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Santa comes Speed to Wainuiomata


Buses and Parking major problem or child care centres

By Aaron Meredith

Mallard for help. It is only since he got involved Speeding buses and a lack of the bus company has responded. Aaron Meredith parking areBytwo of the problems The kindergarten has two signs facing teachers, parents and warning drivers of the centre, festive season kickedbut offthese in Wainuiomata children inThe early childhood were only last put Saturday, up after when the valley hosted both the annual Christmas Parade and centres in Wainuiomata. a child was hit by a car a few Christmas the Nui day. There is the littleinaugural to no road signs in years back. The parade kicked off at 10am from Burden Ave, and outside of many centres in the “It is only a matter of slowly time moved its way up Main Road to Hugh Sinclair Park. valley warning drivers to slow before someone gets hit again.” Floats this year included Pukeatua School, Clives Chemist, down. says head teacher Chris Moses. Tihei Rangitahi, thehas Wainuiomata Little Theatre along with Jack and Jill Kindergarten “I understand the drivers are Mickey Mouse, Leo the Lion and of course Santa. been fighting with New Zealand on a schedule, but they are going Continued on page 2 Buses for many years, finally so fast.” asking Hutt South MP Trevor Continued on page 2 Santa waves at the crowds on the side of the road.

Jack and Jill Kindergarten Teacher Rosanne with three students at the Early Childhood Centre.

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Wednesday December 2, 2015

Movember success for Josh By Aaron Meredith

Josh Briggs says Movember has been a massive success and the community has gotten in behind him. “I would like to thank eve-

Wednesday November 4, 2015


ams, helping their best. also recogreceiving the ter 20 years’ etball. nners were oel Carman, Jade Hum-

we heard a h that could r an insect, neighbours’ find what it . One day

and Josh says this has worked well for him. “It has given me a good start in becoming more active.” Sporting a handlebar design this year, Josh is already looking for ideas on what he can do


inbrief news Wainuiomata Primary School Gala This Saturday Wainuiomata Primary School is hosting a School Gala. The school is fundraising so that all the senior students get the opportunity to go the school camp this year. This will be taking place down the school Joshbetween Briggs is 2 and 6pm on Saturday.pleased with  how For more information about this Movember please contact the school. went.

next year, and is open to people letting him know what he should grow. “Movember is a major event in the year, I look forward to it each time.” This year Josh raised $120, but he is happy that people in the community are talking about men’s health. The Movember Foundation is a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier and longer lives. Since 2003, millions have joined the men’s health movement, raising $825 million and funding over 1,000 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.  Do you think Movember is a good intiative? Send your answers to us at aaron@wsn.

Arakura says thanks

Christmas parade comes to Wainui Last week the Wainuiomata News reported that Lynette Stewart was in a phot with Bonnie MacBeth when it was Cherrie Tinetti. Cherie did a lot of hard work in the process of planning for the jubilee from like pageto1 thank and theContinued school would Crowds lined the parade route for the her for this.

phrey and Brooke Tauaneai. School Principal Martin Isberg says he was not surprised by the achievements of the students this year. “We have spent the last three or four years changing the culture of the school, and the results this year are recognition of this.”


and chicks. ems not to ng another ues to raise tely for the cies, it has sed a brood ber before back in New

ryone in the community that had conversations about health with the men in their life, and all who donated, not just to me but to the cause.” This year Movember also focused on men getting active

however, I heard it in the beech tree outside the window, and looked out to see the cuckoo chick flitting from branch to twig noisily demanding food from a smaller and very busy grey warbler. The two major threats to the shining cuckoo are flying into windows and being taken by cats. You can hear its call and learn more about it here.  collections/birdwatching/ shiningcuckoo

hour long parade, before descending on Hugh Sinclair Park for the first ever Christmas in the Nui day. This included a concert stage, plenty MP forwas Hutt South of stalls and Santa out and about greeting children. Also out greeting the crowd was lington Rugby mascot Leo the564 Lion,4988 who said he enjoyed being in the parade. “It was fun, I didElectorate get lost behind the Clinics parade though.”For any issues you’d talkgreat about Local Mark Heen like says to it was to see everyone in the community out and about. “It is an awesome day for this, it is warm, sunny and it is a great event, it


Kauri Mauhika gets in the Christmas spirit

reminds me of some of the Over the Hill days we used to have,” he says. “It would be great if we had more of these days here, it would really increase the community spirit.” Included in the entertainment were plenty of local bands and Nick Tansley’s pop up carols. Despite concerns the weather would not hold, organisers were pleased when the sun came out about an hour before the parade and remained for the rest of the day.


CHRIS BISHOP NATIONAL LIST MP BASED IN THE HUTT VALLEY I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people to catch up with me. Please see for times. HUTT VALLEY OFFICE 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 E: F: T: @cjsbishop

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Wainuiomata’s beauty therapy clinic Bella Beauty is welcoming a fully qualified and experienced massage therapist to their team this month! Tralee Clark has worked as one of Wellingtons leading therapeutic massage therapist for the last 12 years.. Previously owning Absolute Therapy, a large health practice in the CBD for 9 years Tralee has also been the permanent massage therapist for The Royal New Zealand Ballet for the last 4 years, which is a challenging and demanding role, but one she is passionate about. Tralee has a wealth of knowledge regarding the benefits of massage as part of injury rehabilitation, sports conditioning and a as a wonderful way in aiding people to truly and deeply relax. Bella Beauty is thrilled to be able to offer remedial, sports and deep tissue massage every Monday from their lovely clinic in Homedale Village. If you have an injury, wish to maintain a healthy life style or are feeling the pre Christmas stress begin and need to chill out and unwind check out Tralees website for more information. You can make bookings directly from there too.

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Wednesday December 2, 2015

New Te Wero Carving opened at library entrance By Aaron Meredith

Mayor Ray Wallace and the team from Youth Inspire unveiled a new Te Wero Carving last week, taking its place outside the offices of Youth Inspire at the entrance to the Library. Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Wallace said Youth Inspire was doing a fantastic job. “I am honoured to be Kaitiaki. “I would like to acknowledge theMeredith manager Bronson By Aaron Wharehinga, members of his team Alison Black and Tyler Wainuiomata High School’s top Skipper-King and the athletes were recognisedwonderfor their ful board.” throughout the achievements Heatsaid creating year last by week’s sportsopportuawards. nities forwere young people Awards handed outtotogain athskillsinand get jobs, theofimpact letes all sports, many whom on their lives andWellington communities have represented and they live in are signifi cant. New Zealand. “Getting a of jobthe means lot Sportsman yearawas more than just getting paid – given to Raymond Seumanu though that also has obvious for his achievements in boxing, benefits.multiple national titles winning self-esteem, as“It wellincreases as the Australian Golden gives confi dence and independGloves. ence.” He became one of the youngest

Sporting achievements recognised

inbrief news BBQ at bridge Councillors and MP Trevor Mallard will be hosting a Barbeque at Pukeatua Bridge to celebrate the official opening of the bridge. Last week the bridge was officially opened, but due to the lack of parking space, only officials were invited. The BBQ will take place this Saturday from 10.30am. Wednesday November 4, 2015 3 For those who are wanting a lift up to the bridge meet at the bottom of the hill at 10am.

inbrief news

Safe City Ambassadors

Wainuiomata contract awarded Primary School Gala Lower Hutt residents will notice new-

winners of the award. The sportswomen of the year award was awarded to Sieni Samau for her achievements in a wide range of sports. Sieni was also the top player in volleyball, girls rugby, was the top By scorer in football, Aaron Meredithwas the best back in league, played for Wainuiomata club rugby and Over the in weekend the local league, goinggriupcelebrated on to represent WaiPesi Wellington in both sports. sucwhat was an extremely Oncessful top ofyear, that Sieni wherewas thealso eduselected the New went Zealand cationfor programme from rugby leaguetoKiwi Ferns side to strength strength. play Australia next year WaiPesi (Wainuiomata The MC, Phillip Kauika who Pasifika Education Success Initiative) was formed four years ago in a way to help children in the community

