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Fencer Felix on form

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Customer Name LLOYD KELLY JEWELLERY LTD Directory WELLINGTON Classification Jewellers & Watchmakers Rep Name 50330 - JARROD MCMILLAN Date Printed 24/09/2014 Cust. ID 108770485 Ad Size 1UV2 Ad ID Y-7663641/03

This proof shows your final advertisement, prepared by Yellow® in accordance with your instructions. It shows layout, but does not show final print quality, colour or scale. Please see for the final print dimensions for your Ad Size. Please check all proof details carefully. To request corrections or changes, you must notify Yellow® in writing by email at or fax at 0800860200 no later than 5 business days from the date of this proof or the date that the relevant directory is closed for publication (whichever is sooner). Otherwise you are deemed to have approved this proof, and we may publish the advertisement without further changes.

Felix Boyce is off to the Commonwealth champs

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By Dave Crampton

Lloyd Kelly

FOCUSSED FENCER: Felix Boyce is looking forward to international success.


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Felix Boyce is one sharp fencer. So sharp, the Newtown 19-year-old is currently ranked the top senior man in the country in a fencing discipline, and is off to the Commonwealth U20 champs in South Africa in July. Felix is the top qualifier of New Zealand commonwealth fencers attending Capetown in July. It’s the next best thing to going to the world champs in Russia . “If I wanted to go to the world champs I probably could, but the cost is so great,” he says. Continued on page 2


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Monday May 25, 2015

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Zoo vet nurse is China-bound Wellington Zoo veterinary nurse Sarah van Herpt is on her way to China to speak at the 2015 International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (ICEE) in Beijing this month. She will join speakers from other zoos and wildlife organisations around the world. She helped facilitate New Zealand’s first Shape of Enrichment workshop at Wellington Zoo in June 2014, and received the Shape of Enrichment’s $1500 ICEE

Travel Grant after being invited to apply. She will present a paper on the use of enrichment in a wildlife hospital – drawing on her experience at The Nest Te Kõhanga, Wellington Zoo’s animal hospital and centre for native wildlife. “In veterinary medicine we are concerned with getting animals fit and well again. Enrichment helps us to decrease stress and increase physical exercise and mental wellbeing of our patients,”

she said. She detailed some of the key ways enrichment is used to aid patient care – from helping native birds regain their flight muscle fitness to distracting big cats from pulling off bandages. She has also been invited to deliver her paper at Ocean Park in Hong Kong. She will spend a week volunteering for Free the Bears at the Phnom Tamao sanctuary in Cambodia, supported by Wellington Zoo.

Felix Boyce is off to the Commonwealth champs Continued from page 1 Felix, who competes every few weeks, is rarely beaten in this country, and is currently top-ranked in senior foil – where you can make contact in the torso, and top U20 in the sabre (waist up) and epee, where you can hit anywhere, including on the face guard. Fencing bouts consist of three rounds of three minutes. The winner is the first to 15 points. Each touch on the body is a point. If there is a tie after three rounds there is a one minute round and the fencer who makes the first touch – called a “golden hit” – is the winner. “Last year I won pretty much everything I competed in – it was a great year for me,” he says. His coach, 2010 world champion Yuan Ping, is training him on how to deal with international competition, including looking at competitors on You Tube. “You have to stare them down

- that’s when it’s really rewarding to beat someone.” Felix got involved in fencing at school. “I tried it at school for fun. I just liked it – I got involved and never left. “The adrenalin rush is amazing,” He has a long list of achievements. At 14, he competed in France, finishing 151st in an international field of 390. In 2012 he was 3rd in the U20 Australian Nationals, and Oceania U17 champion. However, his best performance, he says, was his 15th placing in the in Commonwealth Senior champs in 2014. “I beat the first ranked fencer in the UK,”' he says, proudly. “I lost to the winner, but got as many points as the guy who came second.” Felix, who also studies Criminology and Economics at Victoria, says his university colleagues are intrigued at his interest in fencing.

Felix Boyce goes on the attack.

“They take the piss out of me,” he says. His next focus is the upcoming North Island champs at Wellington High on Queens Birthday weekend. It is the

Life Pharmacy comes to Kilbirnie The Amcal Brand which Baycourt pharmacy has been trading under for over 15 years was disestablished over a year ago, so as a new owner this gave me an opportunity to talk to our customers and the locals about what they were looking for. Overwhelmingly they told us they wanted somewhere where they would find the latest trends in health and beauty, and be able to “touch and feel” the products. This was a perfect fit with the life pharmacy brand which believes that a combination of expert medical and well- being advice, alongside beauty and skin care needs ensures every customer leaves our store looking good and feeling great. Alongside that little bit of luxury, we have a serious side too! Our new consultation room is in full swing- just in time for winter. We have been doing lots of flu jabs this year. People just pop in

Life Pharmacy’s new owner Androulla Kotrotso with her staff. when they have the time. Another exciting service we are now doing is celiac screening. 1 in 100 people have celiac disease, with 4 out of 5 people with the condition not knowing they even have it! Now we can do a simple test in store which gives you a result immediately. At Life Pharmacy Kilbirnie, our staff has the professional expertise and training to guarantee a high level of service, regardless of why you are visiting us.

26 Bay Road, Kilbirnie Ph: 387-3939 • Fax: 387-3935 43818

“I’m really looking forward to seeing the sanctuary, and learning about how Free the Bears works with their local communities to help vulnerable Malayan Sun Bears and Asiatic Black Bears.” More recently she travelled to Twizel to lend her veterinary skills to the Kaka Recovery Programme. She blogged about her experiences caring for Kaka (black stilts) – one of New Zealand’s rarest birds, and the world’s rarest wading bird.

biggest competition outside of Nationals. He is hoping for good results, but is not cocky. “On a good day I can beat anyone – but on a bad day I can lose to anyone,” he says.

Monday May 25, 2015



Council brings forward flood spending By Dave Crampton

The severe rainstorms over recent months has prompted the Wellington City Council to bring forward $8 million in flood mitigation spending as part of the council's 10-yearplan. The proposal is expected to be finalised next month. The areas – all of which suffered flooding in the past month – include the Kilbirnie Crescent area, the Basin Reserve area, and Lyall Bay Parade.

Councillor Iona Pannett, Chair of the Council’s Environment Committee, says a combination of initiatives may be considered – everything from expanded drainage mains and new pump stations, to the possibility that the Council may pay for some houses in particularly low-lying areas to be raised on their foundations or for waterproof doors to be installed on some flood-prone commercial properties. “The next three years should see significant progress on some of the large infrastructure

projects needed to deal with storm water in the future.” Wellington Water is also starting a major rainfall and drainage modelling project that will help councils across the region plan properly for flood-mitigation investment over the coming decades. “As we saw last Thursday, this is a regional issue – so we want to be sharing this information for the benefit of the whole region.” Cr Pannett says. While millions of dollars have been spent on f lood mitigation work in parts of the

CBD, Island Bay, and Miramar over the past two decades, Cr Pannett says they are new challenges. “We are taking this issue very seriously – and I am impressed that our engineers have produced comprehensive reports and recommendations on spending priorities.” The Council may also have to consider possible property purchases and also District Plan changes that could guide the construction of new buildings and facilities in flood-prone areas.

