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Monday, May 18, 2015

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Skies open up Kilbirnie under water again By Dave Crampton

Flood-prone Kilbirnie Crescent and surrounding areas were under water last Tuesday just a week before a report on issues around flooding is due to come from the Wellington City Council. Drains couldn’t cope with the torrential downpour. More than 40cm of water left cars trapped. Some shops resembled pad-

dling pools, and streets looked more like lagoons for the third time in recent weeks. Margaret Davis, from Rongotai, was about to collect her car from Tony’s Tyre Service, before heading off overseas. But the water was so deep she couldn’t collect her car for a further 30 minutes as it was unsafe to drive out. She said she was in a hurry. “I`m flying to Paris tomorrow night.” Continued on page 2

UNDER WATER: Anastasia and Aziz Gratsounas outside their property. PHOTO CREDIT: Dave Crampton

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Monday May 18, 2015

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Kilbirnie under water again

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Eventually she drove her car out the back entrance. “This happens every year,” she says. “Three times in one month. The drains can't cope - the council isn't spending money on infrastructure - they're spending the money on that stupid bloody Island Bay cycleway.” Around the corner, in Kilbirnie Crescent, shops were forced to close and sandbags were brought out. The landlords for Chic Beaute and Jimmy Q Hairdressers, Anastasia and Aziz Gratsounas estimated repairs will cost more than $5000, which they would have to wear. “It's horrible,” Anastasia says. “We cant have this every time there is a big downpour. Last time we had to get the Fire Brigade to pump the water out.” The couple was critical of the Wellington City Council's upkeep of the area and intend to contact the council about it. “We need to make the council understand that this can’t happen every three weeks,” Aziz says. Further down the road, Kilbirnie Crescent resident Rosemary Russell says the street is littered, and claims that led to the flooding. “They haven’t cleaned Kilbirnie Crescent on the south side for 18 years”, she

Address: Kilbirnie Plaza; 23 Bay Rd. P.O. Box 38-776, WMC 5045 Fax: (04) 587 1661


Nicola Adams


Dave Crampton


Alana Hagen

DAMP SITUATION: Margaret Davis considers how to get her car back

says. “We had four doctors surgeries flooded last time.” Rosemary says she intends to petition the council with local residents and businesses.

“We've got to get together and go to council, because this is negligent.” The rain also forced the cancellation of Victoria University's graduation parade which was to have marched from Lambton Quay to Civic Square.


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Old drains to blame for flood, says Mayor Wellington Mayor, Celia Wade -Brow n sa id “older drains” were partly to blame for last Tuesdays flooding in the southern suburbs, while one of her councillors blames “drainage network capacity”. “The combination of some older drains, more impermeable surfaces and increasing rainfall severity means that system modelling is more and more important,” Wade-Brown says. Wellington City Council E nv i ron ment Com m it t e e Chairperson Councillor Iona Pannett says that drainage network capacity – as opposed

to blocked drains and sumps – was the principal cause of the flooding. She is hoping that a report out today will discuss the possibility of relatively inexpensive, but effective flood mitigation measures. “It’s clear we have more problem areas to deal with. I look forward to the report – it is likely that it may come with recommendations for a change in drainage spending. She said the council is taking this issue seriously, but there’s been serious flooding several times in recent weeks. Last week’s flood was a one in 30year event, and the previous

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fall when debris was washed into the drains by the heavy rain. He is hopeful today’s report will provide some solutions. “Our service levels need to change. People have lost confidence in the services that they pay for.” But residents say the council is navel-gazing over flooding issues, and Eagle says that’s a fair comment. “I wouldn’t say that was wrong,” he says.  Did you offer a bed to s tran d e d commute r s on Thursday? contact news@




Public Performances: • Saturday 30 May 10.15am-5.30pm • Sunday 31 May 9.15am-4.25pm

flood on 28 April was a one in 80-year event, the council says. Cr Pannett says the council has been “closely auditing” work by contractors who are charged with keeping the drains clean. “Generally we’re satisfied with their performance – and we know that, if anything, storm water has been coming up out of the sumps rather than being blocked from going in.” But Southern Ward councillor Paul Eagle says flooding issues hadn’t improved since the council outsourced infrastructure. Many manholes popped last Tuesday, and sumps were blocked by impacts of the rain-

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Monday May 18, 2015

Cycleway process criticised By Dave Crampton

Those with strong views on the Island Bay cycleway are trading barbs, with Southern Ward councillor Paul Eagle claiming a "silent majority" were behind him in his opposition to some of the current proposals, while cycleway proponent Regan Dooley says that's just plain wrong. Another silent majority – 82 percent of households on The Parade – did not make a submission to the Wellington City Council as part of the consultation on the cycleway. “Councillor Eagle is attempting to use consultation feedback as if it is a survey of a representative sample of the community, which it isn’t.” Regan says. Council research shows that the number of people cycling in the southern corridor would almost triple if safe highquality cycling infrastructure is provided on the best route. Priority on the cycling network is being given to three cor-

ridors: Northern, CBD and Eastern. Council has allocated $4.3 million to cycling within the 2014/15 year which will fund Stage 1 of the Island Bay Cycleway. The biggest criticism has been the consultation process. The first round in April 2014 drew 177 responses, with just 17 submissions from residents of The Parade, one of Wellington’s widest and flattest streets. The second consultation in September drew 729 responses, including 486 from Island Bay, 99 from The Parade. The third consultation on the traffic resolutions in December 2014 drew 308 responses, including 178 from Island Bay. The 70 responses from The Parade represent only 13 per cent of the adult population and came from 38 households. Regan is in no doubt that

most in Island Bay have an opinion on the cycleway. “But they simply don't care about it enough to make a submission, despite being given three opportunities over the course of nine months to do so.” he says. The draft framework will go out for consultation until May 29.

inbriefnews Clear your drains to avoid flooding

The first section of the cycleway will run from Shorland Park in Island Bay to Wakefield Park in Berhampore. The second section will have it continue on to John Street in Newtown, with the final two sections will extend it to Memorial Park, and on to Waitangi Park.

The Wellington City Council has appealed to residents to clear drains in an effort to avoid more flooding. While Wellington City Council contractors will be keeping as many drains clear as possible, residents are urged to check if drains on or outside their properties are clear of autumn leaves or other debris. If residents can run a broom over any blocked sump then the council would appreciate that assistance.

Town Hall shame

Cycleway – no changes, no support: Eagle Island Bay resident and city councillor Paul Eagle supports plans for a Wellington cycle network, but has reservations on the current design of the Island Bay cycleway. While he supported the formation of a working party on the cycleway, if its report comes back to the council with the design unaltered, he will change his vote. “ No changes – no support,” he says. “But I think there could be a change in the design.”


