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Thursday September 17, 2015

Happy ending for young Whale A juvenile Humpback whale is now free after being caught in cray pots and a buoy in Wellington Harbour on Sunday. The whale was spotted by a fisherman in Fitzroy Bay, and alerted authorities about the problem. A specialist Whale Crew from Kaikoura was then dispatched to help untangle the whale. The fisherman who found the whale stayed with it, allowing authorities to find the tangled mammal more easily. MOVING ON: Local Berhampore church demolished after earthquake damage deemed too costly .

Church demolished but community spirit still strong By Leah Flynn

The demolition of St Cuthbert’s Church earlier this month hasn’t dampened the spirit of the church community. The Reverend of St Cuthbert’s, Richard Noble, says it’s not about the building; it is the people in the community that matter. “When a family moves home no one thinks the family is destroyed and it is the same with our community, we’ve moved buildings but our church family remains.” The Berhampore church was sold last year after the August 2013 earthquake left the parish facing the prospect of $250,000- $500,000

in repairs. The church congregation has moved to the nearby St Thomas’ Chapel on Riddiford Street, after it was decided repairs to St Cuthbert’s would be too costly. Reverend Noble says he wanted to focus his efforts on building and fostering the community, rather than focusing on fundraising efforts. “People are our focus, not fundraising”. A vote last year on whether or not to sell the church resulted in 30-3 voting for the sale. The Reverend says that on the whole the response to the move has been positive, despite a few upset parishioners.

Their 10:30am service is now over-filled to the point they are thinking about moving locations again. They have considered the possibility of a community hall. Reverend Nobel says it doesn’t matter where they worship. “The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is not a resting place, the church is a people.” The church was sold to a developer who had originally planned to transform the church into four units. After further engineer reports increased the cost of repairs the plan was scratched and the building demolished.

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Evans Bay Intermediate School Written by EBIS students Maria Ulberg and Grace Symmans

Evans Bay Intermediate School is buzzing. The EBIS school production is coming up and they invite you to come and enjoy a fun, colourful and amazing night with them. With an amusing and dramatic script, written by a group of fabulous EBIS students, it will definitely be a night to enjoy. 200 years is a long time right? Well imagine if you had to live underground for that long, that’s not a great way to live. In EBIS’s “The Science Affair” the whole of earth’s population is living underground just because a science experiment went terribly wrong and the conditions are getting harsher. Clean air is running out and the authority is ruling with an iron grip and worst of all, SCIENCE IS BANNED! Six students are secretly creating a rebellious plan with their science teacher. What if the authorities find out? What if they make it out into the world? What will happen if they do?

The School Choir is busy practising and they sound spectacular. Kapa haka, Poly club, a great school Band and of course our fabulous Orchestra all have parts to play and the excitement is building as we get closer to “showtime”. Sofia Gowans who plays the Minister of Housing says, “It’s an amazing opportunity for everyone, actors, singers, dancers. Something for everyone to enjoy”. Ben Egerton, head director and teacher says, “It’s musical, visual, dramatic, spectacular - about survival of humanity. You’d be crazy to miss it.” “The Science Affair” will be performed at Evans Bay Intermediate on Wednesday 23 September and Thursday 24 September at 7:00pm . Please come to the Evans Bay Intermediate office to buy tickets. Adults - $10.00, students - $5:00. (Ph 9393247)


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