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Buses and Parking major inbrief news problem Wainuiomata Primary School Gala for child care centres

Wednesday November 4, 2015


This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportunity to go the school camp this year. This will be taking place down the school between 2 and 6pm on Saturday.  For more information about this please contact the school.

Arakura says thanks Last week the Wainuiomata News reported that Lynette Stewart was in a phot with Bonnie MacBeth when it was Cherrie Tinetti. Cherie did a lot of hard work in the process of planning for the jubilee and the school would like to thank her for this.

Making a splash By Aaron Meredith

Mallard for help. It is only since he got involved Speeding buses and a lack of the bus company has responded. By Aaron Meredith parking are two of the problems The kindergarten has two signs can parents now haveand their library fines lowered, thanks to facing Locals teachers, warning drivers of the centre, the new ‘Food childhood for Fines’ initiative across Huttonly Cityput Libraries. children in early but these were up after Library is one of eight centres Wainuiomata in Wainuiomata. a child was across hit by athe carregion a few participating in the sees $5 of late fees wiped There is little to no roadinitiative, signs which years back. cancentres of foodindonated outsideforofevery many the by “Itmembers. is only a matter of time All food drivers collectedtowill be donated to local valley warning slowthenbefore someone getsfoodbanks hit again.” run out of theChris Community down.including Whanau in Arms, which saysishead teacher Moses. Continued on page 2 the drivers are Wainuiomata.has Jack Centre and JillinKindergarten “I understand been fighting with New Zealand on a schedule, but they are going BusesTupou for many finally so fast.” Kuma,years, Wynton Jones and Tony Archer from Whanau in askingArms Huttshow South Trevor page off MP the food donated byContinued the library on after the 2food for fines drive.

Jack and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Early Childhood Centre.

Trevor MALLARD MP for Hutt South

THE 564 4988 Electorate Clinics For any issues you’d like to talk about

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Thursday November 11, 2015 Thursday November 11, 2015 Wednesday December 9, 2015

inbrief inbrief news news


Thursday November 11, 2015

Local man behind Movember Could LowerKonini Hutt become the celebrates Di How to reach us


All All shook shook up up

By Aaron Meredith By Aaron Meredith

The physical activity portion Thegiven physical activity portion has Josh the inspirahas given Josh the inspiraLocal man Josh Briggs is get- tion to compete in the MotLocal man Movember Josh Briggsfor is getcompete in the MotAaron Meredith ting behind his tion ataputorace inBy Queenstown next ting behind Movember for his atapu race in Queenstown next fourth consecutive year, and March. Phone (04) 587 1660 fourth consecutive year, and March. Students at Konini Pri has big goals this time around. “There are various initiatives in actionaspects at the to to make healthier choices and local The launch at the new Walter has Healthy Families Lower Hutt big goals this time around. “There areISchool various aspects to Movember raises awareness got the chance to the race but will be doing the Walter Nash thethe healthy, active lives. has the bold Address: vision of trying to Nash Centre in Taita showcased live Movember awareness race butCentre Iebrate will during be doing around men’sraises health, encour- the 15km run. Diwali and learn including: “Only men’s by working together launch, local initiatives that focus on around become the healthiest health, run. about 23 countries Broderick Rd, aging men around theencourworld 15km “Movember has just given mecultur the Indian North East Pathways Project, can we men slow the growth of world obeimproving community health aging community. around the “Movember has just given me to get themselves checked for the chance to get started in the week. a the revolutionary way of teaching sitygetand preventable chronic HealthyJohnsonville Families Lower and wellbeing. to themselves checked for chance to get started in the health issues. training aspect.” On Thursday afternoo P.O. 38-776,prevention WMC 5045 Healthy Families Lower Hutt any the themes of movement, diseases likeissues. type 2 diabetes, using Hutt is Box a dedicated any aspect.” “I health want everyone to match training Over the years it has becomeRango students created physical activity and sport; cardiovascular disease and manager Hayley Goodin says workforce that is bringing “I $20 wantthat everyone to match Fax: (04) 587 1661 the years ittohas become the I donated first, I a Over common sight see many signs andsee learnt about In MiniMovers, a fun to movement some$20 cancers.” community leaders together in they are absolutely committed the that I donated fi rst, I a common sight many know it is a large amount of moustachestraditions. around at this for pre-schoolers that Lowerit Hutt Mayor Ray Wal-of session a united effort for better health. to realising the vision of mak- know is a large amount around at quite this money, but it does make it a moustaches time of some being Teacher Shalini Gou onyear, the foundations for lace saysbut the it Healthy Families Healthy Families Lower Hutt ing Lower Hutt New Zealand’s money, does make it a builds time of year, some being quite large contribution,” Josh says. SALES: unique designs. says the students recreation andthat performNew contribution,” Zealand initiative is a sport, was launched by the Minister healthiest community. large Josh says. unique designs. The aim this time is to raise This Josh is going for Nicholas She says one of the reasons positive all enjoyed learning a arts toyear ensure children have stepthis fortime Lower of Health HonAnne Dr Jonathan The aim is Hutt. towants raise ing This year Josh is going for around $200, but he also a simple handlebar design, the best possible start; and “We’re$200, excited about creating Coleman last E: week as part Lower Hutt was chosen to around Diwali, she is gla but he also wants a simple handlebar design, people to have the conversa- after consulting friends via Fruit and Vegetable Co-op,via healthy to change in our comof the Government’s flagship be part of the initiative was people schoolfriends decided to shar have conversaafter consulting tion about men’sthe health. P: 587 1660 Facebook. one bag of fruit and one bag munity. The time to do it is prevention initiative Healthy because of its high rates of tion culture with the student about men’s health. Facebook. This year Movember or“There wasmarket also a suggestion of vegetables, fresh at seem t now andyear we’reMovember ready for the Families New Zealand, aimed preventable chronic disease. “The students This or“There was also a suggestion ganisers are concentrating on to dye my mo blue, this may prices for just $10, challenge.” “We aim to turn that around ganisers at improving people’s health are concentrating on wholesale having good time, it is to dye my mo this may four different aspects around happen, Irecipes am notblue, tooa sure yet,” REPORTER: including and health Mayor Wallaceaspects and Minister where they live, learn, work by creating healthier environ- four different around happen, I am not too sure yet,” to see, the children’s de men’s health, covering prosJosh says. Aaron Meredith ments so it’s easier for people men’s resources. Coleman saw covering some of prosthe education and play. health, Josh says. areto excellent.” If you want get behind tate cancer, testicular cancer, If want to get is behind tate cancer, testicular cancer, E: Rangoli a folk art in Josh,you head to mental and alsohave raising Katie Fifield, Lucy Aplin and health Reon Williams fun creating Josh,their head mental health and also raising joshbriggs. which patterns are cr awareness around inactivity. Josh Briggs is onceP:again taking part in Movember. 587 1660 Rangoli. joshbriggs. awareness around inactivity. Josh Briggs is once again taking part in Movember.