Council report lacks solutions to severe flooding By Dave Crampton

A report on flooding released by the Wellington City Council on last Tuesday says storm water drains were not built to handle deluges experienced in recent weeks, and has no answers to what to do about it. The report was fast tracked at the request of the council's environment committee chairperson, Iona Pannett, who conceded it didn't provide concrete solutions. “You can't come up with a solution within three weeks,” she says. “We have to look at what the solutions are in each individual case.” Last week's flooding was a one in 30 year storm, assisted

by a higher than usual tide level which impacted storm water flows. In the April 28 storm, at its most intense, the down pour was estimated to be a one in 80 year event, where as storm waters are designed to cope with one in five year events. The Council’s current long term plan service performance indicator is to have no habitable floors or commercial buildings flooded. Approximately $2m annual investment in storm water is proposed, focusing on ‘hotspots’ such as Kilbirnie, Newtown, Miramar and Seatoun is proposed. But that won't start until the next financial year, and any funding will be reviewed for the



next Long Term Plan (2018-28) after the first three years. Wellington Mayor Celia WadeBrown says while the recent rainstorms were particularly heavy, it is the City Council’s responsibility to prevent flooding as much as practicable. “While the city has generally coped well with the last three storms, there is more work to do. We will be looking at both short-term ‘quick fixes’ and also longer-term responses that will take into account modelling on climate change and projected sea-level rises.” Yet the report does not provide answers as to how to deal with flooding that is more than a one in five year event, as the

previous three were - other than ‘improved planning decisions’, ‘localised upgrade funding’, and increased investment in storm water sometime in the future. The council will also support people who are willing to implement solutions themselves. But it doesn't say how this support will be offered. Residents in hotspots will be advised of proactive communications quarterly until any issues are either resolved, or it is agreed that there is ‘no feasible solution.’ The report will be discussed at the Council's Environment Committee early next month and a more detailed report should be out shortly, Cr Pannett says.

$89 exam,

x-rays and polish for all new patients to the practice. FREE dental care: Year 9 - 17 yrs. Free off the street parking available

New patients welcome Call us to make an appointment

Kilbirnie Dentists

Caritas welcomes benefit rise Caritas has welcomed the Budget announcement of a $25 increase in base rates for beneficiaries with children as a long overdue step in the right direction towards addressing the poverty experienced by too many Kiwi families. However, Caritas also notes that this modest benefit increase does not provide a lasting solution to poverty. The anticipated $2.5 billion being set aside for tax cuts in the 2017 election year also runs counter to Government assurances about prioritising poverty, as this equates to ten times the amount of a single year’s spending on the child hardship package ($240 million).

Budget 2015: Childcare centres lose out Budget 2015 will cost the average early childhood centre about $15,000 in lost revenue every year, and means thousands of parents will be paying more for early childhood education, says New Zealand’s largest representative body of licensed early childhood centres. Early Childhood Council CEO Peter Reynolds said the Budget had delivered yet another in a long line of per-child funding cuts, and would put some centres and families ‘under terrible pressure’. Based on a Labour Cost Index of 1.9%, an average centre of 50 children (with 20 under two and 30 over two) would lose $15,000 a year as a result of Budget 2015, Mr Reynolds said. With no increase in the basic universal subsidy and no increase in funding for 20 Hours, the real (after-inflation) rate of government payment for early childhood centres had fallen, as it had fallen every year since Budget 2010.


QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY OPEN DAY Monday 1st June, 10am - 4pm

Visit the historic World War Two Wrights Hill Fortress in Karori. Self guided tours. Lots of fun for the family. Bush walks, panoramic views. From Karori Rd, turn left into Campbell St, to Wrights Hill Rd. Follow the signs. Plenty of free car parking. Bring a torch with you! Family Pass: $15 ( 2 adults+3 children under 15) Adults: $5, Children: $3 ( Sorry, no EFTPOS) Enquiries: Mike Lee (04) 476.8593

Do You Have Questions About the Catholic Faith?



Holy Trinity parish which serves the Eastern Suburbs is running Inquiry Sessions starting from the week beginning Sunday 31 May, 2015. No pressure — No obligation.

62 Rongotai Road

022 309 0766 04 389 1422 6A RUSSELL TERRACE NEWTOWN WELLINGTON 6023

Ph: 387 9392 or 027 774 4755 Offer expires 30 June 2015.

For further details contact : Holy Trinity Parish Office Ph: 04 388 6953 Email:


Monday May 25, 2015

inbriefnews Creatives are Asia-bound

By Dave Crampton

Alanna Krause, co-founder of Loomio Nick Shewring, co-founder and head of growth at co-working provider BizDojo, and Zheng Li, CEO and founder of digital creative agency Zing Design, are are among five of New Zealand’s top tech entrepreneurs who are to gain an introduction to a market of more than 620 million people on a forum run by the Asia New Zealand Foundation. The Foundation will take the group to Southeast Asia in June, for meetings in Thailand and Singapore to learn more about business opportunities in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). ASEAN is a grouping of 10 nations with a population of more than 620 million people and has a free trade agreement with New Zealand through the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA. The visit from June 16 to 25 is the first one offered to New Zealand entrepreneurs through the ASEAN Young Business Leaders Initiative, managed by the Asia New Zealand Foundation for the New Zealand Government.

Correction Last weeks issue implied that the two people on the cover were a couple in the nature of marriage, or siblings. They are business partners. The Cook Strait News apologises for any confusion. Ed.

Elijah Competition tickets winner. Congratulations to Philippa Ward from Kilbirnie who is the winner of the double pass to the upcoming performance of the Orpheus Choir's performance Elijah. Please contact Sam Duff at the Cook Strait News ph 3877160 to arrange collection of your tickets. The winner of Craig Lauridsen's book " Creating a stop motion story - unlocking your imagination, (see story on page 5) will be announced next week To enter email with "Stop Motion" in the subject heading.


Writer comes to story time

STORY TIME: Robbie James, with his granddaughter Eva and her friend, reads his book about Eva's mother.

Eva Baillie thinks its quite cool that her mum is the subject of a story read at her school to her classmates by her grandfather. Her grandfather, Robbie James, recently wrote his fi rst book, a children’s book, Claire and the Weka. It is based on a real life account of the time Eva's mum Claire had her toy stolen by a weka in the Marlborough Sounds many years ago. “She was always losing her toys,” Robbie recalls. “ I actually saw the weka. I was there – I tried my best to recover the toy.” In the end a boy managed to grab the toy and return it to Clare. Robbie, from Christchurch, was

in Wellington last week for a conference – he works in the courts – and last Wednesday he read his book to three classes at Kilbirnie School, where Eva attends. I had time to go in, meet with the children and read them the story,” he says. “As a grandfather and a storyteller I could see that the book means a lot to Eva.” Robbie also said the children seemed to love the story. “Two of the little girls thought that it should have been them in the story, rather than her,” he said. After just eight weeks, the book has sold more than 250 copies, and can be purchased from Paper Plus and the Children's Bookshop in the Kilbirnie Plaza.

