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Thursday November 26, 2015


Small club wins big By Nikki Papatsoumas

Members of the Kiwi Athletic Club wowed at the central inter league meeting last Saturday. The Kiwi Athletic Club is based at Newtown Stadium and focuses on track and field sports, aimed at athletes from college age to veteran. Club president, Peter Jack, has been a member of the club since 1964. He still takes part in field events such as shot put, discus, hammer throw and javelin. He travelled alongside 10 members of the small club to Palmerston North on Saturday for the meet. Peter said despite the club’s small size, he was thrilled with the results. The team took out five wins and more than a dozen placings. “We had 10 members go up from our club of 15 and I thought there were some incredible performances from all of them. “Because it is early in season they will get better as well.”

Peter said he had noticed an increase in the number of overseas athletes joining the club in recent years. “We have a lot of overseas athletes in the club who have joined us from places such as Denmark, Germany, Burma and Scotland. “Over the last 10 years we have found a fall in New Zealanders coming into our sport because of professional sports such as rugby and soccer. “We are now seeing more people join who were originally from overseas… they are keen to do athletics and stay in the sport.” Peter said Kiwi Athletics Club were always looking for new members. “It’s great for the youngsters’ health and to keep them out of trouble and we are finding to that it is very useful as a forerunner for them to use their fitness for other sports.”  For more information on the Kiwi Athletics Club, head to or phone Peter on 388 6224.

Peter Jack and Graham McPhail with members of the Kiwi Athletic Club at a meet in Palmerston North last Saturday.

Future Ferns in the making By Nikki Papatsoumas

From left, Douglas Miller, Edward Bragg, Lucinda Carran, Florence Bragg and Keagan Porter all took place in a Pedal Ready session at Island Bay School on Monday.

A group of keen netballers from St Francis de Sales School in Island Bay learnt all about dodging last Saturday. The year 1 and 2 students are part of the Future Ferns programme, which teaches children from the age of five to ignite a lifelong involvement in netball. The sequential programme aims to teach children fundamental movement and ball skills.

Each Saturday the children complete a skill session before playing a game. The games are played four a side, in a third of the netball court and hula hoops are used as goals to aid with the childrens’ development. Equal participation is encouraged during the games. As part of last Saturday’s lesson, children focused on two activities, ‘knee tag’ and ‘treasure’.

Students sharpen their bike skills By Nikki Papatsoumas

Island Bay School children were given a lesson in cycling skills on Monday. A group of year 5 and 6 students took part in the Pedal Ready programme earlier this week, after an enthusiastic student decided she wanted to learn more about cycling. Pedal Ready is a Greater Wellington Regional Council initiative and was introduced four years ago. As part of the initiative sessions in cycle safety and skills are offered at no charge to schools in the region. More than 4000 children have now taken part in the initiative. Pedal Ready instructor Patrick Morgan said the programme begins with a grade 1 session in the playground, where children are taught how to stop and start and how to use hand signals. Safety checks of their bikes and helmets are also completed. For the grade 2 session children are given on-road training which involves learning traffic rules, lane positioning and negotiat-

ing traffic. Florence Bragg and her friend Lillian Marshall got in contact with Patrick and the team at Pedal Ready to arrange a session at Island Bay School so they could learn how to ride their bikes safely. “We had the idea that we should do this and then we searched the web and found a suitable website, Florence said.” The girls were amongst those to complete a grade 1 session which was held at Island Bay School earlier this week, Patrick said Pedal Ready instructors have previously taught students at Berhampore, Houghton Valley and South Wellington Intermediate Schools. “It is great to extend that to Island Bay School students. This is the first time we have had a school student organise the session. “It looks like there is a lot of demand for kids to improve their bike skills and they are the envy of every other Wellington suburb with this protected bike cycleway. [Island Bay] are leading the way for Wellington.”

Students from St Francis de Sales School in Island Bay participate in the Future Ferns programme at the Hataitai Netball Courts.




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