The Hutt City Musical Theatre is bringThe Hutt City Musical is bringing a show to the Hutt Theatre Valley featuring ing a on show Hutt Valleyrooms featuring the flthe oorPresley. in living the music oftoElvis the of Elvis Presley. or courtyards using 10music dates spreading from materials November 12 10 dates spreading from November 12 until November 28 have been setdry for the rimary such as coloured rice, until November 28 have been set for the musical comedy. e to celflour, coloured sand or flour musical comedy. show is about Chad who arrives in a n moreThe petals. The show is aboutloud Chad who is arrives in a small town where music banned, ure last It is usually made during small town where loud music is banned, and follows his attempts to change this. Diwali and other Indian fes-this. and follows his attempts to change  For further information contact  For further information contact oon the tivals. society president Tony Lucie-Smith 021 society presidentare Tony Lucie-Smith goli demeant to be 021 392 911Rangoli 392 911 Indian sacred welcoming areas for

country’s healthiest community?

Hindu deities from one genounder eration to the next, keeping ts have both the art form and the about tradition alive. weeks ago the Wainuiomata lad theTwo The students at Konini were Two reported weeks ago the Wainuiomata News that Lynette Stewart are her using colured rice, and all Newsinreported that Bonnie LynetteMacBeth Stewart a phototheir with nts. was designed works in MacBeth class. was in a photo with Bonnie when it was Cherrie Tinetti. m to be students teachwhen itBoth was Cherrie Cherie didthe a lot ofTinetti. hardand work in the is good ers were in Cherie did adressed lot of hard work in the process of planning fortraditional the jubilee process of planning for to the jubilee designs Indian outfi ts as like well. and the school would thank her and the“Ischool would to thank hope we can like do this everyher for this. for this. n India year, it has been fun teaching created all the students,” says Shalini.

Arakura Arakura says says thanks thanks

Remembrance Remembrance Day Day

Food for Pools fines a success creative for Central e season Get open for the NATIONAL

The Wainuiomata Valley RSA is The Wainuiomata Valley RSAand is inviting the community to come inviting thethose community to come and remember who have fallen in remember those who have fallen in World War One. World War One. The Parade takes place at the CenoTheon Parade takes place at thetoday. Cenotaph Queen Street at 11am taph at 11am today. Youon areQueen invitedStreet to wear family medYou are invited to wear family medals. als. The day commemorates the end of The day the end of World Warcommemorates One, where the war ended World One, where war ended on theWar eleventh hour ofthe the eleventh on eleventh hour of the eleventh daythe of the eleventh month. day of the eleventh month.


Sam Barnes

Hutt’s Christmas tree exhibition

Trevor MALLARD Trevor MALLARD MP for Hutt South MP for Hutt South 564 4988 564 4988 Electorate Clinics Electorate For any issuesClinics you’d Forlike anyto issues you’d talk about like to talk about

