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Thursday August 27, 2015



Happy Fathers Day

Sun 6 Sep

He is a top Kiwi bloke

Ten ways to make your Dad smile this Father’s Day.  Surprise Dad with a top notch fry up in bed! This will give you extra brownie points and keep him grinning from ear to ear all day.

 Offer to give him a foot massage. Bare through the potential smell of this one as it will certainly put you ahead of your siblings in the ‘best child’ stakes.

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 Load up the chilly bin with ice and keep a few beers ready for Dad to enjoy throughout the day. You may need Mum’s assistance with this one to keep it legal.

 Leave the telly on the sport’s channel all day. Do not touch the remote. For extra points sit with him during this time and pretend to listen to his ranting about All Blacks matches from the 1980s.  Laugh at Dad’s Dad jokes all day. All day!  Take Dad fishing somewhere around the south coast. We live in a stunning area so get out there and enjoy it. We suggest somewhere on the Miramar Peninsular.

 Take Dad to the movies and let him pick the flick. Be prepared to watch a war movie or something about a band you have never heard of.

 Place in front of Dad the latest copy of the Cook Strait News to read. This will be a highlight of his day. Watch his joyful face as he reads the enlightening local articles.

 Fire up the barbeque and show Dad how good you are at cooking him a steak for tea. Be careful as this could go badly wrong. Men are very protective of their barbeques, you may cook his steak a fraction too long, you may burn the house down.

 Tell Dad he is the best Dad in the world!

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