excellent start. Alsofor it was announced that the Humcommunity. Wainuiomata residents The MC, Phillip Kauika who Both showed great passion Atiria Semmens, Jade year are recognition of this.” newspaper in Wainuiomata





Wainuiomata local Joel Evans was selected in the New Zealand Black Sox softball side to play in the World Championships later in the year.

also farewelled Kohanga Reo founder Henrietta Maxwell.

YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER The call of the shining cuckoo

One sure sign of summer Also called the bronze shining the warbler eggs and chicks. however, I heard it in the beech arriving is the call of the shin- cuckoo, scientific name Chryso- The host then seems not to tree outside the window, and ing cuckoo, a series of upward coccyx lucidas, or in Maori the notice it’s parenting another looked out to see the cuckoo notes followed by one or more Pipi Wharauroa, this sparrow- species and continues to raise chick flitting from branch to ltd bird is usually not seen the chick. Fortunately for the twig noisily demanding food long downward slurring notes. Auto Services 2013sized The birds have come back to due to its cryptic markings and grey warbler species, it has from a smaller and very busy Zealand to breed •New Full mechanical repairsafter its size. It’s New Zealand’s only usually already raised a brood grey warbler. over in the Solomon iridescent green bird and has in August/September before The two major threats to the •wintering WOF while-you-wait can be heard green and white bands across its the cuckoo arrives back in New shining cuckoo are flying into •Islands. Brake &They Clutch specialists calling from forest, scrub and chest. The shining cuckoo lives Zealand. windows and being taken by • Lubes & Service checks farmland, which are also the on grubs and insects, including A few years ago we heard a cats. You can hear its call and •habitats Diesel of Servicing their host birds, the hairy caterpillars and ladybirds sound from the bush that could learn more about it here. •grey Autowarbler. Electrical  Kitchen door replacements Like cuckoos that other birds avoid. been a bird or an insect,  you needhave a hand •around Diagnosic vehicle  Storage/Laundry units the world theonboard shining It lays a single egg in the nest but even with the neighbours’ al/programmes/thiswayup/ contact me... scanning cuckoo lays available its eggs in another of a laying grey warbler, and help we couldn’t find what it collections/birdwatching/  Kitchenette units •bird’s Off vehicle nest. drum & rotor machining the chick when it hatches ejects was coming from. One  day Newshiningcuckoo windows & doors

Gavin Shute

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inbrief news Wainuiomata Primary School Gala This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportunity to go the school camp this year. This will be taking place down the school between 2 and 6pm on Saturday.  For more information about this please contact the school.

June The first month of winter was one

for the youth in the valley, The head students of Wainuiomata High School got to meet the Prime Minister, a youth concert was held in the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre and the students from the Rangitahi Learning Centre unveiled a Last week the Wainuiomata News new reported mural theythat hadLynette createdStewart and designed was in themselves. KingBonnie of the Hill was run a phot with MacBeth when it oncewas again and inTinetti. big news for the entire Cherrie region,Cherie the Super waswork scrapped. did aCity lot idea of hard in the

Arakura says thanks

process of planning for the jubilee and the school would like to thank her for this.

July This month saw the beginning of

Wainuiomata succeeding in sport, not just regionally, but on a national scale. Rylee Watt won her grade in the North Island forThe Hutt South Cross CountryMP Champs. Wainuiomata Darts Club hosted the junior nationals, Ben Herman winning the national title. 564 4988 Boxers Raymond Seumanu and Jared Paku won the Central North Island Electorate Clinics Championships, in higher weight classes ForThe any issues you’d than they usually box. Wainuiomata to talk about hockey team continued alike strong season and the Wainuiomata womens rugby team destroyed all sorts of records in their 188-0 win over Johnsonville.



CHRIS BISHOP NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN THE HUTT VALLEY I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people to catch up with me. Please see for times. HUTT VALLEY OFFICE 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 E: F: T: @cjsbishop

Advertise here today Contact

Anne Nicholas on 587 1660

Wednesday January 13, 2016

inbrief news


Speed camera drama Wainuiomata Hill’s speed camera made a return to the top of the hill late last month, but it wasn’t long before it was damaged. The original camera situated on the site at the top of the hill was damaged beyond repair mid-way through last year and had only just been replaced. This time it was only a matter of a few days before it was damaged again, after someone shot the camera, leaving very visible bullet holes. Many Wainuiomata residents are against the camera, with most saying it is a money making scheme, although police deny this saying it is situated to increase safety.

Art splash

Wainuiomata could be proud of. Boxer Raymond Seumanu won the Australian Golden Gloves Championship. There were two more sporting team successes, the high school First XI and the Wainuiomata Hockey Club winning their grades. The call to name Wainuiomata’s new bridge was made to the community. Local personality Tony Watling celebrated his 90th birthday and a surprise party was thrown for him at the Wainuiomata Community Centre.

October October was all about Arakura Pri-

From now until April 30, Hutt City Council is trialling free parking in the central business district. The trial will be monitored to see if it makes a positive impact on retail spending and activity. The scheme means the first hour of parking will be free for pay and display parks with a two hour time limit, any time more than this will cost as per normal. There will be full consultation to see if the change becomes permanent.

November Speeding buses and safety around Early

Childhood Education Centres were topics in the valley when November began. Awards season hit Wainuiomata High School, locals celebrated the world cup win by the All Blacks, one video even going viral. This was also the month for openings. The Wainuiomata Summer Pools opened for the season and Pukeatua Bridge was officially opened. The last weekend of the month held the Christmas Parade and Christmas in the Nui day.

December Wainuiomata got into the Christmas

spirit in December, many houses and businesses were decorated with Christmas lights. The Wainuiomata Library

Share your summer snaps with us!



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from all of us at Wainuiomata News

September Once again September was a month

Free parking trial in Hutt CBD

Happy New Year to all!

and players dominating on the sporting pitch. The Wainuiomata Indigenous Lions won the Senior 1 rugby league grade, the Wainuiomata High School First XV won their grade. There were also finalists and victors from many other sports. Long time postie Sue Manihera retired after 33 years on the job in Wainuiomata.

took part in the food for fines scheme, which proved to be extremely popular. The first ever Hutt City Youth Awards took place, with Wainuiomata’s own Keegan O’Kane winning an award. The Wainuiomata High School head students were introduced to the community before everyone shut up shop for the year.