Paul, a former manager for Bikewise at the NZTA, says the process, including consultation, has taken far too long. “People just want to get on with it,” he says. A working party comprising Southern Ward councillors, council officers, community stakeholders and Deputy Mayor Justin Lester will consider traffic resolutions for the Island Bay section as Stage 1 of the Southern Route and report back to the full council by

June 24. Paul says the community, including children, should have some input. “All people want is a decent process to develop a cycleway.” If he had his way, the cycle way would be through Newtown, but noted that Mayor Celia Wade-Brown lives in Island Bay. She is also a keen cyclist. “I think this is about getting political legacy for the Mayor.” he says.

Kerry Prendergast has joined her husband Rex Nichols in his calls to strengthen and reopen the Town Hall. The Oriental Bay pair claim the timetable has been lost in the murky depths of the city’s 10 year plan. Prendegast questioned why the Town Hall remains shut when the St James Theatre and the Opera House – which are also earthquake prone to the same level – are able to stay open. “The loss as a venue has been absolutely devastating for us. There are things that go in the Town Hall that you can’t easily put in the Michael Fowler Centre … it’s a real shame the organ was taken out of the Town Hall, because it could be being used.”

Salvation army block redevelopment The Salvation Army is planning to redevelop the block bordered by Normanby St, Riddiford St and Donald McLean St. The plan is to have all their services in one place – and to sell their present properties in Constable St, Rintoul St and Riddiford St north. The two storey building will have a main hall, drop in centre, family store and an early education centre. Thirty-six carparks will be accessed from Donald MacLean St.

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Monday May 18, 2015


Local songster gets people talking By Dave Crampton

Flood damage claims mount up Insurance claims for flood damage after last weeks weather bomb are mounting. Cars have had flooded interiors and engines, and water has been dripping through ceilings due to roof leaks. AA Insurance is advising Wellingtonians to try to grab the opportunity between downpours to get their house in order and prevent any new or additional flooding damage. Should there be further flooding the AA advise motorists not to drive through water as its often difficult to gauge how deep or fast moving it is.

Climate Changing The Green Party is calling for urgent government leadership on climate change to prepare for increased severe weather events in light of the flooding last week. The party says we will see heavier rainfall and more intense storms and droughts because of climate change but says the Government hasn’t given much more than “ a load of hot air” when it comes to taking action on climate change.

Council picks Aussies The Wellington City Council has chosen an Australian company, TechnologyOne, to deliver its computer upgrades. TechnologyOne’s solution will consolidate the Council’s core applications – those that deal with customer service, land, property, regulatory, assets, finance, HR and payroll functions – onto a single platform. This will enable us to improve customer service, reduce IT costs, increase integration and business efficiency, and position the Council for future changes in the way we work,” says City Council Chief Executive Kevin Lavery. Implementation of the new IT system will be phased and is anticipated to happen from early next year, with subsequent phases following later in the year.

SONGSTER: Gillian Henderwood wants people to talk to her.

A song written in pencil on the back of a receipt by an Island Bay musician on the number one bus home is about to be released in a different way than most songs. Gillian Henderwood’s song. “Talk to me”, is about being wired up, and was written while sitting next to a guy reading his iPad, and listening to music through his headphones. “Too many people are too wired up too much – no-one is talking,” she says. The song was recorded on a laptop in a mates lounge, and is about to be released at the local park in Island Bay on Sunday. But Gillian is not even going to play the song at the launch. Instead she is going to tell people about it – and about the accompanying video - and perhaps talk to a stranger or two.

Along with her husband Mark, she travelled to Featherston to record the song in the lounge of fellow musician Campbell Kneale. Mark sings, the others two play guitar. The song is all about encouraging people to talk. “Spontaneous conversation in public spaces can be a rare thing. Making friends with strangers is becoming more difficult,” Gillian says. To release this song, Gillian has an open invite to walk the talk by strolling along the south coast without a digital device and talking with a stranger. Who knows, you might make a friend. You can listen to 'Talk to me' on www.henderwood. and it will be available on iTunes on your digital device.  The launch is at Shorland Park, Island bay Band Rotunda, Sunday May 24h at 2pm.

Arts icon passes Just three days after being named as an Arts Foundation Icon, Wellington composer Jack Body has died at the Mary Potter Hospice in Newtown. He was selected as a recipient of the Arts Foundation of New Zealand Icon Award – Whakamana Hiranga, which is limited to a living circle of twenty world class artists. Jack,70, was selected with two other artists to be awarded icons this year. Limited to a living circle of twenty, icons are artists whose work represents a legacy to our nation. He had previously been made an Arts Foundation Laureate and was the first laureate to also receive an Icon Award A prolific world-class composer with global reach, the impact of Jack’s artistic life on New Zealand is profound. As he was unwell, a private ceremony was held at the Mary Potter Hospice on May 5. Gaylene Preston, a fellow Laureate,

filmmaker, and Chair of the Arts Foundation Governors spoke at the ceremony and a tribute to Jack was read by former Governor and fellow Laureate Dame Gillian Whitehead. This Icon Award is the ultimate world-class accolade, recognising Jack’s extraordinary contribution to the Arts in New Zealand. Based at Victoria University since 1980, his prolific creative output has challenged and inspired music-lovers around the world for several generations. Euan Murdoch, the university’s director at the New Zealand School of Music, says the icon award is the ultimate accolade, representing Jack’s extraordinary contribution to the arts in New Zealand. Jack’s fearless originality and entrepreneurial acumen have helped to establish a new musical paradigm in this country as part of the AsiaPacific.” He had requested a private funeral.

Wellington composer Jack Body

Monday May 18, 2015


Soprano has key role in Elijah

E-BIKING: It’s all smiles for Switched On Bikes.

Switched on bikes exceeds fundraising target By Dave Crampton

Switched On Bikes has raced through their PledgeMe crowd funding target faster than they race up Wellington's hills. Ryan O’Connell and business partner Sofia Robinson want to provide a fun, unique and green way to explore our capital city. They have five electric bikes that have been eating up Wellington’s hills, but wanted five more. So they set about on a four week crowd funding campaign. In a four week burst, the electric bike and tour hire company aimed to reach $7,000 by May 7. “We need five more to really get started, which is where our crowd-funding campaign came,” Ryan says. They did it with two days to spare, getting 132 pledges and exceeded their target by $2000, with support of the Wellington City Council. Climate Change Portfolio Leader

and Councillor David Lee said the council was proud to be supporting Switched On Bikes “We’ll be matching all donations to their crowd-funding campaign dollar for dollar,” he says. Owner Ryan O’Connell and business partner Sofia Robinson are stoked at the rate of pledges. “Yee - har. With $9030 pledged, matched by the WCC means $18,060 worth of new e-bikes in Wellington,” Ryan says. “We got $2000 more than our target.” The bikes will be purchesed within the nex ttwo months, Ryan says. Were the pair to make the $10,000 mark, Ryan said he would get himself a tattoo of a bike, but they fell just short. “I think my mum was pretty happy,” he says. However given that the target was exceeded, the tattoo is still under discussion. “Maybe I could get a tattoo of a

unicycle,” he jokes. Switched On Bikes is part of the Smart Energy Challenge, a partnership between Wellington City Council and Enspiral, that develops and funds communitydriven projects that make better use of energy. As part of the Challenge, the pair was one of five teams that spent six weeks in an “entrepreneurship boot camp” for passionate Wellingtonians with smart ideas for the Capital’s low-carbon future. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown, who initiated the Smart Energy Fund and has an e-bike, is very supportive of the campaign. “E-bikes make Wellington far more accessible if there’s a headwind or a big hill,” she says.

