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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby’s memorable moment

Family’s war story in Pacific p4

SIGN HERE: Phoenix player Ben Sigmund signs five-month-old Evie Goodwin’s bib after a team training session at Weka Park, Raumati Beach, on Friday. More photos page 34 and 35. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP100114DHBABY

Farm considers options CLOE WILLETTS Lindale Farm owner Virginia Wilton is appealing to the public for help after being asked to vacate more than 60 per cent of the farm walk’s grazing paddocks in just six days. Home to around 200 rescue animals, Lindale Farm has until today [although that might be extended two more days] to remove shelters and water troughs, shift animals and re-fence remaining paddocks. The loss of Lindale Farm’s bottom paddocks comes as Dementia — Alzheimers New Zealand begins landscaping for its new dementia specialty ward, located at the previous Whitiriea Polytechnic campus. Virginia, who opened the animal welfare farm four years

ago, says she has no issue with Dementia — Alzheimers New Zealand reclaiming its land, though six days notice has put great strain on the volunteerrun attraction. ‘‘It’s their land and they’ve got every right to take it back,’’ she says. ‘‘The ward is great for Kapiti. What we’re in a panic about is what to do.’’ Virginia says their best option is to re-fence, re-model and create new paths, and ensure no animals will be sold or re-homed. ‘‘The whole reason most of these animals are here is because they have nowhere else to go. We take rescue animals because they’re old, sick or decrepit.’’ ‘‘This is their home and they will stay where they are loved and cared for.’’

HELP: Lindale Farm owner Virginia Wilton with Hash Brown the piglet, one of 200 animals affected by the sudden loss of grazing paddocks. PHOTO: KAP130114CWPIGLET

In the last minute rush to build new fences for a range of animals including five

donkeys and three ponies, Virginia is calling on locals to help by donating a fence post. ‘‘People have asked how they can assist and sponsoring a fence post is the easiest way to help modify the paddock and still retain this here in Kapiti.’’ ‘‘We can do a post for $30 and will include a plague with the person’s name on it.’’ ’They have just been offered a digger to use and assistance from local business Goodmans. ‘‘We run on an absolute shoestring here and put our own money into this place.’’ ‘‘If people like what I do, or if I’ve ever done anything nice for them over the last four years, now’s the time to help us.’’

Storm causes dune erosion


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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Use of image annoys artist Artist Bodhi Vincent had quite a surprise when sitting outside a cafe recently. He saw a vehicle carrying a photograph of an anti-violence sculpture he had made called The Nurturing Hand. The sculpture, which is located by the Kapiti police station, features a large hand with a baby in the palm. But on closer inspection of the vehicle, Mr Vincent saw the photograph had been made to advertise an anti-abortion viewpoint. Mr Vincent wasn’t happy. ‘‘The sculpture in question was never conceived to contribute to the polemics surrounding the abortion issue. ‘‘In a free and democratic society, we are all entitled to our points of view however in a circumstance such as this I found the appropriation of this image, well intentioned as it may have been, both disturbing and arrogant in the unauthorised and flagrant use of this image as an icon in the abortion debate for or against the practice. ‘‘Whether it’s legal or not I’m unsure but it certainly strikes me as unethical. ‘‘It is for this reason I feel drawn to put my own views into the public arena as the sculptor of the piece. ‘‘In a world that I regard as sacred, the rapacious exploitation of all and


Stage one water restrictions are in place for Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Raumati. The restrictions limit use of sprinklers, unattended hoses and irrigations systems from 7pm to 9pm every second day — even-numbered households on even days, odd-numbered houses on odd days. Hand-held hoses can be used at any time.

SUSPICIOUS FIRE MIXED MESSAGE: Bodhi Vincent is annoyed an image of his anti-violence sculpture is being used to advertise antiabortion. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP080114DHHAND everything by us humans never ceases to amaze me. ‘‘Each and every born human is a dripping carbon tap and one way or another adds to the burden that the planet has to bear in a time when the ice caps are melting and the fragile web of life itself is threatened by our presence here I think it’s time when we all seriously consider the spiralling population of our species whose apparent lust for monetary profit fuels our narcissistic greed for resources to exploit regardless of the dire consequences for all species and life itself.


‘‘In a time when our jails and mental health facilities are overburdened with casualties of the consumer machine, we have to make a stand for life not just human life and if we can’t birth humans into a loving supportive family and community then perhaps some hard decisions may have to be made. ‘‘Many people who have experienced the trauma of having to go through having an abortion have enough guilt and shame to carry as it is and we must look deeply into what compassion really means in today’s world.’’

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Paraparaumu Fire Brigade put out a vegetation fire in Mazengarb Rd yesterday shortly after receiving a call at 3.38am. The fire covered 2 square metres and damaged a grass and fence area. The cause of the fire is being treated as suspicious.


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Council is not ‘‘taking over’’ the Clean Technology Centre in Otaki, as suggested by a headline in last week’s Kapiti News, Mayor Ross Church says. ‘‘The Clean Technology Park consists of the Clean Technology Centre, which opened in 2010, and an adjacent building, which will open shortly. ‘‘The Clean Technology Centre is managed by Grow Wellington. It is not managed by council. ‘‘Council is, however, taking over the lease for the second building from the Clean Technology Trust. This will involve attracting new tenants and providing services to support the growth of businesses.’’ He said the confusion was understandable given the similarity in the names and mutual links between the development sites.


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Paraparaumu Fire Brigade responded to 543 call outs last year. ‘‘It was a slight increase from the year before,’’ station officer Jason Brinck said.

Office Administrator: Shar Atkin

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News

Wi-fi use in schools questioned ANN READING and DAVID HAXTON A Te Horo father says he has been blown away with support from around the world after raising possible health risks stemming from high levels of wi-fi usage. ‘‘Not lay people but scientists and biologists from universities,’’ Damon Wyman says. Wi-fi is a technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data or connect to the internet wirelessly using radio waves. He believes the new promotion of bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) by the Ministry of Education as a learning enhancer that can unite home and school, is the potential danger. He says iPads and tablets that can be used in school then taken home for homework rely on wi-fi and it is the ensuing proliferation of router activity that brings classroom radio wave saturation to a concerning level. His 10-year-old son Ethan died from brain cancer and Mr Wyman thinks a wi-fi capable iPod his son was using at home might have contributed to his son’s fatal tumours. Ethan was diagnosed with tumours three months after he was given a wi-fi connected iPod and died less than a year later. Mr Wyman said he discovered Ethan had been falling asleep with the iPod he had saved up to buy under his pillow and even though it had been on standby, it was still emitting bursts as it tried to connect to the router. Ethan had also been exposed to wi-fi devices since infancy. Mr Wyman said there was no proof the device caused the cancer but it was a bit of a coincidence hence he felt a precautionary approach to wi-fi in the school was

Train rides resume after ban lifted



needed. ‘‘Wi-fi has never been tested and proved to be safe. ‘‘I asked if they [Te Horo Schoo] could remove wi-fi from the whole school. ‘‘Myself and a number of parents have offered to hardwire the whole school with a duplex communication system, which is information coming and going simultaneously. ‘‘Wi-fi only transmits in one direction at a time.’’ A statement from Te Horo School’s Board of Trustees said based on information sourced from various authorities it believed ‘‘wi-fi does not pose a health risk to staff or students’’. The board agreed to switch off wi-fi in the junior school in term one this year but retain wi-fi in the senior school. The board also agreed to review BYOD early in term one. School principal Craig Vidulich said the school’s junior classrooms do not use any wi-fi devices. ‘‘Each (junior school) classroom has four PCs which are hard wired. There will be no change to learning in these classrooms from previous years.’’ He said Ministry of Health advisor scientist Martin Gledhill spent six hours in the school measuring wi-fi exposures and his report stated ‘‘All exposures were very low compared with the public exposure limit in New Zealand Standard’’. Mr Wyman says according to the international official information available, the New Zealand Standard is far too low. He recommends two websites for specific school related wi-fi information, they are and

Model railway trains are running again at Marine Gardens, Raumati Beach. Worksafe issued a prohibition notice on Kapiti Miniature Railway just before Christmas but lifted the notice on Thursday last week. The trains were running on Sunday and proved as popular as ever with a number of children and adults going for rides. WorkSafe chief inspector Alan Cooper said the operators have addressed the immediate safety concerns identified in an engineer’s report for WorkSafe. The principle issues were around track alignment and the integrity of the equipment used on the track, he said. ‘‘The operators have been very responsive to the safety concerns and have worked effectively to overcome them. ‘‘They’ve developed a robust and well-timed plan to address other less safety-critical issues and we will work with them to ensure the plan’s implemented.’’ ‘‘The engineer inspected the operation on Thursday and was entirely satisfied key issues have been dealt with and the threats to the safety of those using the railway have been removed so we have lifted the prohibition notice,’’ Mr Cooper said. Club spokesman Laurie Bason said there were a lot of positive comments on Sunday that the club was up and running again. ‘‘Hopefully all will be well from now on, unless somebody stands up again.’’ He said the biggest concern was if people, and it’s normally adults, lent out or stood up on the trains. The club was erecting a wind alert sign as a well as a sign advising people to remain seated and not to lean out. Another issued raised was regarding square posts on a retaining wall. The posts have

WE’RE BACK: Trains at Kapiti Miniature Railway are operating again. PHOTO: DAVID HAXTON / KAP130114DHTRAINS

now been rounded. ‘‘Not that that created any problems,’’ Mr Bason said. ‘‘I think we’ve done more than we really needed to.’’ The club was organising an open day soon to celebrate the resumption of the train rides.

The operators have been very responsive to the safety concerns and have worked effectively to overcome them.




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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WWII site visit ‘humbling’ CLOE WILLETTS In a journey that fell on the 70th anniversary of an historic war battle, Jim Taylor travelled to the Pacific’s Mono Island in search of answers to an untold family chronicle. Mr Taylor, of Paraparaumu, who returned from the threeand-a-half-week visit in November last year, had been investigating the 1943 Battle for Mono and his father’s involvement as a frontline solider since 1995, following Norman Bentley Taylor’s death at 55. Having never provided details of the battle that liberated Mono Island and the Pacific, the World War II veteran left behind an honorable tale that over 70 years later is being told by his second youngest son. After scouring war records and books for details, Mr Taylor took his research one step further and endured a difficult and timely first trip to Mono Island in 2012, bringing him to the very ground his father stood on as a 23-year-old soldier. During his first trip, Mr Taylor realised the importance of the following year’s October 27 commemoration, and returned in 2013 to attend the significant 70th Battle for Mono anniversary memorial service. Taken aback by the simplistic yet ‘‘magical’’ lifestyle on Mono Island, which saw 40 New Zealand soldiers killed and 145 wounded in the war, Jim felt an instant connection with the island his father fought in as part of the 8th Brigade of the 3rd New Zealand Division, 2nd Expeditionary Force. In villages with broken footpaths, pot-holed roads, overcrowded public buses and shelters handcrafted from dried palm leaves, Mr Taylor spent the weeks searching for historical remnants and documenting island life. ‘‘As my boat came ashore for the first time, I was greeted by bullet holes in rocks at the beach where the New Zealand soldiers landed,’’ he said. ‘‘On the New Zealand soldiers’

CLOSER: Jim Taylor on his way to Mono Island to see where his father fought in World War II. PHOTO: KAP130114SPLJIM

YESTERYEAR: Rusting wreckage of a warplane on Mono Island. PHOTO: KAP130114SPLPLANE

RELIC: Jim Taylor with a gun used during the Battle of Mono Island. PHOTO: KAP130114SPLGUN

arrival, Japanese soldiers had been hiding in the nearby hills firing at them, and caught a couple of their boats on fire.’’ Among visits to various landing fields, Mr Taylor was taken to a landmark overgrown with bush, which he said was about half the size of Paraparaumu, now little remains of a large airfield. Now existing as a leftover disarray of bomb craters and airplane wreckage, the airfield is one of many reminders of the battle that saw New Zealand help

eradicate the strong hold of Japanese soldiers over Mono. ‘‘After the battle, the Allied Forces bulldozed a lot of the leftover equipment and supplies into a big heap and set fire to it, before covering it with dirt.’’ During his most recent visit to Mono Island, also known as Treasury Island, Mr Taylor lost a stone in weight from extreme heat and food poisoning, which he said was minor when compared with what his father faced. ‘‘Most of the soldiers had

upset stomachs and malaria on top of that, while having to work hard, and would’ve lost more than quarter of their body weight.’’ While scouting the jungle, shifting heavy equipment and building airfields, the soldiers were drinking contaminated water on the battlefield from drums freshly emptied of diesel. ‘‘They weren’t getting any fresh food and were forced to eat from tins that were starting to rust and perforating.’’ ‘‘It was really tough and a lot of the men suffered for a long time with post-traumatic stress.’’ For a village without cars and power, and a population of around 900 now, that grew to about 15,000 during the war, visitors are an uncommon celebration. ‘‘The battle stands out when you go to the island and speak to the locals.’’ ‘‘It was humbling to be among them as a descendant of a WWII warrior.’’

As an honoured guest, Mr Taylor was invited by the village chief and pastor to walk as head of the men for the welcoming of visitors at the ceremony. ‘‘Although I was flattered, I did manage to convince them to let me walk at end of line, where I felt I belonged.’’ Mr Taylor said the anniversary service, held at the island’s main village of Falamai, was a moving occasion for all involved, consisting of commemoration speeches including his own two-minute piece, presentations, flag-raising and a memorial service. Handing over of bones also took place, discovered during the construction of a village clinic and strongly believed by locals to belong to three New Zealand soldiers. The treatment of the soldier’s remains held a significant place in the anniversary service, which Solomon Island Police Minister Chris Laore said highlighted the locals’ strong regard for New Zealand soldiers over the past 70 years. Currently in possession of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, the remains will be forensically examined to confirm their nationality. Present on the day were American, Japanese, New Zealand and Solomon High Commissions, including Acting New Zealand High Commissioner Sarah Wong, whose staff invited Mr Taylor to join them on their flight home so they could hear his remarkable story. On meeting Mrs Wong, Mr Taylor shook her hand as she introduced herself and replied simply, ‘‘Jim Taylor, Paraparaumu.’’ ‘‘That blew her away,’’ he laughed. During the journey that saw him gain the final chapters to his lengthy expedition, Mr Taylor said he felt closer to the father he lost when he was just 23. ‘‘It was absolutely worth it.’’ ‘‘Now the final step is to let the story be known, so lest we forget.’’

