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The Clown Doctors dropped in to the Children Wards at Wellington Hospital to share a bit of their smiles, joy and laughter. From left, Ruby Bosch-Thaisen, 16, of Ohariu Valley, Stephen Hollins ( Dr Pep-

By Rachel Binning and Dani McDonald. Tawa Montessori Preschool has donated nearly $400 to a Porirua School, as part of its Matariki celebrations. According to Te Ara Encyclopaedia, Matariki is the Maori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades, which appear at the beginning of winter. It is also considered the beginning of a new year, and it a time to remember those passed, as well as celebrating crops harvested and food collected. Continued on page 2.

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Wednesday April 24, 2013

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eroni) of Auckland, Tiffany Anderson (Dr Blossom of Wellington), Luka Lokmer, 16, Julian Donovan, 16, both of Crofton Downs, and Chris Carrow (aka Dr Bob of Christchurch).

Pictured: Ria Kulathinal, 3, of Johnsonville enjoys her gingerbread man during the light rain at the Matariki celebrations.

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By Robert Johnson Temperatures close to 40 degrees celsius could not keep Wellington mountain bike rider Kim Hurst from winning silver at the 24 hour Solo Mountain Bike World Championships in Canberra recently. In just her second 24 hour solo ride, which she describes as “the most gutsy ride I’ve ever done”, Hurst, who is sponsored by Karori business Mud Cycles, clocked up 384 kilometres with over eight kilometres of vertical climbing. Originally from Great Britain, Hurst says her time spent in the Royal Airforce and as a junior doctor helped her cope with the tough conditions during the race. “I don’t seem to struggle at night like some competitors. It’s probably because of the military training and long nights training to be a doctor,” she laughs. Continue on page 2.

a huge tree branch came crashing down on Thursday night, completely blocking his driveway and destroying a number of uncommon shrubs in the process. It narrowly missed his car which was sitting just four metres away. Continued on page 2

Pictured: Wellington mountain bike rider Kim Hurst pushes through the pain at the 24 hour Solo Mountain Bike World Champs in Canberra.

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Clown Doctors New Zealand got together in Wellington on Friday to celebrate the start of ‘New Zealand Smile Days’, from May 31 to June 2. Over 20 years experience in family law New Zealand’s only Clown PRINCIPAL: Doctors organisation started Joanne Cheer LLB its Wellington getBA together with an enthusiastic song and dance Workspace Khandallah Levelmob 1, 2 Ganges Khandallah flash eventRoad, at Wellington POwhich Box 22268, Wellington airport, was shared with amused onlookers. Tel: 04 479 9210 Fax: 04 479 9398


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southeast eases for a time


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Wednesday 25 September, 2013

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By Robert Johnson Winds gusting up to 200km/h caused havoc in K handallah on Thursday night as 100-year-old trees were uprooted, fences were flattened, and trampolines were turned into frisbees. Khandallah resident Tony Stoddard was shocked when

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Delivered to Western and Northern suburbs. Karori, Thorndon, Wadestown, Kelburn, Wilton, Northland, Ngaio, Khandallah, Broadmeadows, Crofton Downs, Johnsonville, Newlands, Churton Park, Grenada, Tawa.


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The Clown Doctors followed their flash mob routine with an en masse visit REMOVAL to Wellington CARS hospital to GET giveCASH patients NOW!and staff throughout the hospital anyClown Car $200 to $500 a 'taste'For of the Doctors. For any Van, Ute, Truck, 4WD

Many a smile was bought Up to $5000* to the patients and staff the DEAD ALIVEwith. clowns giggled andOR joked

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Celebrating 40 YEARS


Wednesday June 26, 2013

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Turning it up Loud shirt day raises money for cochlear implant

By Robert Johnson Students at Churton Park school were being extra loud last Friday, but it was not through excessive talking, and it was all for a good cause. A Loud Shirt Day was held to raise money for a

second cochlear implant for teacher Jolene Butson, with each student donating a gold coin to the cause. A cochlear implant is a surgically-implanted device that provides a sense of sound to those who are profoundly deaf or hard-of-

hearing. Ms Butson began to lose her hearing at the age of 22 during her first year of teaching and after nine years of it progressively getting worse, was declared profoundly deaf in 2012. Continued on page 2.


Front row: Max Wong, Mikayla Strahorn, Jordan Wilson Back row: Min Jay Jeon, Amy O’Grady, Jolene Butson


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Wednesday January 8, 2014

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REPORTER: Laura Kavanagh E: P: 587 1660 SALES: Jed Gerbes E: P: 587 1660 SALES: Nicola Adams E: P: 587 1660 National Sales Sam Barnes E: Production: Published by Les & Katrina Whiteside Wellington Suburban Newspapers Ltd

By Robert Johnson With the first month of the New Year came an update on a couple of major local projects which were nearing completion. In JANUARY, progress of the Westchester Drive extension in Glenside and Churton Park was looked into ahead of the planned completion date of March. The other major project, also to be completed in March, was the second stage of the Churton Park Shopping Village, which is now thriving with its own fish and chip shop, supermarket, medical centre and Community Centre. The Karori Foodbank also teamed up with local deli, Gamboni’s, to provide a free cooking DVD and recipe book with every food parcel distributed.