says that the school has achieved to a high standard this year in Gaylene all sports. Rawiri-Patelo “Many teams have made finals, won the MVP for Hockey won championships or have represented the school at regional tournaments.” Teams who won their grades Bronson Wharehinga, Rikki Porter-Samuels and Ray Wallace with the new included thethe girls crickettoteam, carving at entrance the library. the football first XI, teams two and three in artist netball,Rikki the boys first which encompasses the idea Carving PorterHe then sang a waiata to xv in rugby and the junior boys Samuels told the story of what of “Whakawhanaungatanga” conclude the ceremony. league team. meant, and the or “family/community” spirit. the carving The carving has been placed This year was also the fi rst year work which had gone into it. “It involves everyone in the at the entrance to the Wainuiothat Ignitename Sportsof presented two community from all areas of mata Library, right next to the “The the piece special awards, both recognising comes from a Maori proverb the country.” offices of Youth Inspire. character in an athlete and coach. Trust co-ordinator Kevin Goldsbury says that the awards are given to those that embodied Ignite Sport’s values. “Despite the attention that poor behaviour and bad sportsmanship attracts, there are great examples of athleteseducation. who demon- “We have more families anyone though.” get an improved strate positive character in held sport turning their sports helping phrey Brooke Tauaneai. Last Saturday WaiPesi up toand our teams, sessions on Also at and the event were Julie and coaches who effectively their teams achieve their best. School Principal Martin Isberg the Pasifika Ignite Festival, Tuesdays, and the children Noanoa and Norm Heke who model Kevin says. Kalena also recog- were sayspromoting he was not their surprised by the whichit,”was held inside the have a lotHura morewas confi dence book This year’s winners were Paa than nisedthey by the school, achievements of the students Wainuiomata War Memorial ever had receiving before. the ‘Maori Art for Kids’. Mailangi who won award afterwe 20 are years’ Both this year. Community Hall.the character principals “That is something lived in Wainuiomata athlete award and Ngaire Blake service to school netball. have spent and the last three or Inside the hall were food really pleased with.” for “We many years only who won thewith character coach Although Other award were recently four years changing the culture stalls along local enterthe winners name may moved. award. Stephen Joel Carman, of the and the tainment. seem likeGraham, the group is foThe twoschool, were keen to results come this Both showed great passion for Atiria Semmens, Jade Humyear are recognition of this.” Volunteer Bruce Roberts cused purely on Pasifika chil- to the event and give back says the group has grown dren, it is open to everyone. to the community that gave from strength to strength “We just do things in a them so much. throughout the year. Pasifika way, we are open to

One sure sign of summer arriving is the call of the shining cuckoo, a series of upward notes followed by one or more long downward slurring notes. The birds have come back to New Zealand to breed after wintering over in the Solomon Islands. They can be heard calling from forest, scrub and farmland, which are also the habitats of their host birds, the grey warbler. Like cuckoos around the world the shining cuckoo lays its eggs in another bird’s nest.

Also called the bronze shining cuckoo, scientific name Chrysococcyx lucidas, or in Maori the Pipi Wharauroa, this sparrowsized bird is usually not seen due to its cryptic markings and its size. It’s New Zealand’s only iridescent green bird and has green and white bands across its chest. The shining cuckoo lives on grubs and insects, including hairy caterpillars and ladybirds that other birds avoid. It lays a single egg in the nest of a laying grey warbler, and the chick when it hatches ejects

WaiPesi celebrates successful year

look City Ambassadors from next ThisSafe Saturday Wainuiomata Primary week, after the contract was Gala. awarded to School is hosting a School Recon Security. The school is fundraising so that all The new ambassadors the senior students get will the continue opportuto patrol ofcamp Lowerthis Huttyear. from nity to gothe thestreets school Thursday Sunday This willafternoons be takingthrough place to down the mornings, to help2 keep the city safe school between and 6pm on aSaturplace for everyone to enjoy. day. be wearing high-visibility Staff Forwill more information aboutunithis forms and carry identifi cation at all times. please contact the school. All ambassadors are trained in first-aid and are experts in conflict resolution. City Safety Manager Jimmy Ballantyne says the Safe City Ambassadors “do a fantastic job in the community to help keep residents safe and Recon Security were chosen for their skills and experiLast week the Wainuiomata News ence in this important area.” reported that Lynette Stewart was in The Safe City Ambassador programme a phot with Bonnie MacBeth when it is one of many community safety iniwas Cherrie Tinetti. tiatives led by Council. The programme Cherie did a lot of hard work in the complements a New Zealand Police process of planning for the jubilee partnership, CCTV, community patrol, and the school would like to thank graffiti eradication and neighbourhood her for this. support.

Arakura says thanks

Trevor MALLARD MP for Hutt South 564 4988 Electorate Clinics For any issues you’d like to talk about

The call of the shining cuckoo


Inspection Services



the warbler eggs and chicks. however, I heard it in the beech The host then seems not to tree outside the window, and notice it’s parenting another looked out to see the cuckoo species and continues to raise chick flitting from branch to NATIONAL LIST MP BASED the chick. Fortunately for the twig noisily demanding food IN THE HUTT VALLEY grey warbler species, it has from a smaller and very busy usually already raised a brood grey warbler. I run regular sessions in Wainuiomata for people in August/September before The two major threats to the to catch up with me. the cuckoo arrives back in New shining cuckoo are flying into Please see for times. Zealand. windows and being taken by HUTT VALLEY OFFICE A few years ago we heard a cats. You can hear its call and 66-70 Bloomfield Terrace, Lower Hutt. P: 04 566 8580 sound from the bush that could learn more about it here. E: have been a bird or an insect,  T: @cjsbishop but even with the neighbours’ al/programmes/thiswayup/ help we couldn’t find what it collections/birdwatching/ shiningcuckoo was coming from. One day Phone to book your FREE safety inspection today.


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Wednesday December 2, 2015

Christmas at Clive's Chemist While Christmas is a great time to relax and unwind, it can also turn our lifestyles upside down. It’s quite natural to feel some sort of stress or anxiety at this time of the year –here are my tips to help you enjoy the season. -Try to reduce your intake of alcohol. It’s no secret that alcohol not only dehydrates you but strips the body of essential nutrients – not to mention the pain of a hangover the next day! If you are having a few drinks, try and drink water in between to rehydrate you. -Eat well. There’s always temptation to tuck into all sorts of “naughty” food over Christmas. Try and ensure you get a good dose of fruit and veges to counteract all the fatty foods. Also be very careful when barbequing – make sure the meat is cooked thoroughly and cold food is kept in the fridge until just before it’s eaten. -Exercise! Even just a gentle walk will help reduce stress levels and make you feel better about yourself, as well as giving you some valuable “me time”. If it’s a hot day, then why not enjoy a swim at our wonderful Wainuiomata Pool? -Make sure you get a good night’s sleep every night. Ensure your room is cool, dark and quiet; avoid big meals or alcohol for at least two hours before bedtime; and stick to a routine – try and go to bed at the same time each night. -Relax. If you are finding yourself getting too stressed – stop what you are doing, fine a quiet place on your own, and chill out. Breathe deeply, lie down if you can – for as long as it takes. -Smile and enjoy yourself! If you are feeling stressed or under the weather in any way, please come and talk to us. Not only can we offer a friendly ear, we can also talk you about a natural supplement option which may help you cope better. Christmas should be a happy time when everybody relaxes and enjoys themselves – and that includes you!

Valley Church Pastors, Andrew Sa’u and Matthew Lesniak show off the fruit and vegetables that they are providing for the community.

Healthy eating cheaper at Valley Church By Aaron Meredith

Healthy eating has become a lot cheaper thanks to the launch of the Wainuiomata Fruit and Veggie Co-op. Ever y Tuesday the Valley Church on Fitzherbert Road gets delivered fresh fruit and vegetables, organises them and then provides them to the community at a cheap rate. “It’s not left over from Countdown either, it comes straight


Mayor Ray Wallace the had at COGS, the celebration Toddschool Foundation, Lotteries, of MSD fifty yearsbecause for any school to and this Council. succeed in a community, especially recentlyplace attended the thankingit of aI smaller like Wainuiomata, partners behind the Bridge, needs a lot of support,Pukeatua just like our the NZ Transport Agency, the contractors young learners. and Council officers who have worked so And was pleased to join hardfinally, on this.I They appreciated seeing the members of the Wainuiomata finished bridge. I have been pleased to see Volunteer Fireour Brigade for their so many from community also enjoying Monster Garage Sale fundraiser on it, since its blessing on 23 October. 31 October. It was great to see it well Congratulations andraised well goes done totothe the supported; money organisers and participants in the Fire Brigade which is an absolutely Wainuiomata Christmas Parade, the essential organisation that’s made up Pacifi ca Forum and the Christmas in the of outstanding volunteers. Nui Concert. You strengthen this great community. With warm I wish you regards, happiness over the festive season, take care of one another.

healthy food. The Co-op’s are governed by Regional Public Health, in an effort to encourage healthier eating. Pacific Pastor Andrew Sa’u says this scheme has come along at the perfect time. “Our congregation is focusing on being healthy, this helps out especially for a family on a budget.” Valley church opens up for the public to purchase the food between four and five every Tuesday, otherwise contact the church.