Local to strut his stuff on stage By Dave Crampton

Strathmore resident Joel Hardwick is stepping out on stage as part of the Wellington Repertory Theatre’s Carpe Jugulum adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs Joel has four characterisations to perfect: a troll, a pair of twins who do not like being mistaken for each other, and a village yokel The Terry Pratchett production is adapted for the stage by Stephen Briggs and will appeal to dedicated Pratchett fans wanting to honour his memory. “We chose this play for its clever, tonguein-cheek dialogue and the challenges of a large and diverse cast, imaginative props and costumes and plenty of sound and lighting effects, which all add up to good entertainment,” says Director Ross Miller. English-born Joel emigrated with his parents in 2004 with an interest in musical theatre already established. He began the Diploma in Stage and Screen Arts offered by Whitireia in 2013, graduated in 2015 and has since moved on to the Bachelor in Performing Arts, majoring in Stage & Screen Arts). Joel can be both sides of the musical curtain as he sings, plays piano, trombone and cello. And he has an interest in pup-

ll the experts to discuss your

advertising solutions

petry as well. Carpe Jugulum is part of the Discworld series and is the sequel to Wyrd Sisters, which Wellington Repertory staged in 2011. Magrat has become Queen of Lancre and there is a new junior witch in the coven, who is in two minds about everything. It falls to them to battle the family of vampires from Uberwald who pride themselves on being more modern and are intent on taking over the kingdom of Lancre. This is a new breed of vampires that have a new dress sense and have educated themselves that sunshine can’t hurt them and garlic is just another member of the allium family, making them harder to overcome by traditional means. The witches battle the vampires, mind to mind, with a bit of help from the locals – this involves cunning, holy water, lemons, sharp stakes, scythes, a minimal amount of neck biting and a cup of tea. What: Carpe Jugulum- Gryphon Theatre, Ghuznee Street, Wellington. When: May 27 to June.  To book tickets, email, or call 479 3393. Tickets prices are $25 waged, $20 unwaged, $18 for pre-paid groups of 10 or more

World’s Delights is moving from Kilbirnie to Lyall Bay.

Wintertime offer:

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Annette King MP for Rongotai

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TROLLING: Joel Hardwick tries on the beginnings of his troll head that will be built up into a head of rock.

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Monday May 25, 2015

Newtown author releases another Stop Motion book By Dave Crampton

JAZZ ENSEMBLE: William Prince – drums, Bryn van Vliet – sax, and Oscar Laven – clarinet perform at the festival's launch

Home grown talent at jazz festival By Dave Crampton

Local jazz talent will play a big part in bringing Wellington to life across the first week of June, with around 100 gigs heating up the capital across five days. Lyall Bay's Myele Manzanza will join former festival favourites Rodger Fox, Michael Houston, Nick Granville (The Double Necks) and Nigel Patterson. Wellington Jazz Festival Artistic Director Shelagh Magadza says the family friendly event will also screen movies at the Lighthouse cinema, and have something for everyone. “From Wellington stalwarts like Twinset and The Eggs, to the sounds of New Zealand’s largest ensemble, The Royal New Zealand Air Force Band, there really is something to suit every taste.” Around 30 bars and restaurants are already confirmed as host venues, including The Southern Cross, Rogue

and Vagabond, Hashigo Zake, The Lido, The Green Man, Hotel Bristol, Basque, and Havana Bar, as well as long time jazz festival supporting venues, The Matterhorn and Meow. Not to be missed is the unique collaboration between classical piano virtuoso Michael Houston and jazz trombonist Rodger Fox. “The city's laneways and venues will be humming with live music, good food, craft beer, great wine and a fun vibe throughout the jazz festival,” Shelagh says. For the first time, the Wellington-based NZ School of Music will incorporate their annual school’s programme into the Jazz festival, hosting jazz students from around the country for master classes, workshops and the Jazz Jazz Jazz Showcase.

A Newtown author has released another creative step by step guide on how to create animated stop motion movie on an iPad. Creating a stop motion story – unlocking your imagination is the third book from Newtown resident Craig Lauridsen, and it was created solely on an iPad. Stop motion is an animation technique which makes static objects appear to move when individual objects are quickly viewed consequently, creating the illusion of movement. Mr Lauridsen says the guide teaches hopeful animators, including teacher and children, how to creatively weave a story together, make a sound track, and add sound effects through the GarageBand app. “There are a whole lot of creatives out there, and that's what this book is about,” he says. “You end up with these amazing original stories.” He says stop motion enables people to take creatively take part in movie making without being an actor. “The book is great for kids and students - everyone has a voice.” Craig is also embarking on a North Island tour of the book next month, primarily workshopping it with school teachers, as he did last year with his other books. He says many teachers are aware that some of the students know more abut IT than they do, and the course

gives teachers confidence in using Stop Motion on the iPad. “He has had a great response. “One teacher planned to start an IT club, “ he says. Craig has sold books worldwide, primarily in the United States. He says that close to 90 percent of publishers sell less than 300 books. “ I've sold thousands,” he says. The book is available from Craig Lauridsen's websites at http://ipadanimation. net, http://www.newtownmovieschool. , or on Amazon.  If you want to win a copy of Creating a stop motion story – unlocking your imagination, email news@ with the subject StopMotion. The winner will be announced next week

 Wellington Jazz Festival June 3-7

S t C atherine ’ S C ollege o pen D ay 9.00 am - 10.30 am , 1.30 pm - 3.00 pm & 6.00 pm - 7.00 pm t ueSDay 9 J une 2015

Come along and find out the benefits of joining a smaller college. Our focus on individual learning is reflected in superior academic results. St Catherine’s offers a great range of sporting, creative and cultural options. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Monday May 25, 2015

Karate master at Salon event to Kilmarnock Heights Home include local author E n l ive n’s K i l m a r n o ck Heights Home in Berhampore is home to one of the most well-known New Zealand figures in Kyokushin Karate. Bob McCallum is a member of the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame, a seventh-dan black belt, and a branch chief in the International Karate Organisation Kyokushinkaikan. What’s more, at 86 years old he’s a testament to the fact that age is just a number. Bob says his interest in Karate began in 1965 after seeing a man splitting stones in half with his bare hands in Japan. “The stone splitting sparked my interest and when I was back in New Zealand I saw a tiny ad in the paper for Karate classes, so I decided to give it a try,” says Bob. “It took a lot of time to get any good, but my thinking is that if you’re going to do something you’ve got to do it right, no matter how long it takes you.” It was that mind set and dedication which inspired Bob to practice Karate throughout his life. “I haven’t stopped doing Karate and I’m 86. Karate isn’t a sport; it’s a way of life.” Bob has taught Karate all

Bob McCallum

over New Zealand and his students call him Shihan, a Japanese honorific title for expert or senior instructors, and while he has no trouble karate-chopping rocks in half it’s not something he or his students do in public. “We only did it in training to see how our technique was, and whoever says it doesn’t hurt is a liar.” After having a stroke 15 years ago Bob was told he would never walk again, but he manages to make his way round with nothing more than a walker. Even after hip re-

placements and the arrival of Parkinson’s disease he still perseveres. "I just see it as another challenge. The same way I've always looked at everything else.” Now Bob lives at Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore, and while he’s still coming to terms with not being able to live on his own anymore, he realises that everyone needs extra help eventually. “It’s hard feeling like you’re losing your independence, but I’m coming to realise that this is the best place for me because there’s help at hand when I need it.” Kilmarnock Heights Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central, and specialises in rest home care, respite care and health recovery. Kilmarnock Heights Home also hosts a fun and engaging day activity programme for older people living in their own homes or with family.  To find out more about Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034, email or visit

By Dave Crampton

Book lovers will have an opportunity to talk with Melrose writer Anna Smaill, when she features in a new salon event for readers in a bookshop afterhours. Her highly inventive debut novel, The Chimes, is set in a reimagined London where music has replaced the written world and memories are carried in physical objects. Moderator for the evening, author Kirsten McDougall, says that the relaxed and intimate environment of a bookshop is the perfect place for readers to gather and talk with writers, something they don’t usually get to do at writers’ festivals. “Literary salons are wildly popular on the international book scene, and we know that New Zealand readers love events that stimulate their minds and entertain them. We’re going to drink wine and talk big ideas just like a good book group does, only this group has access to the books’ authors.” Book lovers will also have an opportunity to meet Auckland writer Bridget van Der Zijpp, whose second novel, In the Neighbourhood of Fame, is set in present-day New Zealand and

examines the vagaries of fame in the life of fictional local rock legend, Jed Jordan. The Chimes, which is published in the UK and in New Zealand, was described by The Guardian as “bold…fresh and original”.  Event information: Wednesday 3 June, 6pm– 7.30pm at Vic Books, Kelburn. Tickets $15, includes a glass of wine, shared antipasto platters, plus 10 percent off book prices on the night. Purchase tickets from VUP website: http://vup.victoria.