theatre director Frances Moore, comes direct from the Auckland Festival to stage the oratorio, with 1993 New Zealand Song Quest winner Martin Snell singing the title role with support from Lisa Harper-Brown and soloists from the New Zealand School of Music. The Orpheus Choir stages Mendelssohn’s epic oratorio ELIJAH with Orchestra Wellington Saturday 23 May 7.30pm, Michael Fowler Centre.  If you want a double pass to Eliijah please email news@ with “Orpheus Choir - Elijah” in the subject. The winner will be announced next week. Brent Stewart conductor Martin Snell bass Lisa Harper-Brown soprano Frances Moore staging Orchestra Wellington

Orpheus Choir of Wellington presents

Elijah Felix Mendelssohn’s Epic Oratorio

Sat 23 May 7.30pm

Michael Fowler Centre

$20–$70 book at Ticketek (BOOKING FEE WILL APPLY)

 The bikes will be on hire from the central city or in Newtown at $45 a half day and $75 a day. Those interested can contact Switched On Bikes on 0800 ETOURS (0800 386877).

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Soprano Lisa Harper-Brown has a key role in the Orpheus Choir's upcoming performance of the epic oratorio Elijah. The Mornington singer recently moved to New Zealand from Australia as her husband works in the local film industry. Conducted by new musical director Brent Stewart, the production features Lisa as the widow, with Martin Snell as Elijah. Elijah is regarded as one of the great masterpieces of the choral repertoire and has not been performed in Wellington since Orpheus Choir presented it in 1999 to critical acclaim. The New York trained


Monday May 18, 2015

Kilmarnock Heights Home becomes like family For 18-year-old Daniel Harris, working as a kitchen hand at Enliven’s Kilmarnock Heights Home in Berhampore has taught him a thing or two about his elders. After starting work at Kilmarnock Heights Home two years ago, Daniel says his perception of rest homes has completely changed. Kilmarnock Heights Home is a rest home with a difference, he says. “At first I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it’s a relaxing place and there’s always something going on. Bowls, bingo and all sorts,” Daniel explains. “The residents aren’t sitting around doing nothing all day – they’re keeping active and being social. It gives Kilmarnock Heights a real homely feel. It’s like a big family.” Over the time he has worked there, Daniel says it feels like he’s adopted a few extra grandparents. “We [the staff] all really get to know the

Kitchen hand: Daniel Harris

residents, they’re real characters here and I think I bring a bit of youth to their lives – I tell jokes and love to make them laugh,” says Daniel. “Working here makes you realise just how much of a difference five minutes of your time can make to their day. Even if they’re not feeling the best that day they still enjoy having a good yarn.” When he isn’t working at Kilmarnock Heights Home, Daniel says he’s usually playing hockey. “I’ve played hockey since I was three years old. I like hockey because it’s always fast and moving - I just love it.” Next month Daniel will take up a once in a lifetime opportunity as he heads to Belgium to play for Braxgata Hockey Club for six months, as well as coach one of the junior teams. Despite being about to embark on this exciting adventure, Daniel says he will always remember the residents of Kilmarnock Heights Home. “I’ll be sad to leave but I’m glad I chose to work at Kilmarnock Heights Home; the residents have taught me so much,” says Daniel. “One of them gave me a greenstone necklace for good luck and another resident here had it blessed for me, so I have that to remember them by. I’ll definitely miss the residents.”  Kilmarnock Heights Home is operated by Enliven, part of the not-for-profit organisation Presbyterian Support Central. To find out more about rest home and respite care at Kilmarnock Heights Home, located at 20 Morton Street in Berhampore, call 04 380 2034 email or visit

Fine affair: Suzannah Aitkin, Amy Austin and Nolan Hodgson discuss the finer details of their Fairtrade Fundraiser. PHOTO: Hannah Mackintosh).

Formal festivities at Fairtrade Fundraiser By Dave Crampton

A celebration of the diverse range of Fairtrade produce available in Wellington will be held in Newtown in the weekend as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. Wellington local foodies, Susannah Aitken, Amy Austin and Nolan Hodgson are teaming up to cook a formal dinner at the Newtown Community Centre. The fundraising event celebrates the diverse range of Fairtrade produce available in Wellington and aims to raise awareness of the importance of supporting fair trade. The Newtown community has rallied around the event, particularly the Wellington Timebank members. Coordinator Hannah Mackintosh says the timebank is the perfect place to build a team of volunteers. “With over 500 members, it is a wonderfully rich resource of skillful, enthusiastic community members ready to support events such as these. The pianist, designer, photographer and all those helping at the event are timebank

Annette King MP for Rongotai

A life worth living at

Call Kilmarnock Heights Home on (04) 380 2034 to find out more.



No pressure — No obligation.

Kilmarnock Heights Home is vibrant, welcoming and inviting from the moment you walk through the door. Here, you’ll be supported to maintain your independence and continue with your hobbies, interests and passions.

At Kilmarnock Heights Home we can offer rest home care and short term respite, as well as a day guest programme for people living in the community.

Do You Have Questions About the Catholic Faith? Holy Trinity parish which serves the Eastern Suburbs is running Inquiry Sessions starting from the week beginning Sunday 31 May, 2015.

Kilmarnock Heights Home A highlight for many residents is the social life - as well as enjoying the company of others at a similar stage of life, residents get involved in organising daily happenings and special events.

members. This is second dinner that Coordinator of A Fine Affair, Renee Rushton, from Peoples Coffee in Newtown, has organised for Fairtrade Fortnight, after last year’s one was so successful. “In putting on A Fine Affair, we aim to raise the profile of Fairtrade Fortnight in a creative, fun and delicious way as well as raising a little money for charity in the process.” Renee will also share his experiences of working with Fairtrade farmers globally, and an auction featuring Fairtrade clothing wil raise funds to support Oxfam’s effort in promoting Fairtrade internationally, and the Wellington Timebank’s efforts building community locally.  A Fine Affair will be held at 7.00pm, Saturday 23rd May at The Theatre, Newtown Community Centre. Tickets are $60 or four for $200. There are only 30 spots available. Donations for the auction can be made by contacting Renee Rushton on renee.nccc@clear. or 0272455049.

