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Thursday September 17, 2015

Sir Ed’s adventures bought to life By Matt Tso

Wellington artist Phoebe Morris has illustrated a children’s book about the exploits of Sir Edmund Hillary. ‘First to The Top - Sir Edmund Hillary’s Amazing Everest Adventure’ was written by author and journalist, David Hill and published by Penguin. The book chronicles Sir Ed’s journey from childhood to the top of Mount Everest. It also explores Sir Ed’s later adventures and his enduring friendship with climbing partner, Tenzing Norgay. After working on the book for over a year Phoebe says she learnt a lot about Sir Ed. “When I started off, I didn’t know a heck of a lot about him.” Having researched Sir Ed for the book, she is amazed at how much he managed to fit into one lifetime. Sir Ed’s iconic status meant Phoebe was conscious of portraying him in the right way. She began by drawing several realistic studies of Sir Ed before she began stylising him for the book. Because he remains in the living memory of many New Zealanders she was conscious of the need to do him and his story justice. The book got the go ahead from Sir Ed’s children, Peter and Sarah. Phoebe says their approval

IN COLOUR: Phoebe Morris has illustrated a children’s book about the exploits of Sir Edmund Hillary.

inbrief news Thieving in Crawford Green Residents in the Crawford Green area of Miramar should be on the lookout for any strange behaviour Plant pots were stolen from a house in the area on two consecutive nights, meaning there must be someone or a group of individuals taking the precious greens. One local resident was concerned, saying it “wasn’t a one-off” and another resident noticed cigarette butts outside their home. Perhaps a group loitering, on the prowl for more shrubs or flowers especially coming into spring.

Former Wellington Mayor Dies Former Wellington Mayor James Belich has died at age 88 after a short battle with Alzheimer’s. He was surrounded by family at his own home when he passed away on Sunday night. Belich won the Mayoralty race back in 1986 on the back of a campaign to stop discharging raw sewage into the sea on the south coast. He held the Mayoral Chains until 1992, and invested heavily in public works including an extension to the Kilbirnie Pools.

was a relief and she was glad they didn’t have an issue with how he had been depicted. While the book is factual, it is written like an adventure story which Phoebe thinks is

important in keeping children engaged. “It might be the first time many kids are introduced to Ed and his story, so it's important to make sure it’s a good one,”

she says. Phoebe is about to start work on a second book commissioned by Penguin and will again be working with David Hill.

Changes at Cook Strait News The Cook Strait News office in Kilbirnie Plaza will relocate to Broderick Road Johnsonville, the head office of Wellington Suburban Newspapers from Monday 21 September.

The move will coincide with the return of reporter Nikki Papatsoumas to the Cook Strait News team. Nikki will take on a more senior role within WSN. Publisher Les Whiteside says

previous reporter Sam Duff did an excellent job with the Cook Strait News and having Nikki return after nearly two years with The NZ Herald will be a real bonus for WSN.

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