A life worth living at Kilmarnock Heights Home

Need a hand? Enliven can help

Kilmarnock Heights Home is vibrant, welcoming and inviting from the moment you walk through the door.

Do you need a little extra support and assistance to maintain your independence? Whatever your age, background or ability Enliven can help.

A highlight for many residents is the social life - as well as enjoying the company of others at a similar stage of life, residents get involved in organising daily happenings and special events.

Our in-home services include household management, personal care, and mobility support.

At Kilmarnock Heights Home we can offer rest home care and short term respite, as well as a day guest programme for people living in the community.

Enliven’s community services can be tailored to meet your needs; and, when your needs change so too can the support we provide. We’ll work with you to work out what is best for you.

Call Kilmarnock Heights Home on (04) 380 2034 to find out more.

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Monday May 25, 2015

Brooklyn Cycleway a necessity By Emma Taylor

A cycleway to Brooklyn should be top priority, as it is one of the easiest to do, says Wellington City Councillor Paul Eagle. At the Wellington City Council meeting on April 30 a cycleway network plan of Wellington City was drafted, reaching to Porirua in the north, and Red Rocks in the south, and is reminiscent of a “London underground map” of the city. There is no timeline on a Brooklyn route yet, but Cr Eagle is thinking of putting it up as a priority

The year eight team leaders with their learning resources, from front left Frances Zelas, 12, Ollie Lau Young, 12, Lachlan Bruce, 12, Matthew Ifi, 12, Lucy Roche, 11, Alex Kendall, 12, Hugh Acton, 12 and Sila Esekielu 12. Photo Credit: SchoolGen

Brooklyn primary has got the power By Emma Taylor

Brooklyn Primary School has been generating free electricity and saving money thanks to the sun. At the start of this year Brooklyn School installed 24 solar panels as part of Genesis Energy’s Schoolgen project, which is part of the Council’s Smart Energy Capital initiative. As a result the school has generated 2332 kWh of energy, which is enough power to run 1085 personal computers continuously for one day. Brooklyn School Principal Liz Rhodes, decided to take on the programme because it is important children learn about solar energy and how it can help save money. “Young people are our future leaders and decision makers, and it's important that they understand the role renewable energy will play in their future,” she says. “This is the way of the future." It is also a great way to

save money for the school, she says. After doing a cost comparison Rhodes says that they are seeing a “downward trend in their power payments”. “Things are looking good.” “[This] means we have more money for our teaching and learning programmes,” she says. Energy generation has been dipping and soaring over the past few days, but Rhodes did not seem concerned about their energy generation. People think it is just the sun that helps to generate the power, but it is actually light, she says. There are 22 schools in the Greater Wellington Region that have installed solar panels as part of the Schoolgen partnership with Genesis Energy.  If you want to know more about the Genesis Energy Schoolgen project or check out how your local school is doing visit

at next month’s council meeting, where the plan will get approved. The Brooklyn route would run from the city centre to Nairn Street Park then through Prince of Wales Park, ending in Brooklyn. Cr Eagle says that Wellingtonians want safe cycle-ways. “I have been painted into a corner unfairly around being anti-cycling,” he says, “This could not be further from the truth.” Cr Eagle encourages residents to look at the proposal, as they need to be aware that they may lose off-street car parking and have to walk for two minutes.

“I am not going to put an opinion on it yet … but it is a cause for concern,” he says. Two minutes is quite a long way for some people to walk, especially for an older person, a person with disabilities or a mother with children, he says. There may also be some instances where property needs to be acquired to enable network improvements to be built. The council has to be really careful that this is done right, he says. “Once this is done, that’s it.” Consultation on the proposal is set to start this week.


Tours of School 7pm to 8pm - Presentation by Principal 8.10pm to 8.30pm

Mr Kevin Carter Principal

At Rongotai College, we have worked hard to provide an educational environment which challenges boys to be the best they can be in all areas of school life. This is shown by continued success in our “core business” - the academic achievement of our students. NCEA results have continued to improve, and are now similar to or above higher decile local schools and well ahead of boys in similar decile schools nationally. In 2014: • NCEA Level 1 – 88% • NCEA Level 2 – 85% • NCEA Level 3 – 75% In the prestigious New Zealand Scholarship examinations, 11 Rongotai students gained 17 scholarships across eight different subjects.

Micah Hill-Smith

Samuel Blackmore

Dux 2014, Prefect 2014

Deputy Head Prefect 2015

NZ Scholarship in Calculus, Classical Studies, English, Geography & Physics Level 3 with Excellence, including Excellence in 5 subjects

NZ Scholarship in Calculus NCEA Level 2 with Excellence including Excellence in 6 subjects

Kiran Richards

Tariq Saiyad

Arts Prefect 2015

Year 11 Student 2014

NCEA Level 2 with Excellence including Excellence in 6 subjects

NCEA Level 1 with Excellence including Excellence in 5 subjects

“Rongotai College encourages excellence in all things and is committed to helping every boy be the best he can be”



Monday May 25, 2015


Amazing May Package

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Our new nurturing package consists of: • A hand & foot Pure Fiji foot scrub • A mask and paraffin wax cover for your hands and feet. • A Mini Facial • A Sugar Glow Pure Fiji back scrub followed by a 15 min back, neck and shoulder massage. • A yummy feeling!

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Thursday to Saturday 10am to 4pm

FREE dental care: Year 9 - 17 yrs. Free off the street parking available New patients welcome Call us to make an appointment

Kilbirnie Dentists 62 Rongotai Road

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Walking into A Taste of Greece is like entering a shop, a gallery, and a cafe all in one. And that’s exactly how owner Helen Neonakis has set the place up. After losing her job on her 50th birthday, she decided to utilise her cooking skills. “A girlfriend said ‘open a bakery – you are so good at cooking’.” Instead, on April 1 last year, she opened a venue which would give people a taste of Greece, including Greek food. It is popular with every-

Flu Vaccinations



Flu can be anywhere, protect yourself this winter with the flu vaccine. The Flu Vaccine is a Prescription medicine that has risks and benefits. Consult your Pharmacist to see if the Flu Vaccine is right for you.