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The work Ion good,forward sharedtoplan for c Greetings, amalooking a terrifi Wainuiomata’s development over summer. As we come into a new year I’ve the next twenty years continues. been reflecting on what a big, busy year This great work is largely due to the it’s been in Lower Hutt and I am greatly committed volunteers on the steering looking forward to continuing this in the group and the community for joining in new year. and sharing ideas. Wainuiomata has been progressing its Theredevelopment are great comments from this own plan throughout the workshop what should year, there is a on wonderful vision be in place happening in the town centre, a few and it is exciting to see the planning I’ve noted were a lively centre with coming from that. regular activities like markets and The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs is an music, a good café, a revamped mall, initiative I have a keen interest in. Youth and child friendly spaces with native Inspire runand thispublic programme, based in plantings art and sculpture. Wainuiomata that for places young people It’s a great vision Wainuiomata. into training, work experience and paid Now I am looking forward to seeing employment. the suggestions for a design to Last I unveiledtoa our sculpture by artist markweek the gateway beautiful Riki Porter-Samuels, made for this inspiring Wainuiomata. programme. His Te Wero carving reflects a I attended Arakura School’s fiftieth Maori proverb that encompasses the idea jubilee on 24 October. From 1965 to of family or community spirit- a very fitting today, this school has had such an artwork for this programme that relies on important role in our community. A strong community partnerships, including good education in their early years businesses and organisations - we sets a person up to be a capable appreciate the support of Taylor Preston, learner for the rest of their life. I was Naylor Love, TQ Concrete Placers, The pleased to see how much support

from the suppliers,” says Matthew. “Everyone has been shocked how much they have been getting for $10, its two whole bags of food.” The items of food change week to week, depending on what is in season, and what suppliers are providing. This is just one of many Fruit and Veggie Co-op’s around the Hutt Valley, providing around 750 families with good, cheap and





Wednesday December 11, 2, 2015 Thursday November 2015

LETTERS to the editor Council apologises for opening ceremony Dear Ed, The Pukeatua Bridge ceremony on Monday 23 November was organised by Council to formally thank our partners, our contractors and the officers involved in the project. Guests included consulting engineers GHD Ltd, contractors Fulton Hogan, and Council officers, who all worked together to deliver this project, representatives from the New Zealand Transport Agency, who helped fund it, and elected officials including the Wainuiomata Community Board.

The ceremony involved a brief address from the Mayor, the Regional Director of NZTA, and a representative of the Wainuiomata Community Board, who initiated the naming process. If members of the public felt excluded from the thank you ceremony, we apologise. Given carparking at the summit is very limited and the bridge has been open to the public for some time, we decided to make this a short simple occasion to thank our partners, contractors and officers

involved in the project. The bridge has now been open to the public for a month, and a Karakia was arranged by the community board on 23 October, before the bridge was open to pedestrians. The bridge is a fantastic community facility and in a short time it's proved a hit with Wainuiomata locals and visitors alike. With the summer months ahead we expect this popularity to only increase. Bruce Sherlock, City Infrastructure General Manager.

Christmas Party Thursday 10th December From 3pm

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Dear Ed, With regard to your The council have a sign say- ignorant people have taken away Kingfisher/NZ Pure Oak Canned Fruit 410g article in last week’s Wainuiomata ing only authorised vehicles can that pleasure for no good reason. Bottles News (November 25.) I have this drive onto the new narrow little I would like the Council to do a 330ml to say. road that leads up to a gate on major rethink, remove the garden, While aggrandisingCommunity themselves the firebreak track. no replace greatly the get them out on the road im- able to help in some way or form, and we could There But was now no hesitation fromand Chris and increase Te Omanga’s Nursing over the new pointlessly named vehicle can safely go there without size of the well-used merge-out we will continue to do so,” says Chris. mediately,” Lizalmost who shortly afterarea made donation team fatleet hasof three footbridge the top the hill,new the vehicles slowing down to a stop andaprovide a decent parking says Biddy. In the last financial year the Te OmanChris Boon says over the last four of $38,500left specifi dedicated the can thanks major sponsor Lower Huttto City Council (Not theMcDonald’s to do sharp right-angle turn,cally place so thattoanyone safely years he and Liz have established a ga Community Nursing team made 6450 replacement of risk these vehicles. franchisees Chris Hutt City Council, thereand is noLiz HuttBoon. thereby greatly increasing the stop there, park then use the new City.)Chris has shown great ignorance of a crash. access the westernfund which is dedicated to visits throughout the greater Hutt region. specific Te Omanga chief footbridge executivetoBiddy and Liz Boon proud owners of by Wainuiomata, removing the constantly used Hutt Previously vehicles stopping of the hill road and its outlook. The hospice is 62 per cent funded from both Te Omanga Hospice and Ronald Harford says the teamside couldn’t believe Petone, Upper and any top-of-hill stopping place covering there could merge off the road to It is not only pedestrians and the government, but is still required to McDonald House charities. it when good news. Silverstream McDonald’s approached Te then it with a totally un-needed garden. stop and mergethey backheard into thecyclists coming up the hill who raise $2.5 million annually from the “Weekly contributions through the “We immediately thought of the three Omanga Hospice and said they wanted Now it is impossible to stop there the downhill traffic, now that is will use the bridge, but also motorwe who knewwant we to had to support their local hospice impossible. in some replacement vehicles ists safely. stop restaurants and enjoy together with our amazing community to ensure their services are Mayor Ray Wallace said “This To cross thetoroad to gofor to in the view. find here funding not too distant managers and crew, who donate volun- retained. manner. bridge provides a safe and acthe lookout was dangerous and Ray Wallace and his cronies pack each would like to Te Omanga Hospice tarily through their wages, and alongside The two parties had an open discussion future. cessible place for pedestrians therefore the building of the bridge have now ignored and over-ruled and fun days in the thank both Chris and Liz and the won“We contacted our business partners numerous rafflesSuperValueNZ regarding various immediate issues and cyclists to cross the busy was a good idea for increased motorists for no good reason. derful teams at McDonald’s UpperLower Hutt, stores, allow us to support our charities at King Toyota and soon we had a very where assistance would be most needed. SuperValue Woburn: 1-5 Cambridge Terrace, Waiwhetu, Hutt. Wainuiomata Hill Road”. In so safety, but placing the totally They have reduced the potential Phone: 570 1790. Open 7am-9pm, 7 days. Silverstream, Petone and Wainuiomata in such a manner. thorough proposal in front of us. It was at this time Te Omanga mendoing he has just totally ignored un-needed garden has now just quality and pleasure of our lives available Tuesday, 1st December until Sunday, 6th December 2015 or while stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. as well as King Toyota for making the “It gives us both an incredible Specials amount “Chris and Liz’s support the nursing team cars prevented and the anyone thetioned huge number of motorists who from stopping to generous by this action. All limits specified apply per customer per day. Trade not supplied. Prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale. Customer Support Freephone 0800 40 40 40. have always stopped, preventing see the view. For years people have Lance Stewart meant that the cars were here so quickly of satisfaction knowing we have been updating of their fleet possible. need for them to be replaced. them from stopping there. safely stopped there, but now some Please drink responsibly

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Wednesday December 2, 2015

Question: Do we need a post box on Queen Street? Why?

Paul Butcher, Wainuiomata

Jasmine Tipene, Wainuiomata

Warren Nikara, Wainuiomata

Teeze Stevens, Wainuiomata

Kauri Nauhika, Wainuiomata

Definitely, it would save walking to the other side of the mall.

Yes, it would be a more central location to get to.

Anything that would benefit the entire community.

Yes we do, because there is none??

Yes because it would make it easier for everyone.

Leo the Lion, Wainuiomata Yes so it is easier for the community.

LETTERS to the editor Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to

Bridge wonderful asset

A silent alternative

Dear Ed, In response to your question in this week's paper. We walked over the bridge last weekend and were amazed at the experience. What a wonderful asset, not only for the residents of Wainuiomata, but to all visiting. Whilst we didn't walk up from the bottom of the hill, it was still a thrill. Well done to all involved. From the team at Harcourts Wainuiomata

Dear Ed, In the middle of the night sometime last week, awoken by the fire siren I pondered: In a modern age with telephone and cell phone technology, one might expect sirens to be confined to the history books. Probably, just one page after smoke signals. As the siren rang a confusing and prolonged third time: Aren’t there usually two... what does continuous mean – isn’t that an emergency?