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News

‘Small’ role big news for Kiwi actor


DAVID HAXTON Actor Jed Brophy was naturally curious when he got a text message saying he was going to have a great day. That was followed by a phone call from his casting agent who said she hoped he was sitting down. ‘‘She said ‘we’ve got a great offer, they want to know if you want to play the dwarf Nori in The Hobbit’.’’ Jed thought she was joking as he didn’t expect to be cast in the film despite various roles in The Lord of the Rings ranging from a black rider, a Rohan captain, and some orcs including Sharku/ Snaga. He was the last dwarf to be cast in The Hobbit, which has been developed into a trilogy. Jed, 50, who lives in Raumati South with his wife Yolande and two sons Riley and Sadwyn, says it was a privilege to work on such a prominent film and alongside many esteemed actors on a daily basis. ‘‘If it fell over tomorrow I kind of feel like I’ve done as much as I ever imagined I would do — not to say that it’s going to.’’ Filming for The Hobbit was done over a shorter time frame than The Lord of the Rings. ‘‘We started up in Matamata and worked our way down the island. ‘‘We were doing two to three days in each place and then moving on.’’ It was a long, exhausting yet enjoyable process. ‘‘I didn’t think we would work harder than we did on The Lord of the Rings. ‘‘But you have to if you’re going to do a film of this kind of volume. ‘‘We had two to three hours of make up outside the shooting day which would be about 12 hours.’’ Working alongside director Sir Peter Jackson was cool. ‘‘There is not a lot of stress on his sets because every single person who is there is meant to be there and is really good at their job. ‘‘Peter is a funny guy so when

TAKE ONE: Actor Jed Brophy. PHOTO: KAP090114SPLJED

TRANSFORMATION: Jed Brophy in costume as dwarf Nori. you mix that with people like Martin Freeman, Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and others it’s a lot of fun. ‘‘Peter is very generous but also works you hard. ‘‘You know when you turn up for work it’s going to be a gruelling day because he works himself very hard — that’s the great Kiwi way.’’ One of the filming challenges was dealing with heat. ‘‘We had very hot costumes. ‘‘We had a fat suit to make us look bigger and then two to three layers of cushioning on top of that. ‘‘My wig was made out of yak hair and the prosthetics get quite hot. ‘‘They actually made these cool suits that are used for F1 drivers that pump ice cool water on to you between takes. ‘‘I didn’t use it because I found


it to be a diminishing return but a lot of the other guys did.’’ Jed liked the finished product although was a bit disappointed when some scenes were cut from the general release version. ‘‘Peter has always said to me the extended version is the one he makes for the fans — that’s got everything he would like in the film.’’ Jed, who grew up on a farm in Taihape, got into acting after he went Otago University with the intention of studying physical education. He took a keen interest in acting after taking drama as an outside paper which led to his enrolment at a drama school with the intention of teaching drama and physical education. But after graduating in 1988 and performing in a few plays, he didn’t go back to teaching. Jed says he was fortunate that

there were a number of playwrights who were writing plays for someone his age. ‘‘So I was able to hit the ground running playing lead parts in good plays.’’ His first film role was in Chunuk Bair, about New Zealand soldiers in Gallipoli. ‘‘While I was doing that I was doing a play with Stephen Sinclair who co-wrote Braindead with Peter Jackson and I got cast in that. ‘‘That was the beginning really of doing lots of films.’’ Jed has featured in a films such as King Kong, District 9, Second Hand Wedding and Heavenly Creatures, to name but a few. He has a busy year ahead including acting in An Unseasonable Fall of Snow at Batts Theatre with his son Riley from January 22 for eight days

MIDDLE EARTH: A promotional poster featuring Jed Brophy as dwarf Nori. PHOTO: KAP090114SPLDWARF

before playing roles in two films, The Dead Room, and Mad Dog Quinn. Then he’s off overseas to do some Middle Earth fan conventions. His advice for budding actors was to find like-minded groups of friends to act with. ‘‘You can start on the ground floor and work your way up here but you do have to be seen. Get out there and get into some theatre or training class. Get a camera and start shooting stuff. ‘‘Don’t be held back by the idea you have to find someone professional to work with.’’

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ideas rolling in for ways round council talkfest I hope everyone has had an enjoyable New Year break. Let’s hope we get lots more barbecue weather in the next few weeks. Vicki and I spent some time planting tomatoes and herbs and spending time with family. I love tomatoes. To me they are a great symbol of summer, warm weather, and new growth. Before Christmas I floated the idea about ‘‘tidying up’’ public speaking time at council meetings. I suggested this for several reasons: that people are tired of other people using speaking time to push personal opinions which have no relevance to the meeting or to the people at the meeting; that a lot of time is taken up; but mainly because there are so many other ways for people to engage with council. People can phone council, call into the office, check the website, email council or email councillors. I’m often in the foyer chatting to people on an informal basis, and other councillors run clinics where they meet ratepayers. There are also the community boards. So there are lots of ways to engage with council without using public speaking time. I’ve had 25 formal responses to what I said before Christmas and lots of anecdotal discussion. Most (18) are encouraging council to ‘‘get on with the business’’ and not be distracted. Three have said they wish to continue

to have unfettered access to council via public speaking. Four have given very reasoned and sensible opinions about how to make the process better. That’s where we need to get to we need the process to work best for everyone. One further option which I intend to discuss with councillors when the opportunity arises, is to have informal clinics, maybe two or three days before council meetings, with perhaps two or three councillors at the meetings. This will give an opportunity for people to air issues, and will give council the opportunity to be prepared and able to advise ratepayers on the best way forward. One thing for sure; the openness and transparency which I and this council have stood for is not negotiable! ■ On a sobering note, the funeral last Friday of a staff member’s 11-month-old baby reminded me of how precious life is. Having recently lost my father-in-law at the age 83, and one of my best mates aged 55, I realise just how fragile we all are. Let’s hope that 2014 treats us all well.









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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Not to be proud of

Oh dear. I do hope you have misquoted the Mayor’s recent statement which appears to congratulate the council in coming up with ‘‘exactly the remedy the judge is suggesting’’ as a result of its own internal review of the coastal hazard lines ( Judge endorses LIM report rethink: Jan 8). Only the most naive person could fail to see the irony in the council finally taking the course of action it should have taken in the first place just before the High Court decision was released. As Justice Williams makes clear, the ‘‘problem’’’’ was that the council, at both administrative and governance level, failed to recognise the significance of the matter it was dealing with and failed to take the ‘‘sound approach’’ such matters warrant. The council took steps to review its approach only because a legal process was put in place at great cost to property owners and ratepayers. The council was under some duress, therefore, to find the ‘‘solution’’ to a problem created by its own inept, clumsy and amateurish response to the law. There is no room for self-congratulation in that, as I am sure the Mayor would have recognised. Justice Williams’ judgment is a timely reminder of the importance of council taking best practice approaches to the many sensitive matters it deals with. It is also a timely reminder of the need for councillors to safeguard the interests of district inhabitants by insisting the administration demonstrates the proper levels of accountability to the elected governance body. If they cannot do this, then we can look for more debacles until control of local matters is transferred to a regional body, the governance of which will be in the hands of elected repre-

sentatives who may be more prepared to ask the difficult questions. JULIE BROWNE OTAKI

signed off, developed and constructed. In June 2013, at a human rights mediation, KCDC agreed that as soon as possible after the main pool opened, the ramp would be installed and usable. KCDC have a serious problem. In pool design and construction, they did not ‘‘plan people with disabilities in’’. This cannot be fixed by abrogating human rights. ERICA COONEY RAUMATI BEACH



It is in the nature of innovation in technology that a certain amount of blue sky is needed and profit is not generally regarded as a short or even medium term goal in the development of innovative products in this sector. Innovation needs time for trial and error, to return from blind alleys, learn from them and to develop prototypes that iron out the glitches. These things generally take time. For KCDC’s Gavin Welsh to describe the sector as ‘‘fickle’’ underscores a lack of understanding of business development in this area. It is understandable that the sector is wary of this council with its narrow focus on profit. It has effectively sacked the voluntary trust in favour of anything that will make a buck being given a role at the cleantech centre. Innovation, it seems, is no longer relevant. Ratepayers are simply being told the council is not happy, with no explanation of how the current trust has failed to meet objectives, or even what those objectives were. We are very sorry the council is feeling ‘‘underwhelmed’’ but perhaps that has more to do with their lack of collective expertise in innovation and development than any faults within the cleantech centre. MARIE O’SULLIVAN WAIKANAE

Ramp access

I refer to recent articles in your paper questioning the need for a ramp into Kapiti’s main pool and whether it is safe. The answers are

Aquatic facilities manager Alison Law responds: ‘‘The new ramp to provide disability access to the main pool will soon be installed and officially opened on February 7.’’

In store for Kapiti

STUNNING: Sunset from one of the tracks to Paraparaumu Beach. ■ Nga Manu Nature Reserve, sponsor of Capturing Kapiti, will give away a free family pass each week to the reserve if your image is published in Kapiti News. If you have a Capturing Kapiti photo to submit, email a high resolution image to Please supply your postal address. ‘‘yes’’ to both. Current New Zealand Standard 4121: 2001 ‘‘Design for Access and Mobility’’ was written to guide those responsible for making buildings and facilities fully viable for the many of us living within the huge spectrum of disabilities. The standard aims to provide workable solutions for the majority of access and usage needs people with disability experience; yet it recognises everyone benefits from these measures. Facilities must enable people with disabilities to use them ‘‘with the same level of convenience’’ as everyone else. To date, no disability auditors have approved the aquatic centre’s accessibility without a ramp despite KCDC commissioning accessibility assessments from Wrightson

Associates. (They recommended a ramp.) A ramp is the only recommendation the standard makes for ‘‘pool access’’, given an ‘‘accessible route’’ must be usable by a wheelchair user ‘‘unaided’’. A ramp aids access, safety, ease, independence, dignity; and is universal. In turn, the standard is the only provision automatically compliant for access and use under the building legislation. Concerns about the ramp’s necessity, design, build and safety were canvassed at a public meeting KCDC held mid-May 2013. The ramp was specially designed and approved by the architects, Wrightson Associates, Variopool and KCDC itself, for virtually semipermanent use in the main pool’s shallower area. To that end, it was

I know the Kapiti super highway is going ahead despite all the local protest, but I was recently looking at a book Waikanae written by Chris and Joan MacLean, quite by chance in the Upper Hutt library (and actually a signed copy), dated 1988, second edition 2000. It is a beautiful book both historically and geographically, but what caused me the most interest was a Waikanae area map inside the covers. Then, and still now, it is a unified area comprising the whole Kapiti Coast to the west of the present highway (the vast majority of it anyway). This would have allowed for the continuous integrated development of the whole area, so that in 50 years or so, it would have been an urban region of distinct character. But that is not going to happen now. Just go to Auckland and see how the city is dissected by motorway monstrosities and you’ll get an idea of what is in store for Kapiti. Yes ‘‘think big’’ or ‘‘think bad’’ — that’s the question! ANTON HYMAN NELSON

#1 Fluoride Quiz

Have you seen Maritime NZ’s latest lifejacket adverts featuring ‘80’s TV cop Joe Bro? It carries the very important message that lifejackets will not save lives unless they are being worn. Most accidents occur suddenly with no warning – there may be no time to grab a lifejacket, and it’s extremely difficult to put on a lifejacket in the water. Many boaties drown less than 200 metres from shore. While wearing lifejackets in small boats is very important it is not the only step you can take in keeping yourself safe this summer. f f f f f

L\NkMR i_gi] Q_g NgkQ_gS aYSgikRQ kZh ]ggU kZ gMg YPQ aYS changes while you are on the water. KkSSM kQ \gkRQ YZg NkQgSUSYYa [gkZR Ya iY[[PZ^ikQ^YZd bk]g RPSg MYPS jYkQ kZh k\\ ^QR gTP^U[gZQ kSg ^Z `YYh iYZh^Q^YZd VZhgSRQkZh Q_g SP\gR Ya Q_g SYkh kZh YQ_gS jM\kNR \^]g Q_g Xcc QYZ SP\g kZh X ]ZYQ RUggh SgRQS^iQ^YZRd LOY^h k\iY_Y\e ^Q ikZ ^[Uk^S MYPS hgi^R^YZ [k]^Z` kR Ng\\ kR increase your risk of hypothermia.

For more information you can look at or email For reports of unsafe behaviour or breaches of Navigation Bylaws call 04 388 7795.

a) the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. b) the New Zealand Ministry of Health. c) no one.

2. The NZ Ministry of Health promote the addition of fluoride to drinking water to: a) improve its quality. b) make it safe to drink. c) treat a disease (dental decay).

3. The fluoride chemical added to drinking water is: a) manufactured in approved/licensed premises. b) a naturally occurring mineral. c) a hazardous chemical from fertiliser factory chimneys.

4. Drinking fluoridated water: a) damages teeth causing dental fluorosis (mottling of teeth). b) makes teeth much stronger. c) has no adverse effect on any bodily organ. Answers 1 c) , 2 c), 3 c), 4 a)

Staying safe is more than just staying afloat.

1. The fluoride chemical added to drinking water is approved for human ingestion by:

Authorised by Fluoride Action Network New Zealand


Early Childhood Centre

Hours 7am - 6pm Licensed for children 6wks - 5yrs Offering the same standard of excellence in both the Raumati and Levin centres. Raumati - Jo-Ann (04) 902 5437 (KIDS) Levin - Sarah (06) 368 5437 (KIDS)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News


Our Aim – The Lowest Everyday Meat Prices in Kapiti! Check us out!

Fresh Pork Roasts


(legs and shoulders)


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Fresh Pork Loin Chops

The Gold Card is welcomed and accepted in this store. Conditions Apply Check instore for details

The Mad Butcher Store is directly opposite Mega Mitre 10 on Kapiti Road






Save $4kg off our everyday low price!

All offers valid to Sunday 19th January 2014. Open 7 Days from 7am - 7pm 39 GREAT STORES NATIONWIDE & MORE OPENING SOON!

All Carcass Beef and Lamb is supplied by Affco and is New Zealand Quality Mark Certified.

144 Kapiti Road Ph: 298 1745


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Low life steals from paramedic during call Treasured possessions were stolen from a Wellington Free Ambulance paramedic while she attended an emergency in Paekakariki on Wednesday. Team operations manager Helen Berry responded to a 111 call-out at 11.30pm on Wednesday night. She parked her clearly marked Wellington Free Ambulance rapid response vehicle in the driveway of the patient’s house, grabbed the medical and radio equipment she needed and locked the car. ‘‘I saw the indicators flash when I pressed the key button so I thought the car was locked. ‘‘I dashed into the house.’’ Inadvertently she pressed the ‘unlock’ button on her keys without realising it. When she returned to her vehicle 50 minutes later she found her work bag had been stolen. ‘‘I was devastated that someone would do that, especially when you are responding to an emergency. ‘‘Luckily, I had taken all the

medical gear into the house otherwise that might have gone as well.’’ Ms Berry had just returned from her uncle’s funeral in Australia. Her bag contained a letter from her aunt to Helen’s mother, other mementos of the funeral, her passport, an iPad and about $600, which was a gift from family members to help towards the costs of the flights to her uncle’s funeral. ‘‘I’d only been back at work for two days and hadn’t had time to transfer all my personal stuff out of my work bag.’’ Her bag has since been handed in to Kapiti Police but its contents are missing. If anyone has any information about these precious personal items please contact your nearest police station. Wellington Free Ambulance chief executive Diana Crossan said she found it hard to believe that anyone would stoop so low as to steal important personal possessions.

DAMAGE: Sand dune erosion south of a rock wall at Paraparaumu Beach.