ABC Audit 2012: 24,456 copies weekly

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FEBRUARY included some

big achievements in the community. West Park School student Finn Lewis proved to


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all that the pen is truly mightier than the sword as he dreamed up and published a 13,000 word novel, Elven Quest. He created the story as part of a school assignment when he was nine and dictated it for his mum to type up. The story follows the adventure of a young elf scout called Sajem and is available from the national library. Also in February was the 30th anniversary of Western Suburbs Rugby Club who celebrated in style with former All-Blacks Mark Hammett and Alama Ieremia. Members of the City Menzshed were left without a home in MARCH as their lease ran out on their Willis Street workshop. CUSTOMER: CONTAINERS Independent PROOF TIME The UNITED CityLife REP ID: C06 LAST RUN: Herald was sold to Blenheim SIZE: Sun publishers Les and Katrina Whiteside in March, trading under the name Wellington Suburban Newspapers. Residents in Johnsonville

also voiced their frustrations around noisy trains on the Johnsonville line after KiwiRail gave them no solution at a public meeting at Ngaio Town Hall. In APRIL, the Westchester Drive extension in Glenside and Churton Park was completed. Transport portfolio leader for the City Council Andy Foster says “it will allow for more growth in the northern suburbs”. The Johnsonville RSA begins its fight to re-open, motioning in a ‘temporary steering committee’ and temporary president, Norm Brown. The committee looked into unpaid bills and credit reports to come up with a solution to re-open. 2/09/2013 7:42:28 a.m. 11/27/13 1/4 PG IS

The Keith Spry Pool9358141AA upgrade in Johnsonville was a hot topic in MAY, with northern ward City Councillor Justin Lester voicing frustrations around the stalling of the project.

Contractors, Mainzeal, went into liquidation earlier in the year, adding to the stalls. Another fight arose in the area, with Khandallah residents turning up in force to oppose proposed cuts to library hours at a special meeting. Finally in May, The Independent Herald moved back home to Johnsonville after being in Petone for the past nine years. Wild weather dominated the news in JUNE, with one of the biggest storms to hit Wellington rolling in at the end of the month. Khandallah resident Tony Stoddard was lucky a large tree branch missed his car and home when it was blown down in the 200 km/h+ winds. In more positive news, Churton Park resident s Eric and Marlene Batten received Queen’s Service Medals for over 30 years’ service each to the Johnsonville community.




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Wednesday January 8, 2014





Gardens music magic For those wanting to treat their ears to the sounds of summer, what better way than in the Botanic Gardens with various genres of music in the background. Gardens Magic will feature a selection of performances by local legends and Kiwi artists in the Botanic Gardens during January. Jazz, folk, country and rock are just some of the genres that will intertwine with the birdsong in the lush environment. For more information visit wellington.


Tinakori Hill walking track reopens In JULY, concerned parents called for roading improvements from the City Council after safety concerns were raised around children’s safety when walking to school. The council said improvements were in the pipeline but mall redevelopment plans needed to be finalised before a date was made. Karori’s Huntleigh Home celebrated the birthdays of three 100-year-olds. Also in Karori, Karori Mall shop assistant Eduardo Enriquez handed out candles to people left in the dark by power cuts after a magnitude 6.5 quake hit the capital. There was plenty of debate in AUGUST with the City Council’s Draft Local Alcohol Policy out for public consultation. The Johnsonville Club felt it was unfair to penalise clubs through restricted selling times when they have immaculate records. Their

submission was one of over 1900 received. In sport, Tawa Rugby Club claimed the Jubilee Cup for the first time in club history after beating OrientalRongotai 26-21 in the final. SEPTEMBER saw some

local heroes recognised with a Safety in the city award. Members of Johnsonville business, Modern Homes, accepted an award for saving a woman from an inner-city house fire when working on another job. The Fenwick family in Newlands spoke of their frustrations with a new building in front of them which blocked their sea view. The builders of the structure were not required to ask the Fenwicks for consent but said they would be happy to talk about a work-around. Ta lent e d Tawa s cho ol kids were the ticket in

OCTOBER, as they scooped

half of the awards at the national secondary schools barbershop champs. Boy’s quartet the “pitchhikers” were named the champion boy’s quartet while the 60 member choir, Maiden Tawa, also took home an award. Celia Wade-Brown won a second term as Mayor during the Wellington Local Body Elections. A few new faces were also elected as city councillors such as Malcolm Sparrow and Simon Woolf. In NOVEMBER , Onslow Community Education closed its doors after 40 years in the community. A lack of enrolments spelt the end of the great facility in Johnsonville. A group of Wellington parents of deaf children with cochlear implants called 2ears2hear presented a petition to parliament calling for government funding for two cochlear implants in

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children. The petition was accepted by deaf Green Party MP Mojo Mathers. A Titahi Bay family also faced a race against time to raise $15,000 for a new mobility van to transport their two disabled children. Finally, in DECEMBER , Tawa landscaper Bailey Luu Tomes won a silver medal at the Gardening World Cup for his recycled bottles display. A homicide in Woodridge resulted in the death of a 38-year-old woman before information pointed to a previously-known-to-police Taxi driver who later appeared in court on murder charges. A perfect Christmas present arrived for the Isaac family in Churton Park after they received an autism assistance dog, Mahe, after the community fundraised $20,000 to make it happen.

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Tinakori Hill’s main walking track, Te Ahumairangi, reopened on December 20 following a big clean-up job. The storm in June last year brought down a number of trees on the track and forced a closure while contractors worked to clear the track for those wanting to enjoy it for Christmas and New Year’s. The Council says it was one of the bigger clean-up jobs and work is still being done at Tawa’s Willowbank Park and Spicer Forest.

Wellington boatie still missing The search for the 49-year-old man who fell into the water at the entrance to the Hutt River on Sunday will continue. An extensive shoreline search by Police officers and the Police launch Lady Elizabeth IV were unsuccessful on Monday with Police confirming the search is now for a body. Police found the man was not wearing a life-jacket after talking to a compatriot who managed to swim to shore after they fell out of their boat when recovering a fishing net. The name of the missing man will not be released until his family has been notified.

