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Wednesday July 16, 2014



NEW WORLD Community welcomes new owner operators of Karori New World. Next time you buy your groceries, say hello to the new faces at Karori New World. Engaged couple Andrew Summerville and Natalie Jordan have recently become the new owner operators of the store and are looking forward to getting to know the Karori community. The pair has moved down from Auckland and has settled in Karori, ready to meet the locals. The decision to buy Karori New World was not a hard one to make for the couple. Andrew grew up on dairy farm just out of Pukekohe, but Andrew says dairy farming was never for him. After studying Marketing and Psychology at

Otago University, Andrew spent his last year of study in Milan and then went to Quebec, before returning to New Zealand. His entire working career has been in either sales or supermarkets, Andrew says, working for the likes of Fonterra and Watties. But Andrew always thought something was missing. He wanted to do something for himself. He went down to Hamilton to work in a PAK’nSAVE for his friend Glenn Miller, who became Andrew’s mentor. Andrew learnt the ins and outs of working in supermarket, by working in all the departments across the store; from ordering groceries and liquor, to filling the freezer and milk, to learning to prepare meat in the

butchery, or filleting fish in the seafood section. Andrew finished his training managing one of the largest PAK’nSAVE’s in the country. I learnt how important it is to know your own shop, Andrew says he was inspired by Glenn, who Andrew describes as an amazing leader. After leaving PAK’nSAVE and Hamilton, Andrew continued his training at different New World’s throughout Auckland, after which he and partner Natalie applied to buy Karori New World. Natalie met Andrew in Auckland and the pair is planning to marry on Waiheke Island later this year. Natalie, a lawyer, has been very supportive of Andrew’s dream and the two have certainly done their research on Karori. Andrew says Karori New World was the perfect fit for them. “We wanted to be in a community and Karori is a great area,” Andrew says. Andrew and Natalie are planning to start a family, and see Karori as a perfect





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place to do so. Living in the community Andrew works in, was also very important. “You can’t know your customers unless you are one of your own customers,” Andrew says. Andrew and Natalie have already started making changes to the New World Karori store to better meet customer needs. Last week for example, Andrew was working through the night, to moving the checkouts further to the front of the store to give customers more room to shop. A new seafood section with fresh, locally sourced

seafood is in the works as well as a facelift for the bakery. Andrew has also relocated the flowers to the outside of the store and is addressing the range of products currently available at Karori New World. He wants the community to be involved with the process and wants to hear customer feedback. “I want people to come and chat to me about what they want from us. I don’t want people to think of this as Andrew’s New World but Karori’s New World.”

 Andrew and Natalie have set up a Facebook page for the community to keep updated with what is happening at the store. Go to: They are also running a special New Owner Week celebration this month from July 21-27, where there will be excellent daily and weekly in store deals across all the departments and daily competitions with great prizes to be won on Facebook.


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KARORI NEW WORLD Congratulations to Andrew & Natalie Summerville on becoming the new owners of Karori New World

Independent Herald 16-07-14  
Independent Herald 16-07-14  

Independent Herald 16-07-14