44274 44274

Continued from page 1 E: Continued from page 1 Wainuiomata Community Hub Despite the sunshine, the spa pool was full all day P: 587says 1660 manager Annie Reilly the long. scheme has so far been a success. Cherie White, who visited the pools last Saturday, “A lot of people have stopped Production: says she remembers coming down to the pools as a coming to the library due to the child. fines they have built up, this Published by is She says she still loves visiting the pools just as a chance for people to get rid of Wellington Suburban much Christmas fou r cat egor ies, Making creative into an interestingnow. these fines.something into Christmas fou Making something creative Newspapers Ltd “It is such a great facility, I love seeing tree.”an interesting Fo urndcat Oegor bje cies, t s , it full of out of something discarded, “We take any canned food as Les & Katrina Whiteside tree.” Fo u nd O bje cwas t s , a child. children and families, just like when I out of something discarded, Kiwi Christmas, old, or unusual is the theme of long as the expiration date is Entries in ‘Re-Tree, Cen-bestKiwi “It is the valleys asset, it is safe and Christmas, old, or unusual is the theme of in ‘Re-Tree, Cen- Art/Creative and it is dirt this year’s Lower Hutt Christ- Entries valid.” tral Hutt’s’ Christmas cheap to get in as well.” Art/Creative and this year’s Lower Hutt ChristScience, Technolmas tree Kuma exhibition, Christmas Tupou from ‘Re-Tree’. Whanau in tral Hutt’s’ The pools arebe open Science, seven daysTechnola week, except on mas tree exhibition, ‘Re-Tree’. tree exhibition, will Engineering, Cyndisays Christensen, Arms the service isCBD espe- tree exhibition, will be ogy, public holidays. ogy, Engineering, Cyndi Christensen, CBD an empty M a n u f a cto turing development manager says, displayedin cially busy across the Christmas Foran more information head displayed in empty M a n u f a c t uwww.huttcity. ring development manager says, season, local families and Mathematics “It’s all supporting about creating some- storefront in the CBD, and Mathematics “It’s all about creating somestorefront in the CBD, who are struggling. thing from the things we find and may win the prize of (STEMM) Fest. thing the nd “Thefrom donated food is fivery around us, andthings it’s a we way of and may win the prize of (STEMM) All trees Fest. will need ABC Audit 2012: $500 plus some exciting ABOUT WAINUIOMATA SUMMER POOLS need around us, and it’s a way of trees willincluded, much appreciated, it creative helps out $500 plus some exciting toAll have lights showing you can be 6,456 copies weekly The Wainuiomata Summer Pools were built to have lights included, showing you can be creative gift vouchers. a lot. non-traditional items to There’s using Wainuiomata Newsto gift vouchers. and paid for by thepreferably community.LED. preferably LED. There’s using non-traditional items “I have noticed we are getting a month to of putthe a tree make something beautiful.” The tree designs should be foraround The largest circulating To raise funds the construction a month to put a tree make something beautiful.” busier, December has been really unique, The tree designs should be around together, as entries close “Take anewspaper fresh look objects there is no size rein at Wainuiomata pools, community members held various on together, as entries close on “Take a fresh look at objects busy so far.” unique, there is no size reFriday December 4. around you – with some new quirement, but they should fundraisers including wheelbarrow pushes  For more information, please Friday December 4. around you – with some new quirement, but they should thinking you could make them be transportable. over There the hill.are contact the community centre beVera thinking youLOCAL could make them Pazan, Annie Reilly,are Tania Snoep Tai Wendt show off all the food members have used to transportable. There are YOUR NEWSPAPER The pools open fromand November to March. or the library. wipe library fines.


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Wednesday December 9, 2015

Community celebrates White Ribbon Day By Aaron Meredith

The Wainuiomata community came together to celebrate White Ribbon Day last Sunday when Kokiri and Wainuiomata Marae’s hosted E Tu Whanau. The day included many performances from local artists, along with many locals services in the valley who help those in needs. Kerry Dougall the manager from Naku Enie Tamariki and Kokiri Marae Maori Womens refuge says the day is vital to get the message across. “It is a great way to get what we do to a lot of people.” E Tu Whanau is Wainuiomata’s White Ribbon Day celebration. White Ribbon Day is held annually on November 25 and is a campaign against violence towards women. E Tu Whanau is a celebration of being violence free. “It is a great celebration here today,” says Kerry. “We are here letting people


inbrief news Junior prize giving this week This Friday the Wainuiomata High School junior prize giving takes place. This takes place at 10am in the Wainiuomata High School Auditorium. All parents and caregivers are invited to come along and celebrate the students achievements. This is the last day of the school year as well, junior reports will be sent home on this day also.

Fernlea End of Year Show This Thursday Fernlea Primary School is holding its annual end of year concert. This takes place at 6pm on the school grounds. If the weather is bad the concert will be moved to the Wainuiomata High School Auditorium. If your child is taking part at this, they need to be at the school 10 minutes early.

Taina Keeland and Amba Te Ngoungou Aukati entertain the crowds.

know about our resources, early intervention and where to go when you are involved in violence.” Kokiri also took the opportunity to discuss safe sleeping with new parents attending the

Community BBQ on Pukeatua By Aaron Meredith

Those keen enough to walk to the top of the hill were rewarded with a sausage on Saturday, when a barbecue was hosted at Pukeatua Bridge. The barbecue was put on after complaints by the community about not being invited to the official opening ceremony last month. MP Trevor Mallard and local councillors agreed so decided

event. They felt that it would be a good time to continue to drive the message across about safe sleeping, something they have been doing throughout the year. “We teach parents what is safe

and what is not when it comes to sleeping positions and where their child is sleeping. “Maori have some of the worst statistics when it comes to safe sleeping, we want to change that.”

Christmas Concert This Friday at 7pm there will be a Christmas Concert held at The Oasis Hutt City New Life Church. There will be music dance and plays in the free concert.  If you have an item you think might be suitable see Jon Devine or email

to hold a celebration on top of the Wainuiomata hill. Many people walked or rode up the hill, and were grateful to see a barbecue in the middle of the bridge. Organisers of the official opening said they did not open the ceremony to the public due to the lack of parking in the area. This angered the community, who took to social media to vent their anger at the council’s decision.

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Hutt City Uniting Church (Methodist/Presbyterian)

Sunday School Christmas Service Sunday, 13 December, 10 am


Christmas Eve 24 December, 7.00 pm Christmas Day 25 December, 9.00 am ALL ARE WELCOME

Family Worship

Sunday, 27 December, 10 am

Tongan Night Watch Service New Year’s Eve at 10 pm - 12 mn Thanksgiving Week Services 7pm Monday to Friday (4 -8 Jan 2016)

*Some tyre exceptions. offer available till 24 Dec 2015

For more Information, phone 564 7874 106 Main Road, WAINUIOMATA


Wednesday December 9, 2015 Wainuiomata Primary School Gala

inbrief news This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary

School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportuThis between 4pmyear. and nity to Saturday go the school camp this 7pm, Artisans This the willPetone be taking placeWorkshop down the will be held.. school between 2 and 6pm on SaturThis will be held at the Doreen Doolan day. Mall in Petone, and will be fiabout lled with  For more information this local arts and crafts just in please contact the school. time for Christmas.  For more information please head to the Eventfinda website.

