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Share blood, save a life

Green Christmas

By Nikki Papatsoumas been enough support at previous drives held in the area. By Nikki Papatsoumas most families tree The New Zealand Blood ServiceFor is ap“We arepicking hoping the thatperfect with all Christmas the extra busisignals thenow, festive season. pealing for the community to head alongthe beginning ness in theof area it will be aMore success.” than two years a Campbell lucky violent enough to bethe iconic and donate blood at a local drive nextWellingtonian week. ThePhil blood drive wasisorganised afterstorm local part of the selection process. Next Thursday, a blood drive will be held business owner, Terry Binding from Nailed was parti The seawall Phil has been selling Christmas trees tosaid. locals for more at the ASB Centre in Kilbirnie and the New It, approached them, Nicola June 2013 which battere than through his company Fresh’ n’ Bushysection of Zealand Blood Service are hoping fortwo at decades “Terry has delivered flyers to all A Kilbirnie 41-metre Christmas Trees. least 60 donors to attend on the day. businesses and has been a greatcollapsed support. But completely a trees are andneed caredsupport for all from year around Nicola Binns from the New ZealandHis Blood we grown still really all local seawall that at remains is a farm and at fourand locations around Service said this was the first time there hadin Manakau businesses in sold Miramar surrounding and secured. Wellington, including containers based in For Johnsonville been a blood drive in Kilbirnie for more suburbs.” the next seven mo and Evans Bay, in the lead up to Christmas. than 10 years. work to make the seawal Continued on page 2 level She said this was because there had not Continued on page 2 rise and earthquak

By Nikki Papatsoumas


Phil Campbell Anna Hoskins are busy Nicola Binns with an apheresis machine which is and usedhis forniece plasma donations. selling Christmas trees to families across Councillor Wellington.Paul Eagle and

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Thursday December 10, 2015


Thursday November 12, 2015


Thursday November 12, 2015

inbrief news How toruffl reaches us feathers Kiwi Children invit Cheaper weekend b

Locals may rethink the way they look at their favourite flightless bird after it was discovered a nest of robin chicks were Phone: killed by a kiwi.(04) 587 1660 A Victoria University researcher made Address: 23 Broderick the gruesome discovery, beingRd, the first perJohnsonville P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045. Fax: (04) 587 1661


Nicola Adams


Nikki Papatsoumas A little spotted kiwi.

School fair a success

son to see the footage taken at Zealandia. “I Young noticedWellingtonians the chicks had arepeck set to injuries create their Dr Rachael Shaw who has been monitor- onown theirwild bodies.” visions for the capital as part of a ing nests using fixedhave cameras Dr Shaw, who studying thenature robinvoyage popu- in Wellingtonians cheapersaid the dramatic arts,isscience and footage is thought to be the only recording lation at Zealandia, decided to investigate weekend bus fares to look the town belt this weekend. The team who organised the of this behaviour in Kiwis. the incident and checked footage forward to next month. The Imagine My Citythe pilot projectfrom will be Valley School Faircertain last DrHoughton Shaw said she can’t say for thelaunched camera this that Sunday. was monitoring the nest. For four weeks from Novemmonth said itthe waskiwi a successful day. what motivated tobuses destroy the “The chicks were ber 28, Gothanked Wellington Thevideo projectshows is partthat of athe wider programme school members of the nest,The but speculates it may have been actstill alive after being pecked by the kiwi will community change to a $1 fare for one who helped directly, ing local defensively. and then fell out of the nest, most likely zone ofwho travel and $2 adult fareand all those donated goods She said therefare is for a possibility the robin to their deaths. and $1.50 children for those who came and shared the day maytwo haveorlined the nest with kiwi feathers “I was shocked to find it was a kiwi. three zones of travel. with students and staff . “because robin do like to use these as nest “I was expecting a morepork or other It is hoped this will encourlining”. bird to have destroyed the nest,” she said. age people to use public trans“Kiwi territorial, The first chick fell from the nest on portare to highly travel in and out so of it may Local havethe reacted to the smell of that nest, as if the fi rst city. artists night Kemi and the robin mother then it wereThe an Wellington intruder onCity its territory.” returned to incubate her surviving chick Council Whitwell Thehas footage taken at Zealandia over two but to no avail. budgeted $200,000 for the and Niko consecutive nights, shows a little spotted “Although Leyden the kiwi doesn't directly kill initiative. Flagthe Consideration Panel is kiwi The pushing robin nest down a slope, thewith chicks, they had pretty severe injuries.” Wellington Mayor reminding kiwis that theCelia fiand rst referpecking the two robin chicks, returnDr Shaw explained while it was sad for Cassidy Wade-Brown said the public to rankto the five alternative ing endum the next night tear the nest apart. the robins, it was exciting makemultiple new be a welcome boost for retail farestobring Abbot, initiative would help fltransport agsmorning is coming up. Flag Consideration “That I Wellingtonians went to band the nest of scientifi c discoveries like this. who will sales.” to the city. to get more Panel chair, Professor John Burrows, robin chicks, I discovered the nest “[It could] potentially “This uncover a new all take Councillor Iona Pannett, shows support onto buseswhen and into the central said November’s postal referendum had been pulled out from its location and part in this behaviour that might change the way wesusta Chair of Wellington City environmentally city during the busy weekends about considering the possibiliweekend’s the ischicks were dead. look at our national icon.” Council’s Environment Comtravel option for peopl in the to Christmas. ties andrun-up ranking them, rather than launch. mittee, said the cheaper bus want to go shopping “This initiative will provide making a final decision on change.

The first flag referendum

In the second referendum in March next year, eligible voters will choose between the current flag and the Alana Hagen preferred alternative. The panel are encouraging voters to make sure they check, update or enrol at www. He said when it came to fake trees there was a clear

Iconic turb Picking the perfect tree Calling for your donation SALES:

Wellington’s iconic Brooklyn turbine will soon be replaced by a turbine which will generate Christmas trees most custom- winner. more end ofpower. the year. Continued from page 1 ers are lookingSALES: for different “Nothing beats a real ChristLast week, owner the Brooklyn Plasma wastheused to ofmake around turbine, 13 Nicola said blood donors were very Selfpeople Defence things. mas tree. Most have a $20 Workshop Meridian Energy, announced it had signed a different medicines and because of this special. Sarah Collins “Everyone has a different very strong connection to the contract for a new turbine that will begin generatdemand for plasma had increased “We always WORKSHOPS/COURSES: need more donors. Cur- the DEFENCE idea of what their perfect tree smell of pineSELF at Christmas. ing electricity from Wellington’s world-famous “hugely”, Nicola said. rently only four per cent of the eligible our Nov, Dec and Jan 2016 Self Defence is. But there are two things “We will Book get into people who wind in April. “You have to have relations given at manager least oneGuy population donates blood. hour workshops JUST $20! people want. will come 2here and would Meridian external donation in the last two “If youSpecial are part of theONLY 96 per cent cur- blood 8hr course $120! “They want a fresh tree and have boughtChristmas a fake tree but Waipara said the current turbine years would be Distribution by: Genx Distribution youincan become a plasma donor.” rentlycomes sat onback the fence thinking about it, before they want a bushy tree.” then the family removed December and work would begin in KARATE HOLIDAY Plasma to is collected using an apheresis please jump off and join in. Phil said when he started from Europe, or someone hasPROGRAMME: January prepare the foundation for the new 0439 your asked our 2 day Karate Holiday The machine spins off the Nicola to think of the machine. his business(04) 21 970 years ago his had a baby, Book and they kids wantintoapeople turbine. Programme, Mon/Tues 21/22 Dec, 9am-5pm. blood cells and keeps plasma. at “bigger picture” and said one donation redThe trees were mainly sold out of special Christmas.” new turbine would arrivethe in Wellington $60 per day or $100 for both The red blood cells are then returned could save three lives. service stations. Phil said the business was the end of March and it was expected to take three (1/2 days available) However, a shift in the in- family owned andofoperto the donor. “Think all the little children who weeks to have the turbine up and running, Phil’s tips for keeping your tree in tip-top condition: he said. dustry saw Phil make the ated, whichhave as self-confessed He saidhas the project would cost $2.9 million. Plasma also earned the nickname leukaemia who KARATE SUMMER SCHOOL:your blood is Caring for your Christmas soon as itthis has been switch to selling his trees to ‘Christmas able nuts’ suited them “We’recut veryasexcited that happening. “liquid gold” because of isits colour, The to save… you’ve got to togo beyond January Karate classes, preschool advanced. tree for the first 24 to 48 purchased. customers directly.and Eastern suburbs just fine. yourself Delivered to Southern current turbine has become iconic. It is part itof the said, “It really is so special, thinkstarting of who Book 2, 4 orand 6 classes fromyour $25!donation Nicola hours after purchasing it isbe made After the tree’s trunk isdifferent reof Wellington Cityoften He said his trees were “We are Christmas can into so many could save.nuts. I crucial. cut it should be rested in ~ “You’re Gift vouchers available for all classes ~ not getting the attention they listen to Christmas music durmedicines.” helping ultimately to save Once the tree is cut sap will a bucket of water andBROOKLYN in a FACTS ABOUT THE ABC Auditand 2012:by25,456 copies deserved running hisweekly ing the yearpeople’s for motivation. lives and make a difference.” begin to seep, sealing the shaded spot for 24 to 48 • Commissioned Meridian’s predecessor own sites he isStrait able toNews ensure “It is just aThe greatNew business, Cook Zealand Blood The blood driveby will take place next tree’sService trunk. was This means hours. Electricorp for wind generation research they are kept as fresh as in most peoplealso that hoping come aretoinhave more The largest circulating newspaper it willpeople be unable draw Make sure to always sign to Thursday, November 19, atkeep the ASB in March the Brooklyn was possible. Southern and Eastern suburbs. a great moodupand people Wellington water. Phil said. says the Sports tree’s your1993, Christmas tree outturbine of formost plasma donations, Nicola Centre in Kilbirnie from 9.30am the fi rst commercial-sized wind turbine CLASSES in Kilbirnie, Island Bay,trunk Mornington & Brooklyn Phil said when it came to the are happy and excited.” should always be directAppointments sunlight. This year 240 people have donated to re2.30pm. are prein New Zealand. battle between trees and Call 3839371 or 0272976049 Published by: Lesreal & Katrina Whiteside plasma, however the blood service was ferred will take priority. Towas book • Theand popularity of the turbine highWellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd hoping to reach 500 donations by the an appointment call 0800 448 325.

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Ph 04 476 4961

Thursday December 10, 2015

Celebrations for playground By Nikki Papatsoumas

“We just didn’t want it to go, we needed it to stay.” Families and friends from Wilhelmina was recognised neighbouring streets in Ber- at Saturday’s event, with the hampore gathered on Satur- unveiling of a plaque in her day to celebrate at a beloved name, which was commislocal playground. sioned by Councillor Paul The community playground Eagle. at Jeypore St in Berhampore He applauded Wilhelmina came into jeopardy last year for her efforts in saving the after the Wellington City park. Council proposed smaller “She was there from day parks be decommissioned one and led the fight from and a ‘super park’ be built at a community perspective. nearby Wakefield Park. Without her leading the loHowever, following verbal cal neighbourhood the park and written submissions from wouldn’t be there now.” community members, the Despite her hard work in playground was spared. helping save the community’s Last Saturday the com- playground, Wilhelmina remunity flocked together to mained modest. officially celebrate their suc“I wasn’t the reason the cessful campaign to save the park was saved. There was an playground. enormous amount of support. Chilka St resident, Wil- I am extraordinarily humbled helmina van der Aa, was and also a bit embarrassed. among those who fought to “I certainly didn’t work on see the playground spared. my own.” She made a verbal subBetween 40 and 70 memmission to council and also bers of the com munity helped organise a petition in gathered at last Saturday’s the local community. event which had a variety of Wilhelmina, who has four activities on offer including daughters and also works as apple bobbing, gumboot a child care provider, said she throwing, chalk drawing and often used the playground. face painting. “Our playground is utilised Wilhelmina said while she highly by the immediate would like to believe other community as well as the neighbourhoods were as tight WELLINGTON SOUTHERN & EASTERN wider community. knitSUBURBS as the one she lived in,

Wilhelmina van der Aa helped ensure the Jeypore St playground remained open to the community. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

she believed her community was “unique”. “It’s very special to live where you all know each other and watch out for each other. “I lived a lot of places around the world and I think New Zealand is a very unique place to

live. People still care about each other. If someone falls over in front of you, it’s likely someone will pick you up. “That’s the great thing about being in New Zealand – people want to be involved in other peoLOCAL NEWS ple’s lives.YOUR It’s very beautiful.”

