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10 Thursday August 20, 2015

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Q: As a city, has Wellington had enough training for an earthquake? Are we prepared?

Katherine Clark, Johnsonville

Clare Lewis, Brooklyn

Levi Deberry, Strathmore

“No, more posters about earthquakes need to be about. With what happened in Christchurch, we need to be more informed, especially since we’re on the fault line.”

“Definitely not. I had one drill at work and school, which I don’t think is enough, more should be done. We are not prepared after Christchurch. Physically more preparation could be done.”

“It’s hard to prepare yourself for something that you don’t know the difficultly of or damage of.”

Simon White, Island Bay “Probably not, some people are ready for an earthquake. The majority aren’t as they won’t have prepared for the event or have survival kits or spare food.”

Matt Evans, Lyall Bay “No, more training centres need to be in place. I don’t think everybody is ready and are oblivious to what damage can be done.”

Emily Leveugle, Miramar “I am originally from Australia; I don’t know much myself as I have only seen one advertisement about what do in a scenario when there is an earthquake. But my daughter has been taught about it at school.”

LETTERS to the editor Is Germany simply facing reality?

EARLY OPEN: Pubs will be able to open in the early hours of the morning for rugby matches during the upcoming Rugby World Cup after legislation was passed last week.

Right for drinking places to open for cup games Dear Ed, a national scandal! The Government telling proprietors to close their gathering places for sport matches, more interesting and important than flags, anthems, interest rates and exchange rates is disgusting. They should be able to shelter and accommodate the masses to see the games and have coffee, tea, chocolate and even milk (now that the price has gone rock-bottom level for milk!). They should be limited in the amount of sugar available, no sugary drinks but complimentary water from the tap. Put away the booze which is not beneficial for health and does more damage than smoking or smooching ever did. Paul Franken, Strathmore Park

Dear Ed, re your ‘Word on the Street’ (CSN, August 13), it was a happy coincidence since I’d mentioned that big 4WD vehicles are often not suitable for many women to drive with skill. Perhaps Germany is simply facing reality by providing wider parking places only for female drivers; but I suppose they will still have the option of using the ordinary parking places. I would not agree with forcing women

to use none but those meant for women only. Looking back at history, and from my experience of them, I wouldn't regard the Huns as people who should be emulated in most things; but I do at least concur with their menfolk in my being an unabashed male chauvinist pig of their sort. And looking back to the 16th century reformation, I fervently admire Martin Luther, a Hun and a fellow-MCP.

Disputing larger car park claims Dear Ed, the interviewer did not do their research for the piece on women’s parking spaces in Germany (CSN, August 13). Women’s parking spaces in Germany are not bigger than normal parking spaces but safer, in that they

are near exits of parking garages, well-lit, are near panic buttons and often are in an area under video surveillance. A simple trip over to Wikipedia would have prevented that problem. e n .w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i /

Editor’s response... Dear Rebecca, thank you very much for writing to Cook Strait News about designated female-only parking spaces in Germany. Many of the female-only spaces in Germany are safer for women as they include the features you mention. In parts of Germany the spaces are

also physically larger. For example, the mayor of the German town of Triberg courted controversy several years ago for introducing both male and female car parks. The women’s spaces were wider and well lit while the male-only parks were close to concrete pillars

It is simply a matter of time Dear Ed, re your article about boy racers in Kilbirnie (CSN, August 13) - I don’t know about Coutts and Salek Streets but there has already been a serious crash on Queens Drive in the last month. The piece of road between Tavistock and Lerwick Terraces is a real

Yes, he told the Pope where to get off; and Luther’s singlehanded translation of the whole Bible created the modern German language. Unfortunately he seemed uncritical of the Apocrypha; but Luther’s Bible is still the definitive German Bible, about 490 years after he completed it. H Westfold, Miramar

problem - but it’s not just boy racers that flaunt the speed limit here. The curve of the road and the fact that it’s a dip makes it an accident ‘waiting to happen’ - and it has - at least twice in the last month. There was a bid a few years ago to put speed bumps in this area but it

was turned down. This stretch of Queens Drive has the only pedestrian crossing between the beach and Kilbirnie - children use it to get to school and for some reason there is no school patrol on it. It’s only a matter of time... Mary-Anne

Women%27s_parking_space But according to that Wikipedia article, in the Chinese province of Hebei there seem to be larger women’s parking spaces in shopping centres. Rebecca Erlewein

and had to be reversed into. The Mayor of Triberg said it was a natural decision because men are better at parking than women. Cook Strait News certainly does not advocate for this policy, we simply wanted to raise a point of discussion. Regards

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