Petone Artisans Market

Rangatahi prize giving a success By Aaron Meredith

Arakura says thanks at the Movies Christmas Last week Christmas the Wainuiomata Celebrate Eve withNews your reported that Lynette Stewart was in family at Walter Nash Stadium. a From phot with Bonnie when it 3.30pm thereMacBeth will be activities was Tinetti. heldCherrie for children of all ages including Cherie castles, did a lot of hard work in and the bouncy circus workshops process of planning for the jubilee craft stations. and thewill school would like to thank There be sing along carols from her this. 5pmfor and at 6.30pm the movie Polar express will be shown. All should be finished by 8.30pm.


MP for Hutt South Thursday Night Street Fest

564 4988 The foodtrucks are coming back to the Lower Hutt CBD next Thursday. Along with some of the bestClinics food Electorate trucks in the country, there will beyou’d live For any issues entertainment provided. like to talk about This will be taking place between Andrews Ave and Margaret Street starting at 5.30pm. For more information check out the Eventfinda website. 44274

CHRIS BISHOP NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN THE HUTT VALLEY I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people to catch up with me. Please see for times. HUTT VALLEY OFFICE 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 E: F: T: @cjsbishop

Trevor Mallard awards a student with a prize at the Rangatahi Learning Centre prize giving.

The Rangatahi Learning Centre held their prize giving last Friday, rewarding the students for all the work they have done throughout the year. Rangatahi was created for children who were not doing well in school, providing an option so students can still achieve an education, possibly returning back into main stream school. Teacher Trish Morgan said she is very proud of her students.

Boxer wins youth award By Aaron Meredith

L o c a l B oxe r K e eg a n O’Kane-Jones was named as one of the winners for the adversity award at Thursday’s Hut City Youth Awards. The boxer was one of three finalists for the Westpac Award for overcoming adversity, where judges decided to give the award to all three finalists. Jared Gillies and Harmony Daly were the winners alongside Keegan. Keegan was nominated for the award due to overcoming significant social barriers en route to representing New Zealand in the Youth Commonwealth Games this year. He said he was extremely happy to have been announced as one of the winners. “Words can’t explain it really, there is nothing better than winning. “Thanks to Mum, my step dad and the rest of my family, Billy Graham and his wife have been incredible as well,” Keegan says.

Billy Graham was extremely proud of Keegan, he said he has transformed in the time he has known him. “He has been kicked out of the gym before, but he came back with a great attitude and has become a great guy.” Keegan has been boxing for six years, and now has his sights set on qualifying for the Olympics. Another award handed out went to James Biggins, who was given a special award for the work he has done in raising money for Wainuiomata baby Mila Gardner. Mila has been diagnosed with spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy, she has to go to the USA for life changing surgery next year. James has been raising money by finding different ways to get to school, including helicopter, kayaking and a police car. Unfortunately James was too young to be nominated but awards creator Chris Bishop decided his story was worthy of the special award.

Keegan O’Kane-Jones was awarded the Hutt City Youth Award for adversity.

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“I will miss the ones that are going back to the main stream.” At the awards ceremony, teachers showcased what the school has achieved throughout the year, including helping run Elbe’s Milk Bar and designing and creating a mural that was placed behind Whai Oranga Medical Centre. Guests attending included Councillors Margaret Willard and Campbell Barry, MP Trevor Mallard, as well as representatives from Wainuiomata High School.

Repco approved store


The Tyre

Cr Campbell Barry Working hard for Wainuiomata If you need a hand contact me... phone: 027 216 0364 campbell.barry


Wainui’s One Stop Shop! 14-16 The Strand (behind Caltex Wainuiomata) • Phone today 939 4204


Wednesday December 9, 2015

By Aaron Meredith

The St Patrick’s church on Stanley St is in need of some repair work, and the fundraising committee is doing everything they can to raise the money needed. Parish member David Smith has started a project, gathering metal to be recycled. With the money going back to the church. “Our church has an account with Sims Pacific Metals,” he says.

David’s plan is to get members in his parish to donate any metal, whether it is cans, tins or wires, to the cause to help raise the money needed. “Everything adds up, it all goes towards the cause.” The church needs earthquake strengthening, along with this the entire building will be turned on its current site. “We also are contemplating adding some extensions on the building as well,” says David. The church is part of the

Parish of the Holy Spirit, which encompasses churches in Waiwhetu, Petone, Eastbourne and Lower Hutt. “This initiative will continue once we have earned enough money for the church here in Wainuiomata. “We will start other projects within our parish on top of this.”

Christmas Party

Great fun for the whole family!

Fresh Tegel NZ Chicken Drumsticks

 If you want to help out and donate contact Dave on 0277339134, or meet him at the church on Sunday.

of great kiwi music from bands Shapeshifter, Fat Freddie’s Drop and SIX60. They will perform live in a series of concerts over the New Year period. If you’re looking for something quieter, Hutt City Libraries’ popular summer reading programmes are back, including The Big Read. Sign up at any local library between 14 December and 10 January. Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace says the summer events are already well underway. “Last month saw the opening of the outdoor summer pools in Wainuiomata, Eastbourne and Petone, and we’ve just had a couple of fantastic Christmas parades. With all these events and the

beautiful scenery Lower Hutt has to offer, there’s no better place to be this summer.” The fun continues in January, as history is brought to life at Our Story, and fun and health are celebrated at the two-day whanau community festival Te Reo o Te Raukura. February brings us the Petone Rotary Fair, sculptures return to Riddiford Gardens for Hutt City Shapeshifter Sculpture 2016, and it’s an awesome day out with Bike the Trail on 28 February. This is only the beginning of the fun to have in Lower Hutt this summer, so keep an eye on, and for more.