Local organisations receive grants

ursday, November 5, 2015

The Wellington City Mission and the Mary Potter Hospice have each been gifted a share of almost $200,000. At the Nikau Foundation awards ceremony on November 30, more than $170,000 in grants was distributed to almost 40 causes in the Wellington region. The Wellington City Mission was among those to receive a

Today 5-13

grant. Money received would be used for kitchen equipment for the mission’s drop in centre, Robbie Ross from the Wellington City Mission said. He said the mission had been giving meals to Wellington’s most vulnerable people since 1904. Last year 17,978 meals were served and in the first seven

Friday 9-16

Saturday 10-17

months of this year 13,579 meals were served. Robbie said the mission’s drop in centre was about much more than food as sometimes it was the only companionship the users had during their days. A community advocate could also help them with other issues they may have, he said. Meanwhile, the Mary Potter Hospice would use its grant for

Sunday 11-17

a much needed upgrade of patient rooms at their In-Patient Unit in Newtown. Amber Proudfoot, from the Mary Potter Hospice, said while the hospice had an 18 bed In-Patient facility, its community hospice programme was by far the largest part of its service, with around 240 to 260 people directly receiving care at any one time.


CORRECTION In the November 26 edition of the Cook Strait News we misspelt Pak’n Save owner Dean Galt’s name. We apologise for the error.

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Mornington Golf Club Centennial Celebrations 22-24 January 2016

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All Members past and present welcome...

Friday 22 January: Welcome, Meet and Greet at the Club, Guest Speakers Saturday 23 January: Centennial Golf Tournament, Prize Giving, BBQ Lunch Saturday 23 January: Evening Dinner and Dance at the Club, Guest Speaker Phil Tataurangi Sunday 24 January: Ambrose Golf, BBQ and informal gathering

All who register will receive a gift bag that will include a selection of Centennial memorabilia. For more information and a registration form, contact the club: Email: Web: Phone: 04 389 6816. Postal: PO Box 7089, Wellington South 6242


Thursday December 10, 2015

Newtown blanks it out Church doors By Nikki Papatsoumas

Wellington is one step closer to eradicating unsightly graffiti thanks to a brand new initiative. Wellington City Council has recently developed its first graffiti volunteer programme called ‘Blank It Out’. Blank it Out aims to increase the amount of graffiti removed from private properties in neighborhoods across the capital, while encouraging more community ownership and pride. Individual residents, neighborhood groups, businesses, schools, service organisations and clubs were all encouraged to volunteer. Once on board, volunteers were asked to participate in activities which included spotting and reporting graffiti and coordinating local removal projects. There were no minimum time requirements or expectations from volunteers and those involved could pick jobs that best suited them. The programme, based on a similar project

in Christchurch, was launched last Saturday at the Newtown School Markets. Saturday’s launch coincided with International Volunteer Day and the quarterly ‘Keep Newtown Clean’ initiative. Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle, chair of the council committee responsible for city safety, said community ownership and pride were key drivers behind the programme. “For zero tolerance to work, we need a community-led approach. That means working together with local businesses and residents, key groups and our contractor to give consistent advice on how to tackle graffiti effectively. “Blank it Out will make it simple for people to volunteer. People can commit to activities ranging reporting graffiti, to coordinating local removal projects.”  For more information about the programme and to volunteer visit wellington.

The Blank it Out programme was officially launched at the Newtown School Markets last Saturday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

open for special service

By Nikki Papatsoumas

The doors to St Christopher’s Church in Seatoun will open for the first time in three years at a special Christmas service next week. In 2012 St Christopher’s Church was locked to the congregation after it was deemed unsafe and stamped with a yellow sicker by the Wellington City Council. After fighting to save the historic building, locals were thrilled when it was announced the church and neighbouring hall were purchased by Sir Peter Jackson and his wife Fran Walsh earlier this year. St Christopher’s congregation was dissolved as a parish in July 2013 and the site is now leased to the Miramar Peninsula Community Trust. Secretary of the trust, Elaine Newson, said next Friday’s Christmas Carols in the building was set to be a very special occasion. She said although the church building still needed earthquake strengthening, the doors to the church could finally be opened to the public after many years.

Friday’s event would begin with a gathering in the church hall from 7.30pm, Elaine said. The Carol Service would then kick off at 8.30pm, conducted by the Reverend Ross Scott, Presbyterian Hospital Chaplain. Meanwhile, the church organ would be played by Dr Ron Newton, an authority on pipe organs in New Zealand. She said past parishioners of the church and members of the community were all invited to come along and celebrate. Elaine said she hoped guests would have special stories to share at the event. “It’s a non-denomination church now, everyone is welcome and we would like to see people who have past association with the church and have a family connection. “A lot of them all have stories of how they used to attend the service. Those are the stories we like to hear.”  Are you excited to hear the doors to St Christopher’s will once again be opened? Send us an email – news@

Wellington Wellington Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Service and Parts Book Our your car now for aDepartments are now open on Saturdays from pre Christmas service

8am-12pm for your convenience. Avoid a frustrating and costly holiday breakdown Serviced by Factory Trained | Technicians with Genuine Parts Our Service and Parts Departments are now open on Saturdays from 8am-12pm for your convenience.

We wish all our loyal customers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Wellington Mitsubishi 75 Cambridge Tce, Te Aro, Wellington | Ph: (04) 3852252

Thursday December 10, 2015

, n o t g n Welli

After 22 years, the Brooklyn Wind Turbine is to slip away into the great hillside in the sky. But before we replace it with a younger, sexier model, we’d like to pay homage to the hours of selfless energy the Turbine has put into the community.

View our tribute to this Wellington icon at Thanks, Wellington, for your support of the Brooklyn Turbine and of course, for all the wind. MER//0094A



Thursday December 10, 2015

New garden for school students

Lesson in manners By Nikki Papatsoumas

St Mark’s students are more polite than ever following a lesson in etiquette last week. Year 3 teacher Jacinta Zogg said she recently read a news article about Ana Maria Moore, a Wellingtonian who was born into diplomacy and promoted manners and etiquette. “I reflected on the idea that it could be something which my students may be interested in. “We emailed Ana Maria and asked her if she would like to come and speak with us.” Last Friday Ana Maria visited St Mark’s School to speak to the year 3 class. Ana Maria said she was born into diplomacy and from a very early age ceremonies, manners and good

Students at St Mark’s had the opportunity to learn all about etiquette at a special lesson last week run by Ana Maria Moore.

behaviour was “the order of the day”. “I grew up with that so I think it’s my legacy in life to teach good manners and etiquette to children and teenagers.” As part of last week’s lesson she taught students about manners, about be-

ing respectful and how to behave at the table. The year 3 class also had the opportunity to ask Ana Maria questions they had prepared about manners and etiquette. Jacinta said following Ana Maria’s visit, students began using the language they

had heard and were putting into practice some of the messages they had learned during Ana Maria's presentation. “We are very grateful for Ana Maria's generosity, giving of her time and knowledge to promote manners and etiquette.”

Island Bay School students have a brand new school garden to look forward to. The school is one of 27 across the country to receive a share of $100,000. The money was raised by Caltex customers in this year’s ‘Fuel Your School’ initiative. The grant will contribute toward the school’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics curriculum and will help to fund a new school garden. Island Bay School Principal, Perry Rush, said children at the school were excited to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. “We are proud to be recipients of a grant from Caltex that will help us build a school garden and grow it into a flourishing ‘garden to table’ enterprise. “We are looking forward to the students of Island Bay School learning that food doesn't magically appear in supermarkets and that hard graft leads to a great and delicious reward.” For more information about Fuel Your School, visit

Having a go in the water The instructors at Little Makos Swim School are passionate about getting local youngsters in the water and swimming with confidence. The programme, a community partnership between Berhampore School and Harbour City Water Polo Club, has classes for children aged from six months to 14 years.

The dedicated staff are focused on building confidence in the water and teaching children to swim. The pool is a beautiful 17 metre long by 4.5m wide facility. Thanks to a significant grant from Wellington City Council the pool now has a retractable roof so on those hot summer days and cold winter nights

the youngsters can still work on their swimming skills. The adventure playground, next door to the pool, means after swimming lessons the kids can go and have a fun play. So with great instructors and amazing facilities Makos Swim School really is the place for your kids to get their

LITTLE MAKOS SWIM SCHOOL  10% family discounts  FREE make up lessons  Classes from Mon - Sat and are run at a variety of different times and days You select when your child can attend  All instructors are experienced and qualified Opening Hours: 8am - 7pm Mon-Fri, 8.30am - 2.30pm Sat - Sun

Children hold their parents’ hands for a while, but their hearts forever !

Contact Sarah Goffe Ph 04 972 8553 or Mob 027 458 4310 Britomart St, Berhampore

Quality Early Childhood Education What you want, we have, come and see! Pop in and visit us. We are open all year! Enrolling now for 2016

• Grassy outdoor area • Culturally diverse • Friendly team • All age groups (0-5yrs) • Fully cooked nourishing meals • Extended hours

Contact us to arrange a visit • 3 individual rooms, each with their own facilities and playground • Relaxed, nurturing environment • Friendly, caring teachers • Modern, well resourced centre 298/300 Evans Bay Parade, Wellington Ph: 04 386 2883 | E:

Visit us online at

FREE PARKING - There is ample parking with no time limits on either Britomart or Stanley Streets.

(3 months - 5 years)

Please phone 8025782 or email or visit our website 37-41 Cleveland St, Brooklyn

Thursday December 10, 2015

Better spaces needed for dogs

We are looking for Wellington’s best decorated Christmas tree.

Whether it’s draped in tinsel, bustling with baubles or complete with its own train, if you think your tree takes the cake this Christmas, we would love to see it! Send a photo of your tree, your name and the suburb you live in through to by Wednesday December 16. The winning entry will be displayed in our Christmas edition of the paper.

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Locals are encouraged to have their say when it comes to facilities for their pet pooches across the capital. Last month, the Wellington City Council reviewed its animals bylaw and dog policy, which determines the requirements for keeping dogs and other animals. Main issues which would be explored in terms of the dog policy review were adequacy of dog exercise areas, registration fees, dog faeces and access to public places Wellington City Councillor Simon Marsh said council officers were currently putting together a proposal which would be out for consultation to the public next May. The councillor, who has a twoyear-old retriever named Charlie, said it was important people had their say when it came to their pets. “What I encourage the public to do over the next couple of months, is get in touch,” Simon said. Simon said he wanted to know what the public wanted to see – whether it was added dog exercise areas or beaches where dogs could be off leash. “Being able to let your dog off the lead is an important thing because they get to run and do stuff they need to be doing.” He also asked for suggestions on whether signage at dog parks was


Councillor Simon Marsh and his dog Charlie at Greta Point dog park.

adequate, whether parks should have water taps for dogs and if dog fees were value for money. “No idea is a silly idea,” he said. Alice Collard coordinates Small Dogs Socials, a social walking group for small dogs and their owners in Wellington. She said despite being a Wellington based group, most of her walks were held in the Hutt Valley because dog exercise areas in the city were “inadequate”. “The fenced dog park at Greta Point being a classic example, it is largely just a big mud pit through overuse.”


in time for Christmas!