Erosion keeps council busy The combination of a king tide and a powerful storm has created erosion on some sections of the district’s coastline. The height of the environmental double whammy happened on Friday and Saturday, January 10 and 11. Council coastal and stormwater asset manager Matt Aitchison said the damage from the king tide and storm was ‘‘quite a concern’’. A key area of erosion was south of a rock revetment near Tahi Rd, Paraparaumu Beach, where sea water, pushed along by strong winds, ate into sand dunes. Kapiti Coast District Council gained permission from Wellington Regional Council within 24 hours to bolster various parts of the dunes from the rock wall for 150m south. The 150m length is the maximum limit of the

resource consent. Contractor Mills and Albert used about 900 cubic metres of sand from Otaihanga quarry to do the work which started on Tuesday last week and finished last Thursday. Mr Aitchison said since the rock wall was created in 2010, dune mitigation work took place on average about three to four times a year, costing between $5000 and $10,000 each time. North of the rock revetment, there was some dune damage on the northern side of the stormwater pipe opposite Rua Rd but the area was expected to recover under calmer conditions. Further south of the councilrepaired dunes, a sand-covered backstop wall, which had been constructed in a trench behind a dune line in front of three

properties covering about 60m, has become exposed. Some sand was forced under the Arawa St wooden seawall because of liquefaction. Council has topped up the area behind the wall with sand and resown the area. There was also some minor damage in the Paekakariki area as well as Raumati South, especially a stormwater outlet which was susceptible to blocking because of a low-lying sump. Council was working on finding a solution. ‘‘We were gutted that some established vegetation has fallen,’’ Mr Aitchison said about the overall damage. ‘‘The other interesting thing was the beach lowered and we saw things like some old broken-off posts and various bits of debris including old bricks.’’


“I love the Whitireia Journalism programme because it’s in the centre of all ll the action. Great stories walk past our door every day – all we have to do is reach out and grab them.” – Sarah Dunn

The Certificate in Multimedia Journalism starts in February and includes video reporting, radio writing, photography, web journalism, news gathering and news writing. It’s a great step towards the National Diploma in Journalism (Multimedia), whose graduates get jobs in magazines, newspapers, radio, the internet and TV.


Check out what our students are doing at

EntSRoFeBRluANRYo20w14 StAR


0800 944 847

The Choice Protocol is Whitireia and WelTec working together to give students education choices that matter. We’re now making it easier for everyone to study with us.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News


Wellington Anniversary Weekend 10AM – 4PM Go in the draw for fabulous prizes by visiting at least three Museums on the day • 1st prize: Two Steam Inc. tickets, 8 March excursion (value $258) • 2nd prize: Pak’ n Save voucher $150 Plus • 6 x family passes on QE Park Tramway • 6 x family passes to Southward Car Museum

Otaki Museum

49 Main Street, Otaki

Kapiti Coast Museum

9 Elizabeth Street, Waikanae

Southward Car Museum

Otaihanga Road Paraparaumu

Museum of Aviation

Next to the Airport Control Tower, Paraparaumu Airport, K piti Road, Paraparaumu

The Wellington Tramway Museum Queen Elizabeth Park, Mackay’s Crossing, S H 1

Steam Incorporated

‘The Rural Scene’ See the Otaki Gorge and Te Horo story in our restored heritage bank building.

Enjoy tea and scones in a replica 1930s kitchen.

The mighty Wurlitzer organ – silent movies! Admission $10 with ticket or mention of the event.

Will Scotland, pioneer flyer, with his Caudron biplane. See that propellor at our Museum.

Take a trip into the past on a heritage Wellington tramcar. Sausage sizzle on the day

S.H.1 just north of Paekakariki township ENTER FROM THE SOUTH ONLY

See ‘Passchendaele’ – a mobile memorial to WW1 railwaymen

Paekakariki Station Museum

Play the Trainspotting game. Story-time with Emily Duizend: 11am and 2pm!

In Paekakariki railway station

For more details, visit

Discover Kapiti Heritage Day is generously supported by these great sponsors



Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

All About You Hypnotherapy Health and medical, Pain management, Behavioural, motivation, stress, confidence Fertility and Childbirth, inc IVF Fears, Phobia’s and Habit’s, Personal performance, sport, work, Weight control and many more... Come in and see us today!

30493 KAP

Kapiti Resene ColorShop 112 Kapiti Road Ph: 296 1060

Conditions: Buy Resene premium paint, wallpaper or decorating accessories at Resene ColorShops or participating resellers and get the GST (15% off the full retail price) off. The GST reduction will be calculated on the normal retail price OR if you have a ColorShop Card you can get the Save the GST sale discount and then the ColorShop Card discount off the Save the GST sale price. Excludes Crown, trade and industrial products, PaintWise levy and account sales. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Offer closes 29 January 2014.

0800 344 9713

Certified ‘Virtual’ Gastric Band consultant

1 of only 8 in NZ

Quin Buildings Levin 20-30 Coventry Street Levin, 5540 Ph: 06 368 7401 Fax: 06 368 1326




(427 243)


$7700 EXCL GST

or Call Us for other Design Options

Licensed under REAA 2008

Halfway house gutted in blaze DAVID HAXTON A halfway house in Raumati Beach was destroyed last week after a man allegedly lit a fire in his room. About half a dozen residents at the Matai Rd home were outside when Paraparaumu Fire Brigade arrived at 2am on Wednesday. ‘‘Luckily they could confirm nobody was inside,’’ station officer John Arthur said. ‘‘The house was fully involved when we got there. ‘‘It was coming out of every window apart from

one room in the back.’’ The house was down a long drive. ‘‘You couldn’t see anything from the road but once we were halfway down the drive you could see it was going pretty good. ‘‘We just had to run a hose delivery down the drive and then two of our guys with breathing apparatus went in and started knocking the fire down. ‘‘It was pretty hot — one of the guys got a couple of minor burns. ‘‘We probably had it knocked down within about 10 minutes but then

there’s quite a lot of little flare ups so it was probably about an hour until it was out fully.’’ Two fire trucks and a support vehicle from the Paraparaumu brigade attended as well as a fire truck from the Waikanae Volunteer Fire Brigade. Senior Sergeant Anita Dixon of Kapiti police said, ‘‘One of the boarders set a fire in his room and then called emergency services. ‘‘Unfortunately the fire spread very quickly and it has gutted the house. ‘‘No one was injured.’’ A 48-year-old man was taken into custody, she said.

Question of good faith over market proposal I want to issue a challenge to the big boys in town — the Todd Group. They have a proposal before council to develop a weekend farmers market at their Paraparaumu Airport. They intend to have this ‘‘Market Square’’ up and running by next summer. The problem is, just one kilometre away at Paraparaumu Beach, we have a Saturday Market that has grown and thrived over 14 years. It’s a socioeconomic watering-hole underpinning our village identity and contributing to our sense of belonging. Market smallholders I have spoken to, believe the Todd proposal has the potential to seriously damage this. My question is this. Does the community that has developed around the Beach’s Saturday Market, and the surrounding businesses that benefit from its positive multiplier economic effects, have a right to make submissions on the Todd Group proposal? Council decides if a consent application should be publicly notified. Staff are inclined towards a nonnotified consent, meaning the Todd project meets

most if not all compliance issues. However, council’s development management strategy states decisions relating to the airport development should ensure ‘‘consistency and integration’’ with the Paraparaumu Town and beach centres. We also have policies to ensure that the ‘‘community cohesiveness and sense of belonging’’ of our main centres, which includes Paraparaumu Beach, are supported. Even if the Todd Group’s consent application can successfully circumvent these, and is perfectly entitled to be a nonnotified process, there is clause S95A of the RMA which states that the applicant can request it to be publicly notified. I consider this to be a good faith clause. Do these big boys, one of the country’s biggest developers, have the good faith to engage with the local community?

Their purchase of 75 per cent of Kapiti Landing Development, that owns the Paraparaumu Airport, makes them a major player in shaping the local economy. They are the faceless big boys. Not to be mistaken with former majority shareholder, Sir Noel Robinson. Now a minority shareholder, Sir Noel however continues to be the friendly PR face of Paraparaumu Airport. Can the faceless big boys interface with the local community through a notified consent process? It’s an opportunity for them to convince the Beach community that their ‘‘Market Square’’ project is consistent and can integrate with a thriving Beach community that values its own market. A rejection of this opportunity has the potential to sour its relationship with a significant section of the community. This is the challenge.


04 904 5560 - 027 663 4994

Let me show you what I can do to get you


Phone now for an obligation free market appraisal. Taking listings in all areas of the Kapiti Coast RAUMATI - PARAPARAUMU - WAIKANAE - TE HORO - PAEKAKARIKI

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News

The Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club is celebrating its 75th Jubilee this weekend, in an all-weekend event honouring its long and colourful time on the coast. Following over 12 months’ planning and the gathering of sponsorship from local businesses including ANZ who paid for printing of the club’s heavily-researched 75th Jubilee Booklet, members are excited to see the much-anticipated event finally around the corner. As a celebration for current and past club members, the 75th Jubilee has receievd sponsorship from a range of local businesses including Tall Poppy, HMC Kapiti, Liquor King Kapiti and Kapiti Coast Funeral Homes. Thanks to the generous sponsorship and hard work from dedicated committee members, the event will be another fun-filled occassion to add to the club’s rich history. Beginning on the evening of Friday 17, the Jubilee will see guests celebrate in a formal social gathering, which will include special guest appearances from Kapiti Mayor Ross Church and partner Vicki McCarthy, and local MP Kris Faafoi.

Club presidents from other local bowling clubs will also attend, along with Jubilee sponsors. With 150 people invited to the opening function, Friday night will set the scene for an action-packed celebration weekend. The Jubilee’s Saturday activities will commence at 9.30am, in a large Heartland Bank-sponsored bowls tournament with major cash prizes. At lunchtime, a group photo will take place with approximately 100 members, to later be framed and hung on the club wall as a reminder of its progression as a long-standing social sporting club in Kapiti. Saturday night will hold a Jubilee dinner at Kapiti Village, with entertainment from local comedian John Graham, as well as cutting of the club’s 70th anniversary Jubilee cake. Sunday 19 will end the three-day affair with a relaxed progressive bowling tournament followed by lunch, with the first game of bowls starting at 10am and the second set for the afternoon. An official jubilee closing will ensue, with a shared afternoon tea to tie up the event.

“The Clubrooms as they are today.”



FROM includes GST per month

15 Ihakara St. Paraparaumu Ph. 298 7053

Proud to support the

Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club’s

th 75 Jubilee


YOUR LOCAL MONITORING COMPANY • Alarm Installations • Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response • Alarm Servicing & Faults • Staff Escorts • Camera Systems (CCTV) • Site Guards LOCALLY BASED OWNED & OPERATED

Diana’s Lotto and Lots More Proud to support the Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club on their 75th Jubilee A Lotto Shop Like No Other! 24 Maclean Street Paraparaumu Beach. Phone 04 902 5455 Email

20 years of proudly




Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club. And the club’s 75th celebration.

For all your auentotsmotive requirem Repairs, WOF and Servicing for All Makes and Models MTA Award Winning Dealership Collect AA Smartfuel Discounts

Free Pick-up and Delivery Loan Vehicles Available Largest New and Used Dealer on the Coast

Vehicle Registration Facility AUTHORISED SERVICING AGENT FOR

0800 489 932 I 5 -7 Ihakara Street, Paraparaumu I


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Paraparaumu Bowling Club’s Evolvement Through


Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Clubfirst opened in November 1939, as The Paraparaumu Beach Bowling and Croquet Club on the corner of Kapiti Road and Ocean Road. Upon moving to their first sports ground, a complete refurbishment took place, stretching over 12 months in a series of ploughing, levelling, topsoiling and seed planting. Remaining at theKapiti Road location until mid-1968, the clubthen shifted to its current Toru Road premises, which has since been extended thanks to thousands of dollars’ worth of fundraising efforts by committee members. In a process that began with the laying of a few greens, a brand new iron-roofed pavilion emerged, comprised of brick walls, locker rooms and kitchen facilities. As well astransferring grass turf from Kapiti Road, two iron gates were moved to Toru Road, with one presented in memory of the club’s 1944 President and reading,

‘In Memory of W. H. H. Nicholls, Past President and Foundation Secretary and Treasurer 1938-1946.’ Proving strong in 1973, the club began extending its building, introducinga range of additions including a lounge room, kitchen update and bar area. In 1982, a dishwasher was installed, followed by a considerable water supply upgrade. Further expansions and maintenance work regularly took place between 1995-2012, including more kitchen extensions, carpeting of the main hall, an extensive interior upgrade, new shelter sheds, toilet upgrades, roof replacement, and painting of all exterior woodwork. Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club now shares its greens and clubrooms with locals outside the club, as a popular and sophisticated beachside location for community, corporate and social occasions.

1941- The original bowling club premises on Kapiti Road

1968 – opening of the new premises in Toru Road.

a Bl e

paraparaumu Bowling Club is proudly supported by Metlifecare. av a il

Two outstanding villages. Two wonderful lifestyles. At Kapiti Village you can enjoy the tranquillity of a village set

vi ll a S

on 18 hectares of stunning landscaped grounds, and at Coastal Villas you have the convenience of being close to Coastlands Shopping Centre and local beaches. Each village is unique, but each offers the same freedom to make the most of your retirement. To see these outstanding villages for yourself, simply pop along to our Open Weekend.

Open Weekend

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th January, 10am to 3pm COaSTal villaS

Spencer Russell Drive, off Rimu Road Paraparaumu

Call Chrissie on 04 296 6319

Coastal Villas

Kapiti Village

kapiTi village

1 Henley Way, off Guildford Drive Paraparaumu

Call Sue on 04 296 1797


Coastal villas

kapiti VILLAGE

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News


OUTSTANDING FUNDRAISING EFFORTS FOR PARAPARAUMU BEACH BOWLING CLUB The continual progression of the clubrooms over the years, as well the club’s ability to hold special events including the 75th Jubilee celebration, was made possible thanks to extensive committee fundraising efforts and local sponsorship. The club has enjoyed many different avenues of raising funds over the years, which considerably reduced the cost of purchasing and maintaining buildings, furniture and equipment. As well as housie and poker machines in the 1980s and 1990s, garage sales provided small amounts of funding, with two larger efforts seeing close to $10,000 raised in 2004 and 2009. Before the club’s amalgamation in 1996, which introduced the collaboration of men and women on the bowling grounds, the Women’s Section held regular bring-and-buy coffee

mornings, donating funds to the Men’s Section for the purchasing of kitchen equipment. The Women’s Section also provided funding support through raffles, coffee mornings, galas and cake stalls, using the earnings to purchase items of furniture, kitchen equipment and nylon scrims.

Life Members - From Left; Rear - Snow Anderson, Michael Leggot, Brian Howman, Ron Welply; Front - Helen Bethwaite, Beryl Doyle and President Eileen Jones.