172 Riddiford Street, Newtown Hours are from 9.00am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday. Ph: 389 0989 E-mail:

For further details contact : Holy Trinity Parish Office Ph: 04 388 6953 Email:

For your advertising solutions call

Danny Thomas

e: p: (04) 387 7160

Monday May 18, 2015


Serial letter writer, Miramar What would Cook Strait News readers be shocked to know about you? Considering my views on Popery, one of my long–term friends is a Papist.

Who is your best friend and why?

If you could be somebody for a day who would it be?

What would your super power be and why?

Maybe the late Rev Ian Paisley – because he stood up to the Papists and the terrorists in Northern Ireland

I suppose invisibility would be handy to have at times, maybe to spy on a few people... generally speaking the wreckers such as baby murderers and so forth.

Who is one person, dead or alive, you would love to have a meal with? Probably the novelist Nancy Mitford – her books are so funny.

I`m just trying to think… I suppose one of my church friends, John Wierenga. Don’t know why.

What would you change about the world? I’d send the feminists back to the kitchen where they belong, and so forth. It is unnatural for a woman to take a leading role in public life.

What is the best thing in your life right now? I think simply having a few friends, but good ones – and being left alone to get on with what I want, I suppose.

What meal do you never get sick of eating?

I’m not sure that there’s any meal I`d never get sick of eating – a traditional British/ Kiwi roast dinner?

Local give seal of approval Baking for Nepal Jeremy Wilkinson

its cinema back, with coffee and food, and that’s a really Island Bay locals have given important part of the Island the newly renovated Empire Bay I love.” Cinema their seal of approval. Another resident, Hamish Renovations began mid-way Groves, says he would like to through 2014 and include a see the same mix of art-house new paint job and completely and foreign films that the old reworked interior which feacinema screened. tures a bar and kitchen. “The new design is great, Local property developer though it’s a big step up in Pat Vinaccia purchased the class.” Empire early in 2014 after it The cinema employs 15 staff went into receivership owing and “is looking to hire a few $1.5 million to the BNZ. more”, says manager Freya McKernan. “The response from the community has been awesome, the facebook page went from 1000 likes to over 3500 in the last few weeks.” McKernan says the types of movies played will predominantly be mainstream, with a few art-house films every now and then. All three of the cinemas now feature digital projectors, two of which were included installed by the previous owner. The cinema first opened in 1925 and seats between 49 Island Bay’s Empire Cinema on its pre-opening night on and 65 people in each of its theatres. Wednesday. Photo Credit: Jeremy Wilkinson The Empire hosted a crowd of friends and family for its pre-opening night on Wednesday. Heavy flooding in Wellington did not deter keen locals eager to get a glimpse of the revamped iconic building. Resident Alan Hard described the cinema as a “hub for the community”, and says he’s “probably the most excited person in Island Bay” about the re-opening. “I think Island Bay has got

By Dave Crampton

Some thrifty Island Bay friends decided to hold a sale of homemade baking to raise money for children in Nepal who have been affected by the recent earthquake. Gemma Goldfinch and her mother Catherine Dick looked on the UNICEF website and discovered that $181.00 could provide fresh drinking water for eight families for a month, so set about making at least $181.00 worth of baking. “Gemma has been looking at the news and has just been overwhelmed,” Catherine says. So Gem ma and her friends, Annika Peterson, Jessica Hannan, and twins Sarah and Jaymie Tervoort set about baking to raise money for the less fortunate. After baking all day on Saturday May 3, they set up a stall in the main street just outside the video store the following

ALL SOLD: Annika Peterson, Jessica Hannan, Sarah Tervoort, Jaymie Tervoort and Gemma Goldfinch selling their wares

day. After just three hours they had sold all their baking. The twins’ mother also pitched in, buying the girls a few cupcakes so they could taste their wares. In total they raised $284.30, including donations. “Some people who

didn’t want their beautiful little cupcakes gave then a donation,” Catherine says. The girls have already challenged some of their friends to better their effort. Some of their friends are planning bake sales to do just that.

Rongotai College encourages excellence in all things, and is committed to helping every boy be the best he can.



Friday 5 June

Tuesday 9 June 7pm to 8.30pm

Be a part of Rongotai College for half a day. If your school has not already arranged this, please telephone our office to arrange.

We invite you to tour our college and find out about our academic, cultural and sporting programmes

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Monday May 18, 2015



rt e p x E ll the


fiel r i e h t in




Fashion Retailer


04 387 3808 Robyn Mathieson’s workshop, which opened in Kilbirnie seven weeks ago, is a creative space where locals, travellers and city-dwellers can have fun, shop, and walk out with designer-made clothing.

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The award-winning designer and retailer both designs and retails her garments from her Kilbirnie workshop, as well as retailing from her shop in Featherston Street. Regular customers are visiting the workshop, along with local customers from the Eastern and Southern suburbs, who see firsthand Robyn's strong eye for creative and innovative fabrics which form the basis of her signature style, both in Kilbirnie and in Wellington.

Blanket Coat

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“I love coming into my workshop and creating new ranges...there's so much inspiration just being around my team.”

As well as dresses, tops, jackets and pants, accessories like necklaces, bags, scarves, wallets and rings are also retailed. Robyn says people often go to the website and then go shopping rather than the other way round. The advantage of the Kilbirnie store is that the parking is free.


Saturday 18th April

“We do the work – you shop,” she says.

Since the workshop opened, Robyn says business is booming, and credits her ongoing success to the "absolutely amazing team" at the workshop, and in her stores.



But it is the workshop close to home where the creative juices flow.


We use the latest Pilates equipment to provide variety and a more effective workout.

B A C KEmail: C O RSES

For info, contact Sabine:

Mobile: 021 207 0664

Everybody can do this course. It increases mobility and “wakes up” the deep stabilising muscles of the spine. It Crnr Kingsford Smith Stand and Lyall Parade. the Levelbody. 1 (above Real alleviate Surf ) stretches, strengthens mobilises It can back pain and strengthening muscles post-pregnancy. Free parking available

Easy Rider

“What I like about Kilbirnie is that it is quietly busy. People come here for all sorts of surprising reasons and the suburban vibe is rather relaxing.” Recent successes for Robyn include a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit at the 2012 Queens Birthday honours for services to fashion, and also in 2012 her Wellington shop won a national Top Shop award.

o Work Shop o 34 Rongotai Rd, Kilbirnie, Wellington 6022 | 04 387 2290 Email: o Wellington Store o 196 Featherston St | 04 473 0575 Email:

Auto Mechanics



Monday May 18, 2015

EXPERTS Acupuncturists


rt e p x E ll the


fiel r i e h t in





The team at Island Bay Physiotherapy has the expertise and experience in physiotherapy, including manual therapy, exercise and pilates to get you back to your active lifestyle. See our team for  Neck and Shoulder Problems  Low Back Pain  Whiplash and Headaches  Knee injuries  Hand and wrist injuries  Work Related Injuries  Sports Injuries  Hamstring tears  Calf tears  Shin splints  Golfers / Tennis Elbow  Achilles tendon pain  Overuse Problems  OOS  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Arthritis


 Falls Prevention  Sciatic pain  Ante and post natal exercise and advice

Contact us Phone : 04 383 8700 E-mail : 150A The Parade, Island Bay, Wellington, 6023 Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 7.40am – 7.00pm Located in the heart of Island Bay we offer flat access and easy parking.