She said most exercise areas for dogs in Wellington had insufficient fencing, parking, toilets or accessibility for those with young children or mobility issues. “We don't need more dog exercise areas, we need quality areas with durable surfaces, good fencing, accessibility, safety (for dog and owner) and fixed agility activities so you can still use the space if there is no one else there for your dog to socialise with.”  Do you think dog exercise areas in Wellington are adequate? Email any suggestions to simon.marsh@

Children’s bikes and Kona mountain bikes on sale now. Our sale prices guaranteed to match bigger retailers. MUD CYCLES 424 Karori Road, Karori

(Drive on access from Makara Rd)

Ph 04 476 4961

A warm welcome awaits at the home on the hill

Below: The rest home’s blossoming garden.

6 Rangitane Street, Maupuia, Wellington P. 04 388 7186 E.

“We really couldn’t run these activities without the support of our community.”

Annie is actively encouraging members of the local community to come along and share their artistic skills and knowledge with residents. New activities include SPCA visits and event celebrations with live, local entertainment.

Annie comments, “We really couldn’t run these activities without the support of our community. If you want to get involved in helping with our activities, please get in touch.” Talking about the recent changes at the facility Annie said, “Ultimate Care Maupuia has the benefit of a registered nurse on-site 24/7 and our aim is to let our residents live in a homely environment. Some of our residents have even started referring to our home as ‘the hotel on the hill!’ The views of Wellington Harbour are simply stunning.” Annie is happy to welcome volunteers and members of the community to visit the facility. You can call Annie on 04 388 7186 or email her at manager.maupuia@ UCG_001125

Above: Facility Manager Annie du Plessis with residents Rachel Wong and Rosalie Patterson.

Following the recent arrival of new Facility Manager Annie du Plessis, there have been some exciting changes taking place at Ultimate Care Maupuia. The specialist aged care home is being revamped with the dining area remodelled as an inviting café environment. Annie, who has over 30 years’ experience in the health care sector, is also focusing on entertaining residents. A fun-packed event last week was a Decadence by Chocolate evening, complete with tasty treats and a live band.


Thursday December 10, 2015


Christmas ideas A1 DRIVING SCHOOL

Cameron Harrison Gold Medal Ham, Broad Bean & Feta Risotto Serves 4

• Student Discounts (includes tertiary students) • Preparation for Restricted & Full Licence Tests. • Refresher Courses • Gift Vouchers

04 3877480 ph/txt 0212243441

If you have any leftover from Christmas Day, Cameron Harrison ham is the perfect accompaniment for this light and summery risotto. 1L chicken stock 500g fresh broad beans 1 onion 3 cloves garlic 2 cups arborio rice 1 Tbsp butter 2 Tbsp olive oil 150g crumbled fetta 1 cup white wine 3 Tbsp shredded mint Salt and pepper to taste

5 slices Cameron Harrison Gold Medal Ham Olive oil to finish Zest of 1 lemon Bring a pan of water to a simmer. Pod and add your broad beans to the pan. Cook for three minutes before draining and shelling. Set aside for later. Finely chop the onion and garlic. Heat either a saucepan or a deep frying pan to just below the highest setting on your hob. When the pan is hot enough add 1tbsp of butter and 2tbsp of olive oil. Add the onion to the pan. Continued on next page.

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Christmas Food Rescue Appeal kicks off Countdown and the Salvation Army have kicked off their annual Christmas Food Rescue Appeal to help the growing number of New Zealanders who have registered for food assistance. Countdown is encouraging shoppers to make a food donation in-store, or a cash donation at the checkout as part the annual Food Rescue Appeal. The Salvation Army’s National Secretary for Social Services, Major Pamela Waugh, said around 26,000 families would ask for food assistance by the end of December.

“Many families come to us with complicated debt issues that need in depth work over a long period. “Most of those very fragile families have no disposable income for Christmas while other families are only just surviving on their income and need extra assistance. Major Waugh says celebrating Christmas is important for a child’s social inclusion. “Our food hampers usually contain meat, vegetables, dessert, fruit and treats that allow families to mark

Christmas as a special occasion. “Without this some families have a bleak Christmas that’s just a normal day. When school starts in the New Year, other children are talking about their fun Christmas and holidays. What do these children have to contribute if their Christmas has been a non-event?” The most needed food items for the Christmas Food Rescue Appeal include pasta and rice, cereal, canned food, sauces and spreads, baby food and toiletries, hygiene and cleaning products including nappies.

Thursday December 10, 2015


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Cook the onion until it’s sweet catch on the bottom of the pan. rice. Add a pinch of salt to taste. When all of the stock has been and translucent, stirring regular- Add the white wine, give the ly so it doesn’t brown or catch. pan a stir and allow it to bubble absorbed add half of the shredded ham and three quarters of This will take around five min- away for 2 minutes. broadin beans utes. Add the garlic and cook Now it’s time to start adding Book your the bike forto the a pan and for 1 minute, no more than that. the stock. The most important stir well. Add the zest of one spring service today!!! lemon and the shredded mint to You want the garlic to retain it’s rule when it comes to making Alana Hagen Sarah Collins sweetness and not to become risotto is to NEVER, EVER stop the pan and stir well. e: e: Portion up your risotto into bitter. stirring. MUD Add one ladle of stock CYCLES p: (04) 587 1660 p: (04) 587 1660 for dishes. Crumble the feta on Add 2 cups of arborio rice to at a time, stirring continuously. 424 Karori Road, Karori stock has all been abtop, add the remaining ham and the pan and stir to coat with When the (Drive on access from Makara Rd) the rice, add another broad beans and drizzle with the butter and oil. Cook for 30 sorbed by Ph 04 476 4961 Continue until all of some good olive oil to finish. seconds, stirring constantly ladle full. has been added to the Enjoy! and making sure that it doesn’t the

Stockists: Moore Wilsons, New World Thorndon, Cameron Harrison Kelburn, Cameron Harrison Ngaio, Ontray’s Petone

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10 Thursday December 10, 2015

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What does Christmas mean to you?

Taryn Penfold Kilbirnie

Adrienne Slater Kilbirnie

Kelly Antipas Kilbirnie

Megan Shipley Kilbirnie

Imogen Carter Kilbirnie

“Christmas means special times with family and friends and getting to relax.”

“Having some good quality time with family, good food and wine and a holiday.”

“Excitement of seeing children being excited for Christmas.”

“Spending time with people you love.”

“I feel quite homesick at Christmas so making it feel like I am at home and getting someone something nice is important.”

Elman Avallone Kilbirnie “I think the young ones prefer the presents but as you get older you appreciate family more.”

LETTERS to the editor No smoking in bus stops Dear Ed, I am glad to finally have a say on smoking in bus stops. I find the worst bus stops for these acrid fumes are outside Reading Cinemas and outside Unity Bookshop in Willis St. as well as the entranceway to the internet cafe opposite Dick Smiths in Manners Mall. The smell makes me feel very sick. At the internet cafe the smoke drifts up the stairs to where you are on the computers. Anonymous Wellington

A rest home with spark Kilmarnock Heights Home An elder-centred community Kilmarnock Heights Home is special; it’s more than just a rest home. As well as providing daily living support we ensure residents have choice and control in their lives. We take every opportunity to bring companionship, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. Family and friends Kilmarnock Heights Home is like one big family. Residents are encouraged to invite their loved ones to visit at any time; there’s no set visiting hours. And, for the children - we have a fully stocked toy box to keep them entertained!

Pets welcome We believe pets can be both calming and energising. So, we welcome animals at our home. If you have a pet that’s part of your family, ask us about moving to Kilmarnock Heights Home with them. The social life At Kilmarnock Heights Home we support residents to continue doing the things they love in a way that’s right for them. The busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme certainly make for a vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Rest home | Respite | Day Guest Programme | 0800 36 54 83

Wellington a “mess” Dear Ed, I have a great idea for the cat clown collars. Make them a little larger and make each of the city councillors wear one. This will alert us all to who has made all the crazy decisions that is making Wellington a mess with the changes to the roading system in town and of course the over the top hump system in Island Bay shopping centre, where I have yet to see anyone exceed 30km/h due to the shape of the road. This lot don't have an original thought amongst them and take all their ideas from overseas

examples whether crazy or just unworkable. Examples such as lengthening the runway to encourage more tourists and then looking to stop any smokers going just about anywhere of interest in the city, including public road areas. Wars were fought to protect individual freedoms but councils like to keep eroding the things people like to do and now it's the keep the cat inside brigade that seem to hold sway with these councillors. Michael Cooper Island Bay

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

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Thursday December 10, 2015

Celebration for volunteers

Magic of DreamWorks Animation lands at Te Papa Visitors to Te Papa can lose themselves in the extraordinary worlds of Po the Panda, Shrek the Ogre and Alex the Lion, when DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition opens on Saturday, December 12. Showcasing over

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Brigid Kean began volunteering at Kilmarnock Heights Home when she was pregnant with her daughter. More than two years later she still visits the home on a regular basis, with her daughter Jeanie Anderson in tow. Brigid and Jeanie have grown to know staff and residents at the Berhampore home so well, they helped celebrate Jeanie’s second birthday last Friday, at a special party complete with fairy bread, ice blocks and cake. Brigid said she initially began volunteering at Kilmarnock Heights Home because she lives close by and it was always something she wanted to do. She said over the years she had grown to consider staff and residents as part of the family. “It is such a warm homely environment. Both her grandparents don’t live in Wellington so I like that she can spend time with older people.” Brigid has even recruited her friend Marie Jones and her daughter Edie Elliott Jones to volunteer with her. Recreation officer at Kilmarnock Heights Home Annelize Steyn said they regarded volunteers such as Brigid, Jeanie, Marie and Edie as family.


twenty years of DreamWorks Animation, the exhibition explores the creative legacy of the studio and artists that brought to life animated classics like Kung Fu Panda, Shrek and Madagascar and How to Train Your Dragon.

Christmas A time to rememb er


Mulgrave Street, Thorndon

Friday 11th December 2015 at 6:30pm When you have lost someone dear to you, anniversaries and the times you were happiest are often the times you are at your saddest.

Residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home with Brigid Kean, Jeanie Anderson and Edie Elliot Jones.

“Many families live far away and volunteers become like family with regular visits.” Annelize said last Friday’s party for Jeanie was also fitting as it coincided with International Vol-

Come and join us at our service of remembrance and gather strength from others. This Christmas let’s support one another.

unteer Day. Held on December 6 each year, International Volunteer Day recognises the work of volunteers across New Zealand as well as around the world.


Improving transport choicesCity Life Cook Strait PUBLICATION:

Parking changes along The Parade Reference: Christmas Remembrance Service Client: Harbour City Funeral Home

From 10 December, you’ll begin to see changes Size: 12cm high x 9.6cm wide to parking spaces along The Parade as we create safer lanes for people on bikes.

Getting used to changes like this takes time: • Please take extra care parking, and getting in and out of your car.

For more information Phone 04 499 4444

• If you’re on a bike, watch for pedestrians and people parking or turning in and out of driveways.

WCE 0990

The new parking spaces will be out from the kerb and clearly marked.


Thursday December 10, 2015

Kilbirnie celebrates Christmas PHOTO CREDIT: Ken Chung

Kids from the Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church Niue children's group perform. Kids from the Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church Niue children's group perform.