August August was similar to July, local teams

mary, as the school celebrated 50 years of being opened. The school was busy all Labour weekend with activities. Fernlea Primary opened their flash new bike track, students started preparing for their NCEA exams and work was started on the new subdivision off Parkway extension.

The Wainuiomata Summer Pools will be hosting Art Splash once again this year, and is encouraging artistic children to come along for the fun. The event takes place this Thursday between 11am and 1pm. For those interested please contact the pools for more information.


Wednesday January 13, 2016

Winner of Shop to Win By Aaron Meredith

This year’s winner of Shop to Win was Sheila Craig. The winner was drawn by Community Constable Aroha Morehu and mall manager Collete Goodfellow. Sheila won the prize after purchasing items at the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre between November 30 and December 21 last year. For the second year in a row, Join the Dots was the store which the winning entry came from. Included in the prize pack were $450 worth of outdoor furniture from The Warehouse, $100 cut and blow dry form Hedz for Hair, sunglasses worth $199 from Visque optometrists, $100 worth of fruit mince pies and Christmas cakes from Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen, 10 Big Mac Vouchers from McDonald’s, $50 vouchers from both Coin Save and The 123 Mart, a $30 voucher from Beauty Solutions and a $30 Sushi Party Pack from Umi Sushi.

The fundraising continues By Aaron Meredith

More fundraising is needed for the Gardner family in

order to get their daughter Mila to the United States for life changing surgery. Mila suffers from Spastic

Melanie Gardner with her Daughter Mila

Favourite photo for the year

Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy, and needs to fly over to St Louis in America for surgery which has been shown to significantly improve the lives of those who complete it. This originally was to cost $100,000 but the family was given some bad news in a price increase recently. “It means we have to raise at least another $15,000 in order to pay, the exchange rate is part of the reason for the price increase,” says Mila’s mum Melanie. Once again Wainuiomata locals are getting in behind the cause, with the Wainuiomata Motorcycle Club organising a ride to raise as much money as they can. The club organised a ride last year for Ataahua Journey, when her family was raising money for a new portable oxygen tank.

“We also have some friends who own classic cars, so they have offered to set up a car show for us.” These final fundraisers are set for February this year, something that makes the family happy. “It has been a rollercoaster of a year, it has been very tiring with all the fundraisers, it will all be worth it though. “Wainuiomata has been awesome, it is full of a lot of good people with a lot of compassion, it is very heartwarming.” Mila has been completing four sessions of physio every week, the family is hoping they can extend to five in the near future. “It has been great for Mila, she gets to play with all sorts of things and interact with other children,” says Melanie.

My favourite photo of the year is not the best photo I took, not by a long way, but it was one of the most fun ones. This one is from when the Wainuiomata High School head students got to meet the Prime Minister and while head girl Jade Humphrey was having a chat with him, the other head students and I who were waiting around decided to have a bit of fun, the only option we could see was a photo bomb. I still wonder if Mr Key had any idea what was going on in the background while we were doing this. I know the staff at the high school had a bit of a laugh when we showed them this photo, as did we here in the office.

Wainuiomata High School Welcome to all students for 2016 IMPORTANT DATES:

Tuesday 26 January: Office opens and Uniform Sales begin 10:30am-4:00pm: Stationery and fees schedules are available from the office

Uniform Shop Hours are 10.30am - 4pm Tuesday 26, Wednesday 27, Thursday 28, Friday 29 January Monday 1, Tuesday 2, Wednesday 3 February.

A life worth living at Woburn Home by Enliven An elder-centerd community At Woburn Home we take every opportunity to bring companionship, spontaneity, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. We’ll support you to continue doing the things you love in a way that’s right for you.

The social life Residents of Woburn Home enjoy the busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme, which make for a vibrant atmosphere.

Woburn Apartments Enliven’s brand new, purpose Positive ageing services built retirement apartments are We offer a full range of positive right next door to Woburn Home. ageing services, including rest This is a perfect arrangement for home, hospital and dementia couples who need different levels care, as well as short term respite, of support. health recovery care and a day Call us on 04 569 6400 to arrange activity programme. a tour.

Thursday 28 January 11:00am – 12:00pm 12:00pm – 1:00pm 1:00pm - 1:30pm 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Senior Student Course Confirmation with Deans/HOFs A-G H-N Lunch O-Z

Monday 1 February 10:30pm-4:00pm


Tuesday 2 February 10:30pm-4:00pm


Wednesday 3 February 10:30pm-4:00pm

Year 10-13 Students meet in Auditorium: 12:30pm - Apiata 1:00pm - Tuwhare 1:30pm - Rutherford 2:00pm - Ngata

Thursday 4 February 9:15am 9:30am – 3:00pm

Year 9 and International Students International Students assemble at Office Year 9 meets in Auditorium. Powhiri for new staff and students Year 9 students will be released at 3:00pm

Friday 5 February

Day One of the 2016 Timetable begins

All enquiries please phone 938 3224

Wednesday January 13, 2016



Wednesday January 13, 2016

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What is your new years resolution.

Annette Smith: Wainuiomata

Nicky Cooper: Wainuiomata

Leith Gunn Wainuiomata

Tyler Skipper-King: Wainuiomata

Jerome Misi: Wainuiomata

I want to try and travel this year.

To grow my business. Leith Gunn: Be the best I can be and create more family time.

I want to develop myself more, achieve more personal growth.

I want to lose weight, take care of my health and wellbeing.

I want to do well in school and sport.

Ann Watkins, Wainuiomata I want to develop myself more, achieve more personal growth.

LETTERS to the editor Good design increases safety I write in response to Lance Stewart’s letter of last week. The area at the Pukeatua Bridge at the summit of Wainuiomata Hill was never intended or designed to be car parks. The summit of the Wainuiomata Hill has an 80km speed limit and low visibility and so it was in the interests of the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists to reduce the vehicular movements at this point.

There was not enough space to install the new bridge and provide a car park on that side which motorists could enter and exit safely – the exit from that layby has poor visibility with the crest blocking the view of oncoming traffic. Drivers can safely turn at the roundabout at the base of the hill and return to a car park on the lookout side of the road and use the bridge to cross the road.