Michael Houstoun Piano Marc Taddei Conductor Saturday 5 December, 7:30pm Michael Fowler Centre Wellington



Stravinsky Scherzo a la Russe Margetić Melting Furniture for Piano and Orchestra Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6

And as the dogs howled (with excitement or trepidation?), I concluded: It doesn’t seem reasonable to disturb or alarm the whole neighbourhood, when surely there are simple, cheap and silent alternatives to rouse the fire troops. For Pete’s sake, can’t you just give them a call? P.S. Thank you for the great work you do! Aidan Smith, Main Road (thankfully not as close as some, but close enough)

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Wednesday December 2, 2015

Pharmacies make the merge A big change is on the horizon for local pharmacists Ron Chin and Evan Choie. From next Monday, Wainuiomata Pharmacy and Brian’s Pharmacy will merge together to become the aptly named Wainuiomata Pharmacy. The brand new green and black pharmacy will be located at the Brian’s Pharmacy site on The Strand, which has undergone extensive refurbishment. The new store will offer customers a seven day a week service, complete with private consultation rooms and a Lotto counter. Owner of Wainuiomata Pharmacy, Ron Chin, said he had owned his pharmacy in Wainuiomata for almost 20 years. He said while he has enjoyed his time at the mall he was ready for a change, so he approached Evan. “I love my job, and I have such a great rapport with customers they are like my family. But there is my

other family and I would love to spend more time with them. “So I knocked on Evan’s door. We knew each other professionally but not personally. All the pharmacists in the area have a really good relationship,” Ron said. Owner of Brian’s Pharmacy Evan Choie said he pounced at the opportunity to join forces with Ron. Evan has owned Brian’s Pharmacy for almost five-years. “There is a lot of pressure with being the only pharmacist,” Evan said. “I am looking forward to building relationships, offering better health care and building better rapport with customers. “Instead of us being business men out the back being swamped by paperwork we can be out in the shop talking to customers and offering expert healthcare advice in a friendly and warm environment.”

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You’re all invited to our Grand Opening Customer Christmas Shopping Night, Friday 11th Decemeber, 6pm.

10 at least


in store


*condiitons apply

Come and enjoy Christmas cake and refreshments with us to celebrate new beginnings and the festive season.


Ron Chin & Evan Choie 8 The Strand, Wainuiomata. Ph: 04 564 8563 Fax: 04 564 8014 Open Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm Wed, 8.30am - 6.30pm. Sat, 9am - 7pm (Lotto only from 4pm) Sun, 10am - 4pm *Offers apply till end Dec 2015 or while stocks last.

Your Friendly Family Pharmacy



Wednesday November 25, 2015

Volunteers treasured at Woburn Home

Volunteer dancers John Wales and Ursula Curtis-Jelbert perform at Woburn Home’s Spring Ball.

Volunteers from across the Hutt Valley and beyond are bringing a unique aspect to Enliven’s Woburn Home in Lower Hutt. That’s from Woburn Home manager Stewart Clark whose team is using International Volunteer Day on Saturday [5 December] as an opportunity to thank its team of dedicated volunteers. He says the men, women, teenagers and children that volunteer at Woburn Home make a real difference to the lives of elders who live there. “Our amazing volunteers assist with the activity programme, they do baking, craft and gardening, they play music, sing, and so much more,” Stewart explains. He says volunteers provide companionship, spontaneity, fun and add something a little bit special to the home. “Our volunteers bring in their different personalities, cultures and backgrounds, and they form friendships with residents.” Stewart says the quality one-on-one time volunteers give residents at the home is invaluable. “We really can not thank them enough for all they do. They help out with such a wide range of activities, and as a not-for-profit organisation I really don’t think we could offer the support we do without them.” Students from Hutt Valley High School regularly volunteer at Woburn Home, and they recently helped to organise a Spring


Ball for the residents. Woburn Home recreation officer Samantha Murdoch says the students bring fresh ideas to the home. “For example, they took it upon themselves to go around and ask residents what they could organise to make their day. The residents suggested a ball, so the students helped organise it and everyone is still talking about the ball to this day,” says Samantha. “We also had two fantastic volunteer dancers attend the ball to demonstrate ball room dancing and inspire the residents to give it a go.” Woburn Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and is always on the lookout for volunteers to join their team. “Volunteers bring their different interests, cultures and skills to the home truly make such a difference here. We’re always looking for people to help with activities such as arts and crafts, gardening, outings, pampering, playing music, driving the home’s van or simply spending time with the residents,” explains Samantha.  If you want to help make a difference to the lives of residents at Enliven’s Woburn Home, call 0508 TO HELP or email more information about Woburn Home, located at 57 Wai-iti Crescent in Lower Hutt, call 04 569 6400 or visit

We’re Searching for ...

Design by: Jan Almond by: Jan TheDesign inspiration for Almond my design comes from the beautiful scenery, birdlife for andmybush has The inspiration designwalks comesthat fromWainuiomata the beautiful scenery, to offer and my interest in gardening and landscape birdlife and bush walks that Wainuiomata has to offer and my indesign. terest in gardening and landscape design. I have a background in sign writing and in my lettering I have a background in sign in my lettering I have depicted nature withwriting curlyand fern fronds andI have depictedhills natureand withvalleys, curly fernnature fronds and hills and abstract alsoabstract providing thevalleys, nature also providing the perfect colourand combination blue and perfect colour combination of blue green. ofI've added some interest my design art and green. I’ve added sometointerest to my with designmetal with metal art and wood carving. wood carving. My philosophy livelifelifeas as though heaven is onand My philosophybeing being -- live though heaven is on earth, earth, and thesurrounds beautyyou” thata surrounds quote “seequote all the"see beautyallthat phrase from one of you” a phrase from one of my favourite songs Dance my favourite songs Dance all around the world. all around the world. Design by:Design Jess by: Thimbleby Jess Thimbleby My idea is My anidea image a circle of hills is an of image of a circle of hillswith withaariver river running running through the centre. Hanging from that would be through the centre. Hanging from that would be a huge a huge piece withWainuiomata Wainuiomata intoloads it pieceofofwood wood with carvedcarved into it with with loads ofofflflowers around shrubs, owers around (bulbs,(bulbs, shrubs, keep thingskeep easy tothings maineasy to maintain) making area and welcoming. tain) making the areathe bright andbright welcoming. When I think of IWainuiomata I visualise When think of Wainuiomata I visualisegreen green hills hills everyeverywhere youyou look, where are,are they are where look,no nomatter matter where youyou are, they always always surrounding Also thearound spotswith around surrounding us. us. Also I loveI love all theall spots beauwith beautiful you’re never farwater, fromeven water, tiful rivers, rivers, you’re never too fartoo from if it is a even if it istiny a tiny creek.creek. I like the idea being maintain andandkeep I likeoftheit idea of iteasy beingto easy to maintain keep tidy, tidy, but the sign shows whatwhat we have The butalso the sign also people shows people we havehere. here. The countless walks the hills, countless countlessthrough walks through the hills, countlessspots spots totoenjoy enjoy the river, a lot such a small the river, a lottotoexplore explore inin such a small place. place.

Design by: Tamariki Ferguson Design Tamariki Theby:inspiration forFerguson my design comes from our community itself. A cultures a vibrantitself. and growing placeof The diverse inspirationrange for myofdesign comesthat fromlive ourincommunity A diverse range thatthat is unique to anywhere elseplace in the region. else Unique cultures live in a vibrant and growing thatWellington is unique to anywhere in the in the sense I feltin we needed welcome sign that was Wellington region.that Unique the sense that aI felt we needed a welcome signdifferent that was different we call home. The postsposts on theon sidesthe (Pou) are like spiritual we call home. The2 2carved carved sides (Pou) areGuardians like welcoming people to and protecting our community. be adornedour with carvspiritual Guardians welcoming people toThese andwill protecting ings/symbols from each of thewill 5 continents (All cultures) represented in Wainuiomata community. These be adorned with carvings/symbols from as well,each so youroffeedback is needed to (All aid incultures) this processrepresented so that each culture is identified. the 5 continents in Wainuiomata The as 3 Green lines feedback represent theisrivers/creeks our valley,soThethat Hill well,curved so your needed tothat aidruninthrough this process shaped topculture representsisthe hills that surround us and the brushed steelrepresent plate represents each identified. The 3 Green curved lines the the contemporary waythat forward. The 3 shades GREEN represent colour with rivers/creeks run through ourofvalley, The Hilltheshaped topwhich our represents community is the mosthills identifi ablesurround with/for out thethe sports/recreational that us on and brushed steelfields. plateAlthough modern in the look,contemporary having traditionally carved posts pays to ourofTangata represents way forward. Thehomage 3 shades Whenua and Early settlers tothe the Valley. GREEN represent colour with which our community is most identifiable with/for out on the sports/recreational fields. Although modern in look, having traditionally carved posts pays homage to our Tangata Whenua and Early settlers to the Valley.