From left, Herbert Cliff and Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer lead the carol singing.

From left, Ruth Gotlieb and Rongotai MP Annette King.

Santa made a special visit and handed out presents to the crowd.

More than 60 locals had a merry time at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre's Christmas party last Saturday. Each year the centre’s man-


agement committee puts on the party for both regular users of its services and for those living in the eastern suburbs. Among those to also attend

this year’s event were Rongotai MP Annette King and Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown. The centre’s coordinator Rowena Bonne said those who


Current exhibitions ‘Christmas Cracker’ & ‘Christmas in Miniature’ Unique and affordable art by local artists for creative gift giving. Perfect gift to post – the 2016 Art Calendar ‘Wellington in Watercolour’ $19 + postage. 223 The Esplanade, Petone - Phone 04 979 9889 - Open 7 days, 10am - 5pm

The homemade Christmas cake at the Kilbirnie Lyall Bay Community Centre's Christmas Party last Saturday.

attended enjoyed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere, the variety of entertainment and the homemade Christmas cake. She said the Kilbirnie Pres-

byterian Church children's group performanced and Herbert Cliff and Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer led the carol singing.


Thursday December 10, 2015





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14 Thursday December 10, 2015

Seawall upgrade continues

The eagerly anticipated reconstruction work on the Island Bay Seawall is in full swing. A large section of the 350 metre wall was damaged in a storm that battered Wellington’s south coast in 2013. Contractors Fulton Hogan began work on repairing the wall last month and are currently on site

between Monday and Saturday from 7.30am to 5pm. However, work will stop for two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period. Work on the wall is expected to be completed in midJune 2016. Have you checked out construction work on the Island Bay seawall? Send us an email –

REPORTERS DESK - WITH NIKKI PAPATSOUMAS Christmas is just two weeks away and it makes me wonder – where does the year go! Every year I am surprised the festive season manages to creep up so quickly. As always around this time of year we are inundated with Christmas stories from across the southern and eastern suburbs. It is always wonderful to be part of other people’s Christmas celebrations, whether they’re putting together community carols, or gathering presents to donate to charities in need

,so keep sending your wonderful news tips in. As part of Christmas celebrations this year, the team at the Cook Strait News would love to find Wellington’s best Christmas tree. If you think your tree is truly something special we would love to see it! Send us an email at We would also love to hear about how you celebrate Christmas. For me it’s around the barbecue (my dad makes an amazing barbecue!) and outside in the sun with family in Island Bay. So if you would like to share your Christmas stories we would love to hear them.

Deputy Mayor Justin Lester throws his hat in the ring.

Deputy Mayor vies for top spot By Sharnahea Wilson

Deputy Mayor Justin Lester is looking to knock Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown off her seat in next year’s elections, after announcing he would be making a bid for the mayoralty. Justin said he fell in love with Wellington the first time he visited as a child. This love for the capital has helped spark his decision to run for mayor under a Labour ticket in next year’s local government elections. Justin has served as a northern ward councillor for two terms and in his most recent term was selected by Celia as her deputy. Although this is the first time Justin has announced his af-

filiations with the Labour Party, he said his values have always been clear. “I stand for future ideals. "That means tackling our problems around housing and transport. “It means doing more to support local businesses, especially small businesses, to grow our economy and create good jobs.” Wellington can be the best place in the world for people to live, work and do business, Justin said. Justin said if elected he will prioritise jobs, investment in local businesses and a pest free environment. Celia, who will be standing for her spot again next year, called Justin “the most convincing of

the other candidates so far”. “He will certainly get my number two vote.” A good competition will increase turnout which is good for democracy, Celia said, adding “if I’m elected again I’ll definitely consider Justin as the most likely deputy, depending on his plans for 2017”. Justin said Wellington needs a new mayor who can provide bold leadership to make Wellington City even better. "It’s a place where everything’s possible and everyone wants you to succeed. “It's a quirky, diverse and generous city, and together we can make it even better. "That's why I'm running for mayor."

Council sifts for clues on illegal rubbish dumping Illegal dumping of rubbish by some inner-city residents and businesses is worsening, making it difficult and expensive to keep the city looking clean. Wellington City Council manages the city’s waste, including the collection and management of household rubbish and recycling. The council said over the past two years there had been an upsurge in the dumping of rubbish on CBD streets by people who used unmarked rubbish bags. The council’s environment committee chair councillor Iona Pannett, said the problem was costing the council – and ratepayers – thousands of dollars each week as contractors and staff worked extra hours to keep the city clean. “On top of this, the council faces spending $100,000 a year in landfill costs to get rid of the additional rubbish, and loses almost $80,000 in revenue from people not paying for yellow bags. “The council has to get rid of the rubbish to keep the streets tidy, but catching the dumpers has proved a challenge. “It’s frustrating because we have no choice – we have to get it off the street,” she said. Council staff were now working to identify who was responsible by looking for evidence of ad-

dresses within the unofficial bags. The first time a household or business was caught illegally dumping rubbish, a warning letter would be sent. However, if a household or business was caught repeatedly dumping rubbish, they would be fined, Iona said. The council was asking central city residents and property owners to help keep the city clean by making sure they, or their tenants, had the correct information on rubbish and recycling. In the central city, residents’ rubbish must be left on the footpath next to the kerb between 5.30pm and 10pm in official yellow rubbish bags purchased from supermarkets, dairies and the Council Service Centre at 101 Wakefield Street. The council also warned recycling must be cleaned and sorted into clear plastic bags and put out on Tuesday evenings between 5.30pm and 10pm.

Thursday December 10, 2015


Pop a present under the ‘giving tree’ By Nikki Papatsoumas

A local business is encouraging the community to light up a child’s life this Christmas by contributing to its ‘giving tree’. Headstart Hair Design in Kilbirnie has erected a ‘giving tree’ inside the salon. Salon coordinator Taryn Penfold said the tree was covered in gift tags for children between the ages of five and 16.

She said the idea was for staff, clients and members of the community to collect a gift tag, buy a present and place it under the tree. All presents would then be donated to the Salvation Army in Kilbirnie, so they could be distributed to children this Christmas. Taryn said this was the second year they had erected a giving tree after it proved wildly successful last year. “We also choose to help older kids, as we

Celebrating 800th anniversary of the Magna Carter A large group of local lawyers will celebrate the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta in song. The Magna Carta of 1215 is widely regarded as the foundation stone of democracy and the rule of law. Next Tuesday, more than 60 Wellington lawyers will celebrate its anniversary with the ‘Counsel in Carol’ event. The event will form part of worldwide Magna Carta celebrations this year. The concert will feature works associated with freedom and personal liberty, including Verdi’s Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves and Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from his 9th Symphony. The centrepiece of the concert is what the organisers believe to be the New Zealand premiere of Kurt Weill’s Ballad of Magna Carta - a 15 minute cantata for orchestra, choir and soloists dramatically telling the story of the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215. Counsel in Concert is based at Crown Law and has been running since 2009. The choir and orchestra are comprised of lawyers from throughout the Wellington region and law staff from Crown Law, augmented by members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Wellington. The event is a charity concert raising funds for the Child Cancer Foundation Counsel in Concert will be held next Tuesday, December 15 at 12.30pm and 5.30pm at St Andrew’s on The Terrace. Entry by donation and all proceeds to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Grant for residents association The Island Bay Residents’ Association has been granted a $1500 operational grant by the Wellington City Council. President Vicki Greco said the association was pleased to have received the grant, which would be used towards building a website and getting things off the ground. She said the association was now focusing on going out to the community to see what they would like to see happen in Island Bay. Suggestions would be used to develop a 10 year plan for Island Bay, which will then be presented to council, Vicki said. The next meeting of the Island Bay Residents’ Association will be held on December 14, from 7pm, at the Mornington Golf Club.

feel that they are sometimes overlooked for present donations, as teenagers can sometimes be more difficult to buy for,” Taryn said.  If you would like to place a present under the giving tree, pop into Headstart Hair Design at 10 Rongotai Rd in Kilbirnie, before Saturday December 19. Rachel Brown and Jasmine Fuimaono Jennings with Headstart Hair Design’s ‘giving tree’

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Many hay fever sufferers also have other allergic conditions like asthma, eczema and 16 12Thursday ThursdayDecember November10, 12,2015 2015 food allergies - because of their over-active immune systems. The good news is that hay fever symptoms sometimes can be prevented and, usually, can be well-controlled. “Effective treatments are available”, say Pharmacist Self Care pharmacists, “but trying to avoid the things that ‘trigger’ your hay fever HATAITAI PHARMACY symptoms is a good first step. 4 Moxham Avenue, Hataitai, Ph: 386-1647 Ask us about the Hay fever fact card which

Kelvin Lim

used, such as decongestant nasal sprays - but the use of these is limited, usually only up to 3 days at a time because of the chance of congestion reoccurring. There are also corticosteroid nasal sprays which are helpful for people with moderateto-severe hay fever, and for those who get hay fever symptoms all year round. Corticosteroid nasal sprays take a few days to work to full effect and should be used regularly everyday, even when symptoms are not present.

Hay Fever Sprains Meet the team... Pharmacists Kim - Al Wei - Sophie - Sarah - Harry - Simon

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BROOKLYN PHARMACY KILBIRNIE PHARMACY 67Caring Cleveland Street, Brooklyn for you & your family 939-6631 On BayPh: Road, Ph: 387 9254 Hours: Mon-Fri 9.00am - 6.00pm Sat 9.30am-7.00pm

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Symptoms & treatments

and Strains

Pam - MPS ANZCP Dip BuAd Sacha - B Pharm MPS

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With the arrival of spring and the warmer and often windier weather many people are now also being affected by hay fever. This is a common condition with rates of hay fever in New Zealand being amongst the highest worldwide. Hay fever can make people feel quite KILBIRNIE PHARMACY miserable, with symptoms of itchy eyes, Caring for you & yourand family runny nose, sniffles, sneezes headaches and often similar On very Bay Road, Ph: symptoms 387 9254 to the common cold. Symptoms of hay fever may not last long and can be more severe at certain times of the day, such as being more severe in the morning or in the evening when pollen counts are highest, as well as when the weather is hot and humid. Hay (also are called allergic New fever Zealanders a pretty activerhinitis) bunch develops in someinpeople an and participate many because sportingofand overactive immune system. recreational activities. But, we have a lot of This causes them havea huge allergic reactions injuries too that cantocost amount - in to certain substances in the environment, pain and suffering, time off work, loss of generally called allergens or ‘triggers’. income, medical costs, etc. So it makes Pollens from flowers, grasses, trees good economic and medical sense, first,and to weeds are the most common allergens. prevent sprains, strains and other soft tissue “People who get hay feverthem at this time as of injuries and, second, to treat as soon year have what is known as seasonal allerthey happen and manage them for as long gic rhinitis”, advise Self Care pharmacists, as intervention is necessary. “but not everyone with hay fever to “Soft tissue injuries usually arereacts due to pollen only at springtime. muscles, ligaments and cartilage (that Many people suffer from fever symp‘blanket’ and protect bone)hay being bruised, toms all year round. stretched or broken,” say Self Care PharThey can sensitive animal dander macists whobesee athletestocompeting at the (dead skin cells from their pets), mould, and highest level, as well as seeing many people the house dust mite – a microscopic animal involved in sports just socially, being injured that in the millions in our“Ways pillows, and lives sidelined from activities. to bedding, curtains and carpets”. avoid injury include; In• strapping addition, cigarette smoke or with sports tape (yours the areas someone else’s), chemical fumes and prone to injury dusts in certain workplaces, and sudden • doing warm-up, and warm-down, temperature changes can make hay fever exercises symptoms worse by irritating an already• gradually building up muscle strength sensitive nose. through training – no sudden launching Many hay fever sufferers other into vigorous exercise at thealso firsthave instance allergic conditions like asthma, eczema and • eating more foods high in carbohydrate food allergies because of their over-active during heavy training immune systems. • stopping the activity if stiff or in pain The good news is that hay fever symptoms during the activity sometimes can be prevented and, usually, • being relaxed before any activity - being can be well-controlled. tense will make muscles and tendons tight “Effective say and increasetreatments their riskare of available”, injury during Self Care pharmacists, “but trying to avoid activity.” the things that ‘trigger’ hay there fever “However, if you do injureyour yourself symptoms is a good first step. are simple first aid management practices Askcan us about the Hay fever fact card which you instigate immediately to prevent

Ambily Thomas, Victor Chong, Penny Minshull, Linda Choie and Androulla Kotrotsos (owner), Sue McEwan (absent).