Council built car parks at the end of Waiu Street for off-road mountain bikers and other track users, to relieve parking pressure at the summit. This was all done in consultation with the community. In the near future, there will be a four metre-wide shared cycle and pedestrian pathway over this hill better connecting Wainuiomata with the Hutt Valley and the

hills around us. This will further boost the big numbers of people I have seen travelling under their own steam to reach the summit and safely cross over the Pukeatua Bridge. The bridge and walkway will be a huge asset to the community and is something the community has wanted for a very long time. Ray Wallace Mayor- Lower Hutt

THE NEXT STEP FOR PLANET EARTH? Are you over wars, terrorism and ongoing conflicts? If the rulers of this planet didn’t want them we wouldn’t have them. Selective informing, (telling us what to think) has served them well for thousands of years. It is called reigning over. Are we adult enough to do the reining in, to take control of, or responsibility for our planet? The information age has arrived. Insiders, (first person experiencers), women and men are gutsy enough to speak out. All we have to do is start listening to them and informing ourselves. Sitting in church being held to an Earth and physical only reality isn’t adult enough to be in charge of the destiny of a planet. We have to understand how the universe works to be aware of possible risks, threats or opportunities. The church version of reality does hint at the different levels of reality occupying the same space, (with the spirit word), but cuts them off with the one word cover story – heaven.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT Dianne and Allan Surridge are leaving the Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen after 37 years of service.

Baker signs off By Aaron Meredith

The Human Parasite Story Tellers Responsible for the Earth and Physical Only Stories. Came up with and oversee the King James and myriad of other versions spread around the planet. The Royals with the superior, class loving, born to rule and exploit mind pattern. And their bloodline relatives with the obsessively maintained knife edge, (oddball) genetics – the Blue Bloods. That we are being lied to is revealed on the Prison Planet Revelations .com website – videos and Gods or Spacemen? audio. How the genetic mix (hiding our parasite) came about is also on the website – Hidden History videos. Why it came about is in the Prison Planet Revelations book.

Longtime owner and baker at the Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen, Allan Surridge is hanging up his apron for the final time. After 37 years, Allan and his wife Diane have made the decision to retire. “I have been here for so long, it is time to move on,” says Allan. What the couple will miss the most is the contact with the community. “All of our regular cus-

tomers have been so good to us throughout the entire time we have been here. “We would like to thank them for all the support they gave us throughout the year.” In return for the support the community has shown them, Allan and Diane have supported members of the community by supplying them jobs. “We have hired a lot of girls from the high school to be our front of shop, they have all been great.”

The bakery is not set to close down, as the pair have found someone who is keen to take over the shop. The Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen has been in the Wainuiomata Shopping Centre since it was first opened over forty years ago. Allan and Diane plan to take a well-deserved break for a while and attempt to get all the odd jobs at home done which have been left alone for a few years.

Wednesday January 13, 2016

Moores Valley,


108 Crowther Road

64 Trelawney Road

The Good Life At It’s Finest!

Brand New Home

• • • • • • • •

3 Double Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 2+ Living 6 Car Garaging External Rumpus/Sleepout 8 Paddocks Barn Fully Farm Fenced

5 Bedrooms 2 bath rooms Fully insulated Double glazed Double garage with internal access Alarm

For Sale By Negotiation Open by appointment View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

For Sale $465,000 Open by appointment View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Coast, 491 Coast Road


SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.30

96 Hine Road

Tranquillity With Stunning Views!

Make yourselves at home in fabulous Hine Road! Looking for a larger home in a well sought after location? Then look no further! 4 double bedrooms, 2 livings, 2 bathrooms & conservatory, a tandem garage/workshop & off street parking too. Although this home needs some TLC, it is perfect if you are looking for something to put your own stamp on. For more information, or to view this home, call Nicky 564 0004 or 027 3072999 anytime!

For Sale $178,000 Open by appointment View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 12.00pm-12.30pm View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

13 Matthews Road


SUNDAY 12.00 - 12.30

6 Grimsby Grove

Growing Families Need Space!

"Playtime Paradise"

A great family home that you can move into, put your own stamp on & add value! Built in the 1970s, this home offers 4 Bedrooms, generous master with ensuite & walk-in-robe & 2 heat pumps, compact & easy care section. Great parking with a 2 car garage and a single carport with off street parking. The primary school, shops and transport are all near by. What a buy! For more information or to view this home call Nicky

Your kids and the dog will absolutely love this backyard! The play fort, sandpit and decks will have them charging about in the sun having fun! All in a private, safe and secure setting. Plus the home has outdoor flow that works it. 3 Bedrooms Heat Pumps T&G Floor Areas Alarm Study Garage & Storage Good Parking

For Sale By Negotiation Open by appointment View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 12.00pm-12.30pm View Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Pencarrow, 21 Grimsby Grove Boasting all day sun, you will want to make this your own! Offering open plan living, 3 bedrooms, separate bath, shower & WC, an HRV & Security system. The home is kept cosy with a wood burner & good insulation. There’s a deck for entertaining plus plenty of off street parking, a large double garage/ workshop and fully fenced section.

For Sale $230,000 View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Contributor to

At Home In Hine Road!

Amazing views over Coast Road valley, the driveway is already in place. You also have the use of an artesian water spring. Firewood galore from pines and manuka on this 15 Hectares of land. Plenty of space to build or relocate your dream home. Local schools & shops 10-15 minutes away and approximately 40 minutes to Wellington CBD. Call for further information.




6 Grimsby Grove 96 Hine Road

12.00pm – 12.30pm 12.00pm – 12.30pm

Free No-obligation Market Appraisal

P: 04 564 7310

We Want New Salespeople! • Salary/Retainer Available* • Industry leading Training & Technology • Fantastic Support - We’re with you all the way! *special conditions apply

Call Lisa Black from Harcourts Wainuiomata on 027 668 6477

For Sale View Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008


Wednesday January 13, 2016

New Years Celebration Interpreting – a vital role

Staying safe is more than just staying afloat. You will have heard safety messages about the importance of carrying and wearing lifejackets, they only work if they are being worn. Most accidents occur suddenly with no warning – there may be no time to grab a lifejacket, and it’s extremely difficult to put one on in the water. While lifejackets in small boats are important they are not only step in keeping safe on the water this summer: check the weather forecast and keep an eye out for changes while you Always are on the water. Tell someone where you are going and when you are coming back. Carry at least one waterproof means of communication. Make sure your boat and all its equipment are in good condition. the rules of the road and navigation bylaws like the 500 ton rule Understand and 5 knot speed restrictions. Keep a good lookout for swimmers and dive flags and keep well clear of both. alcohol, it can impair your decision making as well as increase your risk Avoid of hypothermia.

