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16 Thursday December 3, 2015

Back to the community By Nikki Papatsoumas

encouraged to put their hands up for a steering group which will help see governance of the Strathmore Park Community

Locals with bright ideas and a sense of community are

Centre handed back to the community. The Strathmore Park Community Centre was previously

Lisa Matthews says the Wellington City Council is keen to see the Strathmore Park Community Centre return to being managed by the community.

managed by the Strathmore Park Community Base Incorporated. However, they ceased managing the Centre in July 2015 and voted to wind down in October 2015.  The Wellington City Council has managed the centre since. Project co-ordinator for the Strathmore Park Community Centre, Lisa Matthews, said community governance was the preferred model for the operation of the centre. She said the council was now hoping to establish a steering group, to get the ball rolling before handing the centre back to the community. Lisa said the steering group would be responsible for setting the direction and determining the structure of the new organisation. “We are inviting people to join a working group because stuff has to be decided before

there is new management. This includes what is the centre’s purpose? What is its mission? “I’m asking for a working group that can come together and work with the community on those issues.” Lisa said the steering group wou ld work toget her for roughly six months, before a formal group was selected and management was handed back to the community. “This centre has a real heart and I think that the people of Strathmore Park have a real love and a real care for their community and their community centre.”  If you are interested in getting involved in this process or want to know more, please contact Lisa Matthews on 0212479728, at the centre on 04 3882776, or by email lisa.matthews@wcc.

Iconic sculpture to be dismantled for repairs Iconic Evans Bay sculpture Akau Tangi is set to be dismantled for repairs. This is due to failures in the section of pipe that supports the cones on the top of the poles. The sculpture, on Cobham Drive, was designed by Phil Dadson and installed in 2010. It features 11 vertical poles with spinning cones attached to each. Wellington City Councillor Ray Ahipene-Mercer said the council had been working on a plan for the sculpture after a weld failure earlier this year.

“Unfortunately we’ve had two cones fall within the last few weeks so we must temporarily take them all down. “Being in Evans Bay, challenged by a wild marine location, does not make it easy on the sculpture but we expect the work should be made to cope with that.” Project Officer of Parks, Sport and Recreation, Victoria Bennett, said taking all the cones down was the most sensible option – for safety and to prevent further damage to the cones. “The cones that fell had safety

lanyards installed after a cone fell in 2013, they helped to contain the fall but didn’t stop them from hitting the ground. “It may take some considerable time before the cones are ready to go back up. “We need to work on a solution for the pipe section, and there are other issues with them not being balanced properly and the wear and tear that has created. But we hope to get this corrected as soon as possible.”  The remaining cones will be taken down in the next two weeks.

Akau Tangi, on Cobham

Budget adviser set for Strathmore

Minimising waste across the capital

By Nikki Papatsoumas

Popular Wellington events such as the Newtown Festival and the Island Bay Festival have received funding to improve recycling efforts and reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. This is thanks to $50,000 in support from the Waste Minimisation Seed Fund. Councillor Iona Pannett, Chair of Wellington City Council’s Environment Committee, said the fund helped enhance Wellington’s reputation and encourage leadership in waste minimisation. “It’s fantastic to see the range of applications in this first round of the new fund.  “We know Wellingtonians care about reducing waste and we look forward to seeing even more initiatives coming forward in 2016.”  The fund will support Newtown Festival’s goal in reaching zero waste to landfill, with manned recycling stations, compostable packaging and an extensive public waste audit. The fund comes from landfill levies collected by the Ministry for the Environment and is a part of Wellington’s environmental responsibility. Applicants are invited to apply for the 2016 Waste Minimisation Seed Fund for projects under $2000 between February 1 and May 31 of next year. Applications are considered at the end of each month.

Strathmore locals will soon have the opportunity to uti-

lise the services of a budget adviser. Budget adviser Ma rcus Hull, who volunteers for the

Marcus Hull and Henry Yeoh, from the Citizen's Advice Bureau Wellington (WelCAB) Budget Service, are excited to bring their services to the Strathmore community.

Citizen's Advice Bureau Wellington (WelCAB) Budget Service will now be offering his services out of the Strathmore Park Community Centre. Marcus said he will be available by appointment for anyone that might need assistance with setting a budget, applying for work and income assistance, resolving debts or negotiating with debt collectors or banks. He said credit was “far too accessible” and this was a major problem for many people. “We never tell people there is a right way of budgeting, but there is often better ways,” Marcus said. “I have a big passion for financial literacy… the younger we start the better off we are.” He said he was looking forward to his new role at the community centre.

“I am a local resident and I’ve been seeing a lot of clients from here anyway so I think it will work really well.” Ma nager of WelCA B Budget Service, Henry Yeoh, said advisers were based out of CAB offices across Wellington. Last year they helped 89 clients in the eastern suburbs and this number was growing this year, he said. Henry said WelCAB was approached by the Ministry of Social Development to offer budget advice services out of the Strathmore Park Community Centre and Kilbirnie CAB office. The service is free to the community.  To make an appointment with a budget adviser at Strathmore Park Community Centre or Kilbirnie CAB, call the Kilbirnie CAB on 387 3573.

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