Paul Fredrickson Pharmacist

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504 Broadway, Strathmore Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-6.00pm & Sat 9am-1pm

Ph: 388-6593 Fax: 388-6594

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Pinpointing the trigger of your hay fever symptoms Cathy Teresa Tay is Milne a key way of MPS ANZCP B PHARM MPS medicating the problem. MIRAMAR


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further injury, and other practices that will speed recovery” say Self Care Pharmacists. “We can advise you about these techniques, and provide suitable strapping products and pain relief medicines.” After injury, stop the activity to protect hasdamaged plenty ofarea. selfSelf careCare tips pharmacists for avoiding the pollens and other allergens.” advise people to immediately carry out the If avoiding ‘triggers’ RICE method, and continueisfornot thepossible, next 48 antihistamine medicines can be effective. hours. By Resting the area, applying Ice (for block the action the chemical his20These minutes maximum atof a time) to control tamine which is released in your body when pain, alternating with gentle Compression you contactbleeding with an and allergen. to thecome area into to reduce swellThere are many different antihistamines ing, and Elevating the injured limb also to reduce choose swelling, from, which available pills to theare affected areaashas to take, or as nasal sprays to use directly a much better chance of avoiding furtherin the nose.and recovering quickly. damage Some antihistamines can makecompresyou sleepy Repeat the ice and alternating and treatment may affectevery yourfew ability to for drive. sion hours the first is important to get advice 48Ithours. However, within thefrom first your 24 Self Care pharmacist regarding thecan best hours after RICE is initiated, the area antihistamine for you. be moved gently. “Our Self Care card on Antihistamines witha runny noses, Sprains and Strainshelp contains lot of useful itchy throats and ears, and sneezing information on soft tissue injury managesymptoms. ment” say Self Care Pharmacists. “In For blocked medicines can be addition to thenoses, RICEother information, people used, such astodecongestant nasal sprays are advised avoid HARMful factors- but – the use of thesehot is water limited, usually only up Heat (including bottles), Alcohol, to 3 daysand at aMassage time because offithe chance Running - for the rst 72 hoursof congestion reoccurring. after injury.” Pharmacists also can advise There are also corticosteroid sprays if the initial injury needs to be nasal referred to which are helpful for people with moderatedoctors for X-rays and follow-up, or can be to-severeby hay and for those who get managed thefever, people themselves. hay fever symptoms all year Medication is available fromround. your pharCorticosteroid nasal take a few days macy, if necessary, withsprays paracetamol being to work to full effect and should be used an effective pain reliever for soft tissue injuregularly everyday, whenpharmacist symptoms ries. Also talk to your even Self Care are not present. about anti-inflammatory medicine to take

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or to apply to the injured area. They can guide you and advise on how much to take and when to take for your specific injury. Prevention is, however, the best management so check out the site www.sportsmart. for all the relevant information on Theyprevention. can be used prevention but injury Butfordon’t stop getting to be effective for this, they have tosport be out there and enjoying your favourite started before in contact and pastime; justyou useare common sensewith and the information allergen. and advice provided by the HaySelf fever treatments are successful at your Care Pharmacist. relieving the irritating symptoms and are fromby your Self Care pharmacy,. available Prepared Pharmacy Self Care, Pharmaceutical Society of NZSelf Inc, Care, Grand  Prepared by Pharmacy Arcade Tower, level 10,of 16-20 Willis St, Pharmaceutical Society NZ Inc, 16-20 Wellington 6142. Willis St, Wellington

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Life Pharmacy Kilbirnie (Formerly (Formerly Baycourt Baycourt Pharmacy) Pharmacy)

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Thursday December 10, 2015

Short courses for adults more popular than ever Last week, the Community Education Centre at Wellington launched its 2016 programme of short courses for adults. This year more than 60 new courses have been introduced alongside those that continue to be popular in the community. Director of the Community Education Centre at Wellington High School, Colin Wharton, said it has been five challenging years since substantial funding was removed from the community education

sector. Colin said over twenty secondary schools in the Wellington region offered short courses for adults before the cuts in 2009. Only Wellington High School and Tawa College remain today, he said. “Numbers of students taking our courses have dropped each year since 2009 however, this year has seen an enrolment rise for the first time since the 2009 cuts took place. “We continue to be amazed at both the skills people are willing to


Carols in Island Bay The Island Bay churches are again combining to offer a relaxing evening of Christmas carols, games and a community barbecue in what has become a fun annual event. The whole community is invited to St Hilda’s Anglican Church, at 5pm, 311 The Parade on December 13 for the community carols event. Bring family and neighbours, a blanket, plus extra picnic food to the church lawn. S au s a g e s , co f f e e , soft drinks and ice cream will be provided. The service starts at 6pm.

offer others through their tutoring, as well as the courses in demand by those from late teens through to retirement” Colin said locals were choosing short courses, as adults look to use discretionary income for both recreational and further learning. Others simply wanted time to relax while learning a new skill where they can enjoy things such as art, crafts, music, dance and drama.  For more information, head to


THIRSTY LIQUOR Cambridge terrace


These prices only available at Thirsty Liquor, Cambridge Terrace... valid until 31st December 2015

3 for


Matthew Strawbrige from Scots College and Mayor Celia Wade-Brown.

Russian Standard 1L, 42 Below 700ml Range, Gilbeys Gin 1L or Jose Cuervo 700ml

Recognising generous young people Wellington City Council is partnering with local secondary schools to recognise generous young people with Absolutely Positively Student Awards. Mayor of Wellington Celia Wade-Brown launched the award programme in 2014, which is open to students in years 10 to 12 who have contributed positively to their school or local community. Schools are invited to select their award recipients and honour them at their end of year prize giving. Celia said it was important to recognise young people who had gone out of their way to do something kind for another student, a teacher, their school or wider community. “This award was established to acknowledge students for their acts of kindness, self less and community-mindedness, irrespective of any other achievements. “Some recipients may also be top sportspeople,

others have two left feet. Some might be academically brilliant or artistic. The main thing is that they all have big hearts.” There are 12 Wellington schools participating in the council-driven scheme this year. Awards have already been given out at a number of schools across the region including Wellington East Girls’ and Scots colleges. Seven more schools will present their awards before the end of the year. Recipients were chosen by their schools for reasons such as an outstanding contribution to the school, volunteering, a kind deed, or community advocacy. In addition to the trophy and movie tickets the winners receive, they are also invited to meet with councillors and council officers in the New Year to discuss issues that are important to them, their peers and their educational communities.

39.99 ea


Smirnoff Double Black Guarana 7% 4 Pack Woodstock 7% 355ml 4 Pack

2 for $20



Jim Beam 1L, Canadian Club 1L (Spiced or Original), Skyy Vodka 1L


37.99 ea

24.99 ea


Heineken 12pk, Heineken Light 12pk, Asahi 12pk


RTD'S Woodstock 5% 18pk Btls, Cody's 7% 18pk Cans, Dark Horse 7% 18pk Cans, Billy Maverick 7% 18pk Cans

Steinlager Classic 15pk

Bacardi 1L, Captain Morgan 1L, Coruba 1L, Ballantines 1L, Famous Grouse 1L, Mckenna 1L, Jack Daniels 700ml, Grants 1L, Pimm's 700ml

Christmas Mix 'n' Match

Long White 10pk Btls

Malibu 700ml or Kahlua 700ml

23.99 ea RTD'S

Billy Maverick 7% 12pk Cans, Dark Horse 7% 12pk cans, Cruiser 5% 12pk btls, Jim Beam 7% 8pk Cans, Jack Daniels 6pk Btls



Jim Beam Rye 1L, Jim Beam Choice 1L, Brokers Gin 1L, Black Douglas 1125ml, Jim Beam Devils Cut 1L

42.99 ea


21.99 ea

27.99 ea



10% OFF CRAFT SINGLE’S Panhead, Tuatara, Yeastie Boys, Funk Estate, Boundary Road Brewery, Monteiths, Black Dog, Epic, Good George Squealers

Kraken 700ml, Chivas Regal 700ml, Courvoiser Cognac 700ml

49.99 ea


Stolichnaya 1L, Pepe Lopez 700ml, Sauza Gold 700ml, Tia Maria 700ml

34.99 ea


Tui, Export Gold, DB Draught 745ml Swappa Crates

Tui 15pk

(Excluding Crate)

20.99 ea


33.99 ea


Hennessy VS 700ml, Jack Daniels 1L, Jim Beam Black 1L

51.99 ea


Management reserves the right to refuse sale of liquor products to under age and those deemed unfit for purchase thereof. Offers and specials are subjects to stock availability, and can be retracted at the discretion of management.

OPEN 7 DAYS I Ph 385 1743 I 63 Cambridge Terrace

Community Meetings 18 Thursday December 10, 2015 Housing Choice and Town Centre Planning


Wellington City Council is currently engaging with the local communities of Island Bay, Khandallah, and Newlands regarding a proposalSituations to enable medium-density housing in these suburbs. Vacant



SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.


Kaiarahi i te Reo in our Whanau at

4m Split pine store for Newtown School. The successful next winter $330 applicant must know andCRAFTSMAN speak Te


Trades and Services FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and

PLUMBER Reo me ona Tikanga and have some Large Kindling $13 Exc.Bags Refs. Comp. knowledge in working with children REG DRAINLAYER Large BagsAll Dry Pine/ Rates. work



aged 5-13 years old. The position Graham starts Plumbing & 44233

guaranteed. hardwood mix $14 Drainage Ltd installations by top-qualified electrician with at the beginning of 2016. Applications FREE Call John close onQUOTES Friday 20 November 2015. record of over fifty years of giving locals the Free Delivery in Wainui Marcus Ph: 476-6648 970 2409 or Mb 021 764-831 or 027 of 457two 4999 lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just Please send your CV with names referees and letter of application to phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email To SELL in the Southern and Eastern Suburbs The Principal, Newtown School, Trades and Services Interior Thursday November 5,email 2015 13 LAWNS, gardens, Mein Street, Wellington or to 13 Thursday November 5, 2015


Our summer pools were built by us. Blends in well did cause no fuss. notices here. 04 587 1660 With hydro slide will cause a splash. And to it many people dash. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!

