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Thursday August 6, 2015

Waiting list for council housing Dear Ed, I have been confirmed on the Wellington City Council rental housing waiting list since March. But I have not heard from them since then and now they have eliminated my application without ever contacting me. My current rental is due to increase again – I can no longer afford to stay here so my affordable housing need is becoming urgent. As a 62 year old beneficiary I am not entitled to any WINZ accommodation allowance and I live on a fixed budget - so I require the Affordable Subsidy Rental in a smoke-free environment due to my health condition and being allergic to passive smoke. I have previously been on the WCC housing waiting lists for many years, but they could never provide me with any suitable rental accommodation.

Now that WCC has spent millions of taxpayer dollars on improving its city rental housing stock - surely WCC can now provide me with quality smoke-free Affordable Subsidy Rental at $154 per week for a few years until I get my pension? There is a clear difference between WCC housing - in providing workers with market rental accommodation and older beneficiary citizen’s needing affordable rental. WCC housing exclaims great Affordable Subsidy Rental, but in reality WCC housing does not fulfil any of its social housing obligations. Maybe t he me d ia should investigate WCC tenancy occupations? Rather than concentrate on the Mayor’s jiggerypokery cycle lanes in Island Bay? Martin Beck, Mornington

DISAGREE: This reader fights back against regular letter writer H Westfold’s thoughts on mothers driving fourwheel drives.

Archaic and sexist comments Dear Ed, finally I have decided to write as yet another bigoted and one eyed letter from H Westfold is again printed in your paper. I’m not sure what’s more annoying, his archaic and sexist comments or the fact you continuously print them. Does nobody else write to you? I think I would prefer to read another local article or even an advertisement. He even made your 5 minute profile? Seriously, was there nobody else? H Westfold - I do not drive an SUV, however I do walk my daughter to school every day. This is due to walking being our only mode of

transport. It’s also so I can go to work happy in the knowledge that she is safely at school. It is 2015. Sadly yes, there are a lot of weirdos out there, busy roads to cross and accidents do happen. It’s every mother’s prerogative how many hours they choose to work. I choose to work 28 hours to provide a nice home, cool clothes and holidays for my daughter and I. This is so I am not reliant on a man or the government. Stop being so quick to judge and consider that everyone has their own reasons and story to tell. Tracey Rigby

LETTERS to the editor Cyclists cause of their own accidents Dear Ed, I completely disagree with Andrew Stone’s claim (CSN, July 30) claiming that Council have not neglected basic infrastructure. You need only consider the recent flooding in Kilbirnie (twice affected) the delays in the seriously overdue upgrade of the Petone to Thorndon cycleway, the Island Bay Seawall to name just several of the more obvious examples of a failed maintenance programme courtesy of the Council. It would seem Stone is a member of the cycling lobby – a group who’s fervent supporters seem to be unable to listen to or compromise with

anyone who disagrees with their point of view. They are anti-community spirited. There’s a lot of misinformation about car and cycle caused accidents that the Council needs to take full responsibility for. Many cyclists actually are the cause of their own accidents and no vehicle has been involved. Check out the facts! But, let’s not confuse the debate with Council infrastructure negligence with the greatly needed public cycleway debate – that just leads to emotional obfuscation! Eleanor Beach, Owhiro Bay

A little premature in judgment Dear Ed, correspondent, H. Scobie (CSN, June 23) may be a little premature in their judgement regarding the recent crash at the Clyde and Mersey St intersection and suggesting Clyde St is unsafe and good

reason for the installation of speed bumps. Two of the three people in the car that smashed into the resident driving up Mersey St, ran off from the scene, as would have the driver if he hadn’t been re-

strained by local residents until the police arrived. The point is that youths joy-riding in stolen vehicles that don’t stop at stop signs are a disaster waiting to happen and no amount of speed control measures is

going to prevent this. This awful incident (which indeed it was) was the result of criminal activity that could have happened anywhere. W & S Hall, Island Bay

I am so sorry ginger bearded man with sunglasses Dear Ed, on Tuesday morning as I was driving to a meeting in Churton Park from Hataitai, coming down from Mt Vic and merging into traffic at about 8.30am, I almost crashed into a cyclist, and it was horrifying. Me, a cyclist myself, not looking enough to see one of my compadres braving it on this beautiful Wellington morning around Oriental Parade, and I almost hit him.

Dear man with ginger beard, sunglasses and bright yellow vest, I am so sorry. I'm usually quite a careful driver, but this morning I didn't catch sight of you until I had freaked both of us out. I am so glad I managed to stop in time, and not cause an accident. I hope you are ok; I am so sorry. I love cycling because it is so much more active

in terms of active versus passive. You’ve gotta have your wits about you and are constantly thinking about the road, cars, people, zooming, the best way to get from a-z. That opening scene from Premium Rush comes to mind, visualising the fastest and easiest way to get through traffic. Driving, however, it’s so easy to be passive. We sit in a bubble, a car-

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shaped dome that protects us from outside, and can easily drive along on autopilot. How many times have you driven from A to B and arrived and realised you can’t remember the in between bit? Does this happen when we are cycling too? Again, Ginger Bearded Man with sunglasses, I am so sorry. Lisa, Hataitai


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