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Wednesday January 8, 2014

Stomach rumbles no more By Dave Crampton After 51 days on the street - 47 of them without food - 75-yearold Mike Dixon- McIvor is back at home after protesting outside the Accident Compensation Corporation offices in Thorndon after the Corporation offered him a settlement. After ACC unsuccessfully prosecuted him for fraud in 2007, Mr Dixon-McIver has been fighting for damages. He initially protested outside the offices in May, but this time he also went on a hunger strike. Armed with a bible, radio, cooker and a couple of chairs for visitors, he camped outside the ACC offices, supported by

many ACC staff, and attracted the attention of passers-by. He was also visited by politicians and ACC management. “The CEO came out and said we respect your righ to do a particular process, but we are very concerned about your wellbeing,” Mr Dixon-McIvor said. A former ACC advocate and a diabetic, Mr Dixon-McIvor lived on fruit juice and powdered soup during his protest, losing 19kg. On one occasion ACC called an ambulance to get Mr DixonMcIvor checked in hospital. Management also offered a $90,000 settlement. Mr Dixon-McIvor refused the offer, claiming he was owed

$1.4m in damages. “That’s my actual losses,” he said. “This has cost me the last years of my life, destroyed my business and kept me bankrupt.” He has now agreed to a confidential settlement to end the protest. But his wife Joelene remained at their home in Upper Hutt throughout the ordeal, concerned for her husband’s well-being. “It was horrible. I woke up at two or three in the morning wondering if he was still alive,” she said. “I wasn’t prepared to let him die”. But Mr Dixon-McIvor was prepared to die. “Leave me to rot in the street

Mike Dixon-McIvor, during his hunger strike outside the ACC offices in Thorndon.

– and I`ll rot here,” he said two days before the settlement. Now, thanks to the settlement Mr Dixon-McIvor will no longer be bankrupt, adding

Temple celebrates new additions

Two people gather at Kurinchi Kumaran Temple in Newlands to celebrate the opening of the new domes.

By Robert Johnson Kurinchi Kumaran Temple in Newlands now has one of the most beautiful temples in New Zealand as new Vimanams (domes) were installed in December. The idea to create the new structures began two years ago while physical work on them commenced in June this year. Committee member Pancha Narayanan says multiple pieces of the monuments were created from plaster of Paris in India and shipped to Wellington in October. “Once we received the parts, it took 32 days to put together. We had lots of local engineers and

Formsteel now spanning 50 metres!

construction workers involved.” The temple held a Grand Maha Kumbabhisekam ceremony to consecrate the Temple and declare it open for use by devotees. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown attended the ceremony in the evening and says the ornamental structures are “a New Zealand icon” and a “community resource and landmark for the region”. Mr Narayanan indicates the building and maintaining of the monuments happens once every 12 years, ensuring they stand the test of time and involves the community and many different generations of devotees.

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inbriefnews Fabric and flowers ‘The Quilted Garden’, a display of floral-themed quilts will be on display throughout January inside the Treehouse at Wellington’s Botanic Gardens. The quilts have been created by Wellington region quilters and the exhibition has been curated by Kapiti Coast quilter Sheryl Meech. Unfortunately, the quilts are not for sale. City Council gardeners have also designed patchwork floral beds to match near the Founders’ Entrance on Glenmore Street. These beds are covered in ‘quilt’ designs such as fl ying geese, saw tooth, rail fence and grandmother’s fan patterns set out in combinations of geraniums, salvia, marigolds and impatiens, to name just some of the plants used. The beds will be in bloom until March.

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that he drew on his faith while protesting and seeking compensation. “My God assures me justice reigns supreme.”

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Wednesday January 8, 2014


New Maori Party candidate about it,” he says. Wellington’s Morgan Godfery, a regular commentator and blogger on Maori politics, agrees. “Tariana Turia's endorsement and support could be enough to keep the electorate in Maori Party hands.” Mr McKenzie, initially from Tokoroa, is currently the strategic relationship manager within the Maori Party. He has lived with his extended family in Tawa for most of this year. “I’m from the southernmost part of the electorate – the southern boundary is two streets over,”

he says. Mr McKenzie is immersed in Maoridom: from Ngati Tukorehe, he was chair of his marae, and only speaks Maori to his children, who go to a Maori immersion school where his partner is a teacher. He says Mrs Turia and his own family encouraged him to stand for parliament – and so he put his name forward to make a difference. “If you sit around and moan about things you don’t get stuff done – you`ve got to put your hand up. I want to be a youthful

Time to say goodbye It is with some sadness that I say goodbye to the community as I leave my role as journalist with the Independent Herald to embark on a new career with Capital Football. In the six months with Wellington Suburban Newspapers, I have not only learned a lot about the northern and western suburbs and some of the amazing achievements from within the area, but also built strong relationships with many of you. I hope to continue reading about the local successes in 2014, maybe Tawa

has two cochlear implants, says it is a “no-brainer” to fund bi-lateral implants in children. “Getting both implants done at the same time gives the best effect and decreases stress for the child and family as they only have to go through one surgery.” The petition was presented and accepted by deaf Green Party MP Mojo Mathers on the steps of Parliament. A few developments have occurred since the story ran in the Independent Herald in November. A similar advocate group in Ireland called Happy New Ear has been lobbying for bi-lateral implants and despite the Irish Government having to cut over 600 million euros in its latest budget, it still found four million euros to fund two implants in children. Sym Gardiner says there is no