Phone Lana Mehlhopt

44236 rubbish removal

Painting &

Situation Vacant

Death Notices Notices and section Death Thursday NovembT Wallpapering clearing ava. in WRATT, Dawn: October 31, 2015. WRATT,your Dawn: October 31, 2015. area. CRAFTSMAN Chef Hannah CRAFTSMAN Member Master Painters PAINTING Trades and Services Trades and Services Death PAINTING TEAM TEAM Trades Babubhai Lallubhai: October 30,andN MAISURIA, Trades and Services Babubhai October 30, MAISURIA, PLUMBER PLUMBER Thornton has 2015.Ph. V.I.P. Home Lallubhai: NZ Exc. Exc.Refs. Refs. Comp. Comp. 2015. REG DRAINLAYER REG used local, Contact John 388 3862 Rates. work Services Marion on MacKay: PAINTING Decorating for allDRAINLAYER Painting Rates. All All work WRATT, Dawn:2015. October Marion MacKay: October, 2015. BICKERSTAFFE, Graham Plumbing & BICKERSTAFFE, Graham Plumbing & or 027October, 4466 371TEAM seasonal guaranteed. CRAFTSMAN CRAFTSMAN guaranteed. Drainage TEAM GREEN, PAINTING Services by competent andPAINTING considerate Drainage Ltd Ltd PAINTING TEAM Babubhai L MAISURIA, Peter David: October 2015. PH. 0800 846484 Peter David: October 2015. John's Decorations Ltd produce PLUMBER FREE PLUMBER FREE QUOTES QUOTES Call John Exc. Comp. 46 Waione St Petone Exc. Refs. Comp. CallRefs. John Public Notice Exc. Refs. Comp. Tradesmen. Realistic rates. Phone Neil HEAPPEY, Robert Bruce: October 24, 2015. 2015. Robert Bruce: October 24, 2015. provided by Marcus REG DRAINLAYER 970 REG DRAINLAYER Marcus Ph: Ph: 476-6648 476-6648 970 2409 2409 Rates. All work Rates. All2015. work Ph: Nelson: 5685989 October Open Sat 27, 9am-3pm Rates.Derek All work WEBSTER, Derek 388-7518 BICKERSTAFFE, WEBSTER, Nelson: October 27, 2015. Marion or Graham Plumbing & Worser Bay or 457 4999 Graham Plumbing & or Mb Mb 021 021 764-831 764-831 or 027 027 457 4999 guaranteed. guaranteed. Formerly cpa spares guaranteed. Drainage Ltd Drainage Ltd All Painting Services @ GREEN, School chilPeter David: Oc FREE QUOTES FREE QUOTES FREE Miramar and Maupuia CallQUOTES John Wainuiomata Squash Club HANDYMAN/TRADESMAN. dren, friends Call John HEAPPEY, Robert Bruce Trades and Services Services Trades and Marcus Ph: 476-6648 GRAHAM’S Marcus Ph: 476-6648 Marcus970 Ph: 476-6648 2409 970 2409 PAINTERS Interior and family to LAWNS, gardens, Funeral Director CommunityAGM Centre LAWNS, gardens, WEBSTER, Derek Nelson Exterior painting, decks, fence, or Mbpaving, 021 764-831 or Mb 021 764-831 027 457764-831 4999 oror Mb 021 or 027 457 4999 N put together LICENSED LICENSED Buildersall alltypes typesof ofwork workundertaken. undertaken. Annual Community Meeting. Share rubbish removal Exterior/Interior Builders rubbish and removal concreting repair work.Painting & Plumbing a tasty array Experienced Tradesmen 3838274. ideas for 2016 and enjoy some Christmas and section Phone 3838274. and section FREE QUOTES. PH 021 08127267 Trades of treats that Gas and Drainage Ltdand 7.00pm Spring is here!!! Wallpapering nibbles. Thursday 17th December, 7-8pm, clearing Interior clearing ava. ava. in in Interior LAWNS, LAWNS, gardens, will begardens, on G RNow’s OU UN N DC C OV V Eget R G GA ALAWNS, RD DInterior N gardens, MAAIIN N-O D O E R R EEN M the time to Monday 30th November 27 Chelsea St, Miramar. your your area. area. Chef Member Master Painters ChefHannah Hannah HOUSE rubbish sale atremoval the N AN N CE Eremoval Ca& arriinngg ffLICENSED youurr removal rubbish C oorrrubbish yo ggBuilders aarrdd& eenn: :all ty A C ..Exterior your House PAINTING, exterior-interior, com- T E N Painting Painting At the Clubrooms Thornton Ph. Friendly, reliable NZ Painting & Thorntonhas has Ph. V.I.P. V.I.P. Home Home school fair Phone 3838274. • General General maintenance • Weeding Weeding • PPrunrunand section maintenance • • and section and section painted before the binedServices 88 years on experience, freeJohn quotes, top used Contact 388 3862 usedlocal, local, on Sunday, Services on Planting One-Off jobs jobs Regular care and effiava. cient. ingWallpapering •clearing Planting •• One-Off •• Regular care Wallpapering clearing summerava. rush. clearing in in WJJA Cake Stall Wallpapering 027 4466 371 ava. in seasonal quality work, immediateorstart. seasonal G R O on U D COVER November 8. • Experienced Experienced Gardeners. Phone Julie onN 0273324896. Gardeners. Phone Julie 0273324896. Corner of Main Road Interiors too. PH. 0800 846484 PH. 0800 846484 your area. your area. John's Decorations produce your area. Ltd Chef Hannah produce Chef Hannah Member Master Painters Chef Hannah andMoohan Sausage Sizzle Call now 021-081-90081 TMember E N A Master N C E Painters . Ca r ing and Streets, provided ~NZ Pensioner providedby by Thornton has has ~ Contact Ph.Thornton V.I.P. Home Ph. V.I.P. Home 383 7076 John has Ph.Thornton V.I.P.Discounts Home NZGeneral Saturday December 12thWainuiomata 9am-4pm. • maintenanc PAINTING Decorating for all all Painting Painting Services Services Decorating Worser Bay used local, used local, Contact John 388on 3862 for on 388 used local, Contact John 388on 3862 Services on PAINTING Services Bunnings Lyall Bay. DeliciousWorser bites atBay ing • 3862 Planting • One-O Services All Services School competent and considerateor027 Tradesmen. Realistic All Painting Painting Services @ competent Tradesmen. Realistic 451 5623 or 027seasonal 4466and 371 considerate seasonal 027 4466 371 or 027 4466 371 seasonal • Experienced Gardeners. Ph 44236


44236 44236




44233 44233


Trades and Services 383 7008 | 027 28 33 904 Trades and Services Licensed Under REAA 2008



put puttogether together aatasty tastyarray array Island Bay CommunityofofCarols treats treatsthat that 13 December. Bring the whole family will be on will be on Children from Worser Bay School have Situation Vacant to the St Hilda’s church lawnsale for BBQ, the saleaat the delved into their backyards to atmake this school fair school fair Christmas carols and games. 5pm, year’s school fair something special and onSunday, Sunday, Sunday 13th December, 311 on The Parade. very local. November 8. November 8. Please bring picnic food and a blanket.

Using produce the children have scavWainuiomata enged Newspaper from their backyards and with a little help from local suppliers, chef and school Array of of goodies Deliverers Array goodies mum Hannah Thornton has put together an



Array of goodies GRAHAM’S GRAHAM’S PAINTERS the community attolocal fair

bargain prices. Support Wellington kids dren, dren,friends friends judo. Bringing local news and andfamily familyto to


44035 44035

51. J.K. Rowling chose the unusual name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!


and Services seek Trades an energetic person to be 2mWe seasoned pine $180

Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150.

- All Welcome -


ōna tikanga. Ka taea e te tangata tem ahi tahi me ngā tamariki, e rima kit e tekau mā Wednesday November toru ō rātou tau. Ka timata18, tēnei2015 tunga ā te timatanga o te tau 2016. Tono mai tou Funeral tātai pumanawa i mua iDirector te 20 o WhiringaFirewood a-Rangi, 2015.

Real Estate To Lease

Monday 23rd Nov 2015 Miramar Rangers Clubrooms 7.30pm Dave Farrington Park

You are invited to attend one of the following public meetings to Composed by Tony WatlingCnr 11th. 2015North Rd WekaNov. St & Miramar discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb. Island Bay Thursday 12 November - 7pm Wellington South Baptist Church 284 The Parade, Island Bay

24/7 Service

Ph 934 0842 or 021 183Ltd 9492 www. PH. produce 0800 846484 rates. PH. 0800 846484 Phone Neil 388-7518 PH. 0800 846484 Phone Neil 388-7518 John's Decorations produce produce John's Decorations Ltd provided by provided by provided by PAINTING Decorating f Exterior/Interior Exterior/Interior Worser Bay Worser Bay Worser Bay R LEAKS? LEAKS? DRIPSSchool R Experienced Tradesmen Experienced Tradesmen All Painting Services School chilServices @ by Painting competent and consider chil- @ All Services School chil- @ All Painting Summer ishere!!! here!!! Gas anddren, Drainage Ltd Spring is Spring is here!!! dren, friends dren, friends friends rates. Phone Neil 388-7518 Take advantage of Now’s the to get Now’s the time time topizza get GRAHAM’S PAINTERS GRAHAM’S PAINTERS school’s own Thai shcakes GRAHAM’S PAINTERS and family to ovens, and family to and fi family to the weather, get yourfood stalls will be keepyour House Exterior your House Exterior and many other put together put together put together Exterior/Interior Friendly, reliable Exterior/Interior Exterior/Interior house exterior painted before the on the day. a tasty array painted before the a tasty array ing everyone fed DRIPS RTradesmen LEAKS? a &tasty array Experienced Tradesmen Plumbing Experienced tting Plumbing & Gasfi Gasfi tting Ltd Ltd Experienced Tradesmen and effi cient. painted now! summer rush. summer rush. A solid of treats thatthis year’s of treats that The theme for ishere!!! “Our offair treats that Gas and Drainage Ltd Spring is Spring is here!!! Contact Contact Gas and Drainage Ltd Spring is here!!! Interiors too. --Interiors will betoo. on will be on Secret Garden”. will onto get NO Job too small! Job too small! Now’s thebe time Now’sNikki the time to get Nikki Now’s the time to get Pensioner Discounts ~~Pensioner ~~ principal saleDiscounts at the sale at the 383 7076 at Exterior the Worser Bay School Jude PentePapatsoumas yoursale House Forlocal all Exterior your residential electrical needs, Papatsoumas your House Exterior Your your House Your local Friendly, reliable reliable school fair school fairtheto design Friendly, school fairthe cost says this ties in well with the learning on on from repairs to installation. painted before painted before the Plumbing Experts Plumbing Experts painted before 451 5623 Plumbing & Gasfi tting Ltd on Sunday, on effi Sunday, cient. on the been027 doingsummer thisSunday, year. client revisions: and and effi cient. 04 587 1660 rush. summer rush. 04 587 1660 summer rush. Ph 934children 0842or or021 021have 183 9492 9492 Ph 934 0842 183 Free quotes, no or small. November 8.are at the- November 8. job too -big “Relationships heart of 1 our 28. 3 4 5 - November Interiors too. Interiors too. Interiors too.


Got Got ASAP ASAP BBC News? News?