Design by: Nicola Jones was historically DesignWainuiomata by: Nicola Jones a place that people travelled through Wainuiomata a place that people to get towas their historically destination. The koru symbolizes new travelled beginnings throughfortonow getWainuiomata to their destination. The is a destination in itskoru ownsymbolizes right and home to new beginnings for now Wainuiomata is a destination in its thousands. Surrounded by the beautiful Rimutaka Forest, the natuown right and home to thousands. Surrounded by the ral setting of Wainuiomata is also reflected in this of design. With the beautiful Rimutaka Forest, the natural setting koru emerging fromreflected rocks sourced fromdesign. Turakirae With heads,the I hope that Wainuiomata is also in this koru emerging frompassing rocksbysourced from Turakirae everyone might think about the newnessheads, each dayI brings hope that everyone mightand think the to their own lives.passing A symbol ofbygrowth hopeabout for everyone. newness each day brings to their own lives. A symbol of growth and hope for everyone.

Voting Closes Sun 13th Dec 2015 and a vote to keep the Original Flower Garden is also available. If you can’t get onto Facebook, please bring your vote in to Lisa at the Harcourts Wainuiomata office, 32 Queen St

Visit our Facebook page & VOTE at:

“Welcome to Wainuiomata”

Wednesday November 2015 Wednesday December 2, 2014 Wednesday February18, 5,


Pencarrow, 21 Grimsby Grove Parkway, 19 Mimihau Grove

Boasting day sun you will want to make LocationallAnd Size!! this your own! plan living, 3 Thisone home has a lotOffering to offeropen your growing bedrooms, separate shower&&aWC, family. At the end of abath, cul-de-sac stone’s HRV Security system.ofStay warm with the throw&from the bottom the Wainuiomata good insulation. There’s woodburner 2 living, study,a2 Hill. 3 double&bedrooms, deck for entertaining plenty ofdining off street bathrooms, open plan& kitchen/ with parking, large double workshop. good entertaining areagarage out thewith back. Tender closes Closes1pm 2.00pm 3rd December Thursday 10 December Open Sunday 1.30pm-2.00pm View Nicky Team Cooper Selig - David P 04 564 0004 0000 M 027 307 44582999 944 E Channel Realty Ltd



Pencarrow, 64 Road 21 Trelawney Grimsby Grove

Brand Home BoastingNew all day sun you will want to make


Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

"Absolute Pleasure" "CharacterParkway Renovator"

Offering open plan living, 3 •bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms separate bath, shower & WC, •HRV Fully& insulated Security system. Stay warm with the •woodburner Double glazed & good insulation. There’s a •deck Double Garage with&internal access for entertaining plenty of off street •parking, Alarm large double garage with workshop. For Sale Closes $465,000 Tender 2.00pm 3rd December Open by appointment Sunday 1.30pm-2.00pm View Team - David Nicky Selig Cooper P 04 564 0000 944 0004 M 027 4458 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Amazing & expansive family home. Excellent • Interesting do-up opportunity outdoor Teenagers & kids? They will • Village flow. Property love it too!Section Especially that elevated private • Decent - Potential viewing deck. Great parking & garaging. • 3 Bedrooms & Garage *• 5Separate bedrooms * 3 living Lounge & Gas* Study * 3 Bathrooms • Very Convenient Location Sale By* RV Negotiation *For 3 Toilets $495,000 Tender closes 2.15pm-2.45pm Wednesday 25th Nov 12pm Open Sunday Open Sunday 1.30pm-2.15pm View Leith Gunn Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Arakura, Parkway,254 18 Wellington Totara St Road Just Move In! Done - Relax!" "Renovations


Parkway, 19 Mimihau Grove Street Wainuiomata, 57 Parenga Location Ideal For And FirstSize!! Home Buyers!

This family home isFlow ready for you to move in & • Gas & Outdoor enjoy & is a must to view! Situated in a handy • Heat Pump location • Alarmnear Arakura school & kindy, park, transport & shops with a separate bath & • Great Kitchen shower, heat recovery & condensation control • 3 Bedrooms system, cooking, Heatpumps & more! • Woodgas Burner Tender closes 2.00pm 3rdDec December Tues 15th 12.00pm2015, Open Sunday 2.15pm-2.45pm 1.30pm-2.00pm View Nicky Cooper Leith Gunn P 04 564 0004 0002 M 027 307 44582999 940 E Channel Realty Ltd

This lot to offer to your growing Don’thome miss has the aopportunity view this home! family. end of awith cul-de-sac & a stone’s OfferingAt3the bedrooms great indoor/ throw from theEnjoy bottom theand Wainuiomata outdoor flow. theof sun entertaining 2 living, study, 2 Hill. 3 double on the deck inbedrooms, your private back yard. bathrooms, open plan kitchen/ dining with good entertaining area out the back. Tender 1pm Thursday 10 December For Salecloses $220,000 Open Sunday 1.30pm-2.00pm Sun 12.45pm-1.15pm View Team Selig Selig -- David David P 04 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

PRICETENDER BYGlendale, NEGOTIATION 52 Frederick Street

Opportunity Knocks

A young family home offering open plan living, 4 bedrooms, 2 opening onto decking & the master with ensuite. Internal access garage/ workshop & off street parking, all on a small easy care back section in a quite cul-de-sac, perfect for a growing family.

Driveway already in place Access to Artesian water spring. 15 Hectares of land. For Sale $178,000 View Open By appointment Nicky Cooper E: P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999

Parkway, Kawatiri Village, 14028Main Rd Gr

•this 5 Bedrooms one your own!

Young 4 Bedroom Family Home!

• • •

Parkway Pearlar! Just Move In!

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Pencarrow, 5b Kilkenny Grove

Coast, 491 Coast Road

Parkway, 14 Parkway Arakura, 254 Wellington Road Good floor home plan, nicely presented Parkway This family is ready for you to move in & home! throw from the hill, location, enjoy &Stones is a must to view! Situated in a handy close to schools & public transport. 3 park, location near Arakura school & kindy, Bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom a separate bath&& transport & modern shops with Garage &&workshop, off street conservatory. shower, heat recovery condensation control parking, private backyard to entertain in. system, gas cooking, Heatpumps & more! Tender Thursday 19th November 1.00pm closes 2.00pm 3rd December 2015, Open 12.00 - 12.30pm Sunday 2.15pm-2.45pm View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999 E Channel Realty Ltd

Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008


For Sale $320,000 View14 Parkway, Parkway Parkway Pearlar! Good floor plan, nicely presented. Stones Nicky Cooper throw from the hill, close to schools & public transport. 3 bedrooms,Pmodern & conservatory. Garage/ 04 564kitchen, 0004 bathroom M 027 307 2999 workshop, private back yard. E For Sale $275,000Open Sun 12.45-1.15pm Nicky Cooper P 04Realty 564 0004 Channel Ltd M 027 307 2999 E Licensed Agent REAA 20082008 Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA

7 99


5b Kilkenny Grove

Young 4 Bedroom Family Home! This home has open plan living, 4 bedrooms, 2 with doors opening onto decking, master ensuite, internal access garage & off street parking, on a small, easy care back section in a quiet cul-de-sac. For Sale $320,000 View Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307 2999

Here is an opportunity for you to get onto the property ladder and make this house your home. Offering 3 bedrooms, open plan living with a good sized double garage. Don’t miss the opportunity to consider this property as your new home. For Sale $200,000 Open Sunday 12.45pm-1.15pm View28 Parkway, Kawatiri Gr Rv $495,000 "Parkway Team Pleasure" From family gatherings to special Selig - David occasions or maybe you just have a big family! This expansive home will cater your everyMneed. architectural delight in a P 04 for 564 0000 027 An 4458 944 lovely street, you’ll never want to leave! 5 bedrooms, 3 living. E For Sale Price By Negotiation Leith Gunn P 564 0002 Ltd M 027 445 8940 Channel Realty E

Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

Licensed Agent REAA 20082008 Channel Realty Ltd Licensed Agent REAA


Central, 19 Wright StreetGrove Pencarrow, 6 Grimsby

Arakura, 56 Westminster RoadRoad Wainuiomata 64 Trelawney

Central, 39 Hyde Street 2 Bledisloe Crescent

Wainuiomata 8 Aporoa Grove Glendale, 52 Frederick Street

Wright House! Wright •Street! 3 floor bedroom. Brick exterior, "Playtime Paradise" T&G & Alarm double aluminium windows, modern kitchen bathroom • Studyglazed & Garage with 2 W/Cs. Great indoor outdoor flow. Garage/workshop. • 3 Bedrooms & Heat Pump Tender Thursday 26th Nov 1.00pmOpen Sunday 12.45pm1.15pm For Sale By Negotiation Open Sun 12.45pm-1.15pm Nicky Cooper P 04 564 0004 M 027 307940 2999 Leith Gunn P 04 564 0002 M 027 4458 E

Potential Plus An exciting chance for a first home buyer or Brand New Home investor. This property needs a makeover to bring it • 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms & cosmetic Alarm back toinsulated its former&glory. Open plan kitchen / dining, good indoor • Fully Double glazed outdoor flow. 3 bedrooms, bath, big back yard & a garage. • Double garage with internal access For Sale By Negotiation $465,000Open 2.30-3.00pm View Team Selig - David P 564 0000 M 027 4458 944 Annette Smith P 04 564 0005 M 027 5051027 E

Popular Hyde Street!Or This centrally offers 3 Calling All Investors First Homelocated Buyers!home 2 bedroom, bedrooms, modern kitchen, open plan living, with combined kitchen/dining, separate living area,garage laundry & power & off street parking, on a fully fenced section. centrally located on all medium density with potential to add value For Sale $269,000 View For Sale $195,000Open Sun 12.00pm-12.30pm Nicky P 04 0004 M 027 3074458 2999944 Team Cooper Selig - David P 564 04 564 0000 M 027 E

Nest Or Invest! 3 bedroom, open plan living Opportunity Knocks Opportunity for you to modernised get onto the kitchen, & make separate Good sized, fully fenced propertybathroom ladder and this laundry. house your home. Offering 3 section. Move in and you own finishing touches! bedrooms, open planadd living with a good sized double garage. For Sale By Negotiation For Sale $200,000 View View Open Sun 3.00-3.30 Nicky P 04 564 M 027M307 Team Cooper Selig - David P 040004 564 0000 0272999 4458 944 E E

We Want New Salespeople!


Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008


Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

• Salary/Retainer Available* • Industry leading Training & Technology • Fantastic Support - We’re with you all the way! Central, 219Bledisloe Crescent Wright Street

Fernlea, 60 Lees8Grove Wainuiomata Aporoa Grove

Calling All Investors First Home Buyers! 2 bedroom, Wright House! WrightOr Street! 3 bedroom. Brick exterior, combined kitchen/dining, separate living area, laundry & double glazed aluminium windows, modern kitchen bathroom centrally located on indoor medium densityflow. with Garage/workshop. potential to add value with 2 W/Cs. Great outdoor For Sale $195,000 View Open 12.00pm - 12.30pm For Sale Price By Negotiation Open Sunday 3.00pm-3.30pm Team - David P 040004 564 0000 0272999 4458 944 Nicky Selig Cooper P 04 564 M 027M307 E

Paint Up,Invest! Spruce3 Up Or Fix Up bedrooms, open plan living, Nest Or bedroom, open3 plan living modernised bush back drop, man cave/rumpus andGood a great central kitchen, bathroom & separate laundry. sized, fullylocation fenced within walking to you Fernlea section. Move distance in and add ownSchool. finishing touches! WO5321 For Sale By Negotiation For By Negotiation ViewSale Annette Smith P 04 564 0005 Nicky Cooper 0004 M 027 5051027 307 2999 E

Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

Contributor to

Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

*special conditions apply

Call Lisa Black from Harcourts Wainuiomata on 027 668 6477

Channel Channel Realty Realty Ltd Ltd Licensed Licensed Agent Agent REAA REAA 2008 2008

2 Bledisloe Cres 12.00pm - 12.30pm SUNDAY 6 DECEMBER 14 Parkway 12.00pm - 12.30pm Frederick St – 12.30pm 19 Mimihau 12.45pm - 1.15pm 2 52 Bledisloe Cres 12.00pm Gr 1.30pm – 2.00pm Wright St – 1.15pm 18 Totara 12.45pm - 1.15pm 5719 Parenga St 12.45pm Street 1.30pm – 2.00pm Kawatiri Gr – 1.15pm 1401.30pm 2.15pm 6 28 Grimsby Gr 12.45pm Main Road -2.15pm – 2.45pm Mimihau Gr – 1.15pm 245 1.30pm 2.00pm Wellington Rd -2.15pm – 2.45pm 1419 Parkway 12.45pm 21 Grimsby Gr 1.30pm - 2.00pm 64 Trelawney Rd 2.30pm – 3.00pm 21 Grimsby Gr 1.30pm – 2.00pm 254 Wellington Rd 2.15pm - 2.45pm Appraisal 8 AporoaFree Gr No-obligation Market 3.00pm - 3.30pm Free No-obligation Market Appraisal

P: 04 04 564 564 7310 7310 P:


Wednesday December 2, 2015

 

 

   Mickey Mouse po ses for the camera.

The children from Tihei Rangitahi.

  

Christmas Parade

 A bride trying to get to

 

church on time.

The Warehouse Kiwi ha ving fun.

 Leo the Lion had fun all day.

Jasmine Tipene with Snoopy.

Clive Cannons all dressed up.

 

Bugs Bunny greets his fans.

 

Ivy Beck, Terris Toko and

Devon Pasene.

 

 

Zeal Youth have fun.

 

Towith Lease Firewood by top-qualified electrician record of over fifty years of giving locals the lowest cost “around-theSECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week. Wednesday December 2, 2015 11 2m seasoned pine $180 clock” service, just phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 Wainui Self Storage, Waiu St, 0274805150. 4m Split pine store for or email next winter $330 Trades and Services To Lease Large Bags Kindling $13 46 Waione St Petone FORSTORAGE ALL ELECTRICAL repairs Large Bags Ph: Dry5685989 Pine/ Open Sat 9am-3pm SECURE 14sqm $42 per week. Wainui and Situation Vacant Public $14 Notice hardwood mix Self Storage, Waiu St, installations by0274805150. top-qualified electrician with Formerly cpa spares e Results: record of overFor fiftySale years of giving locals the RafflFree DeliveryWainuiomata in Wainui Croquet Club


Composed by Tony Watling 11th. Nov. 2015

Twilight Gala

This Thursday Wainuiomata Intermediate School will be holding a Twilight Gala. This will take place at the school grounds between 5pm and 8pm. Our summer pools were built by us. There will be live music, plenty of food stalls along Blends in well did cause no fuss. with handmade items ready for purchase. Withall hydro will cause a splash. The students have been working hard yearslide to put And to it many people dash. everything together and are excited for the opportuThrough native bush we twist and wiggle. nity to sell their products. From the children brings a giggle. The gala is a fundraiser towards a new sound system Severn days a week the place is open. in the school hall. Hot summer days we all are hopen!


Notice for November 14 lowest cost “around-the-clock” service, just $100 raffle resultPublic The winner is No. 17. Thank you for your support. phone 977-8787 or 021-0717-674 or email 11am -4pm Wed-Sun Trades and Services VILLAGE BOOKS, wide range, cheap novels.

Situation Vacant Situation Vacant

of freaky Fernlea gets FACT Ode the week By Aaron Meredith

Wainuiomata Squash Club

name Composed by Tony Watling ‘Hermione’ 25th Nov. 2015 Corner of Main Road so young Lots of us have bridge to cross. and Moohan Streets, Wainuiomata girls If fate has given us a loss. wouldn’t Or pass above a path of Composed danger. by Tony Watling 28th. 2015 be Toteased a place to you is stranger. Bringing local news for Atbeing Pukeatua Mountain Crest. nerdy! to the community There is a bridge that is the best. From which the view is of renown. Youth soon will adults be. You high up and lookingOur down. Situation Vacant

Annual General Meeting Tuesday 10 November 2016 Fitzroy Tavern on 7.00pm - 8.30pm 46 Waione St Petone at 1pm. TheBowling Strand Wainuiomata club, Ph: 5685989 Open Sat 9am-3pm 1 Moohan Formerly Street,Wainuiomata. cpa spares All Welcome


lins, staff at the school say the costumes AGM were some of the best they have ever seen. In this photo, teacher Anthony Kleinjan and students Ruby Keomary, Sophie 7.00pm Neary, Lily Carr and Shankar Monday 30thPrashvi November show off their costumes. At the Clubrooms



51. J.K. Primary School got a little bit Fernlea Rowling scary last week, holding a spooky disco to raise chosemoney the for the school. Students unusualdressed up as ghosts and gob-

Wainuiomata Darts Association

Sunday AGM13 December

Public Notice



Funeral Director Funeral Director Funeral Director

COMMUNITY CENTRE Their future, will the world decree. So they must pick which field to plough. When to start it could be now. At Hub the Centre they will learn. To play it fair, and feel concern. When to reap and when to sow. Soon must choose what seed to grow.