MIRAMAR UNICHEM PHARMACY 58 Miramar Ave Hours: Mon-Fri 8.00am - 6.30pm, Sat 9.00am-4.00pm NOW OPEN SUNDAYS 10am - 3pm P: 388 8516 • F: 388 6587

one; most of her customers are nonGreeks. It is the only place of its kind on the country, Helen says. All food is cooked on the premises, and all merchandise comes from Greece. There is Greek coffee, flags, cards, CDs, t-shirts – even cufflinks. It also has Tsourekia – Greek bread, which is particularly popular during special occasions. Hundreds of loaves go out the door at Easter. The most popular meal is Moussaka, with the favourite dessert being Baklava.

Helen also does hearty homemade soups over winter. It’s a mad rush at the end of the day as workers visit on the way home and pick up their tea. Helen spends most of her day cooking in her well-organised kitchen, and caters for weddings, parties, corporate functions, and has a full and popular take home menu. A Taste of Greece also has an excellence for hygiene. “It has exceeded my expectations,” Helen says.

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All attendees get a $50 voucher. CLASSES in Kilbirnie, Island Bay, Mornington & Brooklyn

Call Patricia on 0272976049

FOR YOUR GREEK EXPERIENCE 31 Coutts Street | Contact 021 901 006 Monday - Closed, Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 5 pm, Sunday 10am to 4 pm

Monday May 25, 2015


inbriefnews Airport runway The runway debacle at Wellington Airport continues. Air New Zealand has not explicitly ruled out flying long haul routes from Wellington, it appears that the airline wont be taking advantage of any runway extension . Air New Zealand explains that in order to setup a long haul route , it must make an investment of between $300m and $400m because it requires two wide-bodied aircraft. Each route costs a further $160 million a year to run and relies on filling a 300 seat aircraft - or 200,000 people over a year. The Airline says nine airlines have pulled out of New Zealand because of this investment, and they already had access to a longer airport, Auckland.

new park. Vogeltown children at the th wi gle Ea ul Pa or cill  Coun

New park a hit for Vogeltown kids By Dave Crampton

After 35 years, a play area in Vogeltown has been given a $150,000 spruce-up, and the area's children are delighted. The Krull Street play area now has a flying fox, a refurbished see-saw, swing and slide, a refurbished carousel, a new netball hoop, wave board and safety surfacing as part of a Wellington City Council renewal programme of the regions play areas. The children are finally coming out to play. “We had no idea that there

were so many kids here,” Deirdre O`Sullivan says. Xavier Aitken, 5, loves the new area, especially the flying fox.“Everything here is all fun and cool,” he says. Existing seating has remained, a picnic table has been added and there is a new two rail fence at entrance way. Landscape garden gardens created. Two of these yet to be planted. Paul Eagle, who chairs the Council's Community, Sport and Recreation Committee, says local children had a say in what was in their playground.

 Babies, children, parents and grandparents all use the new playground.

“It's a great example of the children having a say in what they want,” he says. “It's also fantastic to see hear lots of local kids laughing and having fun.” While the children love their new play equipment. One of the most popular activities is still sliding down the hill on cardboard. Jim Szymkowiak takes his grandchildren to the park regularly, and said he participated in a tree planting day to beautify the place after getting a notice about it in his letter box. His grandson, Malik Szym-

Wellington Zoo had a successful Open Day earlier this month - however it could be more accurately called an Open Weekend. The Zoo opened its doors for less than the price of a cup of coffee for an entire weekend. On May 16 and 17, entry was by gold coin donation. A record 9100 people visited, up from 7000 during last year’s open day. It was first year that a gold coin entry ran over two days instead of one. Part of this was to ensure

a better visitor experience and also to make the event available to more people. Zoo staff teamed up with Zealandia for their open weekend, as the Wellington City Council decided not to run an open day city wide as it has done in previous years. “We wanted to do something because it is important – it was just us and Zealandia,” Wellington Zoo spokesperson Charlotte Whitelaw says. Wellington Zoo CEO Karen Fifield said open weekend was another way to make the Zoo more accessible for Welling-

The NZ Breast Cancer Foundation shouted breast clinic staff breakfast last Tuesday to thank them for their good work and to recognise the appointment of the first Wellingtonbased member of the NZBCF’s medical advisory committee, as part of ‘Pink Ribbon Breakfast’ month. As a member of the committee, radiologist Dr Madeleine Wall advised the NZBCF on clinical matters, reviewing proposed grants and programmes, and assisting with preparation of evidence-based educational materials. Breast screening awareness and education is a core element of the NZBCF’s mission to prevent NZ women dying of breast cancer, as is providing practical support to ensure more women have access to screening.

Journalist Position Available

Zoo open weekend a success By Dave Crampton

kowiak, 9, says he now plays at the park three to five times a week, instead of once every two or three weeks. “It's really cool. We’ve never had a flying fox at the park before.” While Jim loves to see the children having fun, he is resisting the temptation to have a go on the flying fox himself. “I don't want to damage it for the kids,” he says. Parks in Hanson St in Newtown, and Churchill Park in Seatoun are also due for renewal before the end of next year.

Pink Ribbon Breakfast for Wellington Hospital staff

Wellington Suburban Newspapers is looking for a new journalist. To be considered for this exciting opportunity, candidates must have a positive, can-do attitude. You will need to hold a tertiary qualification in journalism, be accurate, and have excellent grammar and writing skills. We are looking for a hungry, energetic, and ambitious journalist who loves nothing better than to chase and break great stories and tell interesting yarns to our readers.

tonians. “Open Weekend was a fantastic event and many Wellingtonians embraced the chance to explore their Zoo.” Visitors were able to get the most out of their trip by planning their visit around animal talks - a great way to learn about and to get up close to animals like critically endangered Sumatran Tigers, Chimpanzees, Sun Bears, Red Pandas and rescued native Little Blue Penguins. All donations went to the Wellington Zoo Conservation Fund.

The core role is gathering and writing local news for one of our weekly newspapers. Reporting, writing skills and experience will be paramount. Other editorial tasks can be expected, including taking photos. You will be working closely with the editor/publisher and production team. Please include a resume and examples of published work with your application. All applications should be addressed to; The Manager Wellington Suburban Newspapers Independent Herald; Cook Strait News and Wainuiomata News. P.O.Box 38776 WMC 5045 or email:

10 Monday May 25, 2015

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: Do you believe in God?

Tina Billing, Kilbirnie

Freya Paddison, Mt Cook

“I don’t know – I was brought up in the church and believe there’s something out there.”

“That’s a hard one. I don’t believe in God but I believe there’s something out there, not necessarily God.”

Simon McBarryman, Lyall Bay “Not particularly I have no proof that he exists.”

Tavita Stanley, Lyall Bay

Sean Garbutt, Kilbirnie

“Yes, I’ve been brought up to. Every now and then I’ll say a prayer.”

“Yes – I don’t know why, I just do.”

H Matehaere, Kilbirnie “Yes I believe in God because he saved my soul and I can go to heaven”

Hine Namana, Kilbirnie “Yes I do because he fills my heart with peace and love.”