383 7076 027 451 5623

advertising proof 2015 FACT OF at local local fair at fair WANTED Array of goodies Array of goodies Array of goodies THE DAY Deliverers Required in

939 5951 5951



amazing array of goodies to stock the popuNO Job too small! $0 $0 $25 $50 $75 lar deli at the fair on Sunday, November 8. school and strongly refl~ ected in our cur- ~ ~ Pensioner Contact~ the~team at Pensioner Discounts Pensioner Discounts ~ Discounts 383 7076 Death Notices Your local “We really wantedand to closing use as much 'What and Stewart and Rogers on REMINDER: Please check URL, email address date local riculum. This year's inquiry, Decorators Plumbing Experts Decorators produce as we could as it came into season. Who is in Our Backyard' has beenthatfull of prepared PLEASE NOTE: we have 027 451 5623 WADDY, Margaret Jane: December, 2015. 0800 800 949 this advertisement proof based on our Children from Worser Bay School have school’s own pizza ovens, Thai fi shcakes “The children and their parents have rich learning experiences and provides a Ph 934 0842 or 021 183 9492 Ph 934 0842 or 021 183 9492 Ph 934 Children from Worser Bay School have own pizza ovens, Thai mono fishcakes 0842 or 021 183 9492 job: WN23893 size:school’s 10 x 3col format: Terence: December 7,2015. received. of the instructions delvedinto intotheir theirbackyards backyardstotomake makethis this and and manyin other food stalls will be be keepkeepor book a job online at delved brought lots,food as have friends and family WACKROW, many other stalls will great link to the fair.”understanding In(Smithy): approving the advertisement, it is the year’sschool schoolfair fairsomething somethingspecial special- -and and ing ing everyone fedon on theMiramar day. year’s everyone fed the day. and Kim [Chin] from Fruit Supply SMITH, MoneyHelen raised Renie from the fair will go towards client’s responsibility to check the accuracy publication run date for thisposition verylocal. local. The theme year’s fair fair isis “Our “Our December very The theme this year’s 5, 2015. supplied thefor rest.” various school projects. Call us now! of both the advertisement and the media and Area 1: the Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga. see cost estimate Decor Using produce thechildren children have scav- Secret “A Secret Garden”. Using produce have scav“A & &D D Decorators Decoratorsdid didaafantastic fantastic Garden”. Hannah has assorted a tasty range in- BHIKHA, In the past these have included position nominated. help with Babulal (Bob): job of preparing and painting our enged fromtheir theirbackyards backyards andwith withfrom little Worser Bay School principal Jude Pentejob of preparing and painting our enged from and aalittle Worser Bay School principal Jude PenteFor all your residential electrical needs, Children Worser Bay School have school’s own pizza ovens, Thai fi shcakes Children from Worser BayForSchool have ovens, school’s pizza ovens, Thai fishcakes all residential cluding chutneys, mustards, digital technology, additional Childrenpreserves, from Worser Bay School have school’s own pizza Thaiofown fistaffing, shcakes December 3,your 2015. Cancellation adverts booked weatherboard house helpfrom fromlocal localsuppliers, suppliers, chefand andschool school cost says this ties in well withmany the learning weatherboard housein inNgaio. Ngaio.Their Theirteam team from repairs tofood design help chef cost says ties in with the learning from repairs to design to installation. delved into their backyards tothis make this and other food stalls will be keepdelved their backyards toprofessional make this and many other food stalls will be keepcordials, kimchi (awell Korean pickle), relishes teacher development and the delved into their backyards tointo make this and many other stalls will be keepBARRAT, Walter John: with media will incur a media was professional, friendly, and completed mum HannahThornton Thorntonhas has put together an the children have been doing this year. Island Bay Plumbing client revisions: was professional, friendly, and completed mum Hannah put together an the children have been doing this year. client revisions: Visit us online at year’s school fair something special - and ing everyone onsomething theing day. year’s schoolfed fair special and ing everyone fed on the day. and even a pizza sauce. engagement of a writing specialist. year’s school fair something special - and everyone fed on the day. Free quotes, noavailable Applications are our recruitment View the Wainuiomata feesmall. of $50. Free quotes, no jobcancellation tooatbig or the job to a standard. was 3, is2015. amazing arrayofofgoodies goodies stock thepopupopu- “Relationships “Relationships are are atat the the heart of our 3 44December the job tois ahigh high standard.The Thework workNews was amazing array totostock the of our 11 for 22 are 3this 55 very local. Theheart theme year’s fair “Our local. The-based theme this year’s fair “Our Forlocal. those wanting an very early start there offi ce orBay at for the security gate very theme this year’s fairinSeatoun isthefor “Our $0 $0 $0 $25 $25 $50 $50 $75 $75 $0 The Worser School Fair 168 also done at a competitive price and we deliatatthe thefair fairononSunday, Sunday, November 8. school and strongly refl ected in our curalso done at a competitive price and weDecorators online larlardeli November 8. school and strongly refl ected in our curJANSSEN VAN LEIPSIG: Maria Contact the team at Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact the team at Garden”. Using produce the children have scav“A & D Secret Garden”. Using produce the children have scavSecret also Christmas cakes and mince meat for Using produce the children have scavSecret Garden”. Heights Rd,Barry Sunday, November 8, from would ” “We really wantedand touse useasasmuch much local riculum. riculum.This Thisyear's year's inquiry, inquiry, 'What 'What and and Theodora would not nothesitate hesitateto touse usethem themagain. again.” your contact: Contact 472 7987 or 021 276 6654. Stewart and Rogers on “We really wanted to local Vanita Stewart and Rogers on eck URL, email address closing date Anna (Mia) November 30, 2015 job preparing a enged from their backyards and with a little Worser Baytheir School principal Jude enged from backyards and with arain littleorprincipal Worser Bay School principal Jude Penteck URL, emailas address and closing dateseason. Christmas pies. enged from their backyards and with ahave little Worser BayPenteSchool Jude PenteFor all your residential electrical needs, For allof your residentia 11am to 2pm, shine. Some Eftpos For all your residential electrical needs, In Conjuction with NZMP we produce wecould could cameinto into Who isin inOur Our Backyard' has been full of PLEASE NOTE: that we prepared In Conjuction with NZMP we produce as we asasitithelp came season. Who is Backyard' has been full of PLEASE NOTE: that weties have prepared weatherboard house i from local suppliers, chef and school cost says this in well with the learning help from local suppliers, chef and school cost says this ties in well with the learning Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the from repairs to design to installation. from repairs to desig help from local suppliers, chef and school cost says this ties in well with the learning 0800 from repairs to design to installation. available. off er a 5 year warranty. this advertisement proof based on our 0800 800 949 “The children and their parents have richlearning learningexperiences experiences and provides provides offer a 5 year warranty. this advertisement proof based onaaour “The children andformat: their parents rich and ze:1010 3col format: mono have e: x x3col mono was professional, frien mum Hannah Thornton has put together an the children have been doing this year. mum Hannah Thornton has put together an By Russell McQuarters client revisions: the children have been doing this year. client revisions: understanding of the instructions received. 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This year's inquiry, 'What and Stewart andto R Hannah hasassorted assorted tasty range inthe past these have included help with position nominated. Stewart and Rogers on 40. Age (4) 55. Due (5) 1. Shops’ Customers (9) REMINDER: Please check URL, email address and date Hannah has a atasty range inREMINDER: Please check URL, email address and closing date InInclosing the past these have included help with position nominated. REMINDER: Please check URL, email address and closing date (abbr) (3)(3) plant (7) 51. Angry (5)(5) unit of GreeceM: ACROSS Racing dog as (9)it came 56. Monetary (7) 43. Poisonous (abbr) 51. Angry ACROSS (027) 4433-535 In Conjuc producemustards, as we could as it came into season. Our Backyard' has full of Miramar produce as we could into season. NOTE: that weBackyard' have prepared Who isbeen inunit Our has been full of prepared PLEASE NOTE: that we have produce as we couldCancellation asWho it came into season. isbeen in Our has of cludingpreserves, preserves,chutneys, chutneys, mustards, digital technology, additional staffing, PLEASE NOTE: thatfull we have prepared Poisonous plant (7) 56. Monetary ofBackyard' Greece (7) 6. Racing dog PLEASE (9)Who cluding digital technology, additional staffing, 33. Sphere (3) 52. Solidify by cooling (7) 1. Result (5-6) of adverts booked 11. Watery vesicle (5) 57. Foolish (5) 44. Coarse Indian canvas (3) 33. 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Mountain pass (4) with media will incur a media with media will incur a media with media will aBay media Island Plumbing 54.Water Mountain pass (4) Subtle difference in colour (6) 49. 22. Brimless cap (7) Island Bay Island Bay Plumbing 23rdincur Nov vapour (5)(5) Public Notice 3.3.4. Shy (8)(8) and even aPublic pizza sauce. 18. Skull of(7) a petty writing specialist. and even a pizza sauce. engagement of 2015 a writing specialist. Water vapour 3.Monday Shy Skull (7) Wellington City Council is currently engaging with the local 24.18. Parish officer (6) Additional (5) and even a pizza sauce.engagement engagement of a writing specialist. Notice cancellation cancellation fee49. of $50. fee(5) of $50. 4.cancellation Additional 24. Parish petty officer (6)fee of $50. Kaiarahi i te Reo 50. Gambol (5) 4. Of public revenue (6) 21. Disorder (4) Public 50. Gambol (5) 4. Of public revenue (6) 21. Disorder (4) For those wanting an early start there are Miramar Rangers 26. Flying mammal (3) Nobleman (4) School FairKaiarahi For those wanting anRing early start there are5.5.Nobleman i te Reo Ring PaulSeatoun on:School For those wanting anBay, start there areNewlands communities of Island Khandallah, and regarding early Worser Bay School Fair - Paul 168  Worser Bay - 168 Seatoun on:  Worser Bay Fair - 168 Seatoun (4) 26. Flying mammal (3) SOLUTION 5. Turn outwards (5) 23. Racket (3) 5. Turn outwards (5) 23. Racket (3) 28. Fine horsewoman (5) 6. Stringed instruments (7) also Christmas cakes and mince meat for SOLUTION also Christmas cakes and mince meat for Clubrooms 7.30pm also Christmas cakesmedium-density andMiramar mince foryour a proposal to enable housing in these suburbs. Solution last week, 32003 December Heights Rd,meat Sunday, November 8,Sunday, from Heights Rd,8,Sunday, November 8, from M: (027) 4433-535 6.Constrict Stringed instruments (7) 28. Fine horsewoman (5) Heights Rd, November Kei mātou itētehi tangata hōriri contact: SOLUTION SOLUTION Vanita For For August April 9, 18, 2004 your contact: Vanita M: (027) 4433-535 your contact:(7) Vanita Kei te te kimi kimiFor mātou itētehi tangata hōriri 6. Miramar 25. Take by sipssips (3) Constrict (7) from Take by (3) 29. Large wave (7) 7.6.11am Printing mistakes (6) Christmas pies. Christmas pies. For August April 9, 18, 2003 2004 Christmas pies. 11am to25. 2pm, rain or(7) shine. Some Eftpos to 2pm, rain or shine. Some Eftpos kia mahi hei kairahi iite Reo itā mātou Solution last week, 11 November 7. Printing mistakes (6) 29. Large wave 11am to 2pm, rain or shine. Some Eftpos Dave Farrington Park For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 kia mahi hei kairahi te Reo itā mātou For For July April 28, 9, 2003 2004 P: 0800 383 752 are invited tothe attend one of the following public meetings to 7. Has high morals (8) 27. Stake (4) 7. Has high morals (8) 27. Stake (4) Rangers AFC Inc 32. Month (5) 8. Throwing explosives (4-8) Burgers, dumplings, You pizzas from P: 0800 383 752 Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the8. Cnr Rangers AFC Inc Burgers, dumplings, pizzas from the available. available. available. explosives 32. Month (5) Weka St (6) & Miramar North Rd (4-8) whanau whanau kei kei te te kura kuraooNewtown. Newtown.Mē Mēmohio mohio 8. Reduce 8.Throwing Reduce (6) 28. 28. Artlessness (7) (7) Artlessness

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CROSSWORD Puzzle CROSSWORD advertising proof advertising proof advertising proof 2015 CROSSWORD 2015

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Notice of Public Community Meetings

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Your Local Your Plumber Plumber

Your Local Noticeof ofPublic Public Notice Plumber 9. Sanction (7) Low chair; Chaise ... (6) 109 30. ANNUAL - All Welcome 109 ANNUAL CommunityMeetings MeetingsPublic Notice Public Notice Public Notice Community 24/7 Service 10. Audacity (5) 32. Expert; ... hand (3) 24/7 Service GENERAL Ring Paul on: 16. Arrange in steps (7) 33. Strange (3)