FACT OF THE DAYNewspaper Wainuiomata Deliverers The average

A solid

A solid

person laughs 10 of the clocks times a day! All in the movie


Deliverers Required in Pulp FictionKawatiri are Area Mohaka, - Kaponga. OF THE1:DMomona, ATrades Y and services stuck on 4:20.

Contact Sandra on 587 1660

SECURE STORAGE 14sqm $42 per week.


Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

View the Wainuiomata News online Advertise your business in your local Clasifieds, Contact Anne on 587 1660 Applications are available at our recruitment office or at the security gate based in the Ngauranga George in Wellington. Contact Barry 472 7987 or 021 276 6654.

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33.33. Negative vote (3)(3) 51.51. Eighth of of mile (7)(7) ACROSS By Russell McQuarters Negative vote Eighth mile ACROSS By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters By Russell McQuarters 37.37. Backs away (8)(8) 52.52. Patent (5)(5) 1. 1. Dubious (7) (7) Backs away Patent Dubious 38.38. Snare (8)(8) ... Maria (3) 53.53. Confirmation (11) 5. ACROSS Liberated (11)(11) Snare Confirmation (11) plantiff) 5. Liberated 33. Liqueur, 51. Relinquishment(by 33. Liqueur, ... Maria (3) 51. Relinquishment(by plantiff)41.41. Damn(sl) 54. River mouth (7) 11.ACROSS High up (5) (abbr) (3)(7) 51. Angry (5) ACROSS Damn(sl) (7) 54. River mouth (7) 11. High up (5) (3) 51.of Angry (5) Board game (8) a suit(Lat) ... prosequi (5) 38. (abbr) 1. ACROSS Remedial (11) 38. Board game (8) of a suit(Lat) ... prosequi (5) 1. Remedial (11) 43.43. Aboriginal spear (7)(7) 12.12. Large tenttent (7) 33. Sphere (3) 52. Solidify by by cooling (7)(7) 1. (5-6) Aboriginal spear Large (7) 33. Sphere (3) 52. Solidify cooling 1. Result (5-6) 40. Susceptible to suggestion (8) 52. Pet rodent (7) 7.Result Competent (7) 40. Susceptible to suggestion (8) 52.53. Pet rodent (7) 7. Competent 38. U.S. horse race; ... ... Derby 53. 7. Scoundrel (7)(7) 44.44. Young calf (6) DOWN 13.13. Counter (5) Young calf (6) DOWN Counter (5) 38. U.S. horse race; Derby Anaesthetic 7. Scoundrel (7) 42. Sampsons mistress (7)(8)(8) 53.Anaesthetic Bold (5) (5)(5) 11. Bring to bear (5) 42. Sampsons mistress (7) 53. Bold (5)(5)(5) (7)(7) Bring to(9)bear (5) 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness 11. Pulls (5) 45. Skilled (6) 1. Switches 14.11. Hung (9) 40. Restrained (8) 54. Humbleness 45. Skilled (6) 11. Pulls (5) 1. Switches 14. Hung 44. Quandary (7) 54. Maintains (7) 12. Imprecise (7) 44. Quandary (7) 54. Maintains (7) Imprecise (7)(9) 42. Casual (7) Friendship (11) 12. Deviousness (7)(9) 46.46. Change (5) Supporter (7) 15.12. Bears witness 42. Casual (7) 55. Friendship (11) 12. Deviousness (7) Change (5) 2. Supporter (7) 15. Bears witness 46. Remove shroud from (6) 55. Exploit (11) 13. Bucketed water-wheel (5) 2.55. 46. Remove shroud from 55. Exploit (11) 13. Bucketed water-wheel (5) 44. Annual calendar (7) Excellent (5) 44. Annual calendar (7) (6) 47. Italian city (5) 13. Excellent (5) 3. Respect (6) 16.16. Poet (4) 47. Italian city (5) 3. Respect (6) Poet (4) 47. Loath (6) 14. Chemist shop(U.S.) (9) 47. Loath (6) 14. Chemist shop(U.S.) (9) 46. Scoffs (6) DOWN Alert (9) 46. Scoffs (6) DOWN 14. Alert 49.49. Way in in (5)(5) 4. 4. Fear (8)(8) 17.17. List (7) Way Fear List (7)(9) 48. Official name for black DOWN 15. Stress (9) 48. Official name for black Stress (9)odd 47. Manservant 1.5. Sound (5)tendency So (9)odd 47. Manservant 1.General Sound (5)estate 15. So (9) 5.DOWN Nobleman’s (7) 19.15. Daintily Nobleman’s estate 19. Daintily (6) S.Africans (5) (6)(6) 1. (5)(7) 16. Asian deer(6)(6) S.Africans (5) General tendency Asian deer (6) 48. Form of of expression 2. (11) Directs (6) (6) 48. 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Wednesday December 2, 2015

Wednesday December 2, 2015



Wednesday December 2, 2015

inbrief news

Anzac mural takes permanent place in Hall

Hottest in country Were you feeling the heat on Monday, if so that was because Wainuiomata recorded the hottest temperature in the country. The 26 degree temperature was recorded at 2pm was four degrees warmer than Wellington City was at the same time.

Seaview Marina update

By Aaron Meredith

A wall hanging designed for the 100th anniversary of Anzac day has taken its permanent place inside the Wainuiomata War Memorial Community Hall. The art was created by Wainuiomata High School student Ariana Randall, her teacher Fiona Waitere and a group of Wainuiomata women who spend Thursday afternoons doing craft work. The wall hanging was placed just before the Wainuiomata Community Hub Open Day, and was on show for everyone to look at. Councillor Margaret Willard was very pleased with how it turned out, saying it looked great on the wall. The design shows a group of soldiers walking up a road, surrounded by poppies, the poppies were knitted by hand by the ladies from the craft group.

The Seaview Marina Board has requested a change to the District Plan to allow development at the Marina, located in the northeast point of Wellington Harbour. The proposed changes would focus on enhancing the marine functions, such as dry stack facilities for boats. The change would also allow for the future consideration of café and retail activity and apartments. Council will soon begin discussions on these proposed changes with residents. The initial focus is on discussion with iwi and key stakeholders that includes Marina users, nearby businesses and nearby residents.

Final Breakfast for the year By Aaron Meredith

Business owners of Wainuiomata gathered for the final time this year at the Development Wainuiomata business breakfast held last week. Every month Development Wainuiomata hosts breakfasts so business owners in the valley can network with each other. This month’s guest speaker was Mayor Ray Wallace who highlighted Hutt City Council’s major projects and achievements throughout the year. Included in the highlights were the upgrade of the Walter Nash Centre, Pukeatua Bridge and the continuing upgrade of much of centre city Lower Hutt. Mayor Wallace also mentioned developments in Wainuiomata taking place in the future.

“As Mayor I am doing everything I can to make sure everything in the area is fully developed.” One great achievement Mayor Wallace was proud about, was the decision to scrap the super city plan, for the time being at least. “I feel that Hutt City played a vital role in the local governments commission decision to not have the super city. “It doesn’t mean we are against change, it means we want smart change.” He also talked about the Wainuiomata Development Plan and the plans in Hutt City next year, including the development of a new four star hotel in the CBD. The next business breakfast was scheduled for February 26, with Mani Malaeulu invited as the guest speaker, talking about his new business venture.

Libraries help keep kids reading over summer Skills from being a warden By Aaron Meredith

Being a Maori Warden has helped Te Waka Kerehoma gain skills he never thought he would ever. Te Waka is part of the Wainuiomata Maori Wardens, and through the work he has done there has completed a number of courses that have helped him gain skills as well

as confidence. Included in his qualifications are first aid, fire response, various level of Maori Warden qualification amongst others. Te Waka is extremely proud of the achievements he has completed, and encourages everyone to take the opportunity to gather as many skills as they can.