Imagine arriving in a country with your new husband or wife, unable to speak the local language. How would you do the shopping? How would you find out when the buses run and how to get a ticket? When Puri (pictured) first came to New Zealand from Spain more than 20 years ago, she was in just this position. Her inability in English was doubly frustrating because her excellent communication skills in Spanish had resulted in good jobs there. Coping with everyday situations might be reasonably straightforward, but what happens when you need to go to the doctor or the hospital for either yourself or your child? Or the Police want to interview you because you’ve observed a car accident? It’s on these occasions that an interpreter

is vital. Nowadays, as a very fluent speaker of both English and Spanish and a fully-trained interpreter, Puri feels satisfied in helping other people bridge the language gap that she struggled with so much. But it’s not just being helpful that makes this a great job for Puri. Interpreting assignments take place anywhere and everywhere, so she has to draw on all the various skills and experiences she has gained over the years. As she puts it “I have to stretch my mind, my memory and all my abilities – it is great brain exercise.” If you’re a bilingual speaker and you’d like to find out more about interpreting check out the advertisement below or go directly to our website: .

Enjoy your summer boat safely. For more information you can look at harbours or email For reports of unsafe behaviour or breaches of Navigation Bylaws call 04 388 7795.

Puri Alvarez, Spanish-English interpreter.

Under the Totara Trees Homestay - Lovely home in an olive grove near Greytown. Beautiful, peaceful rural setting. Great for children. Wheelchair access. Guest room with outdoor bath, 2nd large guest room, multipurpose room for children, or a rustic cabin. www.olivehomestay.

All routes provisional

STUNNING SELF DRIVE TOURS FOR 2016/17 HIGH COUNTRY HERITAGE Fully guided six day Safari from Blenheim to Otago. Follow the golden tussocks along the Alps through 22 famous high country stations (incl Molesworth Station). Travel over private station tracks and through remote and spectacular terrain. Enjoy station lunches with the run holders.

Interpreters Needed

WEST COAST EXPLORER Five days from the dry tussock lands of Central Marlborough to the beech forest of Buller and the West Coast. Explore the heritage of ghost towns like Big River and Denniston. Follow historic trails and drive through the thrilling underground river and miner’s tunnels of Napoleon Hill.

Recruiting now for our next introductory interpreting course starting 29 February 2016 We offer: Full training and excellent hourly rate. You should be: 1. Available during working hours. 2. A NZ citizen or holder of a permanent residence status. 3. Proficient in English and any of the following languages: • Amharic • Assyrian • Chin • Cook Islands Maori • Dari • Farsi • Hindi • Karen

ALL TOURS ARE SELF DRIVE • PROFESSIONALLY GUIDED WITH RADIO COMMUNICATION TO EACH VEHICLE • QUALITY ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS INCLUDED • ENVIRONMENTALLY SENSITIVE OFF ROAD TRAVEL See our web site: Email: Clip the coupon or Phone: (03) 218 8569Fax: (03) 218 9049 Mobile: 0275 506 727 Please send me more information. Post to NZ Adventures, 114 Millwood Glen, RD1 Invercargill. 9871

Name: Address: Ph: Email: Vehicle Type:

Tickets sold at the gate on the day or purchase on Eventfinda for discounted prices.

• Khmer • Korean • Lao • Nepali • Punjabi • Samoan • Sinhalese • Sri Lankan Tamil

• Somali • Tagalog • Thai • Tigrinya • Turkish • Tuvalu • Urdu • Vietnamese

Successful applicants will be required to complete the introductory interpreting course and pass an assessment before being employed on a casual basis. To find out more and to fill in an application form, visit or call (04) 916 2462. Applications close Friday 29 January 2016.

Fernlea gets freaky

4m Split pine store for next winter $330

g 11th. Nov. 2015

Trades and Services N Large Kindling $13 lins, staff at the school say theBags costumes were some of theand best they haveBags everDry seen. FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs Large Pine/ Classified’s New Years Celebration Fernlea Primary School got a little bit In this photo, teacher Anthony Kleinjan $14 hardwood mix installations by top-qualified electrician with scary last week, holding a spooky disco and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie The Masterton A&P Show isof a fun, family day out that has record overaffordable fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui Public Notice to raise money for the school. Neary, Lily Carr and Prashvi Shankar THANK YOU I would like to thank members of the public who came to my assomething everyone. The Gate Plate Culinary Marquee celebrates Studentsfor dressed uplowest as ghosts gobcosttoand “around-the-clock” just show offservice, their costumes. sistance on 22nd December after being knocked over by a dog in Wellington Road. built by us. Wairarapa lamb with a full schedule of culinary demonstrations and phone 977-8787 021-0717-674 or in email fun, see prized animals on show, interactorwith farm animals our It is nice to see people so willing to help. Kind Regards V Rogers. no fuss. Trades and Services petting zoo, watch top NZ equestrian eventing, enjoy our food village e a splash. Trades and Services sh. and entertain the kids at Funfair Alley - purchase your wristband at Situation and enjoy everything Funfair Alley hasVacant to offer at no further twistthe andgate wiggle. cost. Get your tickets at the gate or fi nd us on Eventfi nda forWatling discounted Composed by Tony 28th. 2015 a giggle. ticket prices. GIVEAWAY: Like our Facebook page lace is open. MastertonShow between January 14 and January 21 and go in Advertise your are hopen! the draw to win a family pass - entry for 2 adults, 3 children and services here. 3 wristbands for Funfair Alley, worth $50. Winners announced on our Facebook page on January Our22. Youth soon will adults be. 04 587 1660 A solid Their future, will the world decree. 46 Waione St Petone Notice So they must pick which field to plough. Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares When to start it could be now. At Hub the Centre they will learn. Squash Club Situation Vacant To play it fair, and feel concern. Funeral Director GM WhenNto reap and when to sow. Soon must choose what seed to grow. By Aaron Meredith

Gate to Plate SFACTION

1 Moohan Street,Wainuiomata. Welcome WednesdayAll January 13, 2016 9 Funeral Director Director Funeral



0pm h November ubrooms


All of the clocks Main Road in the movie ets, Wainuiomata Pulp Fiction are First 2016 OF THEVisitors’ D A Y Session, stuck on 4:20. Thursday 28 January, Level 1, Anvil House, local news 138 to 140 Wakefield Street ommunity Come at 10am for tea or coffee to learn how we can help you Wmanage C toRunderstand Puzzledevices, O S Sand O R your D computers, and apps, for best results and benefits.