LETTERS to the editor Old drains waffle

Customer comfort in restaurants Dear Ed, I have noticed a disturbing trend for restaurants, cafes and eateries around Wellington to ignore the comfort of the customer completely. While most places have adequate levels of customer service, there seems to be a trend to only purchase tiny, non-cushioned, hard wooden chairs for patrons to sit on. Most look like they would be more at home in a primary school! These may be fi ne for five minutes of sitting, but

when enjoying a nice cup of tea and cheese scone, I want to be seated on something padded, and something of a suitable size. Is it cheaper to buy these nasty chairs? Is it just that people think having something historic in their cafe makes them seem ‘young and hip’? Whatever the reason, I do hope it’s a fad that passes quickly. Ronald R Smythe, Mt Cook

Dear Ed, Your article about Celia Wade-Brown and her 'older drains' waffle just serves to show this woman needs to be relinquished of the mayoral chains post haste. Instead of fixing these 'older' drains, which have been old for some time, we throw money down the drain on Wellington Way videos and pipe-dreams of a longer runway bringing more planes to our airport. Wade-Brown has proven to be only slightly more competent than our last

joke of a mayor - please, please can someone who knows what they are doing stand next time round? On a positive note, was quite nice to see your five minutes with H Westfold piece. He has kept me entertained for a number of years now (along with Swift and Smythe - although the latter hasn't been as prolific lately, I hope he's in good health!). Keep up the letter writing, please! Jaden Sears Lyall Bay

Natural Burials Dear Ed, As the Natural Burials advocate who was pictured and quoted as part of your April 27 article on that subject, I thought I should point out that, right in your circulation area, the funeral directors that have been used for most of them are conveniently near to your readers. That is, Harbour City Funeral Home, Kilbirnie, and its sub-

sidiary, Wilson Funeral Home, Newtown. Though the former is to handle my funeral, it had no storage space for my pine coffin, so that the latter has it, with my name printed on a swing-tag, on a shelf. I've been to see it there; and I don't mind if enquirers also have a look at it, for an idea of such a coffin's appearance.Harbour City staff

assure me my unembalmed body won't pong before burial, as they have a "cold room"where such bodies can be kept for a few days before a funeral! Harbour City keenly promotes Natural Burials as an option; and as well, they are ultimately less expensive than either a traditional burial or a cremation. Though the plot is wider and more expensive,

Fundraising Yard Sale Dear Ed, On Saturday 23rd May 10am to 1pm we are holding a Fundraising Yard Sale at Early Years 178 Rongotai Road for the victims of the recent Nepalese earthquake. The event has been organised by Evans Bay Intermediate student Robin Kunwar who is 12yrs old, along with Centre Manager Tulsa Kunwar at Early Years Rongotai Road. The Kunwar family are from Nepal and were devastated to hear about the earthquake in their home country, thankfully none of their family were injured and still have their Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication.

the inexpensive coffin, and the ban on a permanent marker and monumental masonry, easily cancel out the higher cost of the plot. At a rough guess, the modest funeral I've requested, disbursements included, shouldn't cost more than "ten grand" at the very most; as I'll kick the bucket before there's much further inflation, I'm confident!

Incidentally, I wish people wouldn't call a coffin a "casket": his is properly the name for a small chest to hold something precious, such as jewels and gold, so is highly inappropriate for a large box to hold a malodorous decomposing body! H WESTFOLD, Miramar

Freedom of expression homes. Robin particularly wanted to do something to raise money and with the help from friends, staff and parents of the children attending Early Years decided to organise the Yard Sale. There will be pre-loved children's clothing and toys, baked goods, face painting and raffles. The local Nepalese community will be helping out and will be wearing Nepalese traditional dress. Kind Regards, Nicola Edwards, Kilbirnie The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Dear Ed. I am writing to give you feedback regarding the 5 minute interview with H Westfold in your newspaper on 18 May. I find in deeply offensive that Cook Strait News would print such archaic and sexist comments as those made by H Westfold, e.g. “I’d send feminists back to the kitchen” along with his opinion that women being in places of

leadership is “unnatural”. To s ay I a m d i s a p pointed that Cook Strait News would publish this is an under statement! I think of Wellington as a vibrant and progressive city, however to have a local newspaper publish sexist and patriarchal piffle like this is shocking to me. It undermines women and promotes sexism. I have discussed this mat-

Comment from Ed: From feedback received, there is diverse community opinion on Westfold’s comments. We did consider editing out these comments , but published them on freedom

ter with friends and the point was made that if H Westfold had made racist comments of a similar nature it is very unlikely that Cook Strait News would have published his comments. So why then is it acceptable to publish sexist comments? I look forward to a response from you. Kind regards Cathy Agnew

of expression grounds, as they did not breach any laws, and not all members of the community find this offensive. Indeed, some have even welcomed such comments.

Monday May 25, 2015



Helen Neonakis Owner Operator at A Taste of Greece, Kilbirnie What would you change about the world? I would stop all the political and religious wars.

If you could be somebody for a day who would it be?

Who is your best friend and why?

I don’t know... maybe someone that could cure cancer. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

My best friend in the world is Elle Tzimas. She’s has been a big part of my success and we’ve been friends since the age of 12

Who is one person, dead or alive, you would love to have a meal with?

What meal do you never get sick of eating? Cucumbers – I just love cucumbers,I have a whole cucumber every night. It doesn’t matter how much they cost, I have to have one.

My dad, because he passed away 12 year ago. He would absolutely love this place. My Dad loved his food and cakes and he would have been so proud of me.

What is the best thing in your life right now? The best thing in my life is my grandchildren – Elena and Andoni, I just love them to death. We have a saying in Greece, “ your kids’ kids are twice your kids.”

What would Cook Strait News readers be shocked to know about you? That I’m half the woman I used to be....I’ve lost 35 kilos, I was 110kg and now I am 75kg.

What would your super power be and why? I’d like to be able to wiggle my nose and make things better for people and the world.

A spot of coffee and a swim The Aquatic Café is not known as the busiest café in the Southern and Eastern suburbs, but due to its location is often full at odd hours. The café is located at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre – hence its name – and during national swimming competitions in autumn it starts to fill up before the sun comes up with 600

swimmers, coaches and spectators. Extra staff are needed. “It gets very busy,” owner Leon Barnett says. “We have to have skilled people on when we are really busy.” During major swimming competitions, the café has a steady stream of customers from 6am until 7pm, many who want multiple caffeine fixes to get them

through the day’s competition, along with regulars who don’t care too much about the sport. Leon, and his wife Cathy have owned the café for eight years, and have lots of regular customers, many of whom are into water sports, but some just want to have coffee and read the paper – or have some breakfast. “We get regulars who come

in every morning,” Leon says. “We do a late lunch, coffee, and scones.” One regular, Jim Drummond, is from Brooklyn, is 89 and a New Zealand Master’s swimming record holder. He still swims five to six times a week . “He comes in five times a week,” Leon says, Aquatic also holds functions,

including children’s birthdays. “On a Saturday we can have three a day – obviously not during swimming competitions,” Leon says. Leon says he has always been self-employed, and just wants to provide value for money and a good environment where swimmers and locals can mix and feel at home.

Tidy kiwis needed for clean-up project By Steven Trask

THREE BAGS FULL: Wellington city councillor Sarah Free displays her haul after cleaning up Kilbirnie’s Crawford Road. Photo: STEVEN TRASK

Sick of Kilbirnie being treated like a tip, Wellington City Councillor Sarah Free is looking for the area’s tidy Kiwis to turn things around. She is embarking on a project to clean up her home patch, after seeing bags of trash piling up in the suburb’s many parks and reserves. With council resources already thinly stretched, she hopes to encourage the community to get stuck into the problem. “If you can get motivated to look after your patch its hugely helpful,” she says. “Everyone needs to take a little bit of responsibility.” The first clean up recently took place on the trash-strewn banks of Crawford Road, a favourite spot for litterbugs in the area. The piles of trash will not just “blow away”, and create a risk to both people and the environment, she says. “A lot of the trash ends up on beaches, and it poses a problem for wildlife.