Prevent health issues with our executive health checks. Book an appointment to see one of our experienced masters degree qualified exercise physiologists today.

Your Health is our business! Visit us at for our full range of services and specials.

Level 1, 43 Hania St, Wellington | Phone: 04 801 7395


We promise to care Excellent people, Wepromise promise to care We to care exceptional care

We’re just down the road

Excellentis people, Ultimate Care Grouppeople, New Zealand’s Excellent leading provider of specialist residential exceptional care aged care services. exceptional care Ultimate Care Group is New Zealand’s All of leading our boutique sites offer an residential provider of specialist Ultimate Care Group New Zealand’s unparalleled quality of is personalised aged care services. leading provider of specialist care, All thanks to a dedicated staffresidential that of our boutique sites offer an aged care services. is backed by industry-leading unparalleled quality of personalised

Ultimate Care Mt Victoria Our facility has colourful gardens and is close to amenities. We’re just down the road 135 Constable St, Newtown We’re just down the road Ultimate Care Mt Victoria Contact Karen Gear Our facility has colourful gardens on 04 389 7007 Ultimate Care Mt Victoria and is close to amenities. Our facility has colourful gardens 135 Constable St, Newtown Ultimate Care Maupuia and is close to amenities. Contact Karen Gear We Constable have magnificent views over 135 on 04 389 7007 St, Newtown Mirimar and Cook Straight. Contact Karen Gear 6 Rangitane St, Maupuia Ultimate Care7007 Maupuia on 04 389 We have magnificent views over Contact Albie Calope Miramar and Cook Strait. Mirimar and Cook on 04 3887186 Ultimate Care Straight. Maupuia 6 We Rangitane St, Maupuia views over have magnificent Contact Albie Calope Ultimate Care Churtonleigh Mirimar and Cook Straight. on 04 3887186 We have attractive gardens and 6 Rangitane St, Maupuia panoramic views over the hills. Ultimate Care Churtonleigh Contact Albie Calope We attractive gardens and 24have Mallard Gr, Churton Park on 04 3887186 panoramic overPedersen the hills. Contact views Leonie 24Ultimate Mallard Gr, Churton Park on 04 478 4273 Care Churtonleigh Contact Leonie Pedersen We have attractive gardens and on 04 478 4273 panoramic views over the hills. 24 Mallard Gr, Churton Park Contact Leonie Pedersen on 04 478 4273

qualifications and All of care, our boutique offer staff an that thanks to training. asites dedicated is backedquality industry-leading unparalleled of personalised We promise tobyoffer comfortable, qualifications and training.staff that care, thanks to a dedicated home-like facilities that deliver the very We promise to offer comfortable, is backed by industry-leading best care for you and your loved ones. home-likeand facilities that deliver the very qualifications training. Quality support services: best care for you and your loved ones. We promise to offer comfortable, Quality support services: Rest home level care home-like facilities that deliver the very Rest home level care loved ones. Hospital level care best care for you and your level care ShortHospital term respite care QualityShort support services: term respite care Palliative care Palliative carecare Rest home level Hospital level care To Short find out more about our termout respite care To find more about ourfacilities facilities visit visit Palliative care


Future proof your health with our Executive Health Checks!






10 Monday May 18, 2015

readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: How did you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

Mike Brown, Newtown

Alex MacKay, Newtown

Ihaia Olsen, Strathmore

Rameka Hoori, Newtown

Mau Stirling, Kilbirnie

“I just hung out with my wife and children and grandchildren.”

“I texted my Mum. I said “have a happy Mother’s Day, love you”.”

“I facebooked my mother and wished her a happy birthday.”

“I gave any women in town free things, and thing for the children.”

“It was very quiet – I did nothing. I didn’t ring Mum, we don’t get on.”

Nathan Jones, Newtown “It was good. I gave her some flowers and stuff.”

LETTERS to the editor Cycle lane debate Dear Ed, My wife and I have been watching the raging debate surrounding the utterly ridiculous proposal to put in an “international best practice kerbside cyclelane” through The Parade in Island Bay. Best practise for who one wonders? We don’t believe it will help the cyclists. It certainly won’t help the residents of Island Bay and best not to mention the residents of The Parade! Good luck to them getting in and out of their driveways! We hate to think just how many accidents will now happen on this wide and safe and iconic road. It is common knowledge

Unique and Boutique that the public consultation was a shambles and the outcome was r uthlessly orchest r at e d by the cycling lobbyist groups and certain unscrupulous councillors. Hardly a fair and reasonable democratic approach for the WCC to take! My wife and I and our cycling friends think it is complete madness and a disgrace to tear up The Parade, not to mention a disgraceful waste of ratepayer funds. It’s just a great shame that it’s not election year as this travesty would not be happening! Roger Pickering. Berhampore

Dear Ed, Celia WadeBrown quoted in CSN 30 March “If a tree is not growing then it must be dying” in her embarrassing defence of the outrageous proposed rates increases over the next 10 years. What a simply ridiculous statement when Council doesn’t seem to be able to keep on top of rudimentary maintenance and repairs! I have read that the Mayor wants Wellington to compete with cities such as Sydney and Singapore. That is embarrassing in my opinion. You simply cannot compete with the scale of these cities and why would you want to?

Wellington is a “unique and boutique” city that is why she is loved and treasured by so many! Instead of dreaming up ambitious “pie in the sky think big projects” and ways to spend rate-payers money why does Council not get onto repairing our existing treasures such as the Town Hall earthquake re-strengthening project, The Island Bay Seawall – the list goes on! WCC needs to get back to the core focus of running the city and maintaining the cities assets. Steven Cooper, Island Bay

Letters on issues of community interest are welcomed. Guidelines are that they should be no longer than 150 words. They must be signed and a street address provided to show good faith, even if a nom de plume is provided for publication. The editor reserves the right to abridge letters or withhold unsuitable letters from publication. Send or fax them to the address on page two, or email them to samduff@wsn. Please note that your name and street address must also be provided in e mails.