A solid


Can you make s happen?

Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

Storage SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. By Russell McQuarters

By Russell McQuarters

Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. Wainuiomata’s a proud community with a vision for growth we call it “Hā Breath of Life”. It’s a feeling as 33.33. Negative vote (3)(3) 51.51. Eighth of of mile (7)(7) ACROSS Firewood Negative vote Eighth mile ACROSS well as Dubious what we it 52. here and(5) believe 37.37. Backs away (8)(8) Patent 1. 1. Dubious (7)want Backs away Patent (5) (7) to be. We love52. there's so much(11) potential to make it 53. even better, together. 38.38. Snare Confirmation (11) 5. 5. Liberated Snare (8) 53. Confirmation (11) Liberated (11) - 2m seasoned pine (8) $180 41. Damn(sl) 54.54. River mouth (7)(7) 11. 11. High upcreated (5) (5) a plan - at And we’ve 41. Damn(sl) River mouth High up - 4m Split pine store for(7)(7) 43.43. Aboriginal spear (7)(7) 12.12. Large tenttent (7) (7) Aboriginal spear Large $330 next winter 44. Young calf (6) DOWN 13.13. Counter (5) (5) 44. Young calf (6) DOWN Counter - Large Bags Kindling $13 Skilled (6)(6) 1. 1. Switches (5)(5) 14.14. Hung (9) (9) 45. Skilled Switches Hung We want you to make stuff happen - Large45. Bags Dry Pine/ 46. Change 2. 2. Supporter (7)(7) 15.15. Bears witness (9) (9) 46. Change Supporter Bears witness hardwood mix $14 (5)(5) and champion and plan.(6) It’s a 47.Manuka Italian city (5)(5) 3. 3. Respect 16.16. Poet (4) (4)the delivery of our vision 47. Italian city Respect (6) Poet Bagged $20 chance to your own 49.49. Way in in (5)(5) 4. 4. Fear (8) 17.17. ListList (7)make Way Fear (8) and (7) a wide reaching project involve, inform the community. 5. 5. Nobleman’s estate (7)(7) 19.19. Daintily oddand (6)inspire Nobleman’s estate Daintily odd (6) Free Delivery in Wainui 6. Grown upup (5)(5) 23.23. Free (6) (6) SOLUTION 6. Grown Free SOLUTION Solution last week, 28 October 7. 7. Fold (6)(6) 26.26. Lionize (7) (7) Fold Lionize For For July April 14, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 14, 9, 2003 2004 We want you if: 8. 8. Accesible (8)(8) Accesible 29.29. Against (4) (4) Against  you’re a people person 9. Based custom (11) One-horse carriage (3) proven 9. leader Based onon custom (11) 30.30. One-horse carriage (3)and FIREWOOD FOR SALE Adores ... Commandments 10.10. Adores (5)(5) 32.32. TheThe ...excited Commandments (3)(3)  you’re to take on new challenges Charm Image 16.16. (7)(7) 34.34. Image (4) (4)to roll up your sleeves SEASONED: Gum 4m³ $540, 2m³ $320: 4m³ Douglas-Fir  you’re ready &Charm get stuff done 18. Areas (5) 35. Inheritance (7) 18. Areas (5) 35. Inheritance (7) $530, 2m³ $310: Macrocarpa 4m³ $530, 2m³ $310: Split you can work 20 hours per week for 18 months with Parched Wanaka ‘warbird’ collector, 20.20. Parched (7)(7) 36.36. Wanaka ‘warbird’ collector, View the Wainuiomata News Pine 4m³ $390, 2m³ $240: Manuka 2m³ $450: the to grow stay longer! 21. Lively dance Sir ... (6) the role and21. Lively dance (3)(3) Sirpotential TimTim ... (6) COMBO’S: Gum & D/Fir $550: Gum & Mac $550: Gum & S/ online Towards stern ship Hard coating 22.22. Towards stern of of ship (3)(3) 39.39. Hard coating (6) (6) Pine Fear open spaces (11)$490, D/Fir & Mac $530: D/Fir & S/Pine $480: Mac & Numbs (7) on 17 January 2016. Applications close 24.24. Fear of of open spaces (11) 40.40. Numbs (7) S/Pine $480: Akin Crooked 25.25. Akin (3)(3) 42.42. Crooked (4) (4) Bagged Kindling $15ea. Accustom Hateful 27.27. Accustom (5)(5) 46.46. Hateful (9) (9) Bagged Manuka $25ea. 28. Cemetary tree (3) 48. Pompous (9) 28. Cemetary tree (3) 48. Pompous (9) Check out full McQuarters details of the job and how to apply at By Russell By Russell McQuarters WINZ Quotes. Prices incl. gst & del. FIREWOOD bone 31.31. SetSet (3)(3) 50.50. LegLeg bone (5) (5)




Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the We, share knowledge, learn together,George meetinfriendly people, Ngauranga Wellington. Contact Barryand 472 7987 or 021tutorial, 276 6654.and and have fun. Annual subscriptions course,

workshop fees are modest. For more information and to register please contact either John Nimmo Phone 4768771, email or Colin Archer, Phone 478 6559, email 51.51. Angry (5)(5) and ACROSS Angry ACROSS check our website 52.52. Solidify by by cooling (7)(7) 1. Result (5-6) Solidify cooling 1. Result (5-6) (abbr) (3)(3) (abbr)