Johnsonville Neighbourhood Watch

T O P S T O RY O F 2 0 13

Two is better than one

By Robert Johnson The story of the year followed the work of a group of Wellington parents with children needing or having cochlear implants, who petitioned the Government to fund bi-lateral implants in New Zealand children. The group, named 2earstohear, started its mission at the beginning of August when it began collecting signatures on a petition from all across the country. In just three months, the group held a petition containing 1338 signatures in support of funding bi-lateral implants. Currently, the Ministry of Health funds the first implant but those wanting a second one are left looking at a bill of between $30,000 and $50,000. 2earstohear spokesman Sym Gardiner, whose own daughter

Eye on Crime

defending the Jubilee Cup, the completion of the Alex Moore Park artificial turf and the progression of the Karori Community Events Centre to name just a few. The Independent Herald will be left in the capable hands of Laura Kavanagh, who graduated from Massey University journalism school last year and she is looking forward to getting out in the community. Thank you for all your support and all the best for the New Year.


rangitahi voice – there’s not enough politicians engaging with those under 40. ” Mr McKenzie says one of the biggest problems in Maoridom is the breakdown of the Maori family and he would like to see policies to empower families to rebuild themselves. He points to the polls when he says that the Maori Party is “on the rise”, but he is not too fussed who will become government after next year’s election. He is also non-committal as to his preference. “My heart tells me Labour, but

November 13 2013

excuse for New Zealand not to follow suit. “We are now the only first world country to not fund bi-laterals for our kids. We can’t have that.” Mr Gardiner says the petition was referred to the Health Select Committee and 2ears2hear have been invited to make a written submission by the end of January with a verbal presentation to follow shortly after. “Since the petition, a researcher from the University of Melbourne who managed to get $2 million out of the Australian Government to do research on bi-lateral implants came over and gave a briefing to the Ministry of Health, allaying any concerns they had.” Mr Gardiner says ideally he hopes to see funding put aside in this year’s budget.

There were 22 reported incidents over the holiday period, 11 were in Johnsonville. In Johnsonville a lady returned to her home in Cortina Avenue and removed her rings and placed them on a cabinet in a downstairs bathroom. An opportunistic thief entered by an insecure bath room window and exited the same way, with the rings. A w h it e M it s u b i s h i Chariot parked in a driveway in Ironside Road was damaged when someone applied a sharp instrument to the paintwork. The grounds of the Ngaio School in Abbott Street were entered and some areas were tagged and rubbish bins overturned. Civil Defence equipment including blankets and food

bars were thrown around, some thrown into the pool. Three days later further damage was found at this school where a portable classroom was targeted and planters damaged. A car was reported stolen from a residential street in Johnsonville and the Police were on the alert to look for it. It was then that the owner remembered that they had parked it in a different place, where it was found safe and secure. A lady walking her dog in Churton Park at around 4 pm was approached by a man who tried to take the dog from her. He seized if by the collar but the dog made it very clear it was not interested in a change of ownership. The man let go and took off at speed. Stay safe



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Chris McKenzie

By Dave Crampton Chris McKenzie, a former senor ministerial advisor with the Maori Party, is now the party’s candidate for Te Tai Hauauru, which stretches from southern Waikato to his home in Tawa. He aims to follow the footsteps of party founder Tariana Turia, who has announced her retirement from the seat and parliamentary politics. In fact, Mr McKenzie, 43, has no doubt he will be an MP next year. “I`m going to get in on the electorate vote – no two ways

11 Burgess Road, Johnsonville Ph: 478 2477 Fax: 478 3505 Owner operated & personal service is guaranteed Pick up and delivery in and around the Johnsonville area.


Wednesday January 8, 2014

With 2013 now behind us, The Independent Herald asked its local councillors two questions. What is your New Year’s message to your community and what would you like to see happen in the area in 2014? Justin Lester, Northern Ward & Deputy Mayor: I hope everyone had a good break and can look forward to an improving Wellington economy in 2014. I'd like to see more local jobs and that people have a sense of confidence and security for themselves and their families. Malcolm Sparrow, Northern Ward: I’d like to wish everyone a relaxing summer break and all the best in 2014. I’m looking forward to the completion of the Tawa Valley Pathway – Ara Tawa early this year, and being able to walk or cycle from Willowbank through to Kenepuru Station and beyond. My big project early this year will be to see each neighbourhood in the Northern Ward getting involved in “Neighbours’ Day Aotearoa” in March, with individual streets organising their own get-togethers over a barbecue or similar. It’s a great way to get to know our neighbours and improve the wellbeing of each of our communities.

Helene Ritchie, Northern Ward: Happy New Year to all in the Northern Ward and Wellington! It'll be all action in Northern especially in my portfolio-the natural environment, and other areas. We'll see Grasslees Park in Tawa completed, and the new Alex Moore Walkway. Both will be heavily used public meeting open spaces -for all ages and stages. There will be more trees planted

by our wonderful planting groups, and children towards our 2 million by 2020 goal. I am looking forward to our new recreation park opening-Spicers. Keith Spry Pool will be finished and opened as well, and roading, cycling, walking improvements should be started, around the Johnsonville triangle. I'll be pushing for completion of the ridgeline walkway from the Old Coach Road to Spicers; the Children's Botanical Garden, Newlands Park upgrade, and legislation to protect the Town belt.

Onslow/Western Ward Councillors Simon Woolf and Andy Foster did not respond in time to requests for comment


I'm looking forward to the completion of Alex Moore Park's new artificial turf in time for winter sport this year, Keith Spry's new children's pool and changing rooms being finished, trying to retain funding for Tawa's artificial turf, which has currently been withdrawn, and starting the improvements on Johnsonville's roading in the second half of the year.