Your Local Your Local Plumber Plumber

33. Revolutionary, ... Guevara 9. Body of Muslim religious te tangata kit e korero i te Reo Māori me discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb. (3) 9. 9.Body of Muslim 33. Revolutionary, ... Guevara (3) te tangata kit e korero i te Reo Māori me Sanction (7) religious ōna Low chair; Mongrel (3) Chaise ... (6) leaders (5) thth 34.30. ōna tikanga. tikanga. Ka Ka taea taeaeete tetangata tangatatem temahi ahi (5)(5) 34. 32. Mongrel Island Bay 10.leaders Audacity Expert;(3)... hand (3) (3) 35. Bushranger, ... Kelly 10. Ruffled (11) tahi me ngā tamariki, eerima kit eetekau mā tahi me ngā tamariki, rima kit tekau mā i te Re 10. Ruffled (11) 35. Bushranger, ... Kelly (3) Kaiarahi 44465 Thursday 12 November -GENERAL 7pm36.33. 16. Arrange in steps (7) Strange (3) toru ō rātou tau. Ka timata tēnei tunga āā on: 44465 Ring Paul Friend(Sp) (5) 15. Sick (3) Ring Paul on: toru ō rātou tau. Ka timata tēnei tunga 15. Sick (3) 36. Friend(Sp) (5) te Tono mai tou 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) Zealous 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 34. Zealous (6) (6)‘... Duck’ (7) 37.34. Easy target, 16. Jot (4) Wellington South BaptistMEETING Church te timatanga timatanga oo te tetau tau2016. 2016. Tono mai tou Housing Choice andTown TownCentre CentrePlanning Planning (027) 4433-535 (027) 4433-535 M: Kei te kimi mātou itēte 16. JotM: (4) 37. Easy ‘... Duck’ (7)(7) Real Miramar Miramar (027) 4433-535 M:tātai MEETING Estate Miramar WhiringaHousing Choice and 19. Competitor In target, brisk Competitor 35. InCorrect brisk time(music) (7) 38.rd35. (5)time(music) 19. Kidnap (6)(5)(5) Real19. Estate tātai pumanawa pumanawa iimua muaiite te20 20ookia Whiringa284 The Parade, Island Bay 38. mahi hei kairahi i te 19. Kidnap (6) Correct (5) a-Rangi, 2015. Monday 23 Nov 2015 rd 20. N.Z. Prime Minister U.S. state (4)person, AFC Inc Wellington CityCouncil Councilisiscurrently currentlyengaging engagingwith withthe thelocal local 0800 383 P: 20. N.Z. Prime Minister 36. U.S. state (4)Rangers 383 752 2015. 39.36. Once popular 21. Envisage (7) Monday 39. 23 Nov 2015 0800AFC 383Inc 752 P: 0800 P:a-Rangi, Rangers AFC Inc752Rangers Wellington City whanau kei te kura o N 21. 1975-84 Envisage Once popular person, Miramar Rangers 1975-84 Sir Robert 37. vessel Sir(7) Robert ... ... (7)(7)We seek an energetic person to 37.Rangers Biblical vessel (3) (3) communities IslandBay, Bay,Khandallah, Khandallah,and andNewlands Newlandsregarding regarding ...Biblical been(3) 23. Bear witness to (6) Miramar te tangata kit e korero communities ofofIsland be 23.22. Bear witness to (6) ... been(3) We person to be Boils (7) Curve th mass (6) 22. ToKaiarahi SELL iniante theenergetic Southern and ōna Eastern Suburbs Clubrooms 7.30pm th seek (7) 39. Curve (3) (3) glazial 41.39. Permanent 25.Boils Dims th (7) a proposal enablemedium-density medium-densityhousing housingininthese thesesuburbs. suburbs. Reo in our Whanau attikanga. Ka taea e Clubrooms 7.30pm 109 ANNUAL 109 ANNUAL a proposal toto enable 109 ANNUAL 25. Dims (7) 41. 41. Permanent glazial mass (6) Kaiarahi i te Reo in our Whanau at 24. Catch Cupid 24. Catch (3)(3) meal (5,3,4) Newtown 41. (4) (4)(7) 42.Cupid Sleep(inf) 26. Breakfast School. The successful tahi me ngā tamariki, e DaveFarrington Farrington Park 26.26. Breakfast meal (5,3,4) 42. 43. Sleep(inf) (7) You are invited attendone oneofofthe thefollowing followingpublic publicmeetings meetingsto to Newtown School. The successful Dave Park Group of whales Exposed to air (7)(4) 44465 44465speak Te 26. ofboat whales 43. Exposed toEmporer air (7)GENERAL You are invited totoattend 44. Russian 27.Group Small (6) (3)(3) 44465GENERAL applicant must know and GENERAL toru ō rātou tau. Ka tim Phone Lana Mehlhopt Cnr Weka St44. & Miramar North Rd applicant must know and speak Te 27. Small boat (6) Russian Emporer (4) Cnr Weka St 45. &47. Miramar North Rd discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb. 29. Topic 45. Female relatives me ona Tikanga and havetesome 29. Topic (5)(5) Female relatives Edible tuber (3) (6) (6) 28. Formal reception area Reo discuss the concept of medium-density housing in your suburb. timatanga o te tau 2 Reo me ona Tikanga and have some 28. Formal reception area Licensed 47. Edible tuber (3)time(Lat) MEETING MEETING Housing Choice and Town Centre Choice Planning 383Estate 7008 |tātai 027pumanawa 28 33Real 904i mua MEETING Housing Choice and Town Centre Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless (9) Under REAA 2008 knowledge in working with children Housing and Town Centre Planning All Welcome Real Estate 31.31. Uninvited guest (4-7) 48. An endless time(Lat) 49.48. Tiered structure for (9)Planning (house) (7,4) Es Island Bay knowledge in Real working with children --All Welcome -- structure (house) (7,4) 49. Tiered for Island Bay rd rd years old. The position aged23 5-13 starts 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9)2015 rd a-Rangi, 2015. 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 49. Left handed people(inf) (9) spectators (10) Monday 23 Nov 30. Kernel (3) Monday Nov 2015 aged 5-13 years old. The position starts Monday 23 Nov 2015 Wellington City Council isWellington currently engaging with the localspectators Thursday 12 November - 7pm Wellington City Council is currently engaging with the local City Council is currently engaging with the local 30. Kernel (3) (10) at the beginning of 2016. Applications Thursday 12 November - 7pm at the beginning of 2016. Applications Miramar Rangersand Newlands Miramar Wellington South Baptistcommunities Church of Island Bay, Khandallah,ofand Newlands regarding Miramar Rangers communities ofand Island Bay, Khandallah, regarding close onRangers Friday 20 November 2015. communities Island Bay, Khandallah, Newlands regarding

Notice ofNotice PublicofNotice Publicof Public Advertise your notices here. Community Meetings Community Meetings Community Meetings 24/7 04 587 1660


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Thursday December 10, 2015



Rosey shoots for the top By Nikki Papatsoumas

A talented teen from the eastern suburbs has been selected to travel to Australia to develop her basketball skills. Rosey Serevi, 13, has been selected as part of a team who will travel to Australia for the New Zealand U16 Koru Development Tour in January. The trip will involve four days of training and the team will also compete in the Australian Cup against a number of Australian regional teams. The Wellington East Girls’ College student was initially selected as a reserve after attending a development camp in Palmerston North earlier this year. However, last week she got notice she had been called up to the team. Rosey is now asking for members of the community to help her in her quest to fundraise the $3600 needed for the trip. Rosey’s mum, Jeannine, said they had already planned a garage sale and two sausage sizzles

outside Countdown Kilbirnie on December 20 and 24. She also appealed to members of the community for their help. “I am really hoping their might be some people within the Kilbirnie community who love basketball and think Rosey is worth investing in,” Jeannine said. Rosey said she played mini ball since she was six years old, but it was only in recent years that she made the jump to basketball. She has since played basketball for Wellington Basketball U13 and U15 teams. Rosey said it was a dream come true to be one of just two girls selected from Wellington to make the squad. “I was very excited it’s really cool to get the opportunity to represent our country and the sport that I love.” The teen, who also plays netball and volleyball, said she sees a bright future for herself in the sport. “It would be really cool if one day I could get a scholarship to go play over in America.”

Rosey Serevi has been selected for NZ U16 Koru Development Tour in Australia

Sports inbrief Softball results

There is a double header in P1 softball this week, with action on both Saturday and Sunday. Poneke Kilbirnie play the Hutt Valley Dodgers on Saturday, the game will be played at Haitaitai Park with the first pitch thrown at 2pm. Miramar travels to Fraser Park to match up against Hutt City United at 3.30pm. On Sunday Miramar is at home on the Polo Grounds against the Johnsonville Blue Jays at 1pm. Poneke Kilbirnie travels to the Hutt Valley to play Hutt City United at Fraser Park beginning at 3pm.

Cricket Results

The Eastern Suburbs premier side had a victory on Saturday in a close fought encounter. The two wicket win over Victoria University means the side remains in second on the table after eight matches. The premier reserve side could not replicate the premiers result, going down to Victoria University by 71 runs. The side is now third on the table.

New Zealand team wins big at fencing From left under 11 boys Charlie Pothan, Ben Roff, Max Crawford and Max Boennic

Outstanding results for local life savers Fresh out of hosting the first junior carnival for the season, the Worser Bay Surf Life Saving Club has started the season strong. Club coach Lizzy Bunckenburg said all surf clubs in the Kapiti Coast region as far up as Foxton competed at the carnival late last month. The club had 43 competitors between the ages of seven and 14 taking place, she said. “We had outstanding results. We started this season quite strong and we are probably starting a little stronger than last year. This sets up the team really well for the

remainder of the season. “Last season we finished third in the capital coast competition ahead of clubs that are much bigger. As a team we will be aiming to back that up this year.” Lizzy said the life guarding season was also soon set to begin. This meant fully trained surf life savers from the club would be manning Scorching Bay Beach at the weekend and on public holidays between 1pm and 5pm. The club’s season runs from October to March.  For more information, head to

The Wellington Fencing Club has returned from the 2015 Australia Koala Mini International Fencing Competition with a suitcase of medals. Coach Ping Yuan said the competition, held last month, was the biggest event for young fencers in Australasia, with more than 300 fencers competing from 10 countries around the world. Ping said 26 young fencers from Wellington travelled to compete and came away with some fantastic results. In the individual event the New Zealand team won the U9 boy's foil bronze medal, the U11 boy's foil bronze medal and the U13 girl's foil silver medal In the team event the New Zealand team won the U9 boy's foil team silver medal and U13 girl's foil team silver medal. Ping said this was the largest number of medals the team had taken away at a competition to date.

Ping Yuan, Cooper George, Benjamin Ofsoki, Michele and Midori.

20 Thursday December 10, 2015

Rata Studio open day success

 Jess Weichler with a keen young student learning about Stop Motion Animation.

 Drummer Reuben Bradley and guitarist Ashton Sellars sharing the limelight with a budding young percussionist.

Late last month Rata Studios in Strathmore held their very first Open Day. Well over 100 people checked out the creative arts facilities and the talented tutors who were showcasing their courses on the day. Musicians Leigh Jackson, Ed Zuccollo, Reuben Bradley, Mark Bobb and Paloma Bruce talked about the new Rata School of Music and treated visitors to some great music. Meanwhile actor and comedian, Cohen Holloway, led Rata’s teen acting course which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Perry Piercy led a session in voice over technique in the recording studio where some new talent was spotted. Jess Weichler ran a fun session in stop motion animation and Jo Rogers worked with budding young actors.

 Drama tutor Jo Rogers talking to Anita Ross and Elliot Ruck about the drama

 Gemma Mackenzie handing over the controls to Sarah May during the voice over session in the Recording Studio.

 For more information about the creative courses run at Rata Studios visit www.

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