Wholesale Firewood Supplies

33.33. Sphere (3)(3) Ph 232-9499 Sphere 38.38. U.S. horse race; Derby (8)(8) Anaesthetic (5)(5) 7. Scoundrel Regardless of how(7) much something here for you. U.S. horse race;... ... Derby 53. Anaesthetic 7. Scoundrel (7) you know, there’ll be53. 40.40. Restrained (8)(8) 54.54. Humbleness (7)(7) 11. 11. Pulls (5) (5) Restrained Humbleness Pulls 42.42. Casual (7)(7) 55.55. Friendship (11) 12.12. Deviousness (7) (7) Casual Friendship (11) Deviousness By Russell Russell McQuarters McQuarters 44.44. Annual calendar (7)(7) 13. 13. Excellent (5) (5) Annual calendar Excellent By 46. Scoffs (6) DOWN 14. 14. Alert (9) 46. Scoffs (6) DOWN Alert (9) 47. Manservant (6)(6) 1. Sound (5)(5) 15. 15. So So (9) (9) 47. Manservant 1. Sound 40.Out Outofofdanger danger(4) (4) 51.Climbing Climbingplant plant(8) (8) ACROSS 40. 51. ACROSS 48. Form of of expression (5)(5) 2. Sent (11) 16. 16. Directs (6) (6) 48. Form expression 2. Sent (11) Directs 43. Encroach (7) 55. Wrath (5) 1. High-priced (9) 43. Encroach (7) 55. Wrath (5) 1. High-priced (9)(5) 49. Water vapour 3. Shy (8)(8) 18. 18. Skull (7) (7) 49. Water vapour 3. Shy Skull 44.Turkish Turkishmilitary militarycommander commander(3) (3) 56.Living Livingininwater water(7) (7) Sharp-eyed (9) (5) 44. 56. 6.6.50. Sharp-eyed (9) 50. Gambol (5) 4. Of public revenue (6)(6) 21. 21. Disorder (4) (4) Gambol (5) 4. Of public revenue Disorder 45. Establish (7) 57. Additional (5) 11. Heavy block of wood (5) 45. Establish (7) 57. Additional (5) 11. Heavy block of wood (5) 5. Turn outwards (5)(5) 23. 23. Racket (3) (3) 5. Turn outwards Racket 46.Any Any water-soluble water-soluble chemical chemical 58.Trial Trialrun(vehicle) run(vehicle)(4,5) (4,5) 12.Disciple Disciple (7) 46. 58. 12. (7) SOLUTION SOLUTION 6. Constrict (7)(7) 25. 25. Take by by sipssips (3) (3) 6. Constrict Take base (6) 59. Principle church of diocese (9) 13. Twitch (5) Solution last week, 11 November base (6) 59. Principle church of diocese (9) 13. Twitch (5) For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 7. Has high morals 27. 27. Stake (4) (4) 7. Has high morals(8)(8) Stake 48.Hinder Hinder(6) (6) 14.Pre-meal Pre-mealdrink drink(8) (8) 48. 14. 8. Reduce (6)(6) 8. Reduce 28. 28. Artlessness (7) (7) Artlessness 50. Hot drink port&&lemon lemon(5) (5) DOWN 17. Diplomat (10) 50. Hot drink ofofport DOWN 17. Diplomat (10) 9. Sanction chair;Chaise Chaise ... (6) 9. Sanction (7)(7) 30. 30. LowLow chair; ... (6) 52.Lawful Lawful(5) (5) 1.Bewitch Bewitch (7) (7) 18. Memorabilia Memorabilia (3) (3) 52. 1. 18. Audacity Expert; ... hand 10.10. Audacity (5)(5) 32. 32. Expert; ... hand (3) (3) 53.Teach Teach(5) (5) Ornamentalfeather feather(5) (5) 20.Vigour Vigour(4) (4) 53. 2.2.Ornamental 20. Arrange in steps Strange 16.16. Arrange in steps (7)(7) 33. 33. Strange (3) (3) 54.Of Ofthe theear ear(4) (4) Serviette(6) (6) 22.Fringe-work Fringe-workofofknotted knottedcord cord(7) (7) 3.3.Serviette 54. 22. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) Zealous 17.17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 34. 34. Zealous (6) (6) 4. Baghdad native (5) 24. Saunter (6) 4. Baghdad native (5) 24. Saunter (6) Competitor In brisk time(music) 19.19. Competitor (5)(5) 35. 35. In brisk time(music) (7) (7) SOLUTION Greekgod godofoflove love(4) (4) 26.Spread Spreadhay(to hay(toair) air)(3) (3) SOLUTION 5.5.Greek 26. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state 20.20. N.Z. Prime Minister 36. 36. U.S. state (4) (4) Solution last week, 24 6. Most favourable (7) 28. Era (5) For For September April 9,2003 2003 8,December 2004 6. Most favourable (7) ForFor September April 9, 8, 2004 1975-84 Robert Biblical vessel 1975-84 SirSir Robert ... ... (7)(7) 28. Era (5) 37. 37. Biblical vessel (3) (3) 7. Australian tree (3-3) 29. Muscle pain (7) 7. Australian tree (3-3) 29. Muscle pain (7) 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) Revives(12) (12) 32.Of Ofsound sound(5) (5) 8.8.Revives 32. Catch Cupid 24.24. Catch (3)(3) 41. 41. Cupid (4) (4) 9.Prize Prize(5) (5) 33. Japanese sash (3) 9. 33. Japanese sash (3) 26. Group of whales (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 26. Group of whales (3) 43. Exposed to air (7) 10.Rash Rash(11) (11) 34.Female Femalerabbit rabbit(3) (3) Topic Female relatives 10. 34. 29.29. Topic (5)(5) 45. 45. Female relatives (6) (6) 15.Untreated Untreated(3) (3) 35.Mesh Mesh(3) (3) Uninvited guest (4-7) endless time(Lat) 15. 35. 31.31. Uninvited guest (4-7) 48. 48. An An endless time(Lat) (9) (9) 16. Domesticated (4) 36. Singing voice (5) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 16. Domesticated (4) 36. Singing voice (5) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) 19.Flotilla Flotilla(6) (6) 37. Chemical Chemical substance substance used used toto 19. 37. 21.Declare Declare(7) (7) detectothers others(7) (7) 21. detect 23.Respect Respect(6) (6) 38.Betting Bettingodds odds(5) (5) 23. 38. 25. Female divinity (7) 39. Donkey (3) 25. Female divinity (7) 39. Donkey (3) 26.Of Ofunmixed unmixedstock stock(12) (12) 41.Tree-lined Tree-linedstreet street(6) (6) 26. 41. 27. Dwarf fowl (6) 42. Quandry (7) 27. Dwarf fowl (6) 42. Quandry (7) 28.Lavish Lavish(11) (11) 44.Wine-producing Wine-producingItalian Italiantown town(4) (4)28. 44. 30. Dolt (3) 47. Pear-shaped fruit (3) 30. Dolt (3) 47. Pear-shaped fruit (3) 31.Eccentric Eccentricold oldman(inf) man(inf)(6) (6) 49.Destroy Destroy(10) (10) 31. 49.