Jo Coughlan, Onslow/ Western Ward:

I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014. I hope 2014 sees everyone in our Community and the wider Wellington community able to take a step closer towards recognizing their true potential. I want to see a continued emphasis on growing our local economy, delivering great value for money council services and encourage strong community spirit so we all feel proud and excited to play our part and belong to the special city that Wellington is.


BE ST PHOTO O F 2 013 The top photo of 2013 comes from arguably the biggest sporting achievement in the northern suburbs last year. Journalist Robert Johnson went along to the Jubilee Cup final between Tawa and Oriental-Rongotai and captured this image of Tawa Premier Men’s captain, Taniela Koroi, immediately after the final whistle, with Tawa winning 26-21. He was hoisted up and carried across the field by a group of over 100 supporters, proudly waving a red, yellow and blue flag and joining the crowd in a celebratory sing-song.

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Family Push Play in the park – hours of fun for the local community. Soccer, cricket, croquet, petanque, obstacle courses and lots more fun games. Bring your friends and family to join in these free activities throughout January. For dates, times and venues, visit or phone 499 4444.


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Getting from a2b Greater Wellington Regional Council is encouraging those back at work to make the most of their daily commute during summer by walking, cycling or scooting. The Active a2b summer programme helps to ease the return to work after their break by enabling them to get their outdoor fix, says Christian Williams, the Regional Council’s Active a2b coordinator. “They can leave the car at

home and ride and take a waterfront route or go through a park. Public transport commuters, for example, could think about getting off one or two stations earlier and walk.” Active a2b is open to all commuters throughout the Wellington region. It runs until the end of daylight saving on April 7. Register at www.activea2b.

Wednesday January 8, 2014


readers have their say... Find out the WORD on the Street.

Question: What was your new years resolution?

Hensel Sing, Johnsonville

Evan Dimond, Johnsonville

Michael Stewart, Khandallah

Donna Graham, Haywards Hill

Stephanie Downie, Churton Park

My resolution was to help sick kids in hospital.

I don’t make resolutions. I dont stick to them.

Lose a bit of weight and work harder.

I want to get down to my goal weight. Walk more and eat less at night.

To get fit and healthy.

Lynn Harrison, Hastings Just keep alive.

New Year's honours for locals

Ngaio Playcentre Association's three life members from left to right: Kate Whitwell, Bernice Williams and Vanessa Grieg.

Life membership for Bernice By Dave Crampton After more than 20 years involvement in early childhood, Bernice Williams has joined a select group of 16 women as a life member of the Wellington Playcentre Association. She was nominated by the Ngaio Playcentre, where she has been a member since 1992, and a life member since 2004. Her roles ranged from looking after the blocks corner to president. After three years as the executive secretary of the Wellington Playcentre Association (WPA), Mrs Williams became the association’s delegate to the National Council of Women, going on to be the Council’s president. Yet, she was surprised to find out she was to be awarded a life membership.

“I let out a little squeal – I’m very proud to be awarded something like this,” she says. Wit h fa m i ly memb er s present, Mrs Williams was presented with a certificate and flowers in the purple and yellow Playcentre colours at the Association’s Annual General Meeting. Mrs Williams was also a centre supporter for Wilton and Newlands-Tamariki, and a supporter of the now-closed Wadestown Playcentre. Yet she stumbled on the work of Playcentre by accident, when she moved into a house near the Ngaio Playcentre in the early 1990s. “I didn’t know Playcentre existed.” She is now a Playcentre activist, and is currently on WPA’s advisory panel, dubbed “the old wise heads”.

The group - half of whom are WPA life members – provides support to the governing body. Former Wellington Playcentre Association President Kate Whitwell says Mrs William’s life membership is well deserved. “She is calm, thoughtful, caring, wise, inspirational, hard-working, a Playcentre mentor, wonderful with children, generous with her time, always has a kind word to say about everyone, intelligent and highly respected,” she says. Mrs Williams has also chaired the Ngaio School Board of Trustees, and is on the Executive Committee of the Wellington Basketball Association and executive secretary of the NZ Basketball Academy.

By Laura Kavanagh A quilter enthusiast from Wilton has been recognised for her work with prison inmates in the 2014 New Years Honours List. Ms Janet McLeod Forbes has been awarded the Queens Service Medal for her work in a prisoner rehabilitation programme at Arohata Prison since 1995. She worked alongside June Nixey, who was also included on this year’s Honours list, teaching inmates to quilt through a programme called ‘Shut in Stitchers’. Ms Forbes initially felt “conflicted” upon hearing the accolades because her fellow quilter Elizabeth Fisher was not recognised, but says the award is “great for the programme.” “The women primarily get to learn a new skill, but they also learn patience, accuracy, cooperation and the ability to compromise.” Ms Forbes belonged to the Wellington Quilters Guild, which is how she became involved with ‘Shut in Stitchers’. “June asked, ‘is there anyone here who can make knickers?’” ‘Shut in Stichers’ is the longest running voluntary prison programme in New Zealand, and a

similar rehabilitation programme has been subsequently established in Auckland Womens’ Prison. Ms Forbes wants to emphasise the award is not just for her but for the people who have donated materials over the years. “All the material is donated by women around the country and we couldn’t have carried out the programme without all the donations.” Wellingtonians also honoured this year include the Chief of the Defence Force and an astronomer. Lieutenant General Richard Rhys Jones of Johnsonville is recognised with a Companionship for his services to state. He assumed the role of Chief of the Defence Force in 2011 after a long career in the New Zealand army spanning over 30 years. Khandallah resident Mr Graham Blow becomes an Officer of the said Order for his services to astronomy. He has contributed to International Astronomy as Director of the Occultation Section of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand since 1977 and had a minor planet named after him in 2005.