Thank-you Dear Ed, Through your paper I wish to thank the kind person who left a note on my car giving the registration number of the vehicle that backed into my bumper. This took place on Friday May 1 outside Westpac, Coutts Street, Kilbirnie. Well done Ruth Gotlieb, Wellington

Pathways not cycle lanes DearEd, I find it highly amusing and somewhat vexing that the Mayor keeps referring to the success of the Tawa Valley Pathway and now the Leonie Gill Pathway in the same breath as the highly contentious Island Bay cycleway. Is the Mayor delusional? These pathways bear no resemblance to the kerbside cycleway that is to tear

through the heart of Island Bay and reduce that safe arterial route to the equivalent of Adelaide Road. Regan Dooley may well be a supporter of this proposed cycleway, but he only represents a very small and vocal minority of the community. The silent majority do not want this cycleway and that has been clearly demonstrated but ignored

and rigged submission processes plus Traffic Resolutions. This cycleway is an ill-conceived and shameful folly by WCC. The disgraceful conduct surrounding this matter and the disrespect shown to the residents of Island Bay leaves much to be desired. Isabella Wishart, Island Bay

Responsible road behaviour



FRI 22 MAY 9.30 -12NOON ND


Dear Ed, As a mother of two young children I would challenge any “responsible” parent to even consider putting a child of under 10 on any cycleway unescorted as their skills both mental and physical are still developing.

Last year I heard an interview with one of the Kennett brothers and an older man of around 89 years who’d his motor vehicle license taken off him for reasons of safety. This man then went out and brought himself an

electric bike so he could still get around. I wonder is he not putting himself and other road users at risk? Is this responsible and safe behaviour? Fiona Gilbert, Newtown

child from surgery to surgery in search of care they cannot afford, to use the bus, the fare is just an additional cost. When I contacted my DHB as he suggested there were a lot of ‘we don’t know, ring the Health dept responses before I was finally

assured that “We think all the Doctors in the CCDHB provide the free service” I think the parents of a sick child are better off pulling a ponytail to get attention. Paul Franken, Strathmore Park

Doctors list needed Dear Ed, Surely, it would be more cost effective and helpful if Mr Coleman published a list of the doctors who do not provide free healthcare for children under 13. Or he could provide his ministerial car to take parents with a sick

Monday May 18, 2015


Lyall Bay traffic lights opposed By Amber-Leigh Woolf

An online survey by Lyall Bay resident Joe Reich showed 87 per cent opposed the installation of traffic lights in Lyall Bay and highlighted the need for greater road safety in the area. Other issues raised in the survey include more parking at the Spruce Goose on Cochrane Street, better lighting at night, and the possibility of lowering the speed to 40 kmh. Joe created the survey after seeing a need for more control on busy Lyall Bay intersections. “I thought let’s see if I’m the only one who is having problems.” The response of 83 participants is a testament to the need for greater road safety in Lyall Bay,

Joe says. “It is something that is very much of a concern in the community. “This is shown by the comments on facebook page, to the comments on the poll, the ideas and suggestions.” T h e a n o ny m o u s s u r vey prompted 33 comments. One said the junction of Onepu Road and Endeavour, used by local school children, is horrendous. Another said they hit a young, uncontrolled dog, despite staying within the speed limit. Eastern Ward Councillor Sarah Free says there is concerns about the speeds down Onepu Road, and there is a need for safer pedestrian crossings. “I have just asked for a longer crossing time at the Coutts Street

and Onepu Road intersection and for the dropped kerbs to be made less steep, after receiving feedback from Rita Angus residents.” Lyall Bay resident James Grigg says residents “are not after traffic lights, but traffic calming measures.” A crossing is needed for Seaview Takeaways on Lyall Parade, says James, “Especially when you’ve got surfing competitions coming out from either or both clubs.” The survey was active for 21 days and closed on May 10.  Are the current speeds and crossings in Lyall Bay working or do they need to be reviewed? Email and let us know what you think.

QUESTION OF SAFETY: Eastern Ward Councillor Sarah Free and Lyall Bay resident James Grigg are taking the messages of the Lyall Bay roading survey on-board. PHOTO CREDIT: Amber-Leigh Woolf

Embassy Theatre remains open during maintenance Maintenance work has begun on the historic Embassy Theatre to replace windows and plaster, maintain the canopy, and give the building a heritage-approved exterior paint job. Work is expected to run through to the end of September. Wellington City Council Property Manager Luke Tobin says the building may look in good shape, but closer look reveals some important maintenance needs to be done, “The building is in a highly corrosive zone and the windows have corroded beyond the

point of refurbishment.” Loose plaster will also be repaired or replaced where necessary. “Health and safety are of utmost concern and upon receipt of a building fabric report, we immediately installed a scaffolding crash deck to make sure the public is safe from any potentially falling objects,” says Tobin. Passers-by may notice the scaffolding is being put to good use, with the public art installation Abstracted Histories, by James Voller being displayed through June.

SALES CONSULTANT NEW AUTHORS: Karen Price and Karen Stade with their new book

Book has links to local Italians By Dave Crampton

A new book on Nelson’s Italian community details close links with Wellington Italians was launched at Club Garibaldi on May 8. Pasta, Prayer & Promise, the story of Nelson's Italian community 1860 – 2014, records Italian contact with the Nelson and wider Wellington regions. Nelson-based author Karen Price says there is a close link with the Wellington and Nelson Italian communities, which is why a launch was held in Wellington “rather than make people come to Nelson”. “An elderly Italian man came up to me and said, ‘Thank you for the book - we needed this’ – and he bought a book.” Karen says. The book follows five years of research, interviews and writing and examines why Italians chose to leave the country of their birth and travel half way around the world to settle in Nelson. It also delves into social history relating to family, home, church and school. “We’ve explored contact with family in Italy (including the arrival of brides) and the establishment of Club Italia and its ongoing role as a community hub.”

Karen says it’ has been a busy week, with two other launches in Nelson and Christchurch. “We’ve had so many orders – it’s been really popular.”  Released this month, Pasta, Prayer and Promise by Karen Price andKaren Stade can be bought at La Bella Italia in Petone or through the authors at info@contexo. or cell 027 238 1819.

We’re looking for an enthusiastic motivated salesperson with skills to sell advertising solutions to both existing and new business clients for our publications. A positive can do attitude with the drive and motivation to be the best at what you do. Strong communication, sales and planning skills with a good attention to detail. We want people who have the energy to reach personal targets and team goals, but who also have integrity, and the work ethic to deliver these outcomes. Here's a list of must haves: • Excellent phone manner • Highly motivated • Well presented • Driven and target oriented • Computer literate • Full driver’s license • Team player • Good sense of humour • Sales experience is a plus

A good remuneration package consisting of a base salary plus commission. Unlimited instant coffee, tea and hot chocolate included. Please forward a current CV and covering letter to the Manager. Wellington Suburban Newspapers email: Applicants for this position should have NZ residency or a valid NZ work permit.

12 Monday May 18, 2015


Home is where our story begins...