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Summer fun arrives in Lower Hutt Summer has just begun and Lower Hutt is already buzzing with events and activities. Christmas has come to town with Christmas parades, the final parade of the season was held Stokes Valley this weekend. There are also pop-up carol events touring all across the city. Santa’s Bach Workshop offers an opportunity to use 3D printers to create all sorts of festive trinkets on Andrews Avenue. Then it all comes together in a Christmas Eve special at the new Walter Nash Centre, with an afternoon of festive fun before a screening of The Polar Express. That’s only the start of the summer festivities, as McEwan Park will echo with the sounds


Thursday 10th December From 3pm

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SuperValue Woburn: 1-5 Cambridge Terrace, Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt. Phone: 570 1790. Open 7am-9pm, 7 days. Specials available Tuesday, 8th December until Sunday, 13th December 2015 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40.

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Shop Monday 30th November till Monday 21st December, complete an entry form in store and be in to WIN!

An elder-centerd community At Woburn Home we take every opportunity to bring companionship, spontaneity, fun and meaningful activity into the lives of elders. We’ll support you to continue doing the things you love in a way that’s right for you.

The social life Residents of Woburn Home enjoy the busy social calendar and stimulating recreation programme, which make for a vibrant atmosphere.

Woburn Apartments Enliven’s brand new, purpose Positive ageing services built retirement apartments are We offer a full range of positive right next door to Woburn Home. ageing services, including rest This is a perfect arrangement for home, hospital and dementia couples who need different levels care, as well as short term respite, of support. health recovery care and a day Call us on 04 569 6400 to arrange activity programme. a tour.

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Wainuiomata Cake Kitchen

18 The Strand Ph: 04 564 5000


A life worth living at Woburn Home by Enliven

THE WAREHOUSE $450 Outdoor Furniture: Table + 2 Benches + Umbrella






Recycling metal to help a church



Wednesday December 9, 2015

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What does Christmas mean to you?

Rik Van Damme, Wainuiomata

Bob Fiddes, Wainuiomata

Eru Tuhoro, Wainuiomata

Daniel Cotton, Wainuiomata

Yazmin Cotton, Wainuiomata

Family, it is a good excuse to see family, what better excuse could there be?

A Christian celebration, I like the old fashioned Christmas days, it has become too commercialised these days, bring back the way it was.

Family, friends, getting everyone together celebrating.

Family time, being together with friends and family.

Being together with friends and family.

Retailers of Ethnic Foods & Spices

Wellington Spices

Malaysian I Sri lanka I Filipino I Indian I Thai I Chinese

We have spices from India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Products from all over (ASIA) South America

Charlie Son Wainuiomata Spending time with family, giving and receiving gifts.


Bring this coupon and get 10% off your shopping. Excludes Rice and All specials in store.

Follow us on Facebook and enjoy our weekly recipes Ph. (04) 939 2424 | Fax. (04) 9390654 | Shop 10, 6 McMillian Court, Newlands, Wellington | Email:

Wednesday December 9, 2015

Village, 140 Main Rd

Wainuiomata 96 Hine Road

"Character Renovator"

At Home In Hine Road!

Interesting do-up opportunity • Village Property • Decent Section - Potential • 3 Bedrooms & Garage • Separate Lounge & Gas • Very Convenient Location For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 2.15pm-2.45pm View Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

4 Double Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms 2 Living Rooms • Tandem Garage/Workshop • Off Street Parking • Sunny Deck • Conservatory For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 12.00pm - 12.30pm View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Pencarrow, 64 Trelawney Road Brand New Home


Parkway, 18 Totara St "Renovations Done - Relax!"

5 Bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • Fully insulated • Double glazed • Double Garage with internal access • Alarm For Sale $465,000 Open Sunday 1.15pm - 1.45pm View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

Gas & Outdoor Flow Heat Pump • Alarm • Great Kitchen • 3 Bedrooms • Wood Burner Tender closes Tues 15th Dec 12.00pm Open Sunday 1.30pm-2.00pm View Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Pencarrow, 6 Grimsby Grove

Wainuiomata, 57 Parenga Street

"Playtime Paradise"

Ideal For First Home Buyers!

Kids and the dog will absolutely love this backyard! The play fort, sandpit and decks will have them charging about in the sun having fun! All in a private, safe and secure setting. 3 Bedrooms, Heat Pumps, T&G Floor Areas, Alarm, Study, Garage For Sale By Negotiation Open Sunday 12.45pm-1.15pm View Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Don’t miss the opportunity to view this home! Offering 3 bedrooms with great indoor/ outdoor flow. Enjoy the sun and entertaining on the deck in your private back yard.

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Parkway, 19 Mimihau Grove

Arakura, 254 Wellington Road

Location And Size!!

Just Move In!

This home has a lot to offer your growing family. At the end of a cul-de-sac & a stone’s throw from the bottom of the Wainuiomata Hill. 3 double bedrooms, 2 living, study, 2 bathrooms, open plan kitchen/ dining with good entertaining area out the back. Tender closes 1pm Thursday 10 December View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

This family home is ready for you to move in & enjoy & is a must to view! Situated in a handy location near Arakura school & kindy, park, transport & shops with a separate bath & shower, heat recovery & condensation control system, gas cooking, Heatpumps & more! For Sale Price By Negotiation Open Sunday 2.15pm-2.45pm View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008



• •

For Sale $220,000 Open Sun 12.30pm - 1.00pm View Team Selig - David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

Pencarrow, 5b Kilkenny Grove Young 4 Bedroom Family Home! A young family home offering open plan living, 4 bedrooms, 2 opening onto decking & the master with ensuite. Internal access garage/ workshop & off street parking, all on a small easy care back section in a quite cul-de-sac, perfect for a growing family.