OTHER HONOURS Professor Robert Allan Buckle- ONZM Services to business and education Emeritus Professor John Frederick Davidson- ONZM Services to education and the arts Ms Julia Ruth Einhorn- ONZM Services to tertiary education and art Dr Rolf Gjelsten- ONZM Services to music Ms Helene Pohl- ONZM Services to music Mrs Amanda Skoog- ONZM Services to ballet Dr Catherine Ruth Wylie- ONZM Services to education Ms Belinda Clark- ONZM Services to the State Mr John Chester Pike QC- ONZM Services to the law Mr Simon Jigwan Park JP- ONZM Services to the Korean community and education


Wednesday January 8, 2014



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Wednesday January 8, 2014

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Ride the historic Cable Car from Lambton Quay to the top terminal in Kelburn and enjoy the views of the harbour, the City and the surrounding hills. Once at the top terminal, spend time at the lookouts and visit the Cable Car Museum, Carter Observatory (admission fee), Krupp Gun

(WW1) or the beautiful Botanic Garden with its picnic areas and great playground for children. Return on the Cable Car, take the shuttle or walk to Zealandia via Kelburn Village, or take one of the downhill walks through the Botanic Garden, then via Parliament Grounds and the Beehive back to Lambton Quay.

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Staying safe is more than just staying afloat. Have you seen Maritime NZ’s latest lifejacket adverts featuring ‘80’s TV cop Joe Bro? It carries the very important message that lifejackets will not save lives unless they are being worn. Most accidents occur suddenly with no warning – there may be no time to grab a lifejacket, and it’s extremely difficult to put on a lifejacket in the water. Many boaties drown less than 200 metres from shore. While wearing lifejackets in small boats is very important it is not the only step you can take in keeping yourself safe this summer. •


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For more information you can look at or email For reports of unsafe behaviour or breaches of Navigation Bylaws call 04 388 7795.

Wednesday January 8, 2014

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12 Wednesday January 8, 2014


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” - Chinese proverb

St Benedicts provides an engaging education St Benedict’s School, Khandallah, is a Year 1 – 8 Catholic School that provides an engaging learning environment for our students where they can experience a continuous education from new entrant through to intermediate level at the end of their Primary schooling. Our school motto ‘Developing our Children’s Minds, Growing our Children’s Hearts’ is about helping the children develop their talents so that they are able to be the best that they can possibly be in

everything they do. We are proud of the consistently high levels of achievement of our students at school, in the wider community, at secondary school and beyond. We work to help our students become independent and well-rounded young people, with strong values, who are confident of their ability to lead and make a difference. Prospective families are welcome to came and have a look around our school. We will be open for enquires for 2014

from Monday 27th January. Contact for further information: Dave Lamont Principal St. Benedict’s School Khandallah WELLINGTON Phone 04 479 6878

Rewa School Newlands

“Learning for Life Together” Term 1, 2014 starts Monday 3rd February Padnell Cr, Newlands, Wellington 6037 Email: Phone: 04 939 0186 Website: Now taking enrolments for 2014 You are very welcome to visit!

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one” --Malcolm Forbes

St Benedict’s School Khandallah Ph: 04 479 6878

Wednesday January 8, 2014 Trades & Services


Death Notices

JORDAN, Frances Marion - Passed away peacefully on 27 December 2013 in Wellington. Beloved WANTED: TRUCKS & CARS wife of the late Baden. Loving mother of Simon and Nicola. A graveside service for Frances will take place at Lakes Road Cemetery, Ohakune on Thursday 9 January 2014 at 1:00pm.


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HOWELL, Aline - on 30 December 2013. We buy any trucks, big or small Messages to the Howell family may be left in Aline’s tribute book at or c/- Guardian Funeral Home, 4 Moorefield GET CASH NOW! posted Road, Johnsonville. A funeral service has been Up to $999* for any small vehicle held.

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MANDER, Agnes Fillans Easter. At Malvina Major Village on 5 January 2014 aged 98 years. Messages may be sent c/- Guardian Funeral Home, 4 Moorefield Road, Johnsonville 6037. A private cremation has been held. Guardian Funeral Home Ngaio – Johnsonville –Tawa Locally Owned

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FLORENCE, Alfred William (Fred) – On 6 January 2014 at Mary Potter Hospice. Adored husband (Honey) of Polly. Loved father of Nadine, Michael, and William. Treasured Granda of Mellisa, Shay, Willson, and Jesse. Fred will be at his home with family in Karori until Thursday morning (phone 934 6981) A funeral service for Fred will be held at Lychgate Chapel, cnr Willis and Aro Sts (parking off Aro St) on Thursday 9 January at 11:00am, followed by a private cremation. HUNT, Wyvern Basil. On December 25th 2013 Peacefully at Rita Angus Home, Kilbirnie. In his 96th year. Adored husband of the late Jan. Deeply loved father and father in law of Tony and Anne, Susan, Denis and Panida. Treasured grandfather of Andrew and Rachel, Matthew and Jayne, Toby and Sujin, Amelia, Meaghan and Larry, Simon and Michelle, Daniel and Angelina and Anna and Troy and all eight great grandchildren. Loved and respected by Ann, Jeff and Susie. Dearly Loved Uncle of Phillip, Peter, Graeme and Barry. Our heartfelt thanks to the staff at Rita Angus Retirement Village for the loving care of Wyvern. In memory of Wyvern, donations to Mary Potter Hospice, who were so wonderful in their care for Jan, would be appreciated A private Cremation has been held. TONKS Linda Maidie (Paddy) Passed away peacefully at Malvina Major Home, Monday 6th January 2014 (2 weeks short of her 96th birthday.) Wife of the late Reg. Adored and special mum to Stephen and Susie, mother-in-law to Paul and Amanda. Sister of Den and Ken (both deceased.) Loving gran/nana to Nick, Cam, Simon, Matthew, Emma and partners Fliss, Kitty and Ray. She was a gentle, sweet, caring lady, who touched the lives of many. Huge thanks to the amazing carers at Heretaunga Village & Malvina Major Hospital, who treated her with much love and kindness and became her extended family. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Wellington Free Ambulance would be welcomed. A celebration of Paddy’s life will be held 12.30pm on Friday 10th January, 2014, at St Barnabas Church, Maida Vale Road, Roseneath. Lychgate Funeral Home FDANZ Tel. 385 0745