P A R K R O A D Storage ideas KITCHENS DESIGN |



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Here are some fun and unique ways to add clever storage to your home. Traditional medicine cabinets and their designs can sometimes be limiting. One stylish and practical idea is to have a niche in the wall outfitted with glass shelves and hang a mirror overtop as a door. You can match the mirror to the decor by using antique, modern and trendy colours and mirror designs. Kitchen island storage If you have a kitchen island use every available space in it for storage. Have a tilt-out cabinet built into the end to hold cutting boards, cookie trays, cookbooks, spare magazines etc. Under deck play area For homes with a raised deck, why not turn the empty space beneath it into a play area for the kids. It not only provides shelter but a fun little hideaway area for the kids to explore their imaginations. Lazy susan shoe storage For those who love shoes and have a large collection, a lazy susan shoe rack built into a cupboard space could be an effective way to store them.

Simple design tips for tiny kitchens Maximize the space and efficiency Downsized appliances of your small kitchen with these Light wood cabinetry and a large, open design tips, sure to spark some reno- window prevent small, apartment-style vation inspiration. kitchens from feeling cramped. In an extra-tiny kitchen, downsizing is Open floor plan Make your small kitchen feel larger the best way to go. A pint-sized stove, range hood, microwave and kitchen by following an open floor plan. table are in proportion to the space Allow the space to carefully fl ow • Medium/soft feel. • Medium/soft feel. and take into the living or dining • Pillow toproom. featuring imported knit up less space than their large • fabric Pillow with top featuring imported knit comfort layers. convoluted Dreamfoam predecessors. Change the wall colours from room fabric with convoluted Dreamfoam comfort layers. to room to visually separate the two Sleek and simple spaces. Sleek, clean lines in a kitchen prevent Queen $4,149 space from looking or feeling small Queen Set Set WAS WASthe $4,149 Clean hues Make a small kitchen feel open and and cluttered. When using the deepairy by using a light colour palette toned cabinetry, keep the surrounding walls and countertops neutral for a more and plenty of natural light.

0508 732873 Containers for Hire and Sales and Modification

balanced look. Proper lighting Small kitchens are often filled with the wrong lighting, making the space feel dim and enclosed. Using pendant lights on the ceiling and fluorescent lighting below the cabinets will gracefully cast light off the countertops and backsplash, visually expanding the space and uplifting the overall tone and mood Extra storage Take advantage of extra wall space by adding additional cabinetry and drawers. OFF This will keep kitchen essentials OFF organised and stored, while clearing up the countertops.

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The only Beds R Us in Wellington

Monday May 18, 2015 Trades and Services

Prince landing




Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd

NO Job too small! Your local Plumbing Experts

under the south end of the airport. "We thought as we came here that’s probably the way they’re going to go now. It’s something we always do.” Kevin suggested Prince Harry go to Queenstown as he would have "a whale of a time.” Thomas thought he should go on the speedboat. James suggested that Prince Harry ride the luge. After landing, Prince Harry was driven around the south coast and Eastern Suburbs to Government House. The family had plans to go to the Hurricanes vs Sharks game that evening, which Harry was attending. “We’ve got a debate on whether we’re going to the rugby or not. Tom wants to go see the rugby.”

Public Notice

Spiritual Rebirth

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Hearing Association Wellington Inc You are invited to attend our AGM on Monday 25 May 2015 At 1.30pm at 16 Kent Terrace, Wellington 6011 With afternoon tea to follow Guest Speaker : Dr Lisa Seerup Aud - All & New Members Welcome -

Visit us online:


Transforming your Life A public talk at Wellington City Gallery 12:15, Friday 22 May 2015,

John Q Adams is a public speaker based in New York

This talk is free. Everyone is welcome For event information search Facebook:

John Q Adams City Gallery

Interior Painting & Wallpapering Member Master Painters NZ Contact John 388 3862 or 027 4466 371 John's Decorations Ltd

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Trades and Services



ROYAL LANDING: James Biggins, 11, Thomas Biggins, 7, and father Kevin Biggins wave the British flag as Prince Harry arrives in Lyall Bay. PHOTO CREDIT: Amber-Leigh Woolf

Local Builder

CZOCHANSKA, Zofia: May 9, 2015. LATIMER, Neil Kaukura: May 7, 2015. BOND, Stanley Frank (Stan): May 8, 2015.

Call MIKE today:

939 5951

The Lyall Bay boundary of Wellington International Airport was a popular place to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry when he began his New Zealand tour. A group of fans surrounded the Spruce Goose restaurant on Cochrane Street to welcome Prince Harry on his first visit to New Zealand. Waving the British flag was Kevin Biggins and sons James, 11, and Thomas, 7. Kevin caught a glimpse of Prince Harry as he left the airport. “We saw him briefly as he came past in the car. It was a bit of a flying opportunity.” Kevin says the Prince was heading towards the ‘tooting tunnel’ leading

Exc. Refs. Comp. Rates. All work guaranteed. FREE QUOTES Marcus Ph: 973-4343 or Mb 021 764-831


Graham Plumbing & Drainage Ltd Call John 970 2409 or 027 457 4999


By Amber-Leigh Woolf

Death Notices



Ring Paul on: M: (027) 4433-535 P: 0800 383 752



Now available from collection sites near you Go to for more information.

Got News? Call

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P& &P P P




 LBPHATURINI Site 2 STEVE 022 690 1592  Residential to Commercial 022 690 1592  Repairs to Maintenance “Built on Trust”

Steve 0226 901 592

With winter on its way its an ideal time to freshen up the interior of your house ADDITIONAL 5% OFF FOR GOLD CARD HOLDERS

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14 Monday May 18, 2015

WHATS ON... The Community Noticeboard is for non-profit organisations. For $15.00 you can publish up to 25 words. No AGMS, sporting notices or special meetings. Community Notices must be pre-paid. Call into our office, phone (04) 587 1660 or email

St Anne’s Market

Assisted Dying talks

Saturday 23 May 10am - 2:00pm - Ethnic foods, crafts, bric-a-brac, clothes & plants, all sorts! St Anne’s Hall Emmett Street Newtown. For enquiries call: Suzy 027 201 6493.

“Euthanasia and Sedation” (Wednesday 20 May). “Why Legal Assisted Suicide Reduces Individual Freedom and Privacy” (Tuesday 26 May). Both talks will be from 12:15pm to 1:30pm at Elim, 22 Tennyson St, Te Aro, Wellington. International speakers. FREE! For more information visit:


WordBuilder 6



From the Reporter’s desk



Every day our roving reporter Dave Crampton breaks news and meets locals throughout the Western and Southern suburbs, from Lyall Bay beach to the cafes of Newtown. Each week he shares a few tales from his travels.