• • •

For Sale $320,000 View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Coast, 491 Coast Road Driveway already in place Access to Artesian water spring. 15 Hectares of land. For Sale $178,000 View Open By appointment Nicky Cooper E: P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999

We Want New Salespeople! • Salary/Retainer Available* • Industry leading Training & Technology • Fantastic Support - We’re with you all the way! Pencarrow,

21 Grimsby Grove


14 Parkway

• • • •

3 Bedrooms & Entertainment Deck HRV, Security System, Large Garage/Workshop Woodburner & Good Insulation Fully Fenced Sunny Section For Sale $230,000Open Sunday 1.30pm - 2.00pm Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E

Parkway Pearlar! Good floor plan, nicely presented. Stones throw from the hill, close to schools & public transport. 3 bedrooms, modern kitchen, bathroom & conservatory. Garage/ workshop, private back yard. For Sale $275,000Open Sunday 12.45-1.15pm Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Contributor to

*special conditions apply

Call Lisa Black from Harcourts Wainuiomata on 027 668 6477


19 Wright Street

Wright House! Wright Street! 3 bedroom. Brick exterior, double glazed aluminium windows, modern kitchen bathroom with 2 W/Cs. Great indoor outdoor flow. Garage/workshop. For Sale Price By Negotiation Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

OPEN HOMES SUNDAY 13 DECEMBER 96 Hine Road 57 Parenga St 14 Parkway 6 Grimsby Grove 64 Trelawney Rd

12.00pm – 12.30pm 12.30pm – 1.00pm 12.45pm – 1.15pm 12.45pm – 1.15pm 1.15pm – 1.45pm

18 Totara Street 1.30pm – 2.00pm 21 Grimsby Grove 1.30pm – 2.00pm 140 Main Road 2.15pm – 2.45pm 254 Wellington Rd 2.15pm – 2.45pm

Free No-obligation Market Appraisal

P: 04 564 7310


FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and installations

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty Wednesday November 18, 2015 Wednesday December 9, 2015 2m seasoned pine $180 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-the4m Split pine store for

posed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Trades and Services FOR ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and


ummer pools were built by us. ds in well did cause no fuss. hydro slide will cause a splash. o it many people dash. ugh native bush we twist and wiggle. the children brings a giggle. rn days a week the place is open. ummer days we all are hopen!


Large BagsSelf Dry Storage, Pine/ To Lease Wainui Waiu St, 0274805150. hardwood mix $14 Storage SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42Services per week. Wainui Trades and

installations by top-qualified electrician with record of over fifty years of giving locals the SelfSECURE Free Delivery in Wainui Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just Wainui FOR Self ALL ELECTRICAL repairs and Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. For Sale phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email installations by top-qualified electrician with VILLAGE BOOKS, wide range, cheap novels. and Services record ofTrades over fifty years of giving locals the 11am -4pm Wed-Sun lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just Situation Vacant Our summer pools were built by us. Situation Vacant phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email Blends in well did cause no fuss. With hydro slide will cause a splash. Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Want a career as a Truck Driver! Public Notice

To Lease

clock” phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 $330 nextservice, winter just or email Large Bags Kindling $13 14sqm $42 per week. SECURE STORAGE



And to it many people dash. Through native bush we twist and wiggle. From the children brings a giggle. Severn days a week the place is open. Hot summer days we all are hopen!

Situation Vacant


2m seasoned pine $180 4m Split pine store for Cat 46Missing Waione St Petone next winter $330

Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm

Large Bags Formerly Kindling $13 cpa spares Large Bags Dry Pine/ $14 Notice hardwood mixPublic


Free Delivery in Wainui


Trades and Services


Public Notice N Funeral Director

Wainuiomata Darts Association

Funeral Funeral Director Director

46 Waione St Petone Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares

Waste Management NZ Ltd is a leading provider of comprehensive

Waste Management hasDaAY vacancy for some a full of time Driver were the motivated best they have ever seen. OF THE Fernlea Primary School got a little bit Wainuiomata Squash Club 7.00pm In this photo, teacher Anthony Kleinjan cadet to join their friendly team in Wellington. scary last week, holding a spooky disco and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie Monday 30th November AGM to raiseAt money for the school. Neary, Lily Carr and Prashvi Shankar the Clubrooms 51. J.K. Keydressed responsibilities thegobposition Students up as ghostsofand showwill off include: their costumes. Rowling 7.00pm • Safely driving collection vehicles to defined routes and schedules Corner of Main Road chose the Monday 30th November • Providing for support crew that are involved in the andunusual Moohan Streets, leadership Wainuiomata At the Clubrooms collection name • Accurately updating job data in modern truck computer ‘Hermione’ Corner of 2015 Main Road Watling 28th. technology so young Bringing local news Composed by Tony and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girlsto • the Being well-presented and wearing compliant uniform at all times community wouldn’t • Providing excellent customer service


Missing dark tabby and white cat that’s a desexed female named Tuesday 10 November 2016 April. April has been missing since the 7th of November when all the fireworks were going on from street in Wainuiomata. 7.00pm - Wright 8.30pm April has a high pitch meow, is very shy and should be found Wainuiomata Bowling club, wearing a red bell collar. April is also not a big cat, she’s only 11 and Moohan Street,Wainuiomata. a half. If anyone thinks they’ve seen April please 46Emma Waione St Petone contact on 0226578167. All Welcome