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Wednesday January 8, 2014

Parking services to move in-house By Dave Crampton Parking wardens are to be directly employed by the Wellington City Council and be given a living wage. The council’s transport and urban development committee last month decided behind closed doors to bring parking services in house from the beginning of July. Committee chair Andy Foster says the move is beneficial in that there will be more flexibility to introduce new technology

and for wardens to have a more ‘ambassadorial’ function. "We will also save money and have more direct control - which will lead to a more nimble service - one that can make changes and respond to the needs of the city and the public more effectively," Mr Foster says. Mayor Celia Wade-Brown says bringing parking services in-house makes sense from a financial and human resources sense. “This move delivers a greater

focus on customer service, better value for money and better oversight on parking operations.” Ms Wade-Brown says. The union for parking wardens, the Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU), applauded the move as its members’ wages will increase from about $14.10 to $18.40 per hour. SFWU National Secretary John Ryall says wardens work long hours for “poverty wages”, and are reliant on bonuses paid for high-ticketing rates to sur-

for Onslow student




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Exists (2) Star-shaped character (8) Scum (5) A lean trio (anag)(9) Counterbalance (6) Complicated, intricate (7) Hair cream (3) Cooking fat (4) Razes (6) Chopping tool (3) Knows by sight (10) Young hen (6) Say aloud from memory (6) Unbiased (9) Clippers (6) Clapped (9) Prospect (7) Large cask (3) Snow house (5) Quantitative data (10) Pry (5) Sleeve ends (5) Provide what is promised or expected (7,3,5) Hospital pictures (1-4) 5


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Onslow College student Jared Lee

By Robert Johnson Outstanding young scientist Jared Lee’s dream of visiting CERN in Switzerland will become a reality in July after scooping a massive award for his research on fluid dynamics. The ex-Onslow College student spent a week travelling down the North Island in December with 20 other budding scientists as part of Genesis Energy’s Realise the Dream programme. The event, organised by the Royal Society of New Zealand, rewards 20 students for undertaking a piece of excellent science research or engineering by offering a trip where they are hosted by various science organisations

around the country. The trip ended with a banquet dinner held at Government House where Jared was presented with the British High Commission Outstanding Award by British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell. The award includes an all-expenses paid trip to attend the London Youth International Science Forum where over 300 students from over 60 countries come together for two weeks of science. Jared will also spend a further week visiting France and Switzerland, home of the well-known science centre CERN. Jared says he was “absolutely stoked” with the award and a chance to fulfill his dream. “It’s the highlight of my life so far. When they announced the winner, I almost fell out of my chair,” he laughs. “Being passionate about physics, I’ve always wanted to visit CERN and now that’s going to happen.” Ms Treadell says the scientific relationship between the UK and New Zealand has always been an important one. “For Bruce McLaren and Ernest Rutherford, the UK was a pivotal part of their journey. It is therefore appropriate that the British High Commission supports new talent here is New Zealand.” She believes Jared to be a “worthy winner” and is sure this is just the beginning of a very successful scientific career for him.



39 41

Tenix have processed the tickets since 2001. Cr Foster says the companies will continue to operate until 30 June. In the meantime there is a lot to be done to set up the new organisation while continuing ‘business as usual’. Council will provide opportunities for staff to apply for jobs with the new unit, and parking process will remain unchanged for motorists.

Puzzles Dream science trip


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vive. “This is great news for our members and their families, as they will also move to the living wage, along with the rest of the Council’s directly employed workforce. “Taking the parking services workforce in-house and paying them the living wage also signals that this Council is serious about addressing poverty and inequality in Wellington.” Parkwise has provided the Parking Wardens since 1996 and


Meating the standard Eighteen Wellington restaurants have been recognised for their mastery of beef and lamb cuisine with the 2014 Beef and Lamb excellence award. After months of assessment by top culinary experts, the eateries were judged to have reached the pinnacle of New Zealand fine dining. Beef and Lamb New Zealand CEO Rod Slater says the Excellence Awards have a respect which comes from their longevity. "This programme has been running for 17 years now, the fact restaurants still take such pride in being named an award holder is testament to the programme's credibility."

The local restaurants who received the award are: Artisan Restaurant, Wellington Central Boulcott Street Bistro, Wellington Central Charlie Bill- Fine Food Bistro, Thorndon Crazy Horse Steakhouse, Te Aro Empire Bar and Restaurant, Petone The General Practitioner, Wellington Central Logan Brown, Te Aro Pravda Cafe and Restaurant, Wellington Central Shed 5, Queens Wharf The Tasting Room, Te Aro Wakefields Restaurant, Wellington Central

Wednesday January 8, 2014




Sportsbriefs Petone to host World Cup The Hutt Indoor Sports Centre at Hutt Park has been picked to host 350 players from eight countries for the next Indoor Cricket World Cup. The tournament, which is held every three years, will run from Saturday 18 – Saturday 25 October 2014. Hutt City is expecting to host an opening ceremony for the event, which will showcase the bicultural history of the region. Petone won the right to host the cup over Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, which was seen to have the inside running.

