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10 Thursday October 8, 2015

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: Would you like to see a campground in Owhiro Bay?

Benita Rossow, Berhampore “No because it is out in the ‘burbs’ and it is not close to anything.”

Lance Tapiki, Berhampore “Yes, I don’t think it is such a big deal.”

Nic Orr, Berhampore “No, because there is already plenty of options.”

James Nelson, Kilbirnie “I think people won’t use it because of the location.”

Damian Espinoza, Kilbirnie “I’m a big fan of camping so I think it’s fine.”

Stephen Clover, Kilbirnie “Yes, why not? It can’t hurt.”

LETTERS to the editor Island Bay controversy

Our flag Dear Ed, Last Saturday I joined a guided tour of Parliament and received a couple of clear indications how apathetic we are about our flag. Shown around the room where our Upper House once met and where the speech from the throne is annually given I noted two flags on the dais. The

right one, slightly taller was the Australian, the other, on the left was ‘our flag’. When I questioned this atrocity I was told that it probably was a left-over of a recent conference there, when a lot of Australians attended. Now in the very heart of the symbol of our country was this careless joint display. The guide

could not see a problem; they were just left there in the meantime. None of the party saw the incongruity; just some flags! No wonder, during the short periods when the House meets, the flag on the beehive looks half-mast. Paul Franken, Strathmore Park

Dear Ed, I read with interest Simon Edmonds letter (Cook Strait News October 1) and his naive and ill-informed interpretation of what’s happening beneath the surface in Island Bay regarding the installation of the cycleway and can’t help but wonder “just what planet is the guy on?” I agree with him that a certain Councillor David Lee made an extremely poor

judgment call by listening to a very small minority lobby group that were advocates for the proposed cycleway. Obviously Edmonds has no idea as to how a community works and what the needs for all in a community may be. He should not be fooled by the same two or three opponents’ faces he believes he sees. Now the cycleway is being installed it is

“the hottest topic of conversation” in Island Bay. It has been a controversy from the outset this unnecessary cycleway in Island Bay and people know it! If council and the lobby groups involved were genuine about “safe cycling” they would be focusing on the dangerous areas for cyclists and not novelty cycleways to nowhere! Steven Cooper, Island Bay

Mr Terry attests to was about seeking community guidance as to move ahead with legal proceedings. The a r ticle where the very rarely sighted Counci l lor David L e e a nd R icha rd McLean stated that there had been a “robust and appropriate process” depends on which side of the fence you sit! That is why it is commonly

known as “the controversial cycle way to nowhere”. While there may be some supporters of the cycleway now that work on it has begin (still with no clear Wellington City Council signage as to what is happening either) I believe they are well and tr uly in the m inor ity. Time will tell in my opinion! Sally Hewitt, Island Bay

Time will tell Dear Ed, It seems fascinating that Jon Terry a resident of Newtown writes (Cook Strait News, October 1) so knowledgeably about a private meeting held in Island Bay for the much maligned people not in favour of the kerbside cycleway that has been imposed on them with such fervour. I attended that meeting and can report that the vote that


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