Fernlea gets freaky

Wainuiomata Squash Club waste and environmental services across New Zealand. Public Notice AGM N By Aaron Meredith lins, staff at the school say the costumes


Annual NGeneral Meeting

Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm Formerly cpa spares

Funeral Director

Sunday 13 December

Fitzroy Tavern on The Strand at 1pm.


be teased Bringing Our Youth soon will adults be. local news Vacant for being To be successful in this role you must have held a current full class 1 Their future, will the world decree. nerdy! to the community

So theyof must pick which field to plough. drivers licence for a minimum 8 months, be capable of performing solid When to start itAcould be now. physical labour and be able to project a professional company image AtSituation Hub the Centre they will learn. Vacant through adherence to safety procedures, safety standards vehicle To play it fair, and feel concern. When to reap and when totosow. care and maintenance policy and with attention cost efficiency. Soon must choose what seed to grow. Waste Management will commit to train you to receive a Class 2 truck drivers licence.

Newspaper erers Wainuiomata Newspaper Deliverers If you think you have what to excel in this position All ofit takes the clocks


or know of someone who would be interested please send a equired in in the movie covering letter and resume to:

ka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.Pulp Fiction are stuck on 4:20.

Deliverers Required in

on 587 1660 Applications close: 19/12/15 Area 1: Momona, Mohaka, Kawatiri - Kaponga.

Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.


Waste Management is an EEO employer and promotes drug and alcohol free workplaces.

ACROSS ACROSS 1. Result (5-6) 1. Result (5-6) 7. Scoundrel (7) (7) 7. Scoundrel 11. 11. Pulls (5) (5) Pulls 12.12. Deviousness (7) (7) Deviousness 13. 13. Excellent (5) (5) Excellent 14. 14. Alert (9) (9) Alert 15. 15. So So (9) (9) 16. 16. Directs (6) (6) Directs 18. 18. Skull (7) (7) Skull 21. 21. Disorder (4) (4) Disorder 23. 23. Racket (3) (3) Racket 25. 25. Take by by sipssips (3) (3) Take 27. 27. Stake (4) (4) Stake 28. 28. Artlessness (7) (7) Artlessness chair;Chaise Chaise ... (6) 30. 30. LowLow chair; ... (6) Expert; ... hand 32. 32. Expert; ... hand (3) (3) Strange 33. 33. Strange (3) (3) Zealous 34. 34. Zealous (6) (6) In brisk time(music) 35. 35. In brisk time(music) (7) (7) U.S. state 36. 36. U.S. state (4) (4) Biblical vessel 37. 37. Biblical vessel (3) (3) Curve 39. 39. Curve (3) (3) Cupid 41. 41. Cupid (4) (4) Exposed to air 43. 43. Exposed to air (7) (7) Female relatives 45. 45. Female relatives (6) (6) endless time(Lat) 48. 48. An An endless time(Lat) (9) (9) handed people(inf) 49. 49. LeftLeft handed people(inf) (9) (9)

A solid

A solid

CHRISTMAS NEAR Composed by Tony Watling 2nd Dec. 2015 Applications available at our recruitment The Valleyare Church gives healthy feed. office or at the security gate based in the OurNgauranga library helps kids to read. George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

Doing something even more. View the Wainuiomata News Te Wero Carving at the door. Twoonline Pharmacies begin to merge. Their business, all hope will serge. TheApplications Maori Wardens gaveataour sigh. are available recruitment office or at the security gate based the Christmas parade was passing 51. Eighth of mile (7)(7) 51. Eighth of mile Ngauranga George in Wellington.

View the Wainuiomata News By McQuarters ByRussell Russell McQuarters

View the Wainuiomata News online

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Crooked (4) Body of (7) Muslim religious Revolutionary, ... Guevara (3) 9.9. 9. Sanction (7) 30. Low chair; Chaise ... (6) Sanction 30. Low chair; ... (6) N.Z. Prime Minister 34. Mongrel (3) leaders (5) (5)(5) 20.20. N.Z. Prime Minister 27. Accustom 46. Hateful (9) 27. Accustom 46. Hateful (9) ... leaders (5)(5) 34. Mongrel (3)hand 10. Audacity 32. Expert; ... hand (3) 10. Audacity (5) 32. Expert; (3) 1975-84 Sir Robert ... (7) 35. Bushranger, ... Kelly (3) 10. Ruffled (11) 1975-84 Sir Robert ... (7) 28. Cemetary 48. Pompous (9) 28. Cemetary tree (3)(3)(7) 48.35. Pompous (9)(3)... Kelly (3) 10. Ruffled (11) Bushranger, 16. Arrange intree steps 33. Strange 16. Arrange 33. Strange (3) Boils (7) 36. Friend(Sp) (5) 15. Sick (3)in steps (7) 22.22. Boils (7) 31. Set (3) 50. Leg bone (5) 31. Set (3) 50. Leg bone (5) 15. Sick (3) 36. Friend(Sp) (5) 17. ‘Old Blue Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 34. Zealous (6) 17. 34. (6) ‘... Duck’ (7) Catch (3) 37. Zealous Easy target, 16.‘Old Jot Blue (4) Eyes’ Frank ...(7) 24.24. Catch (3)37. 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) 16. Jot (4) Easy target, ‘... Duck’ (7) 19. Competitor (5) 35. In brisk time(music) (7) Group of 38.whales Correct (5) 19. Kidnap (6) 26.26. Group of 38. whales (3)(3) N.Z. Prime Minister 36. U.S. state 19.20. Kidnap (6) Minister Correct (5)(4) (4) 20. Prime 36. state Topic 39.U.S. Once popular person, 21.N.Z. Envisage (7) 29.29. Topic (5)(5) 1975-84 Sir Robert 37. Biblical vessel (3) 21. Envisage (7) 39. Once popular person, 1975-84 Sir Robert ... ... (7)(7) 37. Biblical vessel (3) Uninvited guest (4-7) ...(4-7) been(3) 23. Bear witness to (6) 31.31. Uninvited guest Boils (7) 39. (3) 23.22. Bear witness to (6) ... Curve been(3) 22. Boils (7) 39. Curve (3) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid 41. Permanent glazial mass (6) 25. Dims (7) 32. Deoxyribonucleic acid (4)glazial mass (6) Catch Cupid 25.24. Dims (7)(3) 41. 41. Permanent 24. (3) (4) (7) 42.Cupid Sleep(inf) 26.Catch Breakfast meal (5,3,4) Group of whales (3) 43. Exposed to air 26.26. Breakfast meal (5,3,4) 42. Sleep(inf) (7) 26. Group ofboat whales 43. Exposed toEmporer air (7) (7)(4) 44.45. Russian 27. Small (6) (3) 29. Topic (5) Female relatives (6) 27. Topic Small(5) boat (6) 44. Russianrelatives Emporer(6)(4) 29. 45. Female 47.48. Edible tuber (3) 28. Formal reception area Uninvited guest (4-7) An endless (9) 28.31. Formal reception area 47. Edible tubertime(Lat) (3)time(Lat) Uninvited guest (4-7) 48. endless 49.An Tiered structurepeople(inf) for (9) (9) 31.32. (house) (7,4) Deoxyribonucleic acid Left handed (house) (7,4) 49. 49. Tiered structure for 32. acid Left handed (10) people(inf) (9) spectators 30.Deoxyribonucleic Kernel (3) 30. Kernel (3) spectators (10)