In recent years, the Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club has received grants from various Gaming Trusts, as well as generous sponsorship from local businesses including its Jubilee sponsors ANZ, Tall Poppy, HMC Kapiti, Liquor King Kapiti and Kapiti Coast Funeral Homes. An outstanding moment in the club’s fundraising history was the Housie Committee’s raising of many thousands of dollars to help finance the 1982 building project, which was later responsible for writing-off the building bank loan of $7,807 in 1988. Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club 75th Jubilee Committee

S P E C I A L I S T S L I M I T E D The ONE STOP BOWLS SHOP for outdoor & indoor bowls and accessories. We offer professional advice and stock a full range of men's and women's attire. Aero, Taylor, Greenmaster & Henselite Bowls Bowls Bags, Measures & Accessories Clothing & Hats- Men's & Women's Wet Weather Gear Bowls Shoes - choice of styles

BOWLS SPECIALISTS LIMITED 2 Floor, 20 Pretoria Street, Lower Hutt nd

Phone: (04) 569 3791 (04) 569 3623 Website: Email: Telephone and mail orders taken Showroom hours: 9am – 4pm Mon – Fri Other times by arrangement


Kapiti's Most Popular Barber

Proud to Support Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club

Proud to support the Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club 75th Jubilee

experts in print, sign and design


04 902 5880

Phone: 04 902 7300 11 Milne Drive Paraparaumu

Congratulations Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club on your 75th Jubilee! Flight Centre Travel Broker Susanne McCardle 45 Kensington Drive, Peka Peka,Waikanae 04 293 6561 | 021 356 863

Congratulations to the Paraparaumu Beach Bowling Club on their 75th Jubilee Coastlands, St Highway 1, Paraparaumu Phone: (04) 2971138


Kapiti News

New Year New You

Charlie Timmons Make-up Artist

Commercial, Advertising, Workshops and Private Tuition

Look Good, Feel Great

The new year is always a time ot take stock at where we are and where we are going. ITs a time to look at our health and fitness, wardrobe and updating our image. Its the perfect time to refresh the wardrobe, buy some new shoes and think about a new look !

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Get fit for Summer NEW CLASS TIMES Mon - Wed 7pm Tues - Thurs 6pm • 60 minutes of dance aerobic fitness fun • 60 minutes = 600 calories burned • Cardio strength and Stretch • Suitable for all ages and fitness levels • $55 unlimited monthly class pass • $40 New Customer Special pay at end of trial class • More price options available

Have you tried Jazzercise ? Its a fun and easy way to feel invigorated and classes are held at Lindale each week and if you have never tried it take advantage of the free trial class. Summer sales are an excellent way to buy the summer wardrobe that you havent quite got round to buying yet. We haven’t had the best of weather so Summer must be going to start soon. Penelopes has 50 to 70 % off and lots of lovely items to choose from. Super Minx in Raumati is such a lovely friendly shop and the gorgeous shoes

See you there!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

will make any outfit look amazing. Anytime that I have had my Super MInx shoes on they get plenty of attention, so when I have a plain outfit my shoes plus being quality shoes you get many seasons wear.

If you are planning a Wedding or going to a special occassion this year and need a make up artist give Charlie Timmons a call. Perfect for that special dinner or event you are attending that you want to look great. Unichem Kapiti Coast has a new product arriving called Visionnaire Blur and is Lancomes skin perfector to redefine the face and has 5 visible benefits, the product gives amazing results so pop into see Jacqui at Unichem at Kapiti Lights Complex for a free consultation. Jacqui is passionate about helping her customers find the right skincare and

make up, as well offering foundation trial. Pop in to see her and she will also show you the latest makeup tricks.

Unichem Kapiti Coast Pharmacy, Kapiti Lights Complex, Main Road, Paraparaumu

For information contact Maryann: Email: Phone/Text: 027 313 0635

Phone (04) 298 4679

SUMMER OF 2014 •

Greytown Raumati Dress-Smart Tawa





50 %





Kapiti Lights Complex, Paraparaumu Ph: (04) 298 4679

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Kapiti News

04 902 7800

Kapiti Coast

9 Mahara Place, Waikanae

Scrim Properties Limited; Licensed under REAA 2008



WAIKANAE, 103 Belvedere Avenue


Convenient Location

A Special Place

A very special place lies right here behind the gates stands an amazing home, just perfect for a holiday home or equally - family living. Open plan living, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage and fantastic indoor/ outdoor flow. An easy stroll to the beach via it’s own beach access. Be quick to view! Ref 3784

A lovely family home with 4 bedrooms, 2WC’s, formal & informal living, 3 car garaging, stunning established grounds and indoor/outdoor flow. Situated in a prime location, close to amenities and schools. Be sure to view. Ref 3746



Sunday 19th January 2.45 - 3.15pm

Sunday 19th January 1.15 - 1.45pm

Sharna 027 941 8987 Maria 027 565 6598

Sharna 027 941 8987 Maria 027 565 6598

WAIKANAE, 17 Kanawa Street

Buyer Enquiry Over


WAIKANAE BEACH, 2 Flaxmere Street


Cheeky Sea Views

Sure to be Impressed

Secret hideaway behind the gates lies a very special place. Angles & style with solid timber materials utilised throughout. Offering formal & informal living extending to the outdoors. 3 bdrms, 2 bthrms, large dbl garage with bthrm facilities. The grounds are beautifully presented, simple with well-established trees and relatively low maintenance. Ref 3792

A great position with views, sun & privacy all high on the list, and yes ... golf course, beach, park and cafes just a short walk away. This beautifully maintained, 3 bdrm home with master ensuite has a warm inviting atmosphere & many appealing features. On chilly days you can enjoy the warm glow of the living flame gas heating & for summer, the outdoor living. Ref 3796



Sunday 19th January 3.30 - 4.00pm

Sunday 19th January 1.15 - 1.45pm

Sharna 027 941 8987 Maria 027 565 6598

WAIKANAE, 89 Huia Street

Buyer Enquiry Over

Grant Longstafff

027 247 4724 $505,000

Price By Negotiation

WAIKANAE, 24 Ngarara Road

Luxury & Location

Larger Than Life

Nestled on the gentle slopes of the Hemi Matenga you will just love the space this family home provides. Hinuera Stone & cedar clad on 2 levels with views out towards Kapiti’s coastline. Offering: sep. lounge & dining room, kitchen family area, 2 bthrms, 3 bdrms & another living space. Ref 3769


One of Waikanae’s finest, located on 2419m² of tranquil, landsacped, picturesque grounds in the exclusive garden area. Designed to capture maximum sun & outlooks over the sprawling lawns & heated in-ground swimming pool. Large executive home offering 3/4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 living areas and a modern guesthouse. This property is a must-see! Call me today for your viewing appointment. Ref 3794

Grant Longstafff

Grant Longstafff 295383

Sunday 19th January ry 2.00 - 2.30pm

027 247 4724


027 247 4724

74 Weggery Drive

Buyer Enquiry Over


It’s All About Quality Time

Nicely positioned for maximising the sun, this beautifully presented, brick & tile home is all about you enjoying life and not being a slave to your property. Low maintenance construction with attractive landscaped grounds, including a gazebo, large shed and veggie garden. The immaculate home enjoys 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, separate lounge and internal access garaging. A very comfortable home which is a must to view. Ref 3790

View: Sunday 19th January 12.30 - 1.00pm

Grant Longstaff 027 247 4724

To contact us: Phone: 04 902 7800 or Email:



Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


264 Ngatiawa Road


For Sale $885,000

Such spectacular lifestyle opportunities such as this rarely become available. Set back from the road up a gently sloping driveway, elevated and north facing with panoramic superb views of the valley and farmland surrounding you. If you have ever wanted to own your own piece of heaven with fresh eggs in the morning, maybe a pet pig, some sheep or cows or horses you could do wonders on this 2.2160 ha haven. Pick fruit from your own orchard and fresh veg from the patch and there’s every herb you could think of. Very close by there is an equestrian centre for those who are keen on horses. The main house has been designed with space and easy living in mind with fabulous indoor / outdoor flow to decked areas facing to the east and the west. 5 bedrooms, master with ensuite and walk in wardrobe, guest wing also has its own ensuite. Wonderful size kitchen for the Master Chef in you! In addition to all this living there is a self contained studio separate from the house and a variety of implement sheds, chicken run and great garaging and your very own boat shed.

View Sunday Paul Berryman M 027 252 7484 DDI 04 212 5280 OFFICE 298 1635

Lisa Berryman M 027 290 1959 DDI 04 498 4188

There is a valley school bus for easy school pick ups and its only 7 minutes drive to Waikanae Shopping centre and schools and only 45 minutes to Wellington city the capital of New Zealand. Or sit back on the fantastic train service to Wellington and enjoy the Kapiti Coast scenery. There is such a community spirit in Reikorangi no wonder it means “Gateway to Heaven”.

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, licensed under the REA Act 2008. A Member of Bayleys Realty Group.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Kapiti News

18 Hollis Road


26 Arnold Grove


For Sale $389,000


For Sale Buyer Enquiry Over $390,000

This home has been extensively renovated home and is perfect for family living with 3 bedrooms (master with ensuite) plus a study and a large conservatory. No expense has been spared in renovating this property.

View Sunday 2:00-2:30pm

WOW - WHAT A FIND! family home, with 3 bedrooms upstairs and a large rumpus room downstairs with it’s own bathroom - great teenager retreat.

There is a lot of room for the family to spread out with a large double garage plus large workshop for Dad and a large section for the kids to play in. Fully fenced and in a good school zone for Kena Kena school, Gray Avenue and Paraparaumu College and is within easy walking distance to them.

Paul Berryman

M 027 252 7484 DDI 04 212 5280 OFFICE 298 1635

Lisa Berryman


You had better hurry for this one!!

Double garage with internal access. Upstairs is a bright and modern kitchen with open plan dining and good size lounge with views out to Kapiti Island. North west facing and within walking distance to schools, shops and the beach.


View Sunday 1:00-1:30pm Paul Berryman

M 027 252 7484 DDI 04 212 5280

Lisa Berryman


Located in a quiet cul-de-sac and has beautifully landscaped garden with good indoor/ outdoor flow living with two decked areas. Proudly presented by Paul & Lisa Berryman

Proudly presented by Paul & Lisa Berryman


405 Te Moana Road


7 Rutherford Drive For Sale Buyer Enquiry Over $390,000


For Sale Price by Negotiation


Treat yourself for the New Year to this absolute new style of living upon one of Waikanae’s sought after locations.

View By Appointment Only

This estate has undergone an extensive renovation inside & out giving this home a fresh new design, with qualities that buyers expect in today’s standards.

Ethan Lahmert

Buyer enquiry over $390,000. Located in the Waikanae Beach area this well presented 3 bedroom plus office home (master bedroom with ensuite and walk in wardrobe) offers 2 living, open plan kitchen / dining and a large covered veranda flowing out to a beautifully presented secure, private and fully fenced backyard. Making it just the right place for BBQ’s all year round.

Enter this estate through gates beyond the triple car garaging with internal access. The main doors take you straight into the large family living room. This 2 story home offers 3 bedrooms with a ensuite, open kitchen and dining opening out to the sun room flowing out the large deck making entertaining your guests much easier. M 027 828 1792 DDI 04 498 4185 OFFICE 298 1635 BAYLEYS REAL ESTATE LTD, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008

Also featuring a study and self contained studio. This ‘turn key’ home sits on 1214m² of land with beautifully maintained trees. This iconic estate represents a rare opportunity for an incredible compound, unbelievable grounds and incredible beauty. This home has it all!

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, licensed under the REA Act 2008. A Member of Bayleys Realty Group.

Single garage has a studio attached with a toilet and a huge workshop for dad to kick around in, that’s when he’s not out fishing as the beach is only a few minutes walk away. Proudly presented by Paul & Lisa Berryman

View Sunday 4:00-4:30pm

Paul Berryman

M 027 252 7484 DDI 04 212 5280 OFFICE 298 1635

Lisa Berryman



Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014








The lowest fees in Kapiti guaranteed!

• • • •

16 years experience Highest qualifications A wall of awards And low fees!



READ & SEE MORE: COME HAVE A LOOK: Sunday 11:45 - 12:15pm

Spacious, sunny brick home, 13 years old. Beautifully presented. Attractive landscaped half-acre section boasts numerous fruit trees, vegetable beds & privacy in desirable Mahoenui Park. A safe-haven for kids & pets. Great flow to outdoors in most directions for you to follow the sun or enjoy al-fresco dining. Extra detached garage/workshop. Stroll to Waitohu School or the retail strip.

Andrea Bradley Dip RE AREINZ

04 298 8801 | 021 0299 3190

Andrea Bradley 021 0299 3190 04 298 8801

Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy real estate REAA-licensed MREINZ | 0800 82 55 76



BUY NOW $339,000

BUY NOW $449,000








READ & SEE MORE: COME HAVE A LOOK: View by arrangement. Contact Agent

City chic, generous proportions, 5 years old, sparkling order. 3 dbl bedrooms, 2 bathrms (& 3rd toilet), & even more to brag about. Wonderful open plan living for easy entertaining, 2 decks & designer kitchen. High quality throughout & durably clad for all the seasons of coastal living. Village & oh-so-convenient rail close by, beach in a minute, great permanent home or fabulous getaway!

Andrea Bradley 021 0299 3190 04 298 8801 Sam McIntyre 021 267 4523 04 298 8100





Self Satisfied


READ & SEE MORE: COME HAVE A LOOK: Sunday 3:00 - 3:30pm

Beautifully upgraded 1950's character home with the luxury of an en suite & walk-in wardrobe. Warm & cosy, snugly insulated, sunny, light & bright with a delightful tasteful neutral decor & polished floorboards. Easy flow to attractive terrace for alfresco dining. Set in a friendly cul-de-sac with an easy stroll to wonderful Raumati Village, great schools, lots of parks & of course, the beach.

8100 298298 (04)(04) Phone: 8100 Phone:

Andrea Bradley 021 0299 3190 04 298 8801

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Kapiti News

FREE VIDEO SHOWCASE OF YOUR PROPERTY Go to and check out one of my listings 175 State Highway 1 or 6A Tahi Road. Click on the link to view the video showcase on my youtube channel. Unbeatable Service, Unbeatable Fees, and now a free video showcase when you list with me. me. Be quick - free for foor a limited limit time only.



Scan the QR code above with your smartphone

Visit o.nzz

Marilyn Wright 0800 MARILYN (0800 6274596) 021 710 878 Bulsara Ltd t/a Tall Poppy real estate REAA-licensed MREINZ | 0800 82 55 76


OTAKI 22A BELL STREET Buy Now $599,000




Reduced by $50,000 and now under GV! Carefully manicured trees and gardens line either side of the long driveway and when you arrive at an opening in the trees, Otaki Manor presents herself, grand and proud. A prestigious property that has the feel of a tranquil country paradise, set amongst beautiful established gardens with tuis and fantails singing, you wouldn't know that you were just minutes from town.



By appointment


Sam McIntyre 021 267 4523


8100 298298 (04)(04) Phone: 8100 Phone:



Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014







READ & SEE MORE: COME HAVE A LOOK: View by arrangement. Contact Agent Kaz Deverill 0204 725 348 0508 725 348

Give your family the certainty of a brighter future and make your dream a reality by climbing the property ladder. Being so perfectly placed in a sought after Raumati Beach location, makes 27 Kiwi Road in very high demand. With tasteful dĂŠcor the home is warmed throughout by the golden-toned wood ceilings and features. Free flowing living spaces open up the home and maximise use.



BUY NOW $599,000

Buy Now $425,000






New Year, New Home ?



READ & SEE MORE: COME HAVE A LOOK: View by arrangement. Contact Agent

Is your New Years resolution finding your dream home, something that will work for the whole family? Then fortunately it will not take you a Millennium to ensure this is one resolution you certainly can succeed in. Privately set in exquisite gardens lays a unique, modern, spacious, family home. 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas and 2 bathrooms plus 360 degree views are just some of its delights!

Kaz Deverill 0204 725 348 0508 725 348






& SEE MORE: FAMILY HOME PLUS BONUSREAD COME HAVE A LOOK: Sunday 1:00 - 1:30pm SLEEPOUT! Sam McIntyre Sitting up high in an extremely private setting, you will find paradise! 8 Ratanui Road is secluded, sunny and something special. It is a tropical oasis that is warm all year round, how is that even possible you ask... Well it is built for sun, highly insulated and it even has gas central heating! Here we have a colourful home, waiting for new owners.

