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10 Thursday November 12, 2015

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Q: We asked children from Island Bay Playcentre what they were most excited for at this weekend’s gala.

Rose Garland Wellington “I want to be on the bouncy castle eating lollies.”

Babette Fulcher Wellington “I’m excited to have some lollies and see my friends.”

Lorna Clarke Wellington “I’m excited because straight after the gala I’m going to school.”

Vivian Stannard Wellington “I like toy shopping.”

Ciaran Stocks Wellington “I’m excited about the lollies.”

Kiah Upton-Besier Wellington “I’m excited about the lollies and the monster bouncy castle.”

LETTERS to the editor Her Excellency... Dear Ed, Your Nov. 5 article on HRH the Duchess of Cornwall's visit to the Wellington SPCA alongside the Governor-General's lady was good news in itself; but please note that Her Excellency is not "Lady Janine Mateparae" as wife of Sir Jerry Mateparae, but is just Lady Mateparae, or else Janine, Lady Mateparae, not being daughter of an earl,

a marquis, or a duke. For instance, if such a peer's daughter marries a baronet, a knight, or just a plain Mr, and was previously Lady Mary Jones, she becomes Lady Mary Smith as the wife of either Sir John Smith or of Mr John Smith. But if her maiden style was plain Miss Mary Jones, she then becomes either Lady Smith (otherwise Mary, Lady Smith) or

Mrs John Smith, after marriage to either Sir John Smith or Mr John Smith. I'm aware there are uncivilised people who want to abolish all titles and honorifics; but while we still have them, educated people should use them properly. That old Marxist heathen GB Shaw did include a few titled people in some of his plays; but he used their titles just as correctly as

did the snobbish Oscar Wilde with any titled characters in his plays. Wilde's own mother was Lady Wilde, as wife of the brilliant ear, nose, and throat specialist Sir William Wilde, knighted for his great abilities as a doctor, just for interest. Hector Westfold, Miramar

Snow app required Have you got an anonymous THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN to share? email to or Text to 022 322 4811 THUMBS DOWN to the Hataitai residents leaving their dogs vacating bowels matter on the footpaths surrounding Hataitai School and other streets adjacent.

THUMBS DOWN to the male driver of a brown ute dialling and or texting with cellphone in right hand beside steering wheel on Sunday in Rakau Rd

Dear Ed, On the one hand you have climate change projecting a lack of future snow falling on New Zealand Ski fields and on the other hand you have Wellington City Council tourism propaganda based on outdated and misleading tourist visitor projection data towards extending the Wellington Airport runway. Why build a longer runways for mythical tourists who will never arrive? In this time of increased New Zealand unemployment – perhaps an app could be made to instantly put white snow on the tourists digital photos of our future snow barren alps? M. Beck, Mornington

Carbon emission options needed

THUMBS DOWN to the shop owner who thinks he is a parking warden and now chalks the tyres and notes the time cars are left in Kilbirnie Plaza then leaves a ticket under the wiper. Business must be really slow.

Dear Ed, It is good to see Wellington City Council in the Eastern Ward starting a conversation about transport issues in the ward. There is opportunity now to establish a priority for low carbon emission options. This means first priority for pedestrians, then public transport. Think of bus stops and shelters, cross walks, handicap car parks, perhaps even overbridges being prioritized to enable shoppers and walkers a safe and easy trip for themselves and their bags. This is a long term view and the consultation should not be hurried. It is time to set up a series of public meetings in the ward, and to enable individuals to use their social media to communicate with Wellington City Council on these issues. Richard Keller, Lyall Bay

THUMBS UP to the PopUp Shop on College St, for supporting New Zealand made and lots of Wellington designers.

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FROM THE REPORTER’S DESK Reporter Nikki Papatsoumas spends her weeks out and about amongst the community. Each week she shares her take on the week’s events. On my travels this week I stopped in to chat to the friendly team at the New Zealand Blood Service in Newtown. While there I discovered that only four per cent of the eligible population donates blood. After learning this, I decided to jump on board and show my support and now next Thursday I will be among those giving blood at the ASB Centre. Most of my week since Monday’s visit had since been spent trying to convince my colleagues to come and join me, so I thought this week why not try and convince you to support the cause. Every donation can save three lives, so it’s definitely something to think about!

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