Wednesday December 9, 2015


Time to test Joseph Parker out Darrell Cole plays a shot in last week’s cricket game.

First team draw By Aaron Meredith

The Wainuiomata Cricket Club first team managed a draw in their two day game against Wellington Collegians, last weekend. Both days were played in perfect conditions at Bryan Heath Park, for the bulk of the match the visitors were on top. A first innings total of 239/8 and a strong bowling performance was enough to secure Collegians a strong

lead going into the second innings. Wainuiomata then improved on the bowling side, but were never really in with a shout of gaining a result. The next game for the first team is against Eastern Suburbs at Kilbirnie Park on both December 12 and 19. Play starts at 12pm both days. The Wainuiomata second team had a disappointing match, batting first the side only posted a total of 67. A decent bowling performance kept the side in the game, but Upper Hutt

proved to have enough skill eventually winning by 4 wickets. Next week the side is at Bryan Heath Park against Wellington Indians Thumbs Up, at 1pm. In the T/20 competition Browine had a close 3 run win over Taita Squashies, Rosco had a bye over the week. Next week Brownie plays Stokes Valley at Bryan Heath Park, Rosco is away at Fraser Park against Taita, both games start at 2pm.

Junior softball results By Aaron Meredith

This weekend the Wainuiomata junior softballers were as busy as ever. The Under 15’s defeated the Hutt Valley Dodgers Mighty Maniacs 22-2, destroying their opposition.

The Under 13’s were not as successful, going down to Te Aroha Whio 13-3. There was a win and a loss for the Under 11’s, Green destroyed Te Aroha Kea 24-1 while Black went down 16-8 to Hutt Valley Marist.

Juniors celebrate at pools The juniors at Wainuiomata High School celebrated the end of the school year at the Wainuiomata Summer Pools. The children spent the day flying down the slides, and jumping into the pools. Along with the students, the teachers got to let down their hair as well, spending the day with the children, challenging them to bomb contests and swimming round with the children. The school year ends this week with the junior prize giving this Friday.

The Under 9 Cubs and Lions faced off this weekend, the cubs won 26-14 in an entertaining game. The Bears defeated the Hutt Valley Dodgers Dozen 24-13. For next week’s draws please contact your coach.

Last Saturday Joseph Parker destroyed another no name boxer and improved his record to 17-0. He is the number 9 ranked heavyweight boxer on the boxrec website, a website known for providing accurate ratings when comparing every boxer. His last bout was against Daniel Martz, ranked a lowly 125th in the same rankings. I understand the fight was scheduled with Martz so Parker could match up with a fighter taller than him, but this was a bit of a mismatch still. Joseph is not ready to have a bout against new World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury, former champion Wladimir Klitschko or another big name like Deontay Wilder, but he is definitely ready for a step up in class of boxer. An interesting challenge could be the unbeaten Luis Ortiz, a record of 23-0 with 20 knock outs, he could prove to be a massive challenge for Parker, he needs to overcome a boxer like Ortiz to really stake a claim at being a contender. Another could be Anthony Joshua, who at 14-0 is taking a similar career path to Parker, these two need to collide in the future. Just above Joseph Parker in the rankings is Erkan Tepar from Germany, at 15-0 he is another boxer that our local boxer should be looking to prove himself against. At the moment his next bout is against American Jason Bergman, who has a record of 25-11 and is rated 75th in the world. It would be more use to Parker fighting someone like Alex Leapai, who only last year fought for the World Heavyweight Championship. Yes he is only ranked 59th in the world, but he has big fight experience, and with a record of 30-7, provides another veteran opponent for the young New Zealander. It is only by stepping up the quality of his opponents will we truly see the quality that Joseph Parker posseses.


Wednesday December 9, 2015

Wainuiomata News 09-12-15  

Wainuiomata News 09-12-15

Wainuiomata News 09-12-15  

Wainuiomata News 09-12-15