Windies come to Westpac Tawa centre Timoci Seruwalu holds the Jubilee Cup after victory over Oriental Rongotai at the Hutt Recreation Centre on Sunday.

Tawa's premier rugby team share a song and celebration with a large crowd of supporters following their 26-21 victory on Sunday.

Tawa Rugby Club’s first Jubilee Cup By Robert Johnson There were a number of special sporting achievements in the northern suburbs throughout 2013, from local school teams taking out tournaments, to club teams performing well in their competitions week-in-week-out, even individuals achieving the highest honours at an international level. Some names that come to mind when considering these successes include the Tawa Intermediate girl’s rugby sevens team, who not only won a number of tournaments during the year, but went on to represent their school at the AIMS games, bringing home a silver medal for their efforts. Or Newlands College student and national kayaker Kurtis Imrie, who came first in the national under-18 K1 500 metre and 200 metre races and represented New Zealand at the junior

and under-23 Canoe Sprint World Championships in Canada in August. However, the one that stands above the rest is Tawa Rugby Club’s premier men’s team, who took home the Andy Leslie trophy, the Swindale Shield and, most importantly, the Jubilee Cup. The Premier Men’s 26-21 victory in the Jubilee Cup final against OrientalRongotai ended a 66 year wait to take home the most coveted prize in Wellington club rugby. As the Tawa juggernaut rolled on through the season, collecting win after win, it was amazing to see the Tawa community rally behind them in astonishing numbers. This culminated in over 1000 fans squeezing into the Hutt Recreation Ground in August for the final and running onto the pitch after full time

to celebrate Tawa Rugby Club’s most successful year ever with the players. Developing a healthy team and community spirit was the key for the boys in red, blue and yellow and was summed up well by forwards coach Dion Waller. “What more can you ask for as a player, a captain and as a team. I’m so proud of the boys and stoked to be part of the Tawa family. We started the season chasing a dream and we got there. We now know what it takes to do it and the blueprint has been created for years to come.” Tawa’s Senior 1 side also added to the success when they added the Ed Chaney Cup to the bulging Tawa Rugby Club trophy cabinet when they beat Paremata-Plimmerton 14-6 in the final.

Wellingtonians wanting to catch a glimpse of some power batting from the likes of Ross Taylor and Corey Anderson will get their chance as the West Indies come to town for the second T20 match against the Blackcaps on Wednesday, January 15. After some impressive performances in the one-dayers, fans will be hoping to see the likes of Martin Guptill and world-record-holder Corey Anderson put the balls into the stands during the 7pm match. Tui's catch-a-million competition will also add to the event, with 12 $100,000 prizes up for grabs for those who register on the website, wear their orange Tui t-shirt, and pull off a one handed catch in the crowd.

Krishna joins Phoenix Auckland City FC striker Roy Krishna has joined the Wellington PHoenix as an injury replacement for Paul Ifill until the end of the 2013/14 season. Krishna will become the first Fijian footballer to play in the A-league and calls the move to the Phoenix as "a dream". Phoenix coach Ernie Merrick says when the Phoenix played Auckland City during the pre-season, two players stood out. Those players were midfeilder Albert Riera, who was offered a contract earlier last year, and 26-year-old Krishna.

Cricket clubs target bright start after break Onslow Cricket Club’s slip cordon in action. PHOTO CREDIT: Steven White

By Robert Johnson Local cricket clubs Johnsonville and Onslow will be aiming for a better showing in the Wellington Premier Men’s competition in 2014 after disappointing results last year. Johnsonville begin 2014 in the better position of the two clubs heading into the final one-day round, sitting on the cusp of qualifying for the top-tier two day competition. They sit just one point off PetoneEastbourne in seventh and two adrift of Hutt Districts in sixth spot.

Johnsonville need to leapfrog Hutt Districts with a win in their next game against North City Cricket Club next weekend to finish in the top six and join the main competition. A drive to finish in the top half of the table will be helped by the impressive form of batsman Rakitha Weerasundara, who tops the runs scored list with a total of 426 in the Ewen Chatfield competition. Neighbouring club Onslow sit back in 11th and with a total of just 12 points, will play in the second-tier two day Hazlett competition after struggling in their pre-

Christmas games. The game against Wellington Rep U20’s this Sunday will be a dead rubber as Onslow Cricket Club have no way of making the top half of the table. Onslow captain Sean O’Connor says the game will allow the team to get off to a positive start this year. “The U20’s will be an unknown quality as the team picked varies from week to week. However, it’s a good opportunity for the guys to start the second part of the season positively as we look forward to the two-dayers.”

O’Connor says while many individuals would not be happy with their season so far, there were a few shining performances. Jimad Khan was very impressive, scoring 433 runs and keeping us in games singlehandedly at times. Also, Sam Keegan scored his first Premier century in the final game before Christmas which was a great achievement.” O’Connor himself has been impressive with the ball in hand, taking 23 wickets, supported well by all-rounder Corey Larsen with 17 wickets, including his first five-wicket haul.


Wednesday January 8, 2014



appointments at short notice • Free Adolescent Care (Year 9 to 18 year olds) • Kind, non-judgemental approach ( We don’t care what your mouth looks like or how long it’s been since you’ve seen a dentist).


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294a Karori Road, Karori w w w. s i n g l e to n d e n t a l.c o. n z

Independent Herald 08-01-14  

Independent Herald 08-01-14

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