How many words of three or more letters, including plurals, can you make from the six letters, using each letter only once? No foreign words or words beginning with a capital are allowed. There's at least one six-letter word. TODAY Good 16 Very Good 22 Excellent 27

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Barrels (5) Core (7) Door out (4) Helix (6) Map book (5) Business organisation (11) 49 Dry (7) 50 Fled (3) 51 Swotted for exams (7) 52 Lie spread out (6) 53 Science of gardening (12) 54 Ox meat (4) 57 Precious metal (6) 64 Without uniformity (9) 65 Reached a decision (7) 66 Train stop (7) 68 Marked with bands (7) 70 Most handy (7) 71 Concave moulding (6) 72 Stood completely still (5) 74 Confronts (5) 76 Endures (5) 78 Anti-aircraft fire (4) 79 Fasten together (4)

Science of sound (9) Intuitive feeling (5) Swearword (4) Fantasiser (7) Unable to express oneself clearly (12) Object to (5) Flying post (7) Gobbles up (4) Vehicle operator (6) Swung barriers (5) Held up (7) Soon (7) Diction (11) Increase the wealth of (6) Melancholy (7) Pleased (anag)(7) Election participants (6) Fuel gas (7) Repeat mindlessly (6) Standard (4) Insurgent (5) Sung drama (5) Sharpen (4) Court (3)







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local library. He hasn't sent one so far this week, though, which is unusual. He has pretty strong views on one or two things. He doesn't seem to like Catholics much – or Papists from the Popery as he calls them - but he seems to have a pretty good sense of humour. It was neat to hear that Switched on Bikes met their crowd-funding target, after being halfway to their target with just a week to go. They can get more-bikes and the Wellington City Council will match the pledges. More e-bikes for the Island Bay cycleway, perhaps? Unfortunately, I never got to meet Prince Harry when he visited Wellington. He decided not to pay the Cook Strait News a visit and try out the excellent Kilbirnie coffee. Probably just as well, too as I was busy at the time. But we did get his name in the paper.

Singing workshop to break down barriers By Dave Crampton


28 29

It was a good week this week. I didn't have as many coffees but I did get to meet some interesting people, and was almost knee-deep in a flood after the downpour last Tuesday. It's the third flood in the southern suburbs in recent weeks, and the Council really needs to step up and advise the community how flooding in the area is to be addressed, and when, because residents and retailers are getting sick of pumping out their premises each time it rains hard. Also, I don't want to have to dry out my socks in the newsroom again. On a lighter note, I got to meet the infamous Mr “H. Westfold from Hataitai”. Except Hector Westfold is now living in Miramar. He's an interesting chap, nearly 80, and spends a bit of time writing letters to various newspaper editors. As he doesn't own a computer, he sends his letters from the computer in his

Have you been called tone deaf, or have been kicked out of the school choir and are restricted to singing in the shower, but you love to sing? Nikki Berry is running a workshop designed to break down the barriers to participating in singing activities. For the past 20 years she has been helping people to find their voice as singers. She will be accompanied by musician Gary Easterbrook, a performing musician for the past 30 years. The workshop, at the Hataitai Community Centre on the weekend of May 22-24, will instruct participants on singing in tune, overcoming anxiety, breath control, tone variation, range extension, through lots of practical activities, fun and laughter. “People have a lot of skills and

they don’t realise that they do, so we build on that,” Nikki says. “The first thing we have to learn is to pitch match so they sing the songs in tune. We also teach them how to extend their range.” A strong part of the pair’s work is to build a sense of community in the group, where members are supported to shine their brightest, and get through whatever may get in the way. The pair, from Christchurch have run the workshops for struggling and out-of-tune singers in the Capital for several years. “Some have gone on to be choir leaders,” Nikki says.  The workshop starts Friday night, the 22nd of May, and runs on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00am to 4.00pm at the Hataitai Community Centre, 112 Waipapa Road ph (64-3) 981-8729

Local swimmers gain national titles Two swimmers from the Capital Swimming Club managed to pick up national swimming titles at the National Age Group swimming championships – one in an age group Wellington record time. The champs, at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre, showcased the country’s top swimmers aged 12-18 and concluded on May 9. Lewis Clareburt, also a surf lifeguard at the Lyall Bay Surf Lifesaving Club, was Wellington’s top male swimmer of the meet, with three medals – one of each colour. Lewis Clareburt comes up for air during the national swimming champs. PHOTO: BW Media

Monday May 18, 2015


He broke the Wellington record in the 15-years 400m Individual Medley, clocking 4min. 39. 37s for his first ever national age grade swimming title. “I`m pretty happy,” he said after the race. “I was hoping I`d get it.” Lewis was particularly impressive in his 200m butterfly on the final night, his silver medal performance. “I did a five second personal best – I`m pretty stoked,” he says. Maggie Burns also impressed, with a silver in the 17-18 year old 200m freestyle, and taking out the 100m butterfly, just ahead of club mate and bronze medallist Josie Kozyniak, who also picked up a silver medal in the 200m event. Hamish Trlin broke the 18 year old male 200m breaststroke ‘standard’ Wellington record, a feat never before achieved by any Wellington swimmer. He swam 2m 23.43 for his bronze medal, getting a further bronze in the 200m backstroke. Capital coach Timon Wilkinson was pretty happy with the results. “I`m pleased,” he says. “It’s not the strongest I’ve seen it, but they train pretty hard – most of them put in 12-18 hours a week in training.” Overall the club came fourth, out of 72 clubs nationwide.

Karamanolis and Forman impress in relay event By Dave Crampton

Marcus Karamanolis was the outstanding athlete at the annual University Relay held at QE II Park on May 9. The annual Wellington interclub event, hosted by the Victoria University Athletic Club, attracted 500 athletes who competed in a walk, children’s events and the main event, the relay. As he did last year, the Wellington Harrier and Athletic Club (WHAC) athlete ran the fastest 4km lap for his junior grade, clocking 12 min 48 sec. He was first home and thus the fastest over all grades, setting a platform for a good win. “I pulled away at the halfway point and ended up being 18 sec in front,” Marcus says. “We won our U20 race by three minutes.” WHAC also had the fastest junior woman, Wellington U20 3000m record holder Kelsey Forman, but her 15min 30sec lap time wasn’t enough to head off the team from Olympic Harrier and Athletic Club, all of whom ran strong laps. As expected, the Scottish Harriers team of Dougal Thorburn, Nick Horspool, John Earles and Tim Hodge led from start to finish to win the open men’s event; each running the fastest lap times. Along with their male counterparts, the Scottish women also took out their senior and masters’events. But it was the masters men 40+

Marcus Karmanolis on the way to the fastest lap time PHOTO: Jo Murray

race that was the closest. Scottish and Olympic have a close rivalry, but while Olympic’s Mike Waterman was closing in on Brendan Thompson, the Scottish runner held off, and punched the air in delight as he crossed the line just seconds clear. “He was motoring – he was the fastest guy in the race – they gave me a 65sec head start, and I beat him by five seconds.” Brendan says. “I was overjoyed.”

The masters 50+ race was also closely contested. WHAC have depth in the masters, and spread their athletes over three teams. It cost them the win as their fastest team got pipped by a barefoot runner, Mark Handley from Olympic, who brought the win for his team by 12 sec. The Wellington squad, with three teams in the top five, now look to defend their national road relay title in October.









16 Monday May 18, 2015

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