Wednesday January 13, 2016


Wine Trail Spy Valley is a kiwi family owned business with a reputation for consistently producing a full range of great value, award-winning wines. Come and experience complimentary tastings of our wines, try our estate grown olive oil, enjoy award-winning architecture and landscaping, play in the kids corner or have a picnic and enjoy the view. You could also check out our nosey neighbours, The Waihopai International Satellite Communications Monitoring Station, or as we call it ‘the spy base down the road’. 37 Lake Timara Road West, Blenheim, Marlborough Ph 03 572 6207. Email Opening hours: Mid October - mid May Daily 10.30am-4.30pm, Mid May- mid Oct, Mon-Fri 10.30-4.30pm

JOHANNESHOF CELLARS Taste our award winning wines. Enjoy a magical through NZs first underground rock cellar (by appt). 1 km south of Picton airport. Methode Marlborough member. SH1, Koromiko, Marlborough (9km south of Picton). Ph 03 573 7035 Email Opening hours: Nov-Apr Tues-Sun 10am-4pm, May Oct Tues-Fri 10am-4pm






Indoor/outdoor dining, seasonal menu, courtyard,gardens,giant chess. Tours by appointment, exclusive wines and gifts. Jacksons Rd Blenheim, Marlborough Ph 03 572 9054 Opening hours 7 days 9am-4.30pm

Giesen’s cellar door captures the Giesen Brothers’ spirit of hospitality, giving visitors a place to taste their wines and learn about their winemaking. Take time to relax with a glass of wine and a tasty platter in the charming courtyard. 26 Rapaura Road, Blenheim, Marlborough Ph 03 5728500. Email Art & Design Wine Opening hours . Daily 10am-4.30pm Heritage Open 10-4 daily complimentary 7km self drive vineyard tour - stunning coastal views to Cook Strait . BYO picnic - complimentary wine tasting. Three time winner of Best of Wine Tourism award for sustainable tourism 534 Seaview road,Seddon, Marlborough Ph 03 5757618.

Walk the vineyard tours by appointment. Falcon & birds of prey merchandise for sale. Great wines too. Try our new range SPICE TRAIL designed for spicy foods. 93 Vintage Lane, Renwick, Marlborough Ph 03 572 9327. Email Opening hours: Nov-April Mon-Fri Daily 11am-4pm, May-Oct by appointment



This exhibition will delight you with the fascinating history of wine in Marlborough. The best Wine Exhibition in Australasia Brayshaw Heritage Park, 26 Arthur Baker Place (off New Renwick Road), Blenheim Ph: (03) 578 1712. E: Maori Treasures Opening hours: Daily Wine Early Exhibition Settler Discerning small group travel History

ITALY Sicily

with John - Italian Citizen

| 26 Arthur Baker Place, Blenheim | Ph (03) 578 1712 |

Discerning small group travel with John Italian Citizen

Cinque Terre

The Best of The Best of ITALY ITALY Sicily - Cinque Terre

Susan Williamson John Percy& John Percy Susan&Williamson Ph 0800 387 872 Ph 0800 387 872 NO 1 FAMILY ESTATE New Zealand method Traditonelle specialist. Browse our ever changing rang of accessories. Methode Marlborough member. 169 Rapaura Rd, Blenheim Marlborough Ph 03 572 9876. Email Opening hours Daily 10am-4.30pm daily. Reduced hours maybe over the winter months.

In the heart of Blenheim and the Marlborough wine country, you’ll find MARLBOROUGH VINTNERS HOTEL. Stay in one of our luxurious one bedroom suites, sample fine dining and local wines in our Vintners Room Restaurant and take advantage of our generous range of facilities.

190 Rapaura Road, PO Box 48 190, Renwick, Blenheim 7273, New Zealand Phone +64 3 572 5094 Mobile 0800 684 190

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Wednesday January 13, 2016


What to look forward to in 2016

Sporting year highlights 2015 was one of the most successful years Wainuiomata has had in sporting arenas. From the rugby field to the boxing ring to the softball diamond, Wainuiomata was represented at a high level on regional, national and international levels. Wainuiomata High School Rugby Success The Wainuiomata High School First XV dominated their grade throughout the season, the side marched through the Murray Jensen Cup unbeaten, defeating Newlands College in the final. The side had three players selected for Wellington Schools Representative sides. The Girls First XV made the Premier One final, and also had players selected for Regional sides. Joel Evans off to World Championships Joel Evans made the trip to Canada with the New Zealand Black Sox for the Softball World Championships in June. He was part of the squad which finished second, losing in a closely fought final to the host nation. Joel was one of three players from the Hutt Valley to be selected in the squad, and performed well at the tournament. Boxing domination The Wainuiomata Boxing Club has had an amazing year, the clubs boxers winning titles and championships all around the country. Raymond Seumanu made the step to the international stage, winning the Australian

Golden Gloves title, along with his third New Zealand title. This year is looking to be an even better year than last, with trainers Craig Bennett, Rob Cameron and Rico Seumanu planning big things for the gym. Sieni makes Kiwi Ferns Wainiuomata High School Student Sieni Samau was selected for the New Zealand Kiwi Ferns Rugby League side. She did this after making the Wellington Representative squad in both Rugby Union and Rugby League. She was also named as Wainuiomata High School’s sportswoman of the year, along with receiving many other awards. Hockey Club returns with success The Wainuiomata Senior Hockey club returned after a 20 year hiatus, and returned with a bang. The side only lost one game all year, was promoted halfway through the season, then won the grade they were promoted to, earning them promotion for next season. This was done with a mixture of experienced players and talented high school students, in what proved to be an unstoppable combination.