8100 298298 (04)(04) Phone: 8100 Phone:

021 267 4523 04 298 8100 Kaz Deverill 0204 725 348 0508 725 348

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News


Te Horo 132 School Road



The Te Horo School house is up for sale....a character home set on 1386 m2. Sunny....inviting with loads of potential. The 3 generous bedrooms all lead of a central hallway at the front of the home. A large living dining area opens out to a sunny deck....from here you can watch the kids at play on the lawn. Separate gallery style kitchen. The house is in need of some come and see for yourself. For Sale by Private Treaty @ $260,000. No offers will be considered until February 14th 2014.

Private Treaty


$260,000 View: Sunday 11 - 11.30am ID #PAR20722 Paulane McLean 027 443 9641 direct 04 298 4900




Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Coast Coachlines

Coming Events & Tours THURSDAY 16th JANUARY TO WEDNESDAY 22nd JANUARY 2014 JUSTIN BIEBER'S BELIEVE (G) (1hr40min) Fri 17th 6pm Sun 19th 3.30pm


CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS 2 (G) (1hr45min) Thur, Sat, Mon & Wed 10.40am FROZEN (PG) (1hr50min) Thur, Sat, Mon & Wed 10.30am & 12.50pm Fri, Sun & Tue 10.30am & 3.30pm WALKING WITH DINOSAURS (PG) Contains some scary scenes (1hr35min) Fri, Sun & Tue 10.40am ...

JACK RYAN: SHADOW RECRUIT (M) Contains violence (1hr50min) Thur, Sat, Mon & Wed 12.50pm 6pm & 8.20pm Fri, Sun & Tue 12.50pm 6.10pm & 8.30pm 3D 47 RONIN (M) Contains violence (2hr5min) Thur, Fri, Sat, Mon, Tue & Wed 3.10pm & 8.30pm Sun 8.30pm 47 RONIN (M) Contains violence (2hr5min) Thur, Sat, Mon, Tue & Wed 5.45pm Fri 12.45pm Sun 12.50pm & 5.45pm ANCHORMAN 2 THE LEGEND CONTINUES (M) Contains offensive language, sexual references and drug use (2hr5min) Thur & Mon 10.30am Sat & Wed 3.20pm THE HOBBIT: DESOLATION OF SMAUG (M) Contains violence (2hr50min) Thur, Sat, Mon & Wed 8.30pm Fri, Sun & Tue 4.45pm AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY (M) Contains offensive language, drug use & content that may disturb (2hr10min) Thur & Mon 3.15pm Fri, Sat, Sun & Wed 10.30am Tue 10.30am & 12.50pm PHILOMENA (M) Contains offensive language & sexual references (1hr40min) Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue & Wed 1pm & 3.15pm THE BOOK THIEF (PG) Contains violence (2hr20min) Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue & Wed 11am 5.30pm & 8.15pm THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (PG) Contains violence, coarse language & sexual references (2hr) Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue & Wed 2pm THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (R18) Contains drug use, sex scenese & offensice language (3hr) Thur, Sat, Mon & Wed 5pm Fri, Sun & Tue 8pm Every day is a senior day here at the movies $10.40 tickets before 4.30pm SUPER TUESDAY TICKET DEALS All adult 2d movies are $10.90 all day Seniors are $9.40 before 4.30pm

Coming Events &827 Tours 827 on 0800 Call Dave Today For Club bookings tour dates can be arranged to suit

Rotary Martinborough Fair 1 Feb & 1 Mar 2014. Over 450 Stalls! Food, music, entertainment & more! Departing from Levin at 7.00am. Pick up at Otaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu & Plimmerton. Cost of Coach includes return Coach trip to fair and afternoon tea. Levin $60 Otaki $50 Waikanae & Paraparaumu & Plimmerton $35 Petone Rotary Fair Sat 15 Feb 2014. Depart Levin 7.30am. Pick up at Otaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu & Plimmerton. Arrive at fair 9.30am. Depart 2.30pm. Coast of return Coach Levin $55 Otaki $50 Waikanae & Paraparaumu $30 Plimmerton $25 Napier Mission Concert Sat 15 Feb Depart 8.30am Pram Beach Waikanae 9.15am Levin Arrive 12 noon Napier. 1 Coach returns after Concert Sat, 1 coach returns 11am Sun stopping at Dannivirke $90 Return COACH ONLY arrange your own acc & Misson Tickets Art Deco Weekend Napier 22 Feb 2014. Hundreds of 1920s & 1930s cars, aerobatic flying displays, steam train rides, a great Gatsby picnic, dinner dance extravaganzas, free outdoor concerts and more.. Depart Wellington 7.00am. Arrive back in Wellington 8.00pm. Comfort stops at Dannivirke en route to Napier & en route home. Cost Wellington $110 Paraparaumu, Waikanae, Otaki, Levin, Foxton, Palmerston North $90. (Day Trip Only). PS Waimarie River Cruise Whanganui River Sat 8th March Cruise and light lunch on the Whanganui River, elevator ride up to look out for stunning city views, visit the glass blowing studio & Virginia Lake then on to afternoon tea at Foxton RSA. Depart 7.30am Paraparaumu, then Waikanae, 8am Otaki 8.15am Levin then Foxton 11am River Cruise return Paraparaumu 5.15pm. River Tour & Lunch & afternoon teas $90 Karaoke Whanganui Sun 30th March A fun day for singles or couples. Depart 9am Paraparaumu arrive Whanganui 11.30am Karaoke - Food & Drinks Depart 5pm Cost $60, Foxton $40 INCLUDES coasch lunch and snacks. Carrington House Gardens Carterton Sat 5th April Depart Waikanae at 8am Pram Bch 8.15am Arrive Greytown (Shops & Morning Tea) Depart 11am to Carterton to Carrington House Gardens for light lunch depart 1.15pm for Carterton Paua Shop then arrive 3.30pm Upper Hutt for afternoon tea. Arrive Pram Bch 4.45pm Waik 5pm. Cost $70 includes Coach Garden Entry Light Lunch & Afternoon tea. PARAPARAUMU – AUCKLAND 6 DAY TOUR

LOYALTY PROGRAMME Join up today instore And start watching your way to a free cinema ice-cream and 2d movie ticket!

Coastlands, Paraparaumu Info Hotline 298 6175 Book your tickets online at

13-18 April 2014 Overnight stays at Rotorua, Auckland & Taihape. Hot Pools, Rainbow Springs, Skyline Rides, Many more tourist attractions. Depart Paraparaumu Sunday 13 April 7am. Cost $820 includes Coach, Accommodation, Ferry Ticket, Devonport, Waiheke & Island tour, Breakfast & Light Lunch. Taupo Cruise on the lake with light lunch.

For more information call Dave on : 0800 827 827 Email:

What’s On...

Action urged for charity relay event CLOE WILLETTS Members of the public are encouraged to put on their walking shoes and get in quick for Kapiti’s upcoming Relay For Life event, set for February 22. With 17 teams already registered for the relay, which will begin at Athletics Park at the Paraparaumu Domain, Cancer Society Kapiti’s fundraising and event co-ordinator Lee Pownall says more participants are required to surpass last year’s 36 teams. ‘‘For anyone without a team, we can pair you up with another team or create a new one depending on numbers,’’ he says. ‘‘Individuals or small groups are also invited to attend tonight’s team captains meeting at 6pm at the Kapiti Community Centre.’’ As part of the event, participants are encouraged to fundraise $100-$200 per team member, with proceeds going directly to the New Zealand Cancer Society. Mr Pownall says anybody is welcome to register for the event and can choose to walk, jog or run the relay. With food vendors and entertainment set for the allnight event, which is held overnight as a symbol of the fact cancer never sleeps, Relay For Life will begin with an opening ceremony and invite cancer survivors and caregivers to lead the first lap. ‘‘More FM has got on board and will go through the night in support of participants, while Pak’nSave will provide food for a big breakfast, which

the Whirlwind charity will prepare.’’ Included in the event will be an evening candlelight ceremony, held in remembrance of those affected by cancer. Personally-inscribed candle bags will then be placed around the track, followed by a morning closing ceremony. Relay For Life was first held in New Zealand in 2001 in Palmerston North and has proven to be a great success. The Cancer Society, which relies heavily on support from events including Relay For Life, is the largest nongovernment funder of cancer research in New Zealand and is dedicated to reducing cancer statistics. Working to ensure the best cancer outcome and care for cancer patients, the Cancer Society says without volunteers it would not be able to support, inform and empower those affected by cancer. Registered teams for this year’s event include Chelsea House, Clairebear’s All Stars, Luscious Lady Lions, Muppets, Nana’s Angels, Not Only But Also, Paraparaumu College, RBS Community Clan, Rotary Rocks, Style, The Odds and Sods, The Walkie Talkies, Waikanae Tuis, Wellywalks Left Boot, Wellywalks Right Boot and ANZ Kapiti. ‘‘There is a $200 entry fee per team of up to 10 people and $20 per extra person,’’ Mr Pownall says. ‘‘People can register online at, or reach us during the day on 04 298 8514.’’

Official opening a family occasion The official opening of the newly built bird hide in the marine wetlands in Queen Elizabeth Park takes place on Saturday at 11am. The short ceremony at the Mackays Crossing entrance will be followed by guided walks and children’s activities. The bird hide is the result of a joint project between Greater Wellington and the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park with considerable assistance from sponsors Boffa Miskell, Forest and Bird, Paekakariki and Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Boards, Whareroa Guardians and the NZ Ornithological Society to commemorate the 60th Jubilee

year of the creation of Queen Elizabeth Park. To keep the children interested there will be nature oriented craft activities. Bikes are welcome too, as there are easy flat tracks nearby that are suitable for all the family. This year there has been a great range of birds using the wetlands, including the ever present but very entertaining pukeko, pied stilts, herons, scaup, dab chicks, teal, paradise duck and the inevitable mallards. Interpretation boards are in the hide. Future plans include making the track from the Marines’ memorial site to the jubilee bird hide wheel chair accessible.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News


What’s On... Chance to inspect old cars Southward Car Museum will offer the public a rare chance to go behind the scenes and get up close to some of the world’s rarest vehicles at its annual open house on Sunday, March 2. After the success of the inaugural event in last year, it was decided to make the day an annual event where everyone can enjoy what the worldrenowned venue has to offer. ‘‘People will be able to go into the workshops where the cars and motorcycles are restored and maintained, events and promotion manager Hayden Beissel said. ‘‘Some of the vehicles usually on display in the museum will be kicked into life for all to enjoy.’’ ‘‘Across from the main workshop are our storage sheds which house the future projects and displays for the museum. ‘‘Visitors will get to wander around this area which is off limits at all other times. ‘‘Within the museum complex the main


Movie and a meal for only $35!! Applies to any movie after 5pm.


(G) 108 mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy

Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Wed 15 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Thurs 16 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Fri 17 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Sat 18 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Sun 19 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Mon 20 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Tues 21 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Wed 22 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm


(PG) 87 mins Animation/Action/Family (Contains scary scenes)


MEMORIES: Visitors inspect the museum collection. exhibition hall will be open with Len Fifield playing the mighty wurlitzer organ in the theatre as he accompanies silent movies on a screen. ‘‘There are a couple of new and exciting features, including live music in the museum grounds, with the line-up yet to be confirmed. ‘‘The public will also be able to see the finish of a

veteran car rally and get up close to the near 100-year-old cars, so follow our Facebook page or website for developments.’’ ■ The cost for the day is $10 and children under 15 are free. Drivers of classic cars, hot roads, motorcycles and vintage vehicles will get a discounted $5 entry.

See and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, in a story where an underdog dino triumphs to become a hero for the ages. Wed 15 Jan 10am & 12.10pm, Thurs 16 Jan 10am & 1pm, Fri 17 Jan 10am & 1pm, Sat 18 Jan 10am & 1pm, Sun 19 Jan 10am & 1pm, Mon 20 Jan 1pm, Tues 21 Jan 1pm, Wed 22 Jan 10am & 1pm


(M) 98 mins Drama (Contains offensive language & sexual references)

A world-weary political journalist picks up the story of a woman’s search for her son, who was taken away from her decades ago after she became pregnant and was forced to live in a convent. Wed 15 Jan 5.50pm, Thurs 16 Jan 12.10pm & 5.50pm, Fri 17 Jan 12.10pm & 5.50pm, Sat 18 Jan 12.10pm & 5.50pm, Sun 19 Jan 12.10pm, 5.50pm & 8.30pm, Mon 20 Jan 10am, 12.10pm, 5.50pm & 8.30pm, Tues 21 Jan 10am, 12.10pm, 5.50pm & 8.30pm, Wed 22 Jan 12.10pm & 5.50pm


(M) 119 mins Action/Adventure/Fantasy (Contains violence)

A band of samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a ruthless shogun. Wed 15 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Thurs 16 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Fri 17 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Sat 18 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Sun 19 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Mon 20 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Tues 21 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Wed 22 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm


(PG) 114 mins Adventure/Comedy/Drama (Contains violence, coarse language & sexual references)

A day-dreamer escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, he takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. Starring Ben Stiller & Kristen Wiig. Final Week - Wed 15 Jan 1pm & 8.30pm, Thurs 16 Jan 3.10pm, Fri 17 Jan 3.10pm, Sat 18 Jan 3.10pm, Sun 19 Jan 3.10pm, Mon 20 Jan 3.10pm, Tues 21 Jan 3.10pm, Wed 22 Jan 3.10pm


THE BOOK THIEF (PG) 131 mins Drama/War (Contains violence)

While subjected to the horrors of World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents. Wed 15 Jan 10.20am & 5.50pm, Thurs 16 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Fri 17 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Sat 18 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Sun 19 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Mon 20 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Tues 21 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Wed 22 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm


(M) 161 mins Adventure/Drama/Fantasy (Contains violence)

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in possession of a mysterious and magical ring. Wed 15 Jan 2.20pm & 8.10pm, Thurs 16 Jan 8.10pm, Fri 17 Jan 2.20pm & 8.10pm, Sat 18 Jan 2.20pm & 8.10pm, Sun 19 Jan 8.10pm, Mon 20 Jan 8.10pm, Tues 21 Jan 8.10pm, Wed 22 Jan 2.20pm & 8.10pm


(M) 119 mins Comedy (Contains offensive language, sexual references & drug use)

With the 70s behind him, San Diego's top rated newsman, Ron Burgundy, returns to take New York's first 24-hour news channel by storm. Final Session -Wed 15 Jan 3.20pm


*free morning tea with ticket purchase, & bring the grandchildren for a treat Mon 20 Jan

Registrations close 7th February

10.00am Philomena (M) 10.10am Frozen (G), 10.20am The Book Thief (PG) Tues 21 Jan 10.00am Philomena (M), 10.10am Frozen (G), The Book Thief (PG) 10.20am Bring Baby Too Sorry no screening until after the school holidays 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


(R18) 180 mins Biography/Comedy/Crime (Contains drug use, sex scenes & offensive language)

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. Final Week - Wed 15 Jan 8pm, Thurs 16 Jan 2.20pm &, Fri 17 Jan 8pm, Sat 18 Jan 8pm, Sun 19 Jan 2.20pm, Mon 20 Jan 2.20pm, Tues 21 Jan 2.20pm, Wed 22 Jan 8pm

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330

Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What’s On...

