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10 Thursday September 10, 2015

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Question: What’s your favourite Wellington event? Why?

Jackie Thrussell, Lyall Bay

Jill Hannay, Miramar

Lynda Coghaln, Strathmore

Fraidon Aziz, Newtown

Feunai Ioane, Kilbirnie

“My favourite event is Lux. I went last year and it was awesome. It fascinates me how they are all different, some hanging from trees or some on the water.”

“Wellington on a Plate or the film festival are great events. They’re all about seeing something different.”

“Going to the river dancing, it’s all about tapping your feet to the Irish music. I love dancing.”

“I love Wellington in general and going to rugby matches, I haven’t really been to any events in the city.”

“Lux, it has a nice variation of lights, also there was a cool exhibition of lunch boxes. I would definitely recommend it, especially to families.”

Blair Williams, Mount Cook “The film festival and the diversity of different films showing and theatres that are open all over, there isn’t usually an opportunity to see shows.”

LETTERS to the editor Tinted windows outlawed Dear Ed, Quite some number of years ago regulations were passed outlawing tinted windows of vehicles. At the time it was alleged that various illegal activities by gangs and bandits would be hidden by tinted windows. Now tinted windows are more prolific than ever and create a real danger to cyclists who cannot anticipate sudden opening of car doors right in their path. Now even busses are joining the tinted window brigade turning our GO Wellington vehicles into Al Capone lookalikes. Why on earth has Ab-

solutely Positively Wellington not remonstrated against these vehicles which obstruct passengers views of this great city. Both tinted windows and metal mesh coverings treat us like blindfolded zombies, especially during twilight and at night it is difficult to locate where you are and where you want to get off. Whoever instigated and organised these tinted windows should be castrated and held responsible for this great degradation of our quality of life. Paul Franken Strathmore Park

Postbox removal inconvenient Dear Ed, In my 60's now, I have been a very frequent user of the postal service in NZ for most of my life! It has been with great dismay that I've found the postal boxes in our suburb - and also along the route to the city - largely removed. In an age which depends on emailing/texting more and more, I can understand there are financial considerations which have driven the choice to remove the boxes. But what a choice! Nothing beats a tangible, handwritten note and card for its

WCE 0978

We are proposing safer speed limits in Northland, Wadestown, Ngaio, Khandallah and Berhampore shopping areas. Have your say By Monday 12 October 2015

For more information see or call 04 499 4444

that no publicity was put out - none that I or my neighbours were able to see (it does look like a lack of courtesy, huh?) and so many of us were left to discover the unfortunate events at the very point of turning up to post our letters. I am not a person who harps on about the 'good old days'! I don't even think I have ever actually used that phrase for real(!) ... but I certainly hope that better days could possibly/ might even/ may be coming again in regards to the NZ postal service, Wendy Vink, Island Bay

Motorists, scooterists and cyclists Dear Ed, I feel that Heather Bevan’s comments on September 3 needs a reply. As a motorist, scooter rider and cyclist for 30 years, I think it’s important to see things from the other road user’s viewpoint too. I may be wrong, but I am guessing that Heather hasn’t ridden a cycle for some time. Bus drivers who were encouraged to try cycling in busy traffic reported being surprised at how dangerous and exposed they felt. A cycle moving slowly at 5 km/hr between parked cars at the lights is completely different to a car squeez-


closeness and significance in laying out one's heart or thoughts or best wishes or sympathy in so many life circumstances. It is such a pleasure and privilege to receive handwritten pages - and it is such a pleasure to send them. Our society will be the poorer for removing the ease to do it. The action to remove the opportunity to both post mail and lessen the frequency with which 'snail mail' is delivered, is naturally going to discourage the use of the services - the 'ultimate plan' seems obvious. However, it was a shame

ing past a cycle at 50 km/hr, the latter may knock the cyclist off their bike. The former situation is not dangerous. On Wellington’s narrow streets, in the past, motorists would often squeeze past cyclists in, sometimes, dangerous manoeuvres. This practise has thankfully diminished, but safety is the reason why cyclists and scooters don’t move to left to let a motorist past, not because they’re being rude. If they stay in the centre of the lane, the motorist will not be tempted to pass. I agree that cyclists are indeed

Word on the Street Dear Ed, Re "Word on the Street" (CSN Aug. 27), that question is a very old one, regarding what one would do if striking a big lottery prize or somehow gaining a large fortune overnight. My own answer is that I'm now too old, feeble, and near death to get much personal enjoyment from a lot of money, even if I had Bill Gates's enormous wealth. All the same, I'd use some of a big prize to do favours for kind people who've done them for me; and perhaps, just for spite, I'd give some significant sums to my worst enemies, thus "heaping coals of fire on their heads" which the Bible says Christians should, returning good for evil! As well, providing

complete advance payment for my funeral and burial would be a great idea. I already have some money in the trust fund of the Funeral Directors' Association of NZ, but only enough to pay about 45% of the estimated total costs. It would be nice to have a balance that would pay the whole lot, with a surplus that could be refunded to my estate, so that the final beneficiary would get a little more, as he deserves. All of us ought to do all we can, before death, to minimise the work and trouble for everyone concerned, after we've kicked the bucket. H Westfold Miramar

traffic, but as such they have as much right to be on the road as motorists, and may legally occupy all of the lane if they feel they cannot safely move over to the left, that’s what the road code says. Once again we see the actions of a few cyclists spoiling it for the rest, like those who run red lights. But as a law-abiding cyclist I refuse to be lumped in with “whinging cyclists who daily break the law”. Believe it or not, cyclists do not all behave the same way. Jon Terry, Newtown

Shades of grey Dear Ed, This Sunday, while attending church I heard that Parliament was virtually recalled to announce the all black team. I was gobsmacked and could hardly consume communion. Dave Armstrong in this morning’s Dompost clearly exposes for what we are really turning into. On reflection the best flag for us to choose is an all grey flag. All we have to worry about and discuss is what shade of grey?!?!?!?!? Paul Franken, Strathmore Park

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