“It is not the only factor in flooding, but [clogged drains] can’t be helping.” Kilbirnie resident Gina Wilson is one of the tidy kiwis Cr Free looking for. Gina strapped on her pink kitchen gloves to help the Crawford Road clean up, saying it is about time the area received some attention. “ I have lived here for 14 years. “It’s always bad – there is lots of rubbish, bottles, and broken glass,” she says. Gina was one of three volunteers to attend the Crawford Road clean up, and encourages the people of Kilbirnie to get involved next time. “It’s about looking after the area you live in,” she says. The grassy hill at the top of Wellington Road is in line for the group’s next makeover, although Councillor Free welcomes suggestions for other problem spots to tackle. The next community clean up is likely to be held in two or three weeks’ time, with details to be posted on the ‘’ website.

12 Monday May 25, 2015




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Monday May 25, 2015 Public Notice

Trades and Services


VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF WELLINGTON Te Whare Wananga o te Upoko o te Ika a Maui

Notice is hereby given that the


Call 04-389-7122 to Join us

will be held on: Tuesday 23rd June 2015 at 6pm Room 1 Royal Society of NZ 11 Turnbull Street, Thorndon

Wanted to Sell

Drinks and Nibbles followed by AGM

FRIDGE Samsung 210 ltr $250, F + P Wash

Machine 6.5kg $250, Mircowave Sharp $50, Sony Bravia 26’ led tv $200, Clothes Rack/Shelve Unit All ex condition., Phone 021 295 2769

The coldest temperature ever recorded was -123°C at Vostok Station in Antarctica in 1983.



Abed, able, alb, bad, bade, bald, bale, baled, bead, bed, bel, blade, bled, dab, dal, dale, deaf, deal, deb, eld, elf, fab, fable, FABLED, fad, fade, fed, flab, flea, fled, lab, lad, lade, lea, lead, leaf, led.

9-5pm. Lloyd Kelly Jewellers. 163 Riddiford Street, Newtown.


Local (04) 803 1776 (direct anytime) Builder


Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd

Life and Founding Members ONLY

Your local Plumbing Experts

NO Job too small!


Kiwi Self Storage is seeking a customer services consultant for the Kilbirnie storage centre to assist one day per week and when other staff are away. Working in a pleasant office environment you will be dealing with customer enquiries and office admin. Strong computer skills are essential. The position would suit a semi retired person who is outgoing and has a successful background in sales.

Member Master Painters NZ Contact John 388 3862 or 027 4466 371 John's Decorations Ltd

If you are interested in this position we would be delighted to hear from you by emailing to

Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre Coordinator An exciting position has become available at the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre. The Coordinator position is a permanent part-time role of 22.5 hours per week (Monday - Friday) We’re looking for someone who has passion for working with people, has good communication, organisational skills, ideas and heart for community development. This role will work closely with the Community Centre Administrator.

Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre Administrator

Across: 1 Lacquer, 4 Phenomenon, 9 Brittle, 13 Slag, 14 Stress, 15 Tickle, 16 Bigoted, 19 Remunerate, 20 Paradise, 21 Divan, 24 Sermon, 25 Chores, 27 Appaloosa, 32 Telegram, 33 Ageing, 34 Elevate, 38 Torments, 39 Invert, 40 Crew, 41 Aside, 42 Night, 45 Rattle the sabre, 52 Havoc, 55 Gravy, 56 Clan, 57 Fasten, 58 Scenario, 61 Secrets, 62 Serene, 63 Domestic, 66 Isolation, 68 Ornate, 69 Friend, 73 Oasis, 74 Sailboat, 76 Disinfects, 81 Visible, 82 Absorb, 83 Useful, 84 Plan, 85 Moisten, 86 Mysterious, 87 Dressed.

The Miramar and Maupuia Community Trust Board is looking for a person with a strong interest and aptitude in accounts management, financial and general administration to support the running of the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre.

Down: 1 Loser, 2 Claymore, 3 Return, 4 Pleat, 5 Ease, 6 Octopus, 7 Escort, 8 Oiled, 10 Ruin, 11 Tropics, 12 Leeway, 17 Incoherent, 18 Usual, 22 Criminal, 23 Moult, 24 Shorten, 26 Harp, 28 Panacea, 29 Pester, 30 Pestle, 31 Studio, 33 Agent, 35 Vesta, 36 Brag, 37 Tear, 43 Israel, 44 Hover, 46 Able, 47 Tangelo, 48 Eiffel, 49 Haste, 50 Sledding, 51 Excuse, 52 Handicraft, 53 Vary, 54 Clogged, 59 Stalk, 60 Omit, 64 Steal, 65 Hercules, 67 Spirits, 68 October, 70 Casino, 71 Bow out, 72 Liquid, 75 Lobby, 77 Ideas, 78 Synod, 79 Flue, 80 Sumo.

Applications close Friday, 29 May at 5pm.

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Can you create an awesome game in two days? This question is driving a somewhat audacious undertaking by Wellington-based software developer Gamelab. Gamelab CEO Dan Millward says his company is taking a new game from imagination to downloadable smart phone app every 48 hours - for a month. They are currently four games deep. “There is still a perception that games can't be so easily usergenerated. Through delivering working games within 48 hours, we are aiming to highlight how much more accessible game creation is becoming." The company has spent five years developing the 'Gamefroot' game generation engine in which the 'Game Dash 2D' games are being made. It is this unique engine that makes the two day turnarounds possible, Millward, from Newtown, says. "The greater purpose of 'Gamefroot' is that it makes the process of game creation intelligible and accessible to those without coding ability. It opens up the world of game creation to whole new demographics.” The engine is available freely

for use online, for anyone who wishes to play around with game making. User made games can then be published via Google Play and Appstore. Gamelab would like to hear from anyone who thinks they have a great game concept, or any companies that would like to commission a customised game. "We're happy that the games we've made thus far are fun, but there is still some limit to what can be achieved in the time frame,” Dan says. “Great ideas can come from anywhere, and we're naturally hoping that some of the games generated through this project can go further, once the dash is over."

Gamelab CEO Dan Millward

Every day our roving reporter Dave Crampton breaks news and meets locals throughout the Western and Southern suburbs, from Lyall Bay beach to the cafes of Newtown. Each week he shares a few tales from his travels.


From the Reporter’s desk



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By Dave Crampton








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Gamedash makes games fast
















It's been an interesting four weeks at the Cook Strait News. I aimed to to two things during my time here: have fun, and meet Mr H Westfold. I`m pleased to say I succeeded on both counts. However, despite the cafe two doors down from the offices, Alana, our advertising consultant, has yet to take me out for a coffee. One day... During the past week I had a Greek morning tea at A Taste of Greece in Kilbrnie, a fabulous wee place. You must try their Greek coffee. Their savouries, made on the premises, are also delish. I was doing a bit of work last Tuesday night, accompanied by the music of the nearby Turbo Bar, and, when done, went to my car only to find the battery flat. Despite the ungodly hour, a local, Daniel Taoipu, supplied the jumper leads and off I went back home. You have good locals here. Nice. Another sportsperson came to my attention this week – local fencer,

Felix Boyce. You've never previously heard of him, have you? He came 15th in the Commonwealth a couple of years ago and he’s only 19. He's on the cover this week. These international sportspeople just keep on coming. These southern suburbs have a wealth of sporting talent and it was great to be able to uncover it. We've had crazy weather in the past few weeks - hot sunny days, cloudy days, flooding, thunder, lightning and rain - everything except snow, hail and earthquakes, it seems. As I leave for a short stint on higher ground at our sister paper the Independent Herald, and then continue on with sports writing next Thursday is the big night in Wellington sport, the Wellington Sports Awards - Sam Duff will be back after gallivanting around Europe. Be nice to him, he probably doesn't want to be back after such a good time away. Buy him a coffee to wake him up.