Horowhenua AP & I Show Showgrounds Events Park Levin Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th January 2014

GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT Just some of the many attractions: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kapiti locals joined thousands of people worldwide to celebrate Global Access Bars Day on January 6. Access Bars practitioners from Kapiti and Wellington offered free sessions of this holistic therapy at Z Health Studio in Paraparaumu Beach on Monday night. Organiser Patina Edwards said the feedback from the public had been very positive and many people who attended had not experienced the bars before. When she moved to Raumati South two years ago there were no practitioners in the area. She learned the technique when living in California. ‘‘Now several offer sessions to the public and many more using the technique with family and friends’’ Visit for more information.

Special Appearance of Pete & Andy from “The Block” on Saturday

For family concession tickets become a Member now only $40.00 To find out more visit the website: or telephone Mary on 063686539 e-mail


1 What could be fired 700 metres by a 3rd-century BC Greek catapult? (7) 4 What tree of the genus Fagus has ten species? (5) 7 What is a large pit or tower for storing grain? (4) 8 What country merged with Tanganyika to form a new country in 1964? (8) 10 What is a native of Naples called? (10) 12 A participant in what type of dancing might wear bells and carry sticks or handkerchiefs? (6) 13 Who was the second of Queen Victoria’s nine children? (6) 15 Which American female vocalist produced the millionselling hit “I loves you, Porgy” in 1959? (4,6) 18 In a nursery rhyme, who is urged to return to her burning house? (8) 19 What instrument of the 15th-18th century was eclipsed by the violin? (4) 20 The area around what river in northern France saw heavy fighting in WWI? (5) 21 Who (Mrs ) was the cook in TV’s Upstairs, Downstairs? (7)

Demonstrations feature of festival

Holistic therapy celebration

Sideshows Stock Judging Equestrian Events Craft Stalls Home Industries Trade Space Dog Trials - Woodchopping - Saturday Vintage Farm Machinery Display Shearing - TopGlass “Top Team Competition” - Sunday Animal Nursery Rob Bloor – Firenix on stage Sheep Racing Myrtus the Clown “Gardens Galore & More” display



1 Who led the

that must be reported to

Argonauts? (5)

health authorities? (10)

2 The work of which 18 th

11 In what sport might

century French writer,

one perform an

dramatist, philosopher

Eskimo roll? (8)

and scientist

12 Which game involves

epitomised the age of

playing ringer, taw,

enlightenment? (8) 3 Which vitamin of the B

hit and span? (7)

complex is also known 14 What is the capital of as nicotinic acid? (6)

Croatia? (6)

4 Who was the second

16 Which New York

man to walk on the



Harbour island

moon? (4,6)

served as an

5 To which island was

entry centre for

Napoleon I exiled? (4)

immigrants? (5)

6 Which is the US’s oldest university? (7)

17 What is a type of mild

9 What denotes diseases

Dutch cheese? (4)







The Pottery Club of Otaki is holding its annual Festival of Pots and Garden Art with an all-day family event from January 18 to 26 at Otaki’s Anam Cara. A major fundraiser for the club, the festival runs from 10am to 4pm and includes demonstrations by local potters and artists, pottery and garden art for sale and light refreshments. Free for children and college students, this year’s event is at the new Anam Cara venue, previously known as Coehaven. ‘‘The owners of Anam Cara, Shona and Robin Hartendorp, have generously allowed us to exhibit our crafts in the beautiful grounds of this 10 acre gem of established trees and shrubs,’’ says the club’s convenor Brent Craig. With a $5 entry fee for adults, all money raised will go toward equipment and management of the club, which has about 75 members. Established in 2009, the club provides tutors for adult pottery classes and takes children’s workshops, including the Clay in Schools project, in collaboration with New Zealand’s Creative Communities Scheme. Mr Craig says the club also actively encourages pottery within the community, holding an annual public Raku in December. ‘‘The festival is an opportunity for crafts people to exhibit and sell their work at one pleasant location. ‘‘If you would like to exhibit your craft, or have any questions, visit our website, or email www.festivalpots@gmail,’’ he says. ■ The Festival of Pots and Garden Art is at Anam Cara, 150 Rangiuri Rd, Otaki.

Kapiti Playhouse Inc


“Happy Birthday Dear Alice” By Bernard Farrell

Cast required: F-Alice 50+, F-Barbara 30+ (Alice’s Daughter), M-Jimmy 50+ (Alice’s Friend), M-Barry 30+ (Alice’s Son), M-Cormack 30+ (Barbara’s Husband), F–Sandy 20ish (Barry’s Girlfriend)

9 10 11 12

Scripts available from Paper Plus from

15th January 2014 For more information, contact:

13 14

Liz Alpine, 049056558.



17 19




SOLUTION 20: ACROSS 6 Iodine, 7 Zurich, 10 Goering, 11 Lupin, 12

Reds, 13 Ebony, 16 Ducat, 17 Purl, 20 Nitre, 21 Effendi, 22 Shinto, 23 Barnum. DOWN 1 Fingerprints, 2 Addenda, 3 India, 4 Jutland, 5 Pippi, 8 Hank Williams, 9 Eggbeater, 14 Burette, 15 Quinine, 18 Strip, 19 Offal.

Fun for all ages

Director – Simon Boyes

Production dates: 2nd April to 12th April


Always wanted to try surfing?

Sunday 26th January 2014, 2pm

at the theatre, Ruahine Street Paraparaumu 7

STANDING TALL: One of the sculptures from last year’s Festival of Pots and Garden Art. PHOTO: KAP100114SPLSTONE

Supported by

2 hour Lesson include Soft Boards & Wetsuits with International Qualified Surf Instructor & Life Guard.

Held at Otaki Beach

Great Christmas Gift idea Vouchers available

Call Peter 027SURFING 0277873464

OPEN EVERY DAY 9am - 4pm Thursday - Saturday nights 5.30pm - late 1164 State Highway 1, Manakau

Phone 06 362 6348

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Kapiti News

What’s On...

Summer fun at the races year of spectacular racing,’’ said Ms Coleman. ‘‘Our Sunday meeting is hosting a full day of top-notch racing, live music and free entertainment for the kids. ‘‘There’s something oncourse for everyone to enjoy. There will be games between races, goodie bags and lots of prizes to keep the kids entertained, allowing mum and dad time to try some great local food and maybe make a bet or two.’’ Local trotting trainers Murray Gibbs, of Levin, and Wendy Devenport, of Otaki, are looking forward to the big event. Both have tasted success recently. On January 2 at Tauherenikau, Branch Rickey won for Murray and Bully‘s Rocket for Wendy. ‘‘Wendy is experiencing a fantastic season with three different winners and will have four horses racing at the Kapiti Coast harness meeting.’’ Ms Coleman says Benji Maquire, Bully‘s Rocket, Karitane Whisper, and Nicole Vaidisova are all worth following.

ANN READING G Get ready to pack your picnic basket and head to the highlyanticipated annual Interislander Summer Festival at Otaki Racecourse. The national summer series has become a family favourite for Kiwis. Friday’s twilight meeting of the Kapiti Coast Harness Racing Club at Otaki Racecourse has free entry and a free race book. The first race is due to start about 3pm on the main outside track. On Sunday, January 19 at Otaki is an Interislander Summer Festival Holiday race meeting with gates opening at 10am for a 12.10pm start. Admission for the day is $5 for adults, with under 18s free at the gate. Harness club president and event manager Mary Colman says they’re predicting record numbers through the racecourse gates for a classic Kiwi day at the races. ‘‘The festival is a great way for families and friends to get together, soak up the summer


FUN: Racegoers at an Interislander Summer Festival raceday. sunshine and take in the exciting country racing action. ‘‘There is a great line-up of entertainment for the family, including live music. ‘‘The free children’s entertainment includes Kids Go Racing, pony rides, face painting, bouncy castles and Kids Kartz.’’ Miniature horses Pepe and

Little Man will star in a charity race. A $10 punters club, hosted by a local identity, will operate on Sunday. The identity will be hoping to continue a tradition for highly successful punters clubs where the selector has picked five of the last six Otaki Cup winners. ‘‘2014 is sure to be another







LY - C


AM –



Thu 26 Dec 2013 - Mon 20 Jan 2014 11am - 4:30pm Mackays Crossing Entrance Queen Elizabeth Park, Kapiti Festival of Pots & Garden Art

Sat 18 - Sun 26 Jan • 10am - 4pm Anam Cara 150 Rangiuru Road, Otaki

Discover Kapiti Heritage Day

Sat 19 Jan • 10am - 4pm

• Kapiti Coast Museum

9 Elizabeth Street,Waikanae

• Museum of Aviation

223 Kapiti Road, Paraparaumu

• Otaki Museum

49 Main Street, Otaki

• Paekakariki Station Museum

Beach Road, Paekakariki

• Steam Incorporated

SH1 Paekakariki

• Tramway Museum

Mackays Crossing, QE2 Park

Children’s Clay Workshops

Wed 22 - Fri 24 Jan • 9am - 12pm 83 Rutherford Drive Waikanae Beach Waikanae Lions Super Garden Trail

Sat 25 - Sun 26 Jan • 10am - 5pm Waikanae Songs and Trains

Twilight Community Bowls

Mon 27 Jan • 6:30pm - 8pm Kapiti Bowling Club Raumati

Introduction to Botanical Art Workshop

The Life & Music of Glenn Miller

Tue 18 Feb • 11am - 1pm Southward Theatre, Paraparaumu Relay For Life - Kapiti 2014

Sat 22 - Sun 23 Feb All Day Paraparaumu Domain, Paraparaumu Southward Car Museum Open House

Call Dave for Bookings 0800 827 827 FOR A GREAT FAMILY EXPERIENCE: - Pottery & Garden Art for Sale - Fabulous Garden Setting - Demonstrations - Refreshments


ent r y

Kapiti Coast Electric Tramway - Special Summer Holiday Openings

Sat 01 - Sun 02 Feb 9:30am - 3:30pm Trinity Farm, Otaki

Food, Music, Entertainment and More Pick Up & Costs 7am - Levin $55 7.15am - Otaki $50 7.30am - Waikanae $35 7.45am - Paraparaumu Beach $35 8am - Paraparaumu $35 8.45am Plimmerton $35 (Afternoon Tea Supplied) or 0275 175 021 email:

List your events free at

Sat 25 Jan • 5:30pm - 8pm Loco, 200 State Highway One North Otaki

6 2 8 110 4

Sat 1st February & Sat 1st March 2014


Anam Cara, 150 Rangiuri Rd, Otaki

Sun 02 Mar • All Day Southwards Car Museum, Paraparaumu

Kapiti Women’s Triathlon

Sun 02 Mar • 9am - 2pm Raumati Swimming Pool, Raumati Beach

For more information & even more events visit


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What’s On...

War experiences haunt marriage

THUR: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:30PM FRI: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:30PM SAT: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:30PM SUN: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:30PM MON: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:45PM TUES: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:30PM WED: 10:00AM, 2:45PM, 6:45PM

THUR: 12:30PM, 6:15PM FRI: 10:30AM, 6:00PM SAT: 12:30PM, 8:00PM SUN: 10:30AM, 6:00PM MON: 12:30PM, 6:15PM TUES: 10:30AM, 8:00PM WED: 10:30AM, 4:15PM

GLORIA (M) 1hr 50mins

THUR: 10:30AM, 4:15PM FRI: 12:30PM, 8:00PM SAT: 10:30AM, 6:00PM SUN: 12:30PM, 8:00PM MON: 10:30AM, 4:15PM TUES: 12:30PM, 6:00PM WED: 12:30PM, 6:15PM

ONE CHANCE (M) 1hr 44mins

THUR: 4:30PM FRI: 4:30PM SAT: 4:30PM SUN: 4:30PM MON: 4:45PM TUES: 4:30PM WED: 4:45PM

20 FEET FROM STARDOM (G) 1hr 30mins THUR: 8:15PM FRI: 2:30PM SAT: 4:15PM SUN: 2:30PM MON: 2:30PM TUES: 4:15PM WED: 8:15PM

Kapiti Heritage Exhibition Fine Art Paintings, Pottery, Textile Craft, Jewellery and Wood craft produced right here on the Kapiti Coast by our members.

Wed - Sun 10.00 am - 4.00 pm 192 Matai Road, Raumati Beach. Ph (04) 902 8549 or visit

Kapiti Arts & Crafts Soc.

THE SPIRIT OF 45 (M) 1hr 39mins THUR: 2:30PM FRI: 4:15PM SAT: 2:30PM SUN: 4:15PM MON: 8:15PM TUES: 2:30PM WED: 2:30PM



10 Mahara Place Waikanae Phone: 04 902 8070

a club

KAPITI MODEL SHOP 4a Ruapehu Street, Paraparaumu

January Sale!!

off all stock



until 16th February



THUR: 12:00PM, 8:30PM FRI: 12:00PM, 8:30PM SAT: 12:00PM, 8:30PM SUN: 12:00PM, 8:30PM MON: 12:00PM, 8:30PM TUES: 12:00PM, 8:30PM WED: 12:00PM, 8:30PM

Kapiti Gallery





On now at


PHILOMENA (M) 1hr 38mins

Rated: M Duration: 1 hr 56mins Cast: Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman


16th ' 22nd JAN







Suppported by

Eric Lomax was one of thousands of Allied prisoners of war forced to work on the construction of the Thai/Burma railway during World War 2. His experiences, after the secret radio he built to bring news and hope to his colleagues was discovered, left him traumatised and shut off from the world. Years later, he met Patti, a beautiful woman, on a train and fell in love. Patti was determined to rid Eric of his demons. Discovering that the young Japanese officer who haunted her husband was still alive, she faced a terrible decision. Should Eric be given a chance to confront his tormentor? Would she stand by him, whatever he did? The Railway Man opens at the ShoreLine Cinema in Waikanae on January 23.

04 297 3540




If your club or organization is looking to increase membership the Kapiti News can offer you the ideal opportunity to let the residents of Kapiti know what your club has to offer them.


Call 04 298 5641

email or for sizing and prices.

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Kapiti News


Popular Otaki River book reprinted CLOE WILLETTS Friends of the Otaki River has reprinted its popular 204-page book Otaki River: Ko Otaki te Awa, after a successful first run sell-out. The publicly-funded memoir, which highlights the rich history and significance of Kapiti’s 45km long river, is the first about a site that has seen extensive progress during the last 11 years. ‘‘The book contains many historic photos and 100-year-old stories about earlier life along the river,’’ said FOTOR project chairwoman Catherine Strong. ‘‘Members of FOTOR have a strong loyalty and respect for the river and like to share that.’’ A collaborative work, Otaki River: Ko Otaki te Awa was composed by various FOTOR members, including Otaki artist and book designer Adele Souster, and retired Otaki College principal Rex Kerr, who wrote the transcript. Otaki River: Ko Otaki te Awa, which retails for $30, is dedicated to FOTOR’s plant nursery convenor Dr Barrie Bayston, who died in 2011 after years of devotion to the environmental

SERENE: Catherine Strong, from Friends of Otaki River, overlooks Otaki’s picturesque picnic hot spot, Chrystall’s Bend. PHOTO: KAP060114SPLRIVER enhancement and restoration of the Otaki River corridor. Mrs Strong said a donation from Pub Charity for the printing meant all income from sales goes directly back to the Otaki River planting

programme. ‘‘In addition, shops selling the book are not taking any margin.’’ It is sold at Otaki New World, Otaki Caltex and River Stone Cafe´, which are all along SH1.