Softball returns for the year Last weekend the Wainuiomata softball presidents destroyed the Hutt Valley Dodgers 17-2 in their final game of the first round. The result saw the side finish on top of the division in the first round, they now move onto the second round where they are scheduled to play the Hutt Valley Dodgers

again, this time at JMM at 1.15pm. It was not a very successful week for the womens teams, both going down in close matches. This week the two sides are also at JMM, The Rare Breeds play Hutt Valley Marist at 1.15pm, while Wainuiomata play the Hutt Valley Dodgers Divas at 3.15pm.

Sieni Samau

Sporting wise 2016 is all about one event, the Olympics in Rio. This takes place between August 5 and 21. If London 2012 is anything to go buy, the event will attract over 10,000 athletes and a television audience in the billions. The Olympics are the biggest sporting event every four years, nothing captivates the entire planet like the Olympic Games. The next biggest event is probably Euro 2016, Europe’s football championship involving 24 of the best teams in Europe. This, in some ways is more competitive than the football world cup. All the European nations are very good, there is hardly ever a mismatch. Euro takes place from June 10 to July 10 and is always full of action. Throughout June is the Copa America, South America’s football championship, which is as competitive as Euro. The Paralympics take place in September, and are nearly as popular as Euro. This is taking place in Rio and New Zealand generally does well in the Paralympics Games. The World T/20 takes place in India from March 11 to April 3, The World Rowing Championships are on just after the Olympics, being held in Rotterdam. For golfing fans, this year is when the Ryder Cup is held, this year Europe will face the United States in Minnesota over the first weekend in October. Along with these tournaments, we have the usual annual events. The Tour de France, the golf and tennis majors, the Melbourne Cup, the superbowl, the NBA finals, the NHL finals and the Baseball World Series Super Rugby brings in another three teams, the Juguares from Argentina, the Sun Wolves from Japan and the Kings from South Africa. The All Blacks will be facing Wales in three tests in June, play the Rugby Championship in the later part of winter before touring the northern hemisphere in November. The Black Caps continue their series against Sri Lanka before Pakistan and Australia turn up to wind up this summer. Throughout the year the side tours Zimbabwe, South Africa and India before returning home to host Pakistan and Bangladesh before the end of the year. 2016 is a rather large sporting year, for those who love sport it could be one of the biggest ever. What sporting event are you most looking forward to this year? Send your answers to

Wainuiomata High School HOMESTAYS FOR INTERNATIONAL & EXCHANGE STUDENTS Wainuiomata High School is looking at expanding their homestay base for hosting International and Exchange Students. Homes offering full board to International Students (short and long term) will be paid at the rate of $240 per week and $500 per Calendar month for Exchange Students. Ideally we are looking for families that have teenagers in the household although this is not a prerequisite. If you are interested in offering full board to an international student and would like to know more details, please contact Ali Saunders at: Phone: 04 938 3224 ext 7015 I Fax: 04 939 7016 I Mobile: 027 7568130 Email:


Wednesday January 13, 2016

redcoats limited licensed under the REAA

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

VILLAGE 31 Poole Crescent




Located on the very popular Poole Cres, this family home has so much to offer. 3 large dble brms, with 1 having semi ensuite, loads of storage throughout. The living areas truly are impressive in size, plus the kitchen also has a small lounge area for the family to watch you cook! But the true star of the show is the impressive living room.

For sale by Negotiation

.. ..

.. ..

PENCARROW 55 Russell Road

PARKWAY 4 Konini Street

3 Generous Bedrooms Insulation & Heatpump New Carpet & New Roof Garaging & Fencing

For sale by Negotiation Online

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e


3 Bedrooms Lounge opens out to conservatory Heated by woodburner Add your own style

For sale by Negotiation Online

Linda Turner

Linda Turner

p 04 564 5317 e

p 04 564 5317 e

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

FERNLEA 7 Gardiner Grove


PENCARROW 19 Trelawney Road






For sale by Negotiation

This 3 bedroomed gem is ready and waiting for you! Featuring modern kitchen with dishwasher. Heated by heatpump, and double garaging plus carport out the back on a fully fenced section. Something to please the whole family! Be quick before it's gone.

For sale by Negotiation

This 5 bedroom home is in need of a serious tidy up. This diamond in the rough could be a great sized family home. Current tenants are paying $480 per week on a fixed term until February. The double garage has been converted into a rumpus with toilet. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and uncover a great home.

Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

FERNLEA 16 Fraser Street


KARAKA 9 Maire Street






Great location, just walk to the Mall. 3 Bedroom home warmed by logburner. Spacious lounge and open plan kitchen/dining with bifold doors opening out to large deck area. Great sun, large section. HUGE garaging. Be quick this won't last.

For sale by Negotiation

p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e

A family approved location, a family approved property presenting an outstanding opportunity. Good sized bathrooms, separate living and positioned well on flat, fenced section. Some potential to still realise, but welcome good proximity to local schools and a local convenience store a few moments away.

For sale by AUCTION

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

.. ..

PENCARROW 45 Trelawney Road 3 Bedrooms 1084 sqm Section Fully Fenced Double Garage

For sale by Negotiation Online

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 e

.. ..

COAST 91 Coast Road 3 Bedroom, Elevated Open Plan Kitchen Spacious Lounge Logburner

For sale by Negotiation Online

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 Tui Reid p 04 212 6797

.. ..

CENTRAL 14 Isabel Grove 4 Bedrooms Rumpus Room to Pool Amazing Kitchen 2 Modern Bathrooms

For sale by Negotiation Online

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 Tui Reid p 04 212 6797

.. ..

ARAKURA 252a Wellington Road 2 Bedroom Unit Fully Fenced Section New Carpet and Lino Heatpump

Asking price $178,000 Online

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 e

10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

Wainuiomata News 13-01-16  

Wainuiomata News 13-01-16

Wainuiomata News 13-01-16  

Wainuiomata News 13-01-16