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Thursday August 27, 2015

Thinking outside the square By Sam Duff

Lyall Bay Kindergarten is preparing to hold a rather unconventional fundraiser for a childcare facility. Next month parents with children at the kindergarten will take part in a beer tasting fundraiser at Crave Cooking School. Nick Guyomar, from Lyall Bay Kindergarten, says funds from the fundraiser will be going towards a new sun shade for the outdoor area. “Part of our outdoor area is already covered but we want another one and they’re quite expensive,” he says. Having a beer tasting evening to fundraise for a child care facility is ‘a little unconventional’, according to Nick. He says the kindergarten sought sponsorship from a number of breweries and while many donated their products some were reluctant due to it being a kindergarten. Nick says the event’s biggest sponsor is Black Dog Brewery which is located on Blair Street. Adrian Kemp from Black Dog says he was happy to help with the fundraiser because it is a great cause.

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RAISING CASH: Adrian Kemp from Black Dog Brewery, parent Dan Perry, Lucy Mutch from Crave Cooking School and Nick Guyomar from Lyall Bay Kindergarten. PHOTO: Sam Duff

“Children are the future and we need to do whatever we can to look after them and nurture them,” he says. Chris Wagstaff, the owner of Havana Bar and Fidels’s Café, has also donated quite a large amount of beer, Nick says. Whittakers has also pitched-in with a supply of their chocolate goods.

“All the sponsors have all really come on board,” Nick says. “We have beer for free, facilities for free. They have just been great.” Holding a beer tasting evening is a good way of getting fathers involved in their children’s kindergarten, he says. The evening will begin with lighter lagers and golden ales,

before moving on to pale ales and APAs, before finishing with a range of darker stouts and Scotch ales. The evening will be held at Crave Cooking School in Lyall Bay. Owner Lucy Mutch says Crave is used for quite a few school fundraisers and when they can help the community they like to.

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FROM THE REPORTER’S DESK - The last hurrah Thank you, to everybody who has let me into their homes, schools, churches and community groups during the past year, cheers. I have had a blast in my time with the Cook Strait News but all good things must come to an end so this week I say goodbye. It has been an absolute pleasure to share with you the amazing things that go on each week throughout the Eastern and Southern suburbs. Each week I get bombarded with emails and phone calls

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about high achieving sports people, community groups doing wonderful things and smart-as-a-tack teenagers. There are always too many stories to share in a 16 page newspaper, but we try our best to share as much news as possible. I will genuinely miss being so involved in what is happening in the community and having quite a privileged perspective on local events. 14 months ago I needed Google maps to find my way from Kilbirnie to Miramar,

these days I know the south coast and eastern suburbs like the back of my hand. I will still be living in the area, but instead of writing much of your weekly Cook Strait News I will be reading it on a Thursday along with the rest of you. Please continue to contact the team with everything that is going on in the community That’s all from me, it’s been fun. Cheerio.  To suggest stories to the Cook Strait News please email

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