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Mouth ulcers can be very painful - not to mention a real nuisance while you are eating and drinking. And they always tend to get knocked by your tooth brush during cleaning. They can make you feel very miserable. Mouth ulcers are like small sores. Usually they are found on the inner cheek, on the edge of, or under, the tongue, or on the inner lip. They are yellow or grey in colour and about 3 mm in size. There are many reasons why people develop mouth ulcers, but usually it is when you are feeling stressed or run down and your immune system is under-par. Around exam time, or when you are particularly busy at work and working long hours, seem to be the periods when you are prone to them. Some women can get them before their periods (menstruation), or during pregnancy. If there is a family history of ulcers, you may be more likely to get them. Things that damage the protective lining of the mouth can lead to mouth ulcers – such as eating or drinking very hot or acidic foods or drinks. This includes tomatoes and oranges, fruit juice, wine and soft drinks. Also eating lots of boiled lollies or hard crunchy foods or biting

your inner cheeks. Having poorly-fitting dentures that rub the gums, or under which food gets stuck, can also result in ulcers. “In addition,” advise Self Care pharmacists, “some medicines can cause ulcers - through their side effect of drying-out the mouth. If you take regular medicines and get mouth ulcers often, discuss this with us so we can help establish whether the medicines are the cause.” Mouth ulcers usually clear-up without treatment in about one or two weeks. However, in the meantime, some kind of relief may be required, so you can eat and drink normally. There is a wide range of medicines for mouth ulcers – some for healing but most for reducing the pain. They come as liquid paints, mouth rinses, gels and pastes. Also, there are self care things you can do to try and prevent ulcers from developing. To keep stress levels down, try to get plenty of physical exercise and a good night’s sleep most nights. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables), whole grain breads and cereals and other foods with good levels of B and C vitamins, or take these vitamins as supplements. All these will help boost

Mouth ulcers are like small sores. Usually they are found on the inner cheek, on the edge of, or under, the tongue, or on the inner lip.

your immune system, especially if your body is run down. If you take medicines that cause a dry mouth, then there are a number of things that can be helpful to prevent mouth ulcers developing. Drink or sip water often, suck on ice or sugar free lozenges, eat moist or watery foods and eat foods that need chewing to stimulate saliva to flow e.g. celery. Having good oral hygiene is an important self care measure to take. This means regular teeth cleaning with a soft toothbrush, rinsing-out the mouth with warm water after eating and between cleaning, using mouthwashes when your mouth feels sore and an ulcer may be coming on, having regular dental check-ups and ensuring any dentures are fitting well. “If your mouth ulcers start to bleed a lot, or you get them very often (such as every two weeks), or they take longer than three to four weeks to heal, then you need to see a doctor,” caution Self Care pharmacists. “These may be warning signs of other illnesses that need to be confirmed, or ruled-out.” The Mouth Ulcers fact card has more useful information so ask your Self Care pharmacist for a copy, and talk about how you can prevent this irritating condition.  Prepared by Pharmacy Self Care, Pharmaceutical Society of NZ Inc, 16-20 Willis St, Wellington

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