FOTOR has 200 members, including 20 who every Wednesday morning care for seedlings at the plant nursery, which was created in an effort to develop affordable natives. Along with receiving grants

from local businesses and Greater Wellington Regional and Kapiti Coast District councils, FOTOR has been working alongside local primary schools in a river tree planting initiative. ‘‘Te Horo Primary, Waitohu Primary and Otaki Primary have participated in the scheme, adopting a stand of a 1000 trees to nurture and plant.’’ Thanks to FOTOR, which started just over 11 years ago at a time when there were no public walkways along the river, there are now more than 45,000 native trees along the river’s edges. Otaki River has multiple public access points and a recently-installed pedestrian bridge. ‘‘I remember viewing the hidden lagoon at Chrystall’s Bend beside Otaki River about seven years ago before any work was done,’’ Mrs Strong said. ‘‘It was nothing but a messy sludge pond. ‘‘Now it is the most picturesque picnic spot around.’’ For online purchases of Otaki River: Ko Otaki te Awa visit


Can Funerals be Eco friendly? by Andrew Malcolm

Funeral rituals and practices were Eco friendly since time began, but modern society has changed some of these practices. More and more people are now becoming at least a little bit eco focused and so too are many of the funeral options being made available.

The second example ties in with this, that of natural caskets. There are many pine and other natural product caskets now supplied to your funeral director, and most of these can be purchased at a similar price to non natural caskets such as MDF board.

The first of 3 quick examples are Natural Burials. We have a Natural Burial section now on the Kapiti coast at the Otaki Cemetery. This is a special area where graves are dug shallow and filled with organic soil to return the deceased to the elements. A tree is planted on the grave and no lasting memorial is allowed. Eventually the area will return to native bush. The casket must be a natural product (not man-made) such as pine.

The third Eco friendly area is that of preparing the deceased. Embalming, often seen as using a large amount of chemical, is now a modern process and uses very low percentages of chemical, in fact totally organic embalming is available and so too are other similar processes such as a process called Ecoprep. With these and many more Eco friendly funeral options available please contact a Funeral Home listed who can help

Incorporating Kaitawa Crematorium



Graeme & Loris Rolston and Lloyd Dacombe

• Specialist Eco-caskets including Organic Pine & Bamboo • Natural Burials at the Natural Burial site at Otaki Cemetery • Eco friendly non chemical deceased preparation • Modern hearses with low carbon footprint. For further Eco Funeral advice contact us for a brochure on Environmentally Friendly Farewells or visit and

For your convenience i we now have a Shuttle Bus available for funeral services. Please contact us about this new service.

284 Oxford Street, Levin 14 Rangitira Street, Otaki Phone: 06 368 2954

Telephone 293 6844


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Church Guide

Speaker: Richard Nicoll Jesus said: “I am the gate, whoever enters through Me, shall be saved”. John 10-9 Enquiries: 04 299 6254


BAPTIST CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL 9.45am SUNDAY WORSHIP 11am MEN’S BIBLE STUDY 7.30pm Monday WOMENS BIBLE STUDY 10am Thursday Phone for information

54b Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach Pastor Tom Reesor Phone (04) 902-4826 A Christ exalting family fellowship

Waikanae Churches

the corner paraparaumu baptist

Sunday 10.00am

“where our family can become your family”

Come early for coffee! Programme for children Pastoral leaders Kevin & Ann Schulz

Sunday Service 10am Senior Citizens Hall, Ocean Road, Paraparaumu Beach

Corner Ruapehu & Kaimanawa Streets ph 298 7766

Sunday Service




Methodist - Presbyterian Christian Churches of NZ Raumati Church Cnr Weka & Raumati Rd Services throughout January

Minister Rev. Cornelia Grant



Revd Tim Bustin


St Luke’s, Elizabeth St SUNDAY: 8am - Holy Communion

Tel: 904 3018 | 04 9050660 |

Waikanae Church Ngapaki St

Summer Services Sundays 10.00 am only


Services throughout January St James Paekakariki Ocean Road

Services Commence February 2nd 10.30am Minister: Rev. Cornelia Grant Parish Office 902 5809


All Welcome 57 Himemoa St, Paraparaumu

5 Hurley Rd 04 902 4998

Anglican Parish of Kapiti

10am – Connect Family Service

Sunday Service 10am

FRIDAY: 10am to noon Healing Rooms


Jesus Christ Phone 04 293 6900 or 04 297 2723

Fridays 9.30am

CAFÉ CHURCH (Waikanae) We meet in local cafes and homes. For information

Churches NZ

BAPTIST Pastor Nigel Scott


Tel: 293-6810


286 Te Moana Road


Combined Service 10.00am

OTAKI (Mill Rd) 11.00am Cafe Church 2nd Sunday Church Office - Waikanae

Office open: Tues to Fri 9am to 12noon Website

Mon-Fri 9.00am - 12noon Phone 04 293-6987

After hours


Enquiries: 905 3391 St. Paul’s Church, Kapiti Rd, Paraparaumu Sunday 8.00 am, 9.30 am & 11.00 am St. Mark’s Church, Rosetta Road, Raumati Beach Sunday 9.30 am St. Peter’s Church, Beach Road, Paekakariki Sunday 10.00 am

For further information see our website or phone the parish office: 04 904 7300. Vicar: Revd Henry Resink


this sunday


1 realm drive, paraparaumu


memorial hall, otaki Children’s Programme Available


Phone 04 902 4388

Helping People become lifelong followers of

9.00am Service:

Minister Rev. Roger Wiig

Youth & Children’s Progamme available

ALPHA COURSE Starting in March

Ngapaki Street

please check our website St Michael’s, Rangihiroa St SUNDAY: or phone 902 3895 9.30am – Sung Eucharist Email: St Andrew’s, Reikorangi SUNDAY: Member of Acts 9.15am – Holy Communion

With Communion Life is worth exploring

Tel: 902-5809


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Kapiti News


Henderson Plumbing and Bathrooms From Start to Stylish

When a home bathroom makeover is calling and you want expert consultancy and care to get the job done, Steve Henderson from Otaki’s Henderson Plumbing and Bathrooms is the man to call.

standard renovation, repair and maintenance service,” he says.

From leaky pipes and dripping taps through to faulty hot water cylinders, Steve and his team of qualified plumbing professionals have the skills and dedication to solve your plumbing problems, big or small.

Based in Otaki and operating throughout Kapiti and Horowhenua, the family-owned and operated business offers efficient service and friendly advice, as well as a full project management service.

With a combined 40 years’ plus experience in the industry as quality plumbing craftsman, Steve and his team have the knowledge to meet a range of plumbing, drainlaying, installation and renovation needs.

When it comes to a new bathroom for your home, Steve says he can take the worry away from you, bringing your bathroom concepts to life in a fuss-free and fully-covered process.

“Using only high quality plumbing fittings, we will ensure a high

Plumbing Services




(06) 364 5252 Garage Doors

“We back all our plumbing work 100%, so if you have any problems we’ll put them right.”

“We offer full project management for installation and maintenance work, from dealing with your

local council for necessary building consents to arranging the appropriate sub-contractors.” “Begin with a free consultation to discuss your design concepts and bathroom ideas, and after a quick measure we can provide a free estimate followed by a fixed quote.” With a wide range of quality bathroom fittings to choose from, Henderson Plumbing and Bathrooms can create the modern bathroom setting you dream of for your home. For more information or a free quote phone Henderson Plumbing and Bathrooms on 06 364 5252, or fill in a quote application form at

Computer Services

Electrician servicing the coast

Deck Restoration

Otaki - Waikanae - Paraparaumu - Paekakariki

Electrical Installation & Maintenance Commercial - Domestic - Industrial for home wiring & inspections - ovens - HWC security & landscape lighting, caravan & motor home EWOF, building maintenance, light engineering

0275 114 746 • 04 905 7380

Deck cleaning, staining & oiling - fence staining & painting - garden furniture restoration Call 0800 568 558 or 021 568 558

Discount for Senior Citizens Email:


Panel Beating OTAKI

New doors: standard and architectural Local manufacturer... ”Keepin‛ it Kiwi” Doors for the Coast. 10 year warranty Doors need annual maintenance. Get onto our scheduled service plan. Stop those springs ricochetting around the garage. Keep them in place with The KISSR system. We are MERLIN PLUS agents


PANELBEATING & SPRAY PAINTING For all your Insurance work • Spray Booth • Chassis Machine Furniture + Marine + Automotive

“NO, MISSUS. I DON’T THINK A WEE SQUIRT OF C.R.C WILL HELP” Kapiti Garage Doors 2979201 or 027 297 9201


Ph: 04 293-4728 or 021 156 8910 E:

Locally owned and operated

Architectural Design

Kapiti Architectural Design Limited

Rochelle Dennis Architectural Designer

Feel free to contact us



FREE QUOTES 04 902 7232

‘Highly Commended’ 2012 ADNZ Resene Design Awards - House over 250sqm Phone: (04) 905 7380 Mobile: 0275 114 744

• Plastic welding • Motor bike repairs • Rust Repair Ask for Mike • Crash Repair or Simon Ph: 06 364 7495 3 Arthur Street, Otaki

Coastal Painters Experienced painter for all your Interior and Exterior Painting Free quotes for all jobs large and small

Warwick Madden Experienced Painter

021 2591166

Lawns & Gardens Clock Repairs Restoration of • Hedge trimming Old Timepieces • General gardening • Weeding and spraying • Section clearing/maintenance • Tree pruning & removals • Security checked & fully insured • Free/online quotes, local operator • Franchise opportunities available

0800 803 200

Trevor Dellow Qualified Horologist

P: 06 368 6483 M: 027 288 0111 Pick up and delivery service


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Re-engaged with simple pleasures Newly-elected councillor Gavin Welsh shares his experience about a holiday to a remote part of New Zealand


fter a mammoth 14-month campaign and very steep learning curve in my new position on council, when the opportunity to get back to basics on D’Urville Island came round, my family and I didn’t need to be asked twice. D’Urville Island sits neatly between the Marlborough Sounds and Nelson, with the notorious waters of French Pass separating it from the northern point of the South Island. This was our second trip to the bach at The Cove, thanks to the kind generosity of our dear friend Noella Squire. Noella inherited the bach jointly with her niece Joanne on the passing of her step-father Jim Finlay, who lived there selfsufficiently to a ripe old age on a diet of four eggs a day, a slab of bacon and a regular measure of home brew (strictly medicinal of course). Having ridden shotgun with our friends the Mackay family on previous occasions, Iain, Rachel, Tessa and wee Angus joined us for the experience. The Te Rangi homestead nestles neatly behind a few manuka trees against a spectacular backdrop of pristine native bush. A few steps to the jetty reveals a stunning panorama that displays a multitude of characters depending on the time of day and the accompanying light. With no realistic chance of getting to a shop once we were there, what we didn’t take, we didn’t have. With an estimated 288 meals to put together during the trip, you can imagine there was a fair bit to unpack, not forgetting a wee dram or two in Jim’s honour (strictly medicinal of course). In no time at all, the kids had their rods unpacked and lines in the water catching spotties off the jetty. A picture perfect example of the upbringing we had hoped to provide by moving to New Zealand and a fulfilling moment indeed. Having taken some normally scarcely-used kayaks with us, we extended our fishing adventures beyond the jetty. As an honorary fisheries officer, I was keen to see what effect the blue cod

WOW: The spectacular view from The Cove, D’Urville Island.


LET’S GO: Gavin Welsh and Iain Mackay enjoy one of many kayak adventures. PHOTO: KAP100114SPLKAYAK

BLISS: Tessa Mackay and Phoebe Welsh enjoying a wood-fired outside bath after a hard day’s play. PHOTO: KAP100114SPLBATH restrictions had had on the area. You would struggle to find a better example of a successful fisheries management strategy — there were blue cod for Africa! Drop a line . . . catch a cod.

The water supply was drawn straight from the stream behind the bach and delivered through the very best of plumbing systems — a collection tank, an old tin bath and a healthy dose of Kiwi ingenuity. When the rains came and the water turned brown, I had to have a quiet chuckle to myself regarding the recent lengthy discussions around Kapiti’s own water supply . . . we drank it nevertheless. Tempting as it is to delve into the details of the many fantastic adventures that we enjoyed while we were there, alas, my article would end up being a novel. In conclusion, our trip to D’Urville Island has been a welcome reminder of the important things in life — family, fun, good food, good company and reengaging with the pleasures of a simple existence.

READY, STEADY, GO: Angus Welsh rising to the challenge. PHOTO: KAP100114SPLJUMP

Student aid to stricken village delights locals CLOE WILLETTS Twenty-four Year 7 and 8 Raumati Beach School students returned recently from a week-long community service expedition trip to cyclone-ravaged Savia in Samoa. In a journey enriched with education, friendships and generosity, Raumati Beach School left behind thousands of dollars’ worth of school equipment, stationary, books and medical supplies. Prior to flying to the small Samoan village on November 2, the students had engaged in a significant fundraising effort that saw a large container worth around $5000 shipped to the community. Packed with school equipment, including 60-70 plastic stacker chairs and two table tennis tables, piles of donated books and $20,000 worth of stationery, the donation came as a life-altering gift for a community with minimal resources. Along with the hard work of

HEAVY: The large shipping container full of donations arriving in Savia. PHOTO: kap161213splcontainer

students and parents, the donation was made possible thanks to a range of local businesses including Whitcoulls, Paper Plus, Share Mortgage Brokers, Horowhenua Cricket, Kapiti’s Netball Association, Stirling Sports, Paula’s Furniture and Beds, and Sovereign Insurance.

Radius Pharmacy Coastlands’ donation of a much-needed $500 comprehensive medical supply kit containing items to manage a range of basic illnesses was also accepted with open arms. Parent helper and registered nurse Maureen Vogt, who went on

the trip with daughter Libby Ross, said the village’s sole nurse Maria was overwhelmed by the donation. ‘‘Maria is Samoan and lives in Savia with her Australian husband Ross, looking after her family land and the community where she was born,’’ Mrs Vogt said. ‘‘She loves working over there, even though she often purchases supplies at her own expense.’’ Mrs Vogt said Savia teachers were in tears when they set eyes on the masses of school equipment and stationery brought in, while the children were delighted to each receive their own bag containing jandals and stationery. ‘‘It was beautiful because the children just sat down and hugged their bags close to their chest. ‘‘They waited until they got home to open them, whereas children here would’ve been straight into them.’’ Libby, 12, said the visit saw Raumati Beach School students engaged in playful school-versusschool sports games, shared meals, a

kapa haka battle, church services and a movie night which for many Savia children was their first film experience. She said despite not having a lot, the Savia community was extremely generous, making an assortment of island-inspired gifts and arranging a large welcome feast that included pizza and cream donuts. Mrs Vogt said Raumati Beach School students were also presented with fresh coconuts despite a shortage in the village following the devastating cyclone. ‘‘They got coconuts brought in from Apia at quite a big expense so all our kids could have coconuts and coconut milk. ‘‘It does knock you between the eyes seeing how easy our lives are and the opportunities our children have here.’’ Libby said months’ worth of ‘‘really hard work’’ leading up to the trip was all worth it. ‘‘I want to go back to Savia and help again one day.’’