Hutt City Libraries’ successful summer reading programmes are back this year, and set to help scores of children and young people across Lower Hutt retain reading levels over the holiday period and win great prizes. The Big Read provides a fun opportunity for children aged 5-12 to avoid the learning loss that research has shown normally occurs over summer. Last year 567 children took part and read over 6200 books during the summer break. Children receive a reading passport, which encourages them to read books, complete tasks and engage with family and friends. Families can also attend exciting summer holiday events at Hutt City Libraries. Teen Read for 13-18 year olds will be launched with a scavenger hunt on 4 December at the War Memorial Library from 5:30pm. Teens can sign

up for free at their local library and there are great prizes to be won, donated by local businesses. Sandra Mann, Divisional Manager Libraries, says the team is always excited when summer rolls around and it’s time for The Big Read. “It’s great to see kids engage with reading outside of school, and our staff love hearing what kids have been doing and reading over summer. “This year we have a particular focus on science and technology, following the success of events like the GNS Science lecture series”. Children across the region aged 5-12 years can sign up to The Big Read from December 14 at any Hutt City Library. There’s also a free reading program for 0-4 year olds. Parents can collect a sheet from any of the libraries, complete it, and go in the draw to win prizes.

Wednesday December 2, 2015

Piri Weepu Sevens won by visiting team By Aaron Meredith

For the first time the Piri Weepu Sevens was won by a team from outside the Wellington region. Whanganui side Ngamatapouri held on to defeat fellow visiting club, Napier Pirates 33-24 in the final last Saturday. Wainuiomata were defeated 17-10 by Napier Pirates in the semifinal, after cruising through their only pool match against Ngati Toa winning 27-0. The tournament was played in perfect conditions after earlier rain cleared before the 9am kick off of the tournament. The original field of 16 teams was reduced when Northern United pulled

out both their men’s and women’s the night before due to bereavement in the club. The women’s section was won by Marist st Pats, who defeated Hutt Old Boys Marist in the final 29-0. Ngati Toa defeated Marist st Pats 17-15 to win the men’s plate division, while a 24-19 victory over the Manawatu Fijians was enough to give the Upper Hutt Rams the bowl. The next tournament held in Wainuiomata will be the National Club Sevens tournament, held over Waitangi weekend. Ngamatapouri will be back in Wainuiomata to contest this tournament as well, qualifying as Whanganui champions.

Where else could it have come from? “That could have come from anywhere,” that was the line that third umpire Nigel Long mutted out during a crucial call in the third cricket test. At the stage of the game, Australia were 118/8, 84 runs behind New Zealand, almost certainly not being able to head into the second innings with a lead. Australian batsmen Nathan Lyon attempted a sweep shot, nicked it on to his shoulder and it was caught by Kane Williamson. The Umpire on the field at the time, did not hear the ball hitting the bat, so understandably he did not give the wicket, quickly New Zealand challenged the call, this is where the farcicalness of the call came. Hot Spot, which shows where the ball strikes a bat, clearly showed a large mark where something hit the bat, how it couldn’t be a ball is beyond anyone’s imagination. Nigel Long then decided the mark on the bat was not from a ball, he couldn’t tell us what it could have been, but he was certain it wasn’t the ball. Commentator Ian Smith is obviously furious with the decision, to be honest I would have been as well. Even the Australian Channel 9 commentary team, who are notoriously biased towards Australia admitted, in their own egotistical way, the call was wrong. That test was ours to win, a simple call took it away from us, as a fan I see it as another screw job in Australia, another time that aussies have screwed their little brother across the ditch. The last time we played them, in the Cricket World Cup final, they took it to far with their blatant heckling of our players, during this tour when things have not gone their way, they have reverted back to their bullying ways, even Mitchell Starc throwing the ball at Mark Craig when he could not get him out. Why does the Australian Cricket team think they need to act like this everytime, seriously guys act your age, you don’t need to be arrogant to be the worlds best, the All Blacks are great examples of this.  What are your thoughts on the nick that never got called? What memories do you have of the rivalry between Australia and New Zealand on the sports field? Send your thoughts to


MP and Councillor face off on the Cricket Pitch By Aaron Meredith

Over the weekend the Parliamentary Cricket Team faced off against a Hutt District XI at Hutt Rec. The Parliamentary Cricket Team was co captained by Hutt based list MP Chris Bishop while local councillor Campbell Barry lined up on the opposite side of the field. The game acted as a warm-up for the Parliamentary side towards their annual fixture against a Diplomats XI in March next year. Hutt District won the game comfortably, Campbell Barry scored 9 before he was caught by Chris Bishop, Chris scored 10 when he was batting. In local games the Wainuiomata First Team is in the middle of a two day game against Wellington Collegians. The One Day side went down to Victoria University by 90 runs. Next week the first grade side continues their two day match against Wellington Collegians. The One Day side is away at Trentham Memorial Park against Upper Hutt.

Councillor Campbell Barry and MP Chris Bishop faced off against each other on the cricket field last weekend.


Wednesday December 2, 2015

redcoats limited licensed under the REAA

Sunday 1:30-2:00pm

CENTRAL 14 Isabel Grove


PENCARROW 45 Trelawney Road






You will be very impressed with this amazing home in Blue Chip Location. Inground swimming pool to entertain the whole family. Large in size and only 10 years young offering 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, rumpus room, 2 living rooms, separate dining and double garaging internal access plus study. You have to see the amazing kitchen!

For sale by Negotiation

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid

This 3 bedroom home is in need of enhancing the quality of work already done. Good size living areas, 3 ample sized bedrooms. Seprate toilet and bathroom. Double garage all set on a huge flat 1084 sqm fully fenced section. Lots of potential. Call for an appointment today.

For sale by Negotiation

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

VILLAGE 127a Hair Street


VILLAGE 71 Hair Street






Built in 1920's this villa has heart and character. Rimu floors, high ceilings, original stained glass and 4 bedrooms. Amazing bathroom and kitchen with dishwaser and gas hobbs. Under tile heating in bathroom with separate shower and large bath. Very large lounge warmed by Jetmaster Open Fire.

For sale by Negotiation

Wayne Barton p 04 564 5127 m 021 744 116 e p 04 212 6797 m 021 650 555 e Tui Reid

This 3 bedroom home has tenants paying $275 a week. They are keen to stay on. The new landlord can relax: - fully insulated - powerful log-burner for winter - freshly painted exterior and internal living area.

Paul Butcher p 04 564 5318 m 021 209 5645 e

Sunday 12:45-1:15pm

Auction r e Remind

! I'm Solrd s has you

.. ..

PENCARROW 3 Bedrooms Sunny Deck Fully Fenced Heatpump and Woodburner


Mortgagee Auction



Judy Robinson

Sharyn Paaka-Palelei

.. ..

Freshly Painted New Carpet Fully Fenced Section Large Garden

Asking price $198,000 Online

3 bedrooms Rumpus Single garage Off street parking

For sale by Auction Online

Donna Tschurtschenthaler p 04 564 5315 e

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

ARAKURA 29 Westminster Road

For sale by Auction at 10 Wainuiomata Rd, 12:30pm Fri 11 Dec (will not be sold prior).

p 04 830 2160 m 027 858 2199 e

.. ..

ARAKURA 183 Wellington Road

CENTRAL 21 Bull Avenue The Bank must sell this property at auction. Records show this 110m2 weatherboard and tile roof home built in the 1950's sits on 809m2 which appears to have a fully fenced backyard with a garage and driveway for offstreet parking. Close to Wainuiomata Outdoor pool complex, Rugby club, Bowling club and Squash club.

p 04 564 9173 e

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

.. ..

For sale by Negotiation

ARAKURA 223 Wellington Road 3 Bedrooms Sep Lounge, Semi Sep Dining Carport and OSP Well Fenced and Well Maintained

Asking price $235,000 Online

.. ..

CENTRAL 119 Wainuiomata Road 3 Bedrooms Central Valley Handy to Mall Fully Fenced Backyard

Asking price $220,000 Online

Sunday 12:00-12:30pm

.. ..

VILLAGE 90 Peel Place 3 Double Bedrooms Potential Plus Well Maintained Fenced Section

For sale by Negotiation Online

Paul Butcher

Linda Turner

Sharyn Paaka-Palelei

Linda Turner

p 04 564 5318 e

p 04 564 5317 e

p 04 830 2160 e

p 04 564 5317 e

10 Wainuiomata Road, Wainuiomata

Wainuiomata News 02-12-15  

Wainuiomata News 02-12-15

Wainuiomata News 02-12-15  

Wainuiomata News 02-12-15