Monday May 25, 2015


DIVING IN: Capital swimmers are eager to do their best.


PHOTOS: Dave Crampton

Capital club swims to top of the league By Dave Crampton

Capital Swimming Club looks set to be the top junior club after two rounds of a junior Metro League. More than 150 young swimmers have been descending on the regions swimming pools as part of a swimming club league, with swimmers swimming for team points. Last weekend was a double header at the Coastlands Aquatic

Centre, and Capital was looking to extend its lead after the first round in March in Lower Hutt, with two teams in the top three. While last year’s winners Porirua City Aquatics (PCA) pulled back the lead, Capital’s two teams retained their positions, with Capital’s top team on 347 points – 100 ahead of PCA. Organised by Swimming Wellington, the league – restricted to those under 13 - aims to create

an opportunity for children to compete, with emphasis on fun and involvement. Events consist of sprints and relays in four age groups. Swimming Wellington Operations Manager Henrietta Latham says the Junior Metro League aims to increase participation in the sport of swimming. “It will continue to develop the swimmers with an emphasis on fun and team involvement. It is

high tempo and exciting” she says. Each swimmer swam two relays and individual events. Some had not competed much, and enjoyed their first time in a team environment. “We’ve had a lot of new kids come in... for the first time at Metro League,” Capital swim coach Timon Wilkinson says. “They love it. The best thing is its a team event – its about your club, rather than as an individual.

“It makes the clubs and coaches work harder.” The final will be held at Coastlands Aquatic Centre on May 31, with teams seeded according to scores from the first two rounds. “I’m looking forward to it,” Timon says. This is the third year Swimming Wellington has organised a junior league, and a decision will be made as to whether to continue next year after feedback.

Finalists named for sports awards Forty-three finalists have been named for the Sport Wellington Sportsperson of the Year Awards 2015, including para-swimmer Mary Fisher, and swimmer and surf lifesaver Samantha Lee. Both are nominated for the Sportswoman of the Year award, which Fisher won last year, as well as Disabled Sportsperson of the Year. She is nominated for this award this year also. Also nominated is top Island Bay athlete Phoebe Edwards and her coach Mike Ritchie. Ritchie is nominated for Coach of the Year, with Edwards as Emerging Sportswoman of the Year.

The Wellington Rowing Club is a nominee for Club of the Year. Sport Wellington Chief Executive Phil Gibbons said the judges were really challenged this year with a high standard of nominations submitted. “We want to thank everyone that took the time to complete a nomination, the quality of nominations we received was outstanding. It’s great to see so many Wellingtonians taking this opportunity to recognise and celebrate successes in their sport, and acknowledge those who work so hard to make sport happen.” The 2015 winners will be announced at the awards cer-

emony held Thursday 4 June at TSB Bank Arena. Of these category winners will come the supreme winner; the 2015 Sport Wellington Sportsperson of the Year. Last year’s winner, NBA basketballer Steve Adams, was not nominated this year. One Wellingtonian has also been selected to receive the Lifetime Contribution to Sport Award which will be revealed at the awards dinner. The awards dinner will include the 2015 induction of the Sports Legends of Wellington. Once inducted the Legends will have plaques unveiled in their honour at the ASB Sports Centre in Kilbirnie.

Malice vs Pageant at Rec Wellington’s Richter City Roller Derby league hosted the second game of their 2015 home season round on Saturday 23 May 23 at Kilbirnie Recreation Centre. Home opener win ners Smash Malice took on Brutal Pageant, who they beat in the

home season final last year. Fans were out in their numbers – in leopard for Malice, or pink for the disgraced beauty queens of Pageant – in a rivalry now seven years in the making. Both teams featured several veteran skaters and a whole new crop of rookies

who have joined the Richter City ranks. Now in its seventh year of competition, the league boasts three home teams comprised of members of the top – ranked All Stars and the third –ranked Convicts, a development team.

Phil Cleaver, Phil Cregeen and Stephen Day, holding the Parents Gut Buster Challenge Cup, congratulate Joe Ready for taking on that challenge. Absent from photo: Wolfgang Fauck. Credit: Maxence Jaillet

A well named race By Maxence Jaillet

Parents and all students of Houghton Valley School (HVS) took part in their annual cross-country race on May 19. Four dads answered yes to the first Parents Gut Buster Challenge set up by the school this year. This new race involves a dashing start across the school’s bottom field, climbing a sinuous uphill track through Sinclair Park, a long downhill stretch and jumping over a wooden fence before a sprint closing this 500-metreer loop. Joe Ready, the Year 3 and 4 teacher nominated to represent the staff, had spent time training for the race. “The Gut Buster is not only a physical challenge but also has a mental component as you’re going up the hill and it’s getting steeper and steeper”, he said. Joe finished second after Stephen

Day, an experienced runner. “I was kind of expecting just to scout along and then jog in but everyone scurried up the hill pretty fast.” At HVS, this cross-country event wraps up several weeks of training for the children. But the event also gives the opportunity for students to build on the spirit of their different whanau groups by wearing their whanau color, singing chants and standing behind their painted banner. Teacher Peter Holmstead explained that the school “wants the students to be aware that as well as they are racing for themselves they are racing for their whanau”. Every top finisher marks points for their whanau group, and this year saw Kahurangi win the most whanau points. The senior students who finished in the top six qualified for Southern Zone Cross Country on Thursday May 28 9.30am at HVS.

16 Monday May 25, 2015

Award Winners: left to right: Paul Eagle (WCC Councillor), Martin Robinson (for Emma Robinson), Jenny Fisher (for Mary Fisher), Jasmine Lee (for Samantha Lee), Chelsey Edwards, Liam Albery, Ruby Heath, Rebecca Moynihan, Kerry Prendergast (WHiPA Patron).

Local aquatics athletes awarded scholarships Four local aquatics athletes were presented with the inaugural Lloyd Morrison Aquatic Athlete Scholarships at an award ceremony on May 18. Wellington High Performance Aquatics (WHiPA) presented the awards, worth $2500, to high performance athletes swimmer and Para-

lympic gold medallist Mary Fisher, Aquablack swimmer Emma Robinson, open water and pool swimmer Liam Albery, and world surf lifesaving champ Samantha Lee, all whom competed internationally. All are members of the Capital Swimming Club, although

Robinson currently trains in Australia. Emerging athletes Chelsey Edwards, 13, and Ruby Heath, 15, both swimmers, were also recognised. Recipients will use their scholarship for travel and equipment. WhiPA Chair, Luvaine Mc-

Donald said she was impressed with the calibre of applicants for the scholarships. “We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic competition results this year.” The scholarships, open to athletes and coaches in aquatic disciplines, are presented in memory of WHiPA founder,

Wellington businessman Lloyd Morrison (1957 - 2012). Lloyd Morrison wanted Wellington’s aspiring athletes to have the opportunity to excel at an elite level, and founded WHiPA in 2007 to support this vision. No coaches were awarded scholarships as none applied, Luvaine says.








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