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

>> localclassifieds > > say it. sell it. buy it. Rotary Hall, Aotaki Street, Otaki

Sunday 19th January

10.30am Enquiries 027 447 7864 Public Notices SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 PUBLIC NOTICE


Section 18(3) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 Sonthi Trading Ltd, 6A Rimu Street, Waikanae has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Kapiti Coast District Council for the renewal of an On Licence (BYO endorsed), in respect of premises situated at 40 Main Road, Waikanae and known as Khmer Krom Restaurant The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is a Restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is able to be consumed under the licence are: Monday – Sunday, 11am to Midnight The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Agency, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. Please ring (04) 296 4700 to make an appointment. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Agency, C/o Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254. This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication of this notice was made on 8thJanuary 2014.

Section 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 Sunayana Ltd, 7 Ngaio Road, Waikanae has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Kapiti Coast District Council for the grant of an On Licence, in respect of premises situated at 7 Ngaio Road, Waikanae and known as Samrat Indian Restaurant. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is a Restaurant. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are: Monday - Sunday 8am to 12 midnight The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Agency, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. Please ring (04) 296 4700 to make an appointment. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Agency, C/o Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254. This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication of this notice was made on 8th January 2014

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Hypnotherapy & NLP Nancy Johnson, Ph.D. 04-905-4336 mob. 021-255-6743 Certified Hypnotherapist USA Master Practitioner NLP therapist/3362

SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 PUBLIC NOTICE Section 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 Regent Hospitality Limited, 8a Kapiti Lights Complex, Paraparaumu has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Kapiti Coast District Council for the grant of an On Licence, in respect of premises situated at 8a Kapiti Lights Complex, Paraparaumu, and known as Monteith’s Brewery Bar, Kapiti Junction. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is a Tavern. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are: 7am - 1am Monday to Sunday The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Agency, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. Please ring (04) 296 4700 to make an appointment. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Agency, C/o Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254. This is the first publication of this notice.

SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 FIREWOOD 8 cub (over 2 PUBLIC NOTICE Section 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989 The partnership of Vivien Denise Baker and Trevor Baker (the Licensee), 43 Tennis Crt Rd, Raumati Sth has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Kapiti Coast District Council for the grant of an On Licence, in respect of premises situated at 121 Rosetta Road, Raumati and known as Café Rosetta Partnership. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is a Cafe. The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are: Monday – Sunday 8.00am to 10.00pm The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Agency, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. Please ring (04) 296 4700 to make an appointment. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Agency, C/o Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254. This is the second publication of this notice. The first publication of this notice was made on 8th January 2014

Employment Vacancies


Stallholders – food, arts and crafts for the official Kapiti District Waitangi Day commemoration to be held at

The days on which and the hours during which liquor is intended to be sold under the licence are:

Raukawa Marae Otaki

Thursday 6 February 2014 Contact Margaret Sweetman 04 296 4844

Sunday to Thursday 12pm to 10pm Friday to Saturday 12pm to 12am (and for any day preceding a public holiday) The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Kapiti Coast District Licensing Agency, 175 Rimu Road, Paraparaumu. Please ring (04) 296 4700 to make an appointment. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Agency, C/o Kapiti Coast District Council, Private Bag 60 601, Paraparaumu 5254. This is the first publication of this notice.

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HYDROPONIC 3 tier system TE Horo, 10 flat ac, 6 + trough, new pump. Ph 293 paddocks, drained but 3179/021 727 300. with everlasting water,

FOR SALE Celebrity Deluxe Mobility Scooter In good condition $1,250.00 o.n.o. Phone Ngaire on 027 508 6651



GUTHRIE BOWRON Paraparaumu has a position for a full-time sales assistant. To be: • physically fit • have own transport • with retail experience • past experience in a paint shop will be a strong recommendation

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Employment Vacancies


The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is a function centre and sports pavilion.

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Section 9(4) Sale of Liquor Act 1989


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SALE OF LIQUOR ACT 1989 The Kapiti Pavilion Limited, P O Box 523, Paraparaumu has made application to the District Licensing Agency at Kapiti Coast District Council for the grant of an On Licence, in respect of premises situated at 10 Scaife Drive, Paraparaumu and known as The Coastlands Kapiti Pavilion.

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Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

STRIKE FORCE: Stein Huysegems and Thomas Henshaw, 11, from Tawa.

Focus on Phoenix


■ More pictures opposite

New Season Indoor Sports @ Action Indoor Sports Kapiti

Autumn season starts last week of

JANUARY MORE SPORTS & MORE FUN! Netball – our most popular sport! Women’s League on Tuesday nights Mixed Social League on Wednesday y nights Mixed Leagues on Wednesday and Thursday nights T20 Cricket – Kapiti’s own Big Bash sh league! Now played on Monday nights Football – full on fun! Played on Thursday nights


Dodgeball Adult league played on Monday and Tuesday nights Hockey Adult league played on Monday nights - starts in February

Register your team online at or Email us Action Kapiti is a Smoke and Alcohol Free Stadium

Wellington-based Phoenix football team trained at Weka Park, Raumati Beach, on Friday. The training session drew a number of onlookers. The team had a rigorous training session under the watchful eye of coach Ernie Merrick before mingling with the fans. Phoenix drew 1-1 with the Mariners on Sunday.

Team spreads word about local sports Kapiti Sport is a community project to help promote and celebrate sports. ‘‘The project includes a digital marketing platform comprising website, Facebook page, Pinterest page, monthly newsletter, and we partner with the Kapiti News to place valuable sporting content in Kapiti’s best local community publication every week,’’ organiser Tony Cutting said. ‘‘Although we focus on sports we also like to help out other community groups when we can. ‘‘Where possible we help our sporting partners by providing help with communications and fundraising. ‘‘We are a small team of writers, photographers and digital media people

who are passionate about local sport. ‘‘Our services are available free to all Kapiti sporting organisations that wish to take advantage of the support and leverage our project can provide. ‘‘The costs of running Kapiti Sport are funded directly by local sponsors and advertisers wishing to connect with our local sporting community and any profits of this venture will be used to support this project and the sporting organisations we are working with. ‘‘We are now looking for sponsors to help us in 2014. ‘‘The standard sponsorship/advertising package is $500 plus GST which will provide the sponsor with being marketed as the Kapiti

Sport sponsor of the week for a chosen week within Kapiti News (22,000-plus papers delivered to Kapiti homes and businesses each week), sponsor of the week on the same week within the highly popular website homepage, logo also included in our sponsors section on our website and within our Facebook and Pinterest social media sites for the year. ‘‘We are also able to run a promotion for your organisation each month via our very popular Facebook page. ‘‘And it’s also highly effective marketing for the good of all sports on the coast.’’ For more information contact Tony Cutting on 021 911 722 or email

Family Trophy — awarded to John Espinosa. Most dedicated senior judoka — Bruce Dix Memorial Trophy — awarded to Rapaera Waitai. Yusei Gachi Trophy — Max Stephens Cup — awarded to Raeanne Cowell. Most improved girl judoka — JMA Trophy — awarded to Samantha Barker.

Kapiti Judo Club — 40th Anniversary Trophy — awarded to Brent Jarnell. Players of the year 2013 — Kapiti Judo Trophy — awarded to Matthew Whitton. Judoka of the year — Kapiti Judo Trophy — awarded to Matthew Whitton. Special mention to Karen Close for cleaning the clubrooms each week.

JUDO RESULTS Results from the recent 2013 prizegiving at the Kapiti Judo Club: Best junior boy U45kg — D Aspell Cup — awarded to Russell Jones. Best junior boy over 45kg — Mid Beckett Cup — awarded to Sebastian Tippett. Best junior girl U14 years — Karen Parker Cup — awarded to Zoe Yeo. Intermediate and junior men — Smith

Thank you to our sponsors

Share your sports results with Kapiti by going onto

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kapiti News

MEETING THE FANS: Carlos Hernandez with Lennox Small, 8, from Upper Hutt. PHOTO: KAP130114DHLENNOX

SIGNATURE: Manny Muscat signs a ball.

SIGN HERE: Phoenix coach Ernie Merrick signs autographs.

TEMPO: Phoenix training was hard and focused.





MEETING THE FANS: A lot of youngsters enjoyed getting Phoenix player signatures. PHOTO / KAP130114SPLSIGNING

SALES OFFICE - QUIN ROOFING 20 - 30 Coventry Street PO Box 1087, LEVIN Ph: (06) 367 9480 or 0800 QUINS LEVIN (0800 784 675) FAX: (0800) 104 000

BANG: Leo Bertos has a shot at goal.



Manufacturers and suppliers of colour, galvanised and zinc coated Long Run RooямБng


$500 - $5000* For Van, Vte, 4WD, Truck UP TO $999


For Complete car



0800 800 721 SAME DAY SERVICE ALL WELLINGTON AND KAPITI REGIONS *Conditions apply, selected items only

SALES OFFICE 20-30 Coventry Street PO Box 1087, LEVIN 0800 QUINS LEVIN (0800 784 675)


Kapiti News

Wednesday, January 15, 2014



OTAIHANGA 19 Tieko Street BEO $500,000

PEACE, TRANQUILITY & A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY. The perfect place for a quiet life or listen to the children have fun in the large garden. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, modern kitchen, open plan dining, separate lounge & downstairs rumpus room or 4th bedroom. View: Sunday 3.00-3.30pm ID #PAR20720 Contact: Jenny Snowden 027 457 2321


PARAPARAUMU BEACH 1/4 Seaview Rd Price By Negotiation

SUNSETS & PINA COLADAS ON THE BALCONY Fantastic beachside luxury apartment. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, open plan living, outdoor swimming pool & your own balconies to enjoy the view. View: Sunday 1.00-1.30pm ID #PAR20711 Contact: Paulane McLean 027 443 9641

OTAKI 141A Waerenga Road Price By Negotiation

EASY LIVING - CONVENIENT LOCATION RV $180,000. Looking for your own sunny Otaki home on a easy care freehold flat section with garaging & an upgraded interior? This could be perfect & just a short stroll to cafes, shops & the supermarket. View: By Appointment ID #PAR20715 Contact: Graeme Atmore 027 240 8647

PANORAMIC PEKA PEKA BEACH 3 Beachfront Lifestyle Sections For Sale. Lot 1. 5272m2 (1.3 acres) Lot 2. 5214m2 (1.3 acres) Lot 3. 4460m2 (1.1 acres) Each building platform enjoys uninterrupted sea views. Power, water, telephone to each building platform. IDPAR20489 - 91 Contact: David Hogg 021 732 966

OTAKI 37A Rangiuru Road $439,000

PARAPARAUMU BEACH 19 Arthur Street Price By Negotiation

TE HORO 69 Paul Faith Lane $295,000

WAIKANAE 75 Kakariki Grove Priced By Negotiation

PRIVATE OASIS An unbelievable opportunity to obtain a truly unique property. 3 double bedrooms + study, open plan living + 2nd living. Garage with separate bathroom, set on over an acre of land & j ID #PAR20712 Graeme Atmore 027 240 8647 Loren Gilchrist 021 548 099

ULTIMATE TEENAGE RETREAT Be part of the "Golden Triangle". 4 bedrooms, 3 living, 3 bathrooms, double garage with internal access. Located in a sought after location, close to schools & Paraparaumu Beach shops ID #PAR20714 Rachael Steinmetz 027 488 7455 Loren Gilchrist 021 548 099


PARAPARAUMU BEACH 86 Manly Street Price By Negotiation

A SLICE OF MANLY PARADISE This single level renovated 242sqm home offers superior indoor/outdoor flow, 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms & 3 living spaces. This property is a wonderful entertainers home nestled privately on 1149sqms View:Sunday 3.00 - 3.30pm ID #PAR20691 Contact: Rachael Steinmetz 027 488 7455


PEKA PEKA 90 Paetawa Road $500,000 per lot (Inc GST)


PARAPARAUMU 29 Aorangi Road $409,000

AN ORCHARD IN AORANGI ROAD Put your mark on a great brick family home. Separate living & dining, modern kitchen, 3 double bedrooms.Downstairs has living & bedroom area's, study, shower, toilet & laundry with separate entrance. View: Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm ID #PAR20638 Contact: Paulane McLean 027 443 9641

TE HORO COUNTRY ESTATE 4.2 Ha (approx. 10 acres) of flat and fertile grazing land. Seven paddocks, electric fencing and water troughs. Ideal for horses, ponies & cattle. Established building platform next to Te Horo Equestrian Centre. View: By appointment only ID #PAR20701 Contact: David Hogg 021 732 966


PARAPARAUMU 31 Moana Road Priced By Negotiation Over $249,000

BE SMART, BE QUICK! This will be a super start to your rental portfolio, first home or simply to retire to. 2 to 3 double bedrooms, updated kitchen & plenty of sun in the fully fenced established garden. Garaging plus covered carport. View: Sunday 12 - 12.30pm ID #PAR20704 Contact: Jenny Snowden 027 457 2321

SPACE, LOCATION & STUNNING VIEWS.... Check your wish list. This modern warm 220m2 4 bed-roomed home with great indoor outdoor flow features double living areas, internal access double garage & amazing views to the sea. R.V $435,000. All reasonable offers will be considered by our highly motivated vendors. ID #PAR20703 Graeme Atmore 027 240 8647 Rachael Steinmetz 027 488 7455


RAUMATI BEACH 338 Rosetta Rd $335,000 (+ gst if any)

FABULOUS LOCATION Lovely 1 bedroom apartment overlooking Marine Gardens and a short stroll to the ever popular Raumati Beach. Currently being used for professional purposes. Rear garage with internal access. View: Sunday 1.00 - 1.30pm ID #PAR20724 Contact: Jenny Snowden 027 457 2321


PARAPARAUMU BEACH 4 Beechwood Close BEO $550,000

A PERFECT "WORK FROM HOME" ADDRESS" Something special for your family! 310m2 home, formal living, dining & modern chefs kitchen. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large office & family room. 810m2 section. ID #PAR20707 Contact: Rachael Steinmetz 027 488 7455

PARAPARAUMU BEACH 227 Manly Street Price By Negotiation

VOGUE BEACHFRONT LIVING! This is sensational! 5 bedrooms. Open plan design living, dining, 3 bathrooms, rumpus/pool room, courtyard, in ground pool & 3 car garage/workshop View: By Appointment ID #PAR20719 Contact: Rachael Steinmetz 027 488 7455

PARAPARAUMU 13 Greenwood Place $249,000

AFFORDABLE OPPORTUNITY IN GREENWOOD This lovely 2 bedroom plus rumpus cottage has open plan living leding onto sunny patio area. The section is fully fenced with established fruit trees. Close to schools, shops and transport. View: Sunday 2.00 - 2.30pm ID #PAR20723 Graeme Atmore 027 240 8647 Loren Gilchrist 021 548 099

PEKA PEKA 149 Paetawa Road $425,000 (Inc GST)

ELEVATED LIFESTYLE PROPERTY FOR SALE Land Area: 10009 m2 (2.5 Acres) Choice of Building site with magnificent Kapiti Island, sea and coastal views. Partially planted and established garden. R.V. 08/11 $385,000 View: By Appointment ID #PAR20713 Contact: David Hogg 021 732 966

Kapiti News 15-01